Soothing a Tempest

by kalash93

First published

Tempest Shadow rediscovers what it is like to feel like a mare.

Tempest Shadow has a problem. She needs some lovin, badly. But who would love her? A mare is still a mare, scars or no, and every mare has her needs. If only meeting them was as easily done as said, even with help.

Cover by Ambris.

Advising thanks to Sparky Brony, The Parasprite, and ScootalooFTW.

Greeting a Tempest

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Tempest Shadow darted around her apartment, taking inventory almost like the old days. Bra? Check. Shirt? Check. Panties? Check. Pants? Check. Dagger? Check. Wait, that wasn't right. She returned to her dingy bedroom and took her rondel from the table and slid it into her dresser drawer. Anyway... Lube? Check. Condoms? Check. Bed? Check. Wine on the counter? Check. Glasses? Check. Envelope with bits? Check. Excitement? Not check. One hell of a romantic Hearts And Hooves Day awaited.

"This is insane, this is bullshit!" Tempest groaned to herself under her breath. "I've been sniped at, I've dueled monsters, I've been from Klopdagar to Grazny without a scratch, but this, why can't I stop myself from shaking? Keep it together, Fizzy, you've had worse, this can't be too bad -- you're used to getting stabbed, just not in a hole that's made for it."

The clock struck noon exactly. Where was he? He was supposed to be here at twelve sharp! Seconds ticked by -- sixty eternities. Then suddenly -- Ding-Dong! Knock. Knock. Knock. "Cumming!" blurted out the mare, bolting to the door like a fighting position at the first sound of gunshots. She checked the peephole, seeing all five foot... whatever of him, bearing chocolates in a box that may as well have housed a bomb for how her pulse was pounding. She calmed herself. "C'mon, Fizzy, you can do him, er, this. It's only been... a while since you last saw any of this kind of action. It's like riding a bike, you never forget... only the bikes complain you suck at riding them and point out every minor little imperfection in your figure and technique, and then they wonder why you're so shy about riding." She hugged herself around her middle and breasts.

"Hello? Miss Fizzlepop Berrytwist? It's me, Sought Touch, I'm from the agency. We have a date set for right now, Hearts and Hooves special, don't we, or is this a bad time? Hello?" Knock knock. Ding dong. "I can come back later if you'd like."

She took a deep breath. She realized the chill in the winter air seeping from the outside. Cold... she couldn't. No, not this one, not this time. Tempest Shadow threw open the door. "Heyhiyahowarya!" The stallion tried to answer, but she kept blurting out," Cuminnowinmenotyetbuthehouse! pleaseohmycelestiathisisawkardasfuck! Sorrycomein!" she blurted all at once, giving the biggest, shittiest smile she knew she could before lidding her eyes in an attempt at being seductive, but she had a bad feeling she looked more like a madmare.

"Fizzlepop Berrytwist, I presume?" smiled back the stallion.

Fizzlepop Berrytwist scowled, baring her teeth. "Call me that and I'll gut you." She softened, remembering her manners. "Tempest Shadow."

"Miss Tempest Shadow, my name is Sought Touch, and I'll be your gentlecolt for the evening. It's so good to see you."

"Good to see me, too!" Tempest shot back, her horn admitting a few jittery sparks of nervouscitement, anger forgotten.

He laughed, "How can I help you this fine afternoon?"

"I uh really need to get laid," squeaked out Tempest, her voice suddenly deserting her.

"Not to worry, my lovely mare, we have plenty of time." He looked around her apartment. "Oooh, is that a bottle of Marevignaun?"


"Splendid," replied Sought, stepping into the house and shutting the door behind him.

"O-ookay, you open me up and I'll the wine to get wet."

Sought Touch laughed, "Sounds like a plan, as you wish." He sat down on the large loveseat by the coffee table and waited for her to come around with two glasses of wine. Tempest soon did,, bearing two very large glasses and already taking mouthfuls from one. She gave one to her seated companion and assumed something not unlike a military parade rest position, albeit one with a wine glass perched in her whole fist. He beckoned, "Come, sit with me." She did, rigid as a paralyzed snake. "So, Miss Shadow, what can this gentlecolt do for you?"

"Make me remember what it's like to be a mare."

He scratched his chin. "Make you feel like a mare... meaning?" He saw her tense up and go stiff, looking straight ahead. "Hey hey, it's okay, Miss Shadow," he soothed, "I'm not trying to threaten you, just make it easier for the magic to happen, Miss Shadow." He stood up and walked over.

"T-Tempest," she grunted, a couple sparks jumping from her horn. He took note of that, frowning on the inside. He would be wise to not bring up magic again. "Sorry," she said, fists unclenching."

"It's my fault, I should've picked my words better, beautiful."

Tempest froze and started at him again. "What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?"

"I called you beautiful," said Sought Touch. "You look nice.

The mare relaxed, the slightest hint of a blush and giggle betraying themselves. "I s-see."

"May I touch you?"

A big sigh came from the hardened mare. "Sure, but watch those hands."

"You got it, Mi- Tempest." He had almost disregarded a direct request from a client, but in that infantessimal flash of a glare, he thought he had seen something curious, something out of place. Filing it away for later, the stallion wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Tempest, let's have a seat."


There, this wasn't so hard; sure the mare looked like murder and had a bit of temper, but she wasn't really all that bad. He'd have her loosened up and very thoroughly enjoying his company in less than thirty minutes, guaranteed. Some defensiveness was to be expected from certain kinds of mares. Mares with deformities, mares with scars, mares with disabilities, mares with dry spells long enough to have seen the rise and fall of empires... Not all were like that, but ponies were funny sometimes -- they'd let him see them naked, they'd let him touch them everywhere, they'd spread their legs for him, but a wayward word about a masectomy or lameness and they'd lash at him like a hurting dog. It was the job of the escort to please the client -- delight the body, enliven the mind, bring a fantasy to life, realize parts of themselves they didn't even know existed. Any kind of companionship, from just having someone to bring to an event, to an all week sex staycation, an escort's job was to provide it.

They were sitting side by side now. She blushed furiously as she asked, "So what're you going to do to me?"

He gave a rather genuine smile -- she was too perversely adorable not to, so he chose to blend his those feelins in with the performance. "Well, Tempest, that depends, what were you hoping for?"

She looked away and said under her breath, "Nothing, ju- just some uh- sex, please."

"Sex, you want to have sex?" He used his arm around her shoulder to gently guide her face back towards his. She resisted. He tried to push it, only for her to lock up again and sparks to leak from the stump of her horn. He stopped pushing, instead caressing with his thumb. She shivered at his touch, but didn't back away or bristle.

"I would," answered Tempest Shadow, reverting back to her formal military posture.

He let go of her, deciding it would be better if he tried to answer her moods and attempt to get her to escalate rather than guide them, suggesting things subtly while letting her decide when and how to open the gates. "And what kind of sex would you like?"

"Intercourse." Clearly it was far easier on her to be formal when discussing these matters, but she couldn't properly enjoy this session if she insisted on treating it like requisitioning an expense report from regional accounting. He already had the permission to touch her platonically, so he upped it by one and rested a hand on her lower thigh right above her knee. A few seconds passed and she didn't resist. He took a sip of his wine. She took a gulp. She had to make this work; she couldn't scare him away, she couldn't run away. It had been too damn long and she wasn't going to run away, not this time. But oh how scary it was.

"Okay, and how would you like it?"

"I- I want you to be on... I want you to be on top."

"I can do that. Positions? Anything? Fingering? Licking? Kissing, perhaps?" Some mares didn't have the greatest gift for expressing what they wanted, let alone knowing what they wanted. While he doubted that Tempest Shadow was one of that particular cryptic tribe, he found that generally speaking, the more options a client got, the less likely they'd be to choose something -- best to give no more than four ideas to let the mind run and open their imaginations. At least she didn't seem the sort to tell him she was up for anything, only for him to then find that anything had a very specific definition. While he didn't work with stallions, his colleagues of both genders who did called them simple enough to figure out -- talk a bit, escalate to flirting, groping, a bit of oral and then a fuck worked for 99% of them. But mares... mares could be more complicated to figure out. Sought Touch didn't mind, however, he actually enjoyed a challenge almost as he enjoyed making ponies, especially mares, smile.

Tempest shook. "I-I don't know. I- it's been a long time, okay? Let's just start with not intercourse." She glared at him, but the leer didn't reach her cheeks. "I just don't know!" He felt something warm on his hand. it was hers, clenching hard. She had to touch him back, she had to decide it was going to happen, and on her terms. Touching him was her way of exerting control. He couldn't and wouldn't touch her except for how she wished. She'd make sure of that.

"It's okay, Tempest," he soothed. "Let's just go to bed, okay, and it'll all progress naturally from there, okay?" In response to this, Tempest Shadow grabbed the wine bottle from the table and ingested several large gulps. Then she stood and led him by the hand, trying her best to shake her hips and smile. She couldn't seduce worth a damn and she knew it, but she was going to at least try to enjoy her time together with Sought Touch.

When they got to the bed, she deliberately took the side with her dresser, her dagger within its drawer. She had to make sure she could defend herself. She turned on the single lamp, making it the sole source of light for them now. They lay together fully clothed on the bed.

Tempest Shadow took a deep breath. "I want... I want you to hold me." He moved towards her. She flinched, barking, "And just hold me; no grabbing, petting, kissing or anything, got it?"

"As you wish, Tempest," answered Touch, wrapping her in a soft hug. Heat suffused her cheeks. Here she was with a stallion, in bed, chest to chest, in his embrace. Yeah, this was nice, maybe, she guessed, she hoped. His warm breath tickled her cheek.

"Stop that!" Tempest hissed.

"Stop what?" He was already backing off her.

"STAY! On me -- just don't breathe on me..." Tempest was so embarassed.

"Sorry, Tempest," he chuckled, "I can't help that."

"S-Sorry," she said back. "It has... it has... it has..." she paused for several minutes while he held her patiently. "It has been a long time."

He nuzzled her. "It's okay."

"No, it's not okay."

"Tempest..." Sought tried to console her. He could feel her anger flaring up. No, wait, it wasn't anger, at least not anger as he'd think of it.

"Nine years!" Tempest errupted. "Nine fucking YEARS! So long witho -- I'm just so -- Arh, FUCK!" She threw him off. "Don't fucking touch me!" He let go wordlessly, letting her vent."I am a mare, I am supposed to have sex with stallions -- it's natural, but here am I, trying to have sex, it's been just so long without that, without just being treated like a mare that I don't even know what to do, how to do it, how to get it, or even if I like it. I feel gross, unwanted, like my vagina has grown shut from lack of use."

"Tempest, you aren't ugly." The ugly card, this could turn sour.

She glared at him. "Prove it!"

"What?" He started towards her.

Before he could say anything to the lashing mare, she had yanked off her shirt. Underneath sat two modest breasts in a plain cotton sports bra, one of them much more circular and sitting higher than the other. She hugged herself around the middle defensively. She yanked off the bra and hurled it at him, her breasts spilling out.


"They're lovely, Tempest."

She hestiated. "Tha -- come closer and tell me that again."

Sought Touch did. He could look at them now. The one on her right, his left, was clearly wrong, looking as if it had a seam in it, and it was the wrong shape -- not the oblong teardrop of healthy breasts, but instead looked like half of a ripped orange, a rigid circle nailed to sit at the bottom edge of her collarbone, and without a nipple on it, that having been sliced off and replaced with a thick keloid scar that wrapped around from the inside surface of the beast to almost her spine. The other one, however, was a fair c-cup and a lovely shape. "They're lovely, Tempest."

"Closer." Just a growl this time. It was official, she was mostly bark, using it to cover up insecurity and vulnerability. Nothing he hadn't dealt with, nothing he couldn't deal with -- everyone had their way of seeming brave. Now that he knew her style, he could work with her. He complied, doing his best to not betray how he'd seen through her ruse. He was close to her now, crawling on hands and knees. "Touch them."

"Are you sure?"

"Just. Do. It, Sought Touch." He didn't say anything, instead reaching out gingerly. He made contact on her unmarred breast. It was amazing, actually, with soft fur, warmth, and a very pliant, supple texture -- the kind of breast he loved working with. "Other one." Sought complied, but with his other hand. This one was simply put, fucked up. It had three great scars on it. The first, a great, ugly keloid, wrapped around from her side and ribs. The second was underneath, and the third ran across the upper front like a jagged crack. He had seen worse. He touched it carefully, respectfully, acting like a colt who had never before had the honor of handling a mare's teats, even letting out a small, soft gasp as if in disbelief at his luck. He squeezed softly and felt the implant. He felt the scars. This poor mare! What had happened to her?

"It's nice... may I?" Tempest looked at him quizzically.

"Do what?"

"This," he announced, not waiting for permission, moving his face toward the maimed mamary before the mare could shut him down. With the lump just inches from his face, he held it up, puckered his lips, and kissed it. Then he kissed it again. And again. He kissed it ten times, forming a line from high right to low left, gracing where the nipple would have been and not avoiding any of her scars. Then he kissed a spiral around the breast, spiraling in towards the apex. He hummed as he did it. He felt something surprising -- not the hardness of the keloid or even a punch, but instead Tempest Shadow grabbing the back of his shirt and balling it up with her fists, her breathing increasing from that very first touch to her areola. She was a mare after all indeed!

Regaining her composure, she chuckled, "If that's how you feel about me, then fuck me. Get hard and take me now if I'm so sexy to you."

"Tempest..." A defensive play -- she can't be doubtful if she gives the word to advance, or so she's trying to tell herself.

"Do it!"

The escort paused, weighing his options. He was dismayed at how bad all of them were. He saw now that the mare was conditioned to think in a very strange way. She had to be the commander or the commanded, under orders or giving orders. The easiest thing to do right now would be to walk out of there, thank her for the money, and run before she caught him. But he wasn't like that; Sought Touch was no coward or shirker. When he had signed up for the agency, he had joined for money, yes, but he wanted to bring joy to mares, make fillies delight, spread good feelings and love around. He liked mares and knew how to make them happy. And before him right now was the most in need mare he had ever seen. Besides, he had a secret thing for tough mares and tsundere mares -- something about their exterior just made him want to make them smile and squeal all the harder; no way in hell was he going to give her anything less than his best. After running, he could just give in, fuck her, give her an orgasm, and call it quits. However, his conscience held him back -- he remembered how awkward and jumpy she had been back at the table, how she had said she wanted to be made to feel like a mare. And what would just giving her a quickie be? Treating her like meat. What was he? An escort, a professional companion. And what was it he had to be? Not a fuck, but a companion. He sucked in air through his teeth as he disrobed into undershirt, underwear, and pants. He got on the bed and crawled towards his client.

