Scourge Of The Caribou

by Jack of Tales

First published

Sometimes, it takes evil to defeat evil

Equestria was once a peaceful country. Now it has fallen to a species known as the Caribou, who have warped the minds of stallions and enslaved all mares to become sex objects for their sick desires. The Crystal Empire fell, the Princesses defeated and enslaved, the Elements sold to their new masters and their once great allies defeated and turned a blind eye on them in their darkest hour. They cry out for a savoir, a hero to free them.

When all hope is lost, A star falls from the sky and into the Everfree Forest.

With it, a reckoning for the caribou

May the gods have mercy on the caribou, for there is none.

A Displaced story, with inspiration from The Fall of the Caribou story and The Elder Scrolls lore.

Prolouge- End Of An Empire

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"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

-Abraham Lincoln

The great caribou city of Roam was a site to behold. Said to be forged by their gods, it is a majestic city for any mortal eye. It's lush gardens and magnificently sculptured buildings would make any creature, even a tough Minotaur, shed a tear at it's glory...........

.........And now it's all burning

The fireballs from catapults and trebuchets outside were launched into the city, destroying anything that came in contact with it. The homes that housed so many became nothing more than ruins. The temple of one of their gods was crumbled, becoming nothing more than dust. Gardens that housed the beautifies of planets, now nothing more than scorched ground. Any soldiers unfortunate enough to come in contact with them were crushed or pummeled.

The Caribou Empire, the one that would have lasted a millennium, is now being destroyed in front of them.

In one of the temples dedicated to one of their gods, a handful of soldiers were taking shelter inside. They were battered and bloodied by the battle that raged outside. They were barely hold together as it is. One caribou lost an eye and was now wrapped in bandages. The other lost a left arm to a daemon Magnus, captain of the company, was tired and bruised, his armor was scorched and beaten beyond repair. Magnus was different than the other caribou in his company. He is about the same size as a Minotaur, larger and more muscular than the others, due to his time in Equestria before the demons invaded. His greatsword was still in fine shape, but his axe was broken, its handle missing and the blade bent. He sat down near a stone pillar as his caribou engaged in idle chatter.

"By the gods, those things fight like animals." Said one of his soldiers. "I thought they were always the peaceful kind."

"What did you expect?" Another caribou soldier say. "Our 'god king' invaded their lands. Of course they would fight like animals. They're Princesses want to kill us all." He nursed an arm that was broken on the right side. "And let's not forget about him"

They all shuddered at the mention of him. Rumors spread about the new creature that suddenly appeared out of nowhere months ago. How he faced death one-too-many times and lived. Defeated the Slaver Couple in the Crystal Empire and lead his demon forces, known as the Dremora, on a rampage across Equestria, killing any caribou they come in contact with. He killed so many, that rumors were spreading around that the Gates of Tatarus were closed because of him. He was the bane of every caribou that hear his name.

Chattering was hear from the company.

"I heard he defeated the king before and humiliated him in front of his subjects."

"I heard he defeated an army all by himself."

"I heard that he is a vengeful spirit from the Underworld, coming to kill all of us."

I heard he-----"

"Enough!" Magnus soon spoke as he sat up and walked towards his company. "We need to keep moving. The southern gate has fallen to the demons. The northern gate is about to fall to the ponies. We have our orders. We need to retreat to the palace to protect our king."

"B-b-b-but the thing-------"

"I could care less about that fucking thing. If he's so tough, why doesn't he come here and kill us all? I'll tell you why. He's a b--------"

The temple doors rattled as something him it. The caribou were quick to get up and readied their weapons, picking up spears or swords. All of them were ready for what was ahead. The doors rattled again, all were tensed as something was trying to come in. One young soldier, Servetus, who was once a priest, took his eyes off of the door and looked around the room. The temple was old, since it was long abandoned before the siege of the city. The once pristine marble floors were littered in ash and rubble. Half of the roof was torn off by a ballista shot earlier. Some of the statues of the gods were either broken from the siege or were missing a body part. In the middle of the room, a giant statue dedicated to Mitra, the Goddess of Healing, was still in perfect condition despite all that was going on. He soon looked up to the statues face, expecting it to take pity on them. What he saw, however, made his heart stop.

The statues eyes were bleeding blood. A sign of a bad omen.

"He's here" Servetus whispered. Not long after he said it, the doors to the temple burst open. Smoke from the outside filled the temple. . A figure is seen through the smoke, heavy foot steps echoed throughout the temple. The caribou were tensed, readying there weapons to engage the enemy that dared defile a temple to the gods. The smoke cleared as the caribou saw who was coming.

What they saw made their hearts stop.

It's body was covered in strange armor like that of the demons. The armor itself has an overall unique model with a black-metallic color scheme, decorated with small silver chains, intricate and ornamental designs on the boots, lower torso and gauntlets, two sets of shoulder guards underneath the initial armored spikes mounted on the shoulders, and even several large fasteners located all over the body that link each piece of the armor together. It's armored claws rest at his sides. It's helmet has six large horn-like spikes on the very top of the helmet to accompany the large eye-like sockets in the front, giving off a monstrous appearance. On his back were two swords that looked liked scimitars, except that it was a much darker color with sharper edges around the hilt. It both reeked of dark magic and the blood of their brothers.

The caribou all backed away from it, except for Magnus, who was glaring at him. "HOW DARE YOU DEFILE OUR TEMPLE AND OUR GREAT NATION WITH YOUR FILTH, DEMON!!!" He withdrew his great sword from his back. "I don't care how many of our brothers you killed, you will answer dearly for what you've done, and I will greatly mount your head on a pike!" He charged at the creature with righteous fury in his eyes, a war cry escaping his mouth. The creature kept on walking, ignoring the charging caribou. Magnus swung his sword at the creature........

.....and Magnus's sword was immediately blocked by its two swords held in an X position.

Magnus was confused as to how two swords can block a large weapon. It pushed back the greatsword back and attack with both sword swinging towards his belly. He shook off his thoughts and focused on the battle. He jumped out of the way just in time and follow swiftly with an downward slice. The creature blocked it with his left sword and swung his right one. Magnus dodged it by stepping to the left and swung . But the creature somehow anticipated this, and sidestepped to the right, letting the sword come down. Using both of its swords, it swung downward toward the arms that held Magnus sword, cutting right through the elbow like butter. Magnus screamed as blood came out of his now stumped arms. The creature didn't stop its assault as plunged one of its swords with its right hand through his gut. Magnus stopped screaming as he felt the retching pain in his gut. He stared at the creatures helmet with a look of fear on him.

"I no one." It said in a voice that sounded like metal grinding each other. Fast as lighting, he used his other sword in his right hand and sliced off his head.

The caribou watched as their once fearless leader was beheaded in front of them. His head went flying as the swords the creature held made contact. The head landed on the ground with a sickening 'splat' sound. They saw the fear on his lifeless face as a puddle of blood was forming. They heard the heavy foot steps of the demon drawing close to the head. It lifted its boot up and brought it down toward the head, smashing it with a 'squash' sound, bits and brains went flying everywhere. The caribou were dramatized by what had happened.

The creatures helmet turned towards them. It showed nothing, not even remorse.

"Who's next?"

Servetus ran as fast as he can down the hall, the clopping of his hooves echoed around the hall. The hall itself was a testament to the thousands of years of caribou engineering. The ceiling that held one of its greatest arts in history, which showed his people stretching out towards the hand of their gods, now had a large hole. White and black titles on the floor were scorched from the fires and ashes from the outside. Statues that lined up on both sides of the hall were now broken or crumbling.

He managed to slip out during the combat his captain engaged in with that.....creature. To anyone else, it was just another one of those creature, demons that needed to be put down.

But he knew who it was behind the helmet.

Servetus suddenly heard the clashing of weapons and the screams across the hall. He ran even faster that he usually did. The sounds of his fellow brothers being cut down filled his ears like a symphony. The sound itself almost made him slow down and throw up. He wasn't fit to be a soldier. He was a priest. He always prayed to the gods for good luck and fortune to all his kind. But ever since the demons came into the lands and slaughtered everyone, things have changed. King Dainn passed out laws that allowed every citizen, down to the last male, to serve in his army against the tide of demons. Like many, he was forced into the service without much word in the matter.

The ex-priest made it to a set of double, bronze doors. The designs on them have long since faded. Servetus reached for the handles and attempted to push it. However, the doors wouldn't budge. Using whatever strength he had left, he attempted to try to open the doors.

'Come on. Come on. By all the gods, open!!' He tried and tried again, but the door is still budged. With one last push, he manage to push the doors open. He silently thank the gods for his small victory.

That victory would be turned into terror at what he saw.

Lines of homes were burned to the ground, some even standing after the assault. A monument to their king was missing a head and two arms. Bodies of innocent bystanders and slaves lay littered the ground, some lost an arm or a leg. A calf, no older than twelve, had his body smashed to bits, entrails and bone were visible on the body.

The priest stood there, horrified of what he saw. His face turned from fear into anger. Damn the King! Ever since he came into power, millions have suffered under him. He lead his people into a war the did not want or could never win. He enslaved millions for his kinds sick desires and stained the very good name of their species. He prayed that the gods, if they are still alive, would punish him.

Maybe, just maybe, this demon army was sent by the gods to punish him.

He heard heavy footsteps coming from behind him. Before he could see who it is, something pulled at his fur in the back and threw him across the hall. His back finally meet the ground as he was skitter to a halt. He groaned as he flipped himself over, feeling the pain on his back. Before he can figure out what was going on, Servetus felt a sharp pain in the gut. He looked and saw the demon holding a sword in his left hand impaled in his stomach, colored with fresh blood.

"Such a disappointment." It's disorientated voice said. "A once great race reduced to nothing more than playthings......for me." It chuckled. "You should be honored."

"You scurry back to your temples to pray to the gods that abandoned you in your darkest hour. Pathetic, if I do say so." The armored thing kneeled down to his level. "Your kind will die. You will die, serving a mad king who turned his back on all of you. Your body will become nothing but food for the vulture, or the Dremora, if they are hungry."

Servetus turned his head to coughed up some blood before looking at him once again. "This.....was not.......our.....destiny."

The creature said nothing after a moment of silence. Then, it's imbedded it's swords on the ground. He moved its armored claws towards its helmet. Slowly, it lifted its helmet off of itself and dropped it, allowing Servetus to see it's true face.

Servetus was.....surprised, to say the least. He expected the creature in front of him to look hideous, deformed or whatever, as the rumors depicted. Instead, he saw a face that looked like something that was something similar to a chiseled statue created by the gods. It's muzzle is short, like the mares in Equestria. The only difference was, that it had a face of a male instead of a female. It has no fur on him, but a light-tan skin. His short brown mane stilled fluttered to the left a bit. Servetus saw that he had no tail on his behind. His eyes were a light-ish blue, but were filled with a desire for blood. His left eye had a long scar that trailed down, indicating that he was attacked at once point.

"Times change." He said in his normal voice.

That was the last thing that he said, before Servetus's entire world went black.

Where do I.....begin?

I guess I could tell you my name. The name's Marcus. And I was a normal teenager who was about to graduate from high school so I can go to college in some state. I wanted to be an actor, either in theatre or on T.V. A strange job, and an impossible one, I know, but I was always good at acting, ever since I participated in two of my schools plays. For the first one, I started out with a small role, which was no big deal to me. By the time we did a second one, however, I got the main role. I got good reviews from the people that watched me preformed, and say that I was good at it. That's why, after studying Theatre Arts, I wanted to get a job somewhere in Los Angles. I have a cousin there that has many connections to some famous celebrities and directors, so I could ask him about a job there.

However, as cliché as a story goes, fate decides to throw a curve ball at me, and end up in another world, helping a species fight against another species who enslaved them and having all the chicks in the world.

But sometime stories go.........a little different.

For starters, I have powers of a god at my disposal. And not just any god, but a Daedric Prince of Destruction. Now you might be wondering 'How in Oblivion did I get powers of a Daedric Prince?' Well, that's a story for later. I promise, I'll get to it. But for now, lets talk about the second thing.

I control an army called the Dremora, humanoid demons that serve me, seeing me as either Mehrunes Dagon in mortal form or another Daedric Prince. With my army, we waged a bloody war against, you guessed it, a species enslaving another species. We weren't just frolicking heroes with shitty monologues about 'how great we are' and 'light will always prevail against the dark', and other shit. No. We slaughter anyone that got in our way, including those who helped them. We gave them no mercy, no victory. It made me sick just how cruel they were to the ponies. So we killed them, or sent them to a fate worse than death. It made me sick doing this, but after a while, I guess I got use to it after a while.

Beside, after seeing what they have done, twisting the minds of their loved ones and raping mares to no end, they deserve what they get.

After finishing off the caribou in front of me, I pick up my swords and proceeded to walk out of the temple, seeing the carnage outside for the first time. It was....beautiful. Call me crazy or insane, but that's what I think about when I see this. The fire illuminating the night sky, the burning of buildings that are as ancient as time, the bodies of the enemies littering the ground. There's something poetic about it, you have to admit.

The sound of the horn drew me out of the little moment that I had. The Dremora, and the ponies that are loyal to me, have captured the gates to the city and started to slaughter any caribou they come across. You might be wondering 'Why are ponies assaulting the city with the Dremora?' The ones that I helped freed wanted revenge for everything the caribou had done to them. Plain and simple.

With the gates captured, including the ones in the back, that means the caribou are trapped with no where to run. With that in mind, I proceeding to my own objective: the castle. I knew that the bastard that called himself a king would be there, hide behind his many guards. He will pay for what he did. No. He will suffer. That I'll make sure.

As I walked through one of the alleys that lead to the palace, I couldn't help but wonder how I came to this.

I guess it all started with a simple trip to a convention that changed my life.

Scourge Of The Caribou

He Who Would Be A God

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Nine Months Earlier




"Come on!!!"

