Pip's Treasure Chest

by Brony-wan-kenobi

First published

Pip's life changes after sending out for a mail order bride as he finding out that his new wife is a bit too pround of her body.

The next part in the Island series.

The Cove, the bar owned by Pip, is doing as well as his love life. In a desperate move he decides to get a mail order bride. His bride, a thestral mare named Succubus, seems innocent enough. However there is something odd about her.

Pip is aged up

The Mail Order Bride

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It was late Friday night at The Cove as Pip stood behind the bartending station, getting ready to call it a night. The Cove had a bit of a swashbuckler theme going for it. The dozen or so tables scattered about looked like the steering wheel of a pirate’s ship. All of the seats, including the ones near the bartender’s station, looked like they were made from barrels or driftwood to go with the theme. On the walls were several pictures depicting drunken sailors from various eras of Equestria’s history. Some of the older ones showed sailor ponies with missing teeth, harassing the serving wench while spilling there apple rum all over the place. The newer ones, by contrast, looked more like photograph depicting the sailors in more modern day attire playing cars and sipping hard cider. Also on the wall were pictures of Princess Luna and Princess Twilight. The two had been recently asked by the owner a few weeks ago to have their pictures taken for The Cove while wearing pirate attire. Since they had known the owner for years they agreed and now those picture were on display. Luna’s had her wearing an outfit that exposed her sexy cleavage while holding a cutlass in her teeth. As for the adorkable purple princess, she was wearing a similar get up but showing her midsection instead as well as holding two pistols. Also hanging on the walls were various items like cutlasses, pirate flags, a phony treasure maps. In the middle of the bar were four pool tables that were in prime condition, just waiting for a group of ponies to play a friendly game on them.

It had been Pip’s parents who had bought this place back when he first moved to Ponyville from Trottingham. Back then, the zoning laws had kept any establishment like this from being in town and thus forcing them to be situated in its current location. But this didn’t stop ponies from coming all the way out here to get a good buzz. No, every day ponies would be milling about the place laughing and having a good time with plenty of beverages to choose from. And Friday night, that was their biggest night of the week. Ponies would come here to start their weekend off with a good kick, drinking and playing games until the owners had to close for the night. It never got to the point where ponies were destroying property or anything like that which was the good type of fun you’d expect from the ponies that lived in Ponyville.

It was only a few years ago when Pip’s parents had decided to retire and move so some southern beach town while handing over the keys to The Cove to Pip. At first, Pip had hesitated in taking this position. It had always been the pinto’s dream to sail around the world and perhaps have an adventure that involved finding some long lost treasure or the like. Or, perhaps, join the Equestrian Navy for a few years just to get sea life out of his system. Yet the more he thought about it the more running this place made sense to him. Buying a sea worthy boat was going to be expensive. Then there was all of the supplies he would need not to mention help. At five feet tall and having the build of a twig, he would need all the help he could get. So Pip quickly came to the idea that if he ran this place well enough he could make enough money to get everything he could need and in the meantime do something about his lack of muscle.

And, at first, business was looking really good. That was until a recent event. A few months back the zoning laws had changed for one reason or another. This allowed new business to enter the town and that, sadly, included bars. And it didn’t take long for a stallion name Kegger to open up his own place in town called Wild House.

Pip had been in this place only once so far and, for him, that was enough. With its bright flashing lights that would threaten to give a foal a seizure, loud music that hurt his ears if he stayed in there too long, and a hazy mist that hung in the air so much it made it hard to see he felt sure the place would bomb. And it probably would have if not for the trilogy of cheap booze, convenient location, and serving mares in skimpy attire.

Now Pip was serving a third of its usual crowd. These were ponies who were loyal friends of his, wanted to go someplace where you could hear the pony next to you, or simply preferred good drinks instead of the watered down stuff they served at Wild House. He wasn’t making as much as he used to, but thankfully he wasn’t in the same position Rarity had been a few years back. He was still making enough to pay the bills to keep the place running while also putting food on the table.

Right now there were only two ponies in the bar, Snips and Snails. Both of them were at the pool table, arguing about something. Neither of them had been served anything other than water since they had yet to pay their tab. Something that Pip made sure to remind them every time he saw the pair.

Just when Pip was about to tell them he was closing for the night the door suddenly opened. Turning his head, Pip saw a shiny crystal unicorn mare with a pink coat and aqua blue mane who was wearing a bright yellow dress that gave her just enough warmth during these early spring nights. Besides her was another pony whose identity was hidden behind a cloak and hood.

“Pip, darling,” said the mare loudly as she enter and made her way to the bare while her companion followed. “Oh it has been far too long since we had last spoken.”

“Evening Miss Matchmaker,” said Pip respectfully as the two took seats at the bartending station. He then turned to the stallions. “Ok guys, time to hit the road.”

“Ah, can’t we stay a little longer?” begged Snips. “Please?”

“Sorry, but we’re closed now,” said Pip as he shot his thumb towards the door.

“Ah, but what about them?” asked Snails.

“They get to stay because we have business to discuss,” said Pip. “Now go on. I know you both have work in the morning.”

Pip waited as the two newcomers took up seats at the bartending station. As they did that, he kept his eyes on the two who were leaving, wanting them out of here before he spoke to Matchmaker. What he was doing right now wasn’t outside the law nor was it anything that might get him in any trouble, but it also wasn’t something that he wanted the whole town to know about. It was only when the door closed that his attention returned to the two seated in front of him.

“Can I take this off now,” said the pony in the cloak. Judging by the sound of the voice, it belonged to a mare. There was something about the voice that was almost dreamlike due to its beauty and made Pip want to see who was beneath the hood.

“Not yet dear,” chided Matchmaker. “Let us settle our business here first. Then Pip can see that darling face of yours.”

As the cloaked mare moaned right before planting her face on the bar table’s surface, Matchmaker’s horn began to glow. A moment later a stack of documents appeared in front of her. Looking down, Pip saw that each one had ‘Matchmaker’s Mail Order Brides’ written in big friendly letters at the top of each page.

Some would say that what Pip was doing right now was the act of a desperate stallion. And, if Pip was being perfectly honest, he was. Ever since he was in school, very few mares ever gave him a chance manly due to his size. He had gone on a few dates, but they were pity dates. As time went on he tried things like speed dating and placing a personal ad in the paper in the hopes that there would be some mare in the area who would give him a chance. With each failure drove Pip into a silent desperation until he considered getting a mail order bride.

Matchmaker Mail Order Brides was the best in Equestria. Heck, Princess Cadence even gave this agency public approval which was saying something. However, despite this, Pip still felt uncertain so he decided to head up to the Crystal Empire to talk to Matchmaker in pony. After talking to each other for over two hours, Pip left the agency with a much lighter wallet and the promise that she would find him the perfect bride.

“Now then,” said Matchmaker as she went over her documents. “Finding you a bride was, admittedly, trickier than I had thought. Normally, most of my mares aren’t that picky and would love to have a stallion as young as you are how owns his own business. Yet your size did give them doubts, I’m afraid. But, when I talked to this little gift from Celestia she wanted to head over here right away and meet you. Isn’t that right dearie?”

“He is cuter than what you described,” giggle the cloaked mare and causing a warmth to spread through Pip’s body.

“Y-You really think so?” asked Pip as he leaned a bit closer.

“I said it, didn’t I?” she purred. Her voice, it was just…seductive. There was no other way to describe it. Even though he had never seen her face, a part of him was already falling in love. He didn’t care if it was a changeling under that cloak, he would gladly give her all the love he had as long as she continued to talk to him like this.

“Alright then,” said Matchmaker as she slid a form in front of Pip and then another in front of the cloaked mare. “I will need you both to sign this before we get…” Her voice trailed off as the other mare had already scribbled her name at the bottom so quickly that the other two ponies were surprised the paper didn’t burst into flames. “Er, started. But before you sign, I want you both to know that there is a trail period of three months before this is finalized. Just so you can both familiarize with each other. Once the three months are over I will be here with the needed paperwork so you will both be legally married. Now, are there any questions darling?”

The cloaked mare shook her head, however Pip did have a concern. “I know we talked about this last time,” said Pip. “But, just as a refresher, what happens if one or both of us realizes this isn’t going to work?”

“Well,” began Matchmaker, “things like that do tend to happen, I’m afraid. And if it does, all you have to do is send me a letter and I’ll back here on the next train. I will then try to find you both new matches. Or if Pipsqueak here doesn’t wish to try again I will give him an 80% refund. Now I hope that settles any concerns you might have.” Pip simply nodded. It was then that Matchmaker placed a hand on the cloaked mare’s should. As if this were a cue of some sort, the mare took off the hood to reveal her smiling face.

Pip could feel his jaw drop as he looked into her smiling face. She had a simple grey coat with a long, black, and bouncy mane that went well past her shoulder. It wasn’t a very unusual coloration, he had seen many mares that looked very similar. However it was her other features that marked her as a thestral that drew his attention. Like her golden slit eyes that commanded his attention or her cute, tuffed ears. Even her tiny fangs seemed to enhance her features. Pip was so taken by her that he failed to notice when Matchmaker pushed the document in front of him. Now he knew why she had been wearing a hood up until this moment. Had she not, all of Pip’s focus would have been on this mare.

It took Pip three tries to sign the document, mainly because he didn’t want to take his eye off of her for a moment. The first time he signed the bartender table and the second time his signature was so illegible that he had to cross it out. Each failure earn him an enchanting giggle from the mare.

Sweet Luna, it’s like she has a spell over me, thought Pip as he finally managed to sign the document.

“Congratulations Pip,” said Matchmaker as she took the document. “For the next three months you will be the husband of Succubus.”

“And this is where we will be living,” said Pip as he opened a door at the end of a stairway leading up from the bar. For Pip the place was fairly average and bare. Just a kitchen/family room with three bedrooms and a single bathroom. Furniture wise there wasn’t much as his parents had taken most of it leaving him with a couple of beds, a couch, and a few bookshelves. Not that he really needed them or anything since he only came up here to eat, sleep, and shower.

Yet the bareness of the place didn’t upset Succubus. She let out a squeal of joy as she raced into the kitchen and began to examine everything with a large smile on her face, as if she were seeing everything for the first time. She even hugged the tea kettle as if she had just found her long lost teddy bear!

Looking at all of this, Pip couldn’t help but wonder about his new wife as he gently closed the door. Along with this behavior, he noticed that Succubus hadn’t brought anything with her. Not a suitcase, backpack, or even a plastic shopping bag of personal items. The only thing she seemed to own were the clothes on her back.

Maybe she came from a poor family, thought Pip as he watched Succubus head over to the couch where she proceeded to bounce up and down on it. I did hear that some mares sign up to become mail order brides in order to escape poverty. Maybe-

It was then that Succubus tossed aside her cloak while happily laughing, causing Pip’s brain to crash in mid-thought. Under that cloak the thestral mare was completely naked! Every inch of her body was completely exposed for him to see. Her breaths were huge, at least a large D or perhaps an E in cup size that bounced along with her. Pip felt his mouth open slightly as he saw that her large coral pink nipples were stiff as if begging to be stuck on. This was odd since thestrals shared the same lean, aerodynamic bodies that pegasi did. The only exception that he had ever seen before was Fluttershy.

Slowly, Pip managed to pry his eyes away from the bouncing jugs to look at the rest of her. Her stomach, he noted, looked soft and rounded to the perfect feminine shape. Resting on her fine flank was her cutie mark which looked like a heart with one side red while the other was black. Her legs were neither too fat nor too skinny, once again giving her that perfect feminine figure that any stallion would drool over.

“You like what you see?” asked Succubus. Pip jumped slightly at her voice and quickly focused his attention up to her face. Her expression was one of delight with eyes that seemed to sparkle with pure happiness. If he were to look down once more, Pip would have spotted a thin trail of juices running down her legs.

“Y-Yes,” said Pip with a gulp.

The smile on Succubus’s face seemed to double in both size and joy when she heard him say that. She then jumped off the couch towards him with wings extended. When their bodies collided Succubus wrapped her arms around his neck while bringing her lips to his. Pip didn’t seem to notice that he had crashed against the ground or had the weight of a full grown mare on top of him. All he could registered at the moment was her softness. Both her lips and arms felt so full and soft against his body that he closed his eyes while getting lost in his first real kiss.

It was then that Succubus pulled back from the kiss and moved her head slightly so that her mouth was next to his ear. “Don’t close your eyes sweetie,” she whispered. “I love it when you look at me.” To this, Pip obeyed and was rewarded with another kiss. This time was different as she added her tongue, licking the outside of his lips in a slow manner.

Pip opened his mouth to moan as her tongue created small bursts of pleasure only to be silenced as she invade this open mouth. Her tongue was now tracing everything from the roof of his mouth, to his teeth, and even his own tongue. Several times the small station let out a whimpering moan as he did his best not to close his eyes. The sensations she was creating felt so different and new that it was overwhelming. Then, after what felt like hours, Succubus pulled away while leaving her our tongue pointing out so that it created a strand of saliva.

“Poor baby,” she said while moving to straddle his waist, her fingers now wrapping around the bottom of his shirt. “Why are you still dressed? Here, let me help you.” With one swift motion she pulled upwards on his shirt to expose his non-muscular chest. Soon the shirt was completely off of him and thrown…somewhere. Pip didn’t know because he was too focused on Succubus had instantly leaned forwards again so that she could kiss him while her hard nipples pressed against his chest.

While Pip did his best to keep his eyes on Succubus as he lay there, still struggling with the realization that this was happening. He was clueless as to what he should do or even could do for that matter. He knew that with some mares a single mistake could ruin the mood. And that was something that the pinto stallion really, really didn’t want. He wanted to continue feeling her warm, soft body against his. To feel her tongue as it explored his mouth.

After a while, Succubus removed her tongue from Pip’s mouth. Before Pip could let out a moan of disappointment, the mare was already planting small kisses from his cheek to his neck. Pip couldn’t help but squirm as he felt a mixture of lips, tongue, and fangs against his neck. With her lips pressed tightly against his coat, Pip could feel Succubus grinning at what her actions were doing to him.

Soon she was on the move again, kissing and licking his chest. Her hands softly traced his sides for a while, moving up and down in slow motion. Eventually they found their way to his pants and before he knew it they had been removed without her ever taking her body away from his. Now his stiff member was pressed against her body which slowly continued to slide down his. With his lower body free of any type of clothing he could feel her wetness against his legs as she made her way to his upper pelvis, kissing it tenderly along the way.

Craning his head, Pip watched Succubus as she continued downwards towards his hardened rod. He could feel it as his member moved through the valley of her soft mounds as her lips made their way closer to his groin. As got to his hips, Pip fought hard not to buck up hips upwards as bolts of pleasure were created with her kisses alone. Then, finally, his member was sadly freed from the confides of her breasts. Succubus then lowered her head and, for a time, just stared at it with an odd expression on her face. As she did, fear and panic made their way into Pip’s thoughts. He knew he wasn’t as big or as thick as other stallions. Let’s face it, not every stallion will be as gifted like Big Mac or those stallions in the porno magazines.

Succubus then used her hands to take hold of her breasts. Pip’s eyes widened as she took her right breasts and pressed her nipple against his shaft before. Slowly she then began to trace it up and down his rod while her left nipple was brought to her mouth. He watched as she stuck out her tongue to circle around it slowly while moaning. Pip longed to sit up, reach out, and use his tongue instead. Or perhaps they could both swirl their tongues around the same nipple. Was that even possible? However he found himself unable to move as he continue to watch her as she switched breasts.

Eventually, Succubus decided to shake things up a bit. Bringing both hands to the tips of her breasts she then brought her nipple together right above the head of Pip’s cock. With a smile she then pulled them apart a tiny bit before lower them. Pip let out a shudder as he felt her rock hard nipples as they traced the side of his cock and then another as she pressed them together at the middle of his member. As she did this, Succubus brought her face closer to the head of his cock until she was so close he could feel her hot breath against it.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said. “I hope you like it.” With that said, Succubus opened her mouth to take in the tip of Pip’s member while stroking it with her tits.

Pip’s answer came in the form of both a shutter and a moan. He could feel both the hardness of her nipples as well as she softness of her breasts as she made her slow motion strokes. And then there was her mouth. By Luna her mouth! It was so warm and moist that soft whimpers of pleasure were constantly escaping his mouth. He could feel Succubus sucking on the head softly as her tongue twirled around the head. It took every ounce of self-control he had not to throw his head back.

As Succubus continued to pleasure Pip, the blissful stallion began to notice something about her tits. For some reason they seemed to be a bit moister and that at the end of the nipples seemed to have small white spots on them as if she were lactating. As he stared at them, he imagined himself taking charge for a moment resulting so that he could suck on those tits and drink her milk. However, when Pip blinked he saw that the white spots were gone making him think that what he had seen was simply a trick of his horny mind.

After a while, Pip clenched his teeth to keep his orgasm from happening. He could feel his pre-cum leaking out and, from the look in the sexy mare’s eyes, Succubus knew it to. She released his member from the combined hold of her mouth and breasts allowing it to smack against his body. She then took one of her breasts and placed it against the exposed underbelly of his cock. For a moment or two she just kept it there, waiting for Pip’s breathing to become more controlled. Once it did, she placed a hand on her breast to move it up and down his shaft in an effort to stroke him.

While not as intense as what he had already received, Pip found this to be very enjoyable as well as erotic. It was keeping him well aroused while not being strong enough to push him over the edge. Soon she switched breasts, kissing his cock and then her breast right before doing so.

“Do you want to cum soon baby?” she asked as she rubbed her breast against his cock, her voice so sultry that it made him harder. Unable to say anything, Pip simply nodded. “Oh, that’s good because I want you to cum baby. But not now. Just hold on until you’re inside of me so you can fill me up with all your delicious cum!”

With that, Succubus removed her breast from his member causing Pip to groan in frustration. But that feeling was soon replaced with anticipation. If what she said was any indication that meant that he was now going to lose his virginity!

Yet Succubus neither stood up nor crawled on top of him. Instead she crawled backwards soon more so that now she was in-between his legs. Very soon he felt her breath against his balls followed by her hand lightly cupping his sac.

“Oh my,” she purred right before giving his sack a quick lick. “Look how big these are. And soon all of that will be inside of me!” She paused once more, this time taking one of his balls into her mouth. He could feel her fangs lightly against the skin of his sack which added to the excitement of what was happening. Then he could feel her tongue as it tasted this previously untouched flesh, causing her to moan while sucking on it slightly. Pip could no longer contain it as he let out a scream of pleasure as his head fell back to hit the ground. Once the scream ended he began to pant wildly as his hands dug into the carpet.

Succubus released her hold on him before standing up. As she did, Pip noticed that there was a light sheen of sweat on her that caused the lights to reflect off of her coat. It was then that he realized that he too was covered in sweat and that the temperature of the apartment had risen significantly. Funny how he didn’t seem to notice until now. All of his focus had been on Succubus.

It was then that Succubus took a small step forward so that her hips were above Pip’s. Both of their breathing increased as she did this. Pip could feel himself getting hotter and he could tell her body was getting warmer as well. Large beads of sweat were now appearing all over her body. Several of these beads rolled down her lovely breasts where they pooled at her nipples before falling onto him. Succubus then reached down to her lower lips with both hands and spread them apart for her new husband to see.

“Do you see this?” she whispered in a husky tone as she lowered herself downwards. “This is where your dick is going to go to make me your mare. And I’m going to make you my stallion. It will make me very happy.” Once she was low enough, Succubus reach out with one hand to gently take hold of Pip’s dick and position it so that it was standing upwards. Slowly she continued to lower herself, stopping only when her moist petals touched his rod. She then looked at him.

“Is this what you want?” she asked, her voice almost sounding fearful. It was like she was afraid he’d reject her.

It was then that Pip knew that he had to do something other than lay there. Taking a breath, he moved his arms so that his hand could touch her hips. He caressed them gently before saying “Yes”.

Smiling softly, Succubus began to lower herself to allow Pip’s cock to enter her. As soon as his flesh entered her the two hissed and groaned in delight. Pip fought hard not to close his eyes, to keep them on his wife as she so very slowly descended. The texture of her inner walls was like nothing he had ever felt before. Warm, silky, and wet all at the same time. It was both amazing and instantly addicting.

Then, Succubus stopped as Pip’s member hit a wall. He blinked in confusion for a moment, wondering what this was since he was sure he could go in a bit deeper. He watched as the mare above him raised herself a bit, took a breath, and then lowered herself with enough force for his dick to break through the barrier. Succubus’s hand flew to her mouth as she suppressed a scream and Pip could see the tears beginning to appear in her eyes.

“Are you alright?” asked a worried Pip as he tried to get up. “I-If I hurt you I’m sorry. Bli-” Before he could get any further, Succubus flung herself forwards to wrap her arms around his neck while forcing them both against the ground.

“I-I think it-t’ll only hurt for a bit,” she whispered into his ear. “At l-least tha-at’s what I w-was told w-when you lose your v-virginity.”

Pip’s eyes widened at the reveal of this new information. It was her first time as well? He never would have guessed that based on how she had been acting so far. It just seemed like she knew what she was doing a bit too well. Pip turned his head to look at her to ask her a question, but the sight of her face caused him to forget it. Her eyes were closed with a big, goofy grin covering her face. Slowly she began to nuzzle his face for a bit before her eyes half opened so that she could gaze at him.

After giving him a quick peck, she pulled herself up so that she straddled him again. Still looking at him through half lidded eyes, she slowly rose upwards before lowering herself again. As she did this, both of them gasped as small bursts of pleasure erupted. Succubus leaned backwards, pushing her breasts into the air while Pip’s hands once more made contact with her hips. Pip could hardly believe that that single motion could make him feel like that.

Eventually, Succubus moved again with her wings extended outwards. Her movements were slow so that the two of them could take in the full amount of delight they had while they were connected. With each bounce Pip would watch as her breasts jiggled and swayed. He licked his lips and wished right now he could reach out to them. To kneed them or suck on them while Succubus rode his cock. Perhaps, he thought to himself, she’ll let me do that in the future.

As time went on, Succubus’s movements were becoming more wanton and carnal. She was now bouncing up and down at a rapid pace with glazed over eyes with her hips gyrating every so often. Sweat was constantly forming and being flung from her body while a pool of the same liquid stained the carpet around Pip. The room was now being drenched in their combined love order but neither seemed to care about anything other than their quickly approaching climaxes.

“Pip, oh buck me!” screamed Succubus as she suddenly shut her eyes tightly. “Buck! I…I’m so bucking close. Please, mark me as your needy mare so nopony else will think about claiming me. I’m yours Pip! All you have to do now is unleash that big load I know is waiting for meEEEEEEEEEEE!” It was her words that had done it, pushed the smaller stallion over the edge to unleash all of his saved sperm into her. Pip could feel a single massive rope of cum blasting into her seconds before her walls clamped around his member. The stallion took a massive breath as he felt their combined liquids splash around his cock and leak out through the cracks.

As their orgasms began to subside, a wave of fatigue hit Pip. Even though it was becoming harder for him to keep his eyes open he could tell the same thing was happening to his wife. A smile managed to cross his face as she leaned forwards to wrap her arms around him again. While pressing her body against his, she gently kissed him on the lips before they both faded into a dreamless sleep.

Pip awoke several hours later to the sound of his alarm clock. Not feeling like getting up just yet he attempted to hit the snooze button without opening his eyes. When he felt carpet instead of his wooden nightstand, Pip’s eyes opened quicker than a sonic rainboom explosion. He looked around to find himself on the floor with Succubus lying half on top of him with her arms still wrapped around his next.

As his memories returned about the previous night, Pip sadly broke free of her hold so that he could turn off his alarm. As he looked at the clock he knew it was still dark out, but in an hour he would need to open up the bar for the Night Guard. That left him just enough time to make breakfast and get a shower in.

As he turned around he noticed his wife shivering without him there to supply heat. So, before heading into the kitchen, he snagged himself a spare blanket and placed it on top of her.

About fifteen minutes later, Pip had put on some shorts and had several pancakes on the skillet. Seeing that it would take awhile he turned around to set the table only to see Succubus standing a few feet behind him in the nude. Looking up at her face he could tell that she wasn’t fully awake. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was slightly open allowing some drool to escape.

“Is breakfast ready Miss Night Shift?” she asked. She then slowly shook her head. “Never mind, just bring the food to my room when it’s done. That way mommy and daddy won’t see me.”

“Ah, who’s Miss Night Shift?” asked Pip. Succubus, who was in the middle of turning around when he said this, jumped into the air at the sound of his voice. Quickly she turned around while rubbing the sleep from her eyes. When she brought them down and saw Pip standing there, a fanged smile appeared on her face.

“It wasn’t a dream!” laughed Succubus as she hugged Pip tightly, his face being pushed into her bosom. Said stallion began to flail his arms around in a desperate attempt for air which was ignored. “That means that we really are married and this home now! Say are you making pancakes?” She then let go of Pip so that she could move closer to the skillet.

Taking several deep breaths, Pip turned to look at his wife who had was currently staring at the half cooked pancakes. She began to bounce around excitedly as her tail swished back and forth. While Pip still didn’t know much about his new wife, it made him happy to see her like this. In time he knew that he would learn more about her and work hard to keep her like this. But, for now, everything was alright.

The First Dance

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“Pip, why are we here?” asked Succubus as she looked down the clothing aisle at Barnyard Bargains.

A blush came over Pip’s face as he turned to look at his wife, who was back to wearing the cloak she had worn when they first met. And nothing else! Just this knowledge was enough to make him both excited as well as fearful. If anypony in the store were to find out, they would both be in a deep amount of trouble. Luckily for them they had left the bar as soon as the Night Guard departed so that they would be able to make it here a few minutes after the store opened, so there weren’t that many ponies walking around.

“Well,” began Pip, “we need to get you some of your own things, like clothes.”

Succubus frowned at this. “But I thought you liked looking at me naked.”

The hairs all over Pip’s body were now standing at their ends and his face glowed bright red as he turned around. “Succubus, I…I do like seeing you naked. You’re really beautiful. I don’t know what it was like back at your old home, but ponies around these parts tend to get more than a little mad when they see somepony walking down the street nude. So if you want to go out in public, you’re going to need to wear something other than that cloak.”

Succubus’s ears flattened against her head right before she looked away from him, crossed her arms, and fell onto her plot. For a while, Pip stood there, unsure how to proceed. He didn’t want to start an argument or anything that would cause a scene. But he also didn’t want to give in when he knew this was the right thing to do. Luckily, Succubus sighed before turning her head to look at him.

“If…If I do this, can I at least pick out what I want?” she asked with what could be the most powerful puppy dog pout he had ever seen before in his life.

“O-Of course,” replied Pip. “I was going to let you do that anyways. Just don’t go overboard.”