Tempest Shadow inhaled and tensed. Her stallion hooked fingers into her waistband and pulled off her pants. She arched her back to give him some assisstance. They came off, revealing her simple, plain, utilitarian panties. She wanted to hide herself down there, but she couldn't without hiding what was on her stomach He reached out to touch her. She tensed. This was it, just like back then, he was going to take her like a bull mounts a cow and be done with it like she was so much meat.

But the touch between her legs never came. Instead, she felt the matress shift under her twice. She felt a warm hand cup hers and then another warm hand cup her side. She opened her eyes to see him looking into hers with the kindest smile she had ever seen. "No."

Touching a Tempest

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"Did you just refuse me?"

Anger threatened to rear up -- how dare he get her in this position and then refuse her!? She was tempted to yell, to hit him, but a feeling she didn't expect came over her: rekuef. "You paid for my companionship and time, Tempest Shadow, not for my body, and right now, you need a friend more than you need a mate. Besides, no stallion worth fucking would ever dream of just ramming it in dry without pleasing his mare first. What I'm about to ask of you may not be easy, and I understand why, but would you let me be good to you on one condition? You use your words and not respond with hostility every single time you feel anything -- I can't pretend to know what's going on in your head, but for you to get the experience you deserve, you need to help me by playing along nicely and gently. Be good to me so I can be good to you. Be kind, Tempest, that is all I ask. If you cannot handle that, tell me to fuck off and I will leave, refunding you for the time not yet spent. So, my fiery mare, will you let me be good to you?"

Tempest Shadow met his eyes. She had underestimated him. He was not some stupid stallion and had seen right through all her bluff and bluster, right into what she knew what she truly needed. The clever, seductive bastard had just blown right through her usual defenses with a piercing, simple question: did she want to be treated like a mare or a monster? There was only one answer. "Okay, but I'm still in charge."

"Good!" Sought Tough chirped back. "So, now that unless you want to have sex right this second, and delaying doesn't take it off the menu nor create a demand that it must happen, what would you like to do, Tempest?"

The mare was quiet. She opened her lips a bit and inhaled. He caught her blush. Despite her scarring, her muscles, and her temper, she was cute. She breathed out in a nervous squeak, "Could you hold me?"

"Of course I can, my dear," he said, coming down on her side, an arm still around her. He plopped down on his side and snaked his other arm under her neck, wrapping her in ane embrace.

"But please no kissing; if I want that, I'll do that to you."

"Naturally, my dear." He felt Tempest relax as his touch settled comfortably around her lower ribs, becoming more caring than sexual. He was cradling her in his arms like a stallion should. The no kissing request wasn't weird or unusual -- lots of mares and stallions reserved kissing only for their special somepony. Hell, half the escorts he knew didn't do it at all and another third of them only did it very lightly.

She shuddered, a nameless tension she didn't even realize departing from her, evaporating like summer's afternoon rains off a hot rock. Here she was, just a mare with a stallion. She turned over and pressed against his arms, putting her back to his chest but enjoying the contacted nevertheless. Tempest heaved a truly enormous sigh of relief. He wasn't going to just fuck her to get it over with and then run off. He wasn't going to just make her spread her legs. He wasn't going to mock her for being frigid or being a bitch. He wasn't even repulsed by her. And now he was doing what no stallion before him had ever done. He was holding her, just holding her, skin to skin, and letting her enjoy it no reason other than it felt nice and she wanted him to. For the first time in a great long while, Tempest Shadow relaxed and smiled.

Tempest eventually stirred, feeling very warm and comfortable, but also stiff. She yawned and stretched, then felt something heavy and warm. She hadn't slept, but she had been in a pleasant reverie

She asked very quietly, "Could could... Could you, Sought Touch, please take get naked and hold me?"

"No need to be so coy, Tempest, we're just companions together here. I don't bite... unless you ask nicely and tell me where." She elbowed him. "OW! Sorry!"

"Damn right you are."

He glowered at the back of her head. "Didn't I just tell you to use your words and be nice to me or I'd leave?"

"R-Right," Tempest said with a blush as her companion momentarily sat up to strip nude. When he returned, she felt a kind of warmth. Body to body, almost. It was nice. He smelled nice. He smelled masculine, but also a touch perfumed. No smell of gunpowder, blood, grease, or death. She could drink him right up with her nose and savor him that way. But she had a better idea. "Tigher," she instructed, exhaling almost imperceptibly as he deepened his embrace. And there she let him hold her for a long time. She pushed herself backwards and felt something hard touch her butt. "Is that your...?"

"Yeah," laughed her companion, backing away.

"I was just as-asking -- it wasn't bothering me."

"Okay then," said Sought Touch, pushing his hips forward again to rest his hardon in the crack of Tempest's admittedly very nice and toned ass.

She gave a little wriggle. "Do you like my ass?"

"It's very nice," he said. It only took him a split second to realize what she was trying to do.

"Do you like my body, Sought?"

"I do."

"Really?" There was that aggression again, but confined this time. She squeezed his arm with her fingertips until it passed. "Have you even looked at me? Come on, sit up and have a look at me." He didn't have a choice; Tempest was pushing him off and siding away. He sat up and saw her looking hard at him. "Take a good look at me and tell me what you see." She sat crosslegged, hands on knees, again in that stiff military posture.

He looked her up and down. He could not lie, the poor mare had been to hell and back, and probably more than once, too. Apart from the number done on her breast, the tip of her ear was missing, she had a scar over her right eye, a broken horn, but worst of all was that a large patch of her belly was discolored and completely bald. He'd seen such before only in photographs, but he recognized it immediately -- burn scars. He took his time looking to make up his answer. "I see a pretty mare."

Tempest laughed, "Hah! Pretty? Me? Look at me, I'm hideous -- covered in scars and injuries."

"So you're not unblemished, nopony is. So you've got some imperfections, some marks, but those don't make you ugly. I like your body, Tempest, I think it shows that you're a strong mare with a lot of character." He paused, thinking. "Hey, I have an idea."


"Let's explore each other purely by touch."

No smile came to the lips of the gnarled mare, but she did agree. "I like the sound of that." He flashed the magic in his horn for a split second. He saw her silhouette first check her nightstand, and then go over to him when she noticed the glow of his horn. "I don't know you were a unicorn."

He chuckled back nervously, "Eeeyeah, my horn's kinda small, so uh, I don't like to draw attention to it. much."

"I know how that feels."

She moves towards him. "At least you understand that bit of what it's like to be me." She paused, but then made herself continue. "Do ponies ever make you feel like you're... lesser because of your horn size?"

"Can I tell you the honest swear-on-Celestia's-radiant-cunt-lips truth, Tempest?"


"Small height, small horn, small stallion -- lesser stallion, so they say." He was taking a huge gamble, but he had to build her trust. If he told her this and she reacted badly, he'd be back to square one. If he told her this and she reacted like he hoped, then he'd have to find some way to focus back on her needs again instead of caring for him, "Not all the time, but sometimes they do. The local unicorn club likes to pretend I'm not on the roster. And the agency doesn't let me advertise as a unicorn -- they say mares don't want unicorns with tiny horns. I don't doubt them; I've never met a mare who got misty-eyed thinking about how underendowed her lover was in any department..." He chuckled, "They used to call me Stubby at school because of it."

"Stubby? Hah!" Tempest laughed a really throaty belly laugh. "That's hilarious, dude!"

"I know, it's funny now, but it did hurt back then. I lost friends over it -- they didn't want to catch the horn cooties or whatever it was."

Tempest hadn't been expecting Sought Touch to be the least bit like her, but that smallness in his horn, how it must make him feel. A nearly forgotten, almost ancient emotion bubbled up from the hardened mare's heart. Compassion. "Hey, I know it's really hard for me to say this, but I understand what that's like. When my horn got broken off, I was young. I was an outcast after that -- nopony wanted to play with the freak filly with the fucked up horn who shot sparks. That's why I left Equestria. And now that I'm back, it's still not much different. I see it in their eyes, in how they deliberately walk around me, how the cashiers never make small talk with me despite coming to the same markets for three years now, and how mares order their foals to not talk to me..." She put a hand on his knee.

"Tempest, that's terrible. I got nothing on that." He returned her touch, but added his second hand, gripping her on the waist. She didn't give any sign that he was unwelcome, a massive improvement from even just minutes ago, so he gently massaged up her side. He explored her body with his hands and fingers. She was a hard mare, muscular and sinewey, slightly bony and gaunt -- clearly one who had long lived hard. But, closing his eyes, his hands told her of her true beauty. She had softness and warmth, and her body certainly was nicely toned. And from her thighs to her hips to her chest, she had a lovely, subdued, curved figure. His hands came to her chest. His fingertips traipsed up her ribs. "May I?" She said nothing, but instead placed his hands on her breasts. He immediately began kneading gently. He'd touched so many breasts before, but these were special. One was wholly natural, the other crafted by science. He could not deny that the natural breast was amazing; had she been not quite so gnarled and maimed, she had real model material right there on her chest. The other, well... Sought knew his way around sad cases, and judging from the scarring, it was a miracle that this filly even had a breast there at all -- no mistaking the feeling of a reconstruction that was easily eighty plus percent saline in a bag. Shame about that -- must had been done a long time ago outside of Equestria; silicone had been the choice for augmentations for easily the past ten to fifteen years in country. The mare inhaled then held her breath. He laughed, knowing what was about to come next, "These are lovely, Tempest, really nice. Good shape and texture. I could play with these all day."

"You bullshitter, you," Tempest laughed with just a faint hint of growling mixed with arousal. "Thank you."

"How about you touch me, too?"

"Okay. Just no touching my stomach." Tempest extended her hands and felt this stallion. She immediately noticed that Sought Touch was warm and soft. The least bit of inspection revealed that his body was primarily unblemished. He had a bit of muscle, but he was frankly soft. An okay physique, just soft. If she weren't quite so inhibited, she'd be pushing him down and snuggling him like a big teddy bear. She instead just touched him back, tracing the outline and texture of his body in her mind's eye. The darkness had freed her somewhat, now that she knew he couldn't see her properly, hiding her deformities from him. As his hands touched her breasts, she felt some pangs of arousal, a sensation not at all unfamiliar to her, but to feel it with another was interesting, and not just an entirely physical reaction. To her own amazement, she found herself actually liking his touch intellectually, too. She blushed and realized there was a heat in her chest. She drew in a sharp breath.

She got one word in response. "More?"


"Okay." The ministrations on her breasts increased. Little jolts of pleasure came from her nipples. She gave her first pleasured noise, a miniscule gasp somewhere on the cusp between audible and inaudible frequencies. "Hng! That was cute."

She snapped back, railing against it on impulse. "I am not cute, got it!?"

Shit! The escort had forgotten just how truly delicate this particular client could be. With her scars, professed dry spell, and history of mistreatment, it would be more alarming if she weren't. "Sorry, Tempest." She didn't say anything back, but continued to let him touch her, starting to lean into his massage. Her body began to rock a little bit. The first beads of sweat started to form on her chest. A musky fragrance started wafting up, telling him he was appreciated.

"Sought Touch, please go lower."

"To where?"

The mare hesitated. "Let me get naked. And then I want you to touch me down there. I want you to make me feel good."

Grinning, the satllion answered, "Let's do it!" Tempest slid herself out of her clothes, but she watched as Souht Touch stood up to help her, and in doing so, made it almost a kind of dance, giving her some theater. He paraded and twirled for her. Tempest grew again very still, just drinking in the spectacle in the low light, her eyes adjusted to the darkness. This felt private. Here he was dancing only for her, because she wanted and asked him. Maybe there was something to using honey instead of vinegar after all? Her panties came down and she threw them at him, joking, "Catch!" He did, grinning, holding them up before casting them aside. Now she was nude. Sought Touch danced over to her, She realized how he had his job -- at least one part of him was impressive. She clenched. Could she take something of that size? He got on the bed and crawled towards her on all fours. "So, baby, what do you want?" This had been going better than he'd hoped. Granted, by his reckoning, he should have done this at least an hour ago, but, well, she'd wisely made a very long booking, and was plainly going to need every minute of it. No matter, he enjoyed a challenge unlike the usual mares who could pulled through the motions and wrapped giggling around his cock less than ten minutes into a standard hour long session. That was their discretion, their decision, but it did get boring after a while when he could run a session essentially on autopilot.

Almost speechless, Tempest spread her legs and laid back for him. His touch started at her knees. Then it rose to her thighs. He clapped a hand on the inside of one. Heat suffused her cheeks. She expecting him to clap her on the hip next, but instead, he just kept his hand there and carpeted her body with kisses from hip to head, Then she saw him, looking her right in the eyes with a burning expression. His lips were parted. His face was so close. She gulped and shut her eyes, offering him her lips. She felt his hot breath on her. He smelled good. Mwah! She opened her eyes in surprise as he kissed her... Sought Touch kissed her right on the nose. "You tease!" she tried to scold him as he went down below, but her complaint died in her throat as he kissed her neck and his hand wormed its way to her vulva. This was hot. "Oh, wow," she breathed. Her loins felt heated. She could smell her own arousal.

"You're so wet," he said, kissing the nape of her neck to a small shudder of excitement.

She was too aroused to say anything back. The first male in nine years to show her this kind of attention and her body wasn't going to let anything interrupt that. She spread her thighs wider on instinct and pressed onto his hand. She gasped as his mouth met her breasts, not even neglecting her mutilated one. She felt pleasure from it. She found herself trying to stifle her noises. Then her fingers were wrapped around the back of her gentlecolt's head, kneading gently, encouraging him to venture further with her. She cradled his head to her chest, holding it right in the valley between her breasts. Her free hand, however, was clenched into a balled fist. With him leaning on her, he could go to town with both hands.

