Blooming Moon Chronicles/99 Worlds Saga

Comprised of ten different stories, this series tells the story of Luna's journey from Princess of the Night to discovering her true past as a Valkyrie and defender of the world.

1:  Moonrise

2:  Lunar Lights

3:  Starlit Knights

4:  Metempsychosis

5:  Because Love Conquers All

6: Decretum

7: Absolution

8:  Synthesis of the Atheist

9: The Hermit's Tale

10: Glory Be

Latest Stories

  • T Unity

    Marina Wildheart has faced many things since entering this alternate Equestria: bandits, undead, monsters and Darklords. But now she's faced with something she can't hope to fight without a little help from her friends: marriage.  · BlackRoseRaven
    11,350 words · 16 views  ·  2  ·  2
  • T Gjallarsong

    The story of a war between Equestria and the griffin nation, and the struggle of a Prince born of magic to discover whether or not he will ever be considered a real pony.  · BlackRoseRaven
    122,085 words · 104 views  ·  12  ·  2
  • T The Super Awesome Story About Stuff

    Tournament of Canterlot charity story. A group of very different ponies end up trapped together in a world that obeys the whims of a group of Draconequui and their audience.  · BlackRoseRaven
    32,746 words · 103 views  ·  16  ·  2
  • T Thorn of the Rose

    A foal is adopted by an unlikely mother: now, a flesh-and-blood pony must learn to survive in a Clockwork World.  · BlackRoseRaven
    66,147 words · 203 views  ·  20  ·  1
  • T Sleipnir's Big Adventure

    A hero makes an unlikely alliance with a stubborn prince, and they adventure across Equestria together.  · BlackRoseRaven
    317,677 words · 813 views  ·  74  ·  2

So here are things I have enjoyed recently.

A State Of Darkness - This is an interesting story and you should read it. The author talks about it better than I can in his summary, so you know. Go take a look if you're looking for something with plenty of detail and a whole lot of thought.

Her Special Day - A dear, sweet, gentle-hearted, kind friend of mine threatened to murder me in ways I will not describe if I didn't promote one of her friend's stories. I really liked this one. It touched on something rather personal to me.

Apocalyponies - There is a tumblr, a wiki, and Agens also has a Patreon here. I really enjoy this. It's a mix of ask blog and comic and it's got lots of gore and storytelling and soon to be other things. Also, full disclosure, I may get stickers or a keychain if I promote this and people take more interest in it. I love stickers.

Tournament of Canterlot - This is the charity thing that I've been talking about a lot lately. If you don't want to donate to me you can donate to this page or one of the other authors. You can even donate, and leave me a message saying "I gave money to Oxfam but not to you because you're a terrible person" and stuff. And isn't that what we all dream of?

Self-Promotion things follow below.

Charity Story - This is where you go to donate for the charity story and stuff. Basically you make a donation, then leave a comment there or contact me on my FIMFiction here and tell me what you want me to write about and I will add it in the story.

Valkyrja - This is my book. Please buy it or promote it. It's got a Brynhild in it and the next stories in the series are way better, but it'll be a lot easier to get more published if I can show people are interested in it and all through hard numbers.

Okay. That is everything for now. The next chapter of the charity story should be done in a little while. If you want to read a short story involving non-pony anthro horses beating each other up, you can read that on my tumblr here.


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#286 · 5w, 5d ago · · ·


Well, thank you very much. That's honestly an honor to hear, and I'm only glad to know I've been able to make such an impact... or my characters have, rather, because it really does seem oftentimes like Luna, Scrivy, and the rest just kind of do their own thing and I just record their adventures, not create them. And if I can ever be of assistance or you ever have any questions, by all means, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to help however I can.  People thank me for writing these silly stories, but honestly, I can only thank people for taking the time to choose my stories out of all the ones on this site and read them.

#285 · 5w, 5d ago · · ·

BlackRoseRaven, you are a true inspiration, you're work as inspired the story's that I've been developing for this site. Not saying that I intend to copy off of you in any way, but you're characters philosophies (as of so far since I haven't read all you're stories) I have found to be inspiring. I look foreword to finishing your incredible ideas and concepts! Long live Luna  & Scrivener Blooms!  Long live Equestria!                                                                                                              

#284 · 6w, 4h ago · · ·

>>1769643 And a comment like that deserves another thanks. :3

#283 · 6w, 4h ago · · ·


The pleasure's all mine. You well deserve it and more.

#282 · 6w, 4h ago · · ·

Oh my, thanks for the kind words. :)

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