“Really?!” Succubus almost shouted as she jumped onto her hooves. Her pout was now gone and in its place was utter excitement. “I can really get to pick whatever I want?” Pip nodded, causing Succubus to let out a squeal and hugged him tightly around the neck, pushing his face into her chest as she did so. “Oh thank you Pip!”

“No…problem,” Pip managed to gasp out.

Succubus loosened her hold on him. “And, umm, since you said you like it when I’m naked and these clothes are for when I’m around other ponies, when it’s just us, can we be naked?”

For a moment, Pip’s brain crashed at the request. “I, er, guess that’s fine,” he answered. “As long as it’s not too cold, I don’t see it being a problem.”

“Yes!” cried Succubus as she pumped a fist into the air.

Now that they had everything cleared up, Succubus began looking through everything that Barnyard Bargains had to off them. She moved through the aisles at lightning speed, only taking in a quick glance at one outfit before moving on to the next. It was only if she spotted something that she would slow down enough to check and see if it was in her size. If it did, she would then drape it over her arm and continue. If it didn’t, she would simply return it to where she found it. Once she had collected several articles of clothing, she laid them down on the ground before proceeding to remove her cloak.

“Wait!” cried Pip when he spotted this, rushing over to her side in order to stop her.

“What?” she asked with a genuinely confused tone. “I need to see if these will fit me.”

“But you don’t do that out here where anypony can see you,” said Pip quickly before pointing at a row of changing booths. “Just get into one of those and you will be able to get dressed privately.”

“Privately?” repeated Succubus as she looked at the booths. For a moment she just stood there, staring, until a mischievous smile appeared on her face. Quickly she picked up everything she had laid on the floor and headed for the middle booth. Once inside, however, all she did was hang them up on the door before walking back over to Pip. The stallion blinked in confusion as she quickly took hold of his arm and then dragged him into the booth.

Naturally, Pip was surprised by this. He was going to say something about them getting in trouble, but was silenced from doing so by a steamy, passionate kiss. When the kiss ended, Succubus gently pushed him back so that he fell onto the bench in the small changing room that was only meant for one pony. He then watched as Succubus turned around to shut the door and then lock it.

With that done, Succubus looked over at her husband and gave him a sly grin before her cloak fell to the ground. Pip felt his eyes bulge as he watched her place her hand on the door while jutting her flank back a step or two so that it was now right in his face. Her tail swayed back and forth, fanning Succubus’s musky scent towards his while also giving him an up close look at her nether lips. Pip watched as her snatch winked at him, trickles of mare juice escaping as it did. With a moan, Succubus began to gyrate her hips as if to invite him to touch her.

Gulping, Pip lifted his hands to touch her flank which caused her to halt her gyrating. Slowly he moved forwards a bit so that his nose was almost touching her pussy. Several times he inhaled her intoxicating aroma, savoring the smell. Yet, before he could do anything else, she pulled her ass away from him and turned around. He felt a bit cheated since he had been wanting to try eating a mare out. Still, the sight of Succubus standing before him offered him different opportunities.

He watched as Succubus leaned forward, placing her hands on the wall on either side of Pip’s head. She then lowered herself while at the same time thrusting her chest forward so that her melons were in Pip’s face. Slowly, the mare swayed back and forth to rub them in his face. This time, Pip did not hesitate. He raised his hands to touch the soft mounds and began to squeeze them gently, earning a soft mew from their owner.

“Oh yes Pip,” she whispered softly as her leathery wings extended. “Please touch them more. Love them more. They need all of your love.” As she said this, the scent from her sex became stronger and, while he couldn’t see it, her juices began to flow a bit more.

Succubus soon began to move, crawling onto his lap while never removing her breasts from his face. Now with her straddling his lap, Pip could feel her love juice as it soaked his pants. He could feel his raging member doing its best to break free from the garments confiding it. The pinto stallion could feel her slowly grinding her hips against his crotch while the only thing he could see were her breasts.

Feeling brave (as well as incredibly horny), Pip adjusted his head a bit so that he could easily guide one of her nipples into his mouth. As soon as his lips surrounded the areola and his tongue pressed against her hard nipple, Succubus let out a moan so loud that Pip was sure the whole store would hear. And he didn’t care. Instead, he closed his eyes as his tongue danced around that spot while sucking on it. Succubus, meanwhile, was arching her chest forward, as if she wanted to shove that breast into his mouth while her fingers ran through his hair.

“Yes Pip,” she moaned. “Suck on it! Suck on my titty! Oh sweet Luna it feels so good. Ahhh, you’re making me soooooo wet right now!” As if to prove this, Succubus began to rise onto her hooves. Pip did his best to try and stand with her, but Succubus kept her hands on his head to keep him in his seat.

Now with Succubus standing before him, Pip found himself at eye level with his wife’s pussy. Slowly, Succubus began to rotate her hips back and forth. Her hands left Pip’s head so that she could touch herself. She started with her breasts, lightly pulling at her nipples before sliding them down her sides. Once they were close to her hips the hands made a bee-line to her pussy to rub her clit right in front of him. Pip watched with growing excitement, licking his lips in the hopes that this time he would get the chance to taste her.

This, however, was not meant to be as Succubus stepped down from the bench. Pip tried to get up and say something, but all Succubus had to do was place a finger on his lips and give him a sly wink to keep him in his seat. Seeing that Pip wouldn’t get up again, Succubus slowly turned around and picked up a pair of short shorts. She then bent her body so that her flank was in Pip’s face again and proceeded to put on the shorts, wiggling her booty as she did. Once it was on, Succubus picked up a shirt she had picked out that showed off her midsection.

For the next twenty minutes, Pip sat there, watching as Succubus did her own strip tease/fashion show just for him. Everything she had picked out was designed to show off as much of her body as possible. She had even picked up a few bikinis, but no underwear. After she would put them on, she would pose herself in various seduction positions to see how they felt. Or she was using the redness of Pip’s face to judge. Either option seemed plausible.

Once they were done, Pip went and paid for everything. As the mare working the resistor scanned their items, Pip was grateful that she hadn’t noticed the stains on anything that they bought. He was sure that, if she had, the two of them would have found themselves at the Ponyville police station.

As the pair left the store, Pip thought it best to show Succubus around Ponyville since they were in town. He was a bit worried since Succubus was back to wearing her cloak, and there would be a chance that it would open and everypony would see her nude form. Still, Pip decided to press his luck as he voiced his suggestion, and Succubus agreed.

The trip through Ponyville proved to be educational. Pip already had an idea what to expect from his wife as they passed by all the stalls in the market. Whenever she saw something that even slightly peaked her interest, Succubus would just run over to it and be amazed by its mere existence. Sometimes it looked like she was trying to restrain herself, while at other times she would pick whatever it was she was looking at and give it a hug.

It was in between these outbursts that Pip began to notice something else about Succubus. It started when they got a clear view of the water tower. As soon as Succubus saw that, she began to bounce up and down, asking if that was the same water tower that a dragon once used to contain the Wonderbolts. When they passed by Sugarcube Corner, Succubus began to dance with glee that she finally got to see the bakery where the Element of Laughter worked at, as well being the place where several princess had eaten at and so on. Every time they passed by anything that involved the princesses or the Element Bearers or just anything that was involved in the strange things that went on with this town; Succubus seemed to go all fan filly on him.

In the end, it was nice to see a new side of her.

During all of this, Pip also watched to see the reaction Succubus had on the townsponies. At first, most ponies seemed to give her a curious look. That was to be expected since Princess Luna lived nearby and had many thestral guards so seeing a new one didn’t cause any real surprise. Her actions, however, did get mixed results. Many of the shop keepers they met at first were either amused by her behavior or simply annoyed. Nothing that, in Pip’s opinion, was out of the ordinary.

Yet as the tour continued, Pip could tell that more eyes were on them. Many of the ponies seemed to be interested in why this strange mare was with him, whispering amongst themselves instead of approaching the pair. Once in a while, Pip could make out what they were saying, ranging from Succubus being new in town and had asked Pip to show her around to her being a special needs pony who Pip was taking care of. However the stallion didn’t give it much thought. At most, they would be the prime topic of the rumor mill until something else came into town that grabbed their imagination.

The only problem Pip had during this trip was when they passed by a bright, neon blue building that seemed out of place from the rest of the rustic town. It was the Wild House. Normally Pip would have just passed by without giving it another look, but something caught his eye. It was a large sign next to the door that listed specials going on all this week in big, eye catching letters. Starting tonight there would be a two for one special, something that caused a sense of dread to grow in the pit of Pip’s stomach.

“So bored,” complained Succubus. Pip looked up from the glass he had been cleaning for the last forty-five minutes to look over at his wife. Currently she was laying her head on a nearby table as she gazed at the mostly empty bar. Since she was down here, she was dressed in one of her new outfits: short shorts and a button up shirt that instead had been tied together in a large knot between her breasts to better show them off.

“I know,” was all Pip could say as he looked onto the floor. Tonight should have produced a decent crowd like it had in the past. Yet at seven o’clock, the only ponies in the Cove were, again, Snips and Snails who were fighting over the same cue stick, as if there wasn’t another dozen perfectly good ones right behind them. Sure, that had been amusing for the first ten minutes, but soon the novelty wore off and they were brought back to the reality of the situation.

Things had turned out worse tonight than Pip would have liked it to. He had been sure that there would have been a few ponies here tonight actually spending their bits on some better quality alcohol. However, it seemed that the allure of getting more for your bit, no matter how crappy it was, was too much for the town’s ponies.

“Hey Pip, why are those two here instead of at that other place?” asked Succubus as she looked at Snips and Snails.

“Does it matter?” asked Pip as he set down his glass.

“Not really?” she answered with a shrug. “I’m just bored, and this was the only thing I could think to ask right now.”

Pip sighed. “They’re here because they’re banned from the Wild House,” he said while picking up a different glass. Or maybe it was the same one. They were all just as clean. “When it first opened those two were there trying to have a good time. The way the story goes is that they saw some hot mares and tried winning them over by acting as their personal slaves. At one point the mares left to use the restroom, leaving Snips and Snails alone at their table when their next round of drinks arrived. The two, well, wanted to get the mares their drinks as soon as possible. So…”

Succubus lifted her head off the table, he mouth hanging open as she stared at Pip. “They didn’t!”

Pip nodded sadly. “They went right into the mare’s toilet yelling at the top of their lungs and busting down the bloody stall doors looking for them. Kegger personally kicked them out and told them they were never to set hoof in his place again.”

For a moment, Succubus just stared at Pip before turning to look at the two unicorns. When she turned her head back to look at Pip she began to laugh. “Oh dear Luna, that’s so cute! And funny! Is that why you let them hang out here?”

Pip rolled his eyes. “Not really,” he muttered. “I’ve known those two since we were in Miss Cheerilee’s class. They’re good stallions, but they tend to make big mistakes. Ever since we graduated they’ve gone from job to job. I let them hang out here because they need someplace that won’t throw them out one their arses. I just wish they would pay off some of their tab. Every time I bring it up they always have some sort of excuse. So I decided to cut them off until they pay up.”

Suddenly there was a loud snapping sound that caused Pip to look up and groan. Snips and Snails were now looking at their hands, each holding the remains of what had once been a single cue stick. Pip could feel his eye twitching as he did his best to control his anger.

“Ah, it was like that when we got here?” said Snips as he tried to look innocent. However, nopony, not even Snails, looked like he believed it. “Ah, put it on our tab?”

Pip let out a low growl as he crossed his arms. “Your tab has been maxed out for a while, remember?”

“But we don’t have any bits,” said Snails, lowering his head.

“That’s a shame,” said Succubus suddenly before Pip could say anything. All the stallions in the room watched as Succubus got up from her seat and walked over to the pool table. She walked slowly, placing one hoof in front of the other so that her ass shaked back and forth in the most alluring way. Once she was close enough she placed a hand on each of the pair’s shoulders and lightly traced downwards before retracting it.

Pip watched as Succubus then moved to where the other cue sticks were, wondering what she was doing. After taking an extra-long one, Succubus extended her wings and flew over to the pool table, landing right in the middle of it with a soft thud. Snips and Snails moved in closed as Succubus held the cue stick out before strutting around it. Each step she took was full of confidence and sex appeal, making the two stallions who had never seen her naked to drool. Pip, meanwhile, moved in closer to pull her off her makeshift stage.

Before he got halfway over, Succubus pulled herself closer to the cue stick, rubbing it against the crotch of her shorts and trying to wrap it around her boobs without taking off her shirt. The three then watched as she began to rotate her ass. Each time it went forwards she made it look like she was humping the cue stick while making loud noises, earning cheers from the two unicorn stallions.

Pip then watched as Succubus took to the air again, and he hoped that she was done. Sadly, she wasn’t. All she did was fly straight while holding the stick loosely in her hand so that it remain standing while still touched the ground. Once she got to the tip, Succubus positioned it so that it was between her breasts and then placed her hands on either side of them, looking as if she were giving the stick a boob job. And perhaps that’s what she wanted it to look like, for she slowly slid down the pole while mashing her breasts together. Once or twice she would pause in the air to lick the stick, moaning lewdly as she did.

Once her hooves touched the pool table again, Pip watched as Succubus moved around so that her back was facing them. She then threw out her arms up into the air as the cue stick fell to the ground. Even before she turned around, Pip and the other two stallions knew what had happened: Succubus had untied the knot on her shirt. And, sure enough, when Succubus turned to face them they all saw that her shirt was open. Her breasts were still covered, but the valley in-between the two heavily mounds was now exposed.

Succubus then got on all fours before beginning to crawl around the table, earning hoots from two of the stallions. She made at least four laps, swishing her ass and tail back and forth before making a come hither gesture to them. Instantly the two were trying to get up onto the pool table, much to Pip’s frustration.

“Do you naughty colts want to see the rest?” cooed Succubus in an alluring tone while gazing into the eyes of Snips and Snails. Both of them nodded while Pip began to grind his teeth. “Sorry, but I only show my body to good stallions.”

“WHAT?!” shouted the two while Pip felt his irritation being replaced with confusion.

“Oh yes,” continued Succubus softly as she got off the pool table and strutted towards Pip. “Good stallions like my husband get the full show.” As she said this, Succubus moved behind Pip while draping an arm and a wing over his shoulder while at the same time she began to lap at his neck. Out of the corner of his eyes, Pip could see the look of pure lust in her half lidded eyes.

“B-B-But we’re good stallion!” shouted Snips.

“Yeah!” agreed his friend.

Succubus regarded them for a moment and gave them a half smile. “Sorry, but all I see are two very naughty colts who haven’t paid what they owe,” said Succubus right before giving Pip’s neck a loud kiss. “Perhaps one day when you both grow up-” Succubus got no further than that as the two bolted out the door that might impress Rainbow Dash.

“What the?” began Pip as he turned to look at Succubus. Her lusty expression was gone and in its place was an innocent smile.

“Well, there you go,” she said happily as she kissed his cheek. “I’m sure those two are going to get you the bits they owe you. Isn’t that great?”

“No!” said Pip as he pulled away from her, watching as her smile transformed into a confused frown. “I…What were you thinking?”

“I wanted to help you out,” she said simply. “Didn’t you want them to pay their tab?”

“Yes, but-”

“You said you tried asking them and that didn’t work,” continued Succubus. “Then you cut them off and that didn’t seem to work either. So I tried a different way.”

“By giving them a strip show?!” asked… demanded Pip. “Succubus, we could get into a lot of trouble. Not to mention that you’re my-”

“A strip show?” interrupted Succubus as she put her hand under her chin and tilted her head. Then her eyes brightened as a smile appeared on her face. “Pip, I got it! We could turn the bar into a strip club!”

Later that Night

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Later that night, Pip and Succubus were in their upstairs apartment eating dinner. As soon as the door had closed, Succubus happily removed all of her clothing before twirling around as if she were embracing some sort of newfound freedom. Pip had not mimicked these actions but instead headed straight to the kitchen in silence, where he cooked up a delicious pasta with tomato sauce for the both of them. As he did, Succubus talked to him about a bunch of ideas she had for the club. Things like how many poles they should have, one stage or two, how many private booths they should have, possible new names for the Cove, and so on. Pip barely spoke through any of this, lost in his own thoughts as he finished their meal and then set the table.

As soon as her meal was in front of her, Succubus looked at it with innocent delight. Once again, Pip witnessed Succubus marveling at something so simple. He watched with some amusement as she slurped her dinner and exclaimed how it was the tastiest thing she had ever had. The mare had stars in her eyes as she hummed while continuing to eat like there was no tomorrow. As she ate, droplets of the sauce fell onto her bare chest without her noticing.

“Succubus, we need to talk,” said Pip as he looked down at his untouched plate. “It’s about…your idea.”

“You like it, don’t you,” said Succubus happily.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” replied Pip slowly. The sound of palms hitting the table quickly followed and Pip looked up. Succubus was now standing up, leaning over the table while her nipple touched her dinner. Pip, however, didn’t notice that, instead focusing on her eyes. She didn’t look angry or anything like that, more scared and confused.

“Why not?” she demanded. “I think it’s a great idea. And you didn’t say anything against it earlier.”

“I, er, was just thinking about some of the details,” said Pip quickly. “I mean, a pony can’t just up and make a club like that.”

Succubus blinked before sitting down. “Really?” she asked.

Pip nodded. “I mean, there’s a lot to do,” he explained. “First we need to make sure that we are properly zoned otherwise we’ll get into big trouble. Then we have to remodel the place which will cost a lot of bits that we probably don’t have. Finally, we have to hire a bunch of mares to be servers and…dancers.”

“Well you already have one of those,” said Succubus as a happy-go-lucky smile appeared on her pretty face.

Pip let out a sigh and lowered his head. “That’s…sort of the big problem,” he said slowly. “Succubus, I just don’t want other stallions to see you naked. I was having a problem when it was just Snips and Snails so I can’t imagine how it will be when there is a whole room full! And I’ve heard stories. Stuff like a stallion having one too many to drink and then tries to…I just don’t want you to do something like that. I’d rather lose this place than to see-” Just then, Succubus lunged across the table while laughing happily. In microseconds her arms were around Pip’s neck before her naked form straddled his lap, the chair rocking back a bit but not falling backwards. His mouth opened in surprise, something that Succubus took advantage of in order to kiss him while pressing her body against his.

As she did, Pip felt some of his worries begin to melt away. Sure, Pip still didn’t want Succubus to do something like this, but he did feel a bit calmer now. It was as if there was some sort of magic in her lips. Then, after a moment or two, Succubus pulled away slightly so that Pip could once more see her happy smile.

“You care about me!” she cheered. “You really, really care about me! Nopony back in the Hanging City has ever cared about me like this before! The only thing anypony there cares about is themselves.”

“Well, this is kind of about me,” admitted Pip.

Succubus giggled. “Trust me, there’s a difference,” she said before kissing him on the forehead. “If you didn’t care about me at all, you would care more about how many bits I could bring in or something like that. Definitely not my well-being.”

“Still, I don’t like the idea of other ponies seeing you naked,” said Pip, doing his best to hide his surprise. “Especially for bits.”

“Well I don’t mind,” replied Succubus as she leaned back a bit. “By Luna, I’m proud of my body. I love the way I look and I’m not ashamed of it! And when I see ponies like you staring at it, it gives me such a good feeling inside. So if I can use it to help save our home, then it really doesn’t bother me. Besides, aren’t you proud of the way you look?”

“Not really,” answered Pip who was a little taken aback by the sudden question. It was, after all, his small, twig-like figure what had kept him from getting real dates.

“Ah, but I like the way you look,” said Succubus as she gripped the bottom of his shirt. “Perhaps I should help you love yourself. And the first step is to get naked!” With laughter in the air, Succubus pulled off Pip’s shirt and quickly tossed it aside.

“Hey, wait a minute!” yelled Pip in protest. However, Succubus had gotten off his lap and pushed back his chair. She quickly got on her knees so that she could more easily undo his belt.

“I thought we agreed that when it was just the two of us we’d both be naked,” said Succubus as she pulled down his pants and underwear. As soon as they were off, Succubus looked at Pip’s cock which was standing straight up. On instinct, Pip moved his hands to cover it but Succubus stopped him. Slowly and gently, she took it in her hand before leaning forwards to inhale its scent. She moved her muzzle up and down his length, humming as she breathed him in before looking up at his face with a sultry smile.

“Oh, you smell so stalliony,” she said while licking her lips. She moved her head down so that she could lick Pip’s inside thigh. “And you taste so stalliony to.”

“But I,” breathed Pip, but his words were drowned out by his moaning when Succubus’s tongue caressed his ball sack. As she did that, one of her hands reach up to feel his chest lightly. Slowly, Succubus began to drag her tongue upwards, starting at his sack and moved up along the underbelly of his cock. Slowly her tongue began to circle around it, lightly painting it with her saliva.

Soon enough, Succubus brought both of her hands down to her breasts while her tongue stayed busy with Pip’s cock. Looking down and moaning, Pip watched as Succubus began to play with her breasts. He listened to her moan as she fondled her melons before her finger moved towards her nipples. As he looked at them, Pip suddenly understood what some stallions meant by nipples so hard they could cut glass. Both of them stood up, long and pointy. While her fingers moved towards her nubs to tweak and pull them, her tongue moved across his entire length before repeating itself.

Now Pip was gripping the sides of his chair in order to keep himself from coming too soon. The sights and feeling he was receiving were very powerful. Even the noises that Succubus made while she licked him, like the various coo’s or simply the slick sound her tongue made as it moved across his shaft, were beginning to become too much for him as precum began to appear at the head of his dick.

Pip noticed that Succubus’s eyes were on him now and a slight smile traced her features. Slowly, she moved her hands off her breasts so that she could take hold of Pip’s hands. His hands released their hold of the chair so that Succubus could move them to her head.

“That’s what you should be holding,” said Succubus as she moved her head away from Pip’s cock, a strand of saliva trailing from it to her lips. “Or at least that’s what I’ve read.”

Before Pip could ask her about this, Succubus had moved her hands underneath her breasts. Still smiling, she lifted them up while moving forwards so that she could envelop them around Pip’s cock. Both let out a loud gasp as their flesh met, smothering Pip’s completely. All he could feel was the pillowy warmth that surrounded it, as well as her hard tits right below his belly button. Soon she began to move, lifting her large breasts up and down, earning another moan from the two of them. The warm and slight friction created by this caused his hold on Succubus’s head to tighten for a moment before he thought he might be hurting her. There was also something else, the sensation of her pointed nipples moving against his skin.

As Succubus continued to tit fuck him, Pip’s breathing increased. He could feel his precum leaking out of his rock hard cock as it smeared its juices all over his wife’s breasts. Soon he knew he would cum, something that he didn’t want to do right now. Not just because they were in the kitchen, but because he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get hard again and there was so much more he wanted to do.

Without warning, Succubus suddenly stopped using her breasts to pump his cock. For a moment, Pip thought that she was done. That thought changed, however, when he quickly realized that Succubus was pressing her breasts down against his legs. She continued to squish them with a look of exotic delight until the tip of his pecker poked out. Letting out a soft purr, Succubus moved her head down so that her tongue could circle around the head in a way that would allow Pip to see everything. Once she had made several rotations, Succubus released the pressure on her breasts so that his cock would be hidden once more, and then proceeded to jerk him off with her breasts.

“Cum for me Pip,” said Succubus in a husky voice. “I can feel your cock twitching. I know you’re soon gonna blow your white, hot load all over my body. All of the white ooze smeared against my coat. Ohhhh. Just thinking about it makes me so hot and wet!”

Pip let out a choking sound as he tried to contain his orgasm…and failed. Large globs of cum pooled between Succubus’s breasts since there was no way for it to escape. For a moment, Pip thought that Succubus might be upset about this. However, when he looked at her face he saw that she had a dreamy expression, her lips slightly parted as she gazed off past Pip. It was as if she were savoring some heavily sensation.

When she came to, Succubus allowed Pip’s softening member to slide out from its enclosure. As it did, large drops of cum fell to the floor while the rest rolled down her breasts and stomach. Using a single finger, Succubus scooped up a little bit before bringing it to her mouth so she could slowly lick it off.

“A little salty,” she said. “But I’m sure I’ll grow to love it as much as I love you.” She then licked her lips as she eyed Pip the same way a predator eyes its prey. “Now then, let’s move on to round two!”

“Wait, rou-” began Pip, but was cut off as Succubus picked him up and held his body close to hers as she brought them to the bedroom. Once there, she gently deposited Pip onto the bed before she crawled onto it herself. Pip watched as she moved on her hands and knees, swishing her tail back and forth as she moved behind him. Before he could turn his head or move his body, Pip felt her lips press against his collarbone. He then moaned as she applied some suction as well as adding her tongue.

Succubus soon released her lips so that she could move them closer to his ears. “Pip, I think your body is wonderful,” she whispered softly before tracing his ear with her tongue, causing him to shutter. “And it’s wonderful because it belongs to you. Short, skinny, fat, unicorn, diamond dog. None of that would make you any less wonderful. So I will love you until you realize that.”

“And what,” began Pip as Succubus’s hands appeared on either side of him, touching and feeling up his chest. For a moment, he lost his train of thought due to the surprise of this as well as her nibbling his ear, but it was only for a moment. “What happens after that?”

All at once, Succubus’s hands retracted and Pip felt her body pull away from his. He then felt her move further up on the bed. Fearful that he might have said something to upset her, Pip turned quickly to look her in the eyes and apologize. Yet, seeing her on all fours with her ass facing him, legs spread and tail out of the way to give him a good look at her dripping wet pussy dispelled those thoughts. She turned her head to look at him.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’ll keep loving you,” she said with a wink at the end. She then swayed her ass back and forth, as if to entice Pip. The stallion turned the rest of his body to move closer to her. Once he was close enough, Pip gently placed his hands on her cutie mark before leaning his head down a bit so that his muzzle was close to her slit.

Once more Pip found himself close to her lower lips. He could smell her arousal and he could feel himself growing harder from just that smell alone. With great care he took one of his hands off her flank so that he could insert a single finger into her folds. Instantly he felt her moist, warm pussy wrap around his small figure and tighten around it. Pip managed to pull it back a bit but there was a feeling like her pussy was trying to resist this. Like it wanted to suck him in with no chance of escape. Then, once his finger was free, Pip tentatively stuck out his tongue and gave it a single lick. Then he licked it again, quicker this time. And then again. And then he inserted the finger into his mouth so that he could taste all the remaining juices

The taste of her juices drove Pip to lower his muzzle to her moist slit so that he could taste the source directly. His tongue moved around the outside of her lips, tracing them lovingly while Succubus let out cooing noises and batting her wings. While he couldn’t really see it from his position, Succubus had shifted her weight to her left side so that she could use her right hand to play with her right nipple, tweaking and pulling at it while Pip tasted the outside of her honey pot, but not going directly to the source.