"For the last time, NO!!!!!" I said to my little brother, who's being annoying as usual. He had a short dark brown hair, green eyes and light-tan skin, like me. He was a freshmen at my high school while I was a Senior, which made me the boss of my little brother.

We were in my room, where we were having this conversation, which is starting to become an argument. My stupid brother wanted to go to a convention with some of his friends. Of course, it wouldn't have been a big deal if he asked Mom or Dad. But unfortunately, they're out of town for a vacation, which left us in charge of watching the house.

And by us, I mean me.

"Come on." He complained "You get to hang out with your friends. Why can't I hang out with mine?"

"Because I'm in charge of the house while our parents are gone. That means I'm in charge of you." I continued with my homework that I'm working on for history. I was doing a report on Carolus XII, also known as Carolus Rex. He was put on the throne at fifteen, making him the youngest to ascend to king, defended the Swedish Empire from a threefold attack from Denmark-Norway, Saxony, Poland-Lithuania, and Russia.

"Come on, Marcus. You own me after I helped you with that math test."

I stopped what I was doing and sighed. My brother did help me with a test in Pre-Algebra. I would have flunked if he hadn't helped me study for it. "Alright, you can go." I conceded, knowing that there was no arguing with my brother after he helped me. Behind me, my brother pumped his fist in the air in victory before he left my room. "But I'm coming with you." I shouted before he left.

I sighed and shook my head. My brother may be a pain in the ass, but I still love him. As I got up from my chair, stretching my limbs. I looked at the time on my desk, which is 2:15 P.M.

'I guess I could take a day off.' I thought. It was a Saturday, and my report wasn't due until Wednesday, but I like to do it early so I can get it over with it. I guess a day off wouldn't be too bad, seeing as I was going to a convention in San Francisco with my little brother. I'm sure Mom and Dad wouldn't mind.

With that in mind, I walked over to my closet and opened the door, in which I gabbed a pair of long pants. San Francisco is windy and cold city, no matter what season it is. Since I'm going there, I might as well dress warm. I slip out of my black-camouflaged cargo shorts and into my pants. I then went to grab my jacket from the coat hanger standing in the far left of my room, right next to my bed. I grabbed a varsity-type jacket with 'The Hundred' logo on it.

I felt something press against my legs. I look down and saw a black cat with a white underbelly nuzzling my legs. I gently kneeled and scratched her behind the ear. "I almost completely forgot about you, Momo." She is our pet cat we got two years ago. Although my dad hated cats due to a bad experience in the past, he gotten use to it. She must have gotten in my room during my talk with my brother.

She purred as I scratched her in the ear. "Were going to go out for a while. I'll be back to feed you, girl. Don't worry." I said. She responded by sitting down and leaning on my leg as I continued to scratch her ear. Eventually, I stopped scratching her and went to my desk to grab my IPhone and my wallet. Momo jumped up on my bed and curled up for a nap. I went to my bed and kneeled down to the bottom. I reached under it and brought out a small wooden box. My personal bank. Since I was going out, I might as well bright some money for dinner. I opened the lid and reached inside, grabbing four 20$ and put them in my wallet.

I grabbed the keys to the car (yes, I drive.) from the night stand next to my bed and walked out of my room. I walked through the hallway, turned left, and went down stairs.

Inside the family room, my brother was wearing a M. Bison costume from the Street Fighter series, complete with a hat. I merely scoffed when I saw the uniform he is wearing. "M. Bison, really?"

"Come on, he's cool. You can't deny that." My brother countered with a grin on his face.

"Yeah, until he gets his ass kicked by a girl in tights. I would have gone with Shao Khan. Now that guy knows how to get things done."

"FINISH HIM!" My brother said. We had a laugh as he said it. As you can tell, we're both nerds. Not like those stereotypical ones with the glasses, high pants and pocket protectors. We're just as regular as anyone else.

Once we have our good laugh, we went out the front door. I stayed behind to lock the front door. Once that was finished, We went to the blue Honda (my dads car) and unlocked the doors to the car.

With that out of the way, we went to pick up his friends and drive down to San Francisco, where my life would change forever.

We arrived at the San Francisco International Airport where the convention is being held at. Why they set it up at the airport was beyond me. The flights were cancelled for one day due to the convention they set up. It was hard finding a parking space at first, but we managed to park we managed to find one under a shade. We all went out of the car and into the convention. We all decided to split up and meet back in an hour.

So here I was, walking around the convention, looking at the different stuffs they had here. Booths were set up at the sides. Lots of people were walking around inside, some were in anime costumes while others were characters from video games. Some internet celebrites were having their Q&A's in some conference rooms.

I walked around for who knows how long. I was about to walk back to the area where I would meet my brother and his friends, when something caught my eye.

The booth that I saw was nothing like the others. For one, this particular booth was selling trinkets from every anime show and video games. Of course, it wouldn't be as important to anyone who just happened to walk by it. But for some reason, I'm drawn to it. I don't know why I was drawn to it.

Regardless of that, I at least should check it out. Maybe there might be something over there that I can buy. I walked over to the booth, where a guy in a RE4 Merchant outfit was selling a pair of masks to some guy. The guy must have known I was coming, as he looked my way. "Welcome to my corner. How may I serve you today?"

I browsed around the small stall, seeing what would catch my eye. I could see some weapons on there as well. REAL WEAPONS! Ranging from gold axes to lances that had a dragon head at the tip, it is unlike anything I've seen here. A glass separated me from the smaller weapons, like daggers and short swords. I wanted to asked the guy if it was even legal to sell these weapons here, but something caught my eye. At the bottom of the glass display, in the middle between a dagger and a blue and white gun, there was a book. The cover itself is thick, with a grey tome. On the tome is what looks like a weird 'n' with a dot in the middle of it. The book gave me a sense of Deja vu, like I've seen it before somewhere. I've tried to search my memory for something about this prop, but for some reason, my mind could come up with anything.

"How much for the book?" I said to him. I would have gotten a weapon or something for keeps shake, but since I can't think of what I want, I think I might buy this book. Plus, this might look good with a costume for the next Halloween party at Jordan's house.

That was a crazy party.

"Twenty dollars." The man said. He then opened the glass door and procured the book and a wicked looking dagger. "And I'll throw this in for free."

I nodded to the guy. It was a great deal, you can't deny that. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my wallet, opened the flap and grabbed the twenty dollars.

Once I pay the man, I grabbed the book and the dagger. I placed the dagger and the book in the pockets of my jacket. After that, I went back to the place where I would meet my brother and his friends, unaware that the book was actually glowing an eerily red.

But before I knew it, it was already too late.


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Dawn came over the horizon, lighting up the country of Equestria. The skies were orange as the sun almost came over the mountains, a few stars were still visible in the sky. A pony would wake up and greet the day with a smile on its face and a breathed in a batch of fresh air.

Those days are over.

It had already been a year since 'The Fall', in which a species, called the caribou, invaded Equestria and taking it without much resistance. The Princesses and the Elements were powerless to stop them, due to the chaos magic that their king, Dainn, had in his disposal, after he stole them from Discord. The Princesses are defeated and are now King Dainn's rap toys, while the Elements were sold to various caribou and stallions. After taking over Equestria, he used his dark magic to warp the minds of the males and turn them on the mares, raping them to no end. Many resistance groups tried to end their reign of terror. But not only were they completely overrun, but some of the ponies actually supported the regime, including Prince Blueblood, who now runs a relationships center for the Caribou and the largest slave trading company in Canterlot. The King soon invaded the Crystal Empire and succeeded in capturing it. They installed a magical device, the Crystal Cock, to ensure that their dominance in the world would going smoothly. Although there were some stallions and mares that resisted the regime, there was nothing they can do.

In the once peaceful town of Ponyville, the stallions and caribou are waking up and starting out the day with the raping of their slaves. The screams of pleasure or pain from the mares are sounded in the air. Due to the high ratio of mares in the town, it has become a popular center for caribou and stallions to purchase slaves, including two of the Elements.

Indeed, it is a dark day for Equestria. While being dragged to their new masters, to be raped and humiliated, the ponies pray for a savoir of some kind to free them, to save them from the horror that awaits them. A few even prayed for the caribou to be killed in the most horrible way possible.

However, before another day of slavery began, a star falls from the sky.

It's destination: The Everfree Forest.

The blood of their kin will be avenged.

"Ugh, where am I?" I groaned as I opened my eyes, feeling chilly air crawl through my skin. After I couldn't see anything through the smoke rising out of the crater. I also notice that I was in some sort of hole in the ground.

'How did I get in a hole?' I thought. I tried to remember what happened to me. I was walking back to where I would meet my brother and his friends, after I purchased a couple of items from the vendor. I suddenly felt nauseous when I was half way to the meeting place, and for some reason, I blacked out.

'Speaking of which....' I tried to move my legs, which worked fine, and I manage to get up. After that, I began to feel something in my jackets pocket. Reaching inside, I felt something smooth and sharp touch my finger tips, and another was smooth and rough. I grabbed both of them, I held them in my hands. The dagger and the book were still with me.

"Strange. Nobody has taken them." I murmured. If I was knocked out by something, they would have taken my clothes, or the items that I was carrying. What was also weird was the fact that I can't still figure out why this book is so familiar to me. It was as if something was blocking my memory, or something along those lines.

I shook my head. 'I'll think about what happened later. Right now I need to get out of here.' With that in mind, I put the two items back in my pocket and started to climb out of the crater I was in.

The first thing I noticed when I got out of the crater is that I was in a forest of sorts. Although, a forest isn't this creep and dark. Twisted trees and weird plants lined the place, with the occasional thorn bush. There were even some blue flowers on the ground beside me. Looking up, I saw the clear morning sky and the sunlight that shined down on me. Weird. It was midday when I was in San Francisco. Was I out for that long? Whatever the case, it was beautiful. I've seen sunsets before when I was a kid, but this one would make anyone weep just by staring at it. I watched as the sun came over the horizon between the mountains, and shined upon the forest I was in.

I didn't know how long I was standing there, admiring the light that shined down on the forest, making it less forbidding than what it usually is. It just seems so....beautiful. I shook my head of the silly thoughts. I can't stand here and admire the sun all day. I need to focus on what was happening right now

'Let's see. I'm trapped in a forest in god-knows-where, with no food or water.' Righting into my pocket, I found my phone and wallet were still there. I turned on my phone, and saw that I had no bars on the right hand corner. 'And apparently, no reception.' I put the phone back into my pocket, since it was now useless to try to call someone.

Now, any guy in my situation would freak out right now, being trapped in a creep forest with no communication whatsoever. Fortunately, I used to be in the Eagle Scouts back in my community, so I remembered the train I had to survive in the wilderness. Plus, my uncle is a hunter back in Vermont and he taught me what it is to know about hunting, so I should be able to survive at least a week before someone-

Something burst out of the trees, leaving large scrapes on the ground. I managed to roll out of the way before I was hit. I got back up on my two feet after a second had passed, and looked at what hit me.

I think that I might be just crazy, or I already lost my insanity. There, in front of me, is some sort of creature I have never seen before. It was as tall as me, with a body of a lion covered in grayish-orange fur and a blood red mane. It had a long, red scorpions tail coming out from behind. On his back are small, leather wings of a bat. It's hind legs were small, but its front paws were large and big. The posture it made had reminded me of a gorilla, ready to crush anyone foolish enough to face it. It licked it's lips as it spotted me.

"Umm.....nice kitty?" I said meekly, hoping to try.

The beast roared as I charged toward me, hunger in his eyes. I moved out of the way, just as the creature tried to swipe at me with one of its claws. I groaned as I hit the ground. With no time to comprehend what the hell the thing is, I ran in the opposite direction of the creature, toward the line of trees. I ran as fast as me feet can carry me, trying to get away from it. Before I can even make it, the thing used it's bat-like wings to leap into the air and landed in front of me, separating me between the forest of trees. I fell backward when the beast landed, landing on my rear end. The beast crawled slowly to me as I tried to crawl away backwards, toying with me.

This was it. I knew my end was near. I have so much to do, places to go, people to meet. And now.........

The beast pounced right at me, ready to end my life. I placed my one of my hands towards my face, trying to stop it somehow. But I knew it was useless, so waited for my end.

But my arm that I used to protect my face started to feel a little tingle, like some thing was tring to come out. That's the only thing I can describe the feeling.

Just as the beast was close to killing me, lighnting shot out of my arm. It wasn't just a bolt of lighting, it was like a chain of lightning. It struck the beast, making him land a couple feet from me. It roared in pain as the lightning struck him, withering in pain. Then, just like that, the beast died.

I was dumbstruck at what had happened just now. A creature that I've never seen before was just about to make me it's lunch, and before it could kill me, I shot lightning out of my hands, and the thing died.

'I must be in a coma or something.' That was the only explanation for anything. I brought my hand up into my face and examine it. There was no scorch marks on my hand, nor any burns. I should have felt something when I shot out that lightning out of my hand. But my hand is completely clean, no damage on it whatsoever.

But just in case....

I pinched myself in the left arm and I felt the pain.

This was real.

The whole thing was real.

A feminine scream interrupted my thoughts. It coming from somewhere in the forest, preferably next to me. With that in mind, I got up from the ground and went to the direction of the noise.

There would be time to ponder on what happened late. Right now, someone is in trouble, and I have to save them. Maybe I might get some answers.


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Lyra and Bon Bon ran as fast as they can from their pursuers in the Everfree Forest, the sound of the pursuers hooved-feet thundered in the forest, meaning that they were closing in on them. Both of them escaped from their master while he was asleep, and attempted to sneak out of town. However, as they were half-way to the entrance, one of the guards spotted them, and called the others. They had no choice, but to run inside the Everfree Forest.

