Bubble Wrapped: Shipped Shippings

by Bubble Boom

First published

Get your dose of cute tiny pony pairings carefully bubble wrapped and shipped directly to you for your enjoyment.

Get your dose of cute tiny pony pairings carefully bubble wrapped and shipped directly to you for your enjoyment. These offerings will include bite sized samples of classics such as Twilestia, Twiluna, Twidance, Fleurdance, and much more. So please enjoy your shipment of pony goodness.

(These are short scenes for the purpose of practicing writing.)

Shipment 1: Bubble Wrapped Princesses - Twi & Cadance

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Twilight and Cadance

Twilight tried her very best not to spew cucumber and spinach sandwich all over the table. “Wait, no, and then we’d do what with our what?!”

Cadence smirked across at Twilight. “We can work our way up to that.” She winked and returned to her own lunch.

Twilight blushed and wiped her mouth with her hoof. She smiled at the beautiful mare sitting with her. She wasn’t entirely sure how they got here. It was their sixth date, not counting official events and the random few nights at Twilight’s spent reading together until they fell asleep curled up next to each other.

“Yeah, we’d have to practice a lot to get up to that-.” Twilight facehoofed at her inadvertently dirty mind.

Cadence reached over and laid her hoof against Twilight’s. “Twi, I’m so glad you feel the same way about me that I do about you.”

Twilight worked her mouth and pursed her lips awkwardly. She was still getting used to the idea of being an item with Cadence. They were foalhood friends. And this was a big step.

“What’s wrong, Twi?”

“Oh nothing. I’ve always got 90 different scenarios playing out in my head. I don’t want to lose our friendship…” She blushed again as Cadance placed her hoof over her mouth. Cadence looked at her with her big purple eyes and Twilight turned to mush. She grinned like an idiot.

Shipment 2: Bubble Wrapped Princesses - Twi & Cadance

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Twilight and Cadance

Twilight wrapped her arms around Cadance and held her close, enjoying the warmth of her body against her. She nuzzled Cadance’s cheek and kissed her ear.

Cadance sighed and smiled as she breathed in Twilight’s scent. It was a rough day, but now that Twilight was with her she felt her whole body relax. Tight muscles loosened and yielded to the embrace. She could feel Twilight's heart beat and her chest rise and fall against her own. She pressed her own hooves tighter against Twilight’s back. Cadance lowered her head a little to tenderly kiss Twilight’s neck.

Twi let the princess continue kissing her neck. Cadance kissed slowly up Twilight’s neck until she reached her jaw. Twi smirked at Cadance’s half-closed eyes. She kissed her jaw again then applied her lips to suck gently on her lover’s soft coat, enjoying the taste.

Cadance trembled and gasped at the new sensation. “Oh my, Twilight-!”

“Too much?” Twilight stopped and looked into Cadance’s eyes. She tried her best not to lose herself in those eyes without success. “You are the most beautiful creature to ever grace Equestria, Cadance.”

Shipment 3: Bubble Wrapped Princesses - Celestia & Twi

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Twilight and Celestia

Twilight blushed as she trotted along to the royal chambers. She carried a small pink box wrapped with an oversized pink satin bow, a gift to Princess Celestia. She stopped outside the Princess’s chamber doors and breathed deeply, attempting to ready herself for her announcement. She finally had gathered enough courage to talk to the princess about her feelings. She knocked on the door.

“Come in, Twilight.” Celestia sweetly called out to her favorite student. Twilight blinked in awe that Celestia knew it was her and then blushed again. She carefully opened the door and slid in, all the while grinning.

“Twilight! How are you, my dear?” Celestia looked up from her chaise lounge where she had been reading from a pile of thick books. Celestia’s hair flowed and draped around her elegant neck and light from her bed chamber window added a soft glow to the princess. She smiled at Twilight and stretched her long legs bringing attention to their graceful lines.

Twilight felt overwhelmed by the Princess’s beauty and nearly dropped her gift.

“Greetings, Princess Celestia!” Twilight regained her composure and stammered out a social nicety.