Pleasure mounted. One hand's fingers saw to her clit, toying it around like a piece of candy, and the other dug into her slit, fucking her with his fingers.

The mare's hips began to buck. She hadn't masturbated in... Tempest realized she hadn't masturbated in quite a while!

Her body's engine, so long since dormant, had been brought roaring back to life. And she was very soon firing on all cylinders. Holy fuck she was sensitive! This felt good, really really really good. So good, being touched by a stallion felt soooo goooooood! She prayed internally to Celestia, Luna, and all the deities of the lands she had traveled that he didn't stop. She couldn't bear the thought of him stopping -- she just wanted him to keep going like this for all eternity. Her pleasure and lust soared higher on wings of flame. Oh, yes! This was good, this was great, this was fantastic. This was exactly what she needed!

Then Tempest felt herself careening for the wall. She remembered what was going to come next -- she would lose control of her body and go wild, bucking her hips, making sounds, all whilst overwhelmed by pleasure. For a moment, it was a hot idea, but then she remembered something, something that during all her years had kept her alive: never be unable to defend yourself.

She tried to say something, to let out some kind of noise to alert Sought touch, but her body was rocking to his. His suckling at her chest only made it harder for her to speak. Her pleasure was peaking. She felt a strange twisting somewhere between her navel and hips. She heard herself squeal, "Sought!"

Her lover heard her strangled squeal of his name just as she began bucking her hips in earnest, a couple seconds before he felt the suffusing of heat and fluids in her pussy. He smiled in satisfaction, whispering her name to heat her along this orgasm. "Tempest... Tempest... Tempest..." He sped up, getting immediate results. Her legs shot out, thrashing as climax overrode her body's conscious control. He was hard, already thinking about how, like most mares, odds were she would absolutely love to be taken immediately afterwards while she was fresh and rutted through her next several orgasms, or at least through the height of her sensitivity. He started planning on how to sexily grab a condom and lube it when she formed her first coherent words.

"Sought! Stought! Stot! Stoi!" Wait, something was wrong, He slowed down, ready to react. She surged against his hand, shuddering. Her eyes were red. His heart sank like a stone. "STOP!"

Hearing a Tempest

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Tempest Shadow recoiled away from Sought Touch. She curled up, panting, a wild look in her eye. "Don... Don't touch me right now. I need a moment."

"Okay," whispered back Sought Touch, his voice low and soothing. "Are you okay, Tempest?"

She nodded. "I will be. Just stay right there and give me a second. That was intense." She got up and walked towards him. When she got close, he extended a hand. "I said hands off!" Tempest snarled. "Now don't freak out," she said, standing up by her drawer. She opened it. Sought Touch's eyes dilated wide when he saw the thing his client withdrew: a rondel dagger! She didn't look at him or say anything. She held it contemplatively by the blade and guard, twirling it in her grasp. The mare stepped over to the door and opened it. "I'm going to get a drink..." Tempest said slowly. "You're welcome to join me, just don't try to smother me, got it?" That was fair, wasn't it? Like fuck if she knew.

"Yeah," replied her escort. Tempest tried to look at least somewhat kind and inviting before she shut the door separating the bedroom from the living room. She plopped her way over to the couch and collapsed on it. Rotating the rondel dagger to hold it blade up by the grip, she studied the gleam in its dark steel. She breathed a sigh of relief. What Sought Touch had done to her was intense, nice but intense, unprecendented but intense. She needed a moment to process what had just happened with him. It was not exactly bad; she just instead simply felt, for lack of a better word, off. And so she left him there in the dark so she could tend to herself. A small buzz of anger emerged. "Dear Tempest Shadow," she whisper grumbled at herself, "why the fuck are you such a psycho bitch?"

Sought Touch sat there for a minute. He had suspected that Tempest Shadow would have owned weapons -- it was not at all the least bit strange or unusual for a pony to own a weapon or two, but for her to keep a fighting dagger so close at hand in bed, that was somewhat weird. A little bit alarming, a little bit exciting, but weird. He was going to give her a bit of time before he went to see to her. He was still on the job and she was still his client, and he was never a stallion to just give up easily. She had invited him to follow her, provided he give her a little bit of space. She wasn't the first client to react strongly to orgasm, and she would doubtlessly not be the last.

Taking initiative and putting on his underwear, he exited the bedroom and entered the living room. He saw Tempest Shadow sitting at the coffee table, a very big and very full glass of wine in front of her, and her dagger stabbed into a decorative cutting of a log. She ran her fingers up and down the blunt-edged, chipped, triangular blade, seemingly meditating on the object. In that moment, despite her handling a weapon, all her muscles and scars showing, and what had just transpired, threatening was the last way Sought Touch would have described the mare then. It took but a moment, but he realized why: Sought saw Tempest reenacting something ancient to her -- she had just been hurt and was now alone, again, just like after her first maiming, and just like at other points, too. It was then that the stallion knew exactly what was to come next. He was glad to have put back on his underpants; it was not the time to take a sexual approach with her. She looked so forlorn, like a wet kitten in the snow, and he just wanted to snuggle her and tell her that everything was going to be okay. Never mind how that would likely go; the impulse was there.

He approached, taking deliberately loud steps with pauses between them. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Tempest heard this and turned her head. To his surprise, her eyes were not wet with tears. They were instead... he couldn't tell. She just pointed at a spot next to her on the couch and said, "Sit and drink."

He didn't say anything back. Her manner and voice told him how even slight hesitation would be received. He was a bigger emotional threat to her right now than she was physically to him. He sat down. She reclined away from him, her head going on the distant armrest, her hand holding up a big glass of wine. He consulted her in the language of the eyebrow. His waggled up to ask what to do. She made a glance at his refilled glass. He raised to ask if she was sure. She nodded affirmatively. And so he picked up and started sipping away at the wine in silence. He had seen no anger in her gaze. Strange. Like as before, he sipped away at his wine. It was good manners to never appear in a rush to cloud ones mind with substances, nor was it good nor safe escorting. Clients could drink -- this was their time to make themselves happy damn near however they pleased; no matter how pleasurable the work could be or likeable a client, he was on point, at work, and in character. An escort who got drunk could get hurt or taken advantage of. Or worse, a drunk escort could really make a royal fool of themselves. The agency had scant patience for fools.

A quick sideways glance at how Tempest managed her heavy glass told him all he needed to know. The mare was getting just a little bit drunk, or maybe halfway to regular drunk. So long as she didn't go for blasted... He had no idea how well she could cope with alcohol or what it would do to her behavior. At least her hands were off that dagger now. She wouldn't hurt him, but something in him told him that the steel had been red on several occasions, and probably would be so again. She was reclining against the armrest of the couch, her legs spread. He got a good look at her in all her glory, scars and all. She had a modest curve -- more bottom heavy than topheavy despite her outstanding musculature, and was in good shape -- definitely not unattractive if one could appreciate an unconventional taste. She finished her wine with a gulp and finished reclining out like a giant cat. They made eye contact. Unprompted, she sat more up and beckoned.

"Let me hold you." He didn't say anything to her. He scooted backwards between her thighs and let her hug him from behind. She squeezed. Her body was warm and softish. Though she'd growl at him if he said it, she was an excellent hugger. Why did she have to be both adorable and grumpy? Oh well. She snatched away his wine glass and chugged down the remaining half in it, emptying the vessel.

"Hey!" he tried to provoke. She didn't say anything back, but he felt her belly undulate with giggles, or maybe they were chuckles. "It's not nice to tease gentlecolts, you know."

That was too far; he felt her tense, a fist balling on him, but then it relaxed. She paused for breath. He could almost imagine her blushing with a faint tingle. "Just... just- just let me hold you, okay?" She wasn't asking.

He reclined his head backwards onto her chest, into the valley between her breasts. He looked into her eyes. "I'm here for you, Tempest."

"Thank you," she replied, reaching with a hand to caress his cheek with her thumb. "I like you, such a nice colt..." He smiled, nuzzling his hair into her unmarred breast.

He lifted up a finger and tapped it once on her nose. "Boop."

"Don't do that," Tempest giggled with a glare.


They were quiet once again. He listened to the heartbeat of the mare. She had great emotional control, because she was not showing like somepony whose heart was hammering away. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Sought Touch took her hand into his and intertwined their fingers. Then he hummed gently, controling his breathing to make it almost into a soothing purr. This girl needed a bit of calm, someone safe. He was that one. She squeezed his hand back. He read her eyes and saw that they were filled with gratitude. He was seeing her weak, and he was being supportive, but he wasnt pointing it out or mocking her. Instead he was just being there for her to love on and seek refuge in. He felt her gradually slow. It was bit by bit, an ongoing process. First her grip on his hands loosened. Then her heart began to slacken in its hammering.. Next relaxed her breathing. She slowed her breaths and they became deeper, much better paced and more relaxed. And finally, she stopped clenching her stomach muscles so much, letting her body become soft again and allowing his to slide into her cushioning form. She angled her head down and planted the tiniest ghost of a kiss on the top of his head.

She sighed, "Thank you."

"Nothing to thank me for, Tempest, I'm just being here for you."

She laughed, "Cut the shit, you fucker." She caught herself and took three deep breaths before restarting what it was that she had been saying. "What I meant to say, Sought, was thank you. Thank you for making me feel good. Thank you for making me feel attractive in the first time since... I don't know, maybe like ever."

"Like I've said, Tempest, you're a gorgeous and worthwhile mare -- any stallion to find himself in your bed is lucky."

"Really?" She cocked an eyebrow at him. And there was that icy glare again. He squeezed her hand and she responded. And there it was again, suddenly shy and bashful for a mare who had just a few minutes ago had him wrist deep in her cunt. Her voice became quiet, soft, skittish, timid. "Sought... can I tell you something uh... personal?"

"If you want to. I'm listening."

"Will you tell anypony else?"

"Not a soul. Discretion is an escort's game."

She nodded. "What you... what you just did for me... I really don't know what to say about it. I..."

"It's okay to not have any words, especially right after I kinda sorta just did yank your soul out through your pussy. You liked it, right? I didn't hurt you?"

"Uh-nun," Tempest shook her head, "I really liked it. Now, I am definitely no virgin, but that was the first... the first in really long time when a stal- anypony made me feel good, and uh, well, other things, too."

He made a happy noise into her breast, giving it a chaste kiss. "I'm glad to make you feel good."

"No no no, more than just good, how do I say it? Fuck, wanted... I guess while you were touching me, I felt wanted -- safe, even a little bit beautiful." The stallion smiled genuinely and surged up to plant a surprise kiss on the mare's jaw. She hugged him around the middle, pinning him there. "Please not now. Just let me talk, okay." She straightened herself out, then yawned and stretched. "I haven't always had the best sex life. Okay, scratch that, I've never had the best sex life. When I first set out on my own, I was a filly. Then I was all alone in a foreign country. It was scary. For a while I kept myself afloat using odd jobs, but I guess you could say I found out I have a talent for violence." She wrenched free the dagger and held it by the blade. "Don't worry." She dragged her fingertips across his belly. "Next thing I knew, I wasn't a filly anymore. I had... urges and nobody to watch over me or tell me what was what. Next thing I knew, I was in a different bed every night, or taking on three guys behind a bar, or getting a dancer to lick me in the VIP. It was fun, but nobody really, y'know, cared..." She drew her fingertips together pensively. "I was on operation, in battle all the time, going from war to war -- I didn't really take care of myself, made some stupid mistakes, got jerked around and my heart broken. Tried to convince myself I was the one actually using them." She paused. "I've just spent so much of my life feeling like an object, a tool. No different than this rondel, really. Guess you could say good for penetration. And even when I did have sex, it often, well, was fucking bad. Stallion, bucks, tiercels, mares, jennies, sows, a lot of them not really considerate. Like we'd, or they, would have fun, it'd be it. They didn't really care about my pleasure -- I was just an ugly mare who'd let them have my body."

"That's terrible..."

"Do you remember me saying I wanted you to make me remember how it felt to be made to feel like a mare?"


"Well, with what you just did, you made me realize something."

He got a bit of tightness in his chest. Please anything but a case of the feelings and attacheditis. "Like what?" Sought Touch grinned at her, hiding his slight anxiety.

"That I have never been made to feel like a mare. Nobody, pony or not, has ever given me that kind of respect as a person, let alone in bed."

He brushed her cheek, cooing, soothing, "Tempest..." She did not pull away. She didn't even tense up. Instead, she kept sighing to him slowly, revealing herself to him as emotionally naked.

"That's the real reason why I haven't had sex in nine years. I just felt dirty -- used and unworthy, as if sex was some brute itch that others used bodies like toys to scratch before throwing away. But I am a mare and I have needs, and pretending I don't have them won't make them fuck off and die. I need to be a mare in this, even if I'm not a real mare in the eyes of many. My scars, I'll tell you about them later if you want, but... well, they make others see me as lesser, uglier. I may look like murder, but there's a mare in here, and she needs to be loved. I was so unsure if I even would miss anything, had been missing anything, should or could have needs, that I just didn't even know if I was right for even wanting to try. That's why I was so on edge earlier, that's why I wanted you to just jam it in and be done with it. I've had sex, Sought, but I've never made love." His eyes opened in realization, a silent epiphany on his lips.

She pressed both her hands on his chest. They made eye contact. "So how can I help you, Tempest Shadow? I am here for you right now. What can I do to make you the happiest mare on two legs?" She sucked air through her teeth. "No need to be shy," he reassured.

"Okay. Okay. Just getting used to this whole frank and open about me and sex thing."

"Not to worry," Sought Touch said, "plenty of us, mares and stallions, sometimes get that way -- I used to, too." She chuckled a bit. It was a lovely chuckle, bouncy and springy, like the pop of a big bubble. "So tell me what you want and I'll make it happen."

"I want..." Tempest blushed. "I want to suck your dick while you pet me and tell me that I'm beautiful and make you feel so good. Don't let me stop until I've made you cum in my mouth. Be sure to call my name while you're cumming for me, and say how I'm such a good mare. I know it's out of character, but..."

Her escort wriggled a bit. He said, "You have a bit of a pleaser submissive streak? That's totally normal. Tons of ponies like giving pleasure just as much as receiving. It's not out of character at all for somepony who's spent much of her life in service of one kind or other. Anyway, Tempest, please continue. What would you like to do next?"

