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The Man Himself!

Having been a fan since the first quarter of 2012, MyHobby finally decided that participating in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom wasn't nearly as weird as he had at first thought. Deciding to share his not-weirdness with the entire Internet, he registered on to in order to publish his works without all of that silly "working with an actual publishing company" stuff.

He also decided that his best legal defense was to stick his head between his knees and kiss his portly rump goodbye. He hopes to this day that Hasbro will not notice the nerd currently making himself a nuisance around the Internet, and wishes them many a long season to come.

He seems to be physically unable to work on any one story at a time. Eesh.

He is an amateur author, cartoonist, and composer.* You can find links to his non-pony work on his Tumblr (he may start using that again someday).

Pinkie Pie is his hero, just saying.

So is Rainbow Dash, but slightly less so.

*Hahaha no. Not really at all.

Fictitious Events

  • HyperportentiaSeeing the future is a nice Destiny and all, but what happens when you're swamped with every hairy little detail?6,161 words ·122 views ·19 likes ·0 dislikes
  • Blueblood's Ascension Part III; or, Even Alicorns Have DreamsBlueblood is sent to Tartarus. No, he's not a prisoner. Rather, he is to become the new warden of the magical prison for Nightmares. The key problem is that he just doesn't want to be the warden. Will he follow his duty, or his dreams?139,440 words ·685 views ·48 likes ·6 dislikes
  • Scootaloo Will Fly!Late bloomer? Small wings? No magic? Bull. Scootaloo's decided she wants to fly, and nothing's gonna stand in her way. Except maybe gravity.34,782 words ·483 views ·49 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Nature in the WildPipsqueak, Button Mash, Snips, Dinky, and Twist go on a camping trip to Winsome Falls. This is not their lucky day.6,383 words ·218 views ·21 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Sonata de EquestriaEquestria's history is catching up to the present. When Twilight Sparkle uncovers a dark crystal heart in King Sombra's tomb, she and her friends find themselves on the run from timberwolves, windigos, and Sombra himself.141,861 words ·643 views ·28 likes ·4 dislikes

Near-Future Ponyville

  • Fahr Drill Big Mac trains the Ponyville Fire Brigade's new recruits. Things catch on fire. by MyHobby 2,313 words · 691 views · 100 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Lord Mayor Applejack Applejack, Lord Mayor of Ponyville, is invited to the minotaur homeland of Beefland. A new sapient creature has been discovered and, frankly, they need Celestia's help. Foreign relations ensue. by MyHobby 36,225 words · 1,039 views · 103 likes · 2 dislikes
  • The Unmitigated Disaster Featherweight saved Princess Twilight Sparkle's life, the least she can do is let him take her out for dinner. Spike and Rumble, on the other hoof, believe this to be a bad idea. Sequel to Fahr Drill. by MyHobby 4,729 words · 389 views · 31 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Scootaloo Will Fly! Late bloomer? Small wings? No magic? Bull. Scootaloo's decided she wants to fly, and nothing's gonna stand in her way. Except maybe gravity. by MyHobby 34,782 words · 483 views · 49 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Nature in the Wild Pipsqueak, Button Mash, Snips, Dinky, and Twist go on a camping trip to Winsome Falls. This is not their lucky day. by MyHobby 6,383 words · 218 views · 21 likes · 1 dislikes

Blueblood's Ascension


Yes, I've completed the final edits for Blueblood's Ascension Part III; or, Even Alicorns Have Dreams. I was extra excited for this story at the beginning, so I've decided to be extra picky now that it's come to its end. I did my best to boost it up from merely good to great. Did I succeed? Let history be my judge.

For those who've already read it all the way through--who don't want to read all the way through again--here's a list of the chapters with edits.

1. A Dreamy Prince

--minor dialogue edits at the end of the chapter, introducing the curse earlier.

2. A Much Expected Gathering

--minor dialogue edits at the end of the chapter to reveal implications about the family curse.

4. Aliconversation

--Celestia's dialogue edited to fix small chronology issue with Lightning Dust/Luna's monologue edited to give fuller picture of the history of Tartarus

12. Understandings and the Missing Thereof

--minor edit to Blueblood's outburst.

17. Begging Your Pardon

--dialogue edited to account for the curse already being revealed.

34. Best Flight Ever

--major dialogue edit to remove plot hole/removal of banishment subplot

40. Reality’s Collapsing

--major scene change to give Flash Sentry's character arc a better conclusion/minor dialogue edit for Scorpan

41. In Which Much is Wrapped Up

--major scene change to remove banishment subplot and wrap up the series as a whole/minor prose edits to reflect new outcome

42. Chapter the Very Last; or, a Short Epilogue

--minor dialogue edit to remove banishment subplot.

The banishment subplot was removed because I had no real way of justifying it at all. Most of the dialogue edits near the beginning were mild attempts at giving the characters reasons for going to Tartarus beyond "But I must go!" I'm still not too sure I hit that one out of the park.

Above all, the ending is a bit more soulful than before. I believe so, anyhow. :pinkiehappy:

MyHobby · 37 views · Edited 6d, 8h ago · Report · Story: Blueblood's Ascension Part III; or, Even Alicorns Have Dreams


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>>1331165 It is! It's completely crazy. You should follow me if you want to watch that craziness unfold! :raritywink:

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mostly, I'm preparing for double-shotober (my own insane version of one-shotober)

Don't tell me that means you'll post two one-shots a day in October! That would be truly crazy! :pinkiegasp:

what stories of yours should I read?

Well, if you're looking for comedy, my best is probably Bluebloods Ascension; or, Alicorns Just Aren't What They Used to Be. It's the story of how Blueblood became an alicorn, and how Princess Celestia dealt with it.

If you're looking for a cute story about friendship, take a look at Hay-oh, Welcome to Hayburger. Before Rarity owned Carousel Boutique, she was a cashier for Hayburger. Then Pinkie Pie rolled into town...

If you want a feelsy slice of life with a good dose of romance, take a look at Scootaloo Will Fly! Scootaloo's still unable to fly, even now that she's almost fully grown. She's gonna change that ASAP, and she's gonna need help from her friends to do it. It's not finished, but it's got a good start.

Beyond that, you'll probably have to go through and see if anything catches your eye. I have a hard time recommending old stories when I know they're not perfect. :twilightblush:

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>>1331022 mostly, I'm preparing for double-shotober (my own insane version of one-shotober) what stories of yours should I read?

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Not too shabby at all! I'm feeling pretty chipper, actually. Writing about ponies tends to do that!

How's about you? Is the inspiration flowing? Are the words churning? Are the stories publishing? :pinkiehappy:

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Hi MyHobby! How are you?:pinkiehappy:

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