Celestia chuckled and propped herself up. “Greetings, but how are you, dear Twilight?” She could easily see Twilight’s unease and motioned to the now empty space next to her with her hoof.

Twilight gulped. “I am doing well, Princess Celestia. T-thank you for asking.” She rushed and planted herself next to the sun goddess. She felt prickles run up and down her body from being so close to her favorite princess. This encounter went far more smoothly in her head than reality. She decided that she should simply get it over with.

She squeaked as she presented the box to Celestia, “I have a gift for you!”

Celestia smiled warmly as she accepted the box. “Why thank you!” She magically pulled away the satin bow and carefully opened the lid to peek in. Celestia’s eyes lit up.

The box overflowed with small, decadent cake bites, each elaborately decorated with frosting and glistened with sugar. Not coincidentally, the cakes were decorated in the same colors as Celestia’s mane.

“Twilight, you know how I do love cake. Thank you!” She popped a cake into her mouth, smiling and making a happy noise. “What’s the occasion?”

Twilight felt flush. “Well, I uh- wanted to talk to you about something personal, Princess.”

“You know you can call me Celestia, no need to be so formal, Twilight.” She put another cake into her mouth and chewed happily .

“I-I know.” Twilight gulped. “It’s just I don’t want you to think I’m silly-”


“Well, yes, no, you’re kidding with me now!” Twilight felt the pressure go away momentarily.

Celestia set the box of cakes down and leaned in so her face was close to Twilight’s. Twilight could feel her warmth and smell the cake on her breath. “You’re absolutely squirming, Twilight! What is it?”

“I wanted you to know that I like you,” Twilight blurted out and looked down at her hooves..

“I like you too, Twilight.” Celestia smiled, batting her eyes.

“No, I mean - I like you like you.” Twilight corrected herself.

Celestia leaned in even closer and wrapped her hooves around the unsure Twilight, pulling her close to her chest. “I know.”

Twilight stiffened slightly as her social awkwardness kicked in again. “Y-you know? How?”

Celestia grinned and sighed happily, “Because I feel the same about you. You had me before cake.” She stroked Twilight’s mane gently and lovingly. “I’m so happy you decided to tell me. I didn’t want to rush you or scare you, so I hoped you would come to me in your own time.”

Twilight’s heart skipped a beat and her whole body relaxed. She let out a huge sigh of relief. She hesitantly put her own hooves around the larger princess and gingerly laid her head against her shoulder. “Whew! Can you- I mean if you want- hold me like this a bit longer?”

Celestia laughed. “As long as you want.”

Shipment 4: Overnight Shipping - Twi & Luna

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Twilight and Luna

Twilight stretched her wings and stepped outside her castle. She breathed in the crisp night sky and felt a pleasant, gentle breeze brush against her cheek and mane. An enormous full moon hung over the horizon and lit the entire town. Ponyville was, however, quiet and still except for the occasional rustle of leaves blowing in the breeze.

She looked around, expecting to see other ponies. “Hello? Is anyone else here?” She called out, her brow furrowing with worry as she glanced back and forth. She trotted out into the middle of the street, still searching for any sign of pony life. “Where is everypony?”

The breeze died down, leaving the town in an even more eerie silence. Twilight shuddered as chills run down the back of her neck to her haunches. She felt eyes watching her but saw no pony at all.

A hoof scraped against gravel to Twilight’s right caught her attention. She clamored, flailing, nearly falling backward, as turned to see Princess Luna standing where Twilight previously stood.

Now Twilight fell backward, her hoof against her heaving chest. “P-Princess Luna, you scared me! Where did you come from?” She quickly closed her eyes and attempted to slow her breathing.

“Princess Twilight Sparkle, I have come because you summoned me to your dream.” The princess of the night looked down at Twilight and held out her hoof to help her up.

Twilight took hold and pulled herself up. She was now in Princess Luna’s personal bubble, and her own. She took a few steps back to make sure Luna would be more comfortable. She knew Luna still had issues with closeness and personal space. As the Princess of Friendship, it was her duty to make sure Luna was comfortable — wait a minute. This is a dream?