This was rectified when Succubus thrust her hips backwards, forcing Pip’s muzzle against her snatch. With this act all of the restraint Pip had vanished, this tongue diving in as deep as he could. The pinto stallion began to moan loudly as her flavor coated this entire tongue while the walls of her pussy pressed against it. He pressed his muzzle harder against her in an attempt to get deeper inside and, to his great delight, Succubus moaned loudly in approval.

Sadly this could not last for long as the need for air caused Pip to pull his head back, his tongue leaving her pussy in the process. As he took several deep breaths, Pip became aware of just how wet his muzzle was and just how much of her juices were now on the sheets. His eyes shifted up Succubus’s body, seeing that she was playing with her breast with wanton abandonment.

Her head then snapped in his direction moments before she moved to grab him by his sides. Within the blink of an eye Pip found himself somehow underneath Succubus, her body pressed against his as she kissed him hungrily while his head rested against a pillow. When the kiss ended, Pip saw that her face was flushed and with every deep breath she took her breasts bounced slightly. After taking a moment to catch her breath, Succubus leaned down to nuzzle him.

“Oh Pip,” she cooed. “That felt wonderful. I feel so proud to have such a skilled husband.”

“I…I’m not that skilled,” admitted Pip as his faced turned red from the compliment. “I had no idea what I was doing.”

“You did great,” she insisted before reaching behind her and taking hold of his hardened member. With great care she tried to line it with her pussy, only missing twice due to her trembling. Once it went inside, they both heard the squish noise it made as Succubus slowly slid back.

“It…It’s back inside of me,” moaned Succubus as she lowered her head onto Pip’s chest. “Oh Luna. The same cock that made me a mare yesterday is inside of me again.” Succubus stayed like this for a short time, making Pip worry about her. But when she rose and Pip saw her smiling at him his worries died on the spot.

With Succubus in riding position, she began to lift herself up and down. He listened as she hissed on the first bounce and felt her hands as they tightened their grip on his shoulders. Her movements started out slow but quickly picked up the pace, her breasts bouncing along with their mistress. He watched as Succubus occasionally shook her head, her soaked black mane sending droplets of sweat all over the place.

Once more the room had become a raging inferno that smelt of sex. It was so potent now that Pip knew without a doubt that if somepony were downstairs they would smell it. But he didn’t care at the slightest right now with this alluring thestral mare riding his shaft. He could feel the walls of her pussy as they wrapped around his shaft to draw out his life giving sperm. To smear it inside of her inner walls as they both came.

As she continued to ride him, Pip’s desire to suck on her nipples grew. With each bounce they would fly up towards his muzzle only inches away, as if they were trying to taunt him. They looked so hard and inviting that Pip could no longer contain himself. Without a second thought he lunged his head forwards to claim his prize with his mouth. Once inside, Pip began to suck on it with his tongue flicking and tasting the nipple. Instantly Succubus let out a gasp before her own tongue began to hang out of her mouth as a look of ecstasy appeared on her face. For a moment she stopped her thrusts so that she could wrap her arms around Pip’s head so that she could bring him closer.

As Pip continued, he began to notice that her breathing had quickened. He tried to release the nub so that he could look at her or ask if she was ok, put Succubus refused to release her hold on him. Believing that this meant she was ok, Pip continued his work on the nipple. Only now he was adding his teeth to the mix, biting on it slightly, earning him howls of pleasure from his wife.

“OH LUNA PIP!” screamed Succubus as she began to move her hip once again, wiggling it on ever descent. “THAT’S THE SPOT! KEEP DOING THAT WHILE I…” Succubus could not finish her sentence as her lower body slammed down and her inner walls suddenly tightened up to milk Pip of his cum. While not as much as his first load, Pip was able to inject a generous amount into her before Succubus lowered her trembling body onto his.

Gently, Pip rolled Succubus over to the side. Once done he was able to see her expression and his eyes widened. Succubus’s eyes looked like they had rolled into the back of her head and were slowly moving back into place. Her tongue was still hanging out of her mouth as she panted wildly. Did I really do that to her? thought Pip.

Minutes passed as Pip laid there next to Succubus, neither of them moving. Eventually Succubus began to recover from her orgasm, and she rolled over to her side so that she could look at her husband with a smile on her face. But despite the smile, Pip knew she was drained. Her eyes were now half open and she appeared to be fighting to keep herself awake.

“Pip, that was wonderful,” she said in a way that if she had more energy there would have been a purr at the end.

“I’m happy that you’re happy,” said Pip as he moved to his side so that they were facing each other. He then frowned slightly. “But I think we got a little off topic. I’m still not completely on board with this strip club idea. There has to be a better way.”

“Maybe,” said Succubus. “But my idea is a lot of fun for everypony. Besides, isn’t it every colt’s dream to be surrounded by naked mares?”

Pip let out a light laugh. “I guess,” he said. “But aren’t you worried about that? Me looking at all the naked mares walking all over the place? They might try to tempt me.”

“No,” said Succubus as she closed her eyes. “I can tell that you’re a real stallion, not some weak willed colt. I trust you completely.”

Pip…didn’t know how to respond to this. He had thought that bringing up other mares might, at the very least, get her to second guess the idea. Perhaps she really trusted him that much, that she was ok with him working with mares walking around in skimpy attire or just naked. That or she was just too tired to think straight. But, given what he knew about Succubus’s personality, Pip was willing to bet it was the first one.

For a while, Pip just laid there as Succubus drifted into dreamland, as he tried to figure out how to handle this situation. On one hand, he had to do something if he wanted to keep the bar. Kegger, as well as his deals, weren’t going away anytime soon. Even if Pip lowered his prices to their bare minimum it wouldn’t be enough to compete. He needed his place to have something that no other place in Ponyville had if he wanted to stay in business

But was a strip club it?

That was the one million bit question right there. While the idea was…tempting to say the least, it also felt more than a little wrong. He wanted to maintain a good atmosphere for ponies to hang out and have a good time while also being able to have pride in his place. Would he really be able to do that if he ran a strip club?

Also, what would the town think when they found out that not only did Pip get a wife but was also allowing her to strip? With how soon she arrived, followed by the change in the bar, ponies might think that he got her solely to do this kind of work! And what would they think of Succubus?

There has got to be another way, thought Pip as his eyelids lowered slightly, sleep beginning to claim him. Maybe I could take a look at getting a deep fryer and expanding my menu. Or maybe adding a few new games. Buck, maybe even a weekly poker tournament would bring ponies in. Yeah, maybe one of those will work out.

And with that, Pip drifted to sleep with a plan in his head and a smile on his face.

Will this work?

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“Alright everypony, tell me what you think,” said Pip with a big grin as he set out several martini glasses. Each one was an apple flavored martini drink with a little something extra. Instead of there being an olive at the toothpick there was a tiny hayburger that Pip had cooked up on a griddle he had brought down to his bartending station. This was to be one of the new items on his menu that Pip had been working on for the past week since Succubus’s impromptu strip dance. All he needed to do was figure out a name for it, as well as do a field test.

Sitting at the opposite side of the bar were several ponies who took their glasses with impressed expressions. Of course there was Succubus, wearing another pair of short shorts and a blue tube top, who was looking the most impressed by what Pip had created. Then there were Snips and Snails, both wearing overalls and red shirts, who had just yesterday finally collected enough bits to pay off their tab. They had thought that Succubus would dance for them again, but it was not to be since they had forgotten to include the broken cue stick as part of their debt. Still, Pip was allowing them to drink there for the time being. Then there was Scootaloo, the only member of the CMC still remaining in Ponyville and one of Pip’s oldest friends. She sat there wearing jeans and a leather jacket, doing her best to look cool.

Sitting next to Scootaloo was Rumble wearing jeans and a green camo shirt. From what Pip could see Rumble was doing much better. He was no longer staying at Pip’s getting drunk off his ass, nor was suffering from the depression caused by the incident at the Everfree Academy. From what Pip had heard, Rumble’s recovery made great strides after he finally talked to Zecora, somepony he had been avoiding like the plague due to guilt. What had got him to go to her was hearing that the zebra medicine mare was blaming herself for what had happened and was considering leaving to return to her homeland. The two talked from noon to well into the night. Pip had no idea what they talked about nor did he feel like he should ask. All he knew or cared about was that both of them seemed…lighter afterwards. It was as if a great weight had been removed from them both. Sure, they still need counseling and Rumble still had nightmares, but everypony could see there was a definite improvement in the way he acted.

All of them knew about him and Succubus and their reactions varied. Scootaloo seemed indifferent when she was given this information. Since he wasn’t doing anything illegal and it didn’t affect her then she didn’t see it as a problem. Rumble had been a different story. He had basically said that Pip was crazy, marrying a mare from ‘hooves knows where’ and that he barely knew anything about. If it had been a one night stand and he knocked her up it would have been different, but to Rumble this just seemed like a bad idea. If fact, he suggested that Succubus might really be a changeling! In the end he told Pip that if things looked like they were going south with her, then he should talk to him. And for Snips and Snails…they only wanted to know if she’d give them another dance.

“Not bad,” said Rumble, who took a small sip of the drink.

“Wish the burger was bigger,” said Snails after swallowing the bit sized burger while Snips nodded in agreement.

“Tasty!” said Succubus with a cheer.

“It’s good,” agreed Scootaloo. “And different. Definitely something that will help you stand out.”

“That’s the plan,” said Pip with a grin. “Might serve them tomorrow night. Mr. Rich rented out the place for some big get together. Wanted someplace quiet for him and some of his old pals to hang out with no talk of business.”

“Nice,” said Rumble with a nod, setting his drink down as he did.

“That’s not all,” said a gleeful Pip as he pulled out a brochure and set it on the table. Everypony looked down to see that it was full of different models of deep fryers. “I’ve been looking into this and there is a very good chance that soon I’ll be adding other hot items to the menu. Things like hayfries and the like, nothing too fancy. Just something that might help give me an edge over Kegger.” Pip then frowned slightly. “I just wish that it wasn’t illegal to have poker tournaments out here. Strip clubs are ok, but for some reason poker isn’t. Go figure.”

Succubus’s eyes brightened. “Pip, does that mean you’re considering my idea?” she asked, causing all heads to look at her and then at Pip.

“Never said it was off the table,” said Pip as he ignored the questioning looks. “Figured there wasn’t any harm in asking about it while I was down at the mayor’s office. Since we’re so far away from town and away from the foals, Mayor Mare doesn’t have any problem if we set one up here on a professional level. Still, I want to use that as a last resort since it’s more exAHHHHHHHHHH!”

Pip never got to finish what he was saying as Succubus took to the air, flapping her bat wings to soar over to him. In the blink of an eye she had her arms wrapped around his neck, rubbing her muzzle next to his as the two crashed onto the floor.

“You actually listened to me!” she cried happily. “Oh Pip, I love you!”

“We might not need to do it,” said Pip quietly as he tried to escape her embrace so that he could get some air. And failed.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Succubus right before she began to plant kisses all over his face. “I’m just happy that you didn’t ignore me like mommy and daddy.”

For the third time since she had been here, Succubus let slip something about her past and two of those times were about her parents in some way. The other thing that he learned was that she was from a place called the Hanging City, the original home of the thestral tribe. He remembered Apple Bloom talking about it for a class assignment who got the information from her brother-in-law. If Pip remembered correctly, the Hanging City was located deep underground on the ceiling of a massive cavern. There were a few other locations where thestrals live like Hollow Shade, but the Hanging City is the oldest.

This was all Pip really knew. He had tried to ask Succubus about her past several times now, trying to work it into a natural conversation in the hopes that it wouldn’t feel like he was grilling her or the like. And every time, Succubus would evade the question or topic. Anything that was about her past was almost taboo, like a memory she would prefer never to remember ever again.

It was then that the front door to the Cove opened with a loud bang, followed by a voice that yelled, “Party Pony in the HOUSE!” Succubus release Pip and the two rose to look at the newcomer along with everypony else. Seeing who it was, Pip let out a groan. Walking towards them was a unicorn who looked similar to Bulk Biceps in the way that they had the same coloration and mane style. Where they differed, however, was in the muscle department. While Bulk was a muscular stallion, Kegger had a bit of a beer belly. The unicorn was wearing a pair of dark blue shorts and a black shirt clearly several sizes too small. Everypony in the room glared at the newcomer except for Succubus, who looked at this new stallion with a curious expression.

“What do you want Kegger?” demanded Pip as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Dude, chill,” laughed Kegger as his eyes roamed around the room, stopping briefly at the booklet on the desk as well as Succubus before returning to look at Pip. “I just came by to ask a favor of ya bro. That’s all.”

“Why in-” began Pip.

“You see, that busty Apple mare with the fine legs that sells you that hard cider won’t sell a drop to me,” interrupted Kegger. “Said something about, er, loyalty or quality or maybe both. I don’t know, wasn’t really paying attention to her after she said no. So, I was wondering if you could talk to her and see if you can convince her to sell to the best damn bar in Ponyville!” As he finished his sentence, Kegger pointed a thumb at himself as if to make sure everypony there understood who he was talking about.

Pip felt his eye twitch a little. “As I was about to say, why in the wide world of Equestria would I do anything for you?” he asked slowly, doing his best to control his anger.

“Whoa, no need to get all hostile,” said Kegger. “I’ll be, like, paying ya. And if bits aren’t enough I promise to cut your bill in half whenever you swing by Wild House”

“Please,” said Scootaloo as she shook her head. “Applejack will never sell to somepony like you.”

“Dudette, she might not have a choice,” said Kegger with a laugh. “At the rate things are going the Wild House will be the only bar in Ponyville. And if she wants to make any kind of profit, that Apple Jugs will have forget about idea’s like tradition or whatever and to sell to me. That’s the way Equestria works nowadays.” He then winked at Pip. “So, what do you say Pip? Ready to make a little money so you can keep this place open for an extra day?”

Pip felt his frown grow the more Kegger spoke. He hated the way he talked about the Apple family and the values they held. He hated the fact he was here right now, asking for help while rubbing his face in the fact that his bar wasn’t making much money right now.

But there was also some confusion. Why was he here? Even somepony like Kegger would know that Pip wouldn’t do him a favor. Or, perhaps, Kegger thought so little of Pip that he would jump at the chance to make a bit.

Kegger must have guessed Pip’s answer from his expression as he took a step back. “I guess not,” he said with a fake sigh. “Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer to get my hands on that hard cider everypony keeps demanding. No biggie.” He then looked over at Succubus and winked. “Hey there. When this place closes down, I can guarantee you a job as my…personal assistant. I’ll make sure you work long and hard hours for a great price. Better than anything short stack here will give you.”

Succubus responding instantly by sticking out her tongue.

“Out,” was all Pip was able to say through gritted teeth. Kegger, still grinning like a mad stallion, turned and walked away, leaving everypony in the room to wonder if there had been any point to this visit.

A few days later Pip found himself walking through Ponyville with Succubus by his side. The weather was pleasant and sunny, making it seem like the perfect day for ponies to be outside. And they were. More stalls were out than normal, full of ponies selling whatever they could as if this were some sort of community garage sale. Succubus eyed everything with complete and utter delight, with no signs that this attitude would ever go away no matter how many times she saw something. Pip’s mood, however, was so depressing that one would think a pegasus had put a storm cloud permanently over his head.

It seems like there had been a point to Kegger’s visit. The day after Filthy Rich’s party, Pip heard from his friends that Kegger had bought his own deep fryer. Already hot foods had been added to his menu, making sure they were salty enough to make ponies want to drink more but not salty enough to make them spit it out. Pip knew that Kegger had spotted the brochure and easily figuring out his idea. So, what could he do about it?

Pip thought about continuing his idea of adding his own hot foods. Yet, the more he thought about it, the more he realized it would be a waste of bits. Sure, he had enough to get a good deep fryer and add a whole bunch of better quality foods, but who would come to his place when they could get something similar for less? It seemed that would always be the key issue.

At the end of the day, Pip realized that this was going to be a battle he was destined to lose. No matter what he did, Kegger would do the same thing but with a better deal. Pip may offer better quality items, but Kegger would always give better quantity for a smaller price. In the end, there seemed to be no way he could keep the Cove without doing something drastic.

Suddenly a soft hand gripped his shoulder. “Pip, are you ok?” asked Succubus. Pip blinked and turned his head to look up at her worried expression.

“I, er,” began Pip before coughing. “I’m fine.”

Succubus frowned and narrowed her eyes slightly. “Please don’t lie to me,” she said, her expression softening a bit and her ears flattened against her skull right after. “I know something is wrong. I’ve been trying to talk to you for the last several minutes, and all you do is look out into space. Is…Is it me? Are you tired of me?”

“WHAT?” shouted Pip, gaining the attention of many of the ponies in the area. “No, you’re great. You are definitely not the problem. I just have a lot on my mind with the Cove.”

“Oh,” she replied, perking up a bit and breathing a sigh of relief. “Well, maybe I can cheer you up when we get home.”

Pip blushed at this, knowing what she most likely meant. Ever since their second night together, Pip had been following her lead and wearing little to no clothes when it was just the two of them. At first it felt odd to walk around his home naked, like he was breaking some sort of established rule. Yet as time went on, Succubus helped him become more comfortable as they explored each other’s bodies to their fullest. With their hands, mouths, tongues, more and more they began to learn what pleased the two of them. Pip had quickly learned that doing anything to her breasts turned her on like nothing else, cumming multiple times just from sucking on them or giving him a tit fuck. And while the sex was great, they would also just lie in bed while pressing their forms together and feeling the other out. Or they would pull out one of Pip’s old board games.

“That would definitely cheer me up,” he said with a small smile.

“Oh, I know it will,” she said with a wink. “So, what were you thinking about?”

“Well,” began Pip as the two turned a corner, “I was thinking that if we want to keep our home we’re going to have to turn it into a strip club like you suggested.”

“Really?” asked Succubus excitedly. “Can I help? Please? I have so many ideas.”

“Of course,” answered Pip.

From there, Pip listened as Succubus began to run ideas past him at lightning speed. Pip listened, and if he spotted a flaw or an obstacle in any of her idea’s he would point it out but not dismiss the idea. Instead he told her that they would just need to work on it a bit more to hammer out the kinks.

Eventually, their walk took them farther into town. Even out here there were ponies trying to sell stuff right outside their homes. Whenever they came across something that Succubus wanted to look at, which happened a lot, their conversation was paused in case younger ears might be listening. It was while they were looking at one pony’s impressive collection of apple peelers that they ran into the queen of fashion herself who was levitating several bags full of fabrics around her.

The years had hardly made a mark to Rarity’s appearance or charm. Her coat still looked flawless and her mane in perfect condition. Dressed in a stylish blue gown that modestly showed off her large E cups, she was still a mare that could turn heads as she passed and make ponies forget that she had a husband as well as a daughter. Heck, for some ponies that was an even bigger turn on!

“Pip, darling,” Rarity exclaimed as she approached the couple. Pip noticed as she got closer that Rarity was eyeing Succubus, her smile faltering slightly before it returned to normal. At best, Pip it assumed it was because his wife was wearing her usual attire which was something that the fashionista found annoying. Pip also noticed out of the corner of his eye that Succubus’s smile had completely vanished. Her eyes narrowed in on Rarity as the fur on the back of her neck stood up like a cats.

“Er, hi Rarity,” said Pip nervously. “How’s it, ah, going?”

“Why, fabulous darling,” replied Rarity in a friendly tone. “Not only did I get a burst of inspiration this morning, but I am finding so many great deals! Now, who is your friend? I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her.”

“This is Succubus,” said Pip. “And she’s a bit more than my friend. She’s my wife.”

Rarity’s eyes bulged at this information. “Oh my,” she said as she placed a hand on her chest. “Pip, I’ve known you since you first moved to town, and never in that time have I ever heard of you dating anypony. I had heard the rumors that you were seen with a strange mare and that she was, ah…” Rarity paused for a moment to clear her throat. “Well, never mind. I’ll be sure to correct everypony as soon as I can.” She turned to Succubus. “How are you dear?”

“Fine,” said Succubus flatly, really surprising Pip. He had never heard her talk to anypony like that before. He looked over at Rarity to give her an apologetic look.

“Ok,” said Rarity slowly before looking back to Pip. “Well, there is another rumor I heard that hasn’t quit spread very far yet about you Pip.” She then leaned in a bit closer and what she said next came out as a whisper. “I heard from the mayor that you were asking if it was ok to open a strip club. Is that true?”

“Y-Yeah,” said Pip.

“I see,” said Rarity, her smile vanishing slightly as she pulled back. “Would you two please be so kind as to follow me. There is something I must speak to the two of you in private” Then, without waiting for them to answer, Rarity spun on her heals and began to walk back to her home.

For a moment, Pip stood there, frozen like a statue and unsure what to do. On one hand, Pip was an adult and Rarity wasn’t related to him in any fashion. She had no say in anything he did. On the other hand, she was a friend and she knew a lot of powerful and important ponies. Flat out refusing might be a bad idea. So, taking a deep breath, he began to follow her with Succubus walking behind him. His plan was to listen to whatever she was going to say and stand his ground when she tried to talk him out of it.

Several minutes later, the three of them arrived in the showroom of Rarity’s boutique. He had only been here a few times before, when he and Sweetie Belle had to do a homework assignment. Like before, mannequins were placed across the room showing off her various designs. Ranks upon ranks held many high society dresses that were either to be kept here or sent out to her various stores. Other than that, Pip saw that there were two areas now that had three mirrors set around a raised platform, as well as another area that held various measuring tapes.

But, shortly after they entered, Pip heard Succubus begin to breathe loudly. Both he and Rarity turned to look at her and were shocked by what they saw. Succubus was sweating as she looked around, her arms wrapped around her waist as if she were trying to hug herself tightly. Her eyes darted back and forth as if she thought she would be attacked at any moment. Her entire body seemed to be trembling.

“Succubus, what’s wrong?” asked Pip.

“I got to get out of here,” she whispered as her knees suddenly gave out. Luckily Pip was close enough to grab her, and Rarity managed to use her magic to help hold her up as Succubus continued to whisper as if nothing happened. “I can’t go back. I need to get out of here. Can’t go back.”

“Quickly, let’s get her to the other room,” said Rarity as she began to levitate the mare into the kitchen. Pip didn’t even bother to nod as the two hurried Succubus out of the showroom and into the kitchen. There, Pip found it to be a bit more crowded. All over the table and against the walls were dozens of paintings that really didn’t seem to be in Rarity’s tastes. Many of them seemed to depict battles of a fierce warrior, or a group of heroic figures battling demons and the like. Some were dark and gruesome while others were bright and eye catching. Sitting at the kitchen table was a young, frowning unicorn filly with a red coat and a silver mane that obscured half of her face dressed in ripped jeans, a pink blouse with paint stains, and a leather jacket that looked too big for her. Hovering in front of the filly was a sketch pad and pencil that she was levitating with her magic while her hands rested under her chin.

“Scarlet Ink,” said Rarity as soon as they entered the room, causing the filly to lower her sketch pad and look at them with her only visible, half open eye. “We need a glass of water quickly. This poor dear seems to be having a panic attack.”

“Sure,” said Scarlet as she got up. As the filly did what her mother asked, the two sat Succubus down at the table. It seemed that being surrounded by all of these paintings had a calming effect on her. In fact, by the time Scarlet handed Succubus the glass, her hands were only slightly shaking.

“Darling, is everything alright?” asked Rarity as she bent down.

“I,” began Succubus, but stopped to down the rest of the water. “I think I’m ok. I just had a bad flashback, that’s all.”

“Must have been bad,” remarked Scarlet.

“Young filly, your mother needs to talk to these two alone,” said Rarity. As she said this, Succubus’s eyes widened and she began to look at Rarity and then at Scarlet with awe. “Now, please be a good filly and head up to your room for a bit.”

“Sure,” said the filly with a shrug as she turned around and let for the upstairs.

“T-That’s your daughter?” asked Succubus as soon as Scarlet was out of the room.

“Why of course she is,” said Rarity as she sat down at the table and used her magic to clear it off. “But I might be able to see the confusion. Most ponies who know me would never believe that I would allow her to go around painting things like these or dressing like that. But I have had enough experiences with my little sister to know not to force my own ideals onto her. To let her shine in her own special way. Still, there is the occasion or two where I must insist that she wear something more…refined. As long as she does that, then I don’t see the problem.”

As Rarity spoke, both Pip and Rarity noticed a change in Succubus’s expression. Her eyes seemed to lighten up and her ears stood up once again. Soon enough she was back to being her happy self with not so much as a drop of dislike being directed towards Rarity.

“So,” began Pip, happy to see Succubus looking more like her usual self. Yet, at the same time, wanted to get this over with. “About the club. I-”

Rarity held up a hand to silence him. “Pip, before you say anything I need to know how committed you are to this decision. Are you willing to see it through to the end, no matter what others might say?”

“Yes,” replied Pip as he looked over at Succubus who nodded.

“I see,” said Rarity. “Well then, if that’s the case, then perhaps we could do business together.”

Pip’s brain crashed. Did…Did he just hear that right?

“Oh my gosh!” cried Succubus. “You want to dance there too?”

“What?” asked Rarity as a blush appeared on her face. “Oh darling, n-no. I was going to suggest that I open up a store within the club. That, and help with your wardrobe.”

“Ahhh,” complained Succubus. “But I’m sure all the stallions would love you.”

“Wait, you’re not going to talk me out of this?” asked Pip in surprise.

“Pip, you are an adult,” said Rarity in a matter of fact tone. “What you choose to do with your business is up to you and it is not my place to tell you what you can and can’t do.”

“Well…thank you,” said Pip slowly. “But, why would you want a store inside my strip club? Don’t you have several all across Equestria?”

“True,” replied Rarity as she suddenly looked a little embarrassed. “You see darling, back when my business wasn’t doing so well I began doing some special orders for clients whose identities will remain classified. These orders were for more erotic uses, something that goes against my normal line so I can’t sell them in my normal stores. So, I’d like to set up a special store in your club where I can make and sell these specialties. In exchange I’ll help you get set up as well as making uniforms for your staff to help give you a unique look. So, what do you think?”

Pip looked at Succubus who gave him a bigger grin. So, when he looked back at Rarity, he nodded. They had a deal.

Opening Night

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“Thank you, we’ll be in touch,” said Pip as he finished up his last interview for the day. The mare who had come for the waitress job, a yellow earth pony mare in her late twenties, thanked him as she got up and left. As she opened the door, Pip looked down at her resumé with a sigh. So far, out for the dozen or so mares who had answered his ads, this one was by far the worst. She had no prior experience serving tables and, during the interview, her eyes kept wandering towards the finished stage where Succubus and the other dancers were practicing their routines.

