Laybor Day

by kalash93

First published

Labor Day: A perfect day to get laid!

You are a struggling photographer fresh out of school. You meet with a model for a quick photo session. Little do you suspect you're going to get a lot more than just a few pics.
Aged-up Featherweight

Thanks to Nahmala for her help. :)

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An alert pops up on your screen. Its momentary ephemeral brightness almost offends your tired eyes as you stare into the flickering computer screen, the sole light in the darkness of your bedroom. You open the new message from HealthHotty25, a mare you’ve been messaging for the last eight weeks on She doesn’t have many pics, but the ones you’ve seen suggest that she’s young and not bad looking. Surprisingly, she’s single, in your area, and best of all, interested.

>> “I didn’t get the job. :(” –HealthHotty25

You feel a flash of compassion for her. You type back.

>> “Why not? What happened?” –SnappyPegasus

>> “They said I need to learn how to pose better. I bet I’m just ugly.” –HealthHotty25

>> “What? You’re not ugly.” –SnappyPegasus

>> “It’s happened the last six times in a row, directors telling me I need to learn how to look good on stage.” –HealthHotty25

>> “Looking good on stage isn’t the same as just being regular attractive. Seriously, in the pics I’ve seen of you, you’re really hot. If it’s any consolation, just taking pretty pictures isn’t the same as being a decent photographer, according to the rejection letters I’ve gotten from different places.” –SnappyPegasus.

>> “Thanks. Your stuff’s nice, too. <3” –HealthHotty25

Your heart flutters a bit as you read her message. You can’t help but smile broadly as her kind words.

>> “You know how I’m meeting you tomorrow for coffee?” –HealthHotty25

>> “Yeah.” –SnappyPegasus

Fuck yeah is more like it, given how much you’ve been looking forward to finally seeing her for real. Or is it fuck no, given the deep feeling of dread which manifests in the pit of your stomach?

>> “Well, my friends who’re models are going to be in town tomorrow, and she wants to hang at my place.” –HealthHotty25

The words flash on your screen. For a moment, they mean nothing. Then, you feel the disappointment in your gut. Damnit, so much for your plans. This is what happened the last time you were scheduled to meet – she sent you a message just a couple hours before telling you she was going to be stuck at work on account of fallout from an accident involving the release of a large cloud of poison joke. You debate whether to ask directly if you should even bother showing up, or if you were still welcome to come. After all, rejection’s rejection, regardless of the semantic difference between the changed plans not including you by design or the new plans simply not having enough room for you. As you sit there, an idea begins to form in your head as you look at the words. A few key ones link together as a lightbulb turns on in your brain. Hurriedly, you type.

>> “If they’re models, then how about I come by and we can each get a little lesson in how to do photoshoots? I understand and it’s okay if you want to spend time with your friend. It’s just that this is a good opportunity and I don’t have to be there very long – just show up, say hi, get a few pointers, and be done in five, ten minutes tops.” –SnappyPegasus

>> “Um…” –HealthHotty25

You step away from the keyboard to go make yourself a cup of tea. It’ll occupy a few minutes while you wait for the inevitable ‘sorry but I can’t, so no’ messages to come. You put the water in the kettle and select your favorite, some nice exotic green needle tea. You place it in a strainer and wait for a boil. You look at the clock. Dear Celestia, it’s already three A.M., and you know from experience that nothing good happens past two A.M. online and one A.M. IRL. You dodge back into your bedroom and check your computer.

>> “Lemme checker…” –HealthHotty25

As you return to the kitchen for your tea, you mumble groggily, “At least she’s nice enough to make it look like she’s trying to still make it happen. Who am I kidding? She had the day all nice and open last time, too, right up until she suddenly had to spend her entire day off at work, and this time won’t be any different. She doesn’t really want to see me, does she?” Crestfallen, the peppy boil of the water and the bracing aroma of the leaves and brew do little to lighten your mood. It’s been a long night. You take a deep sniff and let out a sigh. What’s with you being so negative? Last time was a real emergency, so you could do with showing a little more good faith. She said she’d try to work it out and get in touch with her friends, whom she didn’t get to see too often by the sound of it. If she’d wanted to be rid of you, there were a thousand easier ways to do it. Damn, you really must be tired if you’re being this cynical. Not like you could really help it, having never been popular with mares in school, and finding yourself still looking chronically single even as your eighteenth spring morphed into your nineteenth summer. Heh, your nineteenth birthday was in five days and you hadn’t even been awkwardly kissed more than once or twice in your life. Cheer up, at least you had a lead now, unlike this time last year, not that it seemed to be doing you any good beyond displacing competitive gaming as your favorite late night pastime.

Several minutes pass. You take a tiny sip of the steaming hot tea. Satisfied, you take out the leaves and go return to your computer. When you are situated again, you see a message on the screen. Just as you expected.

>> “They both said yes! This is gonna be so cool! Snap, you’re gonna love them! They’ve got got soft spots for sensitive insomniacs, too. :P XD” --HealthHotty25

You rub your eyes. Okay, so her friends were going to be in town and was totally up for meeting you, too and had a soft spot for – this wasn’t at all what you expected! You jitter manically, barely holding back the urge to thrust your fist high into the air and shout like Bulk Biceps. You settle for a nearly silent “Awwwww yyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhh!” Now you’re talking! Three pretty babes eager to meet you for the price of one, and they’re all models, and… There’s three of them… “Dear Princess Celestia, when I said I wanted girls, I meant one at a time.” If the most embarrassing thing that happens to you tomorrow is you die from seeing too much beauty close up, that would be wonderful.


You stand on the street corner in the bright sunshine of the early afternoon in early September You clutch a piece of paper with your contact’s address on it. Your shoulders ache a bit from feeing the weight of your camera, chargers, tripod, and laptop in the awkward oblong duffle slung across your back. Your boots crunch on the cobblestones as you check the address in your hand against the one nailed in brass to the front door of the modest single story house with the earthy paint scheme and a relatively tall wooden fence. You appear outwardly calm. Inwardly, you almost would’ve rather been tasked with flying through Ghastly Gorge.

You force yourself to go forward up the little path to the front porch. You read the welcome mat. “Enjoy Yourself”. How ironic. You go to ring the doorbell, only to hesitate. You shake your head. Damnit, you are not throwing away something you’ve wanted for who knows how long!

Ding-Dong! You can do it, you can do it! Just don’t fuck this up by saying something stupid, or being a nerdy dweeb, or by getting all awkward. You got this. You can do it, just for the love of Celestia, don’t stare at her tits! Don’t stare at her tits! Don’t stare at her tits! Don’t stare at her tits! “Hey there!” Don’t stare at her – GaZONGas! Right at eye level and pressing against the shiny confines of a thin, pink silk robe.

“Damn, I meant whoa-hi.” Blushing furiously, you redirect your gaze upwards.

She laughs, “You’re Snappy Pegasus, right?”

“Yes, m’lady. May I be so bold as to presume you are HealthHotty25?” You recognize her immediately as Nurse Redheart. You thank Celestia you’ve never had to seek medical attention for anything more embarrassing than once having gotten your hand drunkenly stuck in a traffic cone.

“Yup. Well, don’t just stand there, come inside” She waves enthusiastically at you. You step inside, careful to not trip over the high threshold as the door swings shut with a slam. Well, not you’re in it. And what a companion you have! You really lucked out this time, as before you stands a gorgeous white mare with a juicy, cuvry body, large breasts, and a glossy, pale, pink mane tied up in a ponytail. She wears only a thin bathrobe which barely hangs down midway through her luscious thighs as it rides seductively around her generous hips. Her body forms a definite hourglass figure exaggerated by the curvature of her breasts, covered save for the tantalizing glimpse offered through her low-hanging neckline. You can see the edges of a red brassiere carelessly exposed to view. Her flesh is pale, seductive. You stand nearly equal in height to her.

“Huh-hi,” you stutter, standing in her atrium, seeing the interior of the space where your gorgeous friend lives.

She shakes your hand. She is just as warm and soft as she looks, and friendlier than you’d imagined. “You dehydrated? It’s a hot day.” You just nod as you are too stunned and your mouth is too dry to provide any decent retort. “C’mon, let me get you something.” Before you know what’s happening, your hot host has already filled you up a tall glass of cool, refreshing sweet tea and you’re making small talk in short order. Your gear bag is situated on the counter.

You chat for a bit as you gain your bearings. “Did you ever beat the boss in your game?” You find yourself asking here before long, surprised at yourself – talking to her isn’t any more difficult than talking to anybody else now that you’ve stopped gawking at the gazongas, and you’re already chatting with her like a good friend.

She shakes her head. “Yeah, I finally got past that bull demon.”

“Great,” you smile. “How’d you do it?”

She laughs, “By deciding to just go for it against all odds.”

“You’re braver than me, Redheart. I just shielded like a mofo until he gave me a few seconds to get in a couple hits.” Redheart smiles, her thin lips twisting upward. She cups her pointed chin in her dainty hand. “Did you make it to the next fire?”

“I wish. Some bitch of a dragon just suddenly roasted me when I was walking across the bridge.”

“Ouch, that’s harsh. Happened to me, too.” You chuckle together. Redheart hesistates, grabbing your attention. She looks over the clock on her wall and chews her tongue for a bit. She leans forwards, proffering an easy look at her generous tits through the slit in her robe.

“You okay?”

She nods. “Featherweight, my friends get here in like an hour, so what do you say we get this show on the road?”

Oh that’s right, you’re here for business, too, not just pleasure. “Sure thing; I got all my stuff right here,” you said proudly, patting the pregnant-looking backpack on the counter. “Just tell me where and what and I’ll do it. I presume we’re going to the park, or would you rather do it someplace like in here? I’m even wearing the stereotypical photographer’s outfit.” You indicate your polo shirt and cargo shorts with too many pockets all bulging with odds and ends.

A wicked smile comes over the devilishly sexy mare’s heart-shaped face. “I have a better idea.” Redheart taps you on the hand as she stands up in her short, ass-hugging paper-thin robe. Witnessing her fine legs and booty in motion coupled with her deliberately touching you sends an excited feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Automatically, you follow her with your gear. You find yourself going through her house towards the back door. Her tits and ass jiggle with every step, exciting those desires within you. What were they, D cups? Mmmm, how nice it would be to get a handful of those lovely lady lumps… You tell yourself to calm down, that nothing’s going to happen, that you’re just friends doing something that happens all the time. You hope she doesn’t see the slight protrusion in your shorts…

You follow her out the door, stepping into the brilliant light, you shield your eyes. You hear a splash followed by another seconds later. Then, a wave of something wet crashes into you, causing you to shield yourself on instinct. “No fair!” You balk.