“I didn’t summon you, Luna,” Twilight replied in confusion. She wrote a letter earlier that day to the Princess. She clearly remembered the letter’s contents, and she knew she hadn’t summoned Luna. And she certainly didn’t summon Luna to her dreams.

“Twilight Sparkle, I assure you that you indeed did summon me to this dream.” Luna motioned around with her hoof. “You must ask yourself why I am here. I do not know, however, I am verily glad to see you.” Luna gave a small smile and nodded her head to her fellow princess.

The two alicorns stood silently for what seemed like hours, at least to Twilight. Her mind raced as she explored possible reasons she subconsciously summoned Luna. She looked Luna up and down — her sleek dark blue form was regally accentuated by the moonlight. It played against the curves of her body and created playful shadows against her coat. Twilight’s eyes stopped to trace Luna’s waist and hips for a moment. Her mane, filled with starry nights, billowed away in the night breeze.

“Are you in need of assistance, Twilight Sparkle?” Princess Luna stepped forward in concern. “You are currently making the most peculiar of expressions.”

Twilight shook her head to snap out of her momentary stupor. “Uhh. I-I’m fine!” She darted her eyes back and forth and grinned foolishly.

“Do you yet remember why you summoned me?” Luna began circling the dazed Twilight.

Twilight blushed at the attention from the moon princess. She admittedly wanted to spend some time alone with Luna to see if she were still adjusting to her new life.

“I wanted to see if you wanted to possibly hang out,” Twilight nodded, remembering her written offer. She thought Luna could use some fun outside of the castle.

“Yes. Let us ‘hang out,’ Twilight Sparkle.” Luna smiled from ear to ear and nodded.

“Luna, we’ve been over this, you can call me Twi or Twilight.” She huffed a little and stopped herself. She didn’t want to offend Luna’s blossoming social skills. She paused and looked around the empty town. “You know I meant for us to hang out in the waking world, right?”

“Verily, Twilight Sp-Twilight. However, I am more comfortable here in this realm,” Luna explained. “What activities shall we engage in?”

Twilight smirked and blushed more. “Well, we could— Uh, read some books?”

“Twilight,” Luna narrowed her eyes and looked directly at her friend. “You did not summon me to your dream space to engage in such mundane activities.”

“Ah—!” The bookworm was caught off guard. This was the first time that Luna willingly called her just Twilight.

“We are in your dream, where anything you imagine is possible. Let us commence the hanging out with something far more extraordinary.” She held out her hoof. “What fun shall we partake?”

Twilight smiled at Luna’s speech. She still hadn’t gotten the hang of how the modern pony spoke. Twilight knew Luna studied modern language arts and even read several slang dictionaries, yet she seemed unable to fully grasp the modern pony tongue. Twilight often noted that Luna’s responses were incredibly naive and innocent, her sheltered life lending to her very different approach to reality.


Twilight clapped her hooves together. “I know what we can do!” Her horn glowed as she conjured up the pair’s fun activity.

The ground under Ponyville started to rumble as Twilight reshaped and transformed the dream . The entire town flipped over and vanished like a page in a foal’s storybook, popping up a new scene in its wake. The dream rematerialized into an amusement park, complete with roller coasters, carousel, games, balloons, sweets and treats, and even a waterslide.

Luna stood back and smiled at Twilight’s ingenuity and control over the dream environment. “Impressive, Twilight!”

The smaller alicorn blushed at the compliment and stood next to Luna. She took her hoof and led her into the park.“Let’s see, what shall we try first, Luna?”

“I am indifferent on which attraction we shall try first,” Luna replied and indicated she trusted Twilight’s judgement. She followed along, led hoof in hoof by the purple alicorn until they approached the gates for the first ride: the teacup ride.

Twilight stepped into the nearest pink teacup, her hooves clanking against the steel floor, and plopped down excitedly. “Luna, come on! This is one of my favorite rides!”

Luna inspected the oversized teacup; it was a simple pink teacup with white stripe and hoofpainted floral decorations. It was magically suspended around an enormous pink and white teapot. There were other teacups, each matching the one Twilight sat in. The cup handles curved delicately and ended with a flourish and rose buds. Luna noted a small chip in the teacup Twilight chose. She joined Twilight, adding, “I am verily impressed with the magnitude of detail you included in our outing.”

