"If you must blink, do it now..."

Those are the first words heard in the opening of the film, and from that moment on I could hardly close my eyes.  

People constantly complain that Hollywood's out of ideas...

And then, something like this magnificent stop-motion animated film comes out (this also applies to "The Little Prince", only out in limited release) and practically no one goes to see it, despite its originality, creativity, and magnificent fantasy storytelling.  

I cannot give this movie enough praise... and I can't talk too much about it without spoiling details.

I will only say, pay careful attention to everything you may see or hear, no matter how unusual it may seem.  If you look away, you may not believe what the story tells you...

For any who long for the days of magnificent tales of fantasy heroes who endured great loss and pain, and rose above from the strength of the character and not merely their powers, you must see this movie.  

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#340 · 15w, 3h ago · · ·

>>2220391 Pretty much proves my point that they chickened out on the potential and went or full-on PC SJW propaganda instead.

Anyway, it also makes a rather weak argument given that their ANCIENT ANCESTORS, who would have been more driven by pure instinct, suddenly decided to have a truce... only for those instincts to then grow stronger again... which makes no sense given that natural selection in a society would foster and protect those born with a more trusting nature over such an expanse of time.  

I mean, look at all the suckers we've got in out society!  :rainbowlaugh:

#339 · 15w, 16h ago · · ·

Okay... now I'm pissed. Look at this.

WIMPS! PUSSIES! CUCKOLD! LOSERS! This... gah, damn it! This film actually could have been good. It as it was had all the potential to be Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but nooooooooooooo! God fucking forbid children, or any adults, be made to feel uncomfortable! I especially love the bear scene they were going to do!

Damn it... what a waste

#338 · 15w, 20h ago · · ·

>>2218806 Gravity is not a law... it's a FORCE OF NATURE!!

Like Alondro... :pinkiecrazy:

#337 · 15w, 2d ago · · ·

I shall sit here on your user page and proceed to have deep thoughts!


Oh, I got one!

Gravity isn't just a law, its a good idea!

I only mind the voices in my head when they speak Esperanto.

I went to a arcade and won a free game. Why did they get mad when I tried to take a pinball machine?

Why doesn't the indianapolis speedway have crosswalks?

#336 · 18w, 19h ago · · ·

>>2202758 The movie disappointed me with its rather broken and implausibly constructed allegory, then removing all choice from the equation by utilizing what amounts to a mind-control drug.  

I would have accepted a radical predator faction secretly brought together by a prey Master Mind.  Such conspiracies are commonplace enough in James Bond and the like.  

But relying on a plant extract... and hoping no one would perform a routine tox screen on the affected predators... for a plant that was growing plentifully nearby the effects of which were already well-documented... pretty weak.

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