"After that, let's just have a glass of wine and talk stupid shit, like movies, like fillyfriend and coltfriend. I'm a bit drunk, so maybe I'll be goofy a little for you." She gave him a smile. It was still a bit awkward, but a truly substantial improvement over the horror rictus grin she had given him earlier when first inviting him into her place to begin with and then her attempt at looking at him seductively on the way into the bedroom. He could not fault the mare for trying, however, especially when he knew from her story that this must be extremely difficult for her.

He noticed that the wine bottle was getting pretty close to killed, but the mare wasn't slurring, so he assumed she was fine. If she got seriously intoxicated, he'd refuse sexual service and just keep her company. Not fun, and a great way to find a mountain of complaint calls when he got back to the agency -- they would always back an escort playing it safe -- certainly far better than the fallout for taking a mare who could not consent. If he did that, getting puked on during the act, or an unhappy manager would be the least of his worries. "You got it, Tempest. What else?"

Her hands ventured down to between his legs. She started fondling his dick and balls through the fabric of his underwear. "And after that, Sought Touch, once you've had time to recharge that cock of yours, I want you to do it with me. Have sex with me face to face and be tender. And again, don't stop until you cum inside me. Let's just see how it goes. Just be careful at first, okay, my pussy hasn't been used for this in nine years."

"And anything else?"

She felt him. He was displaying a positive skyward Throckmorton in her direction. "I don't know. Cuddles until it's time to go?"

"You got it." He grinned.

She grinned back. "Good. Now it's my turn to make you squirm." She flashed a wicked grin, pushing him upright and then into a mirror of her position. She got down between his legs and pulled off his underpants. "Hard already?"

He caressed her mane. "Y-yeah, I'm so turned on right now. Please, Tempest, suck my dick." He drew in a practiced gasp of faux nervousness. Let her feel powerful and sexy. She stabbed her dagger back into the decorative log cutting. A small thrill of fear ran through him as he contemplated he was about to get very intimate with a mare who could really take him. He knew that he was safe with her; she was a big softy disguised as the angriest hardass this side of the San Palomino.

"I thought you'd never ask." She licked her lips and lowered her head, opening her mouth. She hesitated. It had been so long. What if she got it wrong? But then she felt her companion's warm hand brush her face and her hair, pushing some stray strands out of her eyes. So kind of him.

She gave his semi hard length a lick, and with a thrill felt it start swelling. "Oh, Tempest...!"

Feeding a Tempest

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Sought Touch hummed happily as Tempest Shadow lowered her mouth over his dick. Her soft lips passed embraced head and her warm mouth engulfed the length. That felt good. She made an effort to pucker and lick over the head, causing him to tense a bit with pleasure. This was easily the best part of his job, when mares were paying him and sucking his dick. All claims of being rusty aside, she really wasn't all that bad. She didn't have any issues with teeth or gagging, even though he was gifted between the legs. She knew how to use tongue to compliment lips, and how to use hands to compliment mouth.

Getting hard for a client was almost never a problem. Escorts like him took pharmaceuticals prior to work to ensure improved psychic control over sexual response -- while it couldn't work miracles, it was good for giving almost on demand erections and preventing unwanted ejaculation, but a combination of factors for the former could result in performance issues under bad conditions, and similarly for climax. He was grateful to have already gotten Tempest off once, and that her only remaining demands didn't expect too much of him, only that he perform twice to orgasm with her. He wasn't worried at all -- good technique, not particularly hard to work with, fine physique, and was his type of mare. Lucky him. Sought Touch did his best to just empty his mind and enjoy the experience.

He levitated over his wineglass and saw that some was left. He drank it down. This was the life, getting paid by the hour to get blown while drinking free booze. He remembered his part. He brushed Tempest's bobbing mane. "That feels good," he said with a purposeful shudder, his hand stroking the top of the mare's head. Looking down her back, he saw a huge desolation from shoulder blades to ass like her burn mark on the front. He didn't feel so sexy, and had to bully his erection into staying. He looked away, instead focusing on where the mare was sending him to heaven. Her eyes were shut as she worked over his length. She was unedniably cute, from her big eyes to the little noises she made as she sucked him. She licked a partiuarly sensitive part of his underside. "Just like that," he encouraged. To his satisfaction, she popped off his cock and peppered that entire region with kisses and licks. Oh she was good. There was no shortage of mares who couldn't give a good blowjob if their lives depended on it, and more than a few of them had never considered that their husbands' and boyfriends' and escorts shudders had not always been of pleasure. The legitimately good cocksucks out there deserved all the more appreciation for their craft. "You're good at this, Tempest."

"Mmyah em?" Tempest mumbled through her mouthful of cock, making eye contact.

"Yeah, really good, actually." He smiled at her. She smiled back and sped up. "Oh that's it..." He sharply inhaled. He stroked her soft mane again. "Faster, please, Tempest." The pleasure was rising in his cock. His balls were just beginning to tighten. His breathing was beginning to quicken. He felt the heat rising in his chest like red coals in his lungs. His body was responding to her pleasurable ministrations exactly as nature intended. He was not going to last long. There was no great secret to lasting a certain period of time, and longer didn't always mean better. The best length of time to last while receiving a blowjob was however long the giver of said blowjob continued to find it enjoyable.

He flexed his hips slightly, proferring more of himself to her. She wanted to please him, to prove that she was a mare who could be craved by a stallion. He wouldn't deny her that. Being inside her mouth was great. Tempest Shadow, whatever else she may have learned or done in the wide world beyond the borders of Equestria, had certainly learned at least how to administer some seriously good pleasure. Sought didn't want to say it, but she was bringing him closer already to orgasm than he wanted. Too long and he'd tire her out. Too short and she'd just assume he was a quick shot. He wanted to relish this, at least for a while longer. He hummed a happy noise and stroked her head again. Then he directed her, "T-Tempest, honey, if you keep this up, I'm gonna pop early, beautiful..." She took the hint and slowed her pace, taking her hands off his shaft. One went down to between her legs while another found its way to his lap. He held it gently, squeezing intermittently to show his enjoyment. His free hand caressed her face and pushed some strands of hair from her eyes. "You're so pretty... I am such a lucky stallion. This feels so good; please don't stop sucking me." Corny words, but that was what she wanted.

"Glad you appreciate it." Tempest upped the pressure with immediate results from her patient. Sought Touch was a stallion who loved slow, steady pressure. The way that Tempest Shadow used her lips and tongue was spectacular. She was now teasing him on purpose to stretch it all out. His quickening pulse was beginning to throb in his cock. She brought her tongue low and then high. While low, she gave heavy strokes with the tip around his base, letting the main surface drag lovingly over his length. And when she went high, she licked all around his head, teasing at his cockhole and lapping at the flared circle of his head.

His toes curled. She was getting him close. He knew he would cum before too much longer unless the mare stopped cold. Fat chance of that. He sucked in air, then let out a pleasured moan. "MMmm... Tempest... so pretty... sooo good at this... your mouth feels great... Tempest, please... don't stop..." He saw her quiver a bit. He smelled the odor of her juices. Hot to trot again! The pleasure in his cock was starting to become irrepressible. She brushed his balls and massaged the skin gently, pressing the already tight package closer up against his dick in preparation for his ejaculation. With his package in her warm grasp, she let his dick free into the cold air to assault it with a barage of kisses, licks, and nibbles all the way up and down on all sides. His grasp on her hand strengthened into a clench. The yellow heat of his pleasure was almost all the way to white. His mouth opened. He groaned, "Sexy, so good. Oh, fuck. Don't stop. I'm so close. Tempest, Tempest, Tempest... Ah!" His body twitched, desperate for release.

"Tell me how much you want me, how pretty I am, how good this feels."

He should have figured this mare would be mischeivous. The indignity and torture! "Tempest Shadow, you are hot as fuck, you suck cock like a pro, and if you don't finish me in the next ten seconds, I'm going to lose control and ram myself balls deep into your throat." Talk a bit dominant, sell the idea of how amazing she was making him feel. "Please, let me cum, I can't hold on any longer!"


That did the trick. She said nothing back and took him into her mouth one last time, sucking as hard as he could. The spike in pleasure was immediate, and he felt himself cross the line. "Arg, Tempest! You're making me cum! Shit! Wow!" Spikes of pleasure reverberated up and down his dick as his cock began twitching. His legs wrapped around her back, locking himself to his mare. He clung to her head and shoulders as the hurricane of orgasm ran its course. He cried out as cum spewed from his twitching cock.

"MmmM!" Tempest moaned, swallowing a spurt of his load.

"Incredible!" Sought gasped, pulling her hair, unable to control his body. "Wowowow! Don't stop! I'm cumming for you, Tempest!"

His hips surged, bucking into her mouth, making her take everything he had. "MM-mmmHMH!" Tempest muffled indignantly, glaring at him. He pretended to not notice, holding onto her for dear life through his orgasm. She sucked and slurped, sending him higher in heaven with every single motion. Her tongue brought bliss and her lips enclosed him in a case of pleasure. Her suction drew out the happies of moans from his mouth. He came in her mouth, firing shot after shot from his cock, feeding her his body's seed.

Until at last his balls were drained. Tempest popped off his sticky, spent cock with a satisfied hum. She looked at him expectantly. "Wowwweeee, Tempest, that was amazing," he panted, petting her head. "You were amazing and so beautiful. Feel free to blow me whenever."

Tempest blushed and poured herself a partial glass of wine. She drained it with one sip to get the last of the cum out of her mouth. "Good. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Enjoyed would be the understatement of the century," Sought Touch replied with a smile.

The conversation died. Tempest looked around awkwardly. She suddenly shot up. "Hey, how about I turn on the TV and zap us some pizza rolls?"

"Sounds good, Tempest." His composure was rapidly returning after having been slurped out through his dickhole. Fed, paid, and laid, all by one mare at damn near the same time? Best day at work ever! The stallion breathed deeply, working to steady his breath and calm his body. He was still at work and needed to be on point at all times. Sex work involved sex, but it was still most importantly work above all else. He started to stand. "How about I get it and you relax after all that work you just did?" He stumbled a bit, his legs still like jelly from the climax.

"You stay right there," she laughed, already with a box of the frozen snacks on a large plate on their way into the microwave. Sought Touch resigned himself to just sit there. The thought occured to him that maybe she wanted a bit of reciprocity, that maybe his client missed good old fashioned give and take. He wouldn't be surprised that there was a part of Tempest Shadow who always just wanted to be appreciated for selflessness of some kind or other. "Actually, I got a movie in the DVD player. Just get it started and I'll be right there, Sought."

"Okay," he said, reaching out with his magic to perform the necessary operations. "Stable Wars?" His eyes widened and he shook a little bit. "How'd you get this? All the official home video releases are all edits and special editions."

"Had it for a while -- bought it bootleg from a hippogrif when I was in that part of the world. I know it's all been remastered and they say the best of the originals is The Marepire Strikes Back, but you just can't beat this as a classic fun flick."

"You said it," agreed Sought, toasting her with an invisible glass. Now magicking the two real glasses and the last vestiges of the bottle of Marevignaun, he prepared a real toast. He poured out two for them and then scooted over to the far side of the couch. By the time the opening crawl was done, Tempest Shadow was back with a plate of hot pizza rolls. She threw a leg over his coquetteishly. She nuzzled him and kissed his cheek. He turned to look at her. He looked at her quizically while she smiled mischeivously. She cast a glance down at the snacks.

"Feed me?"

"To think you're still hungry."

"Shut up," she laughed. Sought Touch smiled, picking up a roll in his magic, and popped it into Tempest's mouth. She relaxed, leaned back, and put an arm around his shoulders. This was turning into quite the interesting hot date.

Entertaining a Tempest

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The movie began. Sought Touch had seen it enough times to recite it perfectly, so he didn't need to pay attention to it very much. Besides, even with his dick still leaking cum from that spectacular sucking mere minutes ago, he was still at work and it'd only just hit what he could call smooth sailing. His client was relaxed and seemingly moderately happy. She had told him what she actually wanted, so he was now delivering it as best as he could. And now that at least some of her defenses had been lowered, and she seemed to be content that he really wasn't going to hurt her, she was even relaxing enough to let him treat her like a normal customer. He still wouldn't tell her that what they were doing right now was adorable, however.

"AAaaaa!" Tempest intoned at him with her mouth open expectantly. He picked up another pizza roll and popped it into her mouth. She immediately chewed and swallowed it before repeating the process. Seriously, for a hardass mare of war, she had no business play acting this cute. He guessed it did make sense, though, considering how hard her life must have been. Simply put, was it wrong for her to want to be the pony being the one being taken care of for once? "Feed me!" Tempest demanded, nearly giggling like a schoolfilly. Who knew a bit of booze and some affection would have this sort of effect on her? Sought Touch had thought he had indeed seen almost everything. Seemingly sweet mares who were venemous sadists hell bent for leather. The most hardcore bull butch feminist mares who really wanted to be overwhelmed by a strong stallion who made them feel like a sheltered filly. Intellectual purple alicorn mares who would flood the room acting out a fantasy of being reduced to a near brainless hypersexualized object for stallions to fuck, sometimes in gangbang sessions. Military mares who spokes in swears and slang whose idea of a good round involved intellectual conversation and philosophical problems in between and even in fact sometimes during rounds of intercourse. Powerful mares who just wanted to be subjugated. Weak mares who just wanted to feel mighty. Mares who wanted the experience of being loved without the constraints of a real relationship. Mares who just wanted a lay without having to deal with feelings. Mares who swore up and down they'd never imagine themselves doing this. Mares who even considered paying for sex as their hobby. Mares who were on disability and had nothing but time. Mares who worked triple digit hours and had everything but time. Mares who were just as plain Jane vanilla as they seemed. Mares who were as head tiltingly kinky as they seemed. But never had he met a mare who was quite the same variety of surprising as this one.

"Okay okay, Darling," smiled back Sought Touch, popping yet another pizza roll into her mouth. Then he ate one himself. He was getting hungry. What else to eat? Her pussy, perhaps? That could indeed be quite the fun treat for this mare. Everypony ought to receive oral sex while enjoying some quality entertainment at the same time, or so he liked to claim. Of course, if head was being given well, it would be almost literally fucking impossible to properly enjoy the other entertainment. The gentlecolt of fortune and beds considered it a challenge -- his customers weren't getting his services right unless they were so apoplectic with pleasure they would scarcely notice that they were even in a room at all.