Redheart laughs, “I’m sorry, I’ll warn you the next time I’m about to get you with something soaking wet.” You open your eyes to see through the blinding sunlight that Redheart has taken off her robe, and that what you thought was lingerie was actually a bikini. Her large tits float nicely in the water and glisten in the sun. They look so wonderfully soft and inviting. If only you could ever have a chance at touching such wonders for yourself; such things would sadly have to remain forever outside your realm, considering you were nearly a nineteen year old virgin par excellence. Still, you imagine, what if they were to come out of the top, whether by accident or even on purpose? How delightful that could be. You adjust your pants through your pocket to hide your body’s inevitable response once things get going.

Redheart directs you to a patio and some deck chairs. You trudge over them to and carefully put down your heavy bag with a high of relief. You take out your equipment, starting with the basic camera and tripod. Then you mount a tight focus lens onto the front before setting the shutter speed very high; on a bright day like this with lots of movement and just one subject, you want to capture everything in the crispest detail you can without allowing in too much light and fading out the colors, or wasting space displaying what was otherwise some extremely boring bits of background instead of showcasing the beauty of the model. And what a beautiful model she was! A cute face, pale fur, big rounds breasts which looked like they could have escaped from her not exactly skimpy red bikini, a nice hourglass figure with a flat tummy atop of hips which provided a gentle curve. The thin sides of her bottoms hug her curves nicely, the elastic revealing what the fabric otherwise concealed. While you fiddle with the machinery, Redheart lay on her back, hugging the bottom of her chest. Her rich bosoms look ripe to burst from the confines of her top. You fight down your blush by telling yourself this was just work. Unfortunately, other parts of you are not so easily subdued…

Her eyes meet yours. She grins, giving you an unreadable expression while her hand brushes against her cleavage. It draws your eyes in. Your heart thumps for a moment. “You like what you see?”

“Wh-wh, what!?” You sputter.

She laughs, “Don’t be so stiff; this is just for fun.”

“Oh, yeah, r-right,” you reply, trying to take your thoughts away from being distracted by the sexy. What the hell kind of photographer were you if you couldn’t even handle just one amateur model making idle conversation as you got ready for a photography session?

“Are you scared of mares?”

“What? No!” You shake your head vigorously as you finish dialing in your tripod’s elevation.

“Are you sure?” Redheart teases you with a slight wiggle of her body. “Featherweight, you’re acting like you’ve never seen a mare before.”

Oh the shame of it! Your face may as well be on fire. So much for not embarrassing yourself, let alone making it through even the first half hour with just one mare before even starting the shoot. You admit, “Girls and I kinda more or less always lived in separate universes.”

Her eyes give that devilish twinkle like a cat who’s seen something pounce-worthy. “Oh? Why’s that?”

You just want to get the shoot going, for her to forget you ever said anything and remember this star-crossed meeting as just a onetime thing and go back to just being your internet friend. You sigh, “Redheart, do I have to spell it out to you? I’m a scrawny wimp with the social graces of a banana slug; I never exactly had mares swooning over me left and right. I’m a geek, not someone pretty like you, who could have anyone she wanted, and occupies their time with things more social than video game marathons.” She’s still looking at you. You are stunned at yourself. “I’m sorry for sounding so bitter.”

“Don’t be – that explains a lot, actually,” she answers as she rolls onto her stomach, giving you a look at her trim little ass. “I mean, I know the feeling, too. Being a med student and then a nurse doesn’t give me a quarter the free time I wish I had. I’ve messed around a bit, though I can’t say it’s been a parade of studs for me, either; stallions don’t like it when you can outwork, outearn, and outthink them. Why do you think I maintain a profile on Notforeveralone?”

Intrigued, you reply, “Because you get a charge out of rejecting awkward letters?”

“Because I don’t have time to go looking for a somepony when I spend sixty or more hours a week either at work or on call. And being sorta low on the totem pole means I have to take weekends and party nights. I can’t max out my hours on nice quiet weeknight, no. Instead, I have to be there at ungodly hours on Fridays and Saturdays while everypony else is off having a good time and I’m stuck with having to deal with piles of stallions who took the counsel of at least the better part of a pail of moonshine and decided to try jousting with carts and brooms.”

“That sucks.”

“No kidding. And like the only time stallions hit on me is either when they’re drunk and I’m patching them up, or when they’re not too subtly trying to get in my pants on Notforeveralone.” Redheart grumbled as she stood up, “I’m a mare, damnit! I love screwing as much as the next, but just going on about how you’d love to squeeze and pork me isn’t exactly what I’d call endearing or arousing. I mean, you wouldn’t like it if a mare you just met told you that she wanted to go dragon hunting down your shorts?” You nod sympathetically. “Thanks. As I was saying, I’d like a bit of chemistry, maybe some romance from a stallion. If a guy bothered to get to know me and spent some quality time with me that didn’t revolve around shoving the probe in the orifice. Hell, it’d be one hell of a panty dropper to find a respectful stallion who was just nice to be around; he wouldn’t have to be all that attractive, either.”

You don’t know what to say to her, so you just give your best sympathetic face and nod vigorously yet slowly. Redheart flips her hair back and fixed your eyes firmly with her. She winks at you. You snap the first photo as Redheart faces you squarely standing, holding a pose with her head cocked to one side and her arms held behind her back to cradle the back of her head. She rotates around, giving you a view of her sides. Her tits protrude forward nicely, an effect exaggerated by her chest being thrust out, her arms stretched forwards as if to hug someone invisible You continue to snap photos as you reply, “I can see how you’d feel that way, not that I can relate too much, sorry. You’re sexy, but that doesn’t make you just a sex object.”

A genuine smile spread across her features. “Thank you, Featherweight.”

You grin back at her as you keep shooting uninterrupted. “Bah, it’s nothing; I’d be less than happy if I was treated as just a body, too.”

“Uh-huh. I’ve had stallions call me everything from sexy to hot to bootylicious,” giggles Redheart.

You laugh too, forcing you to stop while you and her both recover composure. “Really? Not twilightlicious or boobylicious? What an ass!”

“Stop it, Feather, you’re gonna kill me!” Pealed out the mare in stitches as her bountiful chest heaved in hysterics.

“Just being cheeky, Red,” you barely get out in between pants.

“My sides!” You are both out of action for nearly a solid minute.

When the two of you finally regain composure, you resume the session. Redheart cups her beautiful breasts and gives a slow, sensuous hypnotic dance with her hips as you take snapshot after snapshot of her body. “How’s this?”

“Good,” you answer. What you really mean is that you are witnessing a true work of erotic art in motion.

“Am I, is it hot?”

You almost cannot believe the question. “Of course!” You fire back with a noticeable blush, which Redheart acknowledges with a goodnatured laugh. “Of course, you’re pretty, clever, and good company.”

“Why thank you. Say, shuffle a bit to your right,” Red heart suggests with a point. Despite your best efforts at keeping your cool, you find your instincts heating up and rearing their ugly head. With each sensual wriggle of her juicy hips, you stiffen, imagining how incredible it must feel to place yourself between those sculpted thighs, causing you to awkwardly shuffle over to hide your boner. You can almost see her slit, envisioning it invitingly welcoming you into it, beckoning to those deep reproductive instincts, the natural urge to fuck until you have no more seed to spill. Damnit, not now, you can’t afford to embarrass myself with a stupid cockup! The slow swaying of her tits grabs your attention as you zoom in and focus on them, imagining getting your hands inside that red bikini, squeezing her soft melons, making little gentle coos as you grabbed and brushed her nipples, feeling her stiffen and soften at your touch, welcoming you to explore her further. You just want to watch her, see her, touch her, feel her, know her every curve and crevice, and just be close to her, oh yes…

You go at it for a good many minutes until you force yourself to call a break to check on the pics, feeling pretty conflicted about wanting to bone your friend silly but also wanting to be more gently intimate, both of those feelings almost but not quite trumped by worrying just how awkwardly and painfully trying to get in her pants would go. “Hey, Redheart, that’s enough; let’s look over what we got.”

Redheart stops thrusting out her charitable chest and looks you in the eye with a hooded stare that makes you imagine primal things. “Okay,” responds the sexy mare as she sashays over to you. Your mind is still thinking of her as a photographic subject, causing you to not even hide your staring. Oh those stirring hips, flat belly and bouncing breasts! You take the camera off the tripod and use it to hide your boner as you flop into the deck chair beside you, at the foot of which rests your laptop bag. As Redheart approaches you, pull out your laptop and take it out of hibernation You adjust your seating for a moment and you feel your dick flop around just as you notice something in your direction bring a curious smirk to Redheart’s white face. The mare stands over you and says, “Let’s have a look, shall we?” as she stands over you with those D-cup tits of hers not even a foot away, barely held in check by that skimpy red bikini. You can almost feel their softness…

“Just a moment, gotta get these on my computer.” you reply as you wait for the computer to get moving before you can open up the software you need.

“Why can’t you just show me on the camera?”

A dozen flimsy excuses vie for your favor before you quell them all by telling her, “Because I can work more easily on a computer, edit things, point things out, make notes, and hold onto everything for later, plus it’s a bigger screen. I’m serious about my photography.”

Redheart nods. “You have quite the hardon for doing it.” You blush like a red neon sign. “Hahaha! Oh, I, I’m just teasing you, Snap,” chuckles Redheart as she claps you on the back with the biggest smile. “So, how about we take a look before my friends get here.”

“Right,” you mumble as you open the files and start with the first one. The heat refuses to leave your cheeks as you go through sexy pic after sexy pic of one of the most beautiful mares you’d ever seen in your life while said mare was looking over your shoulder. And then you notice the soft, warm things pressing into your back. Your fluster deepens. Whatever is responsible for this titanic bit of good luck, please don’t let it all come tumbling down.

“Hey, how do I leave a note?”

You attach your trackball mouse for her sake as you answer, “Like this.” Bravely, you touch her hand. Warm and soft. You place it on the mouse and begin guiding her fingers through the motions. Your initial apprehension vanishes into happy relaxation as your beautiful friend gives your hand a slight squeeze back. In seconds, you have a textbox open. “And that’s how you do it.”

“Thanks,” Redheart says as she presses her tits into you, wrapping her arms around your shoulders and chest to reach the keyboard. She types out, “These pictures are all similar. Let’s try it freestyle with no tripod. It’s nothing my friend can’t help with. she does sexy photoshoots for a living.”

You type back, “K. lol.” She smiles.

Several minutes pass as you leaf through every pictures slowly, one by one, discussing the pose, the shot, the focus, and how you’d rather it’d turned out. It did not take long for a pattern to emerge. “Featherweight, do you think I’m sexy?” Her voice is so tender.

