99 Worlds Saga / Blooming Moon Chronicles

Comprised of ten different stories, this series tells the story of Luna's journey from Princess of the Night to discovering her true past as a Valkyrie and defender of the world.

1:  Moonrise

2:  Lunar Lights

3:  Starlit Knights

4:  Metempsychosis

5:  Because Love Conquers All

6: Decretum

7: Absolution

8:  Synthesis of the Atheist

9: The Hermit's Tale

10: Glory Be

Songs Of Lost Children

1: Zecora's Pinata

2: Rhythm Of The Dance

3: One Wish For Nothing

4: Thorn Of The Rose

5: Hecate's Orphanage

Latest Stories

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I won again, and once more I'll be donating the money to a good cause: likely Humanity for Horses, but there's a local charity I want to check out too before I make the final decision.

I had more participation but fewer participants this year: I think next year I'm going to take more of that into account for when I do some more charity/fundraising in the future. I'd like to be able to do it myself with a larger time limit so I don't have to worry so much about making the story a certain amount of words or doing it all so fast. It makes for messier writing on my part when I'm rushing everything.

Also it was a terrible idea to do an advent calendar at the same time I was trying to do this project, on a side note. They both ended up being much worse for it. But. Learn and persevere.

Happy New Years to everyone.

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#349 · 6d, 6h ago · · ·


That's a really interesting comparison, actually, and one that I never thought of myself, but it works pretty well. I think a lot about Melinda's story, actually: she's more Baba Yaga than even Luna was, in a lot of ways. Benevolent sometimes, malicious at other times.

I'm really glad you liked her so much, though. She was a favorite of mine, and a really important character overall to the series. Someone who I'd really love to work with more.

#348 · 1w, 8h ago · · ·

For some reason, I'm drawing parallels between Melinda the Sky Witch and Circe, the sorceress from Homer's Odyssey. :rainbowwild: They're both extremely powerful mages who are villains at one point, but also help our heroes out. I suppose the similarities end there; after all, Melinda never turned anyone into a pig; but I still can't help but feel that there's something that makes them similar.

Y'know, I think Melinda is my favorite villain from Hecate's Orphanage. I believe TV Tropes would probably describe her as "Affably Evil", but that's what makes her awesome, I suppose.

#347 · 2w, 4d ago · · ·


Thank you kindly. Happy New Year to you too. I hope it's off to a good start.

#346 · 2w, 4d ago · · ·

Happy New Year, BlackRoseRaven!

#345 · 3w, 9h ago · · ·

Darn, now I'm kinda sad, because I don't know when your next story will be out. :fluttershysad:

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