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Just a pointless idiot.


Car shopping sucks · 3:42am

Especially when you have no money, your credit is shot because of your sins from over a year ago, and you have a tight deadline to get a vehicle.


Can I set Sunset Shimmer on fire again?

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>>1225128 I bought 17, 18, and 19 at my local comic shop on Monday. Very much enjoyed reading them.

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If you're planning on buying print (which I myself prefer) you might want to make sure their are enough remaining earlier issues.

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>>1212894 I suspected it was from the comic. I'm waiting 'til the last issue of the alt-universes arc comes out so I can buy all four at once and read them in one delicious sitting. :raritystarry:

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Issue 19 of the comic.

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Hi Insert Author Here! How are you?!? I like your new profile picture. What's it from? :pinkiehappy:

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