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Hello there, strange that you decided to visit this page, but allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Rodinga and I write primarily in the first person perspective. If you're here because you've read one of my recent works in The Winningverse, then thanks. I get all warm and fuzzy when I get comments and favorites on my stories.

Then there's the older stuff. If you're after more of my take on Time Turner, you can read through them. They're not my best, though they're fun anyway.

Blatant Attempts at Entertainment

  • The Reign of Princess Dinky the CuteDinky melts ponies' hearts and pouts to get anything she wants: sweets, special treatment, good grades at school, but it's only a matter of time before she achieves her true destiny: enslaving Equestria to fulfill her every desire.14,842 words ·2,360 views ·318 likes ·5 dislikes
  • The Temporal Manipulations of a Victorious TimekeeperTime Turner's just back from a week long trip to Manehatten, and things in Ponyville have changed since he left on Hearts and Hooves day. Now everypony is falling in love, and Turner would really rather that he didn't get involved.104,127 words ·2,563 views ·249 likes ·9 dislikes
  • Winning in Los PegasusTime Turner and Cloud Kicker get together at the Autumn Free Fall Poker Tournament in beautiful city of Los Pegasus, where cheating is part of the game. Time Turner intends to win, and Cloud Kicker intends to cross Time Turner off her To Bang list.17,711 words ·2,323 views ·326 likes ·11 dislikes
  • Time Turner's Discordian Detective Agency: The Panther of the BluebloodsOnly one pony is willing to save Prince Blueblood from his own fear, and he's being paid a lot of bits to do it.46,390 words ·539 views ·49 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Time Turner's Discordian Detective Agency: The Missing Kitten of InspirationNeed something found? Contact Time Turner: Reasonable rates, rapid resolutions, kittens are a speciality.35,701 words ·1,045 views ·50 likes ·3 dislikes

Worth a Read

  • The Magician and the Fiddler Tartarus's demons break loose when Trixie and Fiddlesticks meet in a tavern and perform together. by The Fool 33,603 words · 3,634 views · 209 likes · 7 dislikes
  • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Luna returns, and one unlucky servant is saddled with far more responsibility than he can handle. by NavyPony 65,918 words · 5,354 views · 540 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Sonnets by Twilight Twilight has made friends since arriving in Ponyville, but still feels somewhat... lonely. Octavia finds herself isolated in high society, and her passion has left her, leaving her... empty. Can these two find what they need in each other? by MrNumbers 52,707 words · 5,301 views · 665 likes · 22 dislikes
  • Flim and Flam Save an Orphanage They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from Goddess! by KFDirector 49,594 words · 954 views · 58 likes · 2 dislikes
  • A Glint of Light on Broken Glass Luna's has enough to deal with as Princess Twilight's student. Between nightly nightmares of moon princesses and the threat of an old enemy returning from Equestria's past, Luna isn't going to be getting any sleep any time soon by siderealSandman 56,321 words · 3,181 views · 300 likes · 4 dislikes

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Don't worry, Ormus. I've been delayed by exams and I'm just getting back to work now. I've got a half finished chapter already, but I'm rewriting a fair bit of it. Should have something good ready soon.

And thanks for the complement, I know the delay has probably been a disappointment. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the next chapter.

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'Victorious Timekeeper' is quite possibly third place in my top-ten favourite fimfiction works, in spite of the fact that it's clearly no-where near finished.

In fact, I feel the urge to re-acquaint myself with your Turner, and assorted cast at least once every other month.

I hope you're making progress on it's continuation, and very much look forward to further chapters of your story.


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>>689525> Ah, now I see. :pinkiesmile: Thankyou for the explanation. :twilightsmile:

So, are we to assume that Time Turner's basic backstory is the same? :applejackunsure: Cause it's a pretty badass backstory. :yay:

And really? That's a shame. :pinkiesad2: Aside from 'Lucky Catch' and her stalker craziness, I found both of your earlier tales to be extremely entertaining reads. :twilightsmile:

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It's understandable.

The Discordian Detective stories were earlier works and are separate from Timekeeper and Los Pegasus which are a part of the "Winningverse".

When I decided to take a shot writing in a larger continuity it became fairly obvious from the get go that Turner would fit in with only a little modification. The narrative styles being similar, and that Time Turner was one of the few backgrounders not already claimed.

The more recent Turner is more developed and generally nicer than his counterpart. Owing mostly to more experience writing, and much better feedback. While nominally a good thing, it's left it rather difficult to pick up and continue the original series as the immense success of Los Pegasus means everyone wanted more of that and less of the former.

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