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  • 128w, 6d
    Word of the unwise.

    Good God Celestia, it's been a while.



    It's been a very long while, and I'm more than sure those of you who still care would like some answers.

    I'll try to make it short, simple and laconic.

    Life happened.

    That is to say, my studies are, not to be too boastful, considered one of the few courses on the University I attend that are made to make you work your flank off, hard. Additionally, we work on a semester-by-semester basis. It's the 3rd, and my finals are going to start on the 25th. Add to that the fact I managed to failed a subject last semester and the fact suddenly most of the professors decided that right about now would be a great idea to see all those assignments and lab reports... I think you see where I am headed with this.

    Of course, I am not going to throw all the blame on my life, of course not. I may or may not have involved myself with a roleplaying group on Twitter, the Twitterponies (do check them out, they're awesome), and this too has been eating a considerable amount of my time and effort. What can I say, roleplaying is a drug to this pony author of yours, and now that I finally got my fair share, it's hard to stop. Frankly, moreover, writing this fic was a way of letting me get at least the bear minimum of another fantastic world experience. A new experience, a very much solo experience, but an experience nonetheless. Still, I am filled with a considerable number of great ideas and generally a much happier person. The community is awesome, and people there really deserve recognition. Some of them even dipped their hands over on this site, so there's that.

    Rants and banter aside, now comes the good news.

    I may or have may not mentioned this before, but I've been suffering from a bit of an art block recently. Feathers already have a rather well-defined plot, the next chapters, Mac's dealing with his [REDACTED] and everypony's share of the deal. However, the trouble was putting it down on paper. Finally, now, I managed to break it down and the next chapter is slowly crawling its way from the abyss of my wretched mind to your eyes via this site and my cold fingers.

    Additionally, all of the previous chapters have been proof-read and fixed. The last chapter as of writing this has been checked, but the changes have not yet been applied. Personally, I am slowly reconsidering my wish to be featured on Equestria Daily. Perhaps it's a stage, perhaps its the realization I will most probably never achieve it. I am not sure. Still, what matters and makes me content is that you, whatever my readers may you be, are enjoying this little hack of a story.

    Thus, those were my few many words. Dark days are coming, but after them comes sunlight.

    Stay crispy!

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  • 134w, 14h
    Cleanup Progress: 75%

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    It's time, ponies.

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    Werk werk werk...

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    Welcome to the crew!

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There aren't many things in whole of Equestria capable of truly angering the gentle Macintosh Apple. Were somepony to ask the stallion, he could very well recite all the instances that had happened - and all of them were either world-wide catastrophes or millennial prophecies.

Even then, he could simply forget it by letting his mind lose itself in the day-to-day farm life. It was a simple solution, as life would prove time and time again.

But this week seems hell-bent on proving just how sheltered Mac had lived his life. An unfortunate chain of events following another, the Apple stallion will be forced to face his present phobias, future frights and past phantasms.

(( Fic Image note — I managed to scavenge it off 102th page of Ponibooru with no creditable author. If this image belongs to you, prod me and appropriate action shall be taken. ))

First Published
5th Mar 2012
Last Modified
31st Mar 2012

Well, I didn't see that coming.

Looks like we won't need Rainbow and the weather patrol any more.  I'll bet Big Mac can get it all by himself.

...What the hell was in that drink.

Oh, no. No, don't tell me.

It was Red Bull, wasn't it.

>>289283 i see what you did there :trixieshiftleft:

Awesome story really fun that berrypunch letter :rainbowlaugh:

Cant wait for more

tracking :twilightsmile:

He MANIFESTED them? Well there's some magic to be had, then. I'm definitely putting a watch on this, you've got the touch and the talent to make something great! You've brought something pretty interesting to the table here, don't waste the good idea with something rushed! Really flesh it out, its exciting, this concept! :eeyup:

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Actually>>289520 it was


>>289283 What? :pinkiehappy: Hadn't you heard? :ajsmug: I was under the impression everyone had heard  :moustache:

... Red Bull Gives you Wings! :pinkiecrazy:

Gee guys, I honestly didn't expect so many warm comments and all! :pinkiehappy:

I've got the next chapter pre-written and I'm just making sure all the mistakes have been vaporized before I post it. Expect it within the next two days. That, and the fact I'm a mean little f:flutterrage:k who likes to drop cliffhangers left and right.


Oh, and awesome story. 10/10

Nice chapter my friend

Really show how shocked would be big mac if suddenly he grown wings and how he treats applebloom as a big brother myself cant stop loving this :twilightsmile::eeyup:

cant wait to see what kind of adventures and problems will come with this :pinkiehappy:

and i know that what pinkie gives him has something to do with this :trixieshiftleft:

well cant wait for your next update

...And then he grows a horn.

Celestia's response: FINALLY, A ~MAN~ :trollestia:

Huh, I wonder why he's so embarrassed about having wings. Do I detect a tiny bit of pony racism?

... it only hit me now, but the premise of this story could very well explain the lack of earth pony guards. the wings come with protecting others, and with them the duty to keep protecting.

