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I'm not home, I'm not lost. Still holding on to what I got. Ain't much left, though there's so much that's been stolen. Guess I've lost everything I've had, but I'm not dead, at least not yet.

The result of keyboard bashing

  • Suck it up, Dashie!Ponies and vacuums. Not exactly the best combination. Well, for ponies that is.2,706 words ·2,446 views ·250 likes ·7 dislikes
  • Chelsea DaggerThe gang try and see who can get a coltfriend first.2,671 words ·411 views ·28 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Going Through ChangesRainbow Dash is a Lycan. 'Nuff said.4,413 words ·6,110 views ·683 likes ·32 dislikes
  • FlatlineIt looks like another average day for Twilight Sparkle. But looks can be deceiving...4,087 words ·824 views ·44 likes ·4 dislikes
  • PlushyThe Elements find themselves turned into plush dolls. 4,256 words ·1,575 views ·116 likes ·2 dislikes

My last fic... · 4:58am

So. Yea.

Found out I've been far less active here. But I've decided to do one more last thing before I fade away for good.

I'm writing an FoE fic.

Not just any, but I plan for this to be long. Hopefully, even longer than Project Horizons. I have ideas, and I'm 100% sure I'll be writing this. Whether I can reach my goal of 100 chapters remains unknown, but I will finish this. I will work on it. Matter of fact, I've written chapter one and already begun chapter 2.

And that brings me to the reason why I have decided to blog about this.

I'm in need of a proofreader. I'm still writing this if I don't have one, I'll just proofread it myself, but I'd appreciate it if someone could lend a hand.

So, yea. I suppose if you guys wanna volunteer yourselves, you know what to do.

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Some of my better stories

  • Going Through Changes Rainbow Dash is a Lycan. 'Nuff said. by Riptid3 4,413 words · 6,110 views · 683 likes · 32 dislikes
  • Suck it up, Dashie! Ponies and vacuums. Not exactly the best combination. Well, for ponies that is. by Riptid3 2,706 words · 2,446 views · 250 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Once in a Blue Moon You are, Whiplash, the little known god of metal and typical mischief maker. And one fine day, You catch Celestia in a bad mood. So what does she do? Simple. She sends you to the moon. by Riptid3 6,169 words · 1,092 views · 106 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Plushy The Elements find themselves turned into plush dolls. by Riptid3 4,256 words · 1,575 views · 116 likes · 2 dislikes

Mung beans taste like dog food

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>>995223 Make things interesting.

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>>994928 lol I'd totally do it if I was a teacher

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>>994922 It would have been the perfect conflict to watch for her. :3

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>>994920 She probably did.

But one of my teammates is an anti-brony so idk

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>>994919 She probably just wanted more ponies in your presentation.

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