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Just a pointless idiot.


The following is a journal of my thoughts as I step forward into BABSCon. If I should not return, let it stand as a testament to a hideously slobbish social recluse's foolhardy attempt to go out among his peers.

Day 0

Left a little early this morning. In haste, forgot razor and multiple articles of clothing. Left Celestia and Raindrops in charge of cats. Doubt I will need them.

Drive was uneventful. Drove straight through from Visalia to Burlingame. Did not need to pee until I stood up.

Missed hotel parking lot. Ended up in other hotel's parking lot. Got time ticket. Need to pay other hotel, but machine at exit broken. Will probably go to jail.

Stood in line for almost two hours to get badge. First contact with other bronies. Many in costumes or with plushies. Brought neither. Feel underdressed.

No guidebook yet. Wanted to study further.

Will report further as con develops.

PS: Burlingame is a silly name.

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I agree with this statement.

So hard. :yay:

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I'd just .like to say how insightful all your writing and especially your reviews are. Your a very perceptive person, you notice all those little things that people miss or ignore, and it really shows in what you write. I eagerly await the completion of your current projects.

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I follow you because you are a thinker and I'm very happy with your organization skills.:twilightsmile:


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I follow you because you are amazing.,.... Need i say more?

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