Thousands of years ago, after the Unification of the Three Tribes, the Everfree was once a populating city, with a castle that housed the Royal Pony Sisters. When the Nightmare Rebellion began, thousands of soldiers from Nightmare's army assaulted the city. When Celestia banished her sister to the Moon, the place was already suffering from a magical fallout of the rebellion. So Celestia relocated the survivors to a fortress known as Canterlot, which would become the modern day capital of Equestria. The once great city was now nothing more than ruins, claimed by vegetation and dangerous wildlife.

"Come on, Lyra. Run faster!" Bon Bon yelled over her shoulder to her friend as they ran.

"" She exclaimed through breaths. She was already tired from all the running they did all day, but they knew that if they give up now, it would mean a fate worse than death.

The sound of hooved-feet were closing in on them. That was all the motivation that the two mares needed to run faster than usual. Just when they pasted some weird trees, Lyra caught her foot on a root that stuck out of the ground and tripped over.

"Lyra!" Bon Bon stopped to see her friend lying on the ground.

"Just go! I'll be fine!" Lyra yelled at her. Bon Bon was hesitant to go, but she heard the pounding of hooves coming closer. Taking one last look at her friend, she turned around to run some more....

....If it wasn't for the caribou that was in front of her.

"HA! I FOUND YOU, YOU SNEAKING LITTLE BITCH!!" The caribou exclaimed, grabbing her mane. She screamed as she pulled up from the ground by her mane. The caribou had a savage grin on his face as she was brought up to face level with him. "You think you can just escape us?! Wrong, you whore. Now I'm going to make you-"

Bon Bon kick him in the exposed part of the armor. He scream and dropped her into the ground, covering his groin. She manage to get past the caribou, but something snagged her legs and she went down the ground.

"HEY BOSS, I GOT HER!" Someone shouted behind her. Bon Bon tried to crawl away to the bush, but something picked her up and slammed her into the nearest tree.

"What the hell do you think your doing?!?!? Don't hurt my property like that!" The voice of her 'Master' said. Groaning as she turning her head, she saw her master, a caribou with a dark robe with a red outline, emerge from the bushes with a couple of his guards. Another two were manhandling Lyra, pinning her to the ground with her hands tied behind her back.

"Sorry, boss. But this bitch of a whore kicked me in my special place." The caribou from before said to Magister Aurelius, the one that gave them a hard life since the Fall.

"That is no excuse to throw my slaves like that. You can do whatever you want with her after I punish them." The Magister walked over to Bon Bon, a cocky grin plastered on his face. Picking up by her mane, he slammed and pin her to a tree. "So," He began to say. "You think that you can escape without me knowing. You mares should know better than to disobey your masters." He grabbed her left breast with his left hand and began to grope it. While he was doing that, he licked her neck very slowly. She shivered as she felt him molesting her. Once he finished his 'tasting', he looked at her once again. "Of course, I will forgive you, if you would suck my dick and beg for forgiveness. I won't even put you in Flutter Bitch's cottage, where you'll be fucked by animals for the rest of your miserable life."

Despite being pinned to the tree by her mane and violated, Bon Bon glared at her master. She didn't care what happened to her now, she would never do such a thing like that. "Go fuck yourself." She spit in his face.

Squeeze Juice was mad at her for saying that, as she saw it in his face. He slapped her with his right hand and fell on the ground. Bon Bon struggled to get up, but she felt her body being pinned down by the very same unicorn. He turned her over, seeing a savage grin on his face.

"You mares think you have all the power here. Well, those days are over. Your Princesses are being raped by our new king, the Elements are now our slaves and you can't do a damn thing about it. You need to get use to it." He moved one of his hands to the robe and whipped out his dick. "I'm going to fuck you, right here, while your friend watches. Hell, I'll even let my guards join in on the fun."

Bon Bon couldn't do anything but watch as her master began to position himself toward her, his harden dick aimed for her hole.

Before he could even rape her and let his guards rape her friend, an explosion went off behind him.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" He shouted, turning his head to see what had happened. Bon Bon tilted her head to the side to see what was happening.

A crater was formed where one of the guards have been. The guards blood were splattered all over the place, including on some of the guards and Lyra. The guards were shocked at what happened, mainly because they never saw it coming. Her master stood up and zipped up his pants, glaring at the forest behind him. "Who's there?!!?!" He shouted. "Show yourself!??!"

As soon as he said that, she saw something emerge from the crater. She and the others couldn't see, due to all the smoke in the air. The guards all readied their weapons, some unsheathing swords or batons.

The smoked cleared a little, she could clearly see someone.

It was some sort of creature she had never seen before. It stood on two legs, like that of a pony. But that's where the difference end. It had a fur-less face, with a short nose. It had a brown mane, but no tail. It glared at them with its light blue eyes, showing that he is not under the mind control effects of the Crystal Cock.

"Let them go." One of his hands formed a fire ball, showing of a menacingly look on his face. "Now."

'Alright Marcus. You can do this' I though to myself as I stood still, looking at the animals in front of me. 'Just ignore the fact that they are all armed with sharp pointy objects that can pierce your flesh and make you wither in agony as you slowly die.'

........God, I'm not a good motivator.

It's been a while since the encounter with that beast that almost made me its lunch. I moved to where the screaming took place, hoping that I wasn't too late. If anyone was out there in this godforsaken forest, I need to find them. Maybe they could tell me where I am.

The forest I was in is something that was similar to that one forest in Dark Souls II. Twisted trees lined for miles on end, some even had creepy faces on them. The grass itself was a light gray, which made it really weird. Occasionally, I would see some weird glowing, yellow eyes watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake so that they can eat me.

I was still trying to wrap my head around this whole situation I was in. I was in unknown territory, with nothing but the clothes on my back. My friends, family, even my brother, think I'm dead or worse. For the first time, I was alone.

I shook my head of those thoughts. No, I can't be alone on this. There's someone that needs my help.

Maybe I might know what's going on.

I thought I almost lost the sound and was now lost, but I heard some voices coming from the next direction. After some time, I managed to find the owners of the voices.

What I saw would make Charles Darwin come back from his grave, burn himself, and let his ashes be carried off in the wind.

I saw some humanoid creatures from the tree I hid behind, hoping that they wouldn't see me. They had everything that a human had, with arms and legs and feet and the like, but that's where the similarities end. Instead of normal skin, the two of them, who I assumed are females, have different color skin. The first one mint colored skin with a wild, mint colored hair, with a white streak come from the right side of her hair. Her tail had a same color like her hair. She had a brand of sort on her behind, a golden lyre. The other one had a buttercream skin, with one half of her hair and tail pink and another half a dark blue. Her.......well, you know....had a picture of three candy wrappers. I could see that they are in immediate danger. One was being manhandled by four creatures that resemble a caribou back in my world, while the other was pinned against a tree by another one of those humanoid creatures. Both of them were naked, and shown signs that they were abused. The one that had dark robes on him pinned one of the females to a tree. I can assume that he is the one that is leading the group.

I couldn't hear much of what they say, but I saw something that made me mad a hell. The orange one, how is a male, put his hand on her breast and began to fondle it, before he licked her neck in the most creepy way possible.

I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I could tell that it wasn't good. I saw the female spit in his face, and the male responded by slapping her, making her fall over. What he said next made my blood boil.

"I'm going to fuck you, right here, while your friend watches. Hell, I'll even let my guards join in on the fun."

I have to save them. It was clear that they were running from him and his goons, hoping to get away from him. Now they were going to be raped to death.

'Not if I can't do anything about it.' I thought. I can't just stand by while they are being raped by that creep. With that in mind, I watched as my hand was engulfed in fire, not even burning my hand. The power that I held was strange, which was saying something. I think of an element that I want to summon, and my hand is engulfed by that same element. I don't know if it is as simple as it sounds, but I'll worry about it for later. I went into on of my pockets with my free hand and produced the wicked dagger, unsheathing the holder. Aiming my flaming arm at the ground were one of the guards are at, I unleashed it.

Which brings us to now.

I looked as menacingly as possible as I looked at them, the fire in my hand helped with the effects. It seemed to work, as the guards looked afraid and backed away from the girls, or whatever the hell they are.

The one guy, the leader, glared at me like I have interrupted something. The guy had an air of a rich person that thinks that they can get away with everything with money in their hands. "And how are you to make such a demand, freak?"

"The last thing you'll ever see if you don't do as I say." Not the most witty comeback I can come up with, but at least they got scared by it.

The leader of the group didn't seem scared. "I don't have time for this." The creature said, with annoyance in his face. "I need to treat my slaves a lesson in respect." He pointed at me. "Whoever gets me that creatures head will fuck the blue bitch for free!"

'Well, so much for diplomacy.' I thought as the guards charged at me. I guess that means that talking tough wasn't going to work.

I readied my dagger as the first guard descended upon me, an axe heaved over his head. I moved out of the way just as the axe swung down where I was. Out of instinct, I turned around and stabbed him in the back. I expected him, due to his large size, to stagger for a little bit. However, what surprised me was that after the blade made contact, he just fell over and died. The other guards, and me, were surprised at what happened, seeing him laying there on the ground, not moving. I didn't have time to figure out what happened when another one came charging at me with a spear in hand. I pick up the dagger from his back and waited for my chance to strike. The guard soon reached me and thrust his spear forward. I dodged the attack by stepping to the side. Using my dagger, I grazed his arm, making him drop the spear, and once again, fall to the ground, dead.

I heard a battle cry from behind me, but I wasn't fast enough to turn around and dodge it. I was slammed into a tree, making me drop the dagger. I dazed for a second before a figure shadowed over me. Another guard, one that was carrying a greatsword over his shoulder, stood where I was laying, a smirk on his face knowing that he had got me. Heaving his greatsword in the air, he swung it down on me. Thankfully, I came to my senses just in time and threw myself out of the way, just as the sword came down. The guard was mad that I didn't die and attempted to get his big sword off of the ground. While he is doing that, I searched for my dagger, looking everywhere for it. I saw it out of the corner of my eyes, lying just a few feet away from me. I attempted to run at my dagger on the ground. Before I could reach it, another guard blocked my way, a sword in his hand.

Ice. With that simple thought, my hand is encased in ice. The guard swung his sword at me, but I moved to the left, missing me by an inch. With this face exposed, I punched him with my ice-encased hand. Once it hit his face, he staggered back, covering his face with his hands. Went around him and grabbed the dagger in my hand. Not wanting him to finish me off, I stabbed him in the back of the neck. I saw the blood coming out of his neck as he fell, dead. I pulled the dagger out of his neck and shifted my attention to the last guard.

He got his sword out of the ground, anger in his eyes as he saw his dead comrades. With an angry war cry, he changed right at me with his greatsword in the air. I decided, rather stupidly, I emitted a war cry of my own and charged right at him. I didn't know what was going over my head at the time. Maybe it was the rush of battle for the first time that allowed me to make such a stupid decision.

And I'm glad that I did it.

We charged each other, with the guards weapon heaved over his head and me with my dagger, the blade itself gleamed in the light with the blood of the other guards.

Once we were close, we struck.

Time seemed to slowed down as I avoided the sword as it swung down right at me, side stepping away from the strike. I managed to find a weak spot in the armor, located in the elbow. With a thrust of my arm, I grazed the elbow with the edge of the dagger.

Time returned to normal as I stopped. I appeared fine, not a scratch on me. I looked behind me and was the guard on the ground , dead before he hit the ground. I was surprised that a bunch of guards have already been defeated by a teenager with a dagger. It wasn't even that long of a fight either. I expected something akin to a big battle of sorts, with swords clashing and magic throwing. But this.....

My own senses told me to get down, and I did. A big ball of fire whizzed past me and hit one of the trees, which turned to ash when the fire ball hit it. I turned around and saw the orange guy with an angry expression on his face, his horns(?) glowing an eerie yellow. "I don't care who you are or what you are, but you will PAY FOR THIS!!!!!" Another fire ball was conjured on top of his head, and threw it at me. Thinking fast, I rolled out of the way and threw the dagger right at him.

He yelped as he dodged the dagger that was flying right at him, which imbedded on a tree behind him. I rushed him as he is caught off guard, which surprised me a bit. I should be at least tired from todays events. I trekked through the forest for who knows how long, almost got killed by a grown cat thing, and have to do battle against the creatures that were planning on raping some young girls.

Then again, I threw fire and ice from my hands, so maybe its not normal.

I closed the distance between me and my assailant. Before he had any time to react to what was happening, I grabbed by the stomach and threw him to the ground. While he was dazed and confused, I grabbed the dagger from the tree and held it against his throat. The guy looked scared as he saw the weapon at his throat.

"P-p-p-please d-d-don't kill m-m-me." He said through his shuddering breath. He was quivering all over his body, like he was ready to piss himself.

This has left me with two options. Either I let him live, but risk getting some sort of hunting party together to go after me and the girls, or kill him and escape to somewhere safe with the girls. I already knew what I was going to do. I've already killed some guys today, and I don't want to kill another one. However, if I do release him, he'll just send some hunters after me. I can't risk something like that.

Besides, from what I heard, he deserved something like this.

"Rot in hell, you son of a bitch." I stabbed him right in the heart. The caribou gasped for air before he laid limp on the ground, his lifeless eyes widened in horror. I pulled the dagger out of his chest, the blood dropping down the blade. I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

I stood up once again and went over to the one of the women with the lightly colored skin. She seemed scared of me, as she tried to get away from me, even when he leg is tied up.

"Hey hey hey, its ok. I'm not going to hurt you" I said to her in a calming voice. Or, as calming as possible considering what they have been through. She seemed a little relived that I didn't attempt to rape her like the others, but she was still suspicious of me.

"Here," I said as I knelled beside her. "Here, let me help you with that." I used my dagger to cut the ropes on her legs. I wasn't even looking at her naked body, so don't get any ideas. They've already been through enough as it is.

Once I cut the rope that held the females legs together, she tried to scramble to her feet, only for her to let out a yelp and began falling to the ground. I caught her just in time. "You alright?" I said to her.

