Ok, this is a weird issue.  My Toshiba laptop using Windows 8.1 with IE as browser has suddenly found itself unable to connect with Fimfiction.  I cleared the cache of EVERYTHING... still didn't work.  It can connect to every website I've tried except Fimfiction.  

Right now, I'm using my old laptop with Vista and Firefox and it's connecting fine, obviously!

Does anyone have an idea what on earth my other laptop's problem could be?

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>>1894465 It's also funny that my own silly fics, which I even admit are silly, are actually technically better written than much of the dreck I lambast with fury.  

Mine get lots of downvotes simply because it's me.  

But that's ok.  I'd have a lot more posted if I had the time to really sit down and write.  Life is simply too busy to devote that much time, which I'd need to do what I'd consider at least a passable job on them.

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I read your beatdown of The Secret Life Of Rarity -- that's why I'm following you. I'm about to give the story my own readthrough. I find it funny that BWA reviews fics, sees what he wants to, bitches when they aren't written how he'd do it, and then gives them a low score, but he balks whenever someone criticizes his own fic so hard that he has to make a blogpost in addition to replying to the feedback with massive butthurt. He's never given anyone else's fic a fair shake, so I have no intention of giving his one.

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>>1861073 It's a nice fanon of the mystery changeling.  

I shall call him Bob.  He likes maripino cherry schnaps and pistachio fudge ripple ice cream.  And he has a PhD in organic chemistry and works for Merck.

Well, it could all be possible!!  WE HAVE NO INFORMATION!!  HEE HEE HEE!!!  *since Alondro is a scientist, having no information has driven him to a Twilight Sparkle-level breakdown*  

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Thanks for the favorite! I really appreciate it!

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>>1836665 Thanks so much!  :twilightblush:

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