Blooming Moon Chronicles/99 Worlds Saga

Comprised of ten different stories, this series tells the story of Luna's journey from Princess of the Night to discovering her true past as a Valkyrie and defender of the world.

1:  Moonrise

2:  Lunar Lights

3:  Starlit Knights

4:  Metempsychosis

5:  Because Love Conquers All

6: Decretum

7: Absolution

8:  Synthesis of the Atheist

9: The Hermit's Tale

10: Glory Be

Latest Stories

  • T Unity

    Marina Wildheart has faced many things since entering this alternate Equestria: bandits, undead, monsters and Darklords. But now she's faced with something she can't hope to fight without a little help from her friends: marriage.  · BlackRoseRaven
    11,350 words · 122 views
  • T Gjallarsong

    The story of a war between Equestria and the griffin nation, and the struggle of a Prince born of magic to discover whether or not he will ever be considered a real pony.  · BlackRoseRaven
    122,085 words · 254 views  ·  17  ·  1
  • T The Super Awesome Story About Stuff

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  • T Thorn of the Rose

    A foal is adopted by an unlikely mother: now, a flesh-and-blood pony must learn to survive in a Clockwork World.  · BlackRoseRaven
    66,147 words · 342 views  ·  22  ·  1
  • T Sleipnir's Big Adventure

    A hero makes an unlikely alliance with a stubborn prince, and they adventure across Equestria together.  · BlackRoseRaven
    317,677 words · 1,117 views  ·  92  ·  2

Haaaa. · 2:10am

I am super exhausted from the fourteen hour drive but.

I am here in Wisconsin now. In my own home, with my green card stuff, now able to just. Live here.

A busy weekend ahead, I'm sure, and then hopefully back to writing and my regular schedule.

I'll try and get back to comments/faves that I've missed once I'm coherent. Apologies and thanks to everyone.

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#312 · 9h, 45m ago · · ·


There's my last big hurrah on the way, yeah. I'm going to get a blog or two up to lay out my thoughts and where I am soon, but the quick version is that I'm around three-quarters of the way through writing Hecate's Orphanage. It'll finally tie a lot of loose ends up and bring everything back together for one last big story. I'm hoping to get it done in... one or two months? So over the summer, definitely. I want to start posting around September, at the latest. It's just all a matter of getting it written.

#311 · 21h, 52m ago · · ·

Anything new in the pipes?  Missing my BRR dose.

#310 · 1w, 18h ago · · ·


Oh, yes. Probably not, no. I wrote that mainly to get a feel for the characters more myself and to fill in a few mental gaps in the storyline, but that's all way post-Chronicles stuff.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what you do read, and I much appreciate the interest.

Author Interviewer
#309 · 1w, 20h ago · · ·


I ask because Chris reviewed Thorn of the Rose today, which sounds intriguing, but which he also said wasn't a good entry point into the verse. If your first story isn't your best, I'll try and take it with a grain of salt. :)

#308 · 1w, 20h ago · · ·


Well, thank you kindly. Just about every story is written so you can read it and it'll make some kind of sense, I think. The main series begins with Moonrise, which was my first story and I am always quick to admit is not the best. Lunar Lights improves on things, and stuff really starts to pick up in Starlit Knights. But every story in the Blooming Moon Chronicles was written so that you can start it anywhere, and the important stuff gets filled in as I go along. Starlit Knights also is the story that really introduces the basis of this whole universe.

I hope that makes sense. I haven't had my first cup of coffee for today yet. If you have any questions or anything else, though, feel free to ask, and I'm always happy to answer or go into more detail. I've got a chronological list of stories and everything somewhere, too, since people often ask about that.

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