"N-no." She finally spoke. Her voice was a little hoarse, probably from all the running she did. "I-I think one of m-my legs is broken."

"Here, let me look at it." I offered to say, laying her down while her back was supported by the tree next to us. She was a little hesitant at first, but she relaxed a bit as I checked her legs.

However, before I could do that, she rested a hand on my shoulder. "No, I'm fine. Can you go help Lyra?"

I nodded in acknowledgment and went over to the other female that was pinned on the ground with her hands tied behind her back. Like before, I cut the rope, and she is free. She sprung on her feet and rushed over to her friend, how hugged her once she got close. I felt a little proud that I freed them from whatever fate those assholes had in store for them.

I looked back at the dead guards littered on the ground, including the leader. I should be traumatized by this whole experience. I mean, yeah, they were a bunch of rapists and, from what I heard, slavers. But I wouldn't just kill them outright. I have standards. But for some reason, I didn't feel bad killing them. In fact, I feel............great. I epically love how the blood of my enemies flow free like a river, tasting ever so sweet.............

.........Ok, now that came out of nowhere.

I shook my head from the violent thoughts and went my way to the girls, determined to help them.

I don't know where I am, but I might as well help them.

After all, what can possibly go wrong?

.....I jinxed it, didn't I?

A Blood Bath

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Nine Months Later

Now that I think about it, Lyra and Bon Bon were the first friends that I had in this fucked up world. They been with me through a lot of things, like the Stalliongrad Rebellion, the Assault on the Crystal Empire, and the Siege of Canterlot. No matter how many I killed, they still supported me like any true friends would. It's what kept me going through this whole thing. That, and trying to find a way home.

Coming out of the alley way, I found myself in front of what looked like some bathhouse, long since destroyed by my siege engines. Although it is mostly intact, the doors themselves seem melted and turned into goo, long since hardened.

I looked around to see if I can bypass it somehow, but it seems that the avenues were blocked by rubble from buildings long destroyed. 'Looks like I'm going have to go in.' I thought to myself. With that in mind, I went inside the ruined bathhouse, hoping that this decision wouldn't bit me in the ass.

Like every other building I went to, the bathhouse was almost destroyed. Crumbling walls that once held some art, their once golden scenes reduced to blackened ash. Statues that once held some respect were almost destroyed, some faces were crumbled while others were smashed. There was a window that depicted the caribou women, along with other females of various races, in sexual positions, but long since destroyed like everything else. The bath itself was drained of clean water, leaving an empty hole with a boulder from one of the trebuchets. On the other side of the room, I saw a neatly bronze door.

Before I could even take a step toward the exit, I saw the door open on its own, revealing to be caribou soldiers. Not wanting to get spotted, I hid behind one of the columns, my armor blending in with the shadows. I peeked my head out from behind to see what I am dealing with. I counted six caribou that were here. Four of them were in regular armor like the rest of the soldiers I killed, but two of them wore red armor with purple capes. I know them. They are the elite guard of Dainn's forces. Armed with a special spear with two mini ones coming from the sides, some said that they are fearless in battle.

'Lets put that theory to the test.' I though, a savage grin on my face. They didn't see me yet, which was a relief. I wanted to get the drop on them. Using the shadows to my advantage, I sneaked toward them.

I couldn't catch on the conversation they were having, but I heard them say my name, which was enough to strike some fear in them. I come up on the first one, how was leaning against a wall looking bored. Using some of the magic I learned from the Deadlands and from various villains that joined me, I concealed myself in invisibility. I came out from behind the pillar and pulled out my two Daedric swords, the others were unsuspecting of my attempts as they were bickering about something.

I was behind him, ready for the kill. However, before I could even commit chopping them up, a thought came to me. I used my swords a lot lately since the siege, and haven't have a chance to use my magic.

'Might as go the extra mile.' I sheathed one of my swords and charged up my magic on my right hand. Once my hand was engulfed in fire, I made my move.

I grabbed the caribou guard from behind his chest, aimed my charged hand at his back, where his heart would be and fired a small focused blast. The caribou screamed as his heart was burned to a crisp and left a hole where his heart should be. This brought the attention of the others as they heard his cry of death. I let go of his body, letting it drop to the ground. I dropped my invisibility and fired another blast at the unsuspecting soldiers. Most of them got out of the way, but the others that stood there were burnt to a crisp when the ball of fire made contact. They're screams filled the air around them, and I kind of got a hard-on by doing that.

What? When you kill people in this world for a long time, you tend to get that way. Laugh it up. I'm sure you done something in your life that your not proud of.



Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anyway, the guards manage to dodge out of the way of my attack and drew their weapons. The first that had a sword and a shield came charging at me with a war cry. He slashed his sword downward, but I side stepped to the left and brought my blade down on the caribou, cutting his head clean off. But I wasn't done. Before the corpse fell, I grabbed it, charged my right hand with ice magic, and hit him in the stomach. His body was launched into another caribou, its stomach had a sharp glacier coming out of it. It the other caribou and impaled him on the spot.

Another one charged at me with a large sword welded above his head. I waited for him to come right at me before I countered it with my sword. Charging my magic once again, I use my telekinesis to lift the caribou off of the ground. I sensed another one trying to flanking me from behind with his axe. With a flick of my wrist, I threw the caribou toward the other one. They crashed against each other and both were sent tumbling to the ground. I formed a ball of fire in my hands and extended my hand out. A column of fire.......fired...from my hand and into the soldiers. I could see the caribous screaming in agony as they were burned alive.

Satisfied at my kill, I turned to the last two opponents in the room. The two elite guards charged right at me, both zigzag to make me confused. I pulled out my other sword off of my back and wait for them to attack me. Once they almost came close, they suddenly jumped up and came down, thrusting their spears at me. However I had one trick up my sleeve that I learned from a certain shadow king.

I transformed myself into the shadow, disappearing into the ground itself. The guards swung at an empty air right after I turned into a shadow. The caribou were confused on where I went. I went behind them and materialized. I lunged my sword into the unsuspecting guard from behind. The one next to his friend gasped as I lifted my sword up in the air with the guard on it and threw his corpse out of the way.

The last guard readied his spear, while I readied both of my swords. We stared at each other for gods know how long. He had a rightful fury in his eyes, which is to be expected. The elite guards are reserved for those 'zealous' type of caribou, willing to die for a disgusting empire.

The guard soon charged me, and I did the same.

We clashed against each other. He used his spear to block my attack from above. Disengaging with my other sword, I swung it sideways to the left. But he anticipated this and jumped back, then engaged again.

This went on for quite some time. We each exchanged blows against each other, neither one of us landing a single hit. It was almost something out of a movie, like 300.

I had an idea during the engagement, something that I needed to try. I pushed the caribou away from me, enough to give me some space. I dropped both of my swords and kneeled to the ground, looking like I was tired from the engagement. The caribou was surprised at this, but smirked, seeing as he's got a chance to kill me. He readied his spear and ran up right at me. He aimed his spear at my head, ready to impale me.

That when I made my move.

Right before his spear made contact, I grabbed it. He was surprised that I was able to do that. I smirked as I charged up my hand that was holding the spear with electricity. The caribou was electrocuted, his whole was shaking. He fell to the ground while still having a spaz attack. After a few seconds, his body laid there, unmoving.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I sheathed my swords behind my back. With the two guards and the soldiers dead, I am able to continue my quest to the palace, where I knew the king would be.

I head a cough from behind me, and turn around to see who it is. The guard that I just stabbed not moments ago was still alive, barely. Blood was sweeping out of his wound, his intestines exposed and plopped to the ground. Blood was also coming out of his mouth as well, breathing heavily with each breath. I came over to him, hoping to end his miserable life. He saw me coming and glared at me.

"Y-you think you've won?" He coughed. "You think that this demon army would s-scare us?" Coughed. "We....will never give up. We will fight until the-" Coughed, though a little longer than usual. "Until the very end. You for your crimes."

I knead to his level, to look him in the eyes before I kill him. "No. You will answer for your crimes, through blood and fire." I stabbed him in the throat with Mehrunes Razor, effective ending his life. Blood swept out from the hole in his through as I put the Razor away. I got up from my position and continued on my way toward the door and into the ruined city once again.

I couldn't help but think about what the elite caribou had said. It was true to what he said, I have killed many people, or ponies who do not agree with me, during my arrival here a year ago. I have been through upraises, Every time when I take a life, I feel like part of my soul was being torn apart. But this is what war is: People killing people, no matter who you are supporting or following. Humanity has been at war with each other since the beginning of time. We created empires through war and slavery, and those empires fell through war and slavery. It is a never ending cycle of death that we have accepted as part of life.

Now where was I?..........Oh yes. Now I remember.

After I saved the girls, we escaped the area to avoid more patrols. Bon Bon's leg was broken and I had to carry her the entire way. Again, I wasn't getting any sick fantasies in my head about holding a naked mare. Eventually, we reached a tree-like home that belonged to a zebra named Zecora. She patched us up and told us of some ruined castle a couple of miles away.

Little did I know, that's was where my destiny began.


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Nine Months Earlier

"Thanks again for patching up Bon Bon's legs." I said to Zecora, a zebra and herbalist that lives in a carved up tree in the middle of the 'Everfree Forest.' Her inside of the home looks normal, with a big cauldron in the middle of the room, lots of creepy masks and the smell and site of herbs. Bon Bon is currently laying on a bunk-like bed while Zecora was applying a green-like substance on her legs. Lyra is sitting near a corner, probably thinking about something. Outside, the sun was shining down on the forest floor, the brightness of it was seen through the thick foliage. The sun was different from the other back home. Then again, I am in another world.

After I saved the two of them from a fate worse than death, we decided to get away before more of them showed up. However, the girls were stark naked and freezing to death, soon I pick the armor from the dead bodies and asked them to wear them. Although they were too big for it, they still wore them. I decide to ask them some questions. The one that I rescued is named Bon Bon and the other is Lyra, who are both 'ponies'. I told them who I was and where I came from, just so I could gain their trust, and to find out where I currently was. Apparently, I wasn't on Earth anymore, which I somehow knew for sometime since I was here. The said I am currently in the Everfree Forest in a nation called Equestria, on the planet they called Midgard. The two of them lived in a place called Ponyville, which I almost laughed at the name. Both of them used to work at a candy shop down the street, and were best friends since childhood. They soon told me how I did some 'magic' on those guys earlier. I told them that I don't know, and that I just think about it until it materialized in my hand.

I soon asked them why those guys were chasing them. They told me that the 'caribou' arrived in Equestria a year ago and started a war. They are lead by a king named Dainn, who took a powerful being known as 'Discord's' powers and started conquering everything they can. They took over Canterlot with no resistance and started subjugating. Even their Princesses, who raise and lower the sun and the moon, were powerless against them. The caribou follow a religion, in which they believe that all males are masters and the females should be treated like slaves. Apparently the ponies don't liked them trying to take their wives, daughters, or sisters away to be treated like whores. They raised up guerilla groups or militia's to combat the caribou and to take back their country. However, the ponies were a peaceful race and never had a war in their country for years, so they were quickly smashed and the caribou warp the minds of the stallions they captured to be like them. They soon started marching upon the Crystal Empire and defeated them. They installed a magical device called the 'Crystal Cock', which helped their take over of Equestria much easier. It warped the minds of 'stallions' everywhere and helped the caribou with the rounding up of 'mares'. Bon Bon and Lyra were captured after Ponyville was the last to fall to the madness. Ever since then, they were raped constantly, force to please their new masters. They escaped just last night, trudging through the forest without stopping.

I felt sorry for them. I mean, I'm an American, so I hate slavery very much. If I had a chance, I would help them.

But, as cliché as it sounds, what can I do?

But as I was saying, after walking throught the forest until day break, we found a hut in the middle of the forest. Someone was home, as we can see smoke coming from the hut itself. I told the girls to stay behind me while I investigate. I knocked on the door, hoping that someone was home. I heard the door unlock and saw the person that is home.

The person that answered the door was different from the ponies. She had a short muzzle like Lya and Bon Bon, but that's where the similarities end. Instead of colored coats like the mares I met, her coat had white and black stripes that ran al the way around her perfectly, slim body. Her 'mane' was done in a mohawk, with white and black stripes through her hair. She is currently wearing a tribal outfit of sorts, with a lions cloth covering her hips and breasts, and leaving her stomach exposed. She invited me in and I signaled for Bon Bon and Lyra to come out. She gave us some food and helped work on Bon Bon's leg.

"It is of no trouble, my friend." She said in a strange accent. "It has been a while since I had a visitor, especially since the invasion began." She looked at me. "It is a relive to find someone that has not fallen under their spell and to go out of the way to help some strangers."

I smiled and nodded to her. "Still, we can't thank you enough for this."

She smiled and went back to work with Bon Bon's leg. I leaned against a wall, watching the zebra mare work her magic. Zecora explained to me that she was from the nation of Zebrica, a country kind of like Africa. However, ever since Equestria has fallen to the caribou, refugees came pouring into her country. But soon the zebra's feared King Dainn's powers and started giving up the refugees in exchange for letting them live another day. They even gave up their own mares just to keep them satisfied. She said that she hated what her kind was doing. Luckily, she moved out of her country years ago before the Fall.

With the whole religion the caribou have, she couldn't go into town anymore due to the caribou raping mares, which means that she couldn't buy any food or supplies. Luckily, a stallion by the name of 'Big Mac' wasn't under the control of the caribou's influence, so he was able to gather some supplies for her and handed it to her. Sometimes she would pose as a slave for Big Mac just to pick out some of the stuff she wanted.

"The salve will help heal the leg within the hour. Until then, you must help her walk." She interrupted my thoughts. Zecora had manage to bandage Bon Bon's leg.

I came over and helped her on her feet, putting her arm over my shoulder and put my hand on her hip. "Come on, Lyra. Lets go." I called to her. It looked like she was snapped out of her thoughts, but she looked glad that her friend was ok and joined us by our side. I looked at Zecora again. We'll be going on our way now."