It hadn’t been too long since work on the Cove had begun. Thanks to Rarity’s connections, she had been able to find skilled ponies who were quickly changing the layout of his bar to better suit its new role. From what Pip knew, these were the same ponies who altered the look of a restaurant in Canterlot twice in the same day.

The first thing these ponies had worked on was the basement. What had once been a storage area now hosted three small room designed for VIP private dances. Each room held a loveseat, a pole, and a lamp that could adjust the amount of light in the room depending on the client’s desires. Each room also held a magical rune that would sound an alarm if it detected anything deemed inappropriate or illegal going on. Pip had no idea how it worked, but he trusted its creators: Princess Luna and Princess Twilight. Taking up a majority of the rest of the basement was Rarity’s store: ‘An Exotic Rarity.’ There on display were many erotic creations like corsets made of faux leather or fur, full body fishnets, specially made panties and thongs, bondage gear that Rarity had created, and so much more. There were even items down there that some of Rarity’s friends had made. Most notable of them were sets of eatable panties and bras made by Pinkie Pie’s husband, a griffon named George. Many of them seemed standard, ranging from the candy necklace kind to one made out of fruit roll ups. But then there were the more creative kinds, like this one made of chocolate that started off as a solid, melts to form around the wearer's’ body, and then slightly solidifies so that it won’t drip down a mare’s body but will be easy to lick off.

Once all that was completed, the main floor received its makeover. At the back of the room a stage had been set. In the middle there was a curtain that allowed instant access to the small dressing room. Once the stripper exited from there she could then walk down a long walkway that went to the middle of the room so that everypony in the building could see whoever was dancing clearly. At the end of the walkway was a circular area that was big enough for the performer to dance without worry, and in its middle was a pole that went straight to the ceiling. Lights were added along the stage so that nothing could be hidden in shadows.

The only other change to the main floor was the addition of two small booths tucked away in the corner near the stage. Both were like miniature versions of the VIP room, having only a carpeted bench for the client to sit on while he (or possibly she) received a shorter dance.

Many of the ideas for the layout, as well as how things would work here, had been Succubus’s. Pip watched as his wife worked on the layout with a happy smile on her beautiful face, making sure everything would be perfect. While Pip had trusted her and gone along with many of her ideas, there had been a few occasions where he had to put his hoof down. For example, Succubus had wanted the stripper to slide down the pole from the upstairs when she entered the stage. Pip pointed out that they lived upstairs and wasn’t…comfortable with the idea of cutting a hole in their living room for this. Succubus had tried to pout in order to get her way, but Pip held firm.

With the construction nearly finished, the only things left for Pip and Succubus to do were hiring and training the new staff. The couple had decided to split the hiring between themselves with Succubus hiring the dancers while Pip got the rest. Once that had been decided, they placed ads in several papers across Equestria and hoped for the best. Soon, ponies from Canterlot to the Crystal Empire were showing up. While Pip had no concrete idea to why this was, he did have a theory. This theory was that Ponyville was becoming more and more important each year while doing its best to keep its small town charm.

Pip had no idea how Succubus chose from the numerous amounts of strippers that applied, but in the end had chosen two. The first was a brilliant red coated crystal pony named Candy Bliss. Looking at this mare, Pip was reminded of a shiny candy cane not just because of her coat, but also her white mane that had small red streaks in it. Her breasts weren’t as large as Succubus’s were but they were still both big and firm. The second was another large breasted pony, a dark brown unicorn with a curly brown mane named Desire.

As for Pip, he had already hired a few ponies. The first pony he had hired was Rumble. Since he was working part time at Barnyard Bargains after leaving the Everfree Military Academy, Pip had offered the pegasus a job as the head bouncer at the club. Just somepony to check their clients ID’s as well as toss out anypony who was giving the dancers trouble. Rumble had thought about it for a bit and, in the end, agreed. After hiring him, Pip began looking for ponies to work in the Exotic Rarity. He didn’t need to look very far since Snip and Snails had lost another job in Ponyville.


“Look,” Pip had said when he had brought up the offer to the two. “You two are my mates and I’m willing to help you out whenever I can. So I’ll give the two of you this job. But while you’re there, you are there to work. If I catch you two going upstairs to watch the girls and ignoring customers, you’re both gone. The only time you can be upstairs is during your breaks or when the shop closes. If I find out that you are making any of the mares feel uncomfortable or following them around with your tongue hanging out of your mouths, you’re out of here. Got it?” The two nodded. “No, I want you both to say it. I need to know that you understand this clearly.”

“I promise to be on my best behavior,” said Snips.

“I, er, the same,” said Snails.

So, with that out of the way, Pip was left to hire a few waitresses. Unlike the last mare he had interviewed, several of them had experience, were very friendly, and lived in Ponyville.

The music suddenly stopped, catching Pip’s attention. Turning to look at the stage he saw Succubus flying towards him with a small amount of sweat on her coat causing it to shimmer in the light. Remembering the last times he had seen her like this caused Pip’s cock to harden, making the stallion glad he was behind the table where nopony could see the bulge.

“Hey there honey,” said Succubus as she landed, giving Pip a quick kiss on the cheek as she did. “Can I get a couple glasses of water for me and the girls?”

“Coming right up,” said Pip. And a few moments later, Pip had set three glasses of water on the table each with a slice of lemon on the glass. “Need a hand?”

“No, I got this,” she replied as she scooped up the drinks and headed back to the stage. As she did her tail swung back and forth happily. Each time it did, Pip couldn’t help but notice the dampness of her thong or the wetness running down her legs.

As she handed the other mares their drinks, the door to the club opened and in walked two stallions. Pip looked over and saw that they were members of the Guard. The first was Harvest Moon, a thestral stallion who worked at the Everfree Military Academy, and was the husband of Applejack. Walking behind him was Flash Sentry who protected his princess and lover, Princess Twilight. According to the rumors around town, he would soon be married to both her and Sunset Shimmer.

“Is everything alright?” asked Pip as the two stopped in front of the bartender’s station. It wasn’t unusual to have Guards visit his place, but he had never had them come here dressed in their armor.

“Nothing to worry about Pip,” said Flash with a smile. He reached into a pouch and pulled out a rune stone which he then handed to Pip. The pinto stallion looked at the blue, egg sized stone and saw that it had several black symbols carved into it.

“That there was created by both Princess Luna and Princess Twilight,” said Harvest while Pip continued to examine the stone. “They both felt that you might need a little extra security for you and your staff. It’s designed to contact the police station if you squeeze it tightly.”

“Wow, tell them I said thank you and I’ll be giving it to Rumble,” said Pip as he set the stone on the table. “You guys coming to the grand re-opening?”

Harvest snorted. “My wife would buck me in the head,” he stated in a matter of fact tone. “And you know how powerful those legs of hers are. I would literally lose my head.”

“I get enough action back home,” said Flash with a shrug. “I have two beautiful mares who I don’t have to pay to see naked.” With that, the two turned to head out.

“Hey Harvest,” called out Pip, causing the Night Guard to pause and look at him. “Can I… ask you something?”

“Sure,” said Harvest as he walked back over to Pip as Flash headed back to Twilight’s castle. “What’s up?”

“Well,” began Pip as he quickly glanced over at Succubus. “I was wondering, er, did you ever live in the Hanging City?”

Harvest shook his head. “No, I lived in Hallow Shades before I came here.”

“Oh,” replied Pip in a disheartened tone. “Did you, um, know anypony who lived there by any chance?”

“Not a lot,” came Harvest’s answer as he crossed his arms. “What’s with these questions?”

“It’s Succubus,” said Pip with a sigh. For the next several minutes he quickly told Harvest everything that had been going on. Not in any great detail, but just the important parts. From his first meeting with Miss Matchmaker, to meeting Succubus, her habits, and all of her slip ups. For his part, Harvest never said a word as he listened carefully to the younger stallion. The most he would do was nod on occasion or look over to the busty thestral.

“I’m just worried about her,” said Pip as he finished. “She just keeps evading my questions. So, I was wondering if you had ever heard of her or might know why she’s like this.”

When Pip finished speaking, Harvest had brought a hand up to his chin while looking up at the ceiling in deep contemplation. Whether it was because he was trying to remember something or just thinking about how to answer Pip, the smaller stallion couldn’t tell. All he could do was stand there and wait.

“I’m not sure I can help you there Pip,” said Harvest finally. “From what you’ve told me it sounds like she might have been abused or something. Might be the reason she became a mail order bride, using it to escape a dangerous environment. But, unless she steps forward and talks to me or any other law enforcement, there isn’t a thing we can do. And I find it unlikely that she will if she won’t even tell you.”

“So what can I do?” asked Pip in concern.

“Just keep being there for her and letting her know she can confide in you,” replied Harvest with a ghost of a smile. “That’s all you can do. Me, I do have a few contacts in the Hanging City. I’ll ask them to look around and see if they can find out where Succubus came from. Then, depending what turns up, we’ll go from there.”

“Sounds good,” said Pip with a small amount of relief.

A few days later, a number of flying chariots were flying through the night sky and heading towards Ponyville. Some came from Manehatten while others came from Los Pegasus. There were even a few from Canterlot. They all flew under the cover of darkness towards an establishment that they had heard whispers about.

One of these chariots contained Prince Blueblood, who was currently looking down at the ground below him with a look that was both bored and annoyed. The idea of him going to the grand opening of some dinky strip club was absurd! He knew of plenty underground brothels and whorehouses where he could get so much more enjoyment for less. Yet the situation demanded that he be seen. Recently, rumors had been spread around Canterlot that he had a thing for young colts. A completely unfounded and appalling rumor if ever he heard one. He had hoped that such slander would pass in a day or three, but instead he began to see the signs that more and more ponies believed this claim.

So Blueblood had sat down to think of what he could do. The best option would be to hire a mare to accompany him around Canterlot and claim that they were seeing each other. The big problem with this is that other ponies might see it for what it really was and he’d be laughed at. Or the mare might try to blackmail him or something if it did work. The second best option was for him to create a scandal and release pictures of him in bed with a mare. But while he wanted to get rid of this rumor, he wanted to save some of his dignity. That left him with going to a strip club. Go in, send a few bits, stay for an hour, and hope word spread quickly enough. Of course, there was a good chance it would fail just like the other two plans, but he would lose less if it failed.

As soon as the chariot landed at its destination, Blueblood exited the vehicle without so much a word to the pegasus pulling it. He then strode towards the front door, got checked by the bouncer, and entered the building.

As he entered, Blueblood spotted an unoccupied table near the stage and quickly claimed it before any of the local trash, who were milling in behind him, could. Shortly after he was seated, one of the serving mares approached him dressed in what could best be described as a Nightmare Night adult pirate costume. The mare wore long black pants and white shirt. The shirt, however, was cut low at the bottom so that it showed off her mid-section and there was a large V-cut above that showed off her ample cleavage.

“Hello, and welcome to The Treasure Chest,” said the mare as she handed Blueblood a menu. “The dancers are right now getting ready, and after the first dance private ones will be available. A regular two minute one is worth ten bits. Or, if you prefer, you can get the VIP treatment. We have a fifteen minute dance for forty bits. Half hour for eighty. And, if you want a full hour, it will be two hundred bits, which comes with a bottle of Sweet Apple Acres Sparkling Hard Cider along with two crystal glasses.”

“That’s nice,” said Blueblood in an indifferent tone as he scanned the menu. Most of the drinks here seemed to be common fare, nothing worthy enough to touch his lips. Yet, as he got to the bottom, he noticed something. They had a twenty year old bottle of wine direct from Prance at three hundred bits a glass! Pleasantly surprised, Blueblood actually smiled as he ordered the wine. And with faster service than he could have ever hoped for in an establishment like this, the bartender came over to set his table as if he were in one of the finest restaurants in Canterlot and poured him a glass of wine.

“Most splendid,” said Blueblood after he took a sip of the wine, pleased to see that it was indeed what he ordered.

“Thank you sir,” said the small bartender as he took the large bag of bits from Blueblood. “We will be starting soon. I hope you enjoy yourself.”

Blueblood only nodded in response as the bartender walked away. While sipping his wine slowly, Blueblood looked around to see he was the only stallion with any real sophistication. Everypony else was ordering regular or hard cider in giant mugs and talking loudly with each other. They all talked loudly with great excitement about things that Blueblood cared nothing for. He heard names like Pip and Succubus, but they meant nothing to him.

Eventually the lights overhead began to dim a bit causing the room to grow dark. This was quickly followed by the stage lights growing brighter, earning a cheer from everypony in the room except for Blueblood. Loud music began to play over the crowd.

“Welcome to the grand opening of The Treasure Chest,” came the bartender’s voice over a loud speaker. “Now let me introduce you to these fine mares. First up, we have Candy Bliss!”

As soon as her name was announced, Blueblood saw a mare walk onto the stage from behind a curtain. Certain that this was Cady Bliss, Blueblood licked his lips at the sight of this crystal pony as she walked towards the pole. She was wearing a sexy harem filly outfit made of a blue, see through fabric and a similar colored veil that covered the bottom of her face, leaving her eyes exposed. The top part of her outfit, basically a bra, had something covering her nipples, and around the material were several bells that jingled with every step. Looking through her pants, Blueblood could clearly see her panties as she did a quick swing around the pole.

As she walked back to the back of the stage, Blueblood felt himself get hard. He had never fucked a crystal pony before and wondered what their fur felt like. Would it be hard and cold, or would it be more like a regular ponies, soft and warm. This would be something he would have to find out.

“Next up we have Desire!” exclaimed the bartender as Candy exited the stage and began to walk to the nearest table that was occupied.

Blueblood’s eyes widened in shock when he saw the next mare. She was wearing a shiny, black leather bra and panties with matching boots and elbow length gloves. In her hands she carried a whip which she slashed out several times on the stage floor. The look in her eyes and the way she walked told Blueblood that she owned this moment and if he forgot it then she would punish him like a bad colt. As she turned around, Blueblood felt his cock harden even more.

“And finally, our first performer for the night, please welcome SUCCUBUS!” cried the bartender loudly as the last mare entered the stage while music changed. This pony wore the simplest out of the three, a purple bikini top and matching panty thong bottom.

But that was all she needed.

Blueblood was sure he had never seen a more alluring mare in his life. He had seen many thestral mares in the past and had thought of them as nothing more than small chested flying rodents. The very idea that some of the nobles in Canterlot thought they were sexy sickened him to his core. But now, as Succubus walked onto the stage, he realized how horribly blind he had been.

Each step this mare took looked both natural and calculated, one hoof placed directly in front of the other so that her hips swayed. Her hands were not idle, running up and down her sides so that everypony in the room would pay attention to her figure. And her eyes! They silently asked everypony in the room to share this moment with her in a sweet, honey-like voice.

When Succubus got to the pole, she grabbed it with one hand to swing around, her breasts swaying with her as she did. She made three rotations before she stopped, planting her back against the pole and spreading her legs wide as she did. Several stallions around Blueblood cheered, pumping their fists into the air as they stood up. Many of them left their tables and moved closer to the stage, and, included among them, was Blueblood.

Blueblood watched as Succubus began the thrust out her hips towards the crowd in rhythm to the music. As she did this, the mare brought her hands to her mouth and began to suck on one as if it were a cock. Her expression looked delirious, as if she were experiencing some sort of high by doing this. Quickly, Succubus sucked on all of her fingers, ending each one with a loud pop. Blueblood, as well as the rest of the crowd, then watched as her hands roamed down her body as her hips stopped moving. Licking his lips, Blueblood could see her move aside her wet thong to the side so that she could rub her pussy. He couldn’t see her wet slit, but he knew what she was doing and could hear her moan.

Once her thong was back in place, Succubus slid down the pole and got onto all fours. Like an animal of lust, she crawled to the very front of the stage, making sure that she swayed her flank the entire time. From there she turned around and rolled her hips for the crowd, her tail moving out of the way as she did so to give the crowd a better look at her ass. With that finished she slapped her own flank loudly so that everypony in the room could hear it. As the crowd cheered, Succubus began to crawl around the edge of the stage.

It was at this point many of the stallions were setting down bits onto the stage right before Succubus passed them, one bit each. When Succubus saw a bit in front of its owner she would pause to reach over to the stallion and pull him into her cleavage for a moment. She would then make a motion as if she were trying to rub her bosom on his face before releasing the red faced stallion and then moving to the next.

As Succubus approached where Blueblood was standing, the prince reached into his money bag to grab a handful of coins before slamming them onto the stage. His horny, lust filled mind didn’t know nor care how many he had set down and ignored the shocked look from the other stallions. He just kept his eyes on Succubus who looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes. She crawled over to him and, like the other stallions before, gently took ahold of his shoulders. Unlike the others however, she pulled him onto the stage and flipped him over so he laid on his back while his legs hung from the edge of the stage. As Succubus traced his clothed stomach with the tips of her fingers the crowd began to hoot and howl like animals. Lifting his head, Blueblood watched as Succubus took one of the bits in her hand and slowly licked it, letting out a moan as she did so. She then crawled over to his head to place the coin on his lips. For a moment, the prince looked confused as to what was going on. That changed, however, as Succubus got on her knees to straddle his head so that he was now looking up at her drenched thong. Her hands then came into view, one pulled the thong to the side while the other rubbed her slit for a moment. Slowly she moved her hips down and pressed her pussy against the coin. Her lower lips touched the coin for a moment before she lifted herself up, taking the coin with her. Blueblood’s body shook as Succubus moved her legs away from him and her hand touched his shoulder, signaling him to get off. As Blueblood rejoined the crowd several stallions were cheering him and slapping his shoulder, an act that normally would have angered and offended him. He, instead, just smiled as he looked back at the stage.

It was at the moment that the song ended and Blueblood felt a sadness in his heart. This didn’t last long as a second song began to play and Succubus stood up. She didn’t walk back to the curtain, but instead the pole. Before she reached it she spun around on her hoof and held up an arm, her breasts bouncing as she did. Swaying to the music with an infectious smile on her face, Succubus reached behind her to take her top off and toss it to the side. Blueblood watched, his pants tightening to an unbearable level, as she lifted her melons to lick both nipples at the same time. Several times she squeezed them like udders before her hands began to slide down her body, which was still swaying to the music. Once her hands reached her thong, she turned around and bent over. She swished her tail out of the way so that all present could see her dripping wet snatch as she removed the thong and tossed it to the side.

Now fully naked, Succubus slapped her flank again before spinning around the pole halfway. Once she stopped, the mare placed the cold pole between her breasts while a look of pure delight exploded on her face. With her flank shaking to the music she began to move her breasts up and down as if she were giving the pole a tit fuck. Every once in awhile, she would stick out her tongue to lick the metal pole as her eyes shot in the direction behind Blueblood, most likely the bartender’s station.

As the music began to pick up its pace, Succubus’s motions grow more wild and passionate. She was squeezing both breasts as she used them to fuck the pole so hard the prince thought milk might shoot out of them at any moment. She had stopped swaying her flank, choosing instead to have her body grinding against the pole as if it were her lover.

Then she stopped. She took a step back and extended her wings before taking hold of the pole with her hand. She then flew forwards and wrapped her legs around the pole while leaning back with her chest pushed upwards. She then began to rub her pussy against the pole, her hips grinding while her wings flapped her higher. Higher and higher she went, leaving behind a trail of her juices until she reached the top. With one final thrust of her hips Succubus leaned back as far as she could while pushing her breasts up before she slid downwards.

Once she landed on her hooves, the music began to slow down while growing softer. Knowing the dance was almost done, Succubus moved to the front of the stage while twirling around. Once she was up front again, she reached down to her breasts to kiss them one at a time before blowing a kiss to the crowd. The music ended and everypony in the club cheered loudly.

Succubus smiled at them before turning her head to look at the bartender. Everypony watched her as she jumped into the air and flew over to the small stallion, knocking Pip to the ground and hidden from sight.

“Pip, did you see that?” Blueblood heard her say with a voice that dripped with innocence. “They loved me! Isn’t that great?”

“Y-Yes, it is,” said the bartender, Pip, as he slowly got up alone. Looking at him, Pip’s face looked flushed and he was glancing down nervously for some reason. “Ok everypony,” he said over the speakers. “The next dance will start in fifteen minutes, starring Desire. Until then, feel free to ahhhhhhh r-request a d-d-dance from any of the dancers. If you d-DON’T see her, just ask a member of the w-WAIT staff.” By this point, Pip’s face looked bright red and his eyes were closed.

Shrugging at this odd behavior, Blueblood looked around to see that many of the other stallions were returning to their tables. The other two strippers were going from table to table, asking the stallions there if they wanted a private dance. Some were signaling to the wait staff for more drinks or maybe asking for a dance from Succubus. With a grin on his face, Blueblood reached into his money pouch only to find a single bit left. Shoulders slumped, he walked towards the exit with the intent that tomorrow night he would bring more bits.

Thank You

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It was the next morning after the Treasure Chest’s grand opening. Sunlight was shining through the window, hitting Pip in the face which caused him to groan. His eyes struggled to remain closed so that he could continue to get rest after such a long hard night. This proved to be a losing battle and, in the end, he slowly opened his tired eyes.

For a brief moment he just laid there, staring at the ceiling as the events of last night played back in his head. Everything had gone without a hitch. Well, other than Succubus’s spontaneous tit fuck after her first dance. Each mare who had gotten up on stage had performed better than he had expected, receiving thundering applause and multiple demands for private dances. A few times he had to change the dance line up when a mare who was supposed to be on stage next was giving a VIP dance, but nopony seemed to mind. Or at least didn’t shout any objections. And as for him, Pip had forgotten what it was like to have such a packed place. He had remained busy all night refilling drinks, tapping the kegs, and cleaning the glasses. And when the night was over, both he and Succubus had spent the good part of two hours cleaning the place up.

Speaking of his wife, Pip turned his head over to his side to wake the star of last night’s show, only to find her missing.

Guess she’s already up, thought Pip as he yawned. Slowly he dragged his naked form out of bed and headed to the bathroom, barely paying his surroundings any attention, other than the open door to the bathroom. He entered the room and what he saw woke him up completely. Succubus was in the shower, lathering up her arms as hot water ran down her form. As she did this she made noises that sounded like the beat to some of last night’s music, shaking her rear slightly as she did so.

Although Pip had seen her naked plenty of times, something that kept him hard for hours at a time, there was something especially erotic seeing a naked wet mare dancing in front of him. He glanced down and, sure enough, he was hard as a rock. But, that could have been his morning wood.

Pip was about to leave when Succubus did a swirl in the shower, allowing her to notice him for the first time. Her eyes widened slightly before grinning at him, most likely noticing his hard cock. Pip opened his mouth to excuse himself, but Succubus reached over to turn off the water and then stepped out of the shower.

“Hey there,” she said as she moved towards him, licking her lips as she moved her dripping wet body closer to him. Once she was in front of him, Succubus bent down so they were at eye level. “Did you enjoy watching me?”

“Y-Yeah,” Pip said honestly, his face burning red for reasons he didn’t understand. Perhaps it was the soft cooing noise she made when he spoke. Or perhaps it was because her hand had reached down to trace the edges of his member. Perhaps it was both of these along with the look of pure longing in her eyes.

Before Pip could think anything else, Succubus moved in for a kiss while the hand that had been closest to his cock took hold of it. Her other arm wrapped around him so that she could pull him in closer, making it impossible to escape. Not that Pip wanted to, as demonstrated when his own arms wrapped around her body. As their tongues danced with each other, Succubus began to stroke his member gently.

After a heated moment, Succubus pulled away slightly so that her lips brushed against his. “I love it when you watch me,” she said in a low, husky voice while she continued to jerk him off. “The only thing that turns me on more is when you play with my breasts.” Succubus lifted her body up a bit so that her nipples were in front of Pip’s lips.

As soon as this treasure was presented to him, Pip latched onto her nub with great passion. He could feel Succubus roll her head and heard her moan loudly as he applied suction. The sounds she made was like a wonderful song to his ears, and the scent of her growing arousal which was now quickly filling the room encouraged his actions. While keeping the suction, Pip allowed his tongue to roam around her flesh, circling her areola several times before flicking her nipple, causing her knees to grow weak.

As Pip’s mouth continued to assault her breast, Succubus’s hand wasn’t idle. Doing her best to keep a good grip on her stallion’s member without hurting him she began to stroke it. It started out slow before picking up the pace. Even though her ears were flat against her skull, she did her best to listen for any signs that she might be hurting her husband. If she caught any sign that she was going too fast she was resolved to slow down, no matter how much her lust fueled body might say otherwise.

Minutes began to pass. Now Pip had added his teeth to the mix, lightly biting her nub and rolling his jaw bone back and forth earning a heavenly cry of joy from Succubus. His hands began to roam down her body along her side until they came to her flank. Once there, he gave them a light squeeze before moving his dominant hand towards her dripping wet snatch. He heard Succubus and felt her shake as a single finger traced her slit, feeling her lower lip wink in desperate desire for him to enter. So as he released the breast he had been sucking on for the other, Pip inserted a finger inside of her. Almost immediately he felt her lower walls clamp around his finger and doing its best to draw it in deeper. Pip pulled it out slightly before pushing it in deeper, and soon he added a second finger to his thrusting actions while his other hand began to massage her rump.

By this point, Succubus was breathing heavily as she pumped Pip’s cock faster than ever. From time to time she would pause so that her thumb could roll around the head of Pip’s cock, feeling the leaking precum and spreading it around. His dick would then twitch, and she would then go back to pumping it.

Back over with Pip, he had moved the hand that had been squeezing her rear up to her unoccupied breast. While he used his mouth to pleasure one side, Pip’s fingers went to work on the other. He began by giving the large melon a squeeze, but feared for a moment that he might have been too rough. However, Succubus only seemed to moan louder as she thrashed her head about while at the same time increasing the pumping action on his cock. With his fears lessened, Pip began to knead it vigorously as he increased his efforts with his other hand, which was now drenched in her juices.

Moments later, Pip had reached his limits as he came. A large blast of baby batter shot out from his dick and landed on Succubus’s stomach. Breathing hard, Pip released his hold on her and watched as Succubus stood up straight.

“Oh no,” said a blushing Succubus as she reached down to scoop up some of Pip’s cum with her fingers. “Looks like I’m all dirty again. Pip, please take some responsibility and help clean me off.” As she finished this sentence Succubus brought her cum covered fingers up to her mouth and slowly licked them clean.

Pip, panting slightly, could only nod before Succubus took his hand and led him to the shower. After closing the glass door, the mare turned the water on so that warm water began to rain down on the pair, causing a sigh to escape their lips. When Succubus turned back around, she also lowered herself as best she could in this cramped environment so that she could kiss Pip. For a moment, the two nude figures stood there with their eyes closed as they enjoyed this moment together.

