• Published 16th Apr 2016
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Bubble Wrapped: Shipped Shippings - Bubble Boom

Get your dose of cute tiny pony pairings carefully bubble wrapped and shipped directly to you for your enjoyment.

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Shipment 2: Bubble Wrapped Princesses - Twi & Cadance

Author's Note:

This one is a separate snippet from the first Twidance snippet. I may expand more and group these together in the future.

Twilight and Cadance

Twilight wrapped her arms around Cadance and held her close, enjoying the warmth of her body against her. She nuzzled Cadance’s cheek and kissed her ear.

Cadance sighed and smiled as she breathed in Twilight’s scent. It was a rough day, but now that Twilight was with her she felt her whole body relax. Tight muscles loosened and yielded to the embrace. She could feel Twilight's heart beat and her chest rise and fall against her own. She pressed her own hooves tighter against Twilight’s back. Cadance lowered her head a little to tenderly kiss Twilight’s neck.

Twi let the princess continue kissing her neck. Cadance kissed slowly up Twilight’s neck until she reached her jaw. Twi smirked at Cadance’s half-closed eyes. She kissed her jaw again then applied her lips to suck gently on her lover’s soft coat, enjoying the taste.

Cadance trembled and gasped at the new sensation. “Oh my, Twilight-!”

“Too much?” Twilight stopped and looked into Cadance’s eyes. She tried her best not to lose herself in those eyes without success. “You are the most beautiful creature to ever grace Equestria, Cadance.”

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