"Wait, you don't have a place to stay?" Zecora said, concern in her voice. Zecora looked concerned for our wellbeing, and I couldn't blame her. The 'Everfree Forest' is a dangerous place filled with god knows what. One of those 'Manticore' could take us by surprise for all we know.

I shook my head. "No, we don't. But we'll try to find one." Looked at the girls. "Away from all the caribou."

"If you want a place to stay, there is a ruin not far from here. It was once the castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, but long since abandoned. I is in the middle of the forest and is big enough to house all of you."

I nodded. Deep down, I was relived. We want shelter from the coming storm, and found Zecora showed us one. But I also feel a little giddy because of the castle she mentioned. I mean, how many can kill to live in a castle?

"Do you know where this castle is?" I asked her.

"Down the road, across the river, then continue down straight until you find it." She gave us directions to the ruins. I thanked her and we went on our way.

We followed the path that Zecora had shown us, though the journey was much harder on us. We had to bypass some of the predators that lived in the forest itself, including some weird tree-like creatures called 'Timberwolves'. Crossing a river was also one of the challenges we face, due to the current. Luckily, a sea serpent by the name of 'Steve' helped us get across by allowing us to hop on his back. He is a nice guy, or creature. He wasn't possessed like the others due to him being in the Everfree Forest. He told me that his kind is immune to this sort of magic. After we crossed the river, we continued on our way. It was hard and long, and I had to carry Bon Bon all the way.

After what felt like hours, we finally made it.

The castle is what I expected from those I learned from history class, and the ones in England. The castle itself was run down, left to time and nature. Vines walked up along the walls of the castle itself. The towers that once stood guard over the forest now lay in ruins. The banners have long since faded and torn from the natural occurrences in the Everfree. The wooden doors still stand, but a little rotten. The castle itself had multiple breaches in the roof and to the sides, the stones colors faded into nothingness.

I couldn't image what had happened to the place. Later on, I found out that the Everfree Forest was once the first major city for the 'Three Tribes' to live in after they were united. It was also where the Princess Celestia and Luna lived in when they were children, or foals in this case. It could have still been been the capital city of Equestria if a demon didn't show up. It is said that a demon possessed Luna and turned into an infamous ponies known as 'Nightmare Moon.' She lead have of her crazy followers to the capital and attack the city. The fight lasted for days, with nether side letting up. Both side used every magic in their arsenal to defeat one another. Nightmare Moon went into the city herself and battled Celestia to the death. Nightmare was defeat by Celestia and banished to the moon, which is where the whole 'Mare of the Moon' came to be. The followers were driven away and the war was over. However, the city itself was ruined after days of fight, so they abandoned the city and started a new city on the mountain called 'Canterlot.'

It was midday when we got to the castle. After carefully crossing the bridge that was almost ready to give out, we arrived and opened the large double doors , went inside the castle and looked around for anything to use. We were inside that appeared to be the foyer. The inside of the place was just like the outside. Vines crept up on the walls, hugging the wall as if for dear life. Torn banners still hung proudly after centuries of neglection. In the one side of the walls, there were numerous body armor similar to the knights in Medieval Europe. They stood there, guard a castle like sentinels, even when some of them are rusted. The once red carpets are now torn and faded. The armors that I gave them had some dirt and scratches on them, some of it on their coats. I was worse to wear as well. My jacket was covered in mud and grim, my jeans almost looked torn up. Bon Bon and Lyra stood by my side as we looked at the castle. True to Zecora's word, Bon Bon's legs were healed by the time we made it to the castle.

"Fiiiiiiiiinaly, we made it." Lyra manage to say, her legs finally gave out from all the walking we did.

"Yeah, we did make it." I said with a smile.

"I can't believe we made it." Bon Bon turned to me. "Thank you. For everything."

I smiled at her as she said those words. "Hey. It was nothing. I was glad I can help."

She shook her head. "No. We are really really thankful for you. Ever since the caribou took over Equestria, me and Lyra raped contantly by our master and many other. We never thought that their was somepony out there that is still sane." She reached out and hugged me, tears in her eyes. "Thank you. For everything."

I kept holding her to my chest, comforting her as best I can. I felt something hugging my sides, so I turned and saw Lyra hugging me as well.

I didn't know how long we were at this, hugging each other. Then, after some time, I hear someone's stomach growl. I broke off the hug and saw both the mares faces blush red as they both tried to cover their stomachs. I chuckled. "You both hungry?"

They both nodded.

"Well, go and eat what Zecora had packed. I'll go out and get something to warm us up." I said. Truth be told, I wasn't only going to find some wood for a fire. I need something to eat as well. I learned that the ponies are herbivores, so they can't eat meat like humans do. So I have to find a rabbit or something to fill me up. I talk to them about my diet later.

Luckily, a suit of armor was actually hold a crossbow, with a holder for actual bolts. Walking over to the armor, I grabbed the crossbow and the holder. I counted twenty-six bolts in the leather holder. The bolt looked old and rusted, but it would have to do. The crossbow is in fine condition despite being here for a century.

With the weapons secured, I turned to the girls. "Your girls stay here. I'll be back in a bit." I said to them. I headed right out the door and into the wilderness.



I miss the target, making the rabbit run off and disappear into the bushes. I cursed under my breath as I got up and grabbed the bolt that is imbedded in the tree. I know I have enough for the hunt, but you may never know.

A rabbit was nearby by the time I was done collecting firewood, before it disappeared into the bushes. I left the firewood next to a fallen tree so that I would remember where I would collect them. With that done, I went and hunt for the rabbit. It took me ten minutes to find him. When I did, it was standing near some bushes, nibbling off some berries. Of course, the crossbow was a least a century old, so the targeting on it sucked, as you can see.

After I pulled the bolt out of the tree, I decided to just sit down and lean against the tree just so I can take a breath. As I sat there, I couldn't help but think about what has happened so far. Here I am, dragged into a world for no reason, where I am helping some ponies trying to escape from their masters. Now we're on the run from them, hiding from them as best as we can.

I sighed. I never even wanted any of this. In fact, I didn't even expected this to happen. Don't get me wrong, I know I read and watch some stories were the hero would go into another world, either by magic or advanced technology. Those are the stories that always excited me when I was growing up. To actually be here now.............I don't know. While a part of me is excited to be here, I still want to go home. I have friends and family to look after, including my little brother. I can't just stay here forever. Maybe there're is a book in Equestria that can help me get home, or at least back to Earth.

Speaking of books, I reached into one of my jackets pockets and grabbed the book. However, I also felt something in my pocket, something that I didn't noticed. I first grabbed the book and went back in to procure the items. In my hands were two stones that were both the size of my fist, but somehow felt weightless. The first one is a cylinder-like blue crystal. The other one is a sphere-like red stone with markings all over it. It almost looks like a bowling ball.

I would like to question why those things were in my pocket, but what I'm really interested in is the book I have with me. Setting the object down next to me, I looked at the book. The book itself is still in fine condition as before, even after the whole affair that happened earlier. I don't know why, but something tells me that I know this object. But every time when I try to remember where I seen the book from, my mind draws a blank. Of course, I could just drop this book and leave it, but for some reason I want to keep it.

'It's like something is blocking a part of my mind.' I closed my eyes once more and try to remember where the book came from. The sounds of the forest faded into nothingness as I focused on thinking. I try to think as hard as I can. I need to remember something, anything about it.

Then, like a tidal wave, it hit me.

It is the Mysterium Xarxes.

In the Elder Scrolls series, the book was written by Mehrunes Dagon, The Daedric Prince of Destruction. It is both a key and a gate to another dimension. Mehrunes gave the book to Mankar Camoran, leader of the Mythic Dawn, and used it to transport himself to Gaiar Alata, otherwise known as Paradise. It was designed to be a safe haven only for him, but also became a place of constant pain and suffering for deceased members of the Mythic Dawn. The book was captured and given to Martian Septim after the Hero killed Mankar in his haven.

'But now I have it.' The revelation hit me like........well I don't know. A train? But that still doesn't change the fact that I have a book that can take me to an alternative version of heaven for fucked up cult members who worship a demon that wants to destroy everything.

Daedric Princes in the Elder Scrolls are neither good nor evil. They only want to watch mortals suffer for they're amusement, with the exception of Azure, Meridia, Nocturne and Jyggalag. Mehrunes Dagon is the Prince of Bloodshed and Murder, but the Dark Elves think of him as an important god to the world of Nirn, due to the fact that he is connected to floods, earthquakes and fires.

Mehrunes Dagon tried to conquer Nirn for his own a couple of times in the past. This would include the time he destroyed Morrowind, thanks to Spymaster Vidvec, who wanted vengeance against the Duke of Morrowind. By the time the Tribunal Gods got to Morrowind and stopped him, the city was already in ruins and the Duke killed in the invasion. Many years later, he would try to invade Nirn again through his followers as they assassinated the Septim bloodline. Why would they do it, you ask? Because the Amulet of the Kings prevented Dagon from invading Nirn. The artifact can only be used by the person that is a descendent of Saint Alessia, the first ruler of the Cyrodiilic Empire. However, although they killed Urial Septim and his sons, they didn't count on his illegitimate son, Martian Septim. Together with the Hero, they have manage to foil the Mythic Dawn's plot and banished Mehrunes back to Oblivion.

'No. It's impossible. There's no way this book is real.' I said. I mean, I know I'm holding it right now, but I don't think it's the actual deal, so to speak. If it is what I think it is, then there is no harm in looking.

Looking to the left and the right, I saw that no one was near me, not ever the predators that stalk the forest. 'I guess a peak wouldn't hurt.' I laced my fingers on the covers on the book and started to open it.

Now, from what I know of the book, it request a magic shield around a person so that they can read it. The fact that I'm still alive, even without the magic shield around me, is strange. I stopped on arandom page in the book. Two pictures were presented to me. The first one had a circle around one of the Daedric word, like the one on the tome. The other had a triangle with a word that looks like an 'M' in the middle of it. They were both filled with Daedric words and letters that I don't even know.

'Ugh. How am I supposed to read this? I can't even understand the words.' Right when I thought about it, a strange presence enters my mind, speaking in an ancient tongue that is as old as time itself. It felt like a headache, like something was trying to hammer my brain a thousand times. I groaned and closed my eyes as I held my head, knowing that it was to no avail.

I opened my eyes after some time and saw the book change. The words were now translated to English, letting me understand the pages

Ok, this is totally weird now. The Daedric letters were now in English, allowing me to read them.

'It feels like I'm in some bad fan fiction or something.' At least that's what I feel like. Anyway, I was able to read the first and second page of the Mysterium Xarxes. The first page read:

When I walk the earth again,

the faithful among you shall receive your reward.

To be set above all other mortals, forever.

As for the rest, the weak shall be winnowed,

the timid shall be cast down,

the mighty shall tremble at my feet and pray for pardon.

I heard a thunder in the distance. I looked up from the book and saw some dark clouds gathering in the distance. Weird, wasn't it sunny a minute ago?

I shook my head and went back to the book. An array of letters are in the circle of the first page. It read:

Of bold Oblivion fire who finds you for Lord Dagon forever reborn in blood and fire from the waters from Oblivion.

The thunder was getting closer and closer as I can feel rain drops coming down upon me. I wanted to find shelter, but my eyes couldn't leave book. It was as if I am glued to it. I traced my eyes to the second page of the book. It read:

Come slow and bring four keys.

In my first arm, a storm.

My second, the rush of plagued rain.

The third, the tinder of Anu.

The fourth, the very eyes of Padhome.

Master akin Master, mother is miasma to Destroyer.

Inside the triangle, it said:

Mythic Dawn

After I said those words, a giant sphere of orange light and fire appeared out of nowhere. I could feel the sphere sucking me in, pulling me with all it's might. I managed to grab the trunk of a fallen tree, holding it on like my life depended on it. I watched as the objects I laid down were swept into the portal, along with the Mysterium Xarxes. I felt my hands beginning to slip. I tried with all my might to hold it onto the trunk, but it was to no avail. My hand slipped and I was sucked into the portal.

The last thought that I had was the moment of comfort I had with Bon Bon and Lyra.

Unbeknownst to Marcus, someone, something was watching him. The glowing red eyes watched as the strnage creature has disappeared into the portal he created.

"Interesting." It said in a gruff voice. "Perhaps hope can come from the strangest of places."

Your Pretty Face Is Going To Oblivion

View Online

Gaiar Alata.

Called Paradise to some, it is, as some would say, a haven. It's lushes grasses and pure great trees swayed in the wind, like a dance of nature. Flowers of all kinds bloomed in the sunlight, with a few bees sucking nectar from the plants. Clouds floated lazily in the light blue sky. Ayleid ruins dot some of the landscape, with creatures of all kinds walking about. In one of these areas, some deer were seen prancing around the place, while some of them ate some grass on the ground. It is said that only those who worshipped the Daedric Prince, Mehrunes Dagon, would reside to this world when they died.

However, that doesn't seem to be the case.

A Wood Elf find himself hiding behind one of the ruins, his breath erratic and deep. He looked behind from his cover to see if his pursuers were chasing him. He saw some open fields, some deer running around, and other creatures prancing around as if nothing was going to happen. He breathed a long sigh of relief and slumped down, closing his eyes.

"Finally," He started to say between breaths. "away...........from........those..........things."

"You think?"

A blade was plunged against his throat. His eyes were wide as he saw the same demon from before, with a savage grin of his face.

Then his world turn into darkness.

Jedrus sheathed his sword as he watch the Ascended Immortal died from loss of blood. He will respawn soon, so there was nothing to be worried about if he gets bored. As a Dremora, he had an obligation to kill any mortal in the realm, even if he once served Mehrunes Dagon.

