..introduce it to Hugh Jelly... :rainbowwild:

After Hugh is finished with it, it will have to destroy itself to erase the memory it cannot unfeel.  :trollestia:

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>>1685861 Well, I had decided to become a biologist by age 6.  I simply focused heavily on my schooling and made it through  undergrad fairly easily.  I then found a job related to my field which actually served to bolster my education; that being a biomedical database editor.  That was a fortunate circumstance which, unfortunately, is no longer available to anyone since that entire area of work has been sourced out of the country.  

In any case, I worked there full-time while also pursuing my masters degree, which I spread out as a part-time student for 5 years.  It wasn't at all easy to  balance both things, but I managed through my obsessive work ethic and finally got my degree after nearly breaking myself on  the final oral exam and defense of my thesis, which proposed an alternate etiology for certain forms of late-onset type II diabetes, that being a quasi-inflammatory pathogenesis upregulating the insulin-like growth factor receptor 1 (IGFR-1) subunits which formed a hybrid receptor with the insulin receptor which had a lower affinity for insulin, thus causing a feedback loop upregulating insulin to compensate.

This upregulation of IGFR-1 could be due to the expression of several inflammatory molecules, primarily interlukins 1-alpha and 6, as well as tumor necrosis factor-alpha.  It just so happens that these factors are secreted by adipose tissue, which becomes hypoxic in large amounts due to a lack of neovascularization within fatty tissue.

Hence why many people with type 2 diabetes are overweight, providing at last a solid physiological causal relationship between the two conditions.

As for Pony, I've always liked cartoons and was a fan of G1, mainly because of the interesting villains:  Tirek, Catrina, Grogar, Arabus, and to a lesser extent Lavan and Porcina.  The ponies themselves actually weren't too interesting at the time, personality-wise.  

Now, when I first heard about G4 I was skeptical since re-boots of other little kids shows had tended to be dreadful and tried to be 'hip' with the modern era (Smurfs, Chipmunks, Garfield), with the results being predictably horrid.  However, two friends of mine in another fandom told me it was a very good show and picked an episode they knew would appeal to my love of the old Loony Tunes and Animaniacs-style hijinks:  "Feeling Pinkie Keen".  They also showed me "Party of One"... and I was hooked.  This was a few weeks before end of Season 1.  What totally solidified my new obsession was Discord.  I'd felt NMM had been rather lacking as a threat, and was a fairly typical cartoon villain in that she practically went out of her way to avoid harming the protagonists when it would have been in her best interests to simply flatten them all.  But Discord was a cosmic troll who went  after them from the very start, and his antics were in keeping with his nature which was heavily implied didn't involve wiping out his enemies.  Ponies were a game to him, and he never tired of playing.  

Not only that, the episodic stories also tended to be quite strong and the ponies all such unique and strong characterizations that they each stood out on their own individual basis.  Even minor characters like the Cake family, Big Mac, Snips and Snails, etc. each bore a fully individualized depiction.  I'd rarely seen an animated show create so many completely different characters.

I do have other stories, but I haven't posted them anywhere else.  They were all short stories written for Anthrocon's (a large furry convention which used to take place not far from where I work in Philadelphia) convention booklet.  I'd like to 'ponify' some of them eventually, since the topics and plots would cross over easily.

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Hello, you recently admitted to being a scientist in the comments thread of Letters from a Fascinated but Frustrated Scientist.

Please explain what you do for a living (i.e. the technical name for your job/hierarchal position), and how you got the skills in your field to qualify as a professional, and how you managed to become a bone-fide professional (i.e. the real life events that defined the crossover from "grad student" to "i get paid to use my degree"), and if you personally consider yourself to fit the connotations of the word "professional".

What drew you into MLP:FiM? The fan-created content? The community? The show itself? The notoriety/popularity of any of the above?

I have read your two stories. I like how you write! Do you have anymore elsewhere on the Internet?

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>>1669562 *gnaws on your leg*  You're welcome!  :pinkiecrazy:

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Thanks for the fav on The Old Gray Mare! :twilightsmile:

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>>1666515 After reading the opening chapter... I think you're the sort of person who will appreciate my brand of humor, best seen in first chapter of my farcical fic, "Of All the Worlds in All the Dimensions".  

For which I really need to get a breather so I can focus on writing the next 4 chapters which I have in rough draft form.

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