You can barely whisper back, “Yeah. Totally.”

“Then would’ya focus on something other than my tits?”

Damnit! You groan and blush. “Sorry, I don’t have too much freedom on the tripod.”

“At least you’re honest and not a creeper.”

You shift your gaze slightly to meet hers. “What do you mean?”

Redheart brushes her glorious pink mane out of her face, making it cascade gorgeously over her shoulders. “Amateur modeling could pretty much be described as lots of sleazy stallions who think that just because they’re paying pretty, young mares to act sexy in revealing outfits means that they can get us to strip down in exchange for a little extra and go even farther for a little bit more.”

“That’s terrible.” You shake your head.

“That’s why I don’t deal with so-called photographers who don’t have a studio. I’m okay with posing in my underwear or even less, but not somewhere seedy enough to shoot a mob movie with someone who looks like they’ve been banned from every bowling alley in their province.”

Too curious to resist, you ask, “Have you ever modeled…” You swallow. “In the nude?”

Redheart plops down next to you chirping, “Yep! It was actually fun.”

“Doesn’t that count as porn?” You take in her body, imagining her stripping naked while smooth jazz and an electric guitar blaring bow-chicka-wow-wow played. You imagined her naked body, for it was barely concealed by the thin red bikini, and if your eyes weren’t deceiving you, the knots holding on her top in the back didn’t look all that sound. In this position, you could see even between her legs. Her thighs were parted just the least bit – not enough to be inviting, but definitely enticing enough to draw your attention and stir your imagination as you envisioned laying between Redheart’s fine thighs, rutting her as you buried your face in between her magnificent mammaries, each one definitely more than a generous handful.

The mare chuckles, “It’s not porn -- it’s art, or so everybody who does it says. Honestly, if I was doing porn, I’d get a pro, like my other friend, to show me the ropes and make sure I started out right and made contacts”

Your eyes widen. “Your friend does porn?”

“Eeyup,” winks the mare. Well, one of them does. “You can ask her all about it when she gets here.” Standing up, Redheart leaps into the pool before climbing out with a sultry glint in her eye, her intensity only augmented by her wet mane, her wet body glistening in the glorious golden sunlight. Your jaw drops open.

You stand up, glad that your shorts still keep your boner in check, though it is a precarious balance. You can’t lose face in front of Redheart, not now, not now when it looks like she may somehow be into you. You laugh internally. Her being into you? Yeah, right. You knew how this had to go; whenever a mare who was even moderately attractive had paid you any attention, they always wanted you to do something for them, and once they got what they wanted, so much for friendship! Right now, Redheart needed you because she was hoping to get a free photographer to try launching her modeling career. When she didn’t need you anymore, either because some real agency had contracted her, or because she’d given up on the pipe dream, that would be it. But why you? Probably because you looked like the kind of wimp who’d bend over backwards for the first pretty mare to wink at you. It occurs to you that other stallions wouldn’t treat this photo session as just a photo session, but rather as an opportunity to bed one sexy mare, whereas you wouldn’t try anything – you couldn’t, too timid and fearful of rejection. But would it matter if it all would’ve been a game to her in the future if you enjoyed yourself now? What if you made a move? What was the worst that could happen? Best not to think about that and instead focus on the task at hand, taking some hot pics of a good piece of ass, and maybe later see if she considered you pitiable enough to play at romance with you.

You circle around to the nurse’s ass and raise your camera. The round thing is sticking out at you, right in the center of your viewfinder. Click! You snap a pic. If Redheart wants you to pay attention to other assets, why not start with her assets? She had nice legs and lovely thighs. Instructing her to spread her stance and sashay her hips to and fro, you quickly take several photographs of the bikini-clad beauty in a sensuous dance. “Wow,” you remark. Redheart giggles. You blush as you instruct Redheart to recline on the deck chair. She lies down on her side, facing you with only her head tilted upright. She has the fingers of one hand poking through the sides of her bikini bottom, almost suggesting that she was taking it off in a striptease. Her other arm cupped the bottom of her breasts, pushing them upward to make them look bigger as her fingers delicately traced across the mounds. Totally absorbed in the moment, you said, “Keep your eyes on me.” Your intention was to get a nice shot of the beautiful mare lustily staring right at you with her tits, the focus, augmented by the gentle beauty of her face.

“Getting excited, Featherweight?” Redheart teased, pointing at your shorts. Uh-oh. You hardly dared to look – your senses told you everything you needed to know.

Your faced surpasses beet red. You feel several metric tons of burning shame light you up. You can’t move. All you can do is stand still with your hands trying to cover your erection as you mumble, “Sorry…”

Redheart chuckles back, “Hey, it’s okay. It means I’m doing a good job as a model being sexy and all.” She pauses. “Hmmmmmm… Have you ever had a pair of real tits before?”

Stunned, all you can do is stammer, “N-no I c-can’t say that I have. Why?” You get a funny feeling when you see the new glint in Redheart’s eye.

She smirks at you, “How about I demystify things for you a bit; it’d be easier on both of us to let you satisfy your curiosity, that way we can get back to work… I’d imagine unless you’d like to have that boner all day. So, what do you say?” Too flabbergasted to speak, you can only nod. “C’mere,” beckons the busty babe, making room on the deck chair. You sit down on the edge of the chair and lift up your hand, poising it to touch her chest.

“M-m-may I…?” This can’t be real; there is no way any mare this beautiful is outright telling you to feel her up.

Instead of saying anything back, Redheart merely takes your hand and gently pulls it towards her chest. Contact. You feel the soft fabric of her bikini. Underneath it are her D-cup breasts. Tentatively, you brush the fabric just a little bit with your fingertips. It and the flesh underneath yield pleasantly. You squeeze. You smile as you feel your fingers sink into the mound. You then take your whole hand and place it atop her exposed breast. Wow, this really is something else. Her big tits yield to your touch, but always provide just enough resistance to be engageing. Nervous as hell but spurred on by curiosity, you try to slip your fingers inside the cup of the bikini top. Your cock is rock hard. Lusty thoughts fill your head as you imagine yourself accessing those special parts of this mare, doing more than touching – groping.

Redheart is smiling pleasantly at you, her cute mouth turned up at the corners. She watches your hands closely. Your eyes meet. Grins. Your hand tells you that her left boob is somewhat larger, and that her nipples are standing up, which if you remember correctly, means that she’s cold, turned on by this, or both. Such a shame that your weakness is a marvelous chest, as you quickly begin groping her in earnest, a breast in each hand as squeeze, caress, and admire them in turn. Your hand brushes a nipple. A gasp escapes. Encouraged by instinct, you squeeze harder rubbing the areola more vigorously. More moans. Good. You take a handful. Look at you being predatory!

“Ouch!” Redheart snaps, smacking your wrist, causing your hand to fly away. She scolds, “Not so rough.”

“Sorry. It’s just that I’ve never done this before.”

“But still, be gentle, ‘kay?”

You nod, “Okay,” as you reach out again. This time, you allow your hands to gently caress and run all over the wondrous curves of the marvelous mare’s mammaries. As you do this with gusto, you do not notice first Redhearts eyes and then her hand moving towards your crotch.

“You like them?”

“Oh yes, a lot,” you chuckle awkwardly, still not believing your luck. You feel something grasp around your erection.

Redheart suggests sultrily, “Since you still seem to be quite hard up down there, how about I help you release some of that tension?”

“Really?” Your cheeks are scorching. Your mouth is dry.

“Yeah,” she sighs. Your sensitive penis reacts immediately too her touch. “Just lie down and let me take care of you…” With that, the busty beauty guides you to lie down on the deck chair while she positions yourself between her legs. Nurse Redheart licks her lips deliberately, as if anticipating savoring a truly exquisite meal. She touches a finger to your lips and whispers, “Not a word, just savor the moment.” You nod. Her hand unbuttons, unzips, and pulls down your shorts and underwear. She smiles when she sees your cock standing at attention. You hope it’s not small. You envision either going spontaneously flaccid or exploding in ten seconds flat. You could just leap right out of your skin in anticipation. Your cheeks could melt Tungsten.

“Ssshhhhhh…” Redheart shushes you as she wraps a soft hand around your hard cock. The sensitive organ immediately reacts. It twitches and you make an involuntary face. She grins. A single caress nudges your balls – your nutsack is already tightened. Taking her brilliant eyes off you, Redheart lifts her face to your cock, opens her mouth, and gives it a light lick all the way from base to tip. You shudder. Your toes and fingers curl. She opens her mouth and slowly engulfs your entire length in it. Amazing! It’s warm, moist, and the lips and tongue tease delightfully along your length. With your cock stuffed into her mouth all the way, she looks up at you with the sexiest expression you’ve ever seen. Her cheeks draw inward, greeting you with a new sensation as your cock is sucked for the first time. She plays with her tits, tweaking her nipples as she blows you.

Redheart slowly bobs her head up and down your lengths, lavishing you with long, deliberate licks that send jitters of pleasure up your spine. Before long, your cock is totally soaked with her mouth juices. With a satisfied pop, she releases your cock only a moment before advancing up with her breasts in her hands. Without hesitation, Redheart wraps her boobs around your dick. Soft, warm, wet all around – amazing! You are speechless as you watch her caress your cock with her beautiful buxom chest straining against the confines of the bikini. Her fur and the slickness from the fur, water, and blowjob help you glide effortlessly between the heavenly pillows of her breasts. You feel the bottom of her cleavage as you are buried all the way deep between her tits. Wow, this feels good, and so hot, like you’re so turned on that you can’t even wait to get your clothes out of the way first. You can’t stop your breathing from starting to turn ragged as your cock becomes more sensitive with each passing sublime stroke of the magnificent melons.

Redheart doesn’t take her eyes off you as she pleasures you, her face marked by a serene smile with a smouldering look in her eye. Her breathing is heavy, and her white cheeks are flushed pink. She speeds up the paizuri in response to your mounting pleasure. Your cock keeps getting harder and harder. You feel the old ache in your balls while your cock feels like it’s going to explode. You lie there, watching the sexiest mare with the biggest tits you’ve ever seen in person pleasure you by fucking you with her breasts. The warm, soft sensations feel incredible and your body begins to tighten for a release it hasn’t had in days. You can’t stop now; all your thoughts are on the wonderful things being done to your erection.