After the opening credits, Tempest became quiet. The opening gunbattle started. She tensed. Somehow, she said, "I remember my first battle. I was a teenager at the time." As the armored troopers went through, the foremost of them dying, she added, "It seemed like I'd never get through, but I did. I can't even remember if I killed anyone, but when it was over, we were living and they weren't."

"That's heavy."

"Yeah." The scene changed. "And what this Lord's doing to demand information isn't out of the ordinary for out there beyond Equestria. Reminds me of my training, actually. When it doubt, yell and get violent."

The escort nodded. "This part here on the planet, I'd like to think that's how lives were before we happened to them."

"What do you mean?" She was definitely drunk -- not too drunk to consent, but drunk enough to let him know without thinking steel was the best way to ensure his silence.

"I mean that this is how, more or less, I'd like to think civilians lived before the war came and touched them. Happy families just getting by until we showed up under orders, for some reason or another, and put the property to the torch and the ponies to the sword."

"That's fucked up." Mares bragged about shit all the time -- exagerated, misconstrued, and lied, but this was not that. H e was in the room with a murderer. He had to admit it was uncomfortable. He didn't want to hold her quite so much.

"Yeah. Tell me about it. It wasn't right, but we had to do it. I don't think you could understand."

"Couldn't I now?"

Tempest shook her head. "You had to be there. War is easy. Peace is, well, fucking damn near impossible. You can't just kill problems in peace; you instead actually have to solve them, because ponies are just too damn squeamish about a spot of blood and a few loud bangs when it comes to settling a problem or two permanently and preemptively."

"That's a very dark way to think of things."

"I guess you're right. I just spent most of my life at war -- not like I really know all that much of anything else, you know?"

He didn't say anything back, instead kissing her on the cheek and nuzzling into her chest. With time, she returned the gesture, too. He neer before for a moment had thought he would look at a mighty warrior like this. Victim and victimizer. He somehow felt pity. Compassion, respect, fear? Yes. But never pity. His forearm was wrapped around her back and he felt where she had been maimed and burned. There had once been a healthy, unmarred mare there. Once upon a time it had been so. But not anymore. Her belly and back had been set ablaze, and now were bald, mottled into a mixture of shiny pale white and pink. His cheek felt her maimed breast. Hard, circular, scarred. A thick keloid scar had taken the place of the nipple. It had to have been beleagured before finally being surgically reconstructed. But even with the best surgery Equestria could provide and money could buy, nothing was going to hide marks like his client bore. As he saw the Stormhoofers look for the heroes through the town, he wondered what they were like, who they were, and how they looked under the armor. What did they do when off duty? Who had they been before they picked up a weapon? And would their jobs one day see them on the wrong end of a shot?

The heroes were now in the cantina. Tempest saw the bounty hunter approach the scoundrel and begin threatening him. "Do it," she muttered at the smuggler.

"Why shouldn't he try to talk his way out of this instead of just blowing him away?"

"Because the moment the gun came into play, it sent an implicit message. It said 'I don't care about your life and I am absolutely okay with killing you. I see no problem with the possibility of your imminent death.'"

Sought's eyes widened. He inhaled, "Aaahhh... So when somepony begins by introducing the element of lethal force, you are completely within your rights to defend yourself by whatever means necessary."

The scoundrel shot the bounty hunter dead under the table. Tempest smiled, saying, "You're a quick study, Sought. You know, maybe you could have been a pretty good mercenary if your circumstances had just been a little bit different. I ever go back, I'll take you as my 'assistant.'"

He didn't know how to take that. "Thanks, Tempest, thanks for that insight." It wasn't the first time a customer had made him uncomfortable, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. Different kinds of revelations got different reactions from him. Being in the company of a mare who actually was married and even so with foals, sadly, was so common, as to not even be worth considering. The day husbands of Equestria learned to listen, lick, and leave spotless, he would go out of business. Being in the company of a mare with a hidden kinky side was comfortable. Being in the company of a mare who held dark fantasies was comfortable, too, and he would be a liar if he claimed to never have had a dark fantasy or two or more. But to be in the company of a killer, a trained killer, one who even liked him and said he'd be a good one, too, that was new, and frankly extremely uncomfortable. He was professionally used to customers telling him all kinds of things, from their grandad's recent death, to being jealous of a coworker who had gotten a better office birthday party, to partaking in a quick bout of fun while on a business trip. He'd been with guardsmares who he knew had shed blood. But to be in bed with a confessed murderer and a living casualty was something else entirely. His earlier assessment had been right: Tempest Shadow really needed to be shown what goodness was like.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" she asked.

"N-no," he lied, but she smiled back at him.

Tempest reassured, "It's okay, Sought, I'd be more worried if you found all this shit I'm telling you completely normal. In fact, I hired you exactly so I could talk to somepony about this. My therapist told me I'm a sociopath. I had a date, two actually, but the guy never called back after he learned I had once upon a time borne steel."

"You sure are talkative." He really couldn't believe how much more mellow the mare had become since the start of their session.

"Y-yeah," Tempest half choked, "you're telling me. I don't know why, but I just feel like I can trust you. And like Hoof in the movie, I don't trust easy."

" I'm glad you can trust me, even just a little bit." He smiled genuinely. She looked at his face thirstly. She went stock still. "Tempest?" he ventured.

She snapped from her reverie. "No-nothing!" He detected more than a little blush on her, and not all of it could be attributed to her likely copious alcohol consumption. At least he knew now that Tempest Shadow was a fun, happy, flirty drunk. That had not been his expectation at all. Maybe deep down she still felt like Fizzlepop Berrytwist? And the rest was just armor? Veritas erat in inebriosio, ac recumbet cum vino. Truth was in drunkenness, as it reposes with wine.

"I do that sometimes, too, lose myself, that is," he reassured her with a soft grin, giving her an out if his read on what she had intedend was correct.

"Yeah, something like that. I get lost in thought sometimes. I used to zone out while on duty, stand there at arms and just let time go on around me." So that was how she was going to play. Fair enough -- miracles were called miracles for a reason. Tempest didn't talk as much after that. Her escort kissed her breasts and she patted his head. She whispered so quietly that for a moment Sought Touch wondered if he had hallucinated it. "This isn't too bad after all..." As she sighed this onto the wind's breath, her fingers twirled ropes in his hair and then pressed into his scalp in a contemplative massage. She was petting him like a trusted cat or even perhaps a filly's dear teddy bear. He kissed one of her scars where it ended over her sternum. She held him close and caressed him down the back of his neck to between his shoulder blades. Her breaths were deep and measured. She was drinking in his touch like fine wine.

She instead looked down at the now only warm plate of pizza rolls and opened her mouth. "Feed me?" He obliged. It didn't take very long for them to deplete the remainder of the pizza rolls, and so soon they returned to their embrace. This had to be one of the best parts of his job easy. Snuggling was always nice. Even though he was supposed to just accept whatever as the job, there was nothing like holding a nude mare skin to skin, especially with her holding him back. The movie was rapidly fading into nothing much more than background noise. The question now was where this would go next.

But Sought Touch was in no hurry. He hadn't even thought of the clock, but he knew that Tempest had put in for quite a lot of time. Thank Celestia she had. He slowed his breathing and matched hers. This was so relaxing. So pleasant. When he thought of why he kept escorting, besides money, it was moments like this -- mares and enjoying their company as much as they enjoyed him and his. His greatest satisfaction at work didn't come with seeing a mare lose herself in the abandon of pleasure, but instead came when they let go of their troubles and just took full enjoyment in his simple companionship without a care in the world. The mare's hard, sinewey muscles had gone as slack as they could.

Her heart was so much slower now. Thump... thump... thump... thump... Good and calm. Sought shut his eyes to enjoy the moment. She was being very peaceful for a mare a war -- the biggest bundle of needs and nerves disguised as a walking mass of aggression dressed up like a ball of bloodlust, which was in actuality masking a sweet center of a very lonely mare who just wanted some affection.

Tempest opened her thighs a bit more and pulled him onto her, holding them body to body completely. Her hand went down, seeking what lay between his legs. She found it and got it hard again with a few touches. It had been a very nice break, but it looked like playtime was about to start back up again. He took inventory of what she had requested. Sex, face to face, tender. Cum inside. In short, be her lover. Okay, he could do that -- no problem at all. From the vibe of the session, that was what he had been predicting would happen. and was what he figured she needed.

Her hand on the back of his head steered him towards her beasts.

Following her guidance, he kissed her breast where her nipple should have been. As his tongue and lips met the areola, circling the wide patch, she drew a small gasp, tightening her grip on his head. She pressed her head to her breast. His arms snaked around her back and he gave himself better leverage. He struggled and paid attention to the other one. Tempest moaned. Clearly this side was much more sensitive. Tempest let out a wordless moan of approval. The stallion reached up to kiss her neck. He sucked on it, giving a very deep kiss. She writhed at his polished touch Here he was playing to her instincts, acting like more than just a lover, but also as a vaguely dominant stallion marking his erotic territory. The mare would only respect a mate who would not be frightened of her, and that was who he had to be.

Her hands played all over him. One stroked him all over his torso like she was in heat almost whle the other got a rhythm going as it rubbed his dick. Tugging on the hard appendage, Tempest let out a little chuckle of satisfaction which Sought felt through her chest. He repaid her with a devastating assault on her nipple. A high peal issued forth from the mare's upper lips even as he could definitely begin to smell the odor and musk accompanying the physical arousal going on past her lower lips. The smell of mare was one he always took enjoyment in. His own body reacted, too, his chest tightening, heartbeat accelerating, and senses becoming more accute in preparation for the impending copulation. Mating was the domain of instincts far more ancient than even the best escort could fully tame; the way to handle instincts was to work with them rather than against them. She gently caressed his balls They hanged low and loose, and definitely less swollen than earlier following the release of his first load.

His hands found their way down to her ass. He clasped it. Her ass wasn't very nice -- far better to look at than actually hold. At least it wasn't bald or scarred. He squeezed and then smacked it. Tempest shuffled, a strange, growling whine in her throat. Looking up at her, he saw the flush from earlier in full swing. He knew the answer now -- it had definitely not been the booze, at least not soley the fault of the booze.

The mare's hand brought the first traces of pleasure to the stallion's body. The movie was long forgotten now The heroes had just rescued the princess and lost their space wizard, but that didn't matter. Something far more interesting yet mundane was going on in the real world with the audience on the couch. A brief burst of very well practiced magic brought a condom from his coat pocket. He made sure to always know where one was so he could apply without having to break the mood.

Somehow, the two fell over, with Tempest rolling backwards and ending up with her gentlecolt looking up at her between the gap in her breasts. She smiled and her belly moved to chortle. Their eyes met. He was hard. She was definitely good to go. If only... She blushed and opened her mouth. But the words just simply weren't coming. She tried to speak. She tousled his hair and he made her sing with his ministrations to her chest. She pushed her floor side leg wider askew to make it clear he was welcome and she hooked her other leg over the back of the couch to permit him full access to her body. But still she couldn't say anything.

He got on top of her. His erection was at full mast now. Without stopping what he was doing, he got the condom out of its wrapper and put it on, preparing to engage. His dick prodded against her ass cheeks. She was panting a bit in anticipation, tongue tied like crazy, her hands on his chest. He saw the fear in her eyes, but didn't say anything. Her look was peculiar, a look he only ever saw with mares who were either virgins or had been without for so long they practically were virgins again -- trepidation and excitement in equal measure, the only thing overpowering apprehension being the mysterious instinct compelling them to mate, to welcome being stabbed by a male. For a warrior mare, this had to be the craziest thing possible. He remembered the first rule of dealing with a nervous lover: let them bring it up if they want to. Otherwise, just be nice and slow.

And now he was on his knees between her thighs. Her hands guided his to her hips. He saw now that she wanted him, but he had to make sure she could okay it aloud first. He leaned up and kissed her cheek. She smiled. He felt the heat on her face. It was positively incandescent. He let out the gentlest sigh he could, applying just enough gravel to conjure up images of masculine lust. He massaged her ears, gingerly applying his fingertips to the sensitive structures. Not a lot of ponies knew it, but the ears were perfect real estate for ever so slightly hinting at naughtier things.

Sought Touch knew he could plunge in. It would be a shock to her, but she was horny enough for anything. But he remembered her confession -- no sex in nine years, and prior it hadn't been very good. He had a duty to make this mare the happiest thing on two legs, to show this lady some quality lovin. He breathed out into her nostrils to give her his scent, then he kissed her on the nose. His hand went between her thighs and gave her vulva a long rub. Soaking wet! He pulled it up, and then spread his fingers in front of her eyes to show her the trails of her sticky juices.

The mare's face went from open in near disbelief to a nervous smile. She gave him a properly seductive, lidded stare, her mouth purring out, "Would you fuck me?"

Riding a Tempest

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Tempest shadow arched her back. "I want you inside me," she whined, proferring herself to Sought Touch. The stallion had gotten her motor running at over nine thousand RPM like a master of seduction. Now she was going to fuck her colt. Or more accurately, he was going to fuck her to her satisfaction. She wanted to fuck him. There was such desire in her as she had not felt in a long time, perhaps even on the order of years. He was at her entrance. She couldn't feel her own wetness, but him bringing his hand up had told her all she needed to know about her body's readiness. She was afraid for a moment, looking down at the spear about to impale her. Her right arm got the bright idea to go for his throat, but she disguised it by touching his chest and grunting with a stupid grin, "Fuck. Me. Now. Before. I. Fuck. You. Into. Oblivion."

He got the message, leaning forward, the fat head of his cock pressing aside her labia easily. Tempest felt herself stretch down there. It was not upleasant; more like when she put some good food in her mouth, just lower down. She had to admit that this good gentlecolt was indeed a delicious colt for her hungry lips to consume. Both lower down, as well as... Tempest couldn't bring herself to do that; she didn't even know how to ask. She suddenly realized that he was quite young -- maybe even still a virgin the last time she'd had sex.