The Kyn, or Dremora as they are commonly known throughout Nirn, are monstrous humanoid knights that are above average, with a physiology of a Nord. With sneering black-and-red faces, with sometimes small stubs of horns and bearing the strongest of Daedric armor and weapons, these crimson fiends live to serve Mehrunes Dagon and to kill anyone else. Even a spellcaster would have heavy armor for some encounters.

Or at least, in the Deadlands.

Both the Deadlands and Paradise are both different from one another. Gaia Alata was created by Mankar Camoran as a place for the followers of the Mythic Dawn.

At least, that's what the book would said.

In reality, It is only a place of constant suffering for the deceased members of the cult, while Mankar Camoran and his family enjoyed a life of peace. After Mankar was killed, everyone in Cyrodiil thought that the Paradise he created would cease to exist. However, a Dremora by the name of Kathutet rallied some mages and casted a powerful spell on the realm. The spell that the mages cast states that only the book itself would have to be destroyed in order for the realm to disappear. As such, life still goes on. The Dremora in the realm would constantly hunt down the cultist and kill them, then they would respawn someplace else, and the cycle repeats. Some do it because they were bored, others for fun, while a small percent think they would drop some form of loot. Jebrus is one of those Dremora, practicing day after day to keep his skills up to date.

"Hey Jeb," A normal voice came over the hill. He groaned slightly at the sound of his nickname. He hated it, but since it wouldn't go away, he would have to endure it for a while. When people are not around, the Dremora would speak in normal voices. "did you get him?"

"Yes, I got him." Jebrus said. His voice, from an Earthlings perspective, is slightly British.

Coming up the hill, he can see his friend, Bilifulag (some call him Bill) running down the pathway. Unlike every other Dremora, both of them don't have their helmets on, showing their short horns and black-and-red faces, and they are both in the ranks of Kynval, or knights. But the similarities end. Jebrus had white hair that is tied to a pony tail with black eyes, while his friend had short black hair with green eyes.

"Aw, come on!" Bill whined. "That was my kill!"

"Oh piss off. I didn't see your name on it."

"I did put my name on it." He countered. He rolled the body on its back and pointed to his back. "See?"

Well. I'll be damned. On his back in bloody letters that looked to be carved with a Daedric dagger. "This kill is property of Bilifulg. DO NOT TOUCH! THAT MEANS YOU, KILGORE!."

"So what? He was right there. You can't expect me to just walk away from this kill." He said to his fellow Dremora.

Bill glared at Jeb, clearly upset for stealing his kill. ".......your a dick, Jeb."

"We're Dremora." He said to Bill. "It's practically in our description to be dicks. We were born that way."

After a long period of glaring at Jeb, he sighed. "I guess your right." He said in a down trotting voice.

"Hey, cheer up." He place an armor hand on his spiked shoulder. "There are plenty of more fish in the sea. Fish that are ready to be killed and eaten. In a great way. A horrible way. And that's what's great about it."

"I....guess your right." He sighed and hung his head. "I just wish that something would go my way."

He looked at his fellow comrade-in-arms with empathy. Not that the Dremora are known for feeling emotions. They were a war-like race that exist to serve a destructive god. So he decides to do what is necessary in a time like this.

"Do you want to talk about it?"


"Are you sure?"


"Do you want to muder some of the unicorns in that place with a big tree? I heard they're a great way to revel stress and depression."

Bill smiled. "......sure"

"Hey, there's that smile." He said. "Now lets get going before-"

He suddenly sensed a huge magical presence nearby. He quickly turned to the direction it came from. His partner joined him, meaning that he can sense it to. With an affirmative nod from his partner, they unsheathed their Daedric swords from their sides and quick ran to the direction the magical energy came from.

He couldn't help but smile, knowing that something interesting was happening.

"Well.......what do you think?"

"He smells like bacon."

The two Kynval's went into the Savage Gardens, a place where they sensed the magical energy. The landscape is beautiful and colorful with flowers and vegetation. Everywhere are Ayleid ruins and stone paths leading to more ruins. Usually there are Daedroths, Storm and Frost Atronachs, Clannfears, and Spider Daedras in the ruins. But it appeared the ruins were devoted of life when they have arrived. They kept their guard up as they entered the ruins. After some time searching the ruins for any since of life, they found a body in the center of the ruins, unconscious.

The individual in question is wearing strange garment that Jebrus had never seen before. He was once part of the invasion force that came through Cyrodiil, so he had seen how people in the Empire dressed and wore. But the clothes on this one were foreign to him. He looked like any other Imperial in the empire, except his skin is light-tan, but still with some white on it. But he wasn't interested in the details of the human before him. Instead, his focus is what is on the ground.

Near the human, artifacts of Daedric origin laid in a semi-circle. He recognized some of the artifacts that were presented, such as Mehrunes Razor, a dagger that can kill a person with one blow. Even a fault scrap from it would kill you, and it's soul sent to the Deadlands, Mehrunes realm. Along with those were the Welkynd Stone, a crystal with Ayleid magic. The Great Sigil Stone was one of Daedric origin, used to anchor the Great Oblivion Gate. Although it is as small as it was big, he could still sense Daedric magic coming from it. In his hands is the Mysterium Xarxes, a book that was once given to Mankor Cameron. How this human came about acquiring such an artifact was beyond questioning.

'It's no like it was sold to him by some stranger.' Last he heard, I was locked away in the Imperial Tower, under both magical and physical guard. There was no way that someone like him would acquire such a powerful object.

"I'm hungry. Lets eat him." Bill said next to him, interrupting his thoughts.

In responds, he smacked Bill in the back of the head. "No, you moron. Don't you see what he has?"

Bill pondered as he looked down at the unconscious body. He looked between the objects, then the book, then the objects again. He then turned to him. "...Nope, don't see anything."

Once again, he smacked Bill in the back of the head. "Don't you see what he has in his hand?" He pointed his armored hand to the book. "He has the Mysterium Xarxes."

"So? It's probably fake."

"If it's fake, then how did he get into this realm?"


Jebrus smack himself in the head and groaned. "Look," He started to say. "this kid has a Daedric artifact in his hands. I don't know how he got it, but he doesn't look like a regular cultist." He turned to him. "We should let our boss know about this."

"Since when do we call him 'boss'? It's not like he's going to care about this human that smells of bacon."

"Oh, I think would want to see this." He started lifting the human onto his shoulder. "Help me with this one. Take his stuff. Let's get him to the boss."

He nodded and started picking up the book with one hand and gathering the objects with another. They take the artifacts and the human, and made they're journey to the huge mountain summit.

Far away from the boundary's of Gaiar Alata, a palace stood resting among the snowy mountain side of Paradise. The building itself is of Ayleid origin, white marble with glass marble. The front of the palace consisted of a large pool in the middle, a stable to the right for conjured beasts, and a tanner to the left where they would skin any animals captured. The door to the inside of the palace had a green glass that shapes a tree on it. Several Kynmarchers are guarding the area, looking for anything to kill. Inside, the main throne room was as big as the ceiling itself. Along the steps, a throne is presented, along with a couple of tables to the side. In said throne, a Dremora by the name of Kathutet sat on the throne.

Kathutet is one of the Dremora who was sent to Mankar's Paradise by order of Mehrunes. He used to guard the exit of the Savage Gardens, until Mankar Camoran was killed. The actions of Kathutet, along with several mages, had saved Paradise from current demise. However, with Mankar Camoran dead, Kathutet stepped in as lord of this realm, until the book finds a new master. Although he is the rank of Kynval, he does posses some skill in commanding. Several Dremora didn't like the decision he made and attempted a coup. It would have worked, if it wasn't for his servant, Anaxes. He rules over the Savage Gardens, killing any Immortal he sees. The Dremora wanted him on their side, but he told him about the coupé. Days when the rebellion happened, a bunch of Dremora, along with heavily armored Immortal's, came charging at the palace where he resides. They were immediately ambushed when they arrived. Since that day, things have been running smoothly.

Kathutet sat on throne with a bored expression. He hated lording over other Dremora. Not because he cares for them, but rather that its boring. Nothing had happened since the attempted coup, and while he did enjoy some peace and quiet, it was quiet boring. If something doesn't happen, he might have had to go out and kill some Immortals to satisfy his boredom.

Just when he decided to up and leave for a hunt, the doors burst open, revealing two Kynval with one of them holding a human in strange clothing. The guards in the throne room They immediately set the human down and kneeled before him.

"Speak." He said simply. While he was annoyed at a couple of Dremora found their way to his palace, His grey eyes, fell on the human in interest. Normally, his kind would just slaughter any human that came his way.

The one that carried the human spoke first. "My lord, we found a human in some strange garment at the Savage Gardens."

"I can see that." He said, his voice stating that his patience's wearing thin. "But why would bring him here and not kill him."

"Well, sir, that's the thing." The other Dremora spoke up. "He has this Daedric artifact with him." He reached into his.....well he doesn't know, and procured a tome. Kathutet got up from his throne and went down the long steps. Once he had gotten down, he came toward the Dremora and grabbed the book from him. He looked at the book and couldn't believe his eyes.

He couldn't actually believe it. It was the Mysterium Xarxes. A book written by Mehrunes Dagon and given to Mankar Camoran. The very same book that created his Paradise, the one he was sent to.

He looked at the Dremora as the both got up from kneeling. "Where did you find him again?"

"The Savage Gardens, my lord." The Dremora from before said. "Me and my friend, Bilifulag, were patrolling around the area. But we felt some magical energy coming from the gardens, so we went there to investigate the energy signature, and then we found him." The Dremora gave him a questioning look. "If I may ask, sir. Why is it so important?"

"Because this thing," Kathutet motioned to the book. "is the Mysterium Xarxes."

The two Kynval's stared at him with wide eyes, shocked by this revelation. The one Dremora slapped the other one, Bilifulag, his name is, by the back of his head. "I told you it was the real thing."

"Ow." Bilifulag rubbed the back of his neck. "You didn't have to hurt me."

"Oh, shut up you big baby. I was right and you were wrong. So suck it."

Bilifulag murmured something under his breath while he continued to rub the back of his head, sending glares his way. Kathutet almost laughed at the display, but he still had a reputation to uphold in this realm. "Enough! There is no time for games. We have an opportunity here."

"What do you mean?" They both questioned.

Kathutet walked over to one of the Ayleid mosaic windows, the sunlight glistened on his armor. He looked over throughout the whole realm itself. From the fleeing Immortals to the wildlife. "It means," A mischievous grin was soon plastered on his face. "we found a new master."


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'Hello darkness, my old friend.' I thought to myself as I floated around in the dark abyss. It was weird. I felt like I was floating in water, except I couldn't hear anything, feel anything, or move any limbs. It was just me, alone in the dark void, crippled for god knows how long.

I knew I shouldn't have read that stupid book. In fact, I should have burned the book when I had the chance. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy have an artifact from a game that may be real. But the last thing I need was some demons running around the place, killing anything in site. Equestria, and the world of Midgard, already has enough problems with the caribou.

'Could I be....dead'. No, that can't be. I mean, I just got to this new world. I couldn't be dead right away. Besides, I'm to young to die. I still have a life to live.

'So this is what death is like, huh?' I thought it would be more.......meaningful or something.' I imagine some of the things that has happened while I was away, like my brother looking for me while he and his friends are stuck in the city. Hell, maybe my parents already knew that I was missing. Or possibly dead. Or worse.

Then, I saw something. A light at the edge of the darkness. It grew bigger and bigger, until the entire realm was engulfed in brightness.

I groaned as I tried to open my eyes. Everything was a blur, the brightness of the room didn't make it much better either. I closed my eyes and rubbed them with my knuckles. After about a minute of that, I opened them for a second time. The blurriness was gone, but the room was still bright. I blinked for a couple of times before the brightness was toned down a little. I brought myself up and looked around the room I was in.

I was in a bedroom of sorts, that much was certain. However, it wasn't just any ordinary room. The room itself was very clean, the white tiles shine as the sun. To the right of me, there was a small pool, with a waterfall coming from above. The water itself was crystal clear, not like the ones that I've seen on Earth or Midgard. To the left of be were some cabinets that were close to the wall. There was also a fire place behind me, still burning with fire. A small table is next to the fire place with two cups and a pitcher. Next to the fire, three swords were presented upon the small rack. Below them was a chest with the same style as the outer layer of the fire place. Another table was also right next to the weapon racket. The table and its chairs were wooden, thought it was a little bigger than the one next to the fire place. On its table were two cups of mysterious content, two plates with food on it, and the Mysterium Xarxes laying on the table.

I slowly got up from the bed, which was surprisingly comfortable. I was like one of those memory foamed beds back on Earth. The sheet itself was a smooth red silk that makes you want to just stay in bed. But I wasn't tempted by the concept. I was thirsty, after all. I groaned as my head was pounding like there's no tomorrow. I slowly went down some small steps that surrounded the bed. I could hear the sound of the water falling into the small pool. Once I reached the bottom, I had a massive pain shot through my head. I lead against a pillar as I rubbed my temples. This sudden pain never happened to me before. Maybe I was using too much magic? I heard from Lyra when we were traveling that when you use too much magic, your body is being drained of its contents and can hurt you. She tried that once when she was trying to clean her friends house.

Suffice to say, the house was burned down, but they survived.

Once the pain had subsided, I walked toward the table, the smell of cooked meat made my mouth water. I hadn't eaten anything for hours. Once I got to the table and sat down in one of the chairs, I scan the contents on the table. There was two chicken legs on my plate and a bowl of pasta, with some salad on the side. It all looked hot and fresh, like it was made moments ago.

Of course, my mind was giving me alarms. One the one hand, I was in a completely different place than the Everfree Forest. However, if someone did capture me, I would have been thrown into a cell and not a room. It seemed like something from a scary movie of sorts. The moment I start to sit down and eat, something is going to come in and kill me. Or worse. However, I was also remind that I was vanished. I had eaten anything for hours, since this whole thing began. It would be a waste to not eat something.

'Ah, screw it.'

