I took them down a while ago due to some personal issues I was working through. It's childish and doesn't make sense to do so, I know, but at the time, it made me feel a LOT better.

I just resubmitted three of them today- Rainbow Factory, Pegasus Device, and Turn for the Worse.

These will be the only stories available on this page. I will not be writing anything else for MLP fanfiction. I'm sure most of you already know that, seeing as I haven't written anything for shy of two years *anyways*.

If you need to contact me regarding Rainbow Factory, don't. Here's the rules:

1. I don't give a fuck what you do with it

2. I seriously don't care

3. Yes you can write a sequel where you destroy it in a crossover with your normal series

4. Seriously holy shit I have never cared omg

5. Just don't copy it and pass it off as yours because that's a general scumbag thing to do no matter what the content is

6. But asides from that holy shit I just do not fucking care

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  • T A Turn for the Worse

    An archaeologist mare risks everything to be legendary in her field, and gets much more than she bargained for.  · AuroraDawn
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  • T Pegasus Device

    In the sequel to Rainbow Factory, can two foals survive the secrets of the Corporation?  · AuroraDawn
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#175 · 10w, 5d ago · · ·

Well, I just finished reading both stories and Jesus man, it was good as hell. Never thought it would be that interesting to read. Good job.

The two stories I'm referring too is (Rainbow Factory, and The Pegasus Device).

#174 · 11w, 1d ago · 1 · ·

I just wanted to ask: how does it feel to know that one of your stories is one of the most well-known, popular in fanart, fanfics, and the FiM: MLP community, and top-rated standing side-by-side with Cupcakes, Twilight's Experiments, and most presumably, Fallout: Equestria?

#173 · 29w, 4d ago · · 9 ·

Well, well, well, the infamous Aurora Dawn. How've you been? If you're still listening, I've made a review of Rainbow Factory. Here you go:


Please note that some of my opinions are a little exaggerated for comedy.

#172 · 32w, 1d ago · · 1 ·

AuroraDawn I have a question. Are you a guy or a girl in real life? Iknow your OC is a girl but then again Wooden Toaster's OC Glaze is kinda sorta a mare, so are you a boy or girl?

#171 · 32w, 3d ago · 3 · ·

Hello aurora. I seriously had the question biting at me for a long time. When you mean alternate universe for Rainbow Factory and Pegasus Device do you mean that Rainbow doesn't know the rest of the mane six. Because it just keeps coming back. Please answer this question when you get the chance

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