So I just saw this brief story about Blueblood standing up for changelings...


It's amazing how much utter tripe and nonsense has been stuffed into barely more than a thousand words.  I am actually astounded that something that short can have so much utterly wrong.

Not only does it draw quite a large number of absurd conclusions... including calling the invasion a domestic terrorist attack, Chrysalis is classified as an illegal immigrant... which somehow means the police force can't do anything about it... despite the ridiculousness of it all AND being completely wrong about how that even works in our actual laws... despite there being no changeling citizens since nopony even knew they existed (because if changelings were known to exist they'd have defenses against shape-shifting, love-eating pony bugs already)... it gallingly returns to the tired nonsense of older people not being as clever or flexible as younger people.

Having known a VAST number of today's college-age youth... many of whom can't read at a level I'd achieved before I finished grade school... I think you can tell where I'm going with this.  

Anyway, back to this shockingly inane story.  Rewatch the second part of "Canterlot Wedding", then read this story and ask yourself what the heck the author was smoking when he injected social justice warrior nonsense into it to come up with such absurdity.

It was abundantly clear that ponies in the episode had never heard of changelings and that Chrysalis and her enormous brood had snuck in from another land entirely.  Chrysalis essentially says as much.  

This story is a perfect example of why it's completely ridiculous to inject issues from our world into the pony canon.  Nothing is ever properly framed and the issues end up rammed into place like so many metaphorical square pegs into round holes, no matter how horrendously ill-fitting or contradictory to obvious stated fact the case may be.

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>>1958871 Hmm... better... you might learn after all.

*sends the tentacle monster to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber instead*  :pinkiecrazy:

*the monster runs away crying later*  Huh.. :twilightoops:

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>>1958863 w-wait! I can do bad stuff, such as... Oh! how about a open interface time vortex! Just doing somthing as simple as drawing a little bit of gamma radiation into the past can cause an overlapping paradox of continual gamma buildup destroying any unprotected life on earth immediately. Please, just anything besides the dark hentia god:fluttershyouch:

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>>1958006 *tilts his head to the side*  Fix problems?  Ewwww, you must be one of those nice guys!  *leans to Ebony Gryphon*  We shall sacrifice this one to the Dark Hentai God of Many Protruding and Violating Tentacles... :pinkiecrazy:

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>>1952541why wormhole gun? Why not something more influential such as mass producing synthetic chlorophyll thus removing the need most organic vegitation and fixing the large air quality problem earth has been having for years.

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>>1951633 YES!!!  Use your brain and join me in the Dark Side of Genius!  

Then you shall design wormhole weapons and destroy the cosmos!  MUWAH HA HA HA!!  :trixieshiftright:

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