Hello, everyone. I'm back from the dead...again. And wow, it's been a while since I did one of these. And this thing was at the top of the feature box for how long?

The idea of a pony-turned-human eating the elephant in the room isn't a new one. Heck, the idea of ponies dealing with the consumption of meat isn't new, either. For the record, though, horses can eat meat; that said, their digestive systems evolved to handle a herbivore lifestyle, so it's one of those things that aren't exactly good for them to have in large doses. In addition, Pinkie Pie pretty much says that ponies are vegetarian in "Over a Barrel." Throw in that the show's ponies are able to eat chocolate (which is extremely toxic to horses) and can vomit (horse digestive systems are one-way, which is why eating the wrong thing can kill them real bad), and you can see where the real-world argument starts to break a bit.

The majority of these stories and content, though, were for Twilight. She's the one that got that animation where she thought steaks and bacon were plants, after all. Sunset Shimmer didn't get quite as much attention, although her being a vegetarian as a human was a pretty common fanon even before her popularity exploded after Rainbow Rocks.

The basic plot for the story was decided almost immediately after I started writing (Rainbow Dash is behind the dare, Sunset eats horse meat, friendship lesson), but a lot changed in between:

- The original opening had Rainbow Dash hosting a slumber party and ordering pizza, but having to give up what she wanted so that they could afford to get Sunset Shimmer some. This sort of made it into the story, but it was originally going to be the impetus for Rainbow's frustrations with Sunset's diet. I ditched it because it just made Rainbow too petty, and in a story where she's already going to be an ass, that's going a bit too far. Plus, I still got to make the MST3K reference, which is the entire reason I decided on pizza. (Next movie, they'll finally get their pop.)

- There was going to be a longer sequence where Sunset tries other meats before eating the horse. This was going to tie into an ending where Sunset decides to include some meat in her diet. I killed this thing dead because...well, it's insulting. To settle any lingering questions, no, I am not a vegetarian. Emeral Bookwise was a witness to the many animals I demanded be killed to feed my gut during BABSCon this year. But I understand where vegetarians are coming from. There are various moral, religious, and health reasons to abstain from eating meat products, and making a story about a vegetarian learning the error of her ways sat very wrong with me. This was made worse when I took up researching vegetarian dishes, and ended up reading the many, many stories of people sneaking meat into meals for their vegetarian friends, or forcing them to eat meat because they're assholes.

As for the whole thing about horse meat being illegal in the US...well, here's the thing. We have no proof that Equestria Girls is set in the United States. We have no proof that it's set on anything resembling our Earth. The school system is likely structured after the American education system, but that's about it.

The twist was a dead giveaway, I admit. I'm really bad at hiding those things.

And...that's it for now, so I'll see you next time with an update to an ongoing story.

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Anger is a positive emotion.

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>>1481712 Oh nice you remember me, and my comment all those months ago was based on what I saw and welp, look at that.

I said all I wanted to, and so did you, farewell whatever your real name is, our paths won't cross again.


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I don't know what you replied, but I'm gonna leave you with this:

Stalingrad was the frozen hell on earth for the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, a place of unspeakable horror were out of hundreds of thousands, only 6000 returned home 10 years after the war's end, and in both past and present horrible events like it have happened everywhere.

You have your own inner war, you live in your own little hell, but unlike the besieged and starved men of the German sixth army , there's help available for you, any time any where, you just need to go look for it, it's time for you to leave the wall of laments that is your blogpost in fimfic and do it, you have you whole life ahead of you, don't let it be slowly get eaten by your problems.

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