He continued to penetrate her, and the mare felt a nice warmth spreading throughout the interior of her depths. He pulled back a bit. Ooh that felt good .Then he paused, smiling at her. She smiled back, not wanting to betray just how genuinely on tenterhooks she was, watching him for even the slight hint of rejection. Past mates of hers had shown various kinds of rejection -- disgust, pity, some even seeming to feel dirty by being welcomed into her body. But Sought Touch wasn't like that. With one hand on her cheek and another on her maimed breast, he entered her carefully. He was even using protection, something near unheard of in her past. She thanked her lucky stars that she had never become sick or pregnant.

Tempest Shadow felt him stop his deepening penetration to gaze up into his eyes. "Tempest, are you liking this?" His voice was so gentle, practically a wind's caress. She smelled his breath on her nostrils, the good, masculine scent with floral hints. She wanted more of that sweet sweat smell, oh how it excited her getting that male musk in her lungs.

"YYYeeeah," replied Tempest as she arched her back to beckon her stallion to fuck her deeper.

"Am I deep enough?"

"How much are you giving me?"

He smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "Uh, I'm about halfway inside. Is this good? Do you want less? More? Different position?"

How nice of him to be thinking of her even when she could feel the excited trembling in him. He had to be fighting his instincts, too. On one hand, she wouldn't mind him succumbing to ravage her body until she was thoroughly flooded with his seed and he withdrew sated. On the other hand, however, gentle sex, no, not sex, lovemaking, was a new and very pleasant experience she wanted to continue. "More. I want you to hilt all the way in me, then..." Tempest Shadow hesitated, feeling her tongue tie itself into a multiple of knots. "I want you to just hold me after that."

"Okay. And I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"N-no, it actually feels really good."

A satisfied smile appeared on Sought Touch's face. "I'm glad. So continue? Shallow thrusts until I bottom out naturally?" The mare nodded and blushed. Her horn stump twinkled. With that, he resumed his shallow thrusting slowly, letting her get adjusted to having something in her bigger than her fingers for nearly a decade.

Sough Touch took her hands in his and then placed them on her hips. Then he sat more upright. Tempest could look all the way up and down his body. He was a calming, deep blue color bordering on indigo. In the shadows and amber and gold of the evening sun, their hands to her eyes almost seemed to fade and meld into each other. And though her own body blocked the details, she could imagine seeing the place where he merged with her, being engulfed into her insides, plunging inside. This really was remarkable. And here he was working deeper into her body.

This carried on for many minutes. While he did this, his fingers came to her clit and breasts. She offered no resistance, instead giving little mewls to the first sparks of pleasure to emanate at his touch. "Just like that," she said, grinding her hips into his hand. A slight spark of pain came from deep within, telling her to let him handle the depth control. While one of his honed hands played with her clit, the other saw to both of her breasts. Never mind that one was fucking hideous; it still got its share of affection, too.

She closed her eyes, just wanting to feel the sensation to the exclusion of all others. This was not bad at all. No, nice. No, not nice, really really nice. And as her partner inched deeper into her, it only got better and better. She began to grip his hands tighter, clenching at first with her fingers to convey her excitement. He exhaled. She heard the lust in his gasp. He wanted her! She felt her blush deepen, concealed only beneath the shadows of the evening and the dark purple of her own fur. In that moment, she realizing the heat on her face, came to a realization. She would not have minded if Sought Touch had seen her blush, or even commented on it. She actually felt something strange. She felt like she maybe kinda sorta could've in some bizaare way, trusted Sought Touch. Trust... what a weird word. Who would she trust? And why? She guessed, since he knew about her past, and her scars, yet was not filled with revulsion, that he could be trusted. She guessed maybe it was just natural to trust somepony who was the better part of the way to hilting balls deep inside her.

Tempest felt expanded on the inside. She felt the softness and warmth of her mate on her ass and thighs. He pushed forward one last time. He grinned. "I'm all the way in, Tempest, open up your eyes." She did. She propped herself up on her elbows to take a closer look. Indeed he was! She saw their bodies pressed together and joined at the hip. They were pressed too close together for any light to pass between them. Skin to skin. Her eyes next rose to his face, guided up by his gentle fingertips on her chin. She was pleased to see him smiling at her, a faint blush appearing on his own features. His eyes shone with kindness. Then concern. "Tempest? Are you okay? You just suddenly went really still."

She let out a strange chuckling noise. "Uye, I'm good, but wasn't somebody going to just let me soak in the sensations?" And with that, she lunged up, hooked her arms around his back, and pulled him on top of her. "That's better."

"I was going to; just wanted to check on you first. Normally, when a mare goes very still very suddenly during a session, it's not a good sign."

"My bad," Tempest nearly giggled, but it came out more as a sigh of gratitude.

"Don't worry about it," replied Sought Touch to his client. So far this was actually not going all that badly. Tempest Shadow had been more work than 95% of his clients, but she was far from a bad one. He'd rather take a genuinely in need client than a scamming client, an abusing client, or a client who, worst of all, just treated his body as a masturbation aid. And as his arms were around her back to give her a full embrace, he too actually let out some of his tension. If a mare freaked during the act, usually it was early on, especially right when he was beginning to penetrate them. For his part, he was glad it had gone so well thus far. There had been some slight difficulty in spreading her walls when he had first gone in, and she was, to his surprise, not a particularly wet mare by nature, at least not deep within. She did feel really good, though. This was pretty good sex. And now he was holding her while balls deep, just breathing together and relaxing. He felt her scars, but more importantly, her warmth The movie was still playing on in the background. He guessed he'd always feel slightly hot and bothered from then on whenever he saw Stable Wars -- couldn't say he'd ever had sex with that particular movie playing before. "How are you feeling, Tempest?"

"Good," she answered with a smile. "It feels nice just being, well, filled. I feel full and warm."

"Good, that's how you're supposed to feel."

Many minutes passed with them just holding each other close. Tempest stretched out her neck, clearly smiling with the pleasant sensations from lower down in her body. She moved her hips back and forth. "Well, Sought Touch, what are you waiting for? This lady needs some lovin."

He grinned and then adminstered a soft kiss to her maimed breast. She watched his face draw near. His lips were parted. She mimicked them. He was unrepulsed by her. No, indeed he seemed to even like her body. She could tell he was hard. She could smell some teltale musk from his body on the air in his sweat. And when his breath mingled with hers, she detected the faint hint of a rattle that could indicate only one thing: he was turned on as hell.

Tempest Shadow curled her hips back, feeling him slide out of her pussy, then she rolled them back to engulf him again. That felt nice, really nice, actually. And so she did it a gain. She was a mare and this was stallion. She was going to do to him what came naturally with a stallion between a mare's thighs. Her instincts reared up to assert control over her actions. She had to admit that she felt hot, almost unnaturally so. It wasn't some temperature thing from the outside, nor was it like being overheated in exercise. The closest way she could describe it was kinda like having a fever, only instead of it being unpleasant and interfering with her thoughts, it was really nice and she could think clearly, albeit about only one thing: sex. She pulled him in with her legs, trapping him inside her with a lock. She was not going to let her first mate in nine years get away from her that easily without first fucking her brains out. She used her leverage around his back to fuck him, basking in the feelings of being taken again as she began to fuck him for real.

Her sexuality was reawakened.

To the mare's surprise, her stallion did not thrust much at first. Instead, he did something else. He continued to play with her breasts, but instead of continuing to use both hands, he dragged one of his hands lower, brushing along her body with his fingertips. She shivered, tensing a hand into a fist as he caressed her disfigured belly, ready to lash out if he suddenly decided to turn nasty now. But instead, he rested his palm on it and rubbed it a few times in a counterclockwise circular pattern. She relaxed. He was touching here there, where she was marked worst, and not hurting her. One of her hands met his wrist and traced its path through the rotary caress. She laughed. Tummy wubs were nice. Stallions were nice. Sex was nice. She drew him in deeper, leveraging the power of her extremely muscular thighs to lock him all the way inside her. She slowly ran her hand up his arm and to his face. Then she caught his expression. She couldn't quite make it out. A defensive flash of anger emerged, but she was in way too good a mood to have it. She instead asked, "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

He laughed as he lifted his hand to intertwine fingers with hers. His touch was warm. His touch was soft. He was smiling so kindly. Tempest felt her heart thump unexpectedly as they made eye contact. She could see her own reflection in those clear orbs, but she didn't need to see it to notice her own flushed face and disarmed expression. She looked... vulernerable, for lack of a better word. And she didn't feel an immediate impulse to defend herself. She definitely liked this. A lover between her legs, deep inside her, looking her in the eye, on top, showing his teeth, and she felt fine. No, better than fine; she felt amazing. "Nothing, just admiring a most interesting and beautiful mare who happens to be full of surprises."

"Well currently I'm full of you," she laughed, gaining some sense of herself back. She ground her hips against him. She felt the touch of his balls against her ass. He tensed into her, pressing back with his hips.

"You've gobbled me right up," he chuckled, "Tempest, so what are you going to do about it?" He was grinning a mile wide. Unlike earlier when she couldn't figure out what he was trying to get from her when she had offered him her body, she now knew exactly how to respond.

"Fuck you," Tempest said, grabbing his shoulder with her other hand and pulling him atop her, his face going between her breasts. And as she did that, she gave a lunge with her hips to work herself along his entire length from base to tip and back again. She felt him shudder involuntarily. He was loving her body oh so much. "I'm going to fuck you until you call my name as your cum spills from my slit."

He tongued her nipple. She tensed. "I like that plan, Tempest." His lower hand finished its pilgrimage to between her legs. As the manicured fingertips brushed the mare's clit, she gave a hiss of pleasure. She bucked her hips, grinning as she felt him reciprocate with a thrust. Yes, this was what she wanted at last! Pure, primal copulation!

"Shut up and fuck me!"

He said nothing, opting instead to wordlessly sped up his thrusts. He was a practiced pro -- Tempest had known that going in, and now she felt it. His thrusts were an art unto themselves. He could go from hilted to just barely in by the last milimeters of his cockhead, and then all the way back to balls deep in a flash, repeating it time after time thrice every single second continuously. A barrage of nearly unimaginable pleasure assailed Tempest Shadow as Sought Touch sated her body's craving for a male touch. She felt a faint sorrow masked by pleasurable friction as he slid out of her. Then she felt an anticipatory, hungry emptiness as he halted poised on the precipice just in the outer boundaries of her vulva, and then a whooshing excitement as he rushed back with a forceful, deep thrust to fill her all over again. And all this concluded by a greedy, satisfied feeling of fullness, some appeased instinct to feel a mate so intimately interwined carnally with her. Her hands opened to hold as much of him as she could retain in retaliation for his outstroke threatening to withdraw from her, only for them to ball into fists and clench onto him possessively as he rushed back inside her to reclaim what she had made his for the taking. And how he accepted her offer!

But that was all gossamer and moonbeams next to the splendid sensation he had dancing from her clit. He could play it with all the grace of a virtuoso on a violin. He teased around it with his fingertips, watching her reactions intently. She felt so naked; he could read her body like a book -- she was both easily pleased and very expressive -- a nigh ideal combination for a client in bed. It only could have been better for him if she could tell him exactly what she wanted, but at that particular moment, neither of them considered much in the realm of speech to be possible. He was too wrapped up in making her scream out in joy to the heavens. She was too rapid on that ascent to even force the wind from her lungs to say anything coherent, just instead being helpless before the onslaught of pleasure.

Tempest felt electricity grow in her gut and between her legs. That was good, it was the pleasure she desired, and it was buiding exponentially. She could feel him starting to shake, too, especially when he was all the way deep in her cunt. She could practically feel the veins of his cock throbbing with excitement and blood. Blood, gore, death, screams, gunfire, fire so much fire, all over her...! HEAT HEAT NOISE NOSIE! Tempest saw flashes of horror, the past come to greet her ghoulishly. NO! She blocked those thoughts, throwing up a wall to give herself time to enjoy before they hit full force. She was basking in physical bliss, her mind unable to cope with just how amazing she was feeling, and she wasn't going to let those things ruin it. She was getting laid for the first time in nine years, and she was going to enjoy it or die trying!

In the movie, they were attacking the trench to destroy the battle station, not that the two ponies cared or even noticed.

Tempest pushed him back for a second, raising her legs high, letting him lean on the rears of her thighs. His penetration deepened and she welcomed his stabbing of her. She crossed her calves behind his neck, yoking him to her body. So much friction, pressure, this was amazing! She could not believe she hadn't tried this earlier! And her mate was showing the pleasure, too. His balls must have tightened as he was beginning to near orgasm. They were no longer making those satisfying smacking sounds against her ass.

She cheered him on. "MMMm, that's it, just like that, fuck me just like that. I want you. Don't stop, Sought, please don't stop. This feels so good."

"Tempest," he said, "you feel amazing."

Tempest Shadow in her current state could not really do anything much more other than moan and bring a spare hand back to her body. She tweaked her sole nipple to add to her own pleasure. She felt it starting to build, the carnal bliss within. And when it was finished building, a cataclysm of pleasure would engulf her as she lost control. No, not lose control, be brought to heaven by this stallion she... she just didn't fear. She noticed a small twinge of pain from within. She wondered if perhaps this was going to be her very own experience with being fucked until she couldn't walk as she had herd other mares describe before. She hoped her body would quake with pleasure that thundered like a 50 cal.

Her gentlecolt shuddered. He touched her tenderly. "I'm starting to get close." And again he surged into her. A new thrill came to her awareness, a perverse desire to have him lose control inside her, even though she intellectually understood the implications of just what that could bring and what it could do. But she found herself now suddenly strangely unable to properly care. The thought of him cumming inside her and flooding her vagina with jizz was now hot. it didn't seem repulsive, brute, or animal at all. Rather, it was now her very sincere regret that he had to wear a condom so she couldn't feel his heat pour into her with each spurt of cum when he finally did hit climax and let her have it all. She felt him sliding inside, his cock so rock hard. She had to be soaking, all just for him, all because of him. Because he made her feel sexy. Because he made her feel safe. Because he made her feel good. Because he made her feel wanted. Because he made her feel like she actually mattered to sompony. Because he made her feel like a mare!

