As Pretty as The Sea

by Oldtakufanboy

First published

I never knew seaponies were real until I crashed near Mount Aris, home to the once called Hippogriffs. I was greeted by Skystar, my first ally and friend. Time goes on and the two of us were inseparable.

I wake up on an island I never knew existed, then came up a mountain, where I met Skystar, princess of Seaquestria. I never knew such creatures could be real, but they are. Due to me discovering them, I am ordered to stay here for the rest of my life, never to go back home and tell of this wonderful place.

Time goes by, as I live among the seaponies, I became trustworthy to many and was seen differently than what they always believed on human. Skystar began to see me more than just a friend.

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Where am I?

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I slowly open my eyes, hearing the sounds of the beach. I blink a few times, seeing dark clouds above me, ready to rain at any moment. I lean up, feeling a sharp pain on the right side of my stomach. I look down to the source, seeing a large cut, leaking little of blood from where my jacket has been torn. I look around my surroundings, seeing nothing, but ocean. I slowly stand up, placing my right hand onto my wound.

I look to my right, to my surprise, it was my boat, the Mermaid Whisper, halfway gone. The upper half is all that's left, the rest is torn off and scratched from the jagged rocks beneath it.

"Damn it!" I shouted. "How the hell am I gonna get home?!"

I didn't carry a phone with me, usually I have a radio to communicate with everyone, but with the boat destroyed, there's no hope for me leaving.

I turn around, seeing a large mountain of some sorts, with a large tower above. Looking at it is as though I discovered Mount Olympus and going in a zig-zag motion are what I believe are stairs. I question whether I'm a spirit or still alive, seeing a mountain that looks like it could pierce the heavens could mean that I'm dead and should make my way to the stairway to get there. But due to me bleeding, I can admit that I'm still alive and kicking.

"I wonder what's up there," I said to myself. "Is it heaven? Mount Olympus? Some sort of forgotten city?"

I take a wobbly step, then another, making my way towards the mysterious mountain. I make my way along a small stone stairway, making my way up towards a path that leads me to where I need to climb up.

It's been thirty minutes, as I make my way up the mountain, feeling exhausted, my brown hair getting onto my face and pushing it aside a few times as I continue. The cut on my right side throbs, making it nearly impossible for me see clearly. I settle myself down, taking a breather. I wipe the sweat from my brow, breathing heavily from walking up so much than I ever done in my life.

"My God," I let out, looking out to the ocean. "What a walk. There better be water when I get up there."

As I look toward the ocean, I couldn't see a boat in sight, not one speck of smoke or even a horn blowing. I began to feel a loss of someone looking for me. If I can't go back, I guess all I can do is survive in this mysterious place. Hopefully I don't die from a wild animal. It's eat or be eaten when it comes to living in the wild, the strong live and the weak die, that's the law of nature. If I want to survive out here, I need to stay strong and not lose hope.

Somehow, a shred of hope came back to me and it grew a little than I ever felt before.

I bring myself up, feeling another sharp pain from my side, as I continue my way up to the top.

"N-not... gonna die... here..."

Eight more minutes up the path and I can see it, a light shining down to show me that I'm very close. A smile comes to my face, as I rush up to see whatever I can discover. When I came to, I was standing in front of the entrance that has two bird-like creatures looking down at whoever enters or leaves the place. Around the manes are some vines and some moss placed in a few cracks.

"Something tells me that no one is home."

I walk towards the mysterious entrance, feeling a twinge of curiosity grow beside my hope. As I walk beneath the statues, I see rather bizarre looking houses. All around are birdcage-looking houses, covered with plants and moss, due to it being God knows how old. I make my way towards one of the houses, curious to know what's inside. Before I could even look inside, a noise caught my attention. I turn around, hearing the sound of someone singing. The song sounded beautiful; it was heavenly gorgeous to my eardrums.

"Hello?" I call out.

No response, but the singing continued its tune. I followed along a path, trying to figure out where this is coming from. Suddenly, a thought came to me; I never thought about it until now, but what if whoever is singing is a siren. Could it be a siren? Many years ago, as grandpa told me when I was a kid that sailors are brought to their doom by the song of a siren. Their music will tempt men and drown them in the sea. But... if there's a siren here, how could it be all the way up this mountain? No way a siren can fly, they swim.

I continue towards the source, looking around my surroundings, wondering if something is gonna come out and surprise me. I have no weapons to defend myself, all I have is my will to survive. Ahead of me is what appears to be an entrance, with rubble surrounding it. However, I'm certain to whoever is singing is through that entrance.

"Hello?" I call out again.

The singing continued, making me guess that whatever is singing can't hear me or it's some sort of record player that's been playing on loop. Walking up to the rubble, I look around, seeing if there's a way in. I did find a hole to crawl into, feeling a cool wind blow through. I got down on my knees, listening to the singing clearly, along with the sound of rushing water. I go down to my fours and crawl inside, making my way slowly underneath the rubble.

It takes me a minute to reach to the other side, as I get back on my two legs, dusting the dirt from my clothing. The singing sound louder than ever, as I walk along a rocky path and into this large room. It a cave with two statue heads of horses with water flowing down like a mane. The strangest part of these statues are the beaks, whatever is up with that. Between them is a little pond, I guess, with a large pink flower in the middle that glows with a faint light. The light in the flower moved a little, as the singing went up a bit, then the pitch goes a little lower like before. What I see before me is a singing flower, almost like the ones from Alice in Wonderland.

"Uh, excuse me?" I called out.

The singing stops, as a gasp escapes from the flower.

"Hello?" I said. "Is there anyone there?"

The flower rustles, as the light from within it jumps up and down into the water, fading deeper down. I walk down some steps, but slipped on the fourth step, making me fall to my side, hitting the side of my head, making it to the bottom. My vision goes blurry, my head spinning.

I close my eyes, resting them on the rocky floor, knowing that no one is going to save me. I guess this is it... I'm gonna die here because curiosity killed the cat.

"I'm sorry... looks like this is where my life ends... I feel so sleepy..."

"Hello... hello, hello? Can you hear me?"

I weakly open my eyes, feeling banged up from my tumble. Above me is a blur, but right next to my left is something I can't make of. Above the figure shines a dim light, on its head was like a long light-blue sail. The head of the figure has pointy light-blue ears with what I guess is a pink flower tucked between her left one.

"Are you okay?" it asked in a female voice.

"Am I... dead?" I asked.

"You're not dead, silly," it giggled.

My vision slowly comes back to me, as I begin to see clearly that I was face-to-face with something of possible myth. It looked like a horse, but with fish qualities. It has brilliant cyan eyes, freckles, and a collar of some sorts with a pearl in the center. With all my strength, I jumped to my feet and had my back pinned to the wall. My heart races, seeing this creature that somehow brought me back to life.

Now that I'm up, I notice that the lower half of it is that of a fish, making me question if its a siren. How can it be a siren though? I never heard of a siren with the upper half of a horse. Another thing to add are the what I believe are supposed to be aquatic wings that are see-through.

"What's wrong, silly creature?" it asks in a bubbly tone. "Why're you so frightened?"

"Are y-y-you a s-s-s-s-siren?"

"What's a siren?" she asked. "Is that what you creatures call us? I want to know who and what you are."

"I'm... uh-"

"Oh! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm princess Skystar, daughter of queen Novo, ruler of Seaquestria."


"It's our underwater kingdom underneath Mount Aris."

"Mount Aris?"

"Yeah. How did you get here? I've never seen a creature ever make it here at all."

I can't believe I'm having a conversation with whatever this thing is. This thing sounds like a chick who doesn't know when to shut her trap, yet this thing seems very friendly.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"Are you gonna... eat me?"

"What are you talking about?" asked the Skystar, cocking a brow. "I'm not gonna eat you. We seaponies are not barbarians. What made you think that?"

"I'm a fisherman. Since I was a kid, my grandfather told me about sirens who lure men to their deaths by their beauty and singing."