I sat down and started to dig in. I grabbed one of the chicken legs and some pasta, along with some salad. Let me tell you, once I taken a bit out of the chicken, I felt that I was in heaven. I moaned as the food was eaten and swallowed in my mouth. I grabbed the pitcher and poured myself something to drink, which turned out to be water. I drank the water to wash down the food.

Before I knew it, I already cleaned up the entire plate of food and gone for seconds. After some time, the only things on my plate were six bones and some strings of pasta. My stomach looked like it was ready to pop like a balloon. I closed my eyes in bliss to rest a bit, with a goofy grin on my face.

"Looks like your awake."

I opened my eyes, and turned to the source of the voice.

My heart stopped immediately what I saw.

Right in front of me, in the flesh, was a Dremora. A real one. Thought there was a lot of difference from him than the ones from the game. The skin on his face was a mixture of black and red. Both of his eyes were grey, with his left eye having a scar running down it. The armor that he wore looks like the ones in Skyrim when you either summon one or make the armor. He had a crown on his head that looks like the ones the Jarl's in Skyrim wear to symbolized their authority. His horns are like those of a ram. His hair is raven-black.

"Now that you are awake, we need to have a talk." He said. His voice sounded normal, which was strange since the Dremora are known for having disoriented robot-like voice.

Now someone in my position would have been scared shitless. But to be honest, this didn't surprised me at all. After everything that has happened, from arriving to another planet, from being attacked by furries that want to rape any females they see, to magic, I decided to just 'roll with it', as it were. However, I was still a bit scared of what the Dremora is going to do to me.

"W-who are you?!?" I said, sounding a bit scare so as to not arouse suspicion. I already know what he is, but I just want to make sure.

He sent a glare my way, obviously trying to size me up. "My name is Kathutet, permanent ruler of this realm, and I have some....questions for you."

"So let me get this straight," He said, one of his armored hands rubbing his temple, his eyes shut in concentration. "You bought this book, the most powerful artifact created by our Prince, from a mysterious vendor in a 'convention' for twenty dollars, and the next thing you knew you arrive in some other world filled with Kha'jiit-type people?"

We arrive in what I assume would be the throne room. Like the bedroom I was in, this room had a familiar style. White marble glistened the floor and the walls, with some green glass in the outer layers of the walls. On top of the sets of steps, was the throne for the ruler of Paradise. Behind said throne, is a large garden with different planets and trees I've never seen before. Dremora guards were standing at attention, some holding the handles of their swords. Two other Dremora were presented as well, flanking me from both sides. Although the Dremora are all the same color, the differences are in the eyes and hair. The one that flanked me on the left had white hair that is tied to a pony tail with black eyes, while his friend had short black hair with green eyes. It seemed to make sense if they can tell the difference to each other.

I nodded. "Yeah, that' in a nutshell." I was kind of surprised that he wanted to talk to me instead of killing me. I learned throught the game that the Dremora are a war-like race that proudly serve Dagon. To take a human alive.........well, its just weird.

There was a moment of silence that followed. I saw Kathutet with an expression on his face. If there was one thing to describe his face, it would be one of disappointment. Honestly, who could blame him? I just bought an artifact from the hands of a normal merchant.

This lead me to think about that guy. Did he know about the artifact? Where did he get it from? Did he even know that it was cursed? All questions and no answers. Thought, the guy that did sell me it did seem a do I put this.......wrong. I mean, I was getting a strange vive from him when I did see him. Like he just went to Hell and made a deal with the Devil, then screwed the Devil over some serious money and walked away from it alive.

".....That's just dumb."

I was pulled out of my thoughts by the Daedra that was next to me (Bilifulag, I think his name is), as all the others were just looking at him with different expressions.

I sighed. "Look, I know this own thing is stupid, but-"

"Oh, no. I get that someone sold a powerful artifact. But why twenty 'dollars'? I would have sold it for thirty 'dollars'."


The other one that flanked me, Jebrus, stared at his friend with a dead pan expression. "What the hell do you mean?"

"Look," Bilifulag said, trying to explain his opinion to his breatheren. "we know that the Mysterium Xarxes is written by our master, and given to Mankar Cameron. It helps him create his Paradise, which we call home. So if we sell it for thirty or forty dollars more-"

"Enough!" Kathutet shout from his throne, glaring down at him. "We will not sell something that belongs to us. Get that through your thick head!" I could tell that he was mad at his comrades, and I would feel the same way myself if some would talk about selling a powerful artifact that belonged to Dagon.

Bilifulag nearly cringed at his outburst. "All right! All right! Sorry! Geeez!"

A deadly silenced filled the air after that outburst. I could almost feel the intense magic building inside Kathutet, ready to unleash it in front of Bilifulag.

"Soooo." I started to speak, trying to change the subject before they did anything drastic. "What's going to happen to me now?"

Kathutet looked at me with one of curiosity, even if he didn't show it. "Normally, any human we find in our realm would be killed on site, as we have done for sometime. We've dealt with mages, dark wizards and cultist that wanted to control Gaiar Alata. But they failed to do this without the necessary items. However," He stood up from his throne and walked down the set of stairs. "you have found the very thing that created this place. It is written by our master, Mehrunes Dagon, and given to Mankar Camoran, leader of the Mythic Dawn, as a place for his family and fellow cultist." He stops right in front of me, sizing me up. "Unfortunately, the Imperials found out about my master's plan and send the Blades after the cult. They're so-called 'Hero' killed Mankar. If he is killed, then Paradise disappears. However, thanks to my quick thinking and a couple of mages, we placed a spell on it to save the realm."

"A spell on the realm itself?" I asked him. I was quite curious as to how they pulled it of. "How did you do it?"

"It wasn't hard. I just had to sacrifice a few Immortals."

I looked right behind me at our newcomer standing in the hallway. He wore the same armor as the rest of them, but he had a hood over his face. He carried a daedric staff with him, like any other wizard I've seen in movies or T.V. shows. His hood concealed what he looks like, but his eyes were frost blue, with years of intelligent in them.

"Ah, Xucruroth. Glad of you to join us." Kathutet greeted this newcomer with a casual greeting. "How are things in the realm?"

"Controlled mostly. Nothing has changed except for a disturbance I felt earlier." He looked at me with a look of interest. "I assume this is one?"

Kathutet nodded. "Yes. Apparently, he found the Mysterium Xarxes and entered the realm."

"I see." He murmured as he inspected me, his frosty eyes scanning me. "And did you procure this book, human?"

"I-I bought it from some guy that was selling it." I answered quickly. I was totally scared right now because of him. He gave off a sinister vive, which was no surprised considering he is a powerful mage of sorts.

He looked at me as if I told a worse joke in history. His expression remained neutral, which surprised me. I though he would be mad like the rest of them. Or at least upset.

"Well then, human." He started to say. "Since you now have the book, that now makes you the new ruler of the realm."

".......what?" My eyes widened and my jaws almost literally dropped to the floor when he said those words. Even the Dremora in the room were surprised by this as well.

He shifted his weight, hold the staff with both hands. "You see, me and several other mages casted a spell over this very realm. It released this place from Mankar Cameron's control. Anyone that has the Mysterium Xarxes and can read it clearly can become the official ruler of the realm." He stated. He shifted his attention to Kathutet. "The book he has is real. I've sensed its power the moment I stepped into the palace."

"What a minute. Isn't Kathutet ruler of this realm?" I asked. He said that he rules over the Daedra in this realm.

Kathutet snorted "Please. As if I want to rule over these idiots. I just maintain this realm until someone with the book comes and rules it."

"Oook." I murmured, still trying to rap my head around all of this. "Just....what do I do if I accepted ownership of the realm?"

"Everything." Xucruroth said from my side. I turned my head to look at him and listened. "Although the realm itself is small, we do have an army for you to call upon, should you find yourself in a situation. You will also have some magic at your disposal, as well as some war beasts in our realm."

My head felt light as I tried to come to terms with everything. My brain was still trying to catch up on what he said. Me, a ruler over an Oblivion Realm? It has to be a joke of sorts. This has to be some sort of joke. I love the Elder Scroll series, including the Daedric Princes. They were powerful beyond any creature that ever lived, have their own realms to rule in, and don't give a shit about anyone. To have my own realm? It would be so cool! I can what to tell Lyra and Bon Bon about this. They would be so-

'Oh shit!' I thought. 'I forgot about them!' I've been so caught up with all of what's happening, that I forgot that I was hunt for some food for us. They must be worried sick for me!

Taking a deep breath, I calmly looked at them. "Look, I would love nothing more than to say yes. But I have to get going."

Kathutet looked a me in confusion. "Why is that?"

"Because," I started to explain. "I have some....'people' that are depending on me to survive. And I need to get back to then." I rubbed the back of my neck with one of my hands. "This is all going too fast for me. Can you give me some time to think about it."

Kathutet looked at me for a moment, like I have decided to give away ten billion dollars to some orphanage. After some time, he nodded. "I understand." He motioned for the guards that flanked me. They stepped up and bowed to him. "I want you to escort him back to his realm." He looked a me once again. "Use the book again, should you consider our offer."

I nodded. Bilifulag and Jebrus flanked me once again and started marching out, with me behind them. One of the guards opened the door for us, leading us to the outside world of Paradise.

Let me tell you this. It was beautiful.

The Paradise seemed to pale in comparison to the one in Oblivion. The colors of both they sky and the ground were vibrant. Healthy-looking trees swayed in the wind. The sun itself was more colorful that the one from Earth. The sky itself is light blue, with a hint of color to some clouds. I found out that the palace was in a mountain overlooking the entire realm. The snow off the ground were more white than the ones I've seen from Earth. The pine trees were more exotic and colorful, with light brown settings and light green pines. It was all some mesmerizing. I could just stay on this mountain for some time and watch the sun.

I was snapped out of my trance by a finger poking me on the shoulder. I saw Jebrus with an annoyed expression on his face as he waited for me to move. I continued walking, with both of them flanking by my side once again.

As we continued to climb down the small mountain. I was still trying to rap my head around all of this. This place, and the residents within, are real. The game that I played was real. The Dremora.....are real. And now I've been given a chance to rule over the realm, to actually lead an army of demons that were made to serve a god.

'Just what the hell have I gotten myself into?'


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We walked past some Ayleid ruins was we...well....walked towards the Savage Garden, the place where they found me unconscious. The two guards that were escorting me explained something to me, though I wasn't listening because I was FUCKING EXCITED AS SHIT!!!!!

Well, excited isn't a word I would describe this.....entire thing. But my point still stands. I am now the ruler of this realm and everything in it. It was funny, actually. The Dremora were created to serve Mehrunes Dagon, and to kill any mortal that stood in their way. Throughout the game, I've never seen any mortal taken command of a Dremora. Except in Skyrim, where there is a spell that can summon a Demora. But you can only summon one of them. Not a whole army. And then there was a worry of them stabbing you in the back.

During our trip, I'd manage to take a good look of the world I was in. Like everything in the realm, I was all beautiful. It remained me of the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco my family went to when I was nine. Different types of planets that I knew and didn't knew were all over the place. The fauna in the realm is peaceful as well, which surprised me, considering the Dremora being here. There were different types of aminals that I knew back home, like elks, bucks and deer. There were also some animals that you would find in a zoo, like an elephant or a jaguar. On the hill, I saw two lions lazing around, with cubs trying to wake them up with no resolve. A deer was eating a blade of grass, its long, slender-like neck bent down to eat the grass. A group of prairie dogs stuck there heads out of the little hole, before quickly ducking them back into the hole.

Before I knew it, we reached the Savage Gardens. It wasn't a garden, per-say. It was a bunch of ruins with some vegetation growing on some of the ruins. The design was foreign to me, considering that I'm in an alien world. We walked down the path that lead to a stony circle, with the portal that brought me here still there.

"Alright," The lead one, Bilifulag, grabbed my attention. "This is where we found you while you were unconscious." He pointed to the stone circle. "All you have to do is say the incarnations again, and a portal will appear."

"And after that," Jebrus said. "You should be able to return to the place where the Mysterium had taken you."

I looked back at them. "Are you sure this would work?" I've never read how Mankar Cameron could get out of Paradise after he created it. I assumed that he would magically teleport or something. If so, why didn't he escape from me when I was beating the fuck out of him in the game?

"We're positive that it would work." Bilifulag assured me.

I looked at the stone circle and sighed. If they say it will take me back, then I have to take their word for it.

I approached to the stone circle and brought out the Mysterium Xarxes from one of my coat pockets and opened it. Like before, the Daedric words became clear. I murmured the same incantations as before. Like before, the red portal appeared out of thin air, still shimmered and glowed, almost ready to suck me in. On the other side of the portal was the Everfree Forest, the evening light gave it a slightly peaceful look, which suggested that I may have been gone a few hours.

I turned back to my bodyguards, who gave me a thumbs up in response to the casting of the spell. I turned back to the red portal as it shimmered and rippled like a puddle. I put my foot in first, and then my whole body.

The sun almost set on another day in Equestria. The sunset was very different from the ones back on Earth. For one thing, it was more colorful like all the other surroundings on Midgard. The orange-colored sky blended nicely with the sky. The sun itself was like an orange in the sky, the almost warm light radiated out in the forest before the blue-darkened sky next to it would cover the sky with night, giving it a peaceful look despite its nature. The evening lighA few small animals scurried towards the trees, bushes, or whatever there home was. Most likely to protect themselves from predators like that 'manticore' I dealt with earlier.

While I didn't mind the shinning coloring of the orange sky and some of the more 'peaceful like-look,' I still hurried back to the ruined castle.

I didn't know how long I was out in Paridise, but I knew that Bon Bon and Lyra were probably worried sick about me.

Speaking of which...

While I continued to ran, I managed to scavenge some types of leaves that I knew were edible, along with some berries. I put them in a sack that I manage to sneak out of the castle. I can't go back to the castle empty handed. Of course, the guards didn't care about it.

