It was like a totally random fanfic... but canon... some of it sorta worked... some of it was totally absurd... but it's all official canon now because nothing at the end retconned it by making it all a dream or the CMCs attempt at creative writing...

All I can say is, no true professional writer would have done this to their own material.  Indeed, most writers AVOID fanon at all costs... for this very reason.  

It ends up being too confusing and utterly alienates many fans of the proper canon who hate certain fanon ideas.  It feels as if the writers have cherry-picked some people's ideas and slapped everyone in the face with them while ignoring everyone else's opinions.

It's a BAD IDEA.  That's all there is to it.  I actually chuckled at the secret agent Sweetie Drops part... which I assumed must have been an early hint that this was all going to be retconned somehow since it just made no sense outside of a fanfic about her and Lyra... and then it was suddenly canon, nothing was undone... and I got this horrible sinking sensation in my gut.  

This is one of the ways series are destroyed, people.  Always remember what happened with "Star Trek: Nemesis".  This may very well be the Pony "Nemesis".  

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>>1861073 It's a nice fanon of the mystery changeling.  

I shall call him Bob.  He likes maripino cherry schnaps and pistachio fudge ripple ice cream.  And he has a PhD in organic chemistry and works for Merck.

Well, it could all be possible!!  WE HAVE NO INFORMATION!!  HEE HEE HEE!!!  *since Alondro is a scientist, having no information has driven him to a Twilight Sparkle-level breakdown*  

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Thanks for the favorite! I really appreciate it!

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>>1836665 Thanks so much!  :twilightblush:

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>>1835641 It's quite refreshing to see a good slice of life that really is a slice of life and not borderline some other genre... or COMPLETELY some other genre totally mislabeled.  :raritywink:

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Thanks for the fave of 'Night Rose'!  :)

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