Nah I´m reading too much into it. but I like the idea

I am enjoying this story, but I get the feeling that the drink Pinkie gave him was red bull, I hope nobody else had guessed this in your comments, and if so then I am sorry for the repetition in suggestion

Nice chapter, I am still wondering where you are going with this story.


I was mainly inspired by "Macintosh", which delved into the mind and psyche of our pony. Still, it was very casual and Slice of Life. I, personally, wanted to go for something more dramatic. That and an old idea back when I joined the community - "what if Mac had wings?". Mainly, I'll be dealing with his eventual adjustment to the new state of things and how his mind copes with it. That and relations with other ponies, something you'll be seeing more of in the next chapter this evenig. Stay tuned.

Great chapter, I wish I had more to comment on, but I don't.

I started reading this because it was a fun little diversion.

Now it has taken a turn for the deep, and I like it. I love the portrayal of Mac; intelligent, thoughtful, a little reclusive, a tinge of xenophobia. It's a depth that I enjoy and you pull it off excellently.

The reasoning for his standoffish behavior is solid, and seeing his eyes opening to the worth of others is ... well, I can't think of a good word, but I like it a lot.

I'll be following vigorously.

Big Mac. Aka. The Crimson Leviathan.

I smell fluttermac and i LIKE IT :heart: lol

great chapter and awesome characters i love big mac in this

Cant wait for your next update :eeyup:

This has turned from a cool little story to a character study of a character we know nothing about except the basics. This is the kind of character I've always envisioned Big Mac to be (besides the slight bigotry). I'm beginning to love this story. Also GIVE US FLUTTERMAC!:flutterrage: I mean if you want to...if that's ok...

I like the imagery of red feathers, but if he keeps loosing them he won't have any left to fly with!

Eye-dialect is generally not a good idea. It makes writing less understandable in exchange for no clear gain. It's also most often used only for lower class dialects, showing the author's classism or regionalism -- not that that's necessarily the case here, but eye-dialect can't help but bring such things to mind. Even if you're good at it, you shouldn't use it. But...

"Hush. Ah've ghoth yhehr theah."

"Lhikeh whhath?"

"Jacks'? Jacks what's 'appenin' t'me!?"'re not good at it. Those first two are near-incomprehensible and don't resemble any dialect of English. In the third, he's suddenly transformed into a cockney. I suggest you stick to only the common ways of writing nonstandard English, like -ing as -in' and unstressed you as ya.


Thanks for the tip. I appreciate healthy crticism. This is my first time writing fiction, and I'm only basing myself on what I have read so far. In majority of the works, Apples were given a visually different dialect, so I tried to run with it. And indeed overdid it in the first two chapters. I believe it's far more subdued now, though thats up for up for you to judge. I am sorry if the story managed to give off classistic (?) vibes in a meta way.

O a side note... were you paying attention? Two out of three instances you quoted were indeed supposed to sound incomprehensable... as the speaker had their mouth stuffed with a held object.

Still, I'll pay attention to possibly subdueing it further in the coming chapters. Thanks!

Ahhh....So you used Crimson Leviathan.

OMG YES! :heart:

Big mac is so awesome in this :eeyup:

dat fluttermac :twilightsmile:

Cant wait for your next update !


Just for you. :yay:

It's a good homonym as any, might I add. I'll be using it more often if I run out of my own array.


Ahaha I'm happy to help!

I enjoyed it as much as the chapters before, this is a pretty good story.

I hope this gets updated soon!

This is such a great story! I love Big Mac in this. Keep up the good work!

...I still say Big Mac needs to become an Alicorn. :pinkiecrazy:


you better get Twilight's crazy chemistry set out :trollestia:

Oh,,, oh god... OH YES!!!!


Big mac... Crying my heart cant take it :fluttercry:

God cant wait for your next update this story deserve a bucking award

Please keep up the good work you are doing :eeyup: :twilightsmile:

Fantastic chapter. Keep it up!

Interesting how you kept the wings... Challenges ahead?


Loads of them. Do notice how Caramel still hasn't made an appearance, and technically he's more important than Twilight fu:yay:ing Sparkle.

There's loads more coming, brace yourselves.

Brace yourselves, plot twists are coming

This chapter was good, I really don't have much else to say besides I look forward to the next chapter.

Maybe I missed something, it's been a while since I've read through this story.  Who's Posey?

Edit: I am so sorry.  I didn't expect FIMFiction to start their April Fool's day pranks a day early.

I don't remember who Posey is either.

Stupid cliffies! They just leave me hanging with a shred of knowlege that supposedly there's a bit of pony racism about, and that Granny may have the brunt of it.

This really is a great story. Intresting idea and great writing :) keep it up. Just don't let a yar go by till the next chapter  (if I am readin gthe dates correct.)



I know this has been on hiatus forever but it is quite good, solid writing combined with a plot line that's engaging somehow without any grand problems. If you're ever thinking of dusting this off and giving it a whirl I would be most happy.

Though there is one issue that I feel should have been addressed, Pinkie. Just because she does all sort of crazy antics all the time does not mean she can get away with stuff like this. Big Mac could have easily died from drinking that, though the fact that the wings saved Apple Bloom does cut her a little slack.

Fine work.

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