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Serious talk · 4:49am

Grab your serious chair and let's discuss some things.

So, we have the breaking news of a brony's suicide. Like nearly all suicides, this is definitely tragic, especially when you consider his age and the circumstances leading up to it. And yet, there is a natural cycle to these things. The first several dozen comments will be the usual condolences of sorrow and grief. These will then be followed by comments stating that the deceased should have known better than to listen to trolls on the Internet and gone outside. In the end, the latter will occupy the conversation, to the point where the person who was once pitied is again an object of ridicule.

There is definite truth in saying that someone should know better than to rely on the Internet for socialization. You can't spend your whole life in front of a computer screen and expect to lead a long, healthy existence. Humans are naturally social creatures, and learning how to operate within society is a major part of maturing and becoming a better and wiser person. But at the same time, many of these comments feel like they minimize one of the worst things the Internet has brought to us: anonymity.

Back in the day, if you said that someone sucked, you would have to know of them in some meaningful way, or be close enough for them to punch your face in. Nowadays, you can call someone anything you want from anywhere, and all they will see is a username, if even that much. Facebook and other social media have made this even easier. There is a real ugliness to what is shown on the Internet, and just saying that it's a part of the deal isn't going to cut it.

And with how tech-dependent our world is becoming, how much longer can the old adage of, "Go outside," apply? I have a computer at my apartment. I have another at work. My iPhone is a portable computer, as is my tablet. I am essentially plugged in at all times. So are many, many people in the world today. It's the way our society is beginning to turn.

I guess what I'm saying is to be mindful. When you troll someone on the Internet, that is a real person on the other side. You have no idea what their life is like or where they're coming from. Show some basic decency and treat others as you would be treated. Seriously, Internet, it's time to grow up a bit.

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Anger is a positive emotion.

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>>1481712 Oh nice you remember me, and my comment all those months ago was based on what I saw and welp, look at that.

I said all I wanted to, and so did you, farewell whatever your real name is, our paths won't cross again.


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I don't know what you replied, but I'm gonna leave you with this:

Stalingrad was the frozen hell on earth for the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, a place of unspeakable horror were out of hundreds of thousands, only 6000 returned home 10 years after the war's end, and in both past and present horrible events like it have happened everywhere.

You have your own inner war, you live in your own little hell, but unlike the besieged and starved men of the German sixth army , there's help available for you, any time any where, you just need to go look for it, it's time for you to leave the wall of laments that is your blogpost in fimfic and do it, you have you whole life ahead of you, don't let it be slowly get eaten by your problems.

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