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A Setback · 11:00pm

I bet you're all wondering where the update is. I encountered a setback and that's how some of the writing doesn't make sense. As I began making changes to what I perceived as better, it also began to change the tone of the story which means more editing to do.

Hope to get that done soon.

DVB · 36 views · Edited 27w, 3d ago · Report · Story: The SinEater of Equestria: Cataclysm

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I thank you for favoriting my story 'Chains'!  I hope you enjoyed it (that seems like a safe bet!) and it means a lot to get so many positive reactions to it!



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my good u fic  the apple of my eyes is really awesome , haha i dont know how to explain but it has all to make feel read more !   plx if u could make a sequel !! :DD

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Thanks for the fav! :twilightsmile:


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