"Never met one. We seaponies don't do that. We are a hidden race from your world to avoid being killed or captured. A few of my kind have been killed by creatures called humans, which I grew up learning that they are dangerous."

"I won't harm you, if you don't harm me."

"Wait!" shouted Skystar in shock. "You're human."

"I am, but don't worry. I have no intention of killing anyone. There was a storm out there and my boat crashed here. I got cut on my stomach and I feel very weak, hungry, and thirsty."

"I noticed. You poor human, you must feel alone out here."

"I do. I can't go back and nor can I find a way. I can't swim either, I'll drown. I'm not a very good swimmer."

"So, you're stuck here?"

"I am. I have nowhere else to go."

"Mind if you stay here alone for a second? I'll be back. I'm gonna heal you."

"Why would you help me? Aren't you scared?"

"Well, I learned something new today. Not all humans are scary, judging by you."

"I had no intention of killing any seapony. I just want to live."

"You stay right there, human. Oh! Before I go, could you tell me your name?"

"My name is Travis. I'm thirty-one-years-old."

"Very nice to meet you Travis. I'll be right back. Don't you pass out on me, okay?"

"I'll try."

She smiles back at me, before sliding her stomach across the stone floor with her half flipper, half hoof arms and slips into the water. I relax my muscles and rest my back to the rocky walls. I can't believe it, I discovered a creature that has been hidden from us for many years. What if the stories of sirens are wrong? What if these seaponies are the true sirens, but are told to scare fishermen. Did grandpa somehow saw a seapony? If they're meant to be hidden from us, how come we fishermen have have spot them? I have quite some questions, but I'll have to wait for her and see if she can answer them.

Four minutes pass, as I felt a chill crawl all over my body. I wrap my arms around myself, hoping the thick jacket I have on will dry soon. My teeth began to chatter, feeling cold all over. Suddenly, Skystar returns, holding something wrapped in seaweed between her teeth. She brings her hoof-flippers back onto the rocky ground, on the left was a cup and the other is a small sack.

"I'm bhack, Travish," said Skystar, mouth holding onto whatever is inside the wrapped seaweed.

"Hey there, S-s-s-skystar."

"My goodnessh," she says with worry. "you don't shound too good."

"I'm c-c-c-cold."

She waddles up to me, placing the wrapped seaweed on my lap and placing the other items to my right. She then takes the wrapped seaweed and unwraps it, showing green mush inside.

"Wh-what's that?" I asked.

"It's medicine. This will heal that wound in just a few hours."


"Yeah. Whenever somepony gets a scratch or a gash, this always works."

"I hope you're right."

"I wouldn't lie to you. Now let me deal with that wound of yours."

I lean to my left, letting her look down at my wound. She takes a hoofful of the stuff and spreads it gently on my wound. It stings a little, but it then cools down.

"There you go, Travis. You'll be healed soon."

"Thank you very much, Skystar. You're too kind."

"I'm such a bubbly princess. I don't have much friends because I talk too much, but I have Shelldon and Shelly. My clam friends."

"How can no one be friends with you? Sure, you talk to much, but your a nice sea pony.

"You really think so?"

"Of course. It would be an honor if I can be your friend, princess."

"Oh you," she giggles.

"Can I ask you somethings?"

"If you answer mine."


"What's your heritage?"

"Well... my father's name is Jackson. He is the one who taught me how to be a fishermen, due to his father, and his father's father, and his father's father's father being fishermen. We catch fish and crab, which is what I was doing before I got here."

"Oh, wow. Didn't know you humans love crabs. We do too. Their insides are delicious."

"Heh... And my mother, Diane, she used to work as a waitress and is now working for a computer company."

"What's a computer?"

"Machines used to get info, watch silly videos, talk to people from distances, and more."

"Sounds neat. Quite a heritage."

"It's nothing too interesting, really. We're not like royalty or anything. We're an average family."

"Well, your family sounds interesting to me."

"Now, tell me, have your kind ever encounter any humans and lived?"

"There have been, but they were luckily gone before the humans could attack."

"My grandfather met a seapony before. Where we're from, your kind are known as sirens, but the difference is that your kind are described as female and upper half of a human."

"Interesting, but that's very weird that you humans think of us with an upper half of a human."

"It's weird, but I guess they assumed you do."

"Can I ask another?"


For the past thirty minutes, we talked to one another about ourselves and differences. She's quite a chatterbox, but I don't mind. My friends talk a lot and I don't mind hearing what they have to say, even if it's five minutes long. During the time, I forgot about thirst, but hunger came hard, as my stomach growls.

"Looks like someone is getting hungry," she giggles. "Luckily, I brought along some sea salt taffy."

"Sea salt taffy? You seaponies have that?"

"Yeah," she said, reaching into her sack and pulling out three pieces. "You know of it?"

"Yeah. When I was six, my mom would let me go to the candy store on Friday and I'd buy me a few pieces of sea salt taffy."

"Want to remember those days?"


She places the other two pieces in her sack, before unwrapping the blue piece. She places the wrapper into her sack and brings her flipper-hoof close to my face.

"Say 'ah'," she says in a motherly tone.

I open up, as she plops the piece into my mouth. It was sour, but sweet. Tastes like blueberry.

"This is delicious," I said, chewing on the piece.

"Blueberry is my favorite."

Swallowing the piece, I look over to the empty cup, sitting on its own.

"Skystar, do you have any fresh water?"

"Fresh water? Yes, we have that."

"Do you think you can give me some? I can't drink sea water."


She grabs the empty cup and waddles over to the entrance of what I learned, leads to Seaquestria, where her kind are dwelling. From what I learned, they were something called Hippogriffs, part bird and part horse. I did tell her that her kind were mentioned in Greek Mythology, by a man named Virgil, a latin poet. A Hippogriff can also represent a symbol of love, which I guess can be true, these once hippogriffs don't sound so bad and dangerous. Another thing to add is why they're not on the mountain and in the water; you see, because humans change over time, they saw the hippogriffs now a days as monsters and because of that the hippogriffs changed their anatomy and hid beneath what was once their land kingdom.

"Here you go," said Skystar, bringing me the cup. "Should be enough for you. You must be thirsty after walking up here."

"It felt like a long walk, but if I weren't injured, I guess I would walk up it without a problem. Good exercise though."

I bring the glass to my lips, gulping down vigorously, until there wasn't a drop of water inside.

"You sure must've been thirsty."

"Haven't really drank anything when I arrived here. I only had sea salt taffy and this drink of water."

"If you'd like, I can get you some more food and water."

"Do you have any fish? I'm down with seafood if that's all I'm gonna have while I stay here."

"We do have fish. Sardines are a good snack."

"Oh! I love sardines. Can you get me some, please?"

"Sure. I'll be right back in a bit."

"Please take your time. No rush."

"Don't worry, Travis. I'll be back in a flash."

And just like that, she slips into the water, leaving me alone yet again. She's such a nice creature, pretty even, for a seapony. In just one minute, she comes out of the water, holding three sardines in her mouth. She waddles up to me, bringing her muzzle close for me to reach. I grab ahold of the slightly wiggling sardine. My mouth waters, as I rip off the head, chewing slowly to savor the taste.

"These are delicious, Skystar," I said, still chewing. "Better than the ones I find at the store."

She drops the rest on my lap, seeing them still have a little of wiggle in them.

"Glad you like them," she smiles. "These are the best the ocean provides for us."

"Here." I grab ahold of one of the three sardines up to her. "Have this one."

"You really want me to have it?"

"Sure. Think of it as payment for taking care of me. I don't have much, but this is all I can do."

"You're too kind."

She brings her mouth towards the sardine, grabbing its tail and flinging it up in the air, landing perfectly into her mouth.

"Good catch," I said, taking another bite into my sardine.

"Thanks. I practice."

Time flies by, as princess Skystar continues to have a conversation with me. This time, I told her about some of my fishing trips, where myself and a few other guys caught fifty crabs. She seemed interested, but nearly anything I say catches her interest. Never have I met someone who actually enjoys what I do at work, besides something stupid I did at some certain point, like falling face first onto a pile of fish.