Her body was quivering. She felt something like a stretched pressure in her hips. Joy was positively radiating from between her legs, both from deep within as she was being rutted, and from her clit as it was being masterfully played with. Her breathing was growing ragged. She could smell a very old, familiar scent: the scent of sex, and it was coming from her and him! This was wonderful! And from her chest came another wave of nice feelings as she toyed with her nipple. She looked into Sought Touch's eyes. This was a stallion right there between her legs and over her! She beckoned him with a roll of her hips and a flick of her chin. He dove down his head between her breasts. She laughed as he tickled her with his lips, kissing her scars, trailing soft pecks along the great keloid, the jagged crack, and the hairline mark. And then he kissed her on the bottom of her breast, along the rough, white band that marked where doctors had tried to mask the maiming to her chest with an implant of saline. It had made her profile okay in a shirt, but it would never fix the damage done.

Then his lips and tongue found their ways to where her nipple would have been. Tempest moaned, not caring if she was quiet or not, dignified or not, or whatever else it may have seemed to anyone who was passing by. They were home alone together. She gave herself to the experience and just let it all overwhelm her. She quaked. Her instinct told him to hold him close. She wanted to say something. The words were on the tip of her tongue. But how to interrupt this fierce intimacy? She did not know.

Her lover was grunting and clenching. She gave the top of his head a soft caress, tousling his hair, watching her colt go to town on her chest with reserved, serene affection. A rich, soft mane... An unmarred voice like glass. This stallion was a colt, at least compared to some others she had known through her years at war. It was almost precious and perverse -- preciously perverse to make love with him.

He raised his head to look into her eyes. There was such impossible strain fighting with the bliss on his face. And still he did not stop his thrusts or ministrations. "Tempest."

"Almost." She brought her hand down to her clit and guided him, feeling her great pleasure start to skid out of control. They were both panting and shaking. They weren't going to last. She felt his dick harden and twitch. He dug his nails into her whole breast. She barely noticed anything but the simple fact she had been touched. She felt like she was going to split in half. He felt like his cock was going to explode. She kept fucking him as he fucked her, neither of them able to stop themselves or prevent was going to happen. "Oh fuck, fuck me, Sought..." She grabbed his head to stare into his eyes. "Hold me close when you do it."

"Okay. I'm about to..."

"I. I... AhaAaahaaraa -- Sought Touch!" What followed next from her lips was a scream of euphoria. Her body went berserk.

But something was pressing heavily from behind her eyes.

"Tempest! I'm cumming!"

"Cum inside me! Cum inside me! Cum inside me! Make me your mare!" He gave a roar, leaping on her as his cock gave a jump and the first spurt of cum poured from his dick. Tempest felt him spasm and squrim, the condom swelling within her. Holy fuck this was so so so so so so so HOT! "YYyessssssss!!!!! Come for me! Sought!"

"Tempest!" Sought Touch yelled again, releasing himself in her further. "Unbelievable! Amazing!"

The electric ecstasy of orgasm overwhelmed them both. They clung together and cried out as fires of pleasure danced across their haywire nervous systems.

He couldn't stop thrusting and jerking. He twitched, never stopping his pressing deeper and deeper into his mare, his client, his mate. He spilled himself into her over and over, each spurt from his electrified cock making him moan with pleasure, something nothing but animal groans, and sometimes her name, hastily panted almost as if a fever dream overwhelming his sanity.

She rode him out, bucking her hips like mad, in and out and in and out, her locked legs holding him hostage as her hot pussy milked the male visitor for everything his balls could spew forth. She called his name and held him close, feeling his heat and tremors. His head was betweeen her breasts, looking up at her. She met his eyes. So pure with something like trust. She wanted his face near hers, and she curled up, bringing him to her, nuzzling and embracing him face to face as their bodies struggled and squiremd lower down as she drained him for every last drop he could give her in their shared climax. This was heaven!

In the movie, the Death Spur had exploded.

She continued to milk him, hold him, caress him. "Sought, Sought, Sought..." Tempest called and cooed. She sniffed. Something wet went down her face.

"Tempest..." the stallion sighed. She was feeling him soften, and he was gently thrusting in and out with what remained of his expended erection. He brushed her face, pushing some bangs out of her eyes. They touched foreheads. He was grinning like an idiot.

"Sought..." Tempest cupped his face in her hands. Her cheeks were grossly incandescent, a truly impressive blush very plainly visible even through the dark aubergine eggplant purple of her dark fur. One thumb booped her nose. She smiled with the faintest ghost of an exhausted giggle. She could see the same red and pink tinges of arousal all over his face as he panted. She smelled something, something pleasant and masculine about them, a borderline sticky sweet scent. She felt him finally pull out of her completely, his dick now just a shriveled shell of its former, proud self. "You came inside me."

"YY-yy-eahhhah," he agreed shakily. "You were incredible, Tempest." He awkwardly tossed his rich mane. "How did you like that? Was it just what the doctor ordered?"

Tempest Shadow tried to say something back to him, to make it clear that she had just had the single most intense experience of her life and was currently on cloud nine. But instead, she felt a flurry of emotions suddenly jump out of nowhere. So much, words failed her. The pressure in her eyes was back. She and him... sex.. orgasm... nine years without... finally... so good... but him... inside... orgasm... trust. Memories... Tempest opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. She tried to breathe, and she snorted snot from her nose. Her chest felt too full. She sat up and looked him in the eye, retreating back. "I'm-"

Tempest never finished her sentence. What came next was a sonorous snob as tears gushed from her eyes. She needed someplace else, someplace away, someplace quiet -- safe. She tried to speak again, and the floodgates opened as tears came loudly in force. But instead of going for the rondel, she, for the first time in not even she knew how long, sought refuge in the embrace of another, wailing in his embrace as they rocked together.

Soothing a Tempest

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The mare sobbed uncontrollably. She clung to him desperately. Sought Touch held her, letting her rock as monumental sobs wracked her entire body. He patted her on the back, letting her know he was there. And thus she cried, letting out at least years if not decades of piled feelings. Sought Touch felt his back growing wet. It was gross, but he did nothing; nothing a shower couldn't fix. Speaking of which, he definitely needed one. Her too. Shame about their time -- if the first phases hadn't taken so long, he'd be suggesting that they hop in together very soon as a matter of fact. She clung to his back and hung her head over his shoulder. Despite being larger than him, she was curled up into a compact mass of tears. It wasn't a sexy cry, this was genuine sobbing. She was trembling, tensed up like a spring. Even though he was holding her, she seemed to be more curled up than leaning on him.

He brushed her mane. "Tempest, it's okay, let it all out. I'm here. Nopony's going to hurt you." Tempest relaxed a bit. Her arms formed a complete ring around his upper back, and she pulled them taught to bring them close. He felt her breasts pressing into his chest. He couldn't do much but let her cry it out. And that was what he did. It was on the fading end of late twilight when the mare let loose her torrent of tears. Sought Touch held the mass of stormy emotions and frayed nerves, whispering in her ear, "Tempest... I'm here for you... It's okay... I got you... You can hold me... You've been very brave..." He kissed her cheek. It was extremely salty. She blew out her nose.

Tempest Shadow said nothing for a very long time. She cried like she had a lifetime of pain bursting through at long last.

Sought Touch kept coaxing her with words and caresses for a very long time. He let it all flood from her. There was nothing else he could do but let her cry and cry and cry and cling.

And cry.

And cry.

She needed this. She needed this even more than she needed his body. The orgasm had been just a prelude to the real release. For the first time in who knew how long, Tempest Shadow was genuinely safe. She cried, releasing pain she didn't even know she had. For comrades she had forgotten had ever lived and died. For her maiming. For the surgeries and spells that could never more than mask damage she would bear every day until she died. For kills long faded into a wall of nameless dead faces that haunted her dreams. For villages she had seen burned to the ground with gunfire cutting down the inhabitants as they died either in fight or in flight or while pleading. For rivers turned red with blood, thick with viscera and corpses. For sleepless nights she prayed to gods she had never believed in that the enemy wouldn't cut her throat. For tanks she saw burned out with ruined corpses blackened to char as they tried to escape in their last despair. For every fearful look her own countryponies had given her when she returned. For every whisper and slight she had endured through almost all her life for being an unwanted, maimed freak. For every second of dread in enemy territory. For every false lover who had used her like a toy or even just meat. For every blow, bullet, and blade that had struck her body. For every shelling that lasted forever. For every bloody day she swore would never end. For every friend fallen. Untold years of hardship and pain bled out through Tempest's eyes for hours. A whole lifetime at war -- a lifetime she had convinced herself would have to be painful and lonely. For the mind blowing sex and fantastic orgasm she had just had. She cried until her throat was raw and her eyes hurt and her cheeks were burned with the salt.

She eventually could barely speak, but she let out a few words. "It's not you."

"I know."

"It's not me, it's the booze."

"Tempest, you don't have to-"

"Let me save some face!"

"Okay, tough gal."

She nuzzled his neck, wiping her snot and tears on him. Then she cried some more, but it was reduced to near silent coughs of sadness with slowly streaming tears and fewer wads of snot. Crying like a child was ugly as could be, but it wasn't bad. In her case, it was actually beautiful, beautiful because it was so surprising that she could let it happen. This lasted a long time, and she let him hold her through it all. When she at last did stop crying, she looked him in the eyes. "Thank you."

"Don't worry about it."

"Really, I mean it. Thank you so much. I really can't express just how much I needed to see you. You and me, holding me, the sex, was all just so amazing and I really needed it."

"It's as I said, it's all okay, Tempest." It was the escort's job to handle clients, and while crying wasn't sexy or pleasant, it wasn't all that bad as far as strong reactions from went. Dusk had passed. It was night.

She gave a huge snort and then addressed him in a slightly more quavery version of her regular voice. "How am I for time?"

"You still got some." Maybe enough for him to sprint to the shower, very quickly freshen up, make his exit, and then let his agency know he hadn't been murdered by the monster mulberry mare. They understood that sometimes things ran longer and that occasionally escorts had other things on their mind instead of checking in exactly on the dot. Maybe go home, grab a shower, have a drink, light up a smoke, talk with somepony, not announce in public they'd just been with a client...

"Mind if I just talk, or do you have to leave now that we've done it?" She was almost shy again, but it was trying to be innoffensive and convince him to stay rather than not knowing how to handle herself.

The stallion weighed the options in his head. The agency may worry a bit and his boss may get mad, but such things were facts of life at his job. "Sure What about?"

"Can I just tell you about myself and my scars?"

"Absolutely," answered Sought.

"Okay," said Tempest, distancing herself from him for the sake of demonstration. "I just have to get this off my chest and I know we're running out of time, so without delay..." She pointed to her head. "My horn was destroyed when I was a filly, and I got this scar on my face at the same time."

"What happened?" He was genuinely concerned.

"I took an Ursa to the face."

He winced. "Fuuuuuck..."

"Yeeaah. I scared it off, but at a price. The worst thing is I can't do magic right -- I just get sparks, and everypony didn't want to associate with a maimed freak anymore."

"That's really sad."

"I know," she agreed slowly, "I understood from that day that life's not fair or just, all at only seven years old.

He hugged her. "Ow."

"Yup." She hesitated, but then powered on. "Then come my breasts... I got it four times there."

Sought Touch asked, "What're those stories if you want to share?"

She pointed to her enormous keloid. twisting to show how it went from her ribs to the edge of her sternum. "I was hit with a firebrand sword, a very deep cut. I was sixteen. I nearly died that day. Out of all my close shaves, that was the closest." She was trembling. "I relive it in my sleep." He put a hand on her thigh to reassure, saying nothing, just giving her the support to put her trauma into words. She put her hand on it and held tightly. "This hairline scar, just a flesh wound from fragments. Same attack got my ear." He looked up to her head, remembering that her poor ear was missing its upper half and bore some burn marks, too. "This last one, the one that looks like a jagged crack, a bullet tore through the side of my vest..." Sought could tell just how harrowing this was, but the mare would never forgive him if he coddled her. "Ripped out a chunk of my breast. I couldn't get it treated for weeks. It got infected, and they had to remove a lot of the underlying tissue to save my life."

"I'm so sorry."

She hugged him. "It happens." There was a snarl in her attempt at sounding reassuring, but it wasn't directed at him.

"So the implant?"

"Yeah, I got that so I would at least look okay in a shirt. Too bad it can't hide it when I'm like this."

"I don't mind," said Sought Touch. "I think your breasts are lovely."

She smiled and blushed. "Well you're sweet. Many stallions and mares aren't."

"Thanks." Her genuine praise made him smile for real.

"And that brings me to my stomach..." Sought Touch mentally braced in case she started crying again. Tempest Shadow stood up, hugged herself, and then slowly spun around to show him the full extent of the devastation so that he could see before the pale blue light of the TV which had been at the Stable Wars DVD main menu for who know how long. The scar wasn't too bad on her front, just an unsightly patch of bald skin the size of a dinner plate that was mottled white and red. But then when it got to her back, the full horror was revealed. Vast swathes of her corded, muscular back had been maimed. The skin was shiny white and very red. It had never fully healed. Mottled into patterns, in some spots, the flesh looked as if melted like plastic over a candle. "Ten years ago, a year prior to our operation against Equestria, I was in an ambush. While fighting and trying to get our troopers out, someone shot a fuel tank and a vehicle exploded, showering me in flaming gasoline." She sniffled. "It burned through my armor... It hurt so much... I thought I was going to die. And when they finally got my uniform off, my skin came off in their hands, ripping my entire back open like fried chicken skins!" Tempst sobbed, hurling herself once more into the embrace of her escort.

"I got you, Tempest. That's terrible."

"The worst part is we were being torn apart by the Hippogriffs and I couldn't do anything -- my own soldiers being killed right in front of me and I couldn't do anything! Too weak, too much pain!"


She shoved her face into his shoulder and held her there for at least fifteen minutes. When her crying stopped, she said, "Grubber saved me."


"My friend -- piggy little fat fucker. He pulled me out with him as he fled the ambush. Don't know why he did it; he's a fucking pussy. I owe him my life, and that's why I put up with him, even though he's annoying." He just nodded and petted her. "I was in the hospital for like six months, and in a ton of pain for all of it. He kept me fed the whole time, granted always with sweets and cakes, but it was nice of him."

"Sounds like a nice guy."

