Assuming I don't give up again, here's a preview of something new:

By this time in the late afternoon, the front of Canterlot High would normally be overrun with hurrying students and teachers alike, rushing home after a long day of institutionalized learning. Instead, the place was abandoned, having been left to rot by faculty and student alike in the shadow of Spring Break. The city's teenage population had either left for various excursions far, far away from the confines of their daily prison (and in some cases, away from the watchful gaze of their parents), or had settled in for a long week of doing nothing productive.

Nevertheless, there was one Canterlot High student who was eager – nay, overjoyed – to be standing in front of the school's famous statue. It was a girl with golden yellow skin, with a yellow-and-red mop of hair on top that made her look like the evening sky. Despite the oncoming holiday, her mind was still clearly locked onto her studies. Indeed, she had even brought her decently-sized backpack with her, and unlike her fellow teenagers, it wasn't currently stuffed with things that did not belong on school grounds. And to top off this bizarre scene, she was happily writing away in a massive, leather-bound book, quite unlike any journal you could buy at a stationary store or shopping center.

I've got everything you asked for. Really, this is all so very exciting...and very you. The girl giggled to herself as she wrote that last bit. I have to admit, I'm a little scared, but it will be good to be ho-


Sunset's thoughts and pen were sidelined as a mass of pink wrapped in pink and dipped in more pink slammed into her with the force of an F1 tornado. The poor victim had barely enough time to comprehend what was happening before she slammed into the concrete, although thankfully landing in such a way that avoided any lasting damage. Standing above her, however, was the most fearsome and terrifying thing ever conceived by man: a pink-skinned girl with poofy pink hair, pink clothes, and currently very red eyes. Sunset could feel the air tingle and burn with her rage as the pink one bent over, stopping only when their noses were but inches apart.

This was one of her friends, Pinkie Pie...


And in about five seconds, she was going to murder Sunset Shimmer.

By the way, someone just basically did the same thing I was planning with this one, so it may be cancelled. Lousy laziness.

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"Just a pointless idiot." Lol,  I don't think that an idiot would be able to write what you do so don't be so hard on yourself."Yes, I have a blog here. Why? Because torturing you all with my fics doesn't bring me nearly enough satisfaction." Lol, I like your sense of humor! My only suggestion on how to improve your stories is diction.diction.diction. I cannot stress enough how much better you and your stories will sound when you use superior vocabulary choice. When I'm writing,  I use a thesaurus to help me(however you should be sure to look up examples of the word that you intend to use in a sentence so you can understand it instead of blatantly inserting it.)  I love your work and I hope that you keep staying awesome!À brohoof pour vous /)

#150 · 12w, 4d ago · · ·


Glad we can agree on that. Don't hold back because this Fiendship series has been slightly disappointing to me.

Also hope things go easier for you in the future.

#149 · 12w, 4d ago · · ·


I'm going to review that issue later this week (been a bit of a hard week last week, so I'm playing catch-up), and I definitely have words about the ending.

#148 · 12w, 4d ago · · ·

I don't know if you got to Fiendship #05 but... I think i ought to spare you what the ending is like.

BIG HINT: It's Utter Shit. Hit this comic issue hard because it doesn't deserve praise for its ending.

#147 · 13w, 4d ago · · ·


Thank you.

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