"Say, Travis?" asked Skystar, rating her head on her flipper-hoof.

"Do you know any fairy tales?"

"Well, there are. There are Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and The Beanstalk, The Little Mermaid, and others."
"What's The Little Mermaid about?"

"It's about a mermaid who fell in love with a human. A Mermaid is like a siren, half human, half fish. So, there's this mermaid who is the daughter of the sea king. She is the youngest of her sisters, who were born a year apart. It was her sixteenth birthday and she is allowed to see the surface, to find the prince, who she fell in love at first sight."

"How romantic."

"Suddenly, a storm came and she luckily saved his life. To be avoided of being seen by other humans, she left him at the beach and goes back to her kingdom. To see him again, she goes to the sea witch, who gives her a potion that will turn her into a human, but she won't be able to speak. Another thing is that she must kiss the prince in the next three days because if she doesn't she'll turn into sea foam."

"Yikes. What a sacrifice."

"She accepts and eventually meets the prince. Things were going swimmingly, until the prince met the princess from the temple, who he believed saved his life. He saw her when he woke up from being saved by the mermaid. The prince declares the princess and himself to be married. The mermaid felt heartbroken, as she joins the celebration on the wedding ship. It was near dawn as her sisters came out of the water with shorter hair. The sea witch made a deal with them and gave them a knife in exchange for their long hair. She was to use the knife to kill the prince."
Skystar gasped, covering her muzzle.

"With the blood of the prince," I continued, "you'll turn back into a mermaid and live your life as you once did. She snuck into the chambers where the prince and his bride slept, preparing to do the deed. However, she couldn't do it. Deep in her heart, she still loved the prince. Instead, right at the crack of dawn on the third day, she falls from the ship, dissolving into sea foam. It is said that the mermaid went to heaven, due to her being selfless."

"What a great story," said Skystar, tears going down her eyes.

"Poor mermaid, not being with the prince."

"It's a sad fairy tale, but it's one of my favorites. The film from the seventies was close to the original compared to that Disney flick."


"Nothing... nothing at all."

"Say, um, Travis," said Skystar, wiping another tear from her cheek. "Mind if I come back here tomorrow? It's sunset and I need to be home soon. I also need to get ready tomorrow for my performance."


"I'm gonna be performing a song. A bunch of seaponies are gonna be there and I'll be singing to them."

"Wow! I'd like to see that."

"You would?"

"Sure. You have a nice singing voice. That's how I found you and this cave."

"Do you think I sound... good?" she asked, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks. "I don't know, but I was thinking my voice sounded shaky during some of it."

"You sounded great to me," I compliment. "Not gonna lie, but you have a great voice."


"I wish I could go down there with you, but I won't be able to breathe and I can't swim."

"Well, I don't mind swimming with you. I'll let you ride on my back. I should introduce you to my mother."

"Well, about that. Don't you think she would dislike me? Your kind have been killed by humans and me being there could cause quite a scare."

"Don't worry, Travis. Not all humans are as cruel as we thought. Like you. Who knows, mom may let you stay here."

"Well, let's just see."

"Can you stand?"

"I think so," I said, lifting myself up slowly.

As I stand up, I take a wobbly step, then another. I make my way to the edge of the entrance.

"Don't worry, Travis," said Skystar, waddling up to my right. "I'll be by your side. Also, I can make air bubbles. They'll help you breathe."

"I hope this works," I worried.

"I'll be with you all the way. Now jump in there."

"Ladies first," I said, letting her pass.

"My gosh, you're such a gentlecolt. Or in this case, a gentleman."

She slides into the water, leaving me by myself at the entrance. With all my courage, I make a leap and plopped into the cool water. I was expecting the water to be freezing, but surprisingly, it was as cold as the cave. In front of me is a bright light, coming from Skystar herself. Before I could gasp for air, a bubble forms around my head, allowing me to breathe. It was as though I was wearing scuba wear, but without the equipment on my back.
I can now see clearly see Skystar in front of me, smiling, as I flail back and forth, trying to keep with her height. She swims behind me, then between my legs, letting me sit on her back.

"Feel okay?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said, giving her a thumbs up. "Hear you clearly as well."

"Well," she said, her tail wagging behind me like a happy dog.

"Here we go."

She quickly swims forward through the water, rocks around us, but there was a clearing for us to go through. I look above us, seeing a school of butterfly fish.

"Wow!" I said, looking around the underwater cavern, seeing coral and sea sponges.

"We're close," she said, swimming forward, then lower.

She turns up through an entryway that gives off a faint pink glow from the other side. When we reach to the other side, there it was. Ahead of us about a mile away, stood the kingdom of seaponies. You familiar with the film The Abyss? Where Bud meets the alien and it takes him to its ship? I'm getting that vibe right now."

A Tail Begins

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I sit on Skystar's back, gazing upon the beauty of her underwater kingdom, my mouth agape. I can't believe it, it was like something out of a fantasy novel.

"Welcome, Travis," presented Skystar, "To Seaquestria."

I look down, noticing more seaponies below. There were males, females, little ones. Some look at us with surprise, others held onto their children with fright, and some swam away. I feel as though coming here is possibly a really big mistake. Next thing I know, they'll pop this bubble and watch me drown.

"Um, Skystar?" I asked, seeing her turn to look back.

"Yes? Isn't it beautiful?"

"It is, but I have a feeling that coming here is a big mistake."

"You sure?"

"See them down below?" I explain, pointing downward. “They're scared of me. Perhaps this wasn't a good idea."

"Don't you worry, Travis. Chin up. Just wait till you meet mother, she'll know what to do."

As we near the castle, we go down into an entryway, then swim up. Once atop, we enter the throne room, a wide and open area with coral, sea sponges, and two guards on our sides. The one on the left was male with a dark blue color, dark green sail, holding a spear, while the other is a female with a bright pink color and yellow sail.

In front of us was a sleeping seapony on a throne, female to be exact. She has three antennae, almost identical to Skystar's. The fins on her back are large with a shade of purple. The seal on the back of her neck is pink with a few dark purple dots. Her color is of white, with light blue fins at the end; three light blue fins near her tail, two on the sides and one on top. Her tail fin is the color of purple, as she flips it back and forth slowly. On her head was a crown, which told me that this is Skystar's mother, queen Novo.

Skystar sets me down, as I stood still on the ground and somehow not floating.

"How is it that I'm standing perfectly and not floating?" I asked.

"Magic, silly," she giggled. "Stay here. I'm gonna wake up mother."

As she swims up to her, I stand there watching her doing her thing. Looking to my left, I see the soldier looking at me intently, ready to strike me if I did anything suspicious. Looking to my right, same thing with the female soldier.

"What?!" shouted a deep and royal voice. "You dare bring a human into my kingdom, Skystar?!"

I look up to the throne, seeing Skystar looking down at me with worry, trying to convince her to spare me, but I don't think it's working. I gulp down a lump in my throat, a bead of sweat going down my brow.

"Guards!" shouted the queen, looking down at me with much more intent than her soldiers have. "Seize that human!"

In a flash, I look behind to see four soldiers behind me, pointing their spears close to me. Two were the ones I saw the moment I entered, these other two were males, one with dark green color that has a dark blue sail and the other with dark red color that has a orange sail with a bite mark on his chest, possibly from a shark attack. I expected this to happen, coming here really was a big mistake. Looking back towards the queen, I could tell she was serious.

"Mother!" shouted Skystar, catching the soldiers attention, including myself. "He's not dangerous! He means no harm to us!"

"How can you be sure?!" questioned her mother, looking back down at me again. "Where did you come from, human?!"

I was very nervous to speak, but had to tell her my situation. "Hello, your highness. My name is Travis of California. I am thirty-one-years-old."

"What is your business here? Hunting seaponies? Slaughter?!"

"No! I swear that's not why I'm here! There was a storm and I crashed here. I came up Mount Aris and met Princess Skystar, who told me about your kind and why you are hiding from us."