Then Succubus pulled back and placed her forehead against his. “I love you so much,” she whispered. “Thank you so much for loving me as I am.”

Pip was confused by her words, but before he could say anything the busty thestral was on the move. Quickly she had gotten the soap and had begun to lather up his skinny arms. Her motions were slow and gentle, creating small sighs that escaped the stallion’s mouth. As she moved on to his chest, Pip looked into her face and saw her happy, yet lustful expression.

As she got lower, however, Succubus decided to forgo the soap for the moment. Licking her lips, she gazed at his stiffening member before planting a trail of kisses along its side. She then took it in her hand so that she could then kiss his ball sack, sucking on it lightly as she did so. Pip’s breathing became heavy as he watched her, now using her tongue to swirl around the base making figure eights against the underside of his cock.

Then Succubus pulled back a bit to get more soap, much to Pip’s disappointment. He watched as she lathered up both hands, thinking that she was going to scrub his legs. What a surprise it was when she instead used those soapy hands on his cock. He let out a gasp as one took hold of his dick while the other clenched his sack. Once again she licked her lips before she began to move her hand up and down his length so that she left behind a trail of suds. While this was going on, her other hands fiddled with his sack.

“Succubus,” Pip whispered as he closed his eyes, concentrating hard not to cum.

“The book was right,” whispered Succubus as she pulled her hands away, now taking hold of her breasts. “This is so sexy.” She then moved her breasts in between Pip’s cock where she then pressed the two mounds together. She then began to move them up and down, the soap acting like a lubricant that allowed his member to slide between her breasts while creating a different kind of friction. It was so hard to describe, yet it felt so good that both of them began to moan loudly.

“Bloody,” moaned Pip as he clenched his fists.

“Pip, look at me,” demanded Succubus. Pip opened his eyes and looked down to see that she had moved her hands upwards so that she could pinch her nipples as she tit fucked him. Suds were now escaping from between both lovely milk jugs. Looking up slightly, he noticed that Succubus had her tongue hanging out slightly with a delirious look in her eyes.

“Keep your eyes on me,” she said as she picked up the pace. “Watch me as I use my breasts to make my husband cum! Please cum for me again Pip! Let me know how much you love this with your cum! I want it on my face and in my mouth because it’s your cum!”

Hearing this was what pushed Pip over the edge. He shouted out a warning as he jerked his hips, sperm shooting out as he did. Succubus opened up her mouth, allowing his projectiles to enter her mouth. Or, at least most of it. Some of it landed on her cheeks while the rest rolled down her chin as she swallowed it loudly.

“Succubus,” breathed Pip between his pants while looking down at his wife, who looked even sexier with his cum on her. With a smile she rose to her hooves, and then took his hand to bring it to her dripping wet snatch.

“I want you now,” she whispered over the shower water, which was now growing colder. Yet, neither of them seemed to notice, as Succubus leaned back so that she was leaning against the wall of the shower underneath the shower head. Realizing what she wanted, Pip took a hold of her hips as he lined his cock with her slit. For a moment he teased her, sliding the tip of his dick along the edge of her pussy and watching her shudder and listening to her needy moans.

Then he entered her in a single moment, both crying out in pleasure as he did so. For a while, Pip just stood there, savoring the feeling he was experiencing. Perhaps it was because of the cold water raining down on him that made the walls of her pussy feel so much hotter than usual. She also felt tighter, almost enough to make him blow his load right then and there.

“Succubus,” he said in a breathy voice, keeping his head down so that the water would hit his eyes yet still able to see her. “M-Maybe you should turn around. It’ll be more comfortable for you.”

“No,” said Succubus. “I want to look at you while you’re looking at me.”

“If…If this starts to hurt then please let me know,” said Pip as he backed up a little. He then kept his position, his cock almost all the way out as he eyed Succubus’s position. Fearful that if he went to hard it might hurt her back, Pip thrusted forwards as gently as he could. Hearing her coo in delight, Pip knew that she was fine and continued to please her.

Pip’s hips began to go back and forth for some time. With each thrust, a few droplets of water bounced off his body and onto hers. Like so many times before, Pip kept his eyes focused on her body. He watched how her breasts bounced with each reentry, wishing he could let go of her hips so that he could feel them in the palm of his hands. He saw how her stomach moved with each breath. He could see her face, eyes open as she stared at him with a look of tearful longing that had been there ever since he had voiced his concern for her wellbeing. She still kept her smile and showed no visible signs of discomfort.

As Pip picked up the pace slightly he felt her insides tighten. Her thighs began to pinch his sides tightly. The flow of warm juices began to increase, slashing against his cold form. He knew this meant that she was close to cumming.

Knowing this urged him on further. While he didn’t increase his pace, he did begin to squeeze her flank. He wished he was strong enough to lift her and press her against the wall. Then he could suck on her tits while pounding her hard with all his might so she could get the same amount of pleasure that she always gave him. But no, he was too weak and useless to-

“Pip, oh Luna, PIP,” cried Succubus as her legs moved behind his back. “Oh BUCK! You make me cum so hard Pip. Keep going like take and don’t take your eyes off me. Watch me as I orgasm! OH PIP!”

And with that Succubus came. Her hands pressed hard against the walls of the shower as her chest lurched upwards, hiding her face. Her legs tightened their hold on Pip to the point where he feared she might break his hips. Her inner walls tightened so much that Pip believed he might get sucked in, right before he cummed for the third time that morning, shooting his goo inside of her.

Pip could hear Succubus humming a happy tune as he cooked breakfast, knowing that she was staring at his backside. Breakfast was simple, hash browns with a side of toast. It was quick to make and it would fill them up until lunch where he would then make them a proper meal, something they would both need, since tonight Pip had a feeling more ponies would show up thanks to word of mouth. The pinto pulled out two plates and forks, placed the food on the plates evenly, and turned around to walk to the table.

There Succubus sat, naked with a bright smile on her face. Her body was dry, both of them having toweled off shortly after leaving she shower. Her mane, on the other hoof, was still a little on the damp side. Her eyes lit up when she saw the food, letting out a squeal of delight as Pip set the food on the table.

“Wow!” she said happily as she scooped some of the hash browns onto the toast and then proceeded to eat it. “This tastes so good!”

“It’s nothing special,” said Pip as he sat down. “I just wish I could have made something a bit more after, well, that special shower we took.” He blushed as he said that last part.

“Pip, t-that was me trying to say thank you,” said Succubus, her voice cracking slightly. “Y-You’ve been so good to me, even though I’m like this.” As Succubus said this, she moved her free hand to gesture to her body. “And last night was one of the best nights of my life. I…I felt so sexy and in control. Using my special talent of seduction and having fun is a dream come true for me. Plus, it gets me really excited being watched like that.” Succubus then frowned as she stared down at her plate. “And I want to thank you so much. But…but I can’t really do anything. Mommy and daddy, they never let anypony teach me how to cook or anything like that. All I know that I can do to make you happy comes from books. They said that husbands like it when-”

Before Succubus finished speaking, Pip had reached across the table and gently placed his hand on Succubus’s. There were many questions running through Pip’s brain. Stuff like: who are ‘mommy and daddy’? What kind of ponies were they? And what kind of books did she get her hands on? Yet none of these questions mattered at this moment. What mattered right now was letting her know how he felt and nothing more.

“Succubus, I’m going to be honest with you,” he said as she looked into his eyes. “I think you are a wonderful, free-spirited mare that any stallion would love to be with. But we don’t have to have sex just to say thank you.”

“But I thought you liked it!” stated Succubus.

“And I do,” replied Pip with his cheeks burning. “Believe me, I really like having sex. Not just because you are the sexiest mare I have ever known, but because I…love you.” Hearing this, in such a manner, caused Succubus’s cheeks to turn red as well. “And I want to make you happy. So, if you ever want to thank me in the future, you don’t have to use sex. Just do little things. And if not being able to cook bothers you, then I’ll be more than happy to teach you when we have free time.”

Succubus looked at his with sparkles in her eyes. “You really mean that?” she cried out happily. “I can finally learn how to cook?”

“That’s right,” said Pip with a grin. “Now, I may not be the best cook, but I can show you what I know. Heck, we could even learn a few new things together.” He then scooped up some hash browns onto his fork. “Now, we’d better get eating. We have a big day ahead of us, and tomorrow we have Amateur Night that we have to prepaACHOOOOOOO!” Pip sneezed so hard that the food on his fork went flying, hitting the wall next to Succubus. Said mare stared at him with wide eyes.

“Pip, are you ok?” she asked while getting to her hooves. Quickly she walked around the table so that she could place her hand on Pip’s forehead.

“It was just a sneeze,” said Pip as calmly as he could through several loud sniffs. “Never had one that powerful buACHOOOOO!” Once more Pip let out a powerful sneeze that sent snot flying in every direction in front of him. “M-Maybe I might be getting a cold.”

“A COLD!” shouted Succubus as terror filled her face. “Oh no. Oh no. This is all my fault. I got you to take a shower with me and now you’re sick.” Quickly, her eyes narrowed in determination. “I won’t let you die!”

“Succubus, at worst it’s just a cold,” said Pip as he tried to reassure his wife. However, Succubus had already left the kitchen and was running around the house looking for something. When she came back she brought with her a large wool blanket. She grabbed Pip by the arm and pulled him out of his seat towards the couch. Succubus then sat him down before sitting down herself and pressed their bodies together. As Pip found his face pressed against her breasts again, he felt the blanket wrap around them tightly.

“You’re not going to die on my watch,” she said seriously, pulling him tighter to her body. “I refuse to lose you.” She then pulled out a portable hair drier from somewhere (perhaps she brought it with the blanket and Pip didn’t see it) and turned it on to blow on Pip’s head.

In for a Bit

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It had been a week since the grand opening of the Treasure Chest, and Pip was hard at work at his bartending station, making sure everything would be ready for another big night. Looking around, he saw his staff was also hard at work. The waitresses were checking to see if any gum or recording crystals were under the tables while also making sure the floor was clean. The dancers were currently going over their dance routines on the main stage and making sure they were in shape for tonight.

Things, Pip felt, were certainly turning around for him. The Treasure Chest so far had become more packed with each passing day, most likely due to word of mouth. For several hours there would be a line that formed outside the club full of stallions, and a few mares, who waited for the club to empty slightly before they were allowed to enter. The drinks flowed for hours, and the shop in the basement was doing well too.

As for the dances, those too were going well. All night, Succubus, Candy, and Desire ranked in the bits from the stage dances, as well as the private ones. And when they weren’t dancing, they were spending time with their customers, talking to them while having a drink which the customer paid for. Each night the club had a special, and their biggest hit so far (judging by how many ponies were asking when it would happen again) was Amateur Night where several of the mares from Ponyville entered a stripper contest for a chance to win a sizeable pot. While none of these mares’ moves were as polished as the professional dancers, it was surprising to see mares like Cheerilee going up on stage to do a show for everypony.

But despite this, Pip knew there were still problems that needed to be ironed out. The biggest and most pressing matter right now was the number of dancers. Three mares just wasn’t going to cut it with such a packed house. They just couldn’t be everywhere and needed some time to rest in between dances, or else it might affect their performances. The only way to fix this was to hire a few more mares. That, however, was Succubus’s department, and she had an odd way of hiring that Pip had a hard time understanding. Still, he did voice his opinion on this matter to her and she, in turn, said she would try and find a few more mares who could ‘make the cut’.

Pip’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted as the door to the club opened, letting in sunlight as well as two figures that approached where he was standing. One of these two was Rumble, walking behind a zebra mare. Said mare was wearing really baggy jeans and a slightly oversized green sweatshirt that looked like a poor attempt to hide her slender figure. She had a pretty face with a longer mane than Zecora, mostly white with several long black stripes that was tied up in a ponytail.

“Sorry, but we’re closed right now,” said Pip as they got closer.

“She’s here for a job,” said Rumble as he looked down on the slightly smaller mare. “Waitress, right?”

“Y-Yes,” she stammered and nodded.

“Ok, have a seat,” said Pip kindly while gesturing to one of the seats in front of his station. As she sat down, Rumble left to return to his post. “So, can you tell me your name and where you’re from?”

“Z-Zahara,” she replied nervously, wrapping her arms around her torso. “I was born in Zebrica, but my parents and I moved to Horseshoe Bay when I was small.”

“I see,” said Pip as he looked her up and down. “So, do you have a resumé or some references?”

Zahara shook her head. “I have only ever worked in my parents’ shop, stocking the supplies.”

“OH MY LUNA!” came a loud voice from the stage. Both Pip and Zahara looked to see Succubus, topless, staring at them. Well, to be more accurate, at Zahara. Pip could see a countdown timer appearing next to his wife and, when it hit zero, she launched herself through the air to hug the screaming zebra mare. “I have always wanted to meet a zebra! I just love those stripes!”

“T-T-Thank-k y-ou-u,” stammered a terrified mare who had no idea why Succubus was hugging her like she was a brand new teddy bear.

“Succubus, please let her go,” said Pip calmly. His wife pouted but, after a brief pause, did as she was asked. Pip then turned to Zahara. “I, er, don’t think this will work out. I’d be happy to take you on and train you, but you seem a bit too uncomfortable to be working here. Now, if you have your heart set on a waitress job, then maybe you should try the Wild House.”

Zahara looked down at her lap. “I already tried there,” she murmured. “Kegger said I wasn’t sexy enough.”

Pip let out a sigh when he heard this. It seemed like this was the one idea Kegger couldn’t outdo him on since it was the one thing he couldn’t copy cheaply. The Wild House was situated in an area that wasn’t zoned for activities like the Treasure Chest, meaning that if Kegger wanted to copy Pip he would have to build a whole new building out of town. But this didn’t mean he wasn’t trying. Pip had heard several rumors flying around town that he was making his wait staff dress in far more revealing attire than before, as well as removing any mare on his staff that didn’t have a huge bust. However, there was also a rumor that Kegger had been fined for this.

“He said what?!” growled Succubus as she grabbed Zahara’s shoulders and turned her so that the two were facing each. Pip watched as the poor mare recoiled at the look of anger in Succubus’s face that was directed at Kegger. “How dare he say something like that to you?!”

“W-Well, he i-isn’t wrong,” said Zahara as she tried to avert her eyes. “I know I’m not s-sexy.”

For a moment the club became silent. Not even crickets were chirping to help fill the uneasy silence. Succubus looked like she had just been slapped in the face for some reason while Zahara looked confused, turning her head to look at Pip as if he might know what was going on. But before Pip could say a word, Succubus began to shake her head back and forth before a determined look appeared on her face. She stood up, took Zahara by the wrist, and began to drag her towards the stage.

“Oh we are going to fix this right now,” said Succubus loudly. “You’re working for me and you are going to dance that sexy ass of yours off tonight with me!”

“But,” began Zahara as she was pulled back stage, but whatever she was going to say being muffled out.

‘We are going to get into so much trouble for this,’ thought Pip later that night as the crowd milled into the Treasure Chest.

Ever times since Succubus had taken Zahara into the dressing room, Pip had tried to tell his wife that this was a horrible idea. He started by telling her that Zahara clearly didn’t want this based on her muffled protests. Then he went into the fact that this was, in all likelihood, very illegal. Once she got out, Pip was sure that Zahara would run right to the police and they would be sent to jail.

Succubus, however, remained unfazed by these worries.

“Listen Pip,” she had told him a little while ago. “I need you to trust me on this one. That poor mare has probably been told time after time that she isn’t sexy or even attractive. Well, I intend to show her and that plot hole Kegger otherwise! This just happens to be the best way I know how to! Now be sure to tell anypony wanting a private dance with Zahara no, but keep track of how many ask. Ok?” With that said, Succubus handed a sheet of paper with how to introduce the pair when the show began.

‘Ok, I trust you Succubus,’ thought Pip, taking a very deep breath as the ponies in the club were being served. ‘I trust you Succubus. Please, Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence, and whoever else can hear this: don’t make me regret this!’

As the last of the drinks went out to the floor, Pip took a deep breath before picking up the mic. “Greetings everypony, and welcome to the Treasure Chest!” The room burst into applause and a round of hoots. “Today we have something special for you all. Instead of beginning with introductions, we are going to present to you a new gem that will hopefully be joining us as a permanent dancer.” The crowd began to hoot louder at this and a few ponies cheered loudly. “Now let’s give it up for Succubus and ZAHARA!”

As the music (which had a heavy drum beat to it) began to play, both mares entered onto the stage. Both of them were wearing what could have been described as savage wear for the rich and famous. The tops of both outfits reminded Pip of those ponies who walked around with a towel over their necks with the ends covering their breasts while an extra-long loin cloth covered their lower half. What made them different was that instead of being made of wool or some other similar fabric, they looked like they were of diamonds or something similar. Clearly made by Rarity, something that would be eye catching if the mares on stage didn’t already do that themselves.

Succubus moved like she always did, while holding onto the wrist of Zahara who looked nervous and afraid. Without the baggy clothes, Pip saw the she had a spinner’s body. Very slender, but not in an unhealthy way. She also had much smaller breasts than Succubus, most likely A cup. Yet despite this, Pip noticed that several eyes were looking at her hungrily.

When the two made their way to the edge of the runway where the pole was, Succubus let go of the zebra mare and spun around the pole. In that moment, Pip was sure that Zahara was going to try and leap off the stage to make a break for freedom. However, the crowd of stallions who were swarming the edge of the stage put an end to the idea.

As Succubus ended her spin she moved over to where Zahara was nervously standing. One hand went to a leg to lift it up while the other hand snaked behind her back. Succubus then leaned her head forwards a bit as she spun them both around, making it appear like they were going to kiss. Several wolf calls were now being sounded and more ponies flocked closer to the stage while pulling out their bits.

When the pair stopped spinning, Succubus released her hold on the leg and instead touched Zahara’s shoulder. The thestral then strutted behind the mare while positioning the zebra so that she was facing the audience. Pip watched as Succubus rested her head on Zahara’s shoulder, opening her mouth to expose her fangs to the crowd with a grin. Everypony watched as Succubus’s hands began to move along the petite zebra’s sides, feeling her up for their enjoyment while her head turned to face Zahara’s neck and press into it.

“Hey!” came a voice on the other side of the counter. Pip broke his gaze from the show and turned to look at a young unicorn stallion who had just dropped a bag full of bits onto the counter. “I’d like to request a private dance from that zebra mare, Zahara.”

Pip stared at the stallion for a moment, whose face looked rather flushed. He had seen this stallion at the club several times before. He usually came by himself and had never asked for a private dance before.

“I’m sorry, but she’s not ready to do private dances,” said Pip in a stern voice.

“Can’t she make an exception?” pleaded the stallion. “I’ll pay double for one dance. Come on.”

Pip shook his head. “I said no,” he said. “Now, you can either go back and watch the show or you can leave. Either way, you’re not getting that private dance tonight.” Hanging his head slightly, the stallion turned and went back towards the group.

Looking back up at the stage, Pip saw that Succubus was still behind Zahara. The thestral’s head was no longer resting on the other mare’s shoulder. Instead she was moving her body downwards while swaying her flank to the music, her hand caressing the zebra’s smooth stomach. When she reached the waistband of Zahara’s loin cloth, Succubus pulled on it gently with her teeth. This caused the crowd to go wild while Zahara’s head snapped down to look at her. Succubus just grinned as she released it, earning a choir of groans from the crowd.

What happened next, however, changed their tune in an instant. Succubus quickly stood up and in a single swift motion removed Zahara’s top to expose her black nipples to the world. Instantly the ponies in the club went wild, placing bits on the stage in the hopes that they would get some attention. Zahara tried her best to move her hands up to cover herself, but Succubus was in front of her in an instant and took ahold of her wrists. Pip’s wife shook her flank at the crowd before placing the other mare’s hands on her bum. Succubus then leaned forwards to whisper something in Zahara’s ear while at the same time releasing her hold. For a moment it looked like Zahara was going to let go, only to stop herself.

As the song began to wind down, the two mares turned on their side so that those in front of the stage could now see their profiles pressed against each other. Slowly, Succubus leaned back a bit and took her top off, dropping it to the floor with a single outstretched hand. When it hit the floor, Succubus leaned forwards while also taking hold of Zahara’s smaller flank. When the song ended, the two were standing there with their bodies pressing against each other.

The next song began instantly. Pip saw that Zahara seemed to be calming down slightly as the two separated. Smiling to the crowd, Succubus whipped off her loin cloth and dropped it on the ground. As she walked backwards to the pole, she played with her breasts so that all could see. With closed eyes she pulled on her rock hard nipples and fondled her mounds, letting out a blissful moan. Zahara did her best to mimic this as well, swaying her hips nervously as she traced the outlines of her breasts, yet not daring to be fully naked.

Soon enough Succubus was standing next to the pole. Opening her eyes and smiling, she gripped the pole with a single hand and spun around once with her legs up high and open for all to see. When she landed, Succubus allowed herself to slide down to the floor. As her flank touched the stage floor, Succubus opened up her legs to give them a better look at her dripping wet snatch which she gave a short rub. Once she had done that, the thestral rolled over so that she was now on all fours and began to crawl over to Zahara while swaying her flank. It took only a moment for her to bridge that gap between them and, once she was in range, Succubus reached for Zahara’s diamond loin cloth to effortlessly remove it.

Now fully naked, Zahara froze as Succubus took a hold of her hips to keep her in place. Pip saw that the crowd was glued to them, watching at Succubus rubbed her cheek against Zahara’s thigh and flank. The lust fueled mare then brought a hand towards her face and licked it before bringing it over to the zebra’s pussy. If she rubbed it or just appeared to rub it, the crowd cheered and hooted either way.

It was then that another stallion approached Pip to ask for a private dance from Zahara, licking his lips as he did. As before, Pip told him that she wouldn’t be giving any private dances until she was ready. When he finally left, Pip looked up to see that Succubus was standing up and leading Zahara by the hand towards the pole. When they were in front of it, Succubus lifted her breasts to titty fuck the pole while also sticking out her tongue to lick it. Zahara stood there for a moment before visibly gulping. She lowered her body and placed her smaller boobs against the pole before mimicking the other mare. She even tentatively stuck out her tongue to briefly lick the pole as well.

As time went on, the music began to grow louder and louder. Succubus was now rolling her flank for the audience, her slit very visible. Zahara was doing her best to copy Succubus, but much slower and not as wide while keeping her tail down as much as possible in order to keep her private part hidden. It was clear the she was still nervous, yet it did not sway the crowd. Instead, it seemed to make them hungry for more. If Pip had to guess, they wanted to see this shy mare break free and were eagerly waiting for that moment.

But that moment was not this night. The music began to slow down, winding to a close. Succubus seemed aware of this, and Pip watched as she quickly moved over to Zahara’s flank. Before the mare knew what was happening, Succubus was rubbing the palms of her hands all over those flanks. She then backed off slightly while at the same time placing her hands underneath her breasts so that she could lift them up. The crowd watched as Succubus began to lick her own nipples and then leaned down to press them against the other mare’s flank just as the music ended.

“I can’t believe I did that,” moaned Zahara into her hands, her elbows propped up on Pip’s bartender’s station.

Silently, Pip set down a shot glass of apple flavored whisky in front of her. Ever since the opening dance, Zahara had stayed in the back room, too embarrassed to leave the room, not helped by the fact that Succubus had disposed of her previous clothing. Now it was just after closing and the only stallion in the building was Pip. Zahara sat on a stool wearing the only thing she could find in the dressing room that could fit her: a red bikini with matching bottom. It hung on her loosely, but still covered the areas that mattered.

“You did great tonight!” cheered a completely nude Succubus as she came running towards them and stopped right next to the other mare. “Not bad for your first time! The crowd loved you!”

“No,” said Zahara as she set her palms on the counter. “They loved you and that lesbian show you put on. They couldn’t possibly think I was attractive enough to-”

“Oh Pip,” interrupted Succubus in a sing song tone while a coy look crossed her face. “Did anypony ask for a private dance from Zahara?”

“Yes,” said Pip, much to Zahara’s shock. “Got about fifteen stallions asking for a private dance with just you, and one who wanted a VIP with the both of you.”

“I…” began Zahara, but trailed off as she looked down at her drink.

Succubus sat down next to her and placed a hand on Zahara’s shoulder. “Hey, are you going to be ok?”

“I,” began Zahara again as she picked up the drink. “I just don’t understand it. I’m not sexy at all.”

“You are,” insisted Succubus. “Now, where did you get this idea that you weren’t?”

Zahara’s shoulder’s slumped but did not set down her drink. For a moment she just continued to stare at the liquid before beginning her tale. “Back in Horseshoe Bay, my family ran an import store that sold crafts straight from Zebrica. My mother ran the front of the store while my father worked in the back with the books. It was easy to see why they choose to do it like that since my mother was very beautiful, especially compared to me. I… I admit I was always jealous of her looks and wished I had a body like hers.

“About three weeks ago, I came home and heard a noise coming from upstairs. I thought it might be a robber so I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went to investigate. What I saw, however, wasn’t what I expected.” At this point, Zahara began to tear up and drank her shot of whisky. When she was finished she slammed the glass down. “IT WAS MY MOTHER BUCKING MY BOYFRIEND! HE KEPT MOANING ABOUT HOW LONG HE HAD BEEN WAITING FOR THIS AND HOW HOT SHE WAS! MY OWN MOTHER RHYMED THAT I WAS A TWIG COMPARED TO HER!”

It was like a dam had broken. Zahara flung herself face first onto the counter and began to sob uncontrollably. She wailed about how she knew finding love was too good to be true between her sobs as well as shouting various curses at her mother. Succubus began to whisper kind words to her while rubbing her back gently as Pip made her a glass of water. He had seen enough situations like this to know when not to bring out the booze.

When her crying had subsided a bit, Zahara continued her story between sips of water. She said that she had dropped the knife, but the two were so locked in their passion making that neither heard it. Zahara said she just left without taking anything with her, moving from town to town, trying to put it behind her and make a new life for herself. When she had finished, Succubus wrapped Zahara in a hug and pulled her in tight.

“There, there,” she said calmingly as she stroked Zahara’s back. “Everything will be fine. I know exactly what you’re going through.”

“Yeah right,” murmured Zahara.

“Trust me, I do,” Succubus said in a low whisper. “I was told I should be ashamed for things I couldn’t control, and that I wasn’t good enough. Always made to feel like I wasn’t good enough when compared to others. And I never had anypony who loved me, romantically at least, back home.”

