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  • The Alicoronation of Twilight's BreakfastTwilight Sparkle liked sandwiches. Now she doesn't.1,843 words ·317 views ·20 likes ·0 dislikes
  • Suck it up, Dashie!Ponies and vacuums. Not exactly the best combination. Well, for ponies that is.2,708 words ·2,936 views ·275 likes ·8 dislikes
  • Going Through ChangesRainbow Dash is a Lycan. 'Nuff said.4,413 words ·6,747 views ·696 likes ·33 dislikes
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Things. · 1:46am


So Pyromaniac's doing commissions and I thought I'd spread the word.

Details are:

Sketch- $1

Inked- $3

Flat color- $5

Shade/highlights- $7

Lineless- $15

Solid or transparent background- +$0

Simple background- +$1

Detailed background- +$3

Extra characters- +$2 per character

Can do anything except for landscaping and NSFW.

Where you can find her:

Her DeviantArt

Her Tumblr

Her other Tumblr

Her Fimfic Account

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oh hey look not all my work is garbage

  • Going Through Changes Rainbow Dash is a Lycan. 'Nuff said. by Riptid3 4,413 words · 6,747 views · 696 likes · 33 dislikes
  • Suck it up, Dashie! Ponies and vacuums. Not exactly the best combination. Well, for ponies that is. by Riptid3 2,708 words · 2,936 views · 275 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Once in a Blue Moon You are, Whiplash, the little known god of metal and typical mischief maker. And one fine day, You catch Celestia in a bad mood. So what does she do? Simple. She sends you to the moon. by Riptid3 6,169 words · 1,160 views · 110 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Plushy The Elements find themselves turned into plush dolls. by Riptid3 5,888 words · 1,982 views · 151 likes · 4 dislikes

Mung beans taste like dog food

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>>1354545 Thanks, I'll see what i can do. if I dont do it in this story, I definetily will in others.

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>>1354280 well. It's generic. Best to leave the dark past out and unmentioned until a pony ask about it, but it's okay. Focus on perfecting your writing first, not originality.

There are a lot of human in equestrian stories and I've always been very iffy, if you want to keep this ship going I suggest adding something different. Something to make it standout. Perhaps the Mc could be a criminal on the run? A jerk would do the trick too. But it's up to you to decide. In future stories, try to base OC's off other people, friends, strangers,  if you base them off yourself or fictionalized versions of ourselves, we tend to come up with Gary stu/Mary sues.

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Dude really, thanks for your advices, sorry, trust me, i really really apreciate them, and i really dont want a GARY STU, i will try to improve in the next chapters,

aside from the Gary stu thing, how do you see my story, is it good?, at least interesting?,

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>>1210119 i dunno. do you know?

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hey dude. are you still alive?

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