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Blocked again, for offering logical commentary on the irrational use of Discord (once again in a psycho form), which the author then proceeded to contradict several times in his 'explanation' without apparently even realizing it.

Discord is super-powerful, but weakened when he first escapes..  he then STATES (this is now his personal canon, mind you) even Luna in how weakened form was a threat to him when he first got out... which then leaves the issue of why CELESTIA didn't then attack him since she was at FULL POWER and therefore strong enough to destroy him on her own... but this then makes no sense as to why in his universe, with a Discord who could have killed the Bearers or tormented them and threatened to harm them...  a) why his statue wasn't properly guarded b) why she still sent the Bearers after a creature far more vicious than anything they were prepared to deal with when she was strong enough in her current state to directly battle him and quite possibly win and c) does not explain with any rationality why Discord, this maniacal psychopath, merely used the exact same simple brainwashing tactic he'd used in the show.

In another comment, the author states that Discord is not omnipotent nor omniscient.... yet in a comment just previous to that he hinted that even being re-petrified is part of some massive Xanatos Gambit (more like Xanatos Roulette in this case) Discord has had planned... which is rather suggestive that, if not omniscient, he does seem to have quite significant predictive powers to engineer such a far-reaching and far-off plan and have any real expectation of its success (which is basically demi-omniscience at that point).   In addition, his version of Discord was VASTLY more powerful at his full strength than the canon version... powerful enough to crack reality so badly that even the Elements couldn't undo the damage to their world.  This Discord also killed at least a dozen alicorns, whom I'm assuming were at least around Celestia's strength.  Perhaps he's not omnipotent, but really, that's splitting hairs rather finely when the character is stated to have such massive power.  That would be considered a power among the highest god-tiers of the Marvel Universe, for sake of comparison.  

Therefore, this is a direct and obvious set of serious characterization flaws and an instance of irrefutably contradictory reasoning... of several comments within less than a half an hour.

And people wonder why I rant about such things.

People need to learn that literary critics are not here to kiss up to anyone.  If I find a major flaw in the construction of a story, I WILL point it out.  

As I have repeated many many MANY times now, when you dramatically change the history and personality of one or more characters, EVERY SINGLE EVENT touched or influenced in any way by those characters after the point of those changes WILL BE ALTERED.  That's basic historical cause and effect and something even every halfway decent time-travel story realizes.  Hell, it was a core plot point in every "Back to the Future" movie.

Somehow, far too many fanfic writers are oblivious to this simple fact, even when it is quite bluntly explained in unambiguous terms.

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Also, it has been found by Japanese researchers that a strict and intensive combination regimen of structured exercises and mental tasks, not only can mild to moderate Alzheimer's progression be slowed, but the functional loss can be reversed to some degree

Well... doesn't that go without saying? Take my grandmother, ninety three. Healthy to the point of it being scary where others in her home are languishing. How does she do it? She gardens, volunteers as a sunshine lady at the local hospital, works at the church.

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>>1626737 Yeah. I have a friend whose on the project and all the beer in the world wont get me any more then what I told you.

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>>1626559 Well, at any rate, we should be learning just what Lockheed's putting together before the end of the year.

They're being very secretive, but clearly they're barely holding back their excitement.  They must have something promising.

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>>1626308 Lithium is an idea being worked with... But it means we will need to go with a larger reactor then we might desire not only for reasons of shielding, but to get enough lithium to have an appropriate reaction mass for fusion. Li-7 is reactive enough, but it lacks the density of energy of other elements, requiring more mass to get a reaction of the length of other elements. Additionally there would be the need for radiation shielding as the reaction dose produce some gamma rays in low amounts. Also it may be possible to use Li-7 as the fule for a dirty bomb... not quite sure on that one yet, but if that's true then federal regulations wont allow for the construction of the reactor. (DAMN YOU CONGRESS!)

Which is why Thorium is being looked into. It's a good substitute for uranium, common enough to be cheep, emits alpha radiation (which is harmless to us), and the waste materials can't be used to make an atomic warhead. (Which is why current reactors use uranium. SO we have weaponized uranium laying around.) So, its currently being seen if the power plant sized thorium reactors can be scaled down to the size desired for the project. Can't say more then that.

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>>1625284 *nods*  That's what I thought.  

It fits my suspicion that the Lockheed reactor will be a lithium-7 fusing reactor utilizing a neutron bombardment trigger at the plasma pinch.  The fission products of the lithium post-neutron absorption would immediately fuse into helium under such pressures, heat, and the additional neutrons.  

It might create a small-scale chain reaction which can be sustained for a long period of time so long as new fuel can be introduced, which is one of the biggest problems next to maintaining the plasma.

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