Zahara pulled back a bit and looked Succubus up and down for a moment. “Really?” she asked in a surprised tone. “How? I mean, look at you. You should have had stallions and mares lining up to meet you. So how-”

“I don’t like thinking about those days,” said Succubus darkly. But then her features suddenly brightened right before she took off into the air and landed besides Pip. “But it doesn’t matter anymore because I found myself a new home with my husband here.” She hugged Pip, placing his head between her mounds. “He’s the best thing that ever happened to me, and he loves me no matter what! I couldn’t ask for a better husband!”

“Zahara,” said Pip as he pulled away slightly so he could look at her. “Look, after tonight, I won’t blame you if you left and reported us. But, if you want, you can keep working here. I know that Candy Bliss is looking for a roommate, so you can stay with her if you decide to stay.”

For a moment, Zahara stared at the two blankly. Pip felt his heartbeat speed up, fearful of what she might do. He looked up to see that Succubus was smiling without a care in the world. Finally, Zahara looked down at her half-drunk glass of water.

“Well,” she said slowly. “I am tired of living on the street. I…I don’t have to do any private dances, right?”

“Not right away,” said Succubus. “I mean, you first have to get a bit more comfortable with this before you can move on to the one on one stuff. But eventually you’ll have to do it. But don’t worry, it’s just as fun.”

“And, I won’t be forced to have sex in the backroom, right?” asked the zebra. Pip and Succubus shook their heads. “And, ah, I can’t stay with you for now?”

“OF COURSE YOU CAN!” cheered Succubus loudly. “You just have to follow one simple house rule of walking around in the nude. Trust me, it’ll help you build your confidence with your body!”

Zahara stared at Succubus blankly. “On second thought, which one is Candy Bliss?”

Lets Dance

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“Ok everypony, gather round,” Pip called out. Both he and Succubus were standing on the edge of the stage as they watched their employees approach them, Pip’s expression looked slightly worried while Succubus remained carefree. The first to get to them was Rumble along with the waitresses. Next was Desire who was showing Zahara a picture of her husband, Poindexter. Behind them was Candy Bliss who was being followed by Snips and Snails.

“Ok, we got some good news and some bad news,” said Succubus. “The good news is that things here at the Treasure Chest are going great! You’re all doing a super good job. Especially our newest hire Zahara! Let’s give her a hand everypony!”

Pip joined in on the clapping while looking down at an embarrassed Zahara. She had been here for only a few days, but she was getting along great with both the staff as well as the customers. All of the dancers were helping her to become more comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of a crowd, each one having done a dance with her. Each time Zahara seemed to get a bit more confident, acting on her own accord while not interrupting the flow of the dance. And before the club opened each day, they all watched as she figured out how her own dance routine would go while giving her their advice.

Yet despite this she was still wasn’t ready to give private dances. Pip, along with the other stallions working at the Treasure Chest, had been used as test subjects to see how she did in a one on one situation. It was clear by the way she jumped every time one of them moved that she was scared, despite reassurances about the runes. But, so long as the stallion stayed perfectly still, Zahara gave a good performance. Pip and Succubus both agreed that if they kept working with her she would be good to go in a matter of weeks.

“And,” continued Succubus as the clapping died down, “Me and Pip have decided that we should do special events for the holidays!”

“What kind of events?” asked Snips quickly.

“Lots of things,” said Succubus as a dreamy expression crossed her face. “Like, for example, wearing those special chocolate bras and panties on Hearts and Hooves day or erotic costumes for Nightmare Night. But the big one will be the Summer Sun Celebration. We’re going to have to go all out so we can have all those ponies partying here all night long!”

“What if we have plans?” asked one of the waitresses.

“Just let us know ahead of time,” said Pip. “And that sort of ties into the bad news. This morning I read in the paper about a possible kidnapping. A mother who found out she had cancer went to go reconnect with her daughter who she hadn’t spoken to since she left for Baltimare against her mother’s wishes. When she got there, her daughter’s landlord claimed she had left a note two months ago saying she was going home while leaving all of her possessions at her apartment. A similar note had been given to the daughter’s employer. The authorities have stated that her bank accounts have not been touched. She has simply disappeared.”

“Now, I know this happened far away, but I’m not going to be taking any chances. Starting tonight I have arranged for all of the mares working here to be escorted home by the Night Guard. If you wish to quit then you must do so in pony! I will not accept notes unless you yourself give them to me. If I do receive a note I will head down to the police department or even the princesses if I have to. Your safety here is what’s most important.”

As Pip said this last part he glanced over at Succubus real quick. When he had spoken to Harvest about getting the Night Guard, the thestral had brought up his findings on Succubus. Or, rather, his lack of findings. According to Harvest’s contact, there was no criminal from the Hanging City who matched her description, and he was going to see if there were any missing pony reports before looking into the cities’ records to see if there was anypony named Succubus living there. However, he then sent another letter the very next day saying that he was dropping his search and that Harvest shouldn’t ask any more questions.

It didn’t take a detective to know that something was up. Harvest’s contact found something, Something that either spooked him, or for which somepony threatened him. This had Pip worried. If Succubus was running away from something, then whatever it was had enough power and influence to frighten a member of the guard. Pip resolved on keeping a closer eye on Succubus until Harvest got to the bottom of this.

“Do they think it was a changeling abduction?” asked Candy.

“I don’t think so,” said Succubus. “My tribe has had more dealings with the changelings going back hundreds of years. Normally, if a changeling wanted to kidnap somepony, they would leave a changeling in his or her place so that they could feast on the love of that pony’s loved ones. Pip showed me the article and it said that this mare kept to herself, meaning there was a low chance they would even consider taking her. Shame too, her picture showed that she was a looker.”

“We are also going to have our bouncer keep an eye out for suspicious activity,” continued Pip as he glanced down at Rumble who nodded. “If you see ponies out there watching the club, but never coming in I’ll need to know. They might be scoping the place out. We’ll contact the police if that happens.”

Later that night, the Treasure Chest was in full swing. Succubus had recently finished her first dance of the night and had a number of ponies wanting a private dance with her. ‘No doubt when she’s done she’ll be super horny,’ thought Pip with a light chuckle, surprised by how he had gotten used to her.

Looking at the clock, he realized that it was almost time for the next show. “Ok everypony,” said Pip into the mic. “Candy Bliss is on deck in three minutes. I repeat, Candy Bliss is on deck in three minutes.” Instantly everypony returned to their seats and drink orders began flying in. Pip quickened his pace to complete them all as he watched Candy head backstage out of the corner of his eye. Thankfully, nopony had wanted anything other than a refill so it made things easier.

Once all the drinks were out, Pip began to adjust the lights. As this happened, he could see the other dancers moving out into the crowd before sitting at random tables. At least, the tables that still had ponies in them. Those who had seen Candy dance before and liked her had already moved closer to the stage so that they could get the best seat in the house.

Exotic music from Saddle Arabia began to fill the room as Candy walked out. Tonight she was dressed in one of Rarity’s creations. Around Candy’s neck was a silver collar that had two bands of green cloth coming out of it, running down to partially cover the mare’s boobs before circling around her back. Around her wrists were silver bracelets that also had cloth running out from them but were see-through. Her pants were made of the same green see-through material, except for her panties.

As Candy walked down to the edge of the stage, she twirled around several times. Once she got to the pole she stopped to stand in front of it before beginning to sway her hips. Her motions were slow and fluid, match up with the music. She licked her lips as her swaying turned into something that resembled a roll.

Soon her hands stretched out into the air while her stomach began to move. Candy pushed it out a bit before bringing it back it, pushing her breasts high into the air each time. Her hands moved to the top of her head as her lower body continued to move for the audience before they began to descend downwards. The hands traced her face and then gently touched her neck and shoulders. As they then slid onto her breasts, Candy pulled away the cloth so that all could see her breasts which gleamed in the light, thanks to the body butter she was wearing. The crowd watched in transfixed silence as she moved her hands to her swaying stomach to caress it.

A few ponies managed to break away long enough to put bits on the stage. For them, Candy fluidly moved towards them and got onto her knees without her hips stopping. For each stallion who tipped her, she took their head gently and pressed in against her breast so that her nipple pressed against their skin. Then, just before she released her tipper, Candy would kiss the top of their forehead.

The music soon began to wind down and, by this point, Candy’s hands were at her groin. With her eyes closed, she began to rub her slit through the material with small noises escaping from her mouth. When her eyes opened and she saw the hungry looks of the stallions in the crowd, she smiled before lifting a leg up against the pole. An instant later she pulled on the pants and, thanks to a little feature Rarity had put in, the pant leg detached. Candy repeated this motion with her other leg, only this time she did it while her rear was facing the majority of the crowd. When the music had ended the only thing covering her were her panties.

But not for long.

The second song began to play, which was very similar to the first except it had a faster pace. Candy, still holding the pole, leaned back as far as she could so that her nipples pointed at the ceiling. Once she straightened out, she began to climb the pole until she reached the top. There she gave her flank a hard slap before locking her legs around the pole and leaning back again. From there she slid downwards until she landed safely on her hooves.

More bits were being placed on the stage as Candy took a few steps forwards. She didn’t attend to the audience, instead rolling her hips around much faster while her hands snaked down her torso to her panties. As soon as they touched the fabric, Candy pulled them down slightly to reveal her pussy lips to the crowd. For a moment her hip movements stopped so that she could rub her slit for them all before bringing that hand that had done it up to her mouth and licked it. This earned her a cheer from the stallions, and Candy, with a sly smile, pulled her panties all the way off.

From there, Candy continued her belly dance in the nude. She swayed and twirled for the crowd in ever quickening motions while her hands roamed her body. As she rolled her hips, Candy kneaded her breasts or squeezed her nipples. As her stomach swayed back and forth, Candy’s hands went to her pussy to give it a quick rub. She attended to the audience again, giving them the affection that their bits bought them. And when it was over and the music stopped playing, Candy blew them a kiss before picking up her garments from the floor and walking into the back room.

Fifteen minutes later, Pip announced the next dancer: Desire. She entered onto the stage to a dark sounding tune while carrying a riding crop. She was wearing her standard faux leather gloves and boots, both going up to her elbow and knee cap respectively. The rest of her was a little different. Today she was wearing a black, fishnet top with black tape covering her nipples in an X-shape and below was faux leather panties. With each step she took, Desire tapped the riding crop into her open palm until she reached the end of the stage.

Once she had reached her destination, she began to strut around the edge of the stage. Occasionally she would pause to bend down and greet a member of the audience she had given a private dance to earlier, running the end of the riding crop down his cheek as she did so. Once or twice she would lean a bit closer to whisper something in their ear. Something that made the stallion blush and, after the dance was over, they would come running to Pip asking for another private dance.

After she had made a round, Desire moved towards the pole and pressed her back against it. Smiling for the crowd, Desire placed the riding crop in her mouth before reaching past her fishnet top to pull off the tape covering her nipples. Once the tape was off, she tossed the trash into the crowd who began to fight over like they were timberwolves fighting over prey. This did not distract Desire, however, who had brought one gloved hand to her breast to lightly caress it while her other began to move down her swaying body. As her hand reached her panties, she slid it underneath the material and made it look like she was rubbing herself for a moment while thrusting her hips forwards to the music.

The crowd continued to watch with growing excitement as Desire brought her hand back into view. With the riding crop still in her mouth she took ahold of the pole behind her and spun around it twice before returning back to her original position. There she took the crop out of her mouth and held it between her breasts. With one hand she held it while bobbing it up and down while her other hand squeezed her breast. For a little over a minute this continued with her occasionally bringing her nipple up to her mouth and licking it. And as the song began to wind down, Desire took that moment to turn around with her ass sticking out towards the crowd while at the same time taking the riding crop out of her mouth. With the pole pressing against her shoulder, Desire placed the riding crop against were her slit was and began to rub it there until the song ended.

As the second song began, Desire stood up and faced the crowd. With a wicked smirk she cracked the riding crop against her boot. It wasn’t done hard enough to cause any real pain, but hard enough for there to be a sound loud enough to be heard over the music. She then brought the crop up to her mouth, her hips swaying to the beat, and licked it like it were a cock.

Without warning, Desire then tossed the crop to the entrance leading to the dressing room. She then winked at the crowd, who were somewhat confused since they thought she was going to do something more with the crop, before turning around and shaking her flank at them. Desire proceeded to remove her panties, bending over to do so. Once free, she moved her tail to the side and revealed she was wearing an anal plug. It was large, with a gem in the middle to be used like a handle to pull it out.

Desire then went over to the pole, swaying her hips as she did so. Once there, she took ahold of the pole with one hand and lifted one of her legs up before a hand reached back towards her flank. She then began to pull on it for the crowd, moaning and looking like she was about to cum any moment before she stopped. She released her hold on the pole as she set her leg down and moved towards the edge of the stage, watching as stallions began placing bits on the stage. Before moving on to the next part of her act, Desire brought a hand down to her slit and rubbed it once.

After that was done, Desire got down on all fours and began to crawl along the edge of the stage. When she approached those who had given her a single bit, Desire would take their hand with her own and move it so it touched her breast. The stallion would then be allowed to knead it for a bit until Desire pulled the hand away and would then continue to the next. Those who had gave five or more bits were allowed something a bit extra. To those lucky stallions, Desire would take their hand and place it on her plot as she turned around. Once her rear was facing the stallion, she would flick her tail upwards so that he could get a clear view of her pussy as well as her tail hole. From there, Desire would reach around and pull on her anal plug, using it like a dildo in front of the lucky guy. If he let go or reach out with his other hand, Desire’s tail would snap down to cover herself and she would move on. But, if he was a good stallion, when she was finished she would give him a kiss on the forehead before whispering naughty words into his ear.

As the song began to end, Desire crawled over to her panties and picked them up with her teeth. She then crawled back to the end of the stage where she picked up her crop with her magic, lightly smacking her ass with it before disappearing into the dressing room.

“Alright everypony,” said Pip as the song ended and he saw a dozen or so ponies either heading towards him to ask about a private dance from one of the stripper, or making the same request to the waitresses. “That was Desire! The next show will begin in fifteen minutes, and you’re all in for a treat because this will be the first time Zahara will be performing solo!”

Upon hearing this, those stallions who were waiting for a private dance began to talk with each other. One of the things that really set this place apart from other strip clubs were the routines. Every mare who danced did something unique or just added something that made it more than just swinging around a pole without any clothes. It made things more…exciting. Many wondered what Zahara was going to do. Some suggested that it would be a perverted modification of a traditional zebra dance. Others thought she would chicken out and ask one of the other mares to help her out.

Finally Zahara’s name was called out and all eyes were on the stage. As the music started, which had a somber tone to it, Zahara walked out with her head down. Everypony could see she was wearing a leather collar as well as matching arm bands. Attached to the bands were chains connected to the collar that were so short that Zahara had to hold her hands up. The rest of her outfit looked like slave wear: a short, dirty brown shirt that ended just below her breasts and a matching loin cloth.

Then, when Zahara got to the front of the stage, some in the crowd managed to see a small smile appear on her face right before the music exploded into a quick paced rhythm. And, just as it changed, Zahara lifted her head and brought her arms down, the chains breaking away easily as she did so. The zebra mare than began to dance, her movements were almost a blur. She didn’t sway her hips, she rocked them as her legs bounced off the stage floor. She didn’t caress her body slowly with her hands, they instead zipped side to side as she rolled her shoulders. Then, when it looked like the music was going to die down, Zahara pulled at the bottom of her shirt and tore it off easily, and the music instantly regained its prior force! Soon she swung around the pole with so much force that the metal budged slightly, but still remained in place.

The crowd watched with very vocal amazement. They didn’t care how large her breasts were or that she wasn’t doing a lesbian bit or anything else. They were amazed by her energy and flexibility. Her dance was a completely different type of erotica that made many in the crowd wondering just how flexible she would be in bed.

As the song continued, Zahara’s coat glistened with a light sheen of sweat. Yet, she showed no signs of stopping until she was done. As Pip watched, he knew Succubus would be proud of her and would be in the audience watching if she wasn’t already in a VIP at the moment. The two had worked hard for the zebra mare to get in this state, and that only happened when the music was as free as she wanted to be.

When the song ended, Zahara ended her first dance with a split. The crowd cheered even though they knew another song was starting. Like the first, this one was very fast paced. However, Zahara didn’t get straight up. Instead she spun around onto her ass with her legs facing the audience. Quickly she pulled them apart to show the world her pussy. The whole room watched as she reached out with her hands and spread those inviting lower lips for a brief moment before she spun her body around again, landing on her belly. She then made a wave motion with her body, starting from her hooves and going all the way to her head.

After the wave was finished, Zahara’s legs lifted into the air and bent until they were next to her head. She held that O-shape for a moment before she snapped her legs back and used the momentum to get to her hooves, tearing off her loincloth in the process. As the crowd cheered her on, Zahara began to dance like she had before. Her wild moves kept everypony entertained and excited, watching her quickly stroke her lower lips as she danced. She even returned to the pole, holding it from behind as she jumped up and spread her legs wide so that her pussy was more visible.

Bits were now being placed on the stage and Zahara slowed down to ‘thank’ them. To those stallions who gave her a single bit, she allowed them to press their faces into her chest. But those who gave five and up, much like during Desire’s routine, got something a bit more special. Like Succubus, she pulled them onto the stage and straddled their faces so that they got a clear view of her slit. She then made a sliding motion, hovering a few centimeters above their bodies until her face was near that bulge in their pants. She then breathed on it heavily before nuzzling it with her cheek and then got off. One time she could have sworn that, after she did this, the stallion’s pants seemed to darken along with a chlorine scent.

As the song neared its end, Pip noticed Succubus returning to the main floor and went over to the mic. “Zahara, please remain on the stage after this song,” he said before signaling to his wife. When she was near enough, Pip told her what he had planned and to get the other mares.

Back on the stage, Zahara knew her song was almost done and that this was the point where she should be returning to the dressing room. However, Pip had told her to stay so she instead turned around, bent down so her flank was sticking out, and began to roll it for the crowd.

As soon as her song ended, Zahara stood up straight as a new song began to play. This one had a bit of cheer to it.

“Alright, let’s meet the jewels of the Treasure Chest once again,” said Pip as he saw all the mares getting into the dressing room. “Let’s give it up for Succubus! Candy Bliss! Desire! And, of course, Zahara!” As the first three mares heard their names called out, they walked onto the stage toward Zahara and gave her either a hug (a big one from Succubus) or a kiss on the cheek. Once they were all there, they began to wave at the hooting crowd with smiles on their faces. “Remember everypony, you can ask for a private dance from most of these lovely mares. Just come up to the bar or ask your waitress. Or, if you want something a bit more special, we have our VIP rooms. We have specials going on all week so please don’t hesitate to ask, and thank you all for choosing the Treasure-”

Pip’s words were cut out as Rumble was thrown into the room, his back crashing into a table. Instantly everypony rushed over to make sure he was ok. Except for one. Succubus stood there, staring at the figure in the doorway with a look of pure fear on her face.

The Second Contract

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Standing in the doorway was a bulky thestral stallion with a black coat and a bald head. He was at least six feet tall, and looked like he weighed about four hundred pounds. The stallion was wearing a black suit and tie with a red button up shirt. On his giant, meaty hands were several gold rings, each one having a ruby in its center. His emerald eyes were fixed on something.

Pip, who was kneeling next to Rumble, followed the stallion’s gaze towards Succubus. Narrowing his eyes, the small stallion got up and approached the larger stallion who was now walking towards the stage.

“Get out!” demanded Pip as he stormed towards the thestral. “I will not have this-” Before Pip could finish his sentence, the other stallion had closed the distance between them and picked Pip up by his shirt without taking his eyes off Succubus. Pip could hear several of the mares screaming right before the silent thestral tossed him into the wall behind his station. He could feel his back making contact with the bottles of alcohol right before he landed on the ground.

Slowly, Pip got on his hands and knees, not caring if his palms got cut on glass. He could smell the various drinks that now soaked his skin, but he was beyond worrying about things like that as he looked for the rune stone that would signal the police. He winced as he moved, believing that he had to have at least several cuts along his back. But he pressed on until he held the stone in his hand.

‘That’s what I get for trying to be a hero,’ thought Pip as he activated the stone. ‘Should have just gone for this. Oh, what was I thinking?’ Pip heard several crashes followed by a scream that made his eyes widen in terror. Getting to his hooves, he saw the area by the stage looked like a wreck. Several chairs looked like they had been smashed up, used as weapons by the stallions in the crowd to try and protect the mares but to no avail. The thestral stallion had Succubus and was now dragging her towards the door. Succubus was pulling with all her might, but the stallion didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all.

Pip took several deep, rage fueled breathes as he moved out from behind his station. As he did, Rumble also got to his hooves. The pegasus opened his wings and shot towards the attacker at full speed, looking like he was going to tackle him. However, whether the thestral heard him get up or something else, he stopped and backhanded Rumble before he made contact. The grey stallion went flying into a wall and painfully bounced off of it.

At the same time, Pip charged at the stallion with the intent to…do something. He didn’t care if he hit him, bit him, or whatever. All that mattered was doing something, anything to save Succubus. But the other stallion saw him coming and grabbed Pip by the neck. Slowly he lifted Pip into the air while applying pressure to his windpipe. Pip brought his hands up to his neck to try and pry the other stallion’s finger off, but they just wouldn’t budge. All he could do was shoot an angry glare at the attacker as he felt his world grow dark.

“HANDS OFF MY PIP!” roared Succubus; and a moment later Pip felt life return to him as the stallion released him. As Pip landed on the ground he looked over to see that Succubus’s hoof was pressed against the other thestral’s groin. Pip let out a cough as Succubus pulled that hoof back and kicked him there again and again until he fell down.

Once he was on the ground, groaning loudly and holding his privates, Succubus turned and made a mad dash towards Pip. “Oh dear sweet Luna,” she gasped as she got down to help Pip sit up. “Pip, you’re bleeding! Does anything else hurt? Please, don’t die on me!”

“I’ll live,” coughed Pip. “What about you?”

Succubus smiled weakly. “I’m fine,” she said.

Pip nodded. “And Rumble?” he asked. “Is he ok?” The two turned to where their friend and bouncer landed. A crowd of mares surrounded him as well as a few of the stallions. One of those stallions, Pip noticed, was Dr. Stable. The good doctor looked like he was checking Rumble’s pulse, with a not too grim expression on his face.

Just then, a shadow appeared over Pip and Succubus. Turning their heads they both saw that the thestral stallion had gotten up and was looking at them with pure hatred. His fists were so tightly clenched that Pip could hear his knuckles cracking. But before he could do anything there were several flashes of light behind him, followed by a blast of energy that nearly knocked him over.

Shocked, the three looked over to where the flashes came from, and found twelve unicorn officers with their horns glowing brightly. Pip also noticed the back of his attacker. It was clear to see where he had been hit, that area of his suit looked like somepony had burned a hole through it and even burned his fur, leaving a scorch mark in its place. And yet, the stallion didn’t look like he was in pain at all. He hadn’t even made a sound.

“That was a warning shot,” said one of the officers. “You cannot escape. We have pegasi heading towards the building. Lie down on the floor or else-” The stallion glared at the officer and lunged forwards with his fist raised. “OPEN FIRE!” As soon as the first word escaped his mouth, all twelve horns fired energy blasts at the thestral who took it for a solid minute before finally falling to the ground.

“Everything’s going to be alright,” said Succubus as she helped Pip up to their home.

It had been several hours since the police showed up. While the police tied the thestral stallion up in magical chains, shocked that he was STILL alive after all that, medical ponies arrived on the scene. Rumble was teleported straight to the hospital. He was alive, but in bad shape. As for Pip, magic made it easy to pull out all the glass shards in his skin before bandaging up his back. Dr. Stable checked him out and was pleased to announce that he had not suffered a concussion or anything serious, unlike Rumble.

Once that was out of the way, the police spent the rest of the time questioning everypony there. Nopony knew who that stallion was, all they knew was that he just attacked Rumble and anypony who got in the way of him getting to Succubus. When Succubus was asked if she knew who he was she claimed to have no idea, that she had honestly never seen him before.

Pip, however, had his doubts about that.

When the police had finished questioning everypony, Pip told the crowd that they were going to close for the night. As the crowd departed, Pip thanked many of them for trying to help, and was repaid with half-smiles while the mares working for him changed into their normal clothes. Once they were ready, they were escorted back to their homes with a few extra guards, just to be on the safe side. Before they left, Pip told them to take the next couple of days off.

“I…guess,” said Pip slowly as Succubus opened the door and brought the two of them inside. As soon as the door closed, Succubus brought Pip over to the couch and sat him down there before she hurried back into the kitchen. At first, Pip thought she was going to get him some ice or something, but instead she got a plastic bag and began to empty the cupboards of food.

“We have to get out of here,” whispered Succubus as small tears began to form in her eyes. “Never thought they’d do something like this. Won’t let anything bad happen to him.”

“Succubus,” said Pip gently.

“I thought I was safe,” whimpered Succubus as she got another plastic bag. “How did they find me? Why, oh Luna, why won’t they leave me alone! I don’t want to go back there.”

“Succubus,” said Pip, stronger this time.

“I don’t want to go back,” said Succubus as she stopped packing and placed her palms on the kitchen counter. More tears began to pour from her eyes. “I just can’t.”

“SUCCUBUS!” yelled Pip, causing her to turn and look at him. Pip tried to stand up, but Succubus rushed over to him and sat him back down.

“Pip, please rest,” she said quickly. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything hurt you. We’ll be gone long before they find out that stallion got arrested, and they won’t find us.”

“Succubus, I’m not going anywhere until I find out what’s going on,” said Pip as he tried to get up again, but Succubus placed a hand on his shoulder to keep him down. She then got on her knees so that she could be at eye level with him.

“Please Pip,” she said. “I promise I’ll tell you everything you want to know once we get on the road. But right now there’s no time.”

“Succubus, you were nearly kidnapped in front of me,” snapped Pip, causing Succubus to pull back a bit. “I have no idea who that stallion was, but I know you do! The moment he came in, you froze and I saw the expressions on your face. Who are you running from? The law? The mob?”

Succubus opened her mouth when all of a sudden there were three small knocks on the door. The two turned their heads just in time to see the door open revealing two thestrals. One of them was a stallion with a grey coat and a long green mane that was tied up near the end. Like the stallion who had attacked them earlier, he was tall and wearing the exact same suit. Unlike the previous stallion, this one was thin and had a long scar running down the left side of his face, just missing his eye. The other thestral was a mare dressed in a maid’s uniform. Her coat was dark purple and her mane was an equally dark red. She kept her head down while carrying one of those black bags that holds a suit or a dress.

“I’m sorry for the intrusion,” said the stallion politely as he walked over to them, Succubus turning pale while standing up. “This…wasn’t the way I wanted our first meeting to go. Father, it would appear, became impatient. Succubus, please be a dear and get dressed while I talk to Mr. Pipsqueak. I dare say you might be needing it soon.”