I arrived at the castle with no predators chasing after me. I was almost out of breath by the time I crossed the bridge. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath. After taking a few deep breaths, I opened the large, oak doors and went inside.

Lyra and Bon Bon were gathered around a small fire they had managed to get going. The armor that they wore while trekking through the forest were replaced by some clothes they had found. Although the clothes themselves looked like they were from the Medieval Times, still looked like they were washed. Bon Bon was wearing a white, sleeveless dress that hugged her body. On the side of the dress was a picture of a sun. Lyra was wearing a dark, navy-blue dress that had straps at each shoulder. Both of V-neck collar allowed me to see a little bit of cleavage.

"Wow." I said as I looked at them. "Where did you find those?"

"We found them while looking around the castle." Bon Bon was the first to answer. She examined the clothing she wore. "Although, its not the best chose for comfort."

"I'll say." Lyra exclaimed as she scratched at every location in her body. "These things are suuuuper tight and itch. Why would they even wear them?"

I chuckled at Lyra's antics. "Maybe because they didn't know much about fashion in the old days" I reached into the sack and grabbed some berries and a few edible leaves. "I managed to scrounge up some fruits for you since-"

"MINE!!!" Lyra shot out like a fighter jet and grabbed the food, coming back to her corner and eating it like it was no tomorrow.

Bon Bon glared at her. "LYRA!!! This-" She looked at me and I shrugged. "stallion trugged out in the forest for hours. At least show some respected."

Lyra looked at Bon Bon with a face full of berries and leaves, the red juices stained her coat. "Whab?" She tried to say, even when her face is full.

Bon Bon sighed. "At least offer him some berries you snagged." She then glanced back at me. "Which reminds me, where were you? You gone for hours. We almost had to get out and search for you."

Shit! I had to think of something. "I It took me hours to get some food."

Bon Bon looked at me with both concern and suspension, mostly the latter. "Oook.....Well, what about you? Aren't you hungry?"

I smiled at her. "Don't worry about me. I'm not that hungry yet." It was a lie. But it would have to do. And because I already ate some nice food at Paradise. I thought internally.

"You sure your not hungry." Lyra managed to say after gulping down some food, before digging in again. "Thds sob is good."

"Hey, don't worry." I managed to say, trying not to laughed at Lyra's adorable face. So I managed to sit down and watch the two of them eat something. After some time, both of them were already full. We sat around a while and talked a bit. They asked me about where I came from and what its like. I told them about my home, my life, my species, everything I can remember. I soon started to asked them about their home.

They told me a bit of history of Equestria. Long ago, the ponies were once separated into three tribes. The Pegasus, the Earth Ponies and the Unicorns depended on each other for food, weather and magical stuff. One day, a magical....I don't know...wind species known as the Windigos spread winter throughout the land. They feed on the hate of every tribe they come across. The ponies started arguing and pinning the blame on each other. The more they argue, the more the Windigo's fed on it and become more powerful. One day, each representative of the tribes tried to find some land. Princess Platinum of the Unicorns, along with her assistance, Clover. Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy of the Pegasi. Chancellor Pudding Head (really?) and Smart Cookie of the Earth Ponies. They found the land they were looking for, but the problem was that each of the different pony subspecies were there as well. They started arguing and almost thrown themselves into a war, when one of ponies, Clover the Clever, saw what is causing this division in the first place. The accounts didn't say how it was achieved, but the pony tribes banded together and saved Equestria from an eternal winter. To this day, After the 'Discord Rebellion', Equestia stood as a beacon of peace and unite.

Or...used to. Before the caribou came and fucked it up. Literally.

I was actually enticed by this story. A whole species united for the sole purpose of survival. I kind of wish our species was like that. United, living peacefully with one another, no discrimination or racism. Alas, that dream is but a faded reminder of why we do what we do.

Maybe one day it will happen.

By the time we sat, the sun already had gone down and night had come. I checked my phone (which I almost completely forgot) and the time was eleven-thirteen, which meant that we were here for four hours.

I got up and stretched my arms. "Well, I think its time we hit the hay. It's getting late."

Bon Bon looked at me with one eyebrow raised. "But there is no hay around here."

"It's an expression. It means we get some sleep." I said. I saw her blush.

Lyra yawned (which was cute, like a puppies yawn) and stretched her arms. "Yeah, it is getting late. Lets get some shut eye."

I nodded and went to the stairs, looking back a them. "Lets find something to sleep on." Now, I know what your thinking. That I'm probably going to sleep with two beautiful furries with somewhat big breast.

I'm going to remind myself to hunt you down later and get a bunch of Dremora to rape you. 'Cause you deserve it, you sick perverts.

The two mares nodded as they both followed me up the stairs. There were two hallways for us to go to. I chose the left one and walked down the hall. I brought out my phone and turned on a flashlight feature. The mares were both amazed by this.

Through the darkness, the hall itself was like what the rest of the castle was. Vines and moss grew around every corner. A large stones littered the hallway, with moss growing at the top. More tapestry and banners were tore, there colors faded by time. Some pony-knights stood with different weapons in there grasps, some rusted while some looked like they were ready to break. The doors themselves almost looked like they were ready to fall apart any second. This was true when Lyra reached the door handle, only for it to fall to the ground while she yelped. Some of the rooms we went to fared no better. In one room was a small office, complete with a small library. The books themselves seemed faded, there colors lost through time and its design almost destroyed. The desk was destroyed a long time ago, a large stone smashed it. Another room had multiple beds, which I could guest was a servants room. The beds were destroyed, had sheets missing or multiple spiders that made there homes there. A small part of the ceiling opened up to the night sky, allowing us to see the night sky.

What can I say about the first night I saw in Midgard? It was fucking beautiful.

The night itself looked much more cooler than the ones back on Earth. The stars themselves looked brighter, some big while some small. Some stars formed constellations that are similar to the ones back on Earth, like the Big Dipper and Ares. Some small cluster of stars up in the sky almost look like a cloud, a colorful, small cloud. The moon itself was more bigger than the other on back on Earth. The surface of the moon seemed more colorfully white. Lyra and Bon Bon said that Princess Celestia banished her sister, Princess Luna, to the moon because she was posed by some creature of darkness that became known as Nightmare Moon. In fact, this castle served as a battle ground between the wielders of some ancient artifact known as the 'Elements of Harmony' and Nightmare Moon after she was released from her thousand-year imprisonment. The elements were able to purge Nightmare and bring back Princess Luna.

This added to the list of 'shit I can't even comprehend.' And it was getting bigger through this whole shitfest.

We continued down the hallway, checking rooms to find a place to sleep. All the rooms were almost destroyed or in disarray for us to live in. By the time we reached the end of the hallway, we already checked all the rooms. There was a set of spiraling stairs that lead to, what I assumed to be the, top of the castle. We decided to check it out before we could check the right hallway. I went in front while the mares stayed in the back. The light from my IPhone lit the way, seeing cobwebs and burnt out torches on the wall.

We arrived upstairs to another room, though it was unlike any room we've seen. It was big, big enough to fit 20 people in here, and there was no sign of time ever affecting this place. The walls, although fade, had a hint of a pure white. The curtains on the windows were golden yellow, glistening in the moonlight like little stars. There was desk in the corner of the room, the oak never dulled or looked weak. A large, queen size bed occupied the back wall. The sheets were golden like the curtains. On the top of the sheets was a symbol of a sun with solar flares coming out of each side.

Lyra and Bon Bon were already looking around the room, looking at various nick-nacks. I found myself being drawn toward the desk. The wood looked like it was brought in from a furniture store. There was an ink quill and ink on the desk with a bunch of scrolls laying in the middle of the desk. Small books were shelved at the corner, each one a different color. A picture laid next to the ink quill. I picked up the picture and examined it.

In the picture were a couple of small fillies standing next to another mare. The first one had a pure white coat that seemed to glistened in the sun. She had a pink mane and tail that did go well with her rainbow-like eyes. Unlike the other ponies I've seen so far, she had both wings and a horn that is a mixture of white and golden. The next filly is the same as the white one, but different age wise. She was smaller than her counter part. She had a navy-blue coat with a dark blue mane and tail. Her horn had a touch of blue with some dark blue as its spiral. They both worn something that would resemble royalty in the medieval ages. The grown mare in the background had a white coat like the smaller one, with a red mane and tail. She was laying on a piece of sofa like one would a recliner. The picture depicted the white pony (.....unipegias....peguaunicorn......whatever the fuck they are) wearing what seemed to be a golden crown on her head, a big smile on her face. The other dark blue one looked like she was about to whine, a disappointing looking in her face. The mare, which is their mother, look at them with a smile on her face. The background was inside the castle, back before they abandoned it.

Did I mention how adorable they are? They make puppies and cute babies in our world seem...less cute.

I smiled at the picture that was in front of me. Clearly, this was taken in a time where everything was right in the world, even if it was long ago.

"OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOHOHMYGOSHTHISISTHEBESTTHINGEVER!!!" I head Lyra yelling over something in the door to, what I assumed to be the bathroom. I placed the picture back on the desk and walked over to the door to the bathroom.

My jaw nearly hit the floor after what I saw.

I opened the door and was treated to a site so bazar. Like the room I was previously in, time held no affect on this place. It was big, complete with a large pool and a mini tub in the corner. To the left were towels that had a golden cloth with a picture of the sun on it. To the right were some shelves that held some products, like shampoo and 'coatwash.' At the far end of the room was a golden toilet. Yes. An actual golden toilet with golden curtains for them to do...'business'. A sun was depicted on the sides of the toilet, as well as the top. Lyra is hopping around with glee while Bon Bon was staring at it in shock. The water inside seemed to be warm as I touched.

'THIS IS THE BATHROOM?!?!' I went out of the bathroom and looked over the window from the side of the bathroom, seeing nothing but a flat surface. I looked at the inside, then back out. It was some Dr. Who shit in here. I've honestly thought I had seen everything in this world of magic. I guess not.

Why would the princesses have a bathroom that is literally a temple? I have no idea.

"This......this.....THIS IS PRINCESS CELESTIA'S PERSONAL BATHROOM!!!!" Now it was Bon Bon's turn to scream...or yell in this case. "I thought this place was just a myth!"

"Well, looks like its not." I said as I stared at the bathroom. After standing there, gawking at it for god knows how long, I snapped out of it. "Well, I'll leave you girls to your business. Let me know when your done." I got to admit, I did smell like shit, even after everything that happened today. I really they have something to

I walked out the door and closed it behind them, leaving them to there business. I sat down near one of the chairs that was in the room. I reached into my pockets and grabbed my phone. I entered my password on it and proceeded to watch some videos while I waited for them.

After a while, they have finished their business, which they came out in dripping towels.

Let me tell you about there bodies...............DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNN!!!! They make super models in my world look like worms compared to this!

Ignoring their bodies (which was really hard) I went into the bathroom and took of my clothes, as well as some personal items. I went to one of the shelves and chose a shampoo, which is used for manes only, but I can make do. I felt the hot water all around me after I went in. The dirt, blood and grim in my body suddenly washed away from me. I squeezed a little shampoo on my hair and started washing it.

After about ten minutes in the bath, I went out and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around my body. Lyra and Bon Bon managed to search the servants quarters for something for me to wear. They managed to find a set of clothes for me to wear. A white blouse underneath a brown vest and brown trousers. It wasn't the most comfortable thing to where, but it was the only thing they can find.

After a long day, we both hopped onto the bed and managed to get some sleep.

Ok. I lied.

I didn't get any sleep.

It was 12:30 at midnight when I was awake, my mind was swirling with memories of today. So much has happened today, so many questions in my mind. But out of every question, ranging from stupid ones to reasonable, only one struck my mind.

Why me?

Unlike those shitty fan fictions you see on the internet, my life went smoothly for me. I was about to graduate from high school with a diploma, got accepted into a college at Northern Oregon and I had great friends and family. Then my brother proposed that I go to a convention with his friends. The next I know, I was in a different world filled with magic and super sexy furries with breasts that would put the sexy women of Earth to shame.

If you say that its a dream come true, I swear by all the Daedric Princes and gods in this world, I will find you and slice your body open, and force feed your intestine, while cutting off your dick and shoving it in your ass again and again until you BLEED OUT!



Ahem...moving on.

Let's not forget what has happened some hours ago. I was in a Daedric realm, which shouldn't exsist at all, and being made a ruler of it. While I was excited to have a realm to rule, there was also the problem of telling Bon Bon and Lyra of this. I mean, I can't just say 'Hey, I'm in control of an entire army of demons that can destroy the world with one click of a finger.' Yeah, that will go well.

So I laid there, Lyra and Bon Bon curled up beside me, holding my arms. I could tell from the scrunched up faces and the mumbiling in their voices that they were having a bad dream. Most likely dramatized from all the things they endured. Beaten, humiliated and raped like animals. I couldn't blame them. But I now hate the caribou even more.

By instinct, I slowly wiggled my arms out from their grips and petted their manes slowly, mumbling that everything is going to be alright. It seemed to calm them down a little, but it didn't stop the nightmares from going away. They stopped shaking a little, which was an improvement.

I decide I need some fresh air to help me think, since I wasn't even tired from the hard day today. Slowly, as to not wake them, I got myself out of the bed, grabbing my phone and Mehrunes Razor on the nightstand next to me. I walked out of the room and slowly closed the rotten door. Coming down the spiral stairs, I walked down the long (and somewhat scary) hallway, thinking to myself.

Ok, so I was in a fucked up world with magic. And I have magic as well, to point out. And an army as well. So I do have an advantage when those caribou find us. But right now, we should stay as far away as possible from them. If I saw anything from films and shows, they would find us eventually. I should find transportation so I can get of this occupied nation and into some neutral lands. Probably find some harbor in the area and find a boat to sail us somewhere.

And maybe, If we reach someplace, then I would find a spell to bring me ho-

Something moved in the shadows. I was already in the main entrance of the