The fire in your loins is almost unbearable. You wonder about if you should say something to let her know you’re about to cum, or if that would ruin the mood. Your eyes meet and she raises her eyebrows and nods, wordlessly understanding what you wanted to say. You put your hands on hers. So close… Hugging her breasts together even tighter than before, Redheart titwanks you at a frantic pace. You peak, your cock erupting into firey carnal pleasure. You can’t stop your mouth or your hips. You groan and release from both as Redheart’s fantastic breasts wring every last drop of cum from you. Your cock jumps as it fires spurt after spurt inside the sexy mare’s cleavage. Your hips buck instinctively, trying to get every last drop of pleasure and spill every last bit of seed you can muster. Incredible. Your mind goes blank as pleasure overwhelms all reasoning. Redheart keeps milking you in between her tits, sending you into pleasured spasms even as the fire fades and your spurts weaken. Ultimately, your cock shrinks, although it’s still sensitive and twitching, dribbling a little bit of cum from the tip. You are completely wiped when at last Redheart removes her cum-soaked tits from your cock.

She smiles and then wordlessly leans down to your spent cock. You shudder and gasp as she licks and sucks your still sensitive length clean. When she finishes cleaning up all your jizz, the mare hums, “Mmmmmm, that was good, no?”

“Incredible,” you sigh, barely able to form a single coherent thought. You thoughtlessly caress her head and chest, savoring the inexplicable feeling of closeness as you slowly return to normal. Wow… so intense… unlike anything… not like doing it yourself.

“Good,” chirps Redheart. “No more tension now, right?”

“Yeah,” you agree dreamily as you caress her silky hair. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now come on, let’s get back to work.”

Work, oh yeah, the whole reason you came over here to begin with. Well, you couldn’t say no, not after the hot mare had just give you one hell of an orgasm. That ought to keep you sated enough to focus on the tasks at hand. You nod and awkwardly shuffle your shorts back on. Redheart is back up and starting her dance again. You take a few pictures, then you hear a slow clap.

"Bravo, bravo, I see you know how to please an audience."

Fun in the Sun

View Online

You turn your head to see another mare approaching in a bikini. And dear Celestia, talk about sculpted figures! She has a svelte, slender body even taller than Big Macintosh, and yet she possesses a proud pair of at least C-cup breasts all bound up in a skimpy white string bikini top while down around her petite waist hung a tied short skirt which exposed her slender thighs and the faintest hints of a g-string bottom the same white as her fur, as almost a token measure for modesty. She reminds you forcibly of a certain famous fashion model, a mortal unicorn said to possess an immortal princess’s supernatural grace. You blush and grin sheepishly.

Redheart flips her hair and retorts with playful dismissiveness, “What can I say? I make all the colts stand at attention, and once I have their attention, I just can’t leave them like that now can I?” She flashes an innocent smile in your direction. You turn even redder.

The new mare chuckles in her foreign, vaguely aristocratic voice, “You honestly ought to converse with Milly about that career move when she gets here. In the meantime, how about we take a look at what you’ve got so far?”

“Works for me,” replies Redheart, her tits bouncing as she runs up to her friend and embraces her tenderly in her arms.

“So, may I ask who this gentlecolt is?”

“Featherweight, Fleur.” Redheart replies to her friend. “Fleur, meet Featherweight. Featherweight, meet my good friend -- sex symbol, Canterlot society A-lister, and a party pony par Pinkie Pie, Fleur De Lis.”

Fleur smiles, “You flatter me.” She shakes your hand. Her grasp is refined, soft, delicate.

“Nonsense, Fleur,” teases Redheart, slapping the model mare on her tight ass. “Your bikini does all the work for me.” Redheart winks. Fleur smiles an runs a hand down Redheart’s hourglass side. Do they really have that kind of relationship?

Fleur tosses her bangs out of her face and asks Redheart in a straightforward manner, “So shall we flirt all day or shall we get down to business so that we may have our fun, hmm?”

Snapping back to reality, you reply, “Oh, right. Have a seat, Fleur,” You proffer her a spot on the deck chair but she instead makes a beeline for an umbrella table with a few wicker chairs. You and Redheart follow her, which gives you an unintentional nice view of the booty. Nurse Redheart’s ass is nice and round, the kind you wouldn’t mind taking a handful of. Fleur’s is trim and tight like a dancer’s, and if she could move her hips like one… mmmmmm… Redheart is a damn fine mare, but Fleur is a model, and it shows; Redheart looks like an attractive lady you could find anywhere, but nothing much spectacular about her apart from her bountiful bosoms. Well, that’s a lie; she’s fun to talk too, nice to be around, interesting, and has a pretty wicked sense of humor as you keep finding out for yourself. But Fleur, Fleur’s an uncommon, elegant, refined beauty. If only you could have both these mares -- a trophy on each arm.

Redheart, being the gracious host, runs ahead of you to pull out chairs for you three. She seats Fleur before plopping herself down in her own seat with a jiggle and lets her barely caged tits hang out. The last chair is in the middle between Fleur and Redheart. You remember how you were grateful to only have to deal with one gorgeous mare at a time. You hesitate before taking your seat, the two beauties looking up at you expectantly, the sun radiating off their glorious, hot, nearly nude bodies. Fleur makes eye contact with you and blinks slowly as she raises an eyebrow. She’s drumming her fingers on the tabletop. You give a flustered smile and a shake of your head as you descend into what may as well have been a police lineup. You feel your cheeks heating up already as the two mares scoot closer to look at your computer.

You invite Fleur, “Well, here’s all we got if you wanna see it. I’m sorry if it’s painful for a model like you to look at.” You notice suddenly that you are so much less tense than even just seconds before; with Fleur De Lis there, it’s not just you and Nurse Redheart.

A small flash of grin. “You didn’t take these with a cell phone or a webcam or use some stupid gimmick did you?”

“No, just my Neikon camera. I would like to think of myself as a professional, after all, and professionals have standards.”

A satisfied nod. “That explains why I think your photography career is far more likely to take off than my friend’s misadventures in modeling.”

“Hey, I have standards!” Redheart shouts.

“Allow me to rephrase then. Sufficient standards,” Fleur quips, leafing through the gallery. She cups her delicate chin in her hand, her nimble fingers strumming her jawbone and cheek. She hums a light tune as she mentally critiques each photograph one at a time. She comments, “Just about all these pictures were taken from the same place at the same height. It looks like a photo booth took these.”

Intrigued, you ask, “So what does that mean? How do I do a better job?”

“Just don’t only sit there with your camera on your tripod and snap away. Move around a bit and do some different angles at varied heights, distances, and zoom. Good job keeping it level with her in the middle quarter of the frame, though; nothing says bad amateur photography like awkward tilting and letting the subject hide away in the hinterlands.”

“But what about photos where the model’s located off to the side?”

Fleur responds, “There’s always something to draw attention to her, such as positioning a limb so that it drapes into the middle third of the photograph, or having her look directly into the camera. You must together direct the attention of the viewer.” Fleur lifts a sculpted finger to point things out on screen. You lean in closer to get a better look. You are getting a great look down her bikini at her tits and thighs in your peripheral vision. Directly before you is a photograph of Redheart all splayed out on her back, her legs folded together with her knees bent and one arm pushing up her tits while the other is lazily draped somewhat overhead on the concrete, disappearing out of the bottom edge of the frame somewhere before the elbow. She is looking directly at the camera with her lips parted suggestively. “Can you tell me what are the most important parts of this photograph as you intended it, Featherweight?” There is a certain playfulness and hint of a purr in her tone.

Intended? You’d just been snapping pics of Redheart in what you thought were sexy poses. You indicate with you finger, “I was focusing on the abdomen down to her hips.” As odd as that sounds, it’s the truth; this was one of the distinct minority of photos that didn’t not only focus on her tits, but also weren’t part of a much larger minority focusing on the lady’s ass.

Fleur sighs, “At least you aren’t trying to bury the camera entirely in her bosoms, but this photograph does not exactly lead the eyes, however.” She points to the center of the photo, her finger indicating the nurse’s knees. “You say you meant to emphasis the upper body, did you not?” The model’s finger flourishes along Redheart’s breasts and face. You nod. “The most prominent part of the body here are her knees, which is because they are raised the most prominently against the background. Red, you pay attention here, too.” Nurse Redheart leans in across your lap to see the screen. The hot mare’s soft body presses against you, giving you a small thrill at the base of your spine. “Redheart, in order to emphasize any particular body part of yours, you must make it stand out by presenting it prominently above both others and the background. What stand up and sticks out most is the greatest priority.” You see her mane shake as she stifles a laugh. “What were you trying to emphasize with this pose?”

“My boobs.”

“Redheart, did you tell Featherweight what you wanted?”



“Because I thought as the photographer he could handle all that stuff himself; all I have to do is look sexy for him, don’t I?”

Fleur De Lis shakes her head. “Featherweight, did you communicate with Redheart what you wanted?”

You sigh, “No, because I thought that as the model she’d know how to strike a pose.”

“And that explains why this photograph is a mess. The photography says that it is about the lower body, the legs and knees, but the posturing says that it is about the breasts and face.” Fleur breaks her gaze on the screen for the first time to say, “You cannot have a fruitful photoshoot without cooperation. It is the duty of the photographer to set up each shot in a way that emphasizes some aspect of the beauty of the subject. It is the duty of the photographer to direct the model as to what they want emphasized. It is the duty of the model to pose with the intention of displaying something of interest. It is the duty of the model to communicate with the photographer how they want something to be emphasized. It is essential for both to be in constant communication. Do you understand?”

You nod. Redheart responds with “Yes.”

“Good.” Fleur returns her focus to the screen. She whips her gorgeous pink mane off to the side with a flourish that sends her assets swaying nicely in her top. After looking carefully at three more photographs, she says, “I believe you have a good grasp of the basics of photography and it’s no surprise Redheart understands at least the basics of looking good on camera, but I’ll explain more in a minute. It looks like each individual picture is not bad, generally, but…” Fleur quickly looks through more than a dozen images. “The collection as a whole has some issues that only emerge when it’s taken as more than a handful of photographs.”

You ask, “Like what?

“Your photographs are too similar to one another. I just went through more than a dozen of them in not even ten seconds and I couldn’t describe anything that stands out about a single one. I’ll be candid -- you’re standing in place, staring at a pair of tits like a barely pubescent colt as if you have never seen a real pair before.”

You blush. “Sorry.”

Redheart announces, “He hadn’t, but I fixed that.” Then, too you, she whispers, “Glad you like them.” Your cheeks go from hot to burning.