"It's true, mother," Nodded Skystar, "He means no harm to us. He has no harpoons or any weapons of that nature."

"Skystar, you do know what the humans have done to our kind in the past, right?"

"Mother, just give him a chance! Get to know him, he even told me a wonderful story about a mermaid that fell in love with a prince. Plus, he's my friend."

Queen Novo looks down at me with surprise. "Friend?"

"Mother, he's not as bad as those humans before. He's... special."

Novo swims down towards me, as the soldiers from behind me hold up their spears. Unlike Skystar, Novo is about five inches taller. "You may be among us on one condition."

"Y-yes?" I stuttered.

"You will never go back home. You are to stay here for the rest of your life. I can't have the secret of this place spread around the world."

"I understand, your highness. I'm willing to accept this fate."

"You are?"

"Since I crashed here, I knew I was gonna stay and I can't communicate to the outside world, therefore, I'm stuck here anyway."

"Well... good. I welcome you to my kingdom and you can show me that you're not going to cause any harm.

"I understand."

"Oh!" squeaked Skystar. "Mother! Can you use the pearl on him? Give him something that will help him swim? I can teach him."

"Well... hmm..."

"What pearl?" I wondered.

Queen Novo gave me a questionable look, before giving out a sigh. "I'll allow it. Travis, I shall grant you the ability to swim and breathe. My daughter will help you swim, but if you do anything out-of-the-ordinary with her, you're dead. Got it?"

My heart skips a beat. I can tell she was serious with those words. "Y-yes, your majesty."

A light glows above the throne. Downward comes a jellyfish of some sorts, bringing down a bowling ball sized pearl. The tentacles carefully bring the pearl down to queen Novo's flippers, shining a pink aura. From the pearl, a pink mist flows down towards me, hitting me with a tickle.

"Hehehe," I chuckle, "That tickles."

The air bubble that keeps me from breathing pops, but somehow, I can breathe just as though I was still on land. I then felt a funny sensation below me, as I take notice my legs are no longer legs, but a fishtail. The scales match my skin tone, while the flipper is brown to match my hair color.

"Wow!" shouts Skystar with surprise, coming to my side to help me float. "You actually got a fishtail, just like the rest of us."

I move it back and forth quickly, trying to make myself stand. "It's gonna take some getting use to."

Trying to stand myself up, I ended up spinning backwards, making Skystar, Queen Novo, and the soldiers laugh. I spread my arms out, trying to stand still, feeling embarrassed to have a fishtail.

"This is gonna be fun," giggled Skystar.

"I'm not used to having a fishtail. I've had legs most of my life, but now they're gone."

"Try coming back to me. Use your flipper and slowly move it up."

I use my fishtail, bringing me forward, stretching my arms out. "I think I got this."

Reaching as far as I can, grabbing Skystar's flippers. I bring my fishtail down, standing steadily in front of her. "There you go! You got this!"

"What's our next lesson?"

"That's easy," she smirks, swimming past me and stopping at the window, farther than my first lesson. "Catch me!"

"Okay, Skystar! I'm coming after you!"

For the past half an hour, I guess, been trying my best to catch her. I began getting used to my lower half, despite missing my two legs.

She swims in a zig-zag motion, as I follow behind, breathing heavily to catch her. Stretching my right hand out, I grab ahold of her tail fin, making her gasp. She turn around, looking at her tail fin being held by my thumb and index finger tightly.

"You did it!" she squeaks, hugging me tightly. "I knew you could do it!"

"I'm getting used to this fishtail. I thought it was gonna be difficult, but turns out rather easy to move."

"Mind if I introduce you to Shelldon and Shelly?"


"I'll be right back! You're gonna love them."

She swims off, leaving me in the throne room with the soldiers and Queen Novo, who is looking down at me with somewhat trust in her eyes. She lifts herself from her throne, swimming towards me. Once close, she gives me a faint smile, that surprised me.

"You're not that bad, Travis," she said, swimming around me like a shark, "I apologize for being rather mean to you earlier."

"It's okay, your highness. I figured you were gonna be angry with my coming here."

"You're... different. You're not as much of a troublemaker as I expected. I don't see anything violent about you."

She swims back in front of me, looking at me eye level. "You don't need to worry about me being violent. I only became violent once due to a friend of mine being bullied back in high school."

"That's very sweet of you."

"Thanks, your highness."

"Please, just call me Novo."

"Okay, Novo."

"So, what is your favorite thing to eat of the sea? Since you'll be living among us, I want to know what you'd like."

"Well, you guys sure do have tasty sardines. I also love crab, salmon is good. I never had shark, but my father said it was good. He had shark soup."

"Shark soup?"

"It's delicious. Also, what do you guys drink?"

"We have wine, juice, fresh water."

"Um... how exactly does-"

"Magic, that's why. Are you feeling hungry or thirsty?"

"Not really, but may I ask you something, Novo?"


"Why're you being rather friendly with me?"

"You're interesting. I never met a human as kind as you, since we watched you try to catch my daughter. You two just met and never have I seen her so happy in my life. She has told you she doesn't have many friends, correct?"

"But what are Shelly and Sheldon?""

"Well, they're-"

"I'm back!" called out Skystar, holding two shells with fake eyes on them. One was pink, the other is purple. "Travis, meet Shelly and Sheldon."

"Oh! Uh, hey there, guys."

"These guys are the best."

"I know a clam. His name was Alexander Clam Bell."

Skystar and surprisingly Novo gave out a chuckle. "That's pretty funny."

"Haven't seen him in a long while. I was five years old on a fishing trip with my father, and I brought along Alexander with me. We were going up and down on some waves, making him slip from my grasp. He fell somewhere in the ocean and never saw him again."

"So sorry to hear, Travy."

"Travi? You're giving me nicknames now?"

"Well, you are my friend, Travy. Give me one."


"Yeah! Pleeeeease?"

"How about... Sky?"

"Sky? I like it."

"Say, Skystar," said Novo, catching her daughter's attention, "Why don't you show 'Travi' around?"

"I'd love to, mother. I'll put Shelly and Shelldon away. I'll be back."

She swims off, leaving me and Novo alone again. Novo looks down at me again, smiling softly. "You and my daughter look rather cute together, despite you being a human."

"Cute?" I blushed. "We just became friends. If you're asking about romance, ya need to be patient."

"I'm aware, dum dum," she giggles, giving me a gentle knock on my head with a fin. "I met a hippogriff long ago and oh boy, he was so shy that it was cute. I was a princess during the time and he was a commoner. My father and mother were rather unsure if he was worthy of being royalty until I brought him over for dinner. My parents began to like him, which made me happy knowing that they approve of this hippogriff to be my husband."

"What happened to him?"

"He... well..."

Her soft smile transforms into a frown, making me feel bad for asking such a question. "I'm sorry. It's none of my business."

"He died... of old age. Those of royal blood can live to a thousand years, but an average hippogriff can live to a hundred."

"Humans are the same to. We can live up to our eighties, nineties, possibly hundreds."

"That's something."

"Okay!" shouted Skystar, swimming quickly towards us. "Let's go and meet some seaponies, Travy."

"It's been nice talking with you, Novo. Mind if I talk to you later?"

"If you like."

"Come on, Travy,” said Skystar, grabbing my arm, pulling me away from Novo, "You're gonna love it here."

We swam down to the entrance and outside from the throne room. She releases me, swimming upward towards cylinder-looking homes to where each individual seapony lived in. I wonder what the locals are like? Friendly? Aggressive?

"Say, Sky?" I asked, following beside her upward. "What are the seaponies like?"

"They're rather friendly. Except for this grumpy old seapony who lost his wife a month ago."

"Sorry to hear."

As we swam closer, seaponies began to appear before my eyes. They look down at us with surprise, giving us some space as we arrived. Around us are seaponies of different ages, gender, and size.

"Hey guys," said Skystar, holding my close to her. "I'd like you to meet Travis, a human."

They gasp, along with murmuring to one another. "Don't worry, he won't hurt us. He's quite friendly. My mother accepts his appearance."

