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Dead Center.

I thought of it today, and it is the awesomest name ever for a sniper pony who loves the thrill of blowing his targets' brains out.

He shall be an antihero in a story set within a totally reimagined gritty noir Equestria, which would be pretty much like Earth... that is to say, pathetically nonmagical, which is why all the characters will be filled with angst and apathy.  Because they are little ponies but have no magic, not even the unicorns, which is even more lame that Earth could ever be!  I mean, seriously, unicorns with NO MAGIC?  God, I'd be amazed they all didn't kill themselves in despair over the pointlessness of their existences!  They'd be all like, "WHY THE BUCK DO I HAVE THIS USELESS LITTLE NUB OF A HORN ON MY HEAD!!  I keep banging it into things and it hurts!  WHYYYYY!!"

And then there's the pegasi.  Obviously they can't fly with those tiny wings unless they have magic giving them a major leg up!  They'd probably be the first mass suicide victims.  

No alicorn princesses either obviously... and the planet has to go around the Sun... and nature works the way it does on Earth.

So, I guess it'd be a world of all Earth ponies.  And they can't exactly hold anything with plain pony hooves... so no complex buildings or machines or tools or writing...  Hmm, and Dead Center can't exactly fire a gun, or even have a gun since ponies without magic couldn't possibly build one...

So I guess to compensate I'd have to make them anthro and give them fingers.  

Which means... it'd basically be just a general furry fic... Huh... I haven't even started writing and already the story sucks and seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with the show I'm supposedly basing it on.


Oh well, no need to write that, then!  (and this is why grimdark nonmagical Equestria will never work as a plot!)  :trollestia:

But seriously, this is a my little illustrated example of why once you alter the canon on too many fundamental levels in a fanfic it's NOT MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC ANYMORE!!!   And the more one tries to jam the canon characters into it, the worse it ends up since invariably it begins to contradict itself in tone, setting, and characterization; or, the characters possess the names of the canon cast, but nothing of their nature.  In which case, it's just a random story with familiar names and settings tacked on for popularity.  

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>>1434557 Zecora is da shmexy.  :rainbowwild:

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Thanks for the fave of Life with the Sexy Shaman:twilightsmile:

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>>1372210 Dat plot.  :rainbowwild:

Hmm, plot makes people do stupid things all the time!  :rainbowwild:

Especially when the plot is convenient... :rainbowwild:


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Because the plot demands it

Wait what are we talking about?

*checks reply links*

Oh then, yeah, the plot demands it

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Thanks for the fav!

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