Fleur teases, “At least you’re not just staring. Your photos all have the same background, height, and position. I might have said this before, but it’s like a mall photo booth shot them. It’s actually not a bad thing to have the same backdrops and props in different photographs. It’s not a problem if you have just a couple of photos, but if more than a handful, especially consecutively, and it becomes a problem. If you’re doing a brief sample for someone, then it’s okay, but as part of a larger shoot, try no more than eight like this. A lot of amateur photographers make this mistake, and it means that their shoots wind up looking static, boring, and lazy; it looks like family vacation photos. People enjoy having different backdrops and positions with different angles, heights, and such. It creates the impression that not only was the photoshoot organic, but that it happened more or less naturally with the way no two images are the same because the camera is always moved just slightly. It helps create the fantasy in the mind of the viewer that they are there, and of course fuels the fantasy that there is a place out there with highly desirable partners just waiting to be visited. You aren’t selling reality with these photoshoots; you’re selling erotic fantasy. Tis pornography. Don’t worry about taking too many photographs or doing too much; you can always not publish superfluous ones and you can edit imperfect ones. Once the shoot is done, you can only remove, not add.”

Blown away, you respond, “Wow, Fleur, I had no idea photography was this complicated. Thank you for helping me with this stuff. How did you learn all this?”

She smiles, “My pleasure. It’s not really all that complicated. I learned all this over fourteen years of work, working with both companies and auteurs, and doing work for my own brand. Before I sign on a new model, I always run the last photoshoot for the final candidates myself, and I must say you and Redheart both have talent.”

“Really?” You can scarcely believe it – after at least the better part of an hour being spent having yours and Fleur’s work blunty criticized, the critic, a real modeling and fashion icon, is tell you that you’ve actually got some real potential! You could cheer.

“I’ve never been wrong about talent yet.” She’s giving you a real smile.

Redheart leans across you and whispers loudly to Fleur, “So, how’s his… talent?” The nurse’s barely covered breasts are pushing too heavily against your chest to be anything but deliberate.

Fleur leans over to whisper in her friend’s ear, her own tits brushing you. She quips, “You tell me; you’re the one who got a good look at it.” Mother of Celestia, do both of these babes have their minds in the gutter!?

“H-how did you know we…?” Your chest tightens.

Fleur rears back, chest fluttering as laughs heartily, a beautiful, musical sound. “Because you just told me, Red.” You relax but only slightly. Redheart rests her arm on your shoulder, using the back of her hand like a shelf to give Fleur De Lis a resigned scowl. Fleur stands up and starts walks away from the table, towards where you’d been shooting previously.

“Is she always this bad,” you ask Redheart. You tense, feeling a soft hand on that spot in your trunks again.

Redheart replies, “You don’t know the half of it,” rubbing your limp cock to stir a faint reaction from it but getting a dark blush from you face.

As you try to keep your dick from rising again, Fleur calls, “Get over here; we have things to do.” Redheart is gone in an instant, her juicy ass shaking in her tight bikini as she bounds over to the poolside, leaving you alone to pick up your stuff. As you lift the pile of equipment, you note how you’re not reacting to everything like a cornered rabbit. Perhaps Redheart’s titjob had been just the thing to get your tension out after all. Your calmed mood lasts just a few seconds, for as you look up ahead, you see the two mares wrestling in the pool and getting pretty serious, grabbing each other’s breasts, squeezing each other, and squirming around in an erotic duel of tangled limbs and tender flesh.

As you arrive, you take your camera and begin trying to affix it to your tripod, attempting to ignore the live lingerie wrestling exhibition just feet in front of you. As you just get the camera to snap onto the tripod and you are about to tighten it on, Fleur interrupts you. “Don’t bother with the tripod, Featherweight.”

You look up and see the wrestling’s halted with Redheart half holding Fleur in an armbar, curvy thighs around her friend’s delicate neck and the celebrity’s hand held restrained between the nurse’s breasts. “Why,” you ask perplexedly, fighting back that stammering tongue-tied feeling. She’s giving you a purposeful gaze with just a hint of a teasing smile.

“Because I want to see you both learn how to communicate with each other.” You nod in agreement as you understand what she’s trying to make you understand. You pick up your camera and look through the viewfinder. “Don’t focus on anything in particular right now; just take us as you see us now.”

You barely look through the viewfinder. You go against your trained photographer’s inclinations as you hit the shutter and the camera gives its distinct nn-gyne sound effect. “O-okay, I took it.”

Fleur inquires, “So, Featherweight, if you had to take a shot of us in this position right now from where you are, what would you emphasize?” Redheart’s giving you a raunchy smile. You think about it, trying to avoid saying anything perverted. You see Fleur’s fingers delicately skim against Redheart’s luxurious mounds as she licks her lips and give you a half-lidded sultry look like bedroom eyes. She’s caught, open and exposed. You can see her tiny g-string barely covering her most intimate parts. The forms of her nipples struggle against the sheer fabric of her string bikini top. And the way Redheart is coiled around her… “What’s the most interesting, erotic thing here? What makes you hottest?”

Crap! No way you can answer that! You feel cotton mouth as heat surges to your cheeks and pants yet again. You can just feel yourself caught open-mouthed, agape in a bug-eyed stare like some kid unable to even speak through their wonderment in a candy shop. “U-u-uum um- aa- um, legs…?” You barely manage to faintly stutter out. Lame. Pitiful. You feel some of the burning in your face is from shame at your painful awkwardness. Oh well, not like you could talk suavely anyway like some Chad Thundercock.

Fleur blinks for a moment before saying, “Very well, shoot those then. And what are you doing to capture them?”

“Ummm, not much since I can’t move,” you explain.

Fleur comes back at you. “Movement is not necessary between every shot. Focus on what you want to photograph most here. Make sure they are directly in the center of your shot.”

You zoom in to focus on Redheart’s legs. Redheart interjects, “Don’t focus on just those so as to close everything else out of the shot, Feather.”

“Indeed, Red,” agrees Fleur. “Zoom out a bit so you can capture what they lead to, as I said earlier. No body part is sexy all on its own – eroticism comes from showing how the parts of the body play together to create a sensual mosaic.”

You focus on taking the picture. Wow, you are so excited right now you almost feel unworthy at what you’re witnessing. You flusteredly hit the shutter, the digital camera giving its trademark nn-gyne sound effect to announce the shot. You barely breathe out, “I took it.”

“Good,” replies Fleur. She turns to her clinging friend. “Red, in this pose, what are you most trying to emphasize?”

“My core,” Redheart answers.

Fleur turns back to you. “Photograph her core,” she orders. You obey silently, unsure of what’s going on. Upon hearing the nn-gyne of your camera, Fleur suddenly whirls around and writhes free of Redheart’s hold. Fleur pulls herself out of the water with one fluid move and effortlessly tosses her hair back behind her head with one elegant lash of her neck. The afternoon sun shines gloriously on the water coating her body. Redheart watches from the side, her arms crossed in front of her on the edge of the pool, her own glorious tits resting glistening atop them. You are spellbound by Fleur’s walk towards you. Her true extraordinary beautify hit your full force like a truck. She is so finely made and delicately proportioned, from her slender legs and toned thighs to the slight flare of her hips and chest, giving her a flat-stomached hourglass figure. Though slender, her breasts stand out, riding proudly on her chest and jiggling with every step, just as her hips swing and sashay as though dancing to an unheard rhythm rather than simply walking. The mare’s face is sculpted and extremely pretty, with sharply sculpted features, a v-shaped chin that terminates in a gentle curve, and bright eyes underneath a luxurious rose pink mane which cascades down to her hips. To top it all off, she is tall, putting her breasts almost at your eye level.

You freeze. You try to blurt out a question, but only incoherent rudiments of sound come out. You feel that instinctual part of you again rising strong to the surface, filling your mind with images of your body and hers tangled together heatedly, the desire to find yourself between those fine thighs, and a craving to lay her bare for you to ogle, kiss, and feel. The ghost of a sensation that feels like aching longing passes over your dick. In that moment, if you’d have a chance, you would fuck this goddess til you dropped, no matter the consequences. Moments later, your heart beats faster again as your rising lust is cowed by the cold constriction of fear. You could never do her, you could never have chance. What if you somehow did get to and then ruined it? You tell yourself your chances have surely been blown a thousand times over already, had they even existed to begin with. But regardless, this mare’s hypnotic effect on you cannot be denied.

“Show me the photographs you took just now.” You comply and then turn the camera around for the gorgeous mare to peruse. “Red, come here,” Fleur De Lis calls to Nurse Redheart. The hot nurse walks over to you, her hot body radiating its own brand of sexuality. While Fleur’s appeal comes from a refined, nearly supernatural beauty, some part of your mind reckons that Redheart’s body belies a raw animal magnetism stemming from great genes and unbound fertility.

Redheart gathers on the far side of Fleur while the model points out things she notices from the photographs. Fleur elucidates, “In your very first photograph, Featherweight, your focus is primarily centered around Redheart’s breasts, but you have improperly balanced the shot, so it just looks like a pair of breasts, an arm, and a face suspended in the middle of nothing as if the subject is floating in space. Redheart, you are failing to provide him any cues as to what to photograph.”

“But you said to just do whatever,” you and Redheart balk back at Fleur.

“Indeed, Fleur admits casually, “In order to assess both of you. Now, Redheart, when you are being photographed, you must heed all parts of your body, because even though a shot may emphasize something, other parts of your body will shot up in the shot.” Fleur points at Redheart’s face. “You should never look confused or bored, even if you face is not the subject of a photograph. Unless you are directed to portray some other emotion, always keep your expression happy or at least lustful. Your expression influences your mood, which impacts your whole performance.” Fleur now grabs your hand and traces your middle finger over the screen. “Now, Featherweight, you needed to illustrate your subject as broadly as possible here. You instead, however, gave a close focus shot instead of first establishing the subject so you could then go into greater detail with subsequent snapshots without confusing the viewer as to the bigger picture. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Fleur,” you answer feeling like a certified fool. You kinda sorta understand what she’s saying, but having gone at least three years without even cracking open a book on photography made it sound like slightly nonsensical jargon.

Fleur moved on to the next picture. “Now, here you failed to read the signals your model’s body was sending you. The way she was arching her spine and holding back her shoulders should have told you that her core from her waist to her shoulders was most ideally suited for being the focus on your shot. You must learn how to take advantage of whatever your model is giving you, because you have far more power to see which potential shots are best than she does. Also, I can see from this shot that you were lying about what you wanted most to photograph.” An icy stone drops in your innards. “You said you wanted to focus most on her legs, but your shot rather showcases her breasts. You realize you cannot be squeamish when working with models, no?” You see a flash of irritation in the way Fleur looks at you. She smacks the back of your hand. “And no being dishonest – if you like tits and want to focus on them, say so; how else can your model work with you if you refuse to be honest?”

“I understand, thank you,” you say chastened.