"How can your mother trust him?!" asked a light-green male seapony with a bright red sail. "They're dangerous!"

"Not him. He's a nice one. I became friends with him."

"Look, everybody," I said, waving my hands up, "I'm not here to kill anyone. I have no weapons on me, nor do I hunt your kind. I'm a fisherman who hunts crabs."

"Crabs?" repeated the male seapony. "You hunt crabs?"

"It's my job. We eat them just like you guys."

"But do you eat seaponies?" asked a bright-pink seapony with a bent dark-purple sail.

"I have no intention of eating any of you guys."

A small seapony swims up to me. She was a tiny thing with a bright-yellow color and dark-green sail. In her fins, she holds onto a small shell with a lace on it, a necklace. She holds it up to me, scared.

"Hey there, little missy," I said, crouching down, "There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not gonna take that lovely necklace from you."

She cocks her head, bringing her necklace back to herself, holding it close to her chest. She smiles faintly, her tail wagging like a little puppy. I chuckle, placing my hand on her head, feeling the slickness of her sail.

"Not gonna hurt you. See?"

Her smile grows, making her give out a tiny little giggle.

"Octoa," called out a female voice from the surrounding seaponies. Coming forth is a female seapony with dark-yellow scales and a dark-red sail. "Come here, honey. Stay away from that thing."

"He's not a thing, momma," retorted the child, "He's a nice human."

"Miss," I interrupted, "Don't think of me as an enemy. I have no intention of hurting your child."

"Y-you don't? But humans are dangerous."

"Not him, miss," said Skystar. "He's a nice human and he's to live among us."

"Say, uh, Travis, is it?" asked a seapony with a dark-orange color and bright-green mane. "What else do you eat?"

"I can eat sardines, fried octopus, fried squid, shark soup, clam chowder. There can be more, but those are my top favorites."

"You can eat shark?"

"Yes, Sir."

"My goodness, that sounds good."

"If anyone hunts around here, go out there and hunt down some shark."

Some seaponies nod in agreement, some look rather frightened from ever getting close to one. I don't blame them.

"Would you like anything to drink, Travis?" asked the dark-orange seapony. "I have some water over at my small business. I'll let you have this one free for your first visit."

"That sounds swell. Thank you, Sir."

"The name is Arch."

"It's a pleasure to be your first human customer."

"Shall we?"

"Before you, good Sir."

He swims ahead, as I follow. Turning around, Skystar follows behind, along with the crowd.

"My God," I thought, "They want to see me drink? Weird."

The day goes by, as the waters began going darker by the hour. Sadly, I have poor night vision, so this is when I call it a day. Skystar lights our way back to the castle, as I follow beside her.

"My gosh, Travy," she said with surprise. "You were quite popular with the seaponies today. Now, they'll see you differently than what they were told about humans."

"I hope so," I replied. "I noticed that old seapony you mentioned and he didn't look so impressed."

"You noticed him?! When?!"

"When we went to get something to snack on. I saw him somewhere in the crowd, sneering."

Skystar nodded. "That's him, alright."

We swim down, then upward into the throne room, standing in front of queen Novo. With her were some female seaponies; one with mint-green scales, bright-yellow sail, one with bright-pink scales with a dark purple sail, and another with gray scales with a dark-gray sail. The four of them looked at us, then let out a giggle.

"Welcome back, Skystar, Travis," said Novo, bowing her head.

"My gosh, mom!" said Skystar, with a clap of her flippers. "Everybody loves him, except for that old guy. They asked him so many questions about where he came from, his childhood, favorite things to do, and much more."

"Didn't have any problems. It went better than what I expected," I added. "Quite a friendly bunch, really."

"Glad you're enjoying your time, Travis," said Novo.

"Mother, what're we having for dinner?"

"We'll be having some lobster."

"Oh! Yummy!"

"Haven't had lobster in a month," I said, "I remember catching one by accident, but in the end, I ate it."

"Oh, Travy," nudged Skystar. "You'll love the lobsters here. They're delicious."

"I usually cook them. Do you guys eat them raw?"

"Well... yeah."

"Oh, boy. I can't eat them raw. We humans cook them for consumption."

"You cook them?" asked Novo.

"Yeah. They taste good with some lemon and butter smeared on it."

"Oh, butter," said Novo, letting out a sigh. "I miss the taste of butter."

"I'm gonna miss it too."

"Queen Novo," said a male voice further behind Novo's throne, "Dinner is served."

A sea pony with dark-yellow scales and white sail swims in steadily, holding a tray of what I see are fish, shrimps, and sardines. My mouth waters, as the waiter holds up the tray to her, as she bites down on a few shrimps. As she chews on them, the waiter comes to Skystar, getting a better view of the food. There were some fish heads in a bowl, shrimps, the sardines I expected, and seaweed wrapped fish meat. She picks a few of the seaweed wraps, before the waiter stands in front of me.

"Please, Travis," she said in a friendly tone, "Take what you like. It's fresh and delicious."

I, of course, chose the sardines, as I pick out five of them. I plop the first one in my mouth, as the waiter swims towards the seaponies that surround Novo. I don't know who they are, but they could be friends. Looking over to Skystar, she chews slowly on her piece, as a little of drool goes down the corner of her mouth. I let out a chuckle, catching her attention.

She gulps her piece, licking her lips. "What's so funny?"

"You must've really liked your piece. You were drooling."

She lets out a giggle. "I can't help myself. It's been a habit I had since I was a kid."

Plopping another sardine into my mouth, Skystar stares at one of my sardines. I pull one out from my grip, handing her a piece that makes her eyes sparkle. She squeaks, as she bites down onto the head and sucking it up.

"These sardines are really good," I said, giving Novo a thumbs up.

"Glad you like them," said Novo, "They're the best a queen can ask for."

"Say, mother? Where will Travy be sleeping?"


Novo looks to me, just as curious as I am. "Do you have a guest room, Novo?"

"Oh! Yes! We do. Usually, I save it for friends, but since you're gonna be here, might as well let you have it."

"Thank you, Novo. I hope it doesn't bother you that I'm kinda taking it since I have nowhere else to go."

"It doesn't bother me the slightest, Travis. Please, enjoy your stay and I hope you really like it here."

"Come on, Travy," said Skystar, grabbing my hand and pulling me past Novo and her friends.

"Wow! This room looks really cool."

In the room is a large waterbed with velvet pillows and blanket, a large mirror near the window, a closet, a nightstand with a lamp, and a bathroom door at the right corner. Coming in here makes me feel rich, if I were.

"Please make yourself at home, Travy," said Skystar on the bed, resting her head on her flippers.

"I really like to thank your mother for the hospitality."

I sit at the end of the bed, looking outside at lights that dim down from above.

"My mother is quite friendly with you, despite how she was when you arrive. I think she likes you."

"Likes me? Like as a friend?"

"Yeah. She totally sees humans differently because of you. Same with me. You're not a bad guy."

"One false move and I'm sushi."

She lets out a giggle, as she rests her back on the bed. "I really hope you like it here."

"I do, Sky. It's quite beautiful around here. Reminds me of The Abyss."

"The Abyss?"

"A human named Bud makes contact with a marine-like alien who takes him to their underwater ship. The aliens communicate with him saying that they wanted the humans to stop fighting one another or they'll flood us."


"It's not a true story. The aliens from that movie don't exist, but I do believe they're out there."

"Aliens? What are they?"

"We don't know for sure, but they're beings of higher intelligence than man. They could wipe us out in one blow possibly. People have encountered them and been tested. We don't know their ambitions, but they're out there. Somewhere."


Letting out a loud yawn, I laid back on the bed. Skystar does the same, but stands up and stretches her flippers. "Well, I guess I should be heading the seabed."

"Goodnight, Sky. Can't wait to hear you sing tomorrow."

"I'll do my best. Goodnight, Travy."

She exits the room, leaving me be, as I swing my tail back and forth slowly.

