Well, it's been far, far too long. It's time I stood up and discussed what's going on with the one story everyone wants me to continue.

Waning Moon was supposed to be the third and final part of the "MLA Trilogy," as it were. It was supposed to pick up from the story threads left in Bringing Up Blueblood and My Little Alicorn, wrap everything up with a little bow, and be the end. As it stands, however, Waning Moon has basically languished in limbo, along with a good chunk of my other works. I've been called out over and over on not updating the story, and people have been asking when it will continue.

So, what the heck happened?

To put it simply, I rushed a half-baked story into production and released it before I really knew what I was doing.

Waning Moon is a massive pile of plots. We have Princess Luna eclipsing Princess Celestia in popularity. We have the Arcanus E Draconus going missing. We have Pinkie Pie and Blueblood investigating the theft. We have the Cutie Mark Crusaders essentially serving as scoutmasters to the fillies from Canterlot. We have Twilight losing faith in her mentor over the previously-mentioned evil book. We have Kuchen living in Ribbon's head. That's not to mention Trixie, the battle of the Dash-Fluttershy fanfillies, the blood feud between the Cakes and Ribbon's parents, and everything else that didn't even get off the ground.

To put it simply, it's too damn much. I try to put it down on paper, and the story comes out a bloated mess. But here's the worst part.

There is no reason for filly!Luna to be here.

If I cut Luna's plot out entirely, the main plot would be completely unaffected. The book would still be stolen. Pinkie would still solve the crime. The ending revolved around Celestia and her efforts to make things right, not Luna's. Even the whole "somepony's trying to kill Luna" subplot could be excised without affecting anything, and considering how much the end point of that plot kind of squicks me out now, that would probably be an improvement.

So what we had is an uncoordinated, overstuffed mess of a story, with a billion plotlines that I had to keep intersecting to give the illusion that they all went together, and with Luna serving no importance other than being there to be cute.


I am going to be perfectly honest with everyone here. I am a hack writer. I write sub-average to average fanfiction about pastel cartoon horses. Before this, I wrote self-insert fanfiction that I'm glad has been scrubbed from history. I will never write or publish an original work. I will never be a famous or successful author. When I eventually die, no one but my family will notice or mourn me. I am not one of the greats of the fandom, and I never shall be. I am unskilled, untrained, and most of all, undisciplined. And the main thing I write is about characters being turned into children, so there's probably something wrong with me.

But I have standards.

My Little Alicorn may have been conceived as a silly little bit of fluff, but when I was challenged to make it better, I worked to make it into something that at least had a little meaning behind the antics. Bringing Up Blueblood was an unnecessary sequel, but I enjoyed exploring redemption from a slower angle, and trying to make one of the most disliked characters in FiM at least somewhat likable. Little Sunny may be more of the same, but I am taking the time to explore the way a world unused to magical accidents would respond to such a transformation, as well as hopefully putting a new spin on a plot hook that's become increasingly common since Friendship Games.

Even my non-MLA stuff attempts to be stronger than it probably is. And That's Terrible was Celestia battling Lex Luthor over cake, but was purposely written to be as over-the-top Silver Age as possible. Eye of the Hurricane (which will be finished) is largely about why you shouldn't try to take shortcuts to improving yourself. A Taste of Meat is mostly an excuse to make a cannibalism joke, but there's still at least a little substance beyond that. Point is, I don't like my stuff to come across as pointless or empty. I really do try to be better than that.

And that's why Waning Moon crashed and burned for me.

I have struggled for years to get back into writing that story, but I simply cannot manage it. I would like to do a "Luna is regressed" story, but I feel like it needs to be of a higher quality than what I am giving you. Everyone that takes time out of their day to read a chapter to one of my stories deserves to have something better than what I am providing. And that's why Waning Moon is (officially) going on Hiatus.

When I start writing about Luna again, it may be in a new fic. It may be a continuation of Waning Moon. I may just jump to the sequel story involving Lofty joining the Royal Guard. But I want to give everyone the filly Luna story they deserve. You have all earned it.

I'm sorry I disappointed you all.


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#153 · 17w, 2h ago · · ·


I'm not exactly proud of quite a few of them, but yeah, I've done a lot.

#152 · 17w, 3h ago · · ·

592 blogs holy shit.

#151 · 34w, 5h ago · · ·

"Just a pointless idiot." Lol,  I don't think that an idiot would be able to write what you do so don't be so hard on yourself."Yes, I have a blog here. Why? Because torturing you all with my fics doesn't bring me nearly enough satisfaction." Lol, I like your sense of humor! My only suggestion on how to improve your stories is diction.diction.diction. I cannot stress enough how much better you and your stories will sound when you use superior vocabulary choice. When I'm writing,  I use a thesaurus to help me(however you should be sure to look up examples of the word that you intend to use in a sentence so you can understand it instead of blatantly inserting it.)  I love your work and I hope that you keep staying awesome!À brohoof pour vous /)

#150 · 40w, 5d ago · · ·


Glad we can agree on that. Don't hold back because this Fiendship series has been slightly disappointing to me.

Also hope things go easier for you in the future.

#149 · 40w, 5d ago · · ·


I'm going to review that issue later this week (been a bit of a hard week last week, so I'm playing catch-up), and I definitely have words about the ending.

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