“No!” screamed Succubus as she took a step back. As she did, the stallion’s eyes, which until this point had been pleasant, suddenly narrowed and became icy cold.

“Succubus,” he said in a tone that made Succubus visibly shiver. “You have caused many ponies a great deal of trouble thanks to your selfish actions. Think about your family. Do you have any idea how many times Banshee has cried herself to sleep, worried about her sister?! And to those here who you claim to love. I am going to have a long, overdue talk with your husband, and I do not want you here interrupting us every two seconds. Now go!”

Pip watched as Succubus lowered her head, in what appeared to be defeat. He raised his hand towards her while calling out her name, but she ignored Pip completely. She walked over towards the maid and then the two of them walked downstairs, closing the door behind them as they did.

Angry, Pip turned his head to look at the stallion while gritting his teeth. Said stallion had taken one of the chairs from the kitchen and was bringing it over to where Pip sat. Once there, the thestral placed the chair directly across from Pip at a reasonable distance away before sitting down on it.

“I’m sure you have many questi-” began the stallion.

“Of course I have questions!” barked Pip as his anger got the better of him. “This is the second time tonight a thestral has broken into my property and threatened my wife in some way! I am bucking sick of being kept in the dark! Who the buck are you and what the buck is going on?!”

The stallion did not answer right away. He simply pressed the palms of his hands together right below his chin. “Yes,” he said after a moment. “It would be foolish of me to assume that you wouldn’t be at your wits end after a night like tonight. To start off, my name is Dark Bargain and I am Succubus’s older brother.”

Pip stared at the stallion, and he was sure his mouth was hanging open. Succubus had never mentioned a brother before. Sure, she only ever mentioned her family by accident, but the only ponies she had ever mentioned were her parents.

“I take it, from your expression, that my sister has never spoken about me before,” stated Dark with a slight nod.

“She…doesn’t like to talk much about her past,” said Pip honestly. “And I never pressured her to do so.”

A small smile appeared on Dark’s face. “I see my evaluation of your character was spot on,” he said, confusing Pip. But before he could ask what Dark meant, the other stallion continued to speak. “Now, as to what is going on is, well, a bit complex, and would require you to understand a few things about thestral culture that I am positive my sister has never mentioned. So, to begin, what do you know of thestral beauty?”

Pip blinked. “I…sorry?”

“Do you know what makes a mare beautiful in thestral culture?” asked Dark. Pip shook his head no. “Well, to be honest, there are many things. You could have mentioned the tuffs on top of a mare’s ears or the shine of her wings and you would be correct. Yet, there is one thing that most mares share in common and that is smaller breasts. The ability to fly gracefully depends on this and so, to us, large breasts make a mare far, far less attractive. To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, a mare with breasts as large as Succubus’s makes her less attractive than a ninety year old mare with a humpback, jagged teeth, and yellow puss coming out of her-”

“Stop,” said Pip as he held up a hand before running it through his mane. “I don’t get how having large breasts can make you see her like that.”

Dark raised an eyebrow. “Did you know that, to a yak, having large hooves is a huge turn on in their culture? Or perhaps you might have heard about the caribou, who believe that a mare who has not had at least five sexual partners before she is wed will be seen as a bad life mate. Perhaps you heard that a clean Diamond Dog bitch is seen as repulsive? While these may sound strange to you, yet these are things that these other cultures hold in high regard. That includes us thestrals."

“But Succubus isn’t like that,” stated Pip. “She doesn’t consider herself ugly or is ashamed of her body.”

“This I know all too well,” said Dark with a sigh. “She…never saw herself as ugly, despite what others said about her. She simply believed herself to be different, unique. She was proud of her appearance which, sadly, did not go over well with our parents, considering our station in thestral society.”

“Oh, don’t tell me,” began Pip with a sigh.

“Yes, we belong to a noble family,” said Dark with no shortage of pride in his voice. “One of the last noble families in the Hanging City. While others of my tribe squandered their wealth and lost their status, we have held control of the entire southern mining system for over fifteen hundred years. And, like the nobles in Canterlot, you could imagine my parents shock to not only find out that their first born daughter’s special talent was seduction, but then her having a body like that. They…did not take it well.”

“Were they cruel?” asked Pip after a moment, afraid of what he might hear. But still he had to know.

“Depends on your definition of cruelty,” said Dark evenly. “They insisted that she be taken to a doctor to have her breasts cut off, but she refused. So to protect her from a world that would have judged her harshly, while at the same time protecting their own image, they kept her confined to the estate. She was only ever allowed to be seen in public was when she wore a disguise that helped conceal her…problem.”

Dark then pulled out a photograph from his suit and held it out to Pip. The smaller stallion looked at it suspiciously for a moment before taking it. Looking down, he saw he was holding a black and white photo of a bat pony mare. The mare was wearing a dress that looked like something Rarity would make, with gems and jewels set in a pattern on the arms and along the bottom. He also noticed that the dress covered nearly her entire body, starting at the top of her neck and going all the way to her hooves. Looking at what wasn’t covered, Pip saw that the mare’s mane was tied up in a bun, making her look older than what she probably was, judging by the face.

For a moment, Pip wondered who this was and why Dark was showing him this when it hit him. This was Succubus! However, it wasn’t the Succubus he knew. The Succubus who he had spent so much time with was full of laughter and life. But the one in the picture couldn’t have been more different. Her eyes didn’t have the same sparkle in them, nor did she have the same infectious smile. The one in the picture looked devoid of any cheer. Her eyes looked lifeless and there was not even a fake smile on her face. And, sure enough, Pip saw that her chest looked flattened.

Pip felt his hands tremble angrily as he continued to stare at the picture, a sudden realization coming over him. Succubus, the one he knew and loved, was happy all the time because she could finally be herself. She was finally free. Glaring at Dark, Pip thrust the picture to him.

“I think I understand why she never spoke of her past,” growled Pip as Dark took the picture. As the thestral took the picture, he paused to look at it. His expression changed, his eyes softening as a finger traced the edge of the photo.

“A few years ago,” said Dark, appearing lost in his thought, “I was flying past a school. There was this filly who couldn’t have been more than fifteen and had a similar problem as Succubus. She was surrounded by colts and fillies and they were bullying her. The adults around saw this, but did nothing to help her. She did nothing to help herself, just standing there with her head down while food, insults, and other things were flung at her. One even smeared something in her mane that smelled vile.” Dark gulped loudly before putting the picture away and looking at Pip seriously. “You may think what my parents did was cruel and you are free to think so. I…I am grateful for what they did because they saved my sister from suffering like that every day. She, would have been far worse off if they hadn’t.”

For a moment, Pip stared at Dark. He felt like this other stallion was being honest with him, that he believed that all this had been for the best. That he did love Succubus.

“So,” said Pip after swallowing. “Succubus eventually had enough of that life and left. You can’t really blame her. At least out here, in Ponyville, she won’t get treated like that. She’s happy!”

Dark closed his eyes for a moment. “If only it were that simple,” he said. “Believe me, if it weren’t for certain family traditions I would have agreed with you. Or, perhaps if she had run away earlier before we had painstakingly found her a husband who was willing to accept her as she is. It was so difficult considering that father wanted to keep the lines pure and not give her to a unicorn noble! I have never seen mother and father so upset before. They wanted to have her dragged back here at any cost, but by the time we found out where she was she had already signed that contract making her your wife. Of course my father didn’t care in the slightest, but I convinced him that it would be better, given the circumstances, that I talk to you and see if we couldn’t settle this like reasonable stallions.”

Pip was silent for a moment, his eyes narrowing at Dark. “So, you’re telling me that Succubus ran away because not only were your parents keeping her locked up and miserable, but they also picked out her husband…and you are asking me to send her back?!” Dark calmly nodded. “Well you can go and kiss Tirek! Succubus is my wife and I am not going to send her back to that!”

Now it was Dark’s turn to be silent as he looked Pip over. He just watched as Pip breathed heavily, venting out his anger with every breath. “Why do you think she chose you out of hundreds of stallions to be her husband?” he asked at last.

“She thought I looked cute,” replied Pip, causing Dark to chuckle.

“Mr. Pipsqueak, my sister picked you not for your appearance but rather your location,” he said. “You, my young fellow, are the only stallion in this town to seek out a partner from Matchmaker’s Mail Order Brides. Ponyville is not home to one princess, but two. If my father sent somepony to take her back by force, which he had sadly tried to do tonight, then something like that would surely get their attention. You would then report what had happened and, unlike certain stories that are floating around somewhere, they would be compelled to act. Even more so if they found you dead and Succubus missing. No, legally we are unable to return her to the Hanging City as long as she remains your wife. I am sure that she knows this. That is why she has been playing you for a fool this entire time.”

“Now wait just a minute,” snapped Pip.

“Showering you with sweet words,” continued Dark calmly. “Batting her eyes here and there. Offering up her body for pleasure. Overreacting to anything that might seem trivial in order to keep you alive. Mr. Pipsqueak, to Succubus, you are nothing more than a shield to keep her safe. A pawn that she has been manipulating since the first day she-” Dark was cut off as Pip suddenly stood up and grabbed him by his suit. Pip was breathing hard while Dark looked like Pip done nothing at all. Almost like he expected something like this to happen.

“Succubus can seduce anypony she wishes,” said Dark calmly while staring at Pip. “I can see the allure of putting herself through a mail order bride system. There she can find some poor, desperate stallion who wants love so badly, making them easier to manipulate. You are sadly the unlucky soul who she dragged into this mess.”

As he said this, Pip began to remember that time after he and Succubus had sex in the shower. How she freaked out after he sneezed and claimed she wouldn’t let him die. Dark was right, Succubus had admitted herself that her special talent was seduction. Heck, he had started falling for her just by the sound of her voice! Slowly, doubt began to worm its way into his thoughts. He felt horrible. He didn’t want to believe that Succubus was playing him for a fool. He wanted to believe that she loved him. And yet…

Slowly, Pip released Dark and slid back down onto the couch with his head down.

“As I said, the only thing keeping Succubus here is you,” said Dark. “And until the trial period is over, my parents will do everything they can to get her back. My father has already hired a goon to drag her back by force. Eventually the thug that was caught tonight will talk and he will face the consequences. But until then, my father may continue to send others to bring her home while my mother pursues other options. And even if you do make it past the trial period, my parents will not accept you. They will no doubt remove Succubus’s inheritance and refuse to mention her ever again. I do not doubt that they will even forbid Banshee, our five year old sister, from ever seeing her again. And for you…you will be stuck in a loveless marriage until she grows bored of you and runs off to some nudist settlement or something.”

Dark then placed a piece of paper on Pip’s lap. “However, there is a way out of all of this. That document right there will cancel out the one you signed for Miss Matchmaker, ending the marriage on the spot. And to compensate you for your trouble we will be willing to give you whatever you want as long as it’s doable. Perhaps you want enough bits to return this place to The Cove while also getting rid of that Kegger fellow. Or maybe you would like a different mare to be your wife? It can be arranged for a new mare to appear at your doorstep in the morning, one who knows what is socially acceptable and can cook. Or maybe you’d like that boat you’ve been dreaming of? Yes, I know all about that dream of yours and it can be done.”

“I,” began Pip, but found he could say no more. His body trembled so much, and he could barely raise his head to look at Dark as he stood up.

“This is a very big decision and I shall not put too much pressure on you,” said Dark as he moved to the door. “I’ll give you a few hours to think things over. Hopefully, you’ll make the right choice.” And with that, Dark Bargain exited the room, leaving Pip alone with his thoughts.

The End?

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For the longest time, Pip just sat there on the couch with his head down. His eyes were on the contract laying on his lap, waiting to be signed. But despite his eyes looking straight at it, Pip barely registered it. All Pip did was sit there as his mind did its best to process what Dark Bargain had told him.

He had expected so many emotions running through him. Hurt that Succubus hadn’t trusted him enough to tell him the truth about her past. Angry at having to be told about her past from another. Disgust at her family for what they had done to her. Relief that she wasn’t running from the law and that he could help her out.

But Pip felt none of that. All there was inside of him was an indifferent emptiness, one that created a sense of dread whenever Pip thought about it. If Pip thought about it for too long he would have the urge to throw up before getting up and moving into a corner where he would curl up into a ball in the stupid hope that it might help him escape this emptiness. Perhaps even talk to himself, reassure himself that everything was alright and that he had nothing to fear. This was caused by one terrible thought: Succubus didn’t love him at all. This thought pierced him like a blade and hurt more than anything else he had ever experienced in his life.

He knew it was possible, very possible, that Dark had lied to him. Saying whatever he could in order to get Pip to sign this piece of paper and end their marriage. Succubus had told him, showed him time after time how she felt about him. Yet, now all he knew was being questioned by this part of his brain that wouldn’t let go. It was looking at every moment they had shared together, trying to pick them apart to see if there was any truth there at all. Every time it found something new to question, the more Pip began to doubt Succubus, and the bigger the emptiness inside him felt.

And Pip hated himself for it.

He wanted to stop feeling like this.

He needed a drink.

Pip had never kept any of his alcohol upstairs mainly because he himself was not a big drinker. He had been around the stuff long enough to know what too much of it could do to a pony. The only time he ever drank, outside of a small taste testing of a new brew that might be on the menu, was maybe a half a glass at the end of the month. And even then he rarely ever finished it.

So, with no alcohol in his home, that meant that he would have to go downstairs in order to get his drink. Slowly he got to his hooves, letting the contract fall from his lap without him even noticing. With a blank expression on his face Pip walked towards the door like a zombie, bumping into the kitchen table along the way. He opened the door and then shambled down the steps, almost tripping several times. But these near accidents barely registered in Pip’s brain.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs, something caught Pip’s attention. Standing on the stage was a flat chested mare in a white gown that glittered, due to the hundreds of tiny gems sewn into it. She was bent over, holding the pole for support while taking loud, gasping breathes. Her bat wings twitched-

‘Succubus!’ thought Pip, suddenly realizing who it was. Forgetting everything, he rushed over to the stage where he climbed up in a panic. All previous thoughts about her vanished from his mind. The emptiness inside of him was filled with frantic worry and fear for her. Her past no longer mattered. The only thing he cared about was helping Succubus to breathe again.

As Pip rushed across the stage, Succubus turned her head to look at him. However, she was breathing so hard that it looked like she would pass out if she stopped. But he saw her eyes brighten when she saw him.

Now Pip was behind Succubus, staring at the back of her dress. Thanks to her near complete nude lifestyle, Pip didn’t know how to take the damn thing off. Was there a zipper? Did you pull it off? Frantically he began to search for same way to take the thing off until he finally had enough and began to rip it off from the collar. Thanks to an unhealthy amount of fear and adrenaline, he ripped through the dress quickly to spot the problem: around Succubus’s chest was something that looked like a metal corset. He had no idea what kind of metal it was nor did he care. He equally didn’t care about the weight nor the designs on it. The only thing he cared about was getting his hands to move faster as they undid the clamps holding the corset together.

When the last clamp had come undone, the corset fell to the ground with a light clank. As soon as it did, Succubus began to take deep, normal sounding breaths. Pip stood beside her, rubbing her back gently while looking for any signs of damage. A wave of relief washed over him when he realized that she was going to be ok. It was then Pip realized, that there was one truth that he knew: he loved Succubus. Even if he was being used like a puppet and she felt nothing for him, his feelings were real.

“Thank you so much,” said Succubus as she turned her head to look at Pip, a smile gracing her face in spite of what she had just gone through. “I guess my boobs had gotten bigger since the last time they put that thing on me. That or they set it a bit too tight.”

Pip looked at Succubus for a moment before looking down at the corset. “Is that the thing they used to hide your, er,” said Pip, but stopping himself when he noticed Succubus’s ears flatten.

“I guess Dark must have told you about that,” she said before touching her now exposed breasts tenderly. “I-It is.” There was a pause. “So…what else did Dark tell you?”

“Enough,” said Pip slowly. “Then, when he was done, he gave me a contract to sign that would end our marriage.”

“H-He did?” stammered Succubus. “B-But you’re not going to s-sign it, right?”

Pip looked her in the eyes. “No, I’m not,” he said simply, watching as she smiled widely at him. “I heard enough to know that sending you back there would be wrong. You don’t deserve that.” Within the blink of an eye, Succubus was against him, pressing her body against his while her arms wrapped around him in a tight hug.

“I love you Pip,” she whispered. “I-” But before she could say anything else, Pip managed to escape her grasp and pull away with his head turned away from her to ignore the look of shock and confusion on her face.

“Don’t say that,” he said.

“What?” asked Succubus, her voice sounding very confused. “I don’t understand. Pip, what’s going on?”

“I’m not sending you back there,” Pip said, still not looking at her. “I care about you too much to do that to you. But…I don’t want you to play me anymore. You don’t need to pretend to care about me or anything like that. Just...” His voice trailed off when he heard a sob. Slowly he looked up at Succubus, expecting to see a few tears. He was wrong. Her lovely face had been contorted as rivers of tears began to flow down her face. Her lower lip quivered uncontrollably as she let out a small wail. Her body seemed to shake until her legs could no longer support her. Succubus fell to her knees. Watching this caused a feeling to stir inside Pip as well, and soon he too was crying.

“Y-You d-d-don’t-t me-mean that-t,” she stuttered through her sobs. “Wh-Why w-would you s-say some-something l-like that?”

Pip felt his teeth clench for a moment. “Because you would do anything to escape that place!” he all but shouted. “I can only imagine what it was like, but the way it was described to me made it sound horrible! Horrible enough to do anything to escape. Your special talent is seduction! I understand why you did that, making me fall for you and telling me you loved me! I get it, I really do!”

“B-But I do love you,” said Succubus before she wiped away the tears from her eyes. “Why d-don’t you trust m-me?”

“Because you never trusted me!” roared Pip. He felt hot anger spread all over his body while tears continued to flow from his eyes. His hands had balled into fists so tight that they drew a small amount of blood. “I was an open book for you. I would have told you anything. I waited for you to tell me anything about your past, anything about your life before you came here. I never pressured you or anything. But how did I end up finding out? From your brother who you NEVER mentioned before! Do you have any idea how much that hurts?”

For a moment, Succubus was silent. The only sound in the club was Pip breathing as he tried to calm down. Tears were still running down his eyes as his body trembled. Then, slowly, Succubus also stood up. As she looked at him, he saw that she too was still crying.

“I didn’t want to remember,” she said through her tears. “Every day, I woke up sad that I didn’t die in my sleep. I lived in a world where I had nothing. I was never allowed to play on the furniture because they were antiques. I was never allowed to draw what I wanted to because a ‘proper’ young filly doesn’t doodle. Everything I owned, I didn’t want. I…I just wanted to live a normal life or at least have some fun! That only happened when I stole some of the servant’s books to read! I wanted to feel like the mares in those books, to be loved and be wanted. Something that I was told WOULD NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE OF MY BODY!”

More tears were now running down her face as Succubus held herself. “When…When I found out I was going to marry somepony that my parents had picked out, that was the last straw. If I was going to marry somepony, I was going to do it on my terms. So…I ran away with nothing on but a cloak. I felt so free. It was like chains I had worn my entire life had been removed and I felt so light. Soon I met Miss Matchmaker and joined on as a mail order bride with the hope of finding a husband in Ponyville.”

“Because there you’d be safe, right?” asked Pip.

“Sort of,” answered Succubus. “I knew that Ponyville was home to Princess Luna and Princess Twilight. That they would not tolerate it if a pony in their home suddenly vanished. But this was also the town where things happened! Time travel, evil forces constantly attacking, magical misfires! It sounded like such a fun place. And well, you were the only stallion from Ponyville looking for bride.”

“And…I couldn’t have been happier. Pip, you have been everything I ever could have hoped for. When I came here, you treated me like an equal. You gave me choices. You listened to me and my ideas. You wanted me to be happy. I was never treated like a slave, ordered to cook and clean after you. And I never regretted giving myself to you. As time went on, I wanted to make you as happy as you made me. Because I love you from the bottom of my heart. You mean the world to me.”

For a moment Pip said nothing as he looked at the ground. “Did you…Did you ever use your seduction on me?” he asked at last.

“A…A few times,” replied Succubus nervously. “Like that time in the shower. I saw you there and thought that you wanted me but were too nervous. So I gave you a little push.” She then swallowed hard. “Pip, I know you said that you’re not going to send me back to the Hanging City and…I’m not going to stop saying I love you because I do. And I’M GOING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET YOU TO LOVE ME AGAIN! I’LL GIVE UP STRIPPING AND WEAR MORE CLOTHING! I WON’T STOP UN-” Succubus’s proclamation was suddenly cut off as Pip closed the distance between them, reached up to grab her by the shoulders, and pulled her down to him so that he could silence her with a passionate kiss. When this happened, Succubus’s eyes widened in surprise before a few fresh tears rolled down her cheeks before she closed her eyes.

They stood there on the stage for who knows how long. Both lost themselves in this kiss as if it were their first once again. As they kissed, Pip felt his anger, the anger he had directed at himself for thinking he had been made a fool of, vanish. Now he felt guilty for ever doubting her. A voice in the back of his head tried to argue that he had every right to doubt her, but Pip silenced that voice. All that he wanted right now was hold onto the mare he might have lost to his own foolishness.

“I’m sorry,” said Pip as he pulled away. “I should-” Pip was silenced as Succubus recaptured his lips with a hungry kiss.

“No, I’m sorry,” she said when she pulled away. “I should have told you some-” Now Pip was the one to silence her by shoving his tongue into her mouth. Both of them moaned as their tongues began to caress each other while their bodies pressed against each other. Soon they had to pull apart for air only to reconnect after a few breaths, more hungry than before. They wanted each other. No, they needed each other more than ever.

As the two continued to kiss, their hands moved for the other’s clothing. Neither cared all that much to keep them in good condition, ripping the fabric or destroying the zipper in their haste to make each other naked. What remained was either tossed off the stage or stepped over without a care in the world.

Once they were both freed from the confines of their clothing, their hands roamed each other’s naked fur. Pip couldn’t touch her breasts with his hands due to how close their bodies were nor did he want to lose the feel of her hard nipples poking against his chest. So instead he did his best to reach behind her and felt her leathery wings. They were standing erect, denying him the pleasure of feeling anything except for the spot where they were connected to her back. Yet, with just the lightest touch he felt his love tremble and moan in his mouth. For a while, Pip continued to touch this area making Succubus whimper in sexual delight.

Succubus’s hands had skipped his back since it was still bandaged. Instead she had reached down to his flank where she squeezed it. As soon as she did this, she felt Pip’s cock rise to press itself against her lower entrance. Instead of submitting to her growing desire and allowing it inside of her, Succubus began to thrust her hip back and forth so that Pip’s member rubbed against her slit. Both moaned as bursts of pleasure shot through them with each thrust, yet neither separated from the kiss.

For a while this continued. Pip could feel his cock become wet as Succubus’s juices began to drip onto it rapidly. Juices that he wanted! He felt Succubus whimper out of disappointment when he removed his hands from her wing joints to trace down her back. They then moved to her front to touch her slit, causing her to lower body to halt in its motions. For a few seconds, he teased Succubus by running two fingers across her lower lips before he pushed them inside of her. Succubus cried in delight into his mouth while Pip felt her inner walls tighten around his fingers before he began to finger fuck her.

Pip could feel Succubus’s chest move faster as pleasure assaulted her. He knew he could pull back, allow her to catch her breath while his mouth moved to one of those delightful tits that he loved to suck on. But he didn’t want that just yet. He wanted their tongues to continue their dance while they teased each other. And he could tell that Succubus was loving it due to the amount of love juice she was creating.

It was then that Succubus’s hands removed themselves from Pip’s rear and moved to his front where one quickly took hold of his cock. While the other one cupped his balls, the hand on his cock began to jack him off. Pip could feel precum around forming around his dick’s slit, rolling down onto Succubus’s hand. Now both of them were moaning loudly into the other’s mouth while their hands did their best to please each other’s privates.

As they continues like this, Pip briefly wondered if they should take this love making somewhere else. Perhaps upstairs where they could fuck on their nice, comfy bed. Or they could head down to the area where the VIP rooms were. That would have been a nice change of pace. But Pip soon realized that neither one of them wanted to wait that long. No, unless Succubus brought it up, they would continue to do this on the stage where anypony who walked in would be able to see them.

Succubus was the first to release her hold on Pip while taking a half a step back. As Pip caught his breath, Succubus quickly got to her knees so that her face was in front of his member. He could see her lick her lips slowly as she placed her hand on it in order to hold it as if it were some golden idol. She then leaned forwards a bit to place the head in her mouth, causing Pip to cry out as he felt her mouth begin to water. As he continued to look down, he saw her close her eyes before humming, sending a pleasurable vibration through his body so powerful that he nearly fell forwards. To keep this from happening, the pinto managed to keep himself up by holding onto her shoulders.

From there, Succubus began to tease his member relentlessly. She sucked on its head to get as much of his precum as possible before her tongue moved on to coat its length with her saliva. Occasionally she would pause and press her lips along the side of the dick before humming once again, gaining a feeling of sexual delight as she heard Pip cry out when she did this. Every time his cock began to twitch, she would pause to allow him to calm down.

As soon as Pip’s cock was nice and lubricated, Succubus placed the member in the valley between her breasts. Pip let out a moan as he felt her warmth surround his member as well as the friction created as she slowly began to move. He simply loved how soft they were pressed against his shaft like two foam pillows. He looked down and saw that his pecker was barely managing to get its head out into the open. Succubus’s expression was hidden as she was also looking down at her breasts.

As more precum began to flow from his cock, Succubus paused in her tit fuck so that she could get a taste. She then released the rod from her breast hold, much to Pip’s disappointment. That was short lived as he watched her take hold of her breasts before bringing them up to her mouth where she began to suck on her own tits. Pip watched this with great interest, noticing several times that her tongue had slipped out of her mouth so that it could roam around the surrounding flesh. Once Succubus took them out of her mouth, she manipulated her breasts so that her hardened nipples were on either side of Pip’s member. She then lightly began to trace them over his cock flesh, one nipple heading toward the head while the other went to the base. Back and forth this went with both of them moaning loudly.

“Cum for me,” whispered Succubus as she switched up her motions, rubbing both sides of his shaft in the same direction at the same time like a normal tit fuck. “Pip, I want you to cum all over me so bad. Can’t you tell how much I want your scent all over my coat? I need this so bad!”

Indeed, Pip could easily tell how much Succubus wanted this. Not just her words, but the smell of her sex was more powerful and stronger than he had ever smelt it before. It wouldn’t surprise him if there was a puddle of her mare juice on the floor right now. Her motions had quickened as well, almost to a frenzied pace. Pip didn’t bother to hold on, giving only a grunt as a warning as his cum shot from his cock. White hot goo splashed across her lovely breasts and up to her neck, causing her to moan in delight.

