A puny human company dares to supplant legitimate dragon labor!


In a protest, the United Dragons of America protested, stating that the use of this jet technology stole jobs from hardworking dragons trying to make a living.

"It's bad enough we've been demonized throughout history for being merciless fire-breathings spawns of Satan," huffed one Trogdor the Burninator, pounding his beefy arm in frustration. "But now we can't even get legitimate work that doesn't involve scorching the thatched roofed huts of villagers the corporations want moved out so they can build more golf courses!" He wipes a tear, "It really hurts our self-esteem, ya know?"

"You filthy humans and your machines are no match for a true fire drake!" snarled a large golden dragon who wished to remain anonymous. "Bad enough that I have to deal with dwarves and elves acting uppity all the time, but now you little pests believe you're 'all that and a bag of lembas bread' as they used to say in my day just because you can make fire in a tube!"

A small, purple wingless freak dragon named Spike, who lives with a bunch of namby-pamby pony elitists (what a rat...) defended the move, "I gotta be honest.  Most of the adult dragons I've met don't care much about doing any real work.  They're actually pretty surly and lazy and do as little as possible.  The teenage dragons are even worse and kinda like attacking small weak creatures for fun."  He twiddled his thumb-claws, "And I kinda saw some of the snow-removal dragons demanding maidens to devour last time it snowed..."  (Spike was later hospitalized with two broken knee caps...)


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>>2124796 Hee, someone might want to do a troll fic where Trixie meets campy 1960's Batman.  :rainbowlaugh:

#303 · 4d, 10h ago · 1 · ·

>>2124006 I get what you are saying. Without a doubt they are not that great, with characters acting like idiots and recycling Chrysalis and Sombra so many damn times that I have lost count. The one thing that pissed me the most was the Batman story of how he turned Trixie into a resentful prick who would screw over Equestria just to get her revenge on Twilight and then she turns good because of some words.

I don't know about you but I'm getting really tired of this whole forgiving thing about villains who had a tragic past, that doesn't take away the fact that they have made other lifes miserable!

My problem is that I have a passion with crossovers, so I can't help but follow his works. Even though with the whole EQG being canon for his story gives me an hard time wanting to keep reading.

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>>2123728 Eh, not really.  Most are pretty basic crossovers, often not really strong on characterization.

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I wanted to ask you what are your thoughts about Omonomopia stories. Do you like them?

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Sounds like a plan! :pinkiehappy:

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