Twilight laughed. “Just wait. The teacups spin around, and it’s just so much fun!” She used her magic to pull the ride’s lever to start the teacups.

The teacups whirred slowly and started to circle the teapot. It was a glacial pace, however. Twilight put her arms back over the edges of the teacup and relaxed.

A bouncy song came from the carousel ride, slightly muffled by distance and magical mechanisms. The teacups continued to rotate ever so slowly as the two alicorns sat in silence

Luna, unsure how to react, blinked as she looked at Twilight. “What feeling shouldst I be experiencing, Twilight?”


“It is possible I do not understand the purpose of this attraction.” Luna glanced at the control panel as the teacup traveled around in orbit again. “It appears this device is capable of higher acceleration—” Luna pulled the lever completely down to the fastest speed, labeled simply as ‘Plaid.’

The teacup and Twilight screeched in unison as the teacup sped around its fulcrum, pushing the alicorns against the cup’s sides.

“WhhhhhhhaaaaAAaaaa?” Squeaked Twilight as her face reacted to the insane speed and a few tears flew from her clenched shut eyes.

Luna laughed and waved her arms. “Twilight, look! I am waving my hooves in the atmosphere like I do not have any concern!”

The dark blue pony let out an uncharacteristic “WAHhoooooo!” and continued happily flailing her hooves until the ride’s timer slowed it to a reasonable speed and finally turned off. Twilight remained pressed against the teacup’s inside, her eyes wide open and chest heaving until she slid to the floor.

Luna gasped and jumped to Twilight’s side. “Are you experiencing too much exhilaration as I am? Please, take a rest and regain your regular breathing pattern.”

“O-okeee.” Twilight shook her head, a little dazed. Her heart rate normalized, though she felt a little dizzy and queasy.

“Are you alright, Twilight? You look like you may be ill?” Luna leaned in with large, expressive teal eyes that searched Twilight’s face for some indication of her health. Twilight lowered her eyes and instinctively blushed at the attention.

“I’m fine, really! My head’s still spinning a little, that’s all,” Twilight stammered. She stared out blankly as she tried analyze what she just experienced. Luna had fun. Luna actually had fun and expressed herself! ...Ludicrous speed makes Luna have fun? What a sight! Twilight felt honored to be there to share the experience with Luna. She grinned and looked up at the other alicorn. “I’m so glad you had fun, Luna.”

“Indeed, I did have the fun times,” she smiled widely. “May we partake in further amusement?”

Twilight chuckled. “Of course, let’s leave the rides at factory default though, okay?”

Her companion nodded in agreement.

The two mares spent the greater portion of the night trying each of the remaining amusement park rides: the ferris wheel, the roller coast, which resulted in Twilight’s stomach protesting dream gravity, the bumper cars, and finally the carousel.

Twilight looked up at Luna as she rode on the carousel dragon. It bobbed up and down in time to the music. Luna looked happily flushed. She smiled and giggled at the freedom of expression she had found.

Twilight never imagined that Luna would be such a closet thrill seeker. She presented herself as a very stiff and proper pony with impenetrable walls of social insecurities. Apparently all the moon princess needed was some special time alone and away from other ponies for her to enjoy herself. Twilight admired Luna’s courage to express herself. Her mind wandered and found itself admiring Luna’s figure against the moonlit sky. The curve of Luna’s cheek and nape of her neck, specifically, caught her attention. Her mind continued to drift until Luna broke the daydream.

“Dearest Twilight, I feel a ferocious monster in the depths of my stomach. I believe I require sustenance.” Luna frowned as her tummy growled loudly.

“Oh wait, can we really eat here?” Twilight wondered out loud.

Luna grinned. “Of course, Twilight. Why ever would we not be able to eat? The food is as palatable as we imagine it, and our flanks will not gain in width if we overindulge.”

They strolled along the rows of small booths looking for some kind of delicious treat they could share. There were booths set up with games, booths full of prizes, and a variety of carnival foods all magically ready for consumption. Luna stopped in her tracks and sniffed the air. “I do believe I smell cake.”