“Splendid,” Fleur remarks as she goes to the third photo and lectures Redheart, “You said you were trying to emphasize your core most in this pose, right? So I have to ask why you did not communicate with your photographer about how you wanted to be depicted. Both of you need to learn to communicate effectively and to cooperate. Red, don’t be afraid to tell Feather exactly what you want him to show. Feather, don’t be afraid to tell Red how you want to show her. Do you understand that now?” You both nod. “Good,” says Fleur De Lis. “Now, Red, please stand aside; I’m going to work with Featherweight while you watch.”

Redheart pressed her chest up against you and whispers, “Enjoy the show,” into your ear as she steps out of the way.”

“Quit teasing the poor boy,” remarks Fleur. “We can’t have too much fun with him if you give him a heart attack while we’re just getting started…” You swear she holds your camera too close to her chest when she gives it back, causing your fingers to brush against her bikini top. The excited nervousness comes back into your chest. You feel yourself getting hard again. You know that despite Redheart already draining you earlier, you won’t be able to help it if you’re being beset by these two beauties.

Fleur walks up to the edge of the pool and stands with one hand on her hip, the other behind her neck. She cuts a fabulous figure, and it’s lucky you who gets to photograph her for posterity. She’s looking at you peculiarly. You blurt out, “What do you want me to do?”

“You tell me,” she replies with a look mirroring the one she gave while in Redheart’s arm bar. “I’m yours to command.”

You panic. Tell her what to do? Realizing that it’s all just you and a gorgeous mare again, you freeze. How can you tell he what to do – she’s a pro and you’re just some amateur! Redheart’s words about not liking being treated as just a piece of meat come back to you. Half out of desperation, half out of shyness, you formulate a question. “So, um, what w-would you say’s your best feature again, Fleur?”

She gives you a pleased smile. “Not that I have any bad features, but my most excellent feature would have to be my svelte physique.” Fleur stretches out, accentuating her height and slenderness. Her body is so refined its lithe beauty is almost supernatural.

You gather your courage. You are trying to avoid gawking agape at her elegant form. “Could you do the splits, please?” You request with difficulty.

Fleur says nothing but sinks down all the way until no shadow hangs between her and the ground. You snap a picture, fingers twitching slightly as some very pleased thoughts run through your head. “I want you to focus on my hips and legs,” she says, leaning forward to press her chest into the ground. Her ample breasts squish against the ground, giving you a gratifying rush of excitement as you photograph them. Then you kneel down to place the camera almost level with her.

You don’t know how to say this, but you ask, “Could you… arch your back please, Fleur.” The model complies, lifting up her tight ass to create the very pleasing image of a lusty model giving you a smoldering look backed up by her assets. From this angle, if not for the straps of her top and g-string, she could have been entirely naked. “Sit up, please?” Fleur does and you walk around to photograph her from a side angle. Her ass is fantastic, but it can hardly compare to her proud breasts barely contained by her tiny bikini top. “Cross your legs sideways and look at me, please?”

“Capture me in profile first, then focus a shot on my face, one on my head and chest, and one on my lower body.” She stretches, showcasing every curve of her glorious body. Your fingers tingle just imagining touching her.

“Will do,” you spurt back. You feel yourself blushing furiously. You take the profile shot, then you turn to her face. “Smile, please, Fleur?” Fleur obliges, changing from a sultry expression to one so inviting that you can’t help but grin back foolishly. You snap her headshot, taking advantage of the way she tilts her head back to capture the lovely cascade of her mane. Then you turn to her chest. As you look at it, you feel your body reawakening lower down. You snap the picture. You’re still nervous as hell, but your lust and photographer’s eye are getting the better of it. And even though you’d hate to admit it, you’re getting a rush out of ordering this sexy mare around, and it’s more a primal pleasure than an artistic one. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Redheart watching you with a smirk. You swear one of her hands is beneath the fabric of her top. Still unsure, you ask Fleur, “Is this what you meant”


A feeling of elation. You capture one last image of her in this pose, the center of the pic focusing on the inner thigh exposed by her raised knee. You find yourself whispering, “Wow she’s so beautiful.” She’s so beautiful you don’t want this to end, even though your heart is beating like a rabbit and there’s no way you can get away with this much longer before she catches you ogling her with a boner.

Fleur sits up, hugging her knees in from of her chest. “So, are there any areas you would like to focus on?” Fleur inquires.

“Your boo—err upper body,” you blurt out almost catastrophically.

The model chuckles back, “You can say what you really mean. So, tell me what you really want to focus on.”

You blanche and you are momentarily floored. In disbelief, you rapidly blurt, “C-could you- breasts, please?”

“Good boy,” assents Fleur, grinning as she turns away from you for a second before reclining backwards with a broad smile, her legs together and knees raised. “That’s gg-great!” you say, snapping the first pic hurriedly, almost greedily. A reckless idea springs to your head. Could you ask her to do that? No, better not risk the amazing experience you were already having just for a shot at seeing a little bit more of the most beautiful mare you’ve ever seen. You know once this lesson ends it’ll be back to business as usual. You consider asking her to do something to pose her breasts when she pushes them up with her arms of her own accord.

“That’s enough flat shots. Come closer and shoot me from above.”

You lift your camera higher and approach her prone form. “Arch and stretch, Fleur.” The model arches her back and looks somewhere behind your feet, her mouth opening as if letting out an invisible gasp. Your dick presses against your trunks. You can’t believe this is happening. “Hands over your head, spread eagle, please.” The beauty stretches her arms over her head and folds her fingers into a heart shape. You align the camera directly down and photograph her lovely face through that hole. A lecherous idea comes into your head. “Is it okay if I strafe around you and take pictures?”

“Certainly,” Fleur says, rubbing her fine cleavage as you snap another photograph. “Just focus above the hips.”

“Okay,” you agree, starting your slow orbit around her heavenly body. You look down to see you are visibly hard. You hope Fleur and Redheart haven’t noticed. Perversely, you wonder if they might get a kick out of seeing the effect they’re having on you. Fleur strikes pose after pose as you step around her, shooting from high angles and low angles. Thank Celestia she asked you to focus on her tits! From the side, the g-string almost makes her look like she may be completely nude down there. You soon find yourself standing at her feet, her legs held high and together straight into the air. Your eyes meet Fleur’s and she opens her mouth.

You see the faintest of red tinges on her cheeks. “What now, Featherweight.” You freeze the instant your brain tells you what it wants to see next. Could you really do that? What if she kicked you – reacted badly? However, by this point, you’re riding so high off the moment you decide to throw caution to the winds. Despite your luminscent blush, thundering heart, dry mouth, raging erection, and slight trembling, you make yourself go for it in the mad hope that perhaps your luck may hold one last time.

“F-Fler De Lis, cou- could you please m-maybe sp-pread your legs?”

Fleur hums, “Mmm okay…” Her shapely thighs part. Your mouth almost falls open. Your eyes widen. You snap a photo and then crouch down almost in a trance. You glance to the side to see Redheart’s hand with fingers snuck into her lower bikini. You take another picture, this one going from the crook of her knee over the top of her barely concealed body. You move to crawl forward. You can’t believe this is happening! Your nose sniffs some mysterious yet arousing scene from the air. You’re so hard it almost hurts. You take another picture of her tits and face midway up her body. Then, before you know it, you’re holding yourself all the way over her, taking a picture directly down at her face, making sure to get as much of her abounding cleavage as possible. Her mouth is slightly open. Her face is tinged red. There is nothing tame about that look she’s giving you. Her arms lay up beside her head. You see her chest rising and falling faster than it should be for her level of activity. Her big breasts are so close, you just have to touch them… just a little taste…

You’re suspended over Fleur. The camera isn’t in your hand anymore. Leaning on her soft flesh a little, some instinct drives you to feel between your legs. Your cock practically aches. Your hand reaches for something… “Holy shit, are you going to fuck her?”

Startled, your head spins around towards the source of the sound: Nurse Redheart. She’s clearly touching herself between the legs, an engaged expression fixed on your and Fleur. A bolt of cold foreboding shoots through you. You freeze. You look down. Fleur is giving you a look between lust and confusion. You realize just how close you are to her. You leap back off Fleur, snapping out of your lust haze.

Oh shit, what the hell did you just do? The mares are staring at you, causing you to flinch and blurt out, “Sorry sorry sorry!”

Fleur doesn’t say anything. Redheart, noticing that you’ve stopped, takes her now-glistening fingers from her crotch. “Holy shit! Sweet Celestia, Featherweight, that was hot!”

Wait, is Redheart praising your actions? You tentatively reply, “W-what?” The words you need to express your maelstrom of bewilderment refuse to come.

“Indeed so, Featherweight,” says Fleur, smiling with a faint blush as she sits up. You leap to your feet and back away anxiously, suddenly uncomfortable with her proximity. “I haven’t had a photo session that hot in a long time. Tis a shame you could not handle it,” she muses while running her fingers up from slit to cleavage and then through her luxurious mane.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do anything bad!” You plead, your cheeks burning incandescently. If you could vault the backyard wall, you’d’ve already been a mile away. You absentmindedly wipe some sweat from your brow. To your surprise, you feel something heavy, wet, and sticky brush across your forehead. You stare at your hand. Your fingers are glistening. You were so close to Fleur… Redheart’s fingers she’d been touching herself with have that same sheen… Your ears burn with embarrassment as you try to wipe yourself clean on your trunks. Then you notice that you’re obviously rock hard – no way they haven’t seen your throbbing erection! If only Celestia would zap you now with lightning…

Fleur De Lis looks at you kindly. “Featherweight, it’s okay. It’s not your fault. I’m more experienced and should have exercised tighter control. I should have told you to stop.“ You hear embarrassment in her voice as she ruffles her mane and avoids meeting your eyes. “You’re not used to such… heated situations as I am; I don’t blame you for getting a little carried away. I was just so turned on by how flustered I was making you even as you were ordering me about that I let myself get swept away.” She met your eyes, smirking lustfully. “If you’d tried to fuck me, I wouldn’t have minded.”

“Fuck, that would’ve been so hot!” Redheart interrupts. “We know that excites you just as much as us.” She points at your hips. You grin sheepishly and make a small attempt to hide your raging boner. “Hey, Fleur, since I calmed him down last time, how about you do it this time?”

Fleur licks her lips. “Why not? Milly’s going to love him…” Completely caught off guard, you back away from her, only to collide backwards with something warm and soft with two projections you feel pressing against your back.

You feel a soft chin rest on your shoulder and Redheart’s soothing voice caress, “Relax, it’ll feel good. We’re doing this because we couldn’t possibly ask you to go working around such mares when you’re carrying all that tension.” Redheart’s arms warp around you in a gentle embrace. On her knees already, Fleur removes her bikini top, liberating her generous breasts to cascade outwards. The perky mounds sit high and proud on her chest, not drooping low or swinging to the sides. Fleur’s hand slithers down your front and grips your cock in its warm grasp. She runs her nimble fingers up and down your shaft, causing you to tremble in pleasure. You could get used to this!