"Man," I thought, "What a day it has been. Coming to an underwater kingdom, seaponies, and sleeping in a face guest room. It's like something out of a fantasy novel."

Suddenly, a knock comes to my door. I stand up, hands behind my back. "Travis? You still awake?"

Novo's voice calls from the other side, making my heart race a bit. "Please, come in."

The door opens, as Novo stands before me. She looks down at me with a brow raised.

"Have you been messing with my daughter?" she asked.

"N-no. I wouldn't hurt her."

"She came in here with you. I was certain you were going to take away her purity."

"Puri- what, no! NO! I never planned on that."

Novo swims past me and sits on the waterbed. "I'm keeping my eyes on you two. I still don't trust you, yet you are the most kind hearted human Skystar, myself, or any other seapony will ever know."

"That's flattering of you, Novo. I'd like to thank you for your hospitality."

"It's a pleasure."

I sit beside her, looking at her to my right. "You know, Travis, I have never seen her talk to someone as long as she has since you two met. Skystar is rather shy."

"Really? She seems like she would get along with everyone. She has great personality."

"I'm glad you became her friend. She finally has someone to talk to besides those clams."

"It's an honor. She saved my life and I owe her. I guess being her friend for life is a good debt."

"She saved your life?"

"When I arrived here, I was in pain. I walked a long way here, blood coming down my side. I heard her singing and I came to her. She healed me and gave me food and water."

"That's... sweet of her. I never knew she would do something like that to someone."

I lift up my shirt, showing the closed wound. "She healed this. Without her, I would've bled to death."

"... My goodness, Travis. That looks pretty bad. My girl is a savior."

"She's a great girl. I don't know why she would save me? Was it pity?"


"Novo, speaking of Skystar, I'm gonna see her sing."

"She told you?"

"Yeah. She has a pretty voice."

"Pretty voice?"

"Sounded beautiful. Better than the modern music of today."

"Sounded beautiful?"

Novo smirks, making myself cock a brow. "Why say it like that?"

"Do you love her singing, Travis? Is my daughter's voice really beautiful or are you just saying that."

"She does have a good voice. I'm not lying."

Her tail swings back and forth quickly, as she gives out a tiny giggle. "Makes me wonder if you like my daughter in a different way."

I blush, flailing my arms back and forth. "N-no! She's just a friend! I don't have any romantic feelings for her. She has a nice singing voice is all."

"I don't know why, but I have a feeling you two are gonna be more than friends in the future."

"I don't know. People back home would find it disgusting if I married a sea pony.

"They'd find it weird?"

"Yeah. Having sex with creatures is bizarre to many."

"The others would find it weird here as well."

"Perhaps I can't fall for her or any seapony. It'll look weird. If I were to marry Skystar, I think they'd think of you differently."

Novo stands up from the bed, heading towards the door. "We shall see, if so. Anyway, goodnight, Travis. Have a great stay at my kingdom."

"I shall."

She shuts the door, leaving me yet again alone with my thoughts. I pull the covers up, as I snuggle in them. The covers feel soft, like an old blanket I had when I was six. I let out an exhale, letting all the worries out of me.

"Me? Her? Together? Naw."

I reach for the lamp, shutting it off, before snuggling deep in the sheets. I slowly doze off, dreaming of home, with family and friends.

Music to My Ears

View Online

I slowly open my eyes, checking my surroundings. Leaning up, I give out a stretch, hearing a crack on my left arm. I bring my arms down, looking towards the window, seeing the sun's rays from above the kingdom shining down. Before removing the covers, I take notice of something sticking out from the sheets, between me and my fish half. Takes me five seconds to realize I have morning wood.

"Really?" I said to myself. "I still have a penis with this fish tail? I wonder how it looks."

Lifting off the covers, there it was, my penis in all its glory. Looking down to the shaft, I take notice of a flap between the scales. "Huh... so that's how it works.

Someone knocked on the door, making me jump. I quickly put the covers over my morning wood, with my hands on top of it to make it not stand out.

"Travy?" said Skystar from the other side. "Are you awake? Breakfast is gonna be ready soon."

"I am! Just don't come in!"

"Why not?"

"I... have bedhead and look weird."

"What's bedhead?"

"When humans wake up, our hair looks silly."

"Can I see?"

"N-no! It's hideous."

"Awwww! Okay. Table is in the throne room. Hope you like scrambled eggs."

The sounds of her tail moving fade away, as I look back down at my semi-erection. I let out a sigh of relief. "Phew! Would be bad swimming around with this guy up."

After getting myself cleaned up, I put on my usual shirt from yesterday, swimming into the throne room. There, in the throne room is a circular table at the bottom of the throne, with Novo's friends chatting as they eat their breakfast. With her back towards me is Skystar, giggling to their conversation. I rub my left eye, looking towards the empty seat that stands beside Novo.

"Good morning, everyone," I said, giving out a stretch of my arms.

"Good morning, Travis," said Novo, "Please come and have some breakfast before it gets cold."

I swim to my chair, sitting down comfortably on the red cushion. On my flat rock plate are my scrambled eggs, making my mouth water. I picked up my fork, using its side to cut a piece of it it. As I place it in my mouth, the flavor somehow tasted very familiar. The egg tasted like gran-gran's scrambled eggs, without the glass of juice and a slice of toast. Memories of her brings tears to my eyes.

"Travy?" Skystar said worriedly, bringing me back to reality. "Are you okay? You're crying."

I take my left finger, swiping it on my cheek. Looking down to my finger, it is definitely wet. "Oh! Well... these eggs are really good. They remind me of gran-gran."

"Who's that?" asked Novo.

"My grandmother. Sweetest person I'll ever know. She made me laugh, she was there when I had a horrible day... she..."

My eyes go blurry with tears, making me put down my fork and cover my face. "She... she was taken away from me by that awful driver..."

Why am I crying? I haven't cried like this in such a long time. Not since gran-gran died. I was ten when she got into that crash and I cried constantly for about a week.

As I sobbed uncontrollably, tears falling into the palms on my hands, I suddenly feel a fin on my right shoulder, making my sobbing come to a complete stop. I take a peak to my right, seeing Skystar looking at me with a tear in her eye.

"Travy," she said in a soothing voice, "Don't cry."

Somehow, her words calm me down, as I give out a sniffle.

"Thanks, Skystar."

I couldn't resist hugging her. She's a rather good friend and seeing a tear in her eye makes it clear that she really cares for me. She hugs me tight, as I give out a few more sniffles. The mood goes away suddenly, as Novo's friends look at us with big and bright eyes. I break the hug, looking back at my breakfast with red cheeks.

After breakfast, I bathe on the surface. Sliding my fingers across my hair to make sure every strand is cleaned. I go under the water, tilting my head up towards the rushing water, getting my face splashed by water, enjoying it all. My tail splashing into the entrance of Seaquestria, creating large ripples that make it to the middle.

"Ahhh," I exhale, enjoying the decent temperature of the fresh water that pours down onto my skin, "Refreshing."

"Hey there, mister!"

I jumped, swimming backwards, as my back smacks against the chest of the hippogriff statue. In front of me is a seapony with light magenta-ish color, with a light cornflower blue and bluish-gray mane. She wears a necklace showing a pink shell. She stared at me with surprise, as she swims close to me, now less than a foot away.

"So you're the human I never got to see while I got sick," she said in a bubbly voice, kinda similar to Skystar.

"Y-yeah, that's me. I'm bathing, at the moment..."

"Oh! You were cleaning yourself?! My bad! I was just so curious to what you look like. I was at the castle, but was being taken care of by Seaspray."

"Seaspray? Doesn't ring a bell to me."

"Tall seapony, light purple, wears a necklace similar to mine, mint green mane."


I try thinking back, but nothing is coming up in my memory.

"Not really. Either I haven't been paying attention to my surroundings or he hasn't shown himself."

"I guess it's because he's been watching over me during my fever. Enough of my fever, I wanna know more about you Travy."

"Well, my name is- wait! Who told you that my nickname is Travy?"

