• Published 16th Apr 2016
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Bubble Wrapped: Shipped Shippings - Bubble Boom

Get your dose of cute tiny pony pairings carefully bubble wrapped and shipped directly to you for your enjoyment.

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Shipment 3: Bubble Wrapped Princesses - Celestia & Twi

Twilight and Celestia

Twilight blushed as she trotted along to the royal chambers. She carried a small pink box wrapped with an oversized pink satin bow, a gift to Princess Celestia. She stopped outside the Princess’s chamber doors and breathed deeply, attempting to ready herself for her announcement. She finally had gathered enough courage to talk to the princess about her feelings. She knocked on the door.

“Come in, Twilight.” Celestia sweetly called out to her favorite student. Twilight blinked in awe that Celestia knew it was her and then blushed again. She carefully opened the door and slid in, all the while grinning.

“Twilight! How are you, my dear?” Celestia looked up from her chaise lounge where she had been reading from a pile of thick books. Celestia’s hair flowed and draped around her elegant neck and light from her bed chamber window added a soft glow to the princess. She smiled at Twilight and stretched her long legs bringing attention to their graceful lines.

Twilight felt overwhelmed by the Princess’s beauty and nearly dropped her gift.

“Greetings, Princess Celestia!” Twilight regained her composure and stammered out a social nicety.

Celestia chuckled and propped herself up. “Greetings, but how are you, dear Twilight?” She could easily see Twilight’s unease and motioned to the now empty space next to her with her hoof.

Twilight gulped. “I am doing well, Princess Celestia. T-thank you for asking.” She rushed and planted herself next to the sun goddess. She felt prickles run up and down her body from being so close to her favorite princess. This encounter went far more smoothly in her head than reality. She decided that she should simply get it over with.

She squeaked as she presented the box to Celestia, “I have a gift for you!”

Celestia smiled warmly as she accepted the box. “Why thank you!” She magically pulled away the satin bow and carefully opened the lid to peek in. Celestia’s eyes lit up.

The box overflowed with small, decadent cake bites, each elaborately decorated with frosting and glistened with sugar. Not coincidentally, the cakes were decorated in the same colors as Celestia’s mane.

“Twilight, you know how I do love cake. Thank you!” She popped a cake into her mouth, smiling and making a happy noise. “What’s the occasion?”

Twilight felt flush. “Well, I uh- wanted to talk to you about something personal, Princess.”

“You know you can call me Celestia, no need to be so formal, Twilight.” She put another cake into her mouth and chewed happily .

“I-I know.” Twilight gulped. “It’s just I don’t want you to think I’m silly-”


“Well, yes, no, you’re kidding with me now!” Twilight felt the pressure go away momentarily.

Celestia set the box of cakes down and leaned in so her face was close to Twilight’s. Twilight could feel her warmth and smell the cake on her breath. “You’re absolutely squirming, Twilight! What is it?”

“I wanted you to know that I like you,” Twilight blurted out and looked down at her hooves..

“I like you too, Twilight.” Celestia smiled, batting her eyes.

“No, I mean - I like you like you.” Twilight corrected herself.

Celestia leaned in even closer and wrapped her hooves around the unsure Twilight, pulling her close to her chest. “I know.”

Twilight stiffened slightly as her social awkwardness kicked in again. “Y-you know? How?”

Celestia grinned and sighed happily, “Because I feel the same about you. You had me before cake.” She stroked Twilight’s mane gently and lovingly. “I’m so happy you decided to tell me. I didn’t want to rush you or scare you, so I hoped you would come to me in your own time.”

Twilight’s heart skipped a beat and her whole body relaxed. She let out a huge sigh of relief. She hesitantly put her own hooves around the larger princess and gingerly laid her head against her shoulder. “Whew! Can you- I mean if you want- hold me like this a bit longer?”

Celestia laughed. “As long as you want.”

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