Speechless, you wait for the most beautiful mare you’ve ever seen to send you to heaven. Fleur kisses your cock. Then, with a throaty hum, she engulfs it with her lips and sucks hard while licking vigorously. You gasp. Whoa! That feels amazing! Fleur De Lis continues this for a few seconds, during which time you inarticulately gasp and grasp for words to describe your incredible experience. Then, she pops your dick almost all the way out of her mouth, only holding the tip between her lips as she raises her breasts and slides them up and down around your shaft. You feel amazing and can hardly move. As the slick softness of her tits massages your cock, she blows you up and down from base to head. She takes you all the way into her mouth and hums happily, looking up into your eyes. You start to pant. If just being played with feels this good, you can’t imagine how amazing actual intercourse must feel.

“Go on, fuck her tits,” Redheart urges you, smacking your ass lightly, causing you to give a little jerk forward and receive another jolt of pleasure. You thrust between Fleur’s wonderful boobs, savoring their softness and how it plays exquisitely with the frenzied heat of her mouth. You feel your balls begin to tighten. You’re feeling really good. Pleasure builds and builds. Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, you feel like your cock is going to explode. The steady rhythm of your thrusts gives way to wild, jerky spasms. For some reason, you stroke Fleur’s gorgeous mane, affectionately petting her head. Your fingers grip harder as you get closer. You let out a gasp. “Feeling good? That’s it, cum for her.” Redheart urges, not stopping her own ministrations. She pants. You can feel her own fingers working away at her slit. She grinds against you and you mirror her actions urged on by deep instincts.

You try to groan out a warning to the mare, but it’s too late. “Fleur, I…” Carnal pleasure surges through your cock. And just as you lose control, Fleur takes the initiative to go all out. She bobs her head like mad and vigorously rubs your surging cock in her cleavage. Pleasured sex noises replace all words. The marvelous mare sucks down all the cum she can and licks your cock to clean it, but the volume of your release means some of your white fluid spills onto her tits. You grab her head and pull her in, fucking her face in your release. She just sucks you down, making mmmm noises and lapping enthusiastically. Your knees bend and you hunch over, trying to stuff your cock as deep as possibly into her heavenly hot mouth.

Then your orgasm subsides and you are sated. Your deflating dick is released from Fleur’s lips with a pop and some more drops of semen drop onto her chest. Dazed after your electric orgasm, you stumble over to the nearest deck chair and plop down on it. You see the mares approach you. You exhale winded, “I, uhh, woooow…”

“Feeling better now?” Fleur asks

You sigh out, “Ah yeeessssss…”

“So, how about we get to the real meat of the shoot?” Fleur asks, looking at you almost enviously.

“Hey, Fleur, ready to go hardcore?” Redheart asks, letting you go.

“Oh definitely,” the model replies with a wicked grin, her hands reaching back behind her neck, undoing the ties holding up her bikini top. “Now he’s been drained a bit, we can get serious.” You try to say something, but are stopped by a lump in your throat as you see Fleur De Lis’s bikini bottom fall away, revealing her pussy in its full glory. A gratifying feeling in your chest tells you you're not done yet.

Laybor Day

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Redheart approaches Fleur from behind you. “So, are we getting it on now, or waiting for Milly to show up?” You can’t believe what you’re hearing.

“Oh, definitely now. So, should we tell him now?”

“Why spoil the surprise, Red?”

“What surprise; we’ve already done everything but told him directly.”

Your jaw falls open in realization. You ask, “This wasn’t a normal photoshoot from the beginning, was it?”

Redheart turns to snap back, “Of course!’

Fleur explains to you, “Well, you see, Featherweight, Redheart and I were planning on meeting so we could try to collaborate on a photoshoot to try to help her find work as a glamour model. We even had a photographer scheduled, but then you came up and Red seemed so reluctant to cancel on you…” Fleur scratched the back of her head. “Well, we had not intended to rope you into our games… you just fell into place.”

This is too rich. “I thought I might get screwed,” you joke. Redheart and Fleur let out rich laughs. The beautiful sound massages your ears and you smile, relaxed for a moment.

Redheart nudges Fleur. “What did I tell you, fancy panties, this guy’s got a good sense of humor

“Cute, too,” purrs Fleur, looking at you meaningfully. You shrink under her gaze, still unsure how to handle having a naked mare about, let alone one this beautiful. If not for the odd turn of this conversation, you would be fully speechless.

Redheart hangs an arm around Fleur, one of her hands grabbing one of the model’s breasts. “So, you think that’s enough hard work, or is about time for some fun?”

“I think hard work can be fun,” smirks Fleur. “I know I can work even when I’m really turned on. I am uncertain about you, Red, however.”

Nurse Redheart laughs, “Cut the shit, you’re horny as hell and don’t you tell me different!”

“Mmm… True.” Fleur De Lis licks her lips. “Red, dear, being a pornstar is such hard work. How about some hors d’oeuvres?” Wish a devilish grin, she pulls Redheart’s breasts out of her top and kisses the nipples. Redheart gasps with delight. Your hair stands on end. No way! So they do have that kind of relationship!

You stand there, standing jaw agape, completely unable to will your body into acting. The two most beautiful mares you have ever seen in your life, one of them a porn star, are undressed before you and going at it like animals in heat! You watch as Fleur descends down Redheart’s voluptuous body, leaving a trail of kisses down the mare’s front. All the while, her hands run down her sides to her hips. They grip hard with a slap, fingers digging into the soft flesh. Oh to grip that… Fleur kisses Redheart down her chest, to her bell, and then around her hips, planting a ring of kisses. You see the pink tinge rosate Redheart’s pretty cheek. Her bright lips spread slightly. Her fingers dreamily curl about in Fleur’s pink mane. She rocks her body, tits swaying. Fleur’s face gets closer to her crotch. You swear you can see the dark outline of her slit illustrated against the fabric of her bikini bottom. The first touches of Fleur’s delicate fingers brush against the fabric. A fond smile tugs at the nurse’s mouth. Then Fleur De Lis tucks one of her fine fingers through the band hugging at her friend’s hips and pulls down. With the panties now clear but not yet removed, Fleur wraps her arms around Redheart’s juicy rear and pulls herself forwards with an excited noise, burying her mouth in the other mare’s nethers.

The effect on Redheart is immediate. A happy hiss escapes her lips as her head jolts skyward. You feel yourself getting hard. You cannot resist. You cock is aching for more than just your own touch. You find yourself craving this mare, this one whom you came here to see and photograph. You feel a dash of envy in your brain. You want to be the one to make her make those noises. You want to feel her warmth. You want to touch her, see her open before her, be close to her… Desire grips you. But so does fear. It doesn’t feel right to approach her, to make your desires known… You stand nearly immobilized, unable to do anything but watch as Fleur’s ministrations cause the peals of pleasure from Redheart’s lips to become louder and faster. She lets out one sharp, feminine squeal.

Your hand reaches down. You begin to touch yourself. You’re rock hard already. Fleur turns to you. “Hey, why not take her bosoms while I busy myself lower down?” Your eyes bulge.

“R-Really?” You stammer.

“Indeed,” grins back Fleur.

Scarcely believing your luck, you approach the lustful pair like a skittish mouse. Fleur places one of your hands on Redheart’s generous chest. You squeeze her tit and she reacts, pleased. ‘Yes,” she moans. You feel that hungry, bestial part of you which nearly took Fleur mere minutes ago reemerge. With an immensely satisfied grin, you dig into her bountiful cleavage. Warm, soft tits cascade over your hands and face. Your cheeks brush against them and your lips seek them out. You kiss them delicate and roughly. You grab them firmly and massage them gently. All the while, you hear hums, slurps, and breaths from Fleur and pleasured moans from Redheart. She purrs, “Mmmmmm… Fleur… Feather…”

You take a boob in each hand and place your face between them, licking and suckling on each. This is heaven! Her soft body against your own. The sounds, the smell of sweat and arousal. You swear her breasts must release pheromones, because the more you inhale her sweet scent, the greater your desire goes. Your cock is throbbing hard enough to burst. Your ministrations strengthen. You squeeze and grope her harder. Your hunger turns ravenous. You have to have her. She is nearly incoherent, her chest rising and falling in rapid flurries of gasps.

You feel your hips press clsoeto hers. You rub your dick on her body, desperate for access. Redheart moans, “Fleur, I- I’m…”

Fleur De Lis snaps up and kisses her deeply with what you are sure is tongue, one hand still working Redheart’s slit. She whispers in her ear, “Fuck her.”

“What!?” Your heart stops.

“Go ahead, fuck her. Fuck her brains out. Copulate like a beast in heat.” As if to illustrate, she works her hand, getting another shudder of delight from Redheart.

You can barely hold back, but you ask Redheart, “Redheart, is this okay?”

Lunging forward, she kisses you hard on the mouth, hurling her arms around your neck. “Just do me good!”

“But I’ve-“

“Never been with a mare?”

“Y-yeah…” You admit with shame.

Your hot bodies stand close together. One of yours hands is on her ass. The other is groping her upper back. “Don’t worry about it—I knew all along.” She gives you a loving look and a reassuring smile. “Let me be your first. Take me. Don’t stop until you cum inside me – make me your cock sheath.”

Fleur interrupts, “Wow, Red, that is hot.” She claps both of you on the ass. “Now, get on with it before I take BOTH of you without mercy.” Fleur lunges over to the deck chair, swings it over, and shoves you and Nurse Redheart down onto it with you looking down at the voluptuous mare. She’s blushing noticeably, but you feel like your face could melt granite. Without planning it, you kiss her and try to advance up her nude body. You realize this is it – you really are about to do it with a mare. Excitement and panic chase each other around your mind in equal measure. You feel soft thighs on either side of your own. You draw your hips up for better access. You feel Redheart’s wetness brush against the underside of your cock. Awkwardly, you jab forward, somehow failing to join her flesh.

Redheart looks up at you and meets your eyes. You calm down as her soft hand brushes your cheek. She maneuvers her hips. “May I?” You ask, scarcely daring to risk breaking the mood with your voice.

“Give it to me,” Redheart encourages, wrapping her legs around you, pulling you in. You lean in and kiss her. You feel your tip make contact. You slide your hips forward. It’s so hot. It’s going in- WOW! With a swell of her hips, Redheart takes you in all the way in one move. Your fingers clench into her skin. You grit your teeth, overwhelmed at the strange new sensation. But even as you react, you feel a blissful wave of gliding pleasure shoot up your cock. You hold still all the way inside her, basking in the silky heat of her pussy. You kiss and make eye contact. “I um, well…” You try to talk but instead goofy laughter escapes from you. Another tender kiss silences you. A smoldering look tells you all you need to do even more vividly than your raging instincts.