"My cousin silly."



"Hold the phone! Let's start over. You're Skystar's cousin... Silverstream, is it?"

"That's me!"

"It's coming back to me. Yeah, Skystar told me about you during breakfast at one point. Nice to meet you, though this is rather awkward to meet you while I'm naked."

"Everybody is naked, silly!" she giggles.

She swims to my left, resting her back against the stone, looking at me with a big grin.

"So tell me, how did you get here? All I know from Seaspray is that you are the only human to ever be in our kingdom, and you're here to stay, right?"

"You heard right. I got here because a storm damaged my boat pretty badly and I found Mount Eris close by and was hoping to find someone who could help me and I found Skystar who took care of me and gave me food. Took me to sea Novo, made an agreement, and I'm now stuck here. Also, don't worry, I'm not gonna kill anyone. Nor do I have intention to."

"You're pretty cool, Travy. What's your real name?"

"It's Travis."

She sticks out a fin towards me. "The name's Silverstream."

"Uh... I already know that, but okay."

I shake hands with her fin, smiling towards her.

"So, you gonna go hear my cousin sing tonight?"

"Yeah, I can't wait. She has a great voice."

"'A 'great voice', huh?"

She gives me a smirk, making me question to what she's thinking. I just said she has a good voice is all, what would she be thinking?

"Uh... why are you smirking?"

She giggles, nudging on my shoulder.

"Tell me, is my cousin cute?"

"C-cute?! Uh... she is, b-but-"

"Oh? Do you have the hots for her?"

"N-no! I don't! We're just friends! I can't fall in love with her immediately! Plus, if I were to, it'll make her look weird to everyone."

"I'm just kidding, silly," she laughs, smacking against my back, "Hehehe! You're funny. Say, what do humans eat?"

"We can be omnivores or be vegetarians. Sardines can do for now. I would love to have a piece of steak right now."


"Juicy pieces of meat that make my mouth water. Cooked and juicy."

"Oh boy, that's making me hungry already. Oh! What is royalty like at your home?"

"Our leader he's... ask me another one."


"I like to fish."

"Fishing? Oh! You know, there's a fishing club and if you enjoy finishing you should go see them."

"Oh? I didn't know you guys had such a thing, but I'll try it."

"Cool! Me and Skystar will cheer for you when the competitions come! Whoever catches the most fish wins."

"Sounds like fun. I did that a few times back with other fishermen."

"Perfect! So when you're done bathing, come down here. I'll let you meet them."

"Thanks, Silver. Mind if I give you a nickname?"

"Skystar calls me that, so of course you can."

I wave to her as she waves back before slipping down back to Seaquestria.

I dive back to Seaqestria, swimming around the bottom, waving to other seaponies. Some wave back, some just smiled friendly.

"Never been around down here, but it sure does look ni-"

I bump into someone, as I look forward, an old seapony looks to me with surprise and seems rather upset. He has wrinkles on his face, his arms are thin and shaky. His scales are grey, along with his fins being the color of dark blue. His mane, the color of white as foam. The grumpy old seapony stares at me with hatred in his yellow eyes.

"Murderer!" he shouts. "I lost my dear wife to you! You humans are monsters! It's your fault we're down here in the first damn place!"

"Whoa!" I hold my hands up to him. "Take it easy, Sir. I know of your history, bu-"

"Silence!" She interrupted. "You are but savages! Every last one of you! You can fool everyone, but you can't fool me!"

I take notice around me, some seaponies staring, murmuring to one another. I look back to him, swimming a few feet away.

"Look, Sir. I am human, but I have no intention of hunting any-"

"Humbug! You're just saying that to fool everyone! I'm not stupid! I may be old, but I'm not stupid. You are vile, putrid, unholiest creature on the planet!"

"Hey! That's going too far!"

"Oh?" The old geezer smirks, chuckling under his breath. "Go on! Get angry! Fight an old man! Show us your true colors!"

"I'm not gonna fight an old seapony."

"Really now? Then I'm certain you will after I give you a crack of my tail!"

With all his might, he swings his tail at me, smacking against my chest. it didn't have the effect that he expected. It felt like a small sting. I stood there, showing little bit of pain that he tried to inflict upon me. He looks back at me with surprise. The crowd watches with surprise, as more seaponies begin to crowd us.

"What?! Didn't that hurt you?!"

"A tiny sting is all I felt, Sir."

He grits his teeth, holding up his fins, punching me in the chest, just to feel little taps. I look down to him, as he continued to punch me with everything he had. His arms shaking as reels back before throwing another punch. The crowd watched us with surprise.

"You! Killed! My! Wife!" he shouts, as he continues to punch. Tears roll down his cheeks, as he gives out a few sniffles. "Die! Humans are all scum!"

I look towards the crowd, some were crying, mourning with him for his loss. I too felt bad for him; he lost his wife and there's nothing I or anybody can do to bring her back. I wrap my arms around him, holding him close, as he struggles.

"The hell are you doing?!" he asked as he thrashed. "Let me go, you beast!"

"I'm sorry for your loss, Sir," I said to him calmly. "I'm certain your wife was a good lady. I know it's been hard losing someone you lost. I lost my gran-gran when I was ten and I certainly have been upset for some time."

His thrashing dies down slowly, as he sobs onto my chest, a few seaponies in the crowd sob.

"Tell me, what was she like?"

"She was my pearl... my pride and joy. She always made me smile on a bad day when I feel down. She had bright yellow scales so shiny that they twinkled. A voice so calm and clear that sounded like it could put anyone to ease. I loved her and she loved me."

"She sounds very sweet, Sir. She's in a better place now. She'll live up there with all the good seaponies like everyone else. I know there's a place where good creatures go and they'll live up there forever. You'll see her again, just not yet. Your wife would want that. Keep on living for her."

I release him, as he puts a fin on my shoulder, wiping away the tears. He smiles softly, looking me in the eyes.

"You really mean it? She's in a better place?"

"Of course I mean it. From what you told me, she sounds like a great person."

"Remember I said humans are terrible and they were scum?"


"I have never been so wrong."

He hugs me tight, as I look around, seaponies clapping with tears in their eyes. He breaks the hug, giving me a nod.

"You're a great creature," he said. "If only humans could be more like you."

"Thank you, Sir. My name is Tra-"

"I know your name, sonny," he smiled, flipping his flipper. "No need to remind me. My name is Reefer."

"Reefer. Pleasure to meet you."

The two of us shake, as the crowd gasp, making the two of us break the handshake, looking up to see Queen Novo coming down.

"Oh! Your majesty!" I said, my tail flailing back and forth, nervous. "There's nothing to worry about. It's-"

"Majesty," interrupted Reefer. "My queen Novo, this human is such a great creature. He made me see humans a whole different way! He made me feel ever so better, just like my Gold Star once did. It's as though she's talking through him."

"Well, I heard you were fighting and were assaulting him out of anger for your loss," said Novo, cocking a brow. "No apology?"

He looks to me, lowering his head, his eyes closed.

"I'm sorry... my wife meant so much to me that I took my anger out on you just because I assumed all humans were monsters."

"Hey," I said, putting a hand on his shoulder, "I forgive you. I understand your loss. I told you that I was once like you after my gran-gran, I took my anger out on the people who were in my way, but I eventually knew what I did was wrong and I apologized. I was forgiven, though I had to do a lot for them to make up my wrongs."

He smiled softly, patting my shoulder. "You're a good fella. Now if you excuse me, I need to go buy some seaweed for dinner. You take care around here, Travis."

He looks to Novo, who gives him a nod of approval. He swims upward, as I look back to Novo, who swims in front of me. She smiles, as Skystar appears from behind.

"Travy!" shouted Skystar, jumping out to hug me. "You really are such a great guy! Why can't humans be like you?"

Her hug tightens, as she rubs her cheek against mine. My cheeks warm up, looking towards Novo and the crowd, as they giggle and chuckle. "Okay, Sky. You can let me go. I'm having trouble breathing."