Just like your sister, Twilight thought, you love cake as well. She snort giggled. “It’s called funnel cake. It’s a super puffy pastry that’s deep fried and covered in powdered sugar.”

“May we have this funnel cake, please?” Luna smiled pleading unnecessarily with her eyes.

The purple princess nodded.

Luna clapped her hooves together and thanked Twilight. “Now, where is this funnel cake? I am famished.”

Twilight led Luna toward a counter where row after row of steaming hot funnel cakes sat ready. Each one glittered with sugar. Twilight imagined the funnel cakes also had a sugary glaze topped with the traditional powdered sugar to make the treat even more decadent.

The mares took a funnel cake and retreated to a small hill on the edge of the amusement park. Twilight dreamed up a fireworks display with popping starbursts and blazes of purples, blues, and pinks. She smiled at Luna, noticing how each firework reflection sparkled against the alicorn’s beautiful eyes.

Keeping her sights on Luna, she pulled apart the funnel cake and tried it. “Oh my goodness, Luna, this is delicious! This is the best funnel cake I’ve ever had! Here—try!” Twilight passed over a generous portion of the cake to Luna.

Luna took a small bite. She daintily chewed and added the occasional “Mmm” to her bites. Twilight tried to ignore the princess’s noises, feeling they were almost too intimate sounding to share at their makeshift picnic. She couldn’t help but watch Luna’s mouth though.

“Twilight,” Luna stopped eating and looked into Twilight’s purple eyes. “Are you sure this is what you wished to do for our outing?”

She blinked, caught off guard by Luna’s question. “O-oh! Yes and no. The evening has turned out better than I could have thought, Luna. I’ve enjoyed every minute with you.” Twilight paused to add, “Well, except the several minutes when I was nauseous, that is.”

Luna smiled warmly. “This is good to hear, Twilight. I have enjoyed the ‘hanging out’ as well.” She leaned in, her chest close to Twilight’s. “Is there anything else you wish to do tonight?”

Twilight grabbed another piece of the funnel cake and shoved it into her mouth to avoid answering. “Mmlff mna mmrnng, Moona,” she sputtered and swallowed.

Her face was covered with powdered sugar. She had a white halo around her mouth and across her cheeks. When she reached to wipe her mouth with her hoof, she only spread the sugar more. In exasberation, she put her hoof to her forehead, wiping even more of the glaze and sugar on her face. “You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m covered in this stuff!”

Luna, in contrast, was as clean and un-sugared as possible. She scooted closer to Twilight and put her hooves on either side of Twilight’s face. She gently brushed away some of the powdered sugar. She had a small smile on her face as she sat back and licked the sugar from her own hoof. She over at Twilight and smirked.

“Uhh…” Twilight blinked, nearly unresponsive and unable to comprehend what just happened. She felt a pang move up her body from her core—she had been too afraid to express her interest in Luna, but now... Luna must have noticed her interest.

She placed her other hoof on Twilight’s shoulder. “I only ask because I believe you wished to engage in other activities.” She moved even closer so Twilight could feel the heat of Luna’s breath against her cheek. Then she lightly licked a tiny spot of sugar off Twilight’s cheek.

Twilight shuddered with happiness and shock. “Did you— you just licked me, Luna!”

“Yes. Delicious,” she nodded. Luna seemed to come to life this evening. Perhaps it was because there were no expectations or other ponies to throw off Luna’s ability to express herself. She had hidden quite the goddess beneath her formal exterior. “And I will gladly sample you again, dearest Twilight. Is this not what you desired?”

Twilight felt herself melt and put her hooves around Luna. “This exactly what I wanted,” she paused as Luna licked another stripe of sugar away. Twilight nuzzled into Luna and held her tightly. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes. Let us hang out, Twilight,” Luna purred and licked Twilight’s sugary lips.

Behind them, time passed and the full moon sank further into the earth and eventually brought Twilight back to the waking world. She yawned and smacked her lips, which had the lingering taste of sugar and Princess Luna.

