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Graves Saga

  • When the Man Comes Around As Ponyville prepares for arriving royal marshals, a new traveler quietly slips into town. by GentlemanJ 22,162 words · 17,071 views · 1,055 likes · 32 dislikes
  • So... What Happens Next? Ordered to stay in Ponyville, Graves finds that his new life will take some getting used to. by GentlemanJ 6,605 words · 7,627 views · 793 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Trouble Meets Disaster Marshal Graves gets settled in, but is called away on duty. Oddly enough, Sweetie Belle tags along. by GentlemanJ 13,514 words · 7,108 views · 754 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Two Kinds of Complications Rarity wants a date. Sweetie Belle wants a brother. Lucky Graves just wants a day without headaches. by GentlemanJ 14,433 words · 7,060 views · 739 likes · 19 dislikes
  • Untangling the Knot by GentlemanJ 21,591 words · 6,572 views · 723 likes · 18 dislikes

SURPRISE!!! · 4:40am

No on expects a Backpack chapter that fast!

Top Favourites

  • Through The Eyes Of Another Pony Stupid Human takes a trip to Equstria. But not the Equestria that he was wanting. by CardsLafter 132,510 words · 28,420 views · 2,469 likes · 154 dislikes
  • My Little Dashie What would you do if you found a Filly Rainbow Dash in a box? by ROBCakeran53 12,524 words · 451,196 views · 10,832 likes · 622 dislikes
  • Oh to be Old Again What happens when a middle age brony wakes up in the body of a foal? And when no one believes him? by Minalkra 124,028 words · 21,933 views · 3,122 likes · 93 dislikes

Latest Stories

  • PonyFall: The Dawning of TwilightTwilight Sparkle was more than confident that Discord was going to reset into his stone prison43,623 words ·5,553 views ·561 likes ·26 dislikes


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You know why I'm here. You know what I want. So give the addict his cookie. :pinkiecrazy:


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You mentioned a one-shot in the PonyFall weekly update. I am available for helping, whether it be prereading or editing. :pinkiehappy:

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Thanks for faving The God Empress of Ponykind :rainbowkiss::trollestia:

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After reading two of the Ponyfall stories, I really hoped that one for Twilight was yet to be written. At first, I was disappointed to see someone already took that role, but after reading your story, I feel like I've been a little selfish. I really like how the story portrays what Twilight may be going through while in the human world, and I just know you're the perfect author for her part of the overall story. Instant fave and follow, can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile: On another note, do you have any plans for Luna having a bit of harmless payback against the nurse that ordered the head shaving? :pinkiecrazy:

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Sure, who doesn't like a JellyPony?

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