"I guess..." She added, "I tried to have sex to maybe help get over it once I was released. It happened only once, after months. The guy got grossed out when he saw my scars and called me the ugliest thing he'd ever seen. Cue nine year dry spell. Anyway, It was Grubber's idea I give your agency a call."

"A very nice guy," remarked Sought Touch.

She looked him in the eyes. "So, what do you think of me? Crazy? Ugly?"

"Neither. You've suffered much. I've come to know you very well, Tempest Shadow, over these past few hours, and honestly, you're not a bad mare or a mad mare. You're honestly just a soul in need of some company, compassion, and comprehension. And you know, your smile is pretty. I'm sure if you showed it to more colts, you'd never want for companionship."

She nodded. "I'll keep that in mind." She looked at him one last time, a question on her lips. "Hold me?"


And so they held each other one last time.

When they broke apart, Sought asked, "Can I shower?"

"Sure." She pointed at it, taciturn like before, but energized.


Sought Touch walked over with his tied up and filled condom, and his clothes. He had been extremely excited, and Tempest Shadow milking him like crazy had made him cum copiously. As a result, it was very poudly sagging full of his fluids. He threw it in the trash on his way to the shower. He jumped in the shower before turning it on. The shock of initial cold served to bring him back into focus. This had been one hell of a session. He had done some truly amazing work this time, taking a mare from an unloved mass of fucked up to someone who could have easily passed for maybe the survivor of a nasty car wreck with a bit of an attitude. As the water warmed up, he felt a sense of satisfaction, and basked in the steam, letting the hot water blast all over him, washing away the sweats, the musks, the odors, and the juices. He scrubbed himself clean very thoroughly. Cleanliness was part of the job -- mares didn't like it when their professional prince charming reeked like a pig sty and especially loathed when he already reeked like the end result of a massive days' long orgy. Showers were places of reflection and sanctuary for escorts. This little place, this small ritual, was what he needed to call a sesh over to wind down and prepare for what came next in his day. He had been a virgin when Tempest had taken her burns, and had just been starting out the week before the invasion of Canterlot. If he hadn't been at a booking in Manehattan, he would have been right there and seen her in person at the Friendship Festival all those years ago... Anyway, he knew that they were massively over time. And he had been hungry as hell since about when Tempest had been sucking his cock hours ago. He soon felt clean. He shut off the water and toweled off. He got dressed again. An escort should not be seen rerobing after a session; it hurt the impression of the special just-for-you fantasy they strove to create. Now all that was left was to do was secure his envelope containing pay, end the session, and walk out.

When he reemerged from the bathroom, Tempest was back in clothes -- camouflage pants and an unbuttoned camo jacket with no bra. He guessed that was just her style. "I hate to say it, my dear, but we are out of time."

"I know..." Tempest admitted, shuffling her feet. "But thank you so much again, Sought."

"No problem," he said, approaching the counter with both Tempest and his envelope there.

She held the envelope out to him. "You'll be wanting this, no?"

"Thank you," he said to Tempest, hugging her. She returned the hug.

She looked around awkwardly, following him to the door, bumbling, "Sought Touch, um listen, you've been really good to me, and there's one last thing I want to do if it's okay with you?"

"And what's that?" They were right at the door. He was done and under no obligation to do anything at all.

"K-ki-kiss you."

"Sure," he said.

Tempest hugged him and puckered her lips. She brought her face to his and made contact. They were soft and felt good. She pressed their lips together, holding him tight, clenching her arms. If only she didn't have to let him go. So much gratitude, desire, longing, and a million other things were all in this one kiss. She pressed, bending him backwards, asserting her advantage in height and strength. He put tongue into the mix and she sighed happiness into his open mouth. At last they broke apart. "Thank you. Will I ever see you again?"

"I'm just a call away!" Sought answered like a cheery, dapper gentlecolt, and then hugged her once more. He nuzzled her cheek, her neck, and her breasts. The door opened and shut and he was gone.

Tempest Shadow, still blushing, made her way back to her bed to giggle like the little filly she had once been, "Best Hearts and Hooves Day ever!"

A Tempestuous Epilogue

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Sought Touch stepped out from the apartment. "Bye, seeya next week!" a mare waved at him.

"Wouldn't miss it, Poised Prance!" Sought Touch shot back with great enthusiasm at his dappled lemon and peach client, clutching firmly at a small vanilla envelope in his left hand.

"I'll show you what these hips can really do next time!" Poised Prance half purred with a gyration,

"I can hardly wait, ma'am," the escort said, turning to leave, "but I really must be going." The stallion heard the door close behind him.

That was over. He mentally debriefed. Poised Prance, mare, divorced with one child, earth pony, forty-six years of age. Likes: Cunnilingus, being on top, ballet. Dislikes: sex with the lights on, blindfolds, orgasming with a dick inside her. Quirks: Always has a fresh blueberry pie baked just for him. Likes to roleplay older mare seducing a virgin colt. Average session length: one hour. Frequency of sessions: once a week, sunday afternoon. Length of relationship: five years and counting. Attention to his pleasure: incidental -- if he came, hooray, if not, too bad. Slightly selfish lover. Profession: receptionist at the local hotel. All in all a good regular and another session scratched off. Client status: D-O-N-E DONE!

Sought Touch let out a long sigh, destressing with the prolonged puff of air. The erection in his pants ached somewhat uncomfortably. He had not gotten to have an orgasm of his own this time despite a great riding and a sixty-nine. He had been about to cum when she warned him she was going to cum, meaning he had to pull out. And after that, well, she'd felt just too chatty and xenial to do anything other than talk at him about her kid while feeding him homemade blueberry pie. She'd asked him if he'd like to have some desert. Of course he said in character that he'd love a slice or six of blueberry pie. What he really wished he could have said was something like 'suck my dick until it goes as mushy as the blueberries in your pie! I've gotten you off thrice -- least you can do is finish me, you narcissistic cunt!' "What a bitch. No, no," Sought stopped himself. "What a strange creature -- oddly talkative but impersonal, selfish, and extremely hospitable all at once. No better or worse than the average client, really. Sex work is work, after all. It has been a long day."

He needed a cup of coffee and twenty minutes of peace. But first... Sought checked to confirm he was alone. Once satisfied that he was, he dialed the agency's number. A female voice picked up. "Heya, Sought, how it go, you are of kay?" She had a very thick Griffiyan accent.

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine, Shokoladka. Got out ten minutes later, all paid."

"Good. And no more bookings today will be for you. Did you eat her pie again?" the eagless on the other end flirted.

"Yeah, just blueberry. I still got an apetite if you're game..."

A giggle. "And trade pie for sausage? Even with your mayonez, Trogatichyok, that is not of fair trade. And you know my marefriend would not be happy to learn your myaso touched my mesto."

"Well, if you want to make it all fair, she can make a booking and we'll see how things develop."

She sighed, "Ah, we wish, but she is less straight than Rainbow Dash. Anyway, you were a little delay in caling."

"I know. Sorry," he apologized.

"After you called us more than two of hour after time with monster mullbery murder mare, we were fear of your death."

"Shokoladka, don't worry about me, you know making mares happy and calm is my special talent. Besides, she even managed to sneak in the difference in bits while I was showering."

"Well you should use it to give us less higher blood pressure by timely check. This in usual should not be."

"But I was only ten min-"

Shokoladka snapped, "Not difference! You need to stay safe, Milk Coco. Have you been okay?" Milk Coco was his real name; nobody at the agency ever called him that unless they were either very serious or HR.

"Yeah, I guess so." The stallion wouldn't even say he'd convinced himself.

"You guess?" Her voice was warm again.

"Look, Shokoladka, she's stuck with me. When I was with her, I saw just how much pain a pony can endure. I don't know how to describe her; I guess it got to me more than I care to admit."

Curiosity was in the eagless's voice. "Oh?"

"Yeah," explained Milk, "I see all kinds of mares -- nice mares, mean mares, mares whose biggest problem is some petty feud over dress colors, mares who think seeing me will save their failing marriage by getting a revenge lay on their cheating husband, mares who try to convince me to leave this to be their pet fuckcolt, mares who swear unconvincingly they care about nothing... And then I meet a mare who has been maimed, mistreated, traumatized, scarred, shot at, tormented, and more. Codename Monster Mulberry Mare is maybe one of the only clients I've ever had who truly one thousand percent needed me, needed my services. Look, I'm a nice guy, of course I'm going to worry about her."

"Is only natural. Do you wonder how she's been since?"

"I guess so. If there's a client I hope got more than just a good time out of me, I hope it's her."

"Other than pregnant," Shokoladka the dispatcher joked.


"I could leave a note for her to be automatically be assigned to you in the future."

"Let's wait on another sesh first before we start doing things like that. We'll know before long; she'll be back."

"Not problem. And you know, you should talk to Coral Cabaret."

"Our hipogriff mare?"

"Da, She is a refugee from Storm King. She can tell you maybe more of what maybe is happen with client."

"Okay, thanks."

"Welcome. Are you not working too many?"

He answered, "It's a bit difficult. I had six bookings today. I've been slammed the past few weeks with it being spring and coming into heat season. I swear if I have to get another erection, my penis is going to go on strike."

"How about I give you tomorrow off so you get a extra free day?"

"But you know I'm supposed to be on call tomorrow. What about the other guys?"

She laughed silkily, "They can manage without you, and I know, but what if none of nopony were to book you, unless by name, say just nobody asked for you and so you stay home...?"

"I see. Thanks, Shokoladka, you're the best."

"Not problem, Trogatichyok. And nu, don't forget to take care of yourself. Not just as escort, but also as pony."

"I'll try, if to help you worry less."

Her voice was warm, the tone a sister would take when trying to give her brother some good advice. "You care too much sometimes, Milk Coco. Pozhe. Poka poka." Shokoladka hung up. Crazy griffon. He liked her. It was starting to be sunset now. He hadn't eaten since breakfast. But before he went to go get food...

Milk Coco made a trip home to his condo. Once inside, he dropped the envelope on his countertop and got out of his business casual work clothes. It was a nice little one, not too shabby. He could definitely afford way bigger and nicer on his income, but he liked to live below his means. He knew his youth and virility would not last forever, that his looks would fade and his body would weaken. There was no way in the world he could continue to escort forever. And when he thought about it, all the sex, the mares, the dinners, the wines, the gifts, they were nice, but well, it wasn't real. A flight of fancy came to his mind; a pale mare welcoming him home with a kiss, followed by leading him inside with a brush of her tail on his nose, sashaying her hips as she went. He imagined a hot, homemade meal fresh off the stove, accompanied by his favorite tomato juice and idle bullshit chitchat he didn't have to think and act his way through. And all that followed by her bringing him into the bedroom, followed by her presenting herself, thighs spread, telling him to take a load off, er, out, into her. And after a day of nothing but performance sex and putting others' needs first, a plain boring round of innocuous intercourse. He would take her raw, deep, and gentle, nothing spectacular or compliated, until he was satisfied with an ordinary, good, ball-gripping orgasm, cumming deep inside the mare's vagina with no condom in the way, his mare making him smile in the afterglow. Then a snuggle and a goodnight kiss on the lips. He wished to be taken care of without having to worry about anypony else.

He changed clothes in the bedroom, throwing away his button shirt a tad more forcefully that needed. As his pants went down, lo and behold, he had the softe stirrings of another erection. Fuck.

He wanted to do it with somepony who called him Milk Coco instead of Sought Touch.

He needed to get laid in a non-professional capacity.

He rubbed out his hardon until it brought him to a weak climax with a pitiful squirt of cum staining his fur. He took a shower and washed until he was clean thrice over. Finally, sex was a distant abstraction. Milk Coco got dressed in a simple tee, leather jacket, and jeans with hiking boots. Rough, a bit uncouth, and totally unlike the slick young professional gentlecolt outfit he wore to work. He would laugh to discover what those mares who tried to treat him like an upscale guy would think when they discovered he was really a plain country boy whose idea of a good time was drinking beer in his underwear while watching trashy horror movies, ideally with as much gratuitous blood and nudity as possible.

His tummy rumbled. Milk Coco went out for supper.

He found himself at an outdoor beer garden called Blum Und Bier. He grabbed a seat on the patio facing the park. Some ponies were playing kickball on the field. Milk Coco reclined back. He ordered a simple small teaser to start with when the waitress came by. He was going to take his time and enjoy being taken care of. He watched the players at their game in the amber glow and residual heat of the springtime evening sun.

His order arrived. He took a sip of hot, tar black coffee and bit at one of his brötchen. And then he saw something. One of the players, a tall mare by her figure, was coming his way. At first he thought she was an earth pony, but then he saw the telltale missing chunk of ear and the truncated stump horn.

She marched up to him with military purpose. She addressed Milk Coco. "Um, hey, hi, Sought Touch."

"Hi, Tempest," Sought Touch said back. It was accepted courtesy that escorts and clients didn't recognize each other on the street, but he decided to fight that battle later in private all about how it wasn't nice to make him be on point all of a sudden and risk outing him. Oh well. "How's it going?"

No trace of her old tension. "Good, actually. You?"

"Good too."

"That's great," she said. "Um, listen, I just want to say thank you for last month. What you did and said really helped me. I put myself out there."

"And how's that been working?"

"Fine and scary," Tempest Shadow replied. "Being open to rejection is terrifying, but you're right, I am worthwhile" She gestured at the park. "My kickball friends like having me around, and there's a zebra stallion who alwyas picks me as his checkout filly every time he drops by the store. I think he likes my flank."

Sought joked, "There's not a straight stallion alive who wouldn't like your flank. So what are you going to do about it?"

"Try him and see what happens." She was blushing at him furiously, fit to ignite, smiling nervously.

He grined. "Great idea."

She paused again. "So, um listen, Sought, if it's not too much, could we have another session, maybe soon? I won't eat up your day, I promise. And I'll show you a good time -- no daggers or crying."

Sought faced a decision. It was too easy. He smiled at her and answered, "Sure, sounds like a plan. Tell you what, I'm not booked at all tomorrow, so ask for me by name."

"Awesome. Can't wait."

"Me neither."

And so, as Sought Touch watched Tempest Shadow return to playing kickball, Milk Coco felt a great warmth in his chest. He had indeed soothed a tempest.