"Oopsie!" she said, releasing me. "My bad. I couldn't help myself."

"What’d I miss?!"

Silverstream swims quickly, as she floats between Skystar and I, breathing heavily. "Uh... you missed it."

"Shoot!" she shouts. "I always miss the good stuff!"

"Well, Silverstream," said Novo, wrapping her arm around her, "you won't miss your cousin's singing tonight."

"Oh! Well, yeah! I can't miss that! I'll be there most definitely!"

"And you, Travis, shall sit beside me as we watch from a good view."

"Me sitting in the good seats?! That's just like getting the good seats at a baseball game back at home."

"Baseball? What is this so called baseball?"

"Baseball is a sport back home," I explain. "Along with football and basketball, two other of my favorites."

"Perhaps we can try these so called sports you mention."

"Football seems to be the only one to work down here. I can't see basketball and baseball working underwater. I can show any seapony that's interested. Who knows, you guys may like it as much as I do."

The crowd smiles, as they chat to one another, nodding in agreement.

"Then tomorrow, you shall show us football and tell us how it is done like on the surface."

"As you wish, Novo."

The crowd dies down, as they all swim away to a different direction, along with Novo swimming back up to the throne. Skystar and Silverstream still floating close to me, as they both grab my hands.

"Hey, Travy," said Silverstream, “Let's go see the fishing club I mentioned earlier."

"Yeah!" nodded Skystar. "Let's let you get to know them and how things work."

The two of them drag me along, swimming me towards the direction to where the fishing club is.

The day goes on, as nighttime begins to go over the ocean and for Seaquestria, as I stand beside Novo, as the throne room fills with many seaponies chatting, sharing a drink, laughing, enjoying the music that plays in the background by an orchestra with actual human instruments found long ago by a sunken ship found far from some fishers who wandered far in search for fish. Skystar talks with a few female seaponies as they giggle together about something. Skystar then takes notice of me, waving a fin. I wave back before she goes back talking to them. I look to Novo, as she smiles to her daughter.

"Gee," I let out, unsure how to start the conversation, "what a crowd, huh? I don't think I've seen so many seaponies huddled into a large room like this."

"I've never seen Skystar talking to another seapony in such a long while," replied Novo, taking a sip of her champagne.

"They must be talking about me. She seems to be having such fun time."

"You are certainly a special creature, Travis. If only all humans were like you, we wouldn't be hiding underwater."

"If everyone were the same, the world wouldn't be interesting, but I would wonder what the world would be like if our races got along. We could be helping one another."

"Possibly. Enough talk on differences. Go and enjoy yourself. Go see Skystar and her new friends."

I get pushed a little by her tail fin, moving toward her and her friends. One is a dark pink seapony with dark-blue eyes, dark pink mane and fins. The other is pale-yellow, with dark-green mane and fins. The third is teal, with a light-blue mane and fins.

"Oh my gosh!" said the pink seapony. "I finally get to talk with the human! Hey there, my name is Razzle Shine."

"It's a pleasure to meet you."

"My name is Clam Finder," said the pale-yellow seapony. "Great thing you did for that grumpy old seapony."

"My mother always told me to be nice to others and in return, they be nice to you."

"That's something I think everyone knows... Travis, right?"

"Yeah and yeah, that's true. It's a good lesson I had growing up."

"I'm like," said the teal colored seapony in a dead toned voice, "happy to see you... my name is Aqua Seaweed."

"Uh, hey there. It's nice to meet you too."

She stares at me with a soft smile, blinking once.

"Is this chick okay?" I thought. "She's pretty weird."

"Skystar," said Clam, "how did you find this guy?"

"He was bleeding to death and I nursed him back to health. He's a great guy, girls. He's a perfect human being."

Perfect human being? Somehow, the way she said that made me feel rather happy. I wish I was perfect, but no one is.

"Oh my!" said Razzle with a gasp. "Was it scary for you, Travis?"

"It was. I thought I was gonna die, until the princess found me and saved my life."

She blushes, making Clam giggle. Aqua blushes, her tail flailing a little.

"Tell me, Travis," said Clam in a odd tone, yet funny. "Do you have a thing for the princess?"

"Come on, Travis!" said Razzle, getting in front of me, her muzzle poking my nose hard. Her yellow eyes staring directly into mine. "Do you like the princess?! Have you two kissed?! Have you-"

Aqua pulls her back, her arm around Dazzle's neck and fin over her mouth.

"Sorry, Travis," she said in her usual tone, rolling her blue eyes. "She speaks out of her mind."

"Y-yeah, that's okay. I'm fine."

"Attention everyone!" said Novo, as everyone glued their eyes onto her. Mine included, as she holds up a glass of wine. "A toast for all of you that came and to you, Travis."

Everybody looks to me, making me feel a little embarrassed, as I give off a blush. "Hehehe..."

"A toast to that wonderful human!"

I look toward the source, seeing Reefer hold up his glass.

"Cheers," said Novo, as she takes a sip, along with the crowd.

"Heh. Thanks, guys."

"Now everyone, make way for my daughter. For she is about to sing."

Everyone, myself included, move away from the middle of the room, as Skystar swims away towards the hall. I follow after her, wanting her to give her a boost of confidence. Before she could go into the bathroom, I tap on her shoulder, making her look back at me.

"Travy?" she said, her eyes looking into mine.

"Sky... break a... well, a tail fin out there, when you sing. You can do it."

She blushes, covering her muzzle, as her tail fin flails back and forth. "Thank you."

She zips into the bathroom, shutting the door, leaving me floating as I turn back. As I look towards the hall, her friends giggle, giving me a questionable look.

"What's so funny?" I asked, as they continued.

"We like, saw her blushing to whatever you said," said Aqua, giving her usual expression, but with an addition to a smirk.

"Did you say something se-"

Razzle gets cutoff, as Clam covers her mouth. "What she meant to say is did you say something cute to her?"

"N-not really. I just told her that she can do it and that she's gonna break a tail fin out there."

They giggle, as Clam releases Dazzle's mouth. They swim slowly away, disappearing into the crowd, as I go float beside Novo. Novo sits on her throne, finishing up her glass, putting it aside.

"So, Travis," she said. "I hear you're going to try fishing. Am I hearing that right from Sky?"

"Yes. I'm just fishing. I won't escape. I don't have any plan on it. It's quite a long way to get home and I don't know if I can survive outside from the kingdom."

"It can be dangerous out there. Some seaponies are killed from sharks if not too careful."

"Uhh… well, I'll make sure to watch my back when I'm out there."

Suddenly, the room goes silent, as the lights turn off, seaponies clapping, Novo included.

"Looks like Sky is ready, Travis. Better make yourself comfortable."

"Oh! Of course."

I lean against her throne, as I look up to see small tiny balls floating down, shining down towards the figure below. They shine brighter, forming a circle above, revealing Skystar. Somehow, her scales are glinting to the light, as the glowing orbs orbit above her. She puts a fin on her chest and starts singing gently. The tune was the same as when I made my way up the mountain. Now I get to hear it a second time without any interruptions.


I was speechless... the vocals coming out of her were fantastic. My focus was entirely on her, as the murmurs fade. All I can hear is her. I enjoyed her singing until it came to an end, as everybody clapped. Myself included, as I give out a whistle.

"Absolutely beautiful!" I shouted, getting her attention.

She smiles, blushing, as she waves to me. The orbs swim back up into a hole of the ceiling, as the lights around the throne room light back up. The crowd goes back to their usual selves. Skystar goes back to her friends, talking about the performance perhaps.

"Oh boy, Travis," smirked Novo, as she rests her head on her fins. "I see what's going on here."

"Huh? What?"

"Don't play dumb. I notice how intrigued you were when you watched her singing."

"She has a good voice! That's all!"

"'She has a good voice, is all' he says."

She giggles, as I form a blush on my cheeks.

"This is gonna be a long night." I thought, as I scratch the back of my head. "Along with living around here, but I'm really feeling much more welcomed here. I will miss home, but this is my home now. I have to get used to it."