You move and she matches your thrusts. Redheart’s insides feel like heaven. You can see Fleur in the corner of your vision, playing with herself while watching with a hungry expression. This turns you on even further. Something in you wants to give her a show. You slam your hips against your lover’s. She gives a squeal and smiles, reaching out her arms and holding them around your neck and shoulders. To complete the embrace, you answer by grabbing her breasts and toying with them. She shudders, doubtlessly feeling the same pleasure you are. Warmth erupts in your chest. You don’t want this to end. You crave Redheart. Months of internet chats, messages, and convos come to mind. You feel safe with this mare – she inspires warm feelings. Carnal desire fills you. You savagely suckle and fondle her breasts. She digs her nails into your back. The animal part of you takes over. Every motion of your bodies joined at the hip sends tingles of pleasure up and down your spine. Your hands tingle. Every touch is electric. The pleasure is building. You can’t hold on.

You feel ragged but you keep fucking like animals. Her scent and feel intoxicate you. You barely know how to use your hips and you don’t care how awkward or jerky your thrusts are. This is your first time inside a mare and it’s absolutely incredible! You feel you and herself starting to pant. Your hums and groans turn rough, primal. You clasp her hands and press them down against the deck chair. You see the gloriously arousing image of your mate below you in the throes of ecstasy. Her breasts heave with every thrust you give her body. Her mouth hangs open slightly and her eyes are wide with abandon. You kiss her throat, noting the heat of her aroused flush, mirroring the miraculous wetness lower down. She’s coiling around you just like you’re filling her. She closes her legs even tighter around your hips.

Your eyes screw up. Your cock feels like it’s about to explode. Fear hits you, but is overwhelmed by sheer arousal. You couldn’t stop rutting Redheart, even if you wanted to. You don’t know what to say. Her body is begging yours for your release. You feel her get hotter and wetter, the slick walls of her cunt massaging your shaft with exquisite pleasure. She hold you close, drawing you in. She embraces you close in her arms, pressing her nude form up against yours. You see Fleur touching herself frantically, legs shaking. You don’t know if those pleasured cries are hers of Redheart’s. You throw your arms around Redheart, embracing her as close as you can. She draws you in and trembles with a squeak. All the way inside her, you strain one last time.

Pleasure erupts in your cock and you let out some kind of shout. Redheart kisses you and you press into each other, absorbing each other’s moans. You feel your cock twitch and spasm uncontrollably as something spews from you in pulses, so much it hurts. She milks you, dancing her hips up and down for a moment before just letting you as deep as possible. You rock together, tangled in carnal paradise.

Your brain thinks “I came… inside a mare… unbelievable…”
Eventually, the orgasmic fires subside and you lay together breathless. Without a thought in your head, you caress her cheek. You kiss and lick it, noting the salty taste of sweat. Your heart still thunders and you opt to nuzzle against her, letting her run her hands down your back.

Eventually, this heaven becomes uncomfortable, so you sit up, barely flopping upright. So hot. You stumble over to the pool and loosely jump in. More like flop in, but in you go regardless. You stay underwater, the water feeling cold but good against your hot skin. What had just happened? It was awesome… Awesome but… overwhelming? Sudden? You don’t know. It wasn’t bad – you just don’t know how to feel. You will need to process this. You close your eyes underwater. This is better. Here, you can think. Here, it’s not quite so overwhelming.

Your lungs ache, but you stay down, sitting on the pool bottom. How to feel? How to feel? How to feel? Your dick still feels slimy from your fluids and Redheart’s fluids. You rub it clean. It’s confusing. That was in another, but not it’s not. You can’t undo it.

Someone taps you on the shoulder, snapping you out of your thoughts. You open your eyes to see Redheart and Fleur looking at you, waving. You try to smile back at them and they grab you by your arms and haul you to the surface. You take the first breath of air, gulping it down urgently. Redheart hugs you, presumably checking your vitals while Fleur asks, “Are you alright, Featherweight?”

You say back, embarrassed, “Um, yeah, just a bit overwhelming, I guess, is all.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she says to you genuinely. There is no flirtation or subterfuge in her voice. She is looking you straight in the eye. You slowly exhale, “It was just all so… sudden.”

Fleur De Lis wrings her hands together. “I’m sorry I got a little carried away…” You sit up on the side of the pool and she sits next to you. The model drapes an arm over your shoulder. “Are you okay, really, Featherweight?” Her face clearly betrays her knowledge that she may have just crossed the nice.

You shake your head, not sure why you do. “I think so, Fleur. I mean, it felt really good. I guess just warn me next time you’re about to bone me silly.”

A wet noise comes from the other side of you as Redheart emerges onto the side of the pool and sits down next to you. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No no no,” you shake your head, putting a hand on hers. “I couldn’t’ve picked a better mare to do it with.” You smile. A warm feeling in your chest tells you those particular flames won’t be extinguished easily.

“Would you mind doing it again?” Redheart asks.

You pause for a moment to think, but the answer is abundantly clear. It had felt wonderful and nothing in your life had even come close to being so exciting. In fact, thinking about the sensations brings the smile back to your face. “A thousand times,” you grin. You know not how, but you feel yourself stiffening again. Maybe it’s the mares. Maybe it’s the context. But now that you’re over the initial shock, you eye them hungrily. You grasp their thighs.

Fleur De Lis remarks, “I think we have our answer.” Redheart nods. “So, would you mind doing it with me? Poor me’s been neglected all day while you’ve been crawling all over Red.” Fleur fake pouts at you with a wicked grin.

“Think we have enough time, Fleur?” Redheart inquires.

“I doubt Milano would mind catching is in flagrante delicto.” You worry about being caught, but you’ll be damned if that overcomes your desire to feel this mare from the inside.

Have sex with Fleur De Lis? That feeling of anxious unworthiness strikes you, but now that you’ve seen where this carnal road goes and that you’re not just being messed with, you clasp one hand to her chest as you finger around her slit. You remember from all the materials you’ve reviewed, many of which weren’t porn, that mares enjoyed being fingered down there. You don’t really know what you’re doing, but you currently don’t care. You kiss Fleur and she kisses you back, battling your lips with her tongue. You try to push her down to complete what you nearly did with the camera earlier, but to your surprised find her swinging a leg around to turn the tables on you.

There she sits, naked on your lap, your hard cock standing straight up, her wet slit ready for it.

Anticipation builds. You smile stupidly, already anticipating your next dose of pleasure. “Nice to see you are still at attention like a gentleman should be,” Fleur remarks with an amused grin.

“It’s a mystery to me, too.” You know that your cock should have quit long ago, but it hasn’t.

Fleur shushes you, pressing her hands onto your chest. She rubs herself along your length a couple times. You can feel her heat and wetness. She looks hungrily at you, ready to pounce. “Allow me to fuck you silly,” she whispers, lifting up her hips and bringing them to the head of your cock.

With an elegant, bewitching motion, she lowers herself and takes you inside. She rocks her hips, soon having you all the way in. Perhaps some mares don’t fuck as well as they look, but certainly not Fleur De Lis. This supernatural beauty rides you with superb grace and her insides feel like heaven. They wrap tightly around you and caress your length. Her slender legs push down at your knees to keep you pinned while her arms rest on your chest while she lazily works her hips up and down, back and forth, sending marvelous feelings through your nervous system. She gives the first yelp of pleasure as your cock brushes a rough patch inside her pussy. You lay there, entranced, watching this veritable goddess have her way with you. The animal magnetism is there, you feel bound by desire, but not the same warm flame in your chest as with Redheart. The pleasure is rising in your cock. Maybe it’s youth, maybe it’s the all you can bang buffet, but your body is in sexual overdrive.

You see Nurse Redheart watching you with fascination, playing with herself. You remember what Fleur did at the start of this orgy. You shoot Fleur a look, which the model responds to with a wicked grin. “Hey, Red, c’mere; I have a gift for you.”

Redheart stands and walks over to you. She stands in front of Fleur’s face and the riding mare brings her face forwards. While you cannot see it, you know immediately from Redheart’s reaction how she feels. This time, instead of being paralyzed, you break free of Fleur’s grasp and lift your hands. One finds Fleur’s chest and another finds Redheart’s entrance. You set your fingers to work, thrusting and rubbing with them in time with Fleur’s rocking hips. Everyone is starting to breathe faster. Your arousal is growing. You twitch. This feels incredible! Making love to two beautiful, wonderful mares at once! You could die from the thrill!

You all form one mass of lust and carnality. You’re not sure where the electrifying smells, sounds, and feelings are coming from, only that they’re happening and becoming more intense. You feel a boiling tightness in your balls. Redheart’s soaked cunt is fucking three of your fingers at a time, and every squeeze on Fleur’s nipples makes her shake those fantastic hips of hers. Your orgasm is fast approaching. Your body feels gloriously hot. The tension is about to break. So pleasant.

You jerk upwards so slightly, involuntarily, hitting Fleur deep inside. She quivers, sending you over the edge. Her jerking hips set you off and you being unleashing your cum into her thirsty pussy. You hear Redheart’s exquisite squeals and rub that little nub of sensitive clitoris flesh as best you can. Her legs buckle. White hot pleasurable lightning courses through your body. Incredible! Somehow, you end up in a sloppy three way mad kiss with Fleur and Redheart.

When the fog clears, you three are laying together totally spent, cum dripping out of both their pussies, and your cock finally limp. You are laying more or less in a tangled pile. All of you have the biggest smiles on your faces. You kiss both mares, your eyes shut in your post-orgasmic haze. So soft, so warm. This must be paradise. No fear in your heart. “I love you,” you sigh at Redheart.

“I love you,” you hear two voices say back to you. That was unexpected, but fuck it. Nurse Redheart is a dream come true, and to add Fleur De Lis to the train only made the deal sweeter. You hug both of them tighter, their bodies and breasts pressing up against you. Their slow, deep breathing tells you they’re fast asleep.

Unbeknownst to you, a certain older mare with a rich mahogany mane was watching you all from through the sliding glass door, a smile on her face. She watched freshly captured footage on a camcorder while she played with herself, thinking to herself that it’d been years since she’d seen a performance quite like that. And you, the little stallion who had stumbled into all this, was the one she’d have to personally thank for this stroke of serendipity. Indeed, she would. Milano licked her lips intently. The last thing you see is a small bit of glare from something inside the house, but you pay it no mind. Too spent and happy to do anything else, you kiss your mares and follow them into the dreamlands. Not bad for a random Labor Day.