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Anyway, perhaps the very best production of the ballet, from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in 1977.  I finally remembered it at a time when I was able to search for it on Youtube.  I have far too many memories!  Things just randomly pop up as if my brain is looking through a photo album and picking out random stuff, then poking me going, "Hey!  Hey!  Remember this?"

Here's the entire ballet for those who are cultured and non-barbarian.  ;D

I first saw it on PBS in 1979.   Because I am really really old.  

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>>1244664 *smirks*  That's the plan.  :trollestia:

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I have a hard time figuring out whether you're crazy or not.

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>>1189200 Worship my powers!  :pinkiecrazy:

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All hail the King of Trolls!

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>>1143270 I can't help but enjoy silly things, especially when they poke fun of melodramatic tropes that prototypical fanbois drool over and upvote like cocaine-addicted lab rats pressing a level repeatedly for their next fix.


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