Once Pip was finished cumming, his cock lost some of its hardness. Pip had expected Succubus to clean herself off and perhaps lick the cum off her hands, something that he knew would make him hard again. However, she did not do that. Instead she turned around and laid her head against the floor while remaining on her knees. Her arms reached back so she could spread her ass cheeks apart with her hands while also moving her tail out of the way so that Pip could see her dripping wet pussy. Before Pip could do anything Succubus began to sway her rear back and forth as if to hypnotize.

“Please Pip,” she moaned. “I need you to make me cum. I need my husband inside of me. Rut your wife!”

For a moment Pip stared at her, admitting that this was a bit different from how they usually had sex. Normally, Succubus would ride on top of him or would be in a position that would allow him to see her front. This was the first time he had ever taken her from behind. He briefly mused that it could have been due to his back and that she did not wish him any discomfort.

Pip got onto his knees and placed his hands on her flank, Succubus’s hands leaving on their own accord. As he looked at her moist snatch, he was tempted to just shove his cock into her which was regaining its stiffness. However, there was something Pip wanted even more at this moment, and he would not be denied. He brought his head down to her nether lips and stuck out his tongue. The cries that Succubus produced as he proceed to trace those lips with his tongue were music to his ears, the juices he tasted sweeter than honey.

With no desire to wait any longer, Pip shoved his tongue inside of her. At once her inner walls clamped onto his tongue and more of her fluids flowed out. Pip felt himself becoming lost in his own pleasure as his tongue moved about her pussy, savoring her taste while the scent of her arousal filled his nose. The chorus of mews and coos that Succubus made thanks to his efforts made him work harder, spurring him on more than if she had simply asked. He pressed his face against her pussy so that he could get as far as he could.

In dire need for more, Pip moved one of his hands to her slit and stopped right above her clit. With his tongue thrashing around inside of her he began to rub that spot with his hand. He could hear Succubus scream louder than ever, barely able to say a complete word. He wondered if her eyes were rolling into the back of her head and her tongue was slipping out of her mouth.

Succubus didn’t last long. She soon came, flooding Pip’s face with her juices which he did his best to lap up. When Pip pulled back he saw that Succubus was trembling due to his actions. Looking down at her head he saw that it was resting on the floor on its side, her eyes closed to most likely better savor the pleasure. He was willing to bet that she was sensitive right now. So, without a word, Pip lined his cock with her pussy and pushed forwards. As he did, Succubus made an indistinguishable noise. It sounded like a moan, mew, and something else all rolled into one.

And Pip wanted to hear it again. He wanted to make her feel that good by his actions once more. He wanted to fulfill her every desire, her every fantasy to the best of his ability. And as he remembered where they were, he had an idea on how to do that.

“This is what you’ve always wanted,” whispered Pip as he leaned forwards a bit. “You love to show off your body on stage, teasing everypony out there. Now you’re here, with my cum on your body and my cock in your pussy. I know you want others to see this. Well, it just might happen my love. Somepony could easily walk in here, sit down, and watch us make love. Or perhaps you could use your imagination?”

As Pip pulled back a bit to prepare for another thrust, Succubus looked up into the empty club. Her wings shot out suddenly and her velvet inner walls clamped down as she suddenly came, surprising Pip. Luckily he managed not to cum as well, but it was difficult. As he slowly pushed forwards he wondered what she had imagined. Was it a crowd of formless stallions, or had she simply remembered the crowd from earlier, picking them in their seats with great ease? Or perhaps she had placed her family there, watching with horrified expressions as Pip rutted their daughter. Pip oddly found himself liking that idea a lot.

Pip began to pick up the pace and, as he did so, pressed his chest around Succubus’s back to wrap his arms around her waist. Once he was ready, Pip leaned back and pulled Succubus with him until they were both standing on their knees. This new position made it harder for Pip to rut her, but it exposed more of her body to the phantom crowd. If there had been anypony out there they could have easily seen the smeared cum on her breasts and his dick inside her. And to add to all of this, Pip reached up so that he could fondle her breasts.

“YES!” screamed Succubus as her hands raced up to join Pip’s, laying on top of them. Pip felt her right hand helping his own to fondle her while her left hand moved his off of her breast and towards her pussy. Once there, Pip felt their hands spread her lower lips so that anypony who entered could plainly see his cock inside of her. As she did this, Pip saw that her wings had grown stiffer.

“I want them to see,” said Succubus in an exotically delirious voice while her body swayed, making Pip worry that this might not have been the best idea. “I want them all to see us. I want to have you buck me in front of them. To rut me on Princess Celestia’s balcony for all of Equestria to see! I want them all to know I’m the luckiest mare in Equestria because I have you! YES!” Pip felt Succubus have another orgasm, her body shaking furiously before she fell forwards. Thankfully, Pip managed to hold onto her and ease her down to the floor. As he did so, Pip’s cock slid deeper into her tightness. The walls wrapped around his member tightly, stimulating him to the point where he came as well.

Pip was now panting hard as he pulled out of Succubus who looked like she had passed out. On shaky legs Pip managed to stand and head upstairs, only to return in a few minutes with a blanket and a few pillows. He returned to the stage where he then lifted Succubus’s head so he could place one of the pillows under it and set another one next to it. He then laid beside Succubus and covered them both with the blanket.

“Pip,” came Succubus’s voice as he got settled, surprising him. Pip turned his head to look at her and saw that, while she had tears in her eyes again, she had her usual happy smile on her face. “Thank you. I…I meant what I said earlier. I’ll change anything about myself to keep you.”

Pip said nothing at first, only kissing her lightly on the cheek. “Just keep being the mare I fell in love with,” he replied as he pulled away. “She’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Really?” asked Succubus, her eyes sparkling, and new energy was in her voice. She then reached out to wrap her arms around Pip and pulled her close while letting out a cry of pure joy. “I love you Pip!”

Meanwhile, Dark Bargain sat in his carriage along with his maid as they soared through the sky away from Ponyville. The inside was pitch black, yet Dark had no problems reading a scroll in his hands with a fanged smile.

“Sir,” said the maid after a while. “Don’t you think we should have given Mr. Pipsqueak more time? He could be looking for us right now with that document in hand.”

Dark looked up from his reading. “Oh, it’s nothing to worry about,” he replied offhandedly.

“But sir,” said the maid as a look of fear appeared on her face, caused by her master’s response to such a dire situation. “You promised your father that-”

“I would use a legal method in an attempt to get Succubus back,” finished Dark with slight irritation in his voice. “And so I did.” Dark pulled up the document to begin reading it once more, his smile gone.

“Sir, he’ll be angry that you gave up so quickly,” continued the maid, flinching slightly as Dark looked at her with a frown. “I know it’s not my place to say such things, but I worry for you.”

“I never had any intention of getting Succubus back,” said Dark after a pause. “Once I looked into Mr. Pipsqueak’s profile, I knew that telling him the truth would convince him that sending her back would be the worst thing he could ever do to her. Whether he forgives her or not, he will not sign that contract. And my father, well, I don’t think he’ll be in any position to be angry with me. I expect that he will be arrested in a matter of days after that thug he sent spills the beans. Princess Luna will not take kindly to a thestral behaving like that. And when she begins looking into things, the Princess will find out that my mother threatened several members of the Guard to keep information about Succubus a secret. Or, rather, I intend to make sure she does.”

The maid’s eyes widened. “T-Then will you…”

“Yes, I will become head of the family,” finished Dark, his smile returning. “When that happens, I will inform Succubus via a letter that she is free to do whatever she wishes with no fear from the family, and that as long as I’m in charge that she is still one of us. I’ll even ask if she wants Banshee to visit her from time to time.”

For a moment the maid was silent. “What do you think will happen next for Mistress Succubus and Mr. Pipsqueak?”

It was a busy night at the Treasure Chest, seeing it was Amateur Night. Pip stood behind his station, filling glasses with hard cider as Miss Cheerilee once again tried her best to win the contest which was four hundred bits this week. Besides him was Succubus who was wearing a red bikini top with a white stripe running across the middle and a matching thong. She was watching the show with mild interest.

“She still has the same problem as last week,” muttered the thestral. “She needs to put some effort into this if she wants to win.”

Pip let out a chuckle as he handed over the drinks to the waitress. It had been several days since that eventful night when he had encountered that mammoth thestral and Dark Bargain. Since then, the two of them set to work, first repairing any possible damage to their relationship and then the club. Succubus had decided to come clean right after they had sex, telling Pip everything he wanted to know about her into the morning. He, in turn, told her anything that she wanted to know that he hadn’t already told her. One of those thing was how he had been looking into her past behind her back. She had looked hurt when he first told her, but realized that she hadn’t given him much choice fairly quickly. When they had finished, the two felt like their relationship was stronger than ever.

As for the Treasure Chest, Pip had been afraid that they might have to close up for good due to the fight. Who would want to visit or work at a place that might get attacked at any moment? Those fears died a few nights later as most of their employees returned, except for Rumble who was still in the hospital. And, when they opened their doors once more it was to find a flood of horny stallions ready to spend their hard earned bits.

Pip was about to comment on Miss Cheerilee’s dancing skills (or, rather, lack thereof) when he spotted a familiar mare enter the club. It was Miss Matchmaker who was looking slightly…abashed at the changes to Pip’s establishment since she had last visited. When she spotted Pip she made a mad dash towards him and sat down.

“I, um, got your message,” she said with a slight blush on her face. “Are you both sure-”

“Yes,” the couple said at once.

“O-Ok then,” said Matchmaker as she pulled out a document from her saddlebag and handed it to them. Pip reach down below his counter to pull out a pen and signed the document. When he was finished he gave the pen to Succubus, who signed it with a bright smile on her face before giving the paper back to Matchmaker. “Well then, your trial period is over. You are now officially husband and wife.”

The Story Goes On

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The streets of Canterlot were dark, lit only by the moon and lampposts as Merry Day headed to her apartment. Her shoulders stung slightly and there was a dull ache in her hooves from pulling such a long shift at the castle. Right now she wanted nothing more than to get home so she could rip off her maid’s outfit, a light blue dress and a white apron, and soak in her tiny bathtub until morning. So much so that Merry was willing to take a shortcut down a semi-deserted street just to save about seven minutes.

Some might think this to be a stupid idea to take such a short cut. Merry, however, saw things differently. It was Canterlot after all, the capital of Equestria. Out of all the cities, there’s held one of the lowest crime rates in the entire nation. The only times when it wasn’t safe to walk the streets was when there was an invasion of some kind. So, for now at least, the streets were safe.

As Merry walked past a closed shop, there was a loud clamor of noise behind her. Gasping in shock, she turned around with her horn lit to provide her with extra light. For a moment she held her breath as she examined the streets, yet found nothing that could have created the noise. As she took a tentative step backwards the noise happened again, followed by a cat racing out of an alleyway like it was being chased by Discord.

“Stupid cat,” whispered Merry as she allowed the light of her horn to die. Slowly she turned around, yet paused as she noticed her reflection in the mirror. A frown appeared on her face as she noticed that her normally bright yellow coat was in desperate need of washing and the pink hair from her mane had multiple strands sticking out everywhere. Her eyes moved down her lower body which was slightly plumper than the average pony, but not as bad as it had been last month. Slowly Merry turned to the side, noticing that her diet was starting to take effect. Which was a good thing? She had less than six months to lose twenty pounds so she could look stunning in her wedding dress. And it would be all he worth it to see Tick Tock’s face as she walked down the aisle looking as beautiful as he made her feel.

“Excuse me,” said a deep voice behind Merry, causing the mare to give a startled yelp before turning around. Her eyes widened in surprise to see what might be the most attractive stallion she had ever laid eyes on. He wore fine black pants and a white shirt that matched his coat color perfectly. The shirt, she couldn’t help but notice, was open, allowing her to see his muscular form. Merry licked her lips as she pulled her eyes away from his chest and into the most perfectly chiseled face she had ever seen on a unicorn before. And his long, luscious mane that went down to his shoulders looked like it was made of pure silver

A single lewd thought crossed Merry’s mind causing her to blush. However, the mare quickly banished it as she did her best to compose herself in front of the smiling stallion. Merry would not have that nor was she that kind of mare. She was to be married so to her fillyhood sweetheart, something that she had been waiting for several years to happen. They were both working hard so that they could get an actual house in Canterlot after the wedding!

“Forgive me for startling you,” said the stallion as he reached over to cup Merry’s cheek. “But I was wondering if a pretty mare like you would like to get some coffee with me.”

Merry opened her mouth to say no, but the words wouldn’t come out. She just stared at him, never noticing the green mist like energy that was coming out of his hand and towards her eyes before they snaked their way into them. Nor did she see the green glow around his horn that matched his eyes. All she could see at that moment was this perfect stallion as the desire to be with him, to serve him took root in her mind. With each breath she took, Merry found herself willing to do whatever it took to be near and please him. Her wants, dreams, and desires had no meaning compared to him.

There was a voice, however, that cried out in the back of her mind. It sounded like her own, telling Merry that this was wrong. It urged her to remember Tick Tock before ordering her to run away as fast as she could before it was too late. Whatever the voice was, its…presence began to fade quickly as it felt like it was being dragged away to some dark corner of her head. The further away it felt, the more Merry wanted to give herself to this stallion whose name she didn’t know. If he desired her body, Merry would strip down in a heartbeat, even here on the street. She would be willing to do anything for him, including things that she had refused to do with…whatever his name was like anal or deep throating. And, eventually, the voice that had objected to him was gone.

“I would like that every much,” whispered Merry as a tear rolled down her cheek. Why that happened, she had no idea, nor did she really care.

The stallion smiled in a way that turned his normal appearance into something darker, more twisted and evil. But Merry didn’t seem to mind it at all, just staring at him with a smile that belonged to a love struck school filly who had just been kissed for the first time. “Then let us be off to my place, Miss…” he began.

“Merry Day,” supplied the mare, who was not even slightly fazed by this slight change. She then bit her lower lip. “I, ah, can I please know your name?”

The stallion gave her a nod as he pulled her in close. “My name is Prince Charming,” replied the stallion as he looked into her eyes. “Now, let us be off to my home for some coffee.”

At the same time, Pip was enjoying a moment to catch his breath. The last batch of drink orders had just gone out and, from the looks of it; most of the stallions were taking their time to enjoy their drinks while they chatted with each other. Desire had just finished up her second dance and had left the stage, meaning there wouldn’t be another public dance for at least fifteen. Candy Bliss was giving a normal private dance at the moment while Succubus was doing a VIP dance to some hot shot pegasus from Cloudsdale. The stallion had to be loaded since he was becoming a regular, demanding an hour with Succubus the moment he arrived. The only dancer he had left that was still out on the floor was Zahara, dressed in a fur bikini and bra as she chatted with several of the guests to keep them entertained.

A slight frown slowly found its way to Pip’s face. He could see several of the patrons were glancing at the clocks in the hope that the next dance would start soon or that a dancer would approach them. Pip could see that these long stretches of time were starting to become a problem. While nopony had complained or walked, it was likely a matter of time before that changed. Pip knew he would have to talk with Succubus tonight about hiring more dancers before that happened.

Out of the corner of his eye, Pip could see the door to the club open. When he looked over, he saw a frail looking pegasus stallion with a yellowish grey coat and a short cut brown mane heading towards him.

“Hey Featherweight,” said Pip with a smile.

“Hey,” said Feather when he got to the bar, placing something on the counter before sitting. Looking down, Pip was surprised to see that it wasn’t his camera. Even though he knew Rumble would have either refused to allow Feather in with it or simply confiscated it until he was ready to leave, it was still odd to see the head photographer for the local paper without it. Instead, what Feather had brought in was a very familiar magazine.

Before Pip could comment on this, Desire walked onto the floor wearing faux leather bra and panties along with matching gloves. As Pip began to make Featherweight his usual order, Featherweight had his eyes glued to the mare as she moved towards a group of stallion who had nicely tipped her during her last dance, swishing her tail back and forth as she did so. Without looking up, Pip knew she was giving the stallions each a hug before she would sit down and talk with them until they were ready to ask her for a more private encounter.

“I don’t know how you do it,” said a flustered looking Featherweight as he accepted his drink of cider. His eyes were darting downwards before he began to fidget in his seat, possibly to hide a sudden erection.

Pip smirked slightly. “Well, it’s like working at a candy shop,” replied Pip. “After you work there long enough, the candy just doesn’t taste the same. You just get used to it.”

“Lucky,” grumbled Featherweight before he began to gulp down some of his cider. When he set his mug down, Featherweight ran a hand through his brown mane while looking down at the counter. “Wish I had a hot wife who doesn’t mind me seeing other mares naked. Heck, wish I had a special somepony in general!”

“Well, you know I could help hook you up with one of the mares here,” said Pip. At the sound of that offer, Featherweight lifted his head a bit to look at his friend in utter disbelief as Pip continued. “I know that both Candy and Zahara are both single at the moment. I could butt in a good word for you since I know you.”

Pip watched as Featherweight looked down at the counter again, obviously considering it. For a moment or two he remained there before turning his head to look over at the two mares on the floor. Zahara had gotten up and moved towards another table to give some of the other stallions some attention. Meanwhile, Desire was leading a stallion by the arm towards one of the small private dancing rooms on the main floor. The stallion didn’t seem to mind this at all, staring at her flank as she sashayed back and forth for him.

At the same time, Candy was exiting one of the small rooms with her guest having just finished the private dance. The stallion she had been with had a face that was bright red and shirt looked a little wrinkled. Pip wasn’t worried about what it might look like to others. The enchantments that had been set up in those rooms would have alerted him if something beyond a strip tease occurred. Or, if he tried to touch her in a way that she didn’t want, Candy could have yelled out which would have brought Pip and Rumble running to help. Most likely Candy had been touching his shirt while she danced. Before they parted, Candy gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek before heading back to the crowd to either keep them company or see who else wanted a dance. As she walked away Pip then heard Featherweight sigh before he turned back to face the pinto and shook his head.

“Thanks for the offer,” said Featherweight as he looked down at the magazine. “I…I really like them. Every time I talk to Zahara, I feel like she is listening to me and when she smiles she…” Feather paused for a moment. “Candy, she’s…”

Again there was another pause as Featherweight got a far off look in his eyes. Pip knew that expression well. He had seen it many times when he saw that Feather was trying to set up a shot for the school paper or when they were working on a school project together. After a bit, Feather’s focus returned to Pip.

“I would love to get to know them both better,” said Featherweight in a defeated tone. “Especially Zahara. I don’t know why but I’ve got this thing for zebras. But, I’m not so sure I could take it knowing that the pony I’m dating is showing off her body for a living. I’m afraid that whenever we go out there would always somepony eyeing her up, making plans to have her give him lap dance later that night. I just…don’t think I could handle that. Do you think there’s a problem with that? I don’t want them to think I’m possessive or anything, but-”

“I don’t think that’s the case,” said Pip as he reached over the counter to place a hand on Featherweight’s shoulder. “Look, I made you that offer because I know you. You are a good friend that I know I can rely on and that you want a relationship, not a quick lay. But I do know that it can be hard on a relationship when one of you is working in this kind of job. So, if you don’t feel up to it right now there’s no worries mate.”

Featherweight visibly relaxed as Pip released his hold on him. “Thanks,” he said before picking up the magazine and holding it in front of him. “I think I’m going to do what you did and give them a try. I doubt I’ll get lucky and find somepony like Succubus, but you never know.”

“Trust me, there is nopony out there like Succubus,” replied Pip with a laugh. “And whoever arrives at your door, I’m sure she’ll be great. There might be a few bumps here or there, but if you put the time in it’ll work out.”

“Speaking from personal experience?” asked Feather as he opened up the magazine to a page he had bookmarked. Looking down, Pip could see several pictures of mares (all of them zebras) smiling in their photos with a three to four paragraph summary of them next to it. Pip could recall clearly from the days he was reading through that same magazine that those paragraphs contained information like a small biography, their likes, dislikes, and other things that would give the stallion an idea of what they were like.

As Pip opened his mouth to respond, there was a bright flash of purple light right above him. Immediately after it happened, a scroll landed between the two stallions bearing the cutie marks of both Princess Twilight and Luna. Also on it were both Pip’s name as well as Succubus’ with the word ‘urgent’ written underneath it.

“I’d better get Succubus,” said Pip, his hand shaking slightly as he picked up the scroll. “We should read it together.”

Without bothering to get somepony to watch the bar, Pip headed to the basement to get his wife. With each step he took Pip felt a growing sense of panic of what had just happened. He could tell by the color of the magical aura that Twilight had been the one to send him this scroll. Normally, if Twilight wanted to talk to him, she would have sent Flash or would have come herself before or after hours. The fact that she teleported the scroll into his club during business hours did not bode well for the young stallion. Not to mention that this scroll bore the symbol of two princesses, making it feel all the more important.

With each step Pip took down the stairway, his mind began to race with the possibilities. Was he in some sort of legal trouble? As far as he knew everything was up to code after his last inspection a few weeks ago. All of his dancers were old enough to be doing this and no minors had been able to get past Rumble, and not for a lack of trying. Was Kegger up to something? Last he had heard, Kegger had been trying his best to get the zoning laws changed so that he too could open up his own strip club in order to get rid of Pip. Those plans had failed since the mayor refused to allow a strip club that far into the town. Maybe Kegger was trying to change the laws so that Pip would be forced to close down and Twilight was trying to give him a heads up.

He hoped that was the case.

Once Pip was on the basement floor he turned left so that ‘An Exotic Rarity’ was directly behind him. Pip rarely had a reason to go into the small shop since, thankfully, Snips and Snails had behaved themselves. If the small stallion had to guess it was because the two knew they were at the end of their rope in the job department and if they got fired here they would have to leave town to find new employment. Something that he was sure they didn’t want.

Looking down the hallway, Pip could see a frail amount of light coming from out of third room. Quickly he strode towards the room as he quickly came up with a game plan for how to deal with the stallion she was with. Basically explain that there was an emergency and he needed to talk to Succubus. Pip wasn’t sure how much time was left, but he had a feeling their time was almost up. Hopefully the guest would understand and there wouldn’t be a problem. If there was, Pip knew he would have to compensate him as best he could.

As he drew closer, Pip could make out Succubus’s soft moans before there was a loud slapping noise that caused him to freeze in place for a moment. As the moaning continued, Pip turned to look behind him to see if Rumble was zooming down the stairs. When he didn’t see his friend, Pip felt some relief. There was another slapping noise that caused Pip to flinch.

“You’re such a naughty mare.” Pip could hear the voice of the stallion, Sky Rider, loud and clear from the room. Slowly, Pip began to move more slowly than before for reasons that he himself didn’t know. Once at the doorway, Pip peeked inside to see that Succubus was naked while holding the pole with one hand, her flank pointed at the stallion who was sitting in the leather love seat while drinking his hard cider. Pip watched as Succubus, whose body had a light shine due to the amount of sweat on her coat, rolled her flank around for the stallion while her tail swished back and forth. Still moaning, Succubus slapped her flank hard for the stallion’s enjoyment.

There, there was a buzzing noise coming from a clock in the room. As soon as she heard it, Succubus righted herself up and walked over to turn it off. Pip watched as she then approached the stallion with half lidded eyes and a small smile.

“Looks like our time is up,” said Succubus as she helped the stallion stand.

“Oh, can’t we continue for just a bit longer?” whined Sky as he stood up. “I’m sure nopony will notice you not coming up for another ten minutes or so. Just say you lost track of time.” Pip watched as the stallion then put his hands on Succubus’s hips and looked like he was going to lean back so that he could land back onto the couch with her in tow. Succubus, however, saw what he was doing and reacted by taking a forceful step backwards causing his hands to slip over her body.

“Naughty colt,” said Succubus as she leaned down a bit.

“Ah, don’t be like that,” said the stallion as he got up and moved towards Succubus, a small smile barely visible on his face. “Say, I got a better idea. How about you come with me and leave this dive? Just think, dating one of the rising stars of the Wonderbolts and being the envy of every mare in Equestria. Living the good life.”

“Sorry, but I’m spoken for,” said Succubus as she gently pushed Sky away with a hand. Sky frowned and his eyes narrowed a bit.

“Well, dump him,” said Sky simply, only to have Succubus instantly shake her head. “What does he have that I don’t?!”

“He’s a real stallion and not a naughty colt,” was all Succubus said. Sky’s fists clenched while his wings stood erect, clearly not pleased by this. Before the pegasus could do anything Pip moved into the doorway and loudly cleared his throat, causing the two to look at him. While Sky’s expression remained the same, angry, Succubus’s shifted quickly. Her eyes widened and brightened considerably, almost looking like they were sparking while a large fanged smile appeared on her face. The next either stallion knew Succubus flung her naked body towards Pip, wrapping her arms around his neck in an affectionate hug.

“Ah,” began Pip as he looked at a livid Sky as Succubus nuzzled him. “Your time’s up.”

Sky didn’t look like he wanted to leave. More like he either wanted to give them a piece of his mind or attack them both on the spot. However, he just stared at them for a moment as he breathed heavily. In the end he seemed to come to the conclusion that Succubus wasn’t worth anything that might come back to haunt him later. Sky stormed past the two, stomping his hooves like a spoiled foal.

“Pip, you’re here,” said Succubus happily once Sky was gone. She then pulled back and gave him a sly look. “Are you here on a break? I could give you a ‘special’ dance just for you.”

Pip rolled his eyes. “Only if you want Rumble charging in,” he commented.

“I wouldn’t mind,” replied Succubus as she moved behind Pip, pressing her bare breasts against Pip’s back. Pip could feel her nipples hardening through the fabric of his shirt while hands began to slip into his pants, ready to pull them down. But Pip stepped forwards and spun around as he raised the scroll up to his eye level.

“Sorry, but I don’t think we have time for that,” Pip said in a heavy tone, watching as Succubus eyed the scroll.

Back in Canterlot, Charming was sitting in a ratty chair as he looked out at the castle in the moonlight. The rest of the apartment seemed to be very much like his chair. The floor was littered with loose floorboards while the walls had wallpaper that was peeling off. There was a vile stench to the place, as if several cats had died in the barely standing dressers. However, Charming seemed to pay none of this any mind as he focused on the single saving grace that was the view this pit provided.

Slowly he sipped his coffee from a mug that had his cutie mark painted on it: a shattered heart with sharp, pointy edges. Behind him, lying naked on the dirty bed, was the mare he had picked up. He could hear her crying slightly in her sleep, but he paid her no mind. They all cried like this at first. Sooner or later it would fade.

“Soon, I will get everything I deserve,” said Charming softly, his eyes fixed on the castle. “And that day will be perfect.”