Shipment 5: Same Day Shipment - Cadance & Fleur

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She gingerly turned the radio on and brushed the tuner with her delicate fingertips. She smirked as the music began and the beat engulfed her senses. Her body swayed in time to the rhythmic electronic beat, tapping each foot in succession and stretching her graceful arms above her head.

Tonight’s performance, of sorts, was extremely special. Fleur never had the opportunity to personally and privately show her talents to a Princess. She always loved dancing and trained under the world-renowned ballerina and choreographer Madame Tutu, who expected absolute perfection from her dancers. Fleur delivered and exceeded expectations. Her classical ballet was technically spotless, and her passion evident with each movement. Fleur had a flair for contemporary dance as well. She could create new moves on the spot and spontaneously, seamlessly respond to music. It felt incredibly natural to Fleur. She felt like she was one with the universe, floating along with the ebb and flow of the universe.

Now she was ebbing and flowing in the private royal chamber of the Crystal Empire. Her pale pink leotard accentuated her curvy figure, her appropriate sized bust jiggled slightly with every move, her small waist exploded into wide, womanly hips that knew how to move. Fleur’s hair was pulled back into a loose, fluffy pale pink braid that extended past her waist and waved with every movement.

She knew her dancing enhanced her social standing as a socialite and provided her with a certain level of celebrity as well. As an elite ballerina, Fleur had access to all kinds of people: politicians, artists, musicians, even entrepreneurs. But this is the first princess, she told herself as she twirled and pirouetted. She felt like she finally hit the big time. She smiled even bigger as she made eye contact with Cadance between moves.

Princess Cadance sat with one elbow against her knee and her hand propped against her chin. She watched Fleur intently with only the slightest smile ever possible.

Fleur was surprised at Cadance’s appearance in person. She was tall and lean, her frame very slight, with smooth and voluminous pink, fuchsia, and purple locks framing her face and trailing all the way past her waist. Cadance wore sparkling crystal bangles on both wrists that clinked when she moved. Her large purple eyes were extremely innocent and deep. Her lips, in comparison to her eyes, were thin and now pursed with a tiny smile. Her skin was a light olive that seemed to radiate; as such, Cadance wore very little makeup. She wore a simple pink dress with a Grecian flair, pinned with a crystal brooch with straps hanging down off her shoulders. And on her feet she wore slip-on shoes that matched the gold of her brooch.

Fleur raised herself and thrust her chest out as she went on point. Her feet arched gracefully into her long legs, held together in perfect form as she showed why she was a prima ballerina. She switched styles in beat to the music to keep Cadance guessing. She pirouetted and leapt into a hands free cartwheel, then spun around, jutting out her hip and showing off her curves. She ran her hands down the nap of her neck to her breastbone, over her chest, and finally down her hips as moved closer to the princess.

Cadance watched Fleur’s hips sway in time until both Fleur and the music stopped. She looked up, grinning, at Fleur and clapped excitedly. “Bravo! Bravo! Miss Fleur de Lis, you are even more talented than advertised. I believe I was intoxicatingly mystified by your elegance.”

The ballerina blushed, breathing hard to catch her breath. “Thank you, Princess. It means so much to me to be able to perform for you at last.”

“It means so much to me that I be able to watch you perform. I’ve never been available during the normal ballet season,” Cadance frowned a little. She added, “This makes up for it. I know you have a busy schedule, but could I offer you a private dinner in return for your performance?”

Fleur grasped her hands together behind her back and smiled at Cadance. “Princess, it was payment enough to be able to dance for you. But if you insist, I’d never turn down a good meal.”

Later that evening, Fleur de Lis, famous prima ballerina and socialite, sat opposite Princess Mi Amore Cadenza at an extremely long, formal dining table. The table could seat 100 dignitaries but tonight it only hosted two women and empty seats. They could not make eye contact through the gigantic candelabra and chandelier, both of which threw off flicking, dancing shadows against the table top.

Fleur covered her mouth and coughed a little, echoing across the mostly empty hall. She wore her flowing hair down with some of her bangs clipped back with a pin, of course embellished with a fleur de lis. Her dress was haute couture, according to the Crystal Empire drapers. It was an iridescent pink, similar to the color of rose quartz, sleeveless, with a high neck, and microscopic pleats that created a corset shape below her bust. Fleur wondered if she should have gone through so much trouble to make herself presentable when the princess couldn’t even see her.

“Did you say something?” Cadance leaned over the table edge to look at Fleur and cupped her ear. She genuinely had trouble hearing people at the other end of the table anyway, and she certainly couldn’t hear Fleur unless she yelled.

“What?!” Fleur bellowed back. “How do you have parties in here?!”

“Huh?! Nobody’s farting in here, what are you talking about?!” exclaimed Cadance. She quickly covered her mouth and lowered her eyes. “I didn’t mean to say fart. Princesses don’t say fart.” When she looked up, Fleur wasn’t at the other end of the table. Cadance jumped as Fleur sat down next to her and started to chortle and snort.

“Ha, a princess that says fart… now that’s hilarious.” Fleur covered her face with her hands as she continued to giggle. “Oh man. You’re not what people would expect, Princess Cadance,” she said as she grinned and wiped away a tear from her cheek.

Cadance blushed and mumbled, “Still, princesses aren’t supposed to say that word. It isn’t prim and proper.”

“I’m sitting here now, okay? We can at least talk this way. And then it doesn’t have to be some formal, stuffy dinner.” Fleur brushed her long, pink locks out of her face and smiled again at Cadance. “So, why did you really want to see me dance?”

Cadance looked down at her hands, not yet ready to answer.

“I mean, you could have come to see me perform at the ballet. In any city! Or a private performance at the ballet. I’m curious why you wanted me to come here –– please don’t take me as egotistical, Princess!” Fleur waved her open hands, attempting to seem as humble as possible.

“Well…” The princess gave Fleur a sheepish look. “I’ve always admired you. I have been to your performances –– actually, almost every single one.”

Fleur pushed her pink hair from her face again and let her jaw drop. She would have remembered Princess Cadance attend the ballet. She had had Princess Celestia attend several times. Princess Luna was coaxed to attend twice. And even Princess Twilight Sparkle attended once while in Manehatten. But not Princess Cadance. “No… The producers or choreographers or agents or someone would have told me you were there. It’s a big deal to have royalty attend.”

“Well, if you really want, I can prove it.”

Fleur folded her arms and raised an eyebrow. “Wait, what? How?”

“I kept every single ticket stub and programme. Want to see my scrapbook of them?” Cadance clasped her hands together, getting excited, and bounced a little in her seat.

“I-I believe you. You don’t have to prove it. Who am I to question a princess?” Fleur shook her head in disbelief. “How did you keep people from knowing it was you? And why?”

“That’s easy. Just get the right outfit and accessories,” Cadance waved her hand, her bracelets clinking as she moved. She blushed and weakly smiled. “The why, however, now that’s a bit more complicated.” She crossed one leg over the other, her dress revealing shaped curved calves that tapered down to tiny ankles and feet.

Fleur propped herself against the table and waited for Cadance to continue. What seemed like forever passed and Cadance hadn’t spoke. “Well?”

Cadance took a deep breath, looking up at the ceiling for a moment before finally blurting out her reasoning, “For the longest time, I’ve admired you, Fleur. You’re how a princess should move. You’re incredible. You’re talented, graceful, poignant, balanced…lovely... I’ve been positively enamoured with you.”

Now it was Fleur’s turn to blush. She never considered how someone could consider her more like royalty than an actual princess. It was somewhat common knowledge that though Cadance was a princess, her magic left her physical form weaker than normal women her age and gave Cadance her now signature frailer, lithe appearance. Wait, is she jealous of me? Or… oh. Oooh, she’s in love with me! Fleur worked her mouth, trying to find the words to respond.

“I-I promise I’m not stalking you!” Cadance blurted out, a bit flustered and embarrassed.

Fleur laughed.

“What if… I gave you private lessons? I can teach you some of the basic dance moves I use in my contemporary dance style. Or perhaps some of the more classic, saucy dances?” Fleur winked at Cadance.

“I would love that,” Cadance blushed and turned even more red than before.

“Would that be a good enough excuse to spend time with me?”

“Indeed it would, Fleur.”