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So yeah, publicity stunt of a guy in a special suit trying to get swallowed by a giant snake.  



As usual with this sort of thing (like the Bigfoot specials and Loch Ness Monster and Oak Island and everything else...) there will be a long-winded hyping of history and physiology of how this is possible and people who got eated up in da past and blah blah blah, and then the snake doesn't even try cuz the guy has all the metal and stuff on or gives up pretty quickly and nothing happens.

But there in an ominous part to all this:  Discovery has Pony.... WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DOOOOOOO?!?!?!?

Season 5:  Next on "Eaten Alive in Equestria":  Fluttershy is swallowed whole by a dragon to get over her fears AND give a lesson on mineralovore digestive physiolgy!   Dash is consumed by a Quarry Eel to illustrate the dangers of flying through Ghastly Gorge!  Rarity volunteers to be part of an ancient ritual with the Sea Serpent race, and the twist is that it involves her becoming a sacrifice!  (Spike is jelly that he didn't eat her when he had the chance!)  Celestia is eaten by Discord!  IT'S TOTAL CARNIVOROUS CRAZINESS!!  :pinkiecrazy:

(Executive several weeks later:  "I can't understand why the ratings keep falling!  I thought these were GREAT ideas when I demanded the production department do it or I'd fire them all!")  :trollestia:

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Sup you crazy misanthropist, how the life? :trollestia:

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>>1517197 I shall be sure to rant and rave like an insane bastard if I don't!  :trollestia:

(But so far so good!)  :raritywink:

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I'm glad you're enjoying my story Reformation Buddies thus far.  I hope it continues to entertain you. :twilightsmile:

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>>1507383 Beware the cows...and the trees.  :pinkiecrazy:

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And that is why! :pinkiecrazy:

We are what we are! A parody of The God! :pinkiecrazy:

Bow before Humanity, animals! :pinkiecrazy:

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