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  • T When Worlds Unite Up

    The Wonderful 101 decides to dispatch a group of Wonderful Ones to Equestria, hoping to secure an ally in the ongoing battle against GEATHJERK.  · The card holder
    6,600 words · 346 views  ·  23  ·  2
  • T Chambered

    After a spell apparently does nothing, Twilight wakes up in a completely different place, with a gun, some bullets, a tape deck, headphones, and a horde of killer robots coming after her.  · The card holder
    6,247 words · 342 views  ·  32  ·  0
  • T Lost Little Snake

    Naked Snake escapes from captivity in Groznyj Grad, only to find out that he's not quite in Russia anymore.  · The card holder
    11,841 words · 2,229 views  ·  286  ·  14 · gore
  • T Eight Out of Hell

    Doomguy, Duke Nukem, BJ Blazkowicz, the guy from Marathon, Chexguy, the mage from Heretic, the cleric from Hexen, and Quakeguy all stumble into Equestria. Hijinks ensue.  · The card holder
    10,768 words · 827 views  ·  74  ·  4 · gore
  • T Pony Floor, or "How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dosh"

    A Killing Floor game unfolds in Ponyville, much to the inhabitants' horror and confusion. Also, nopony is hurt because reasons.  · The card holder
    7,687 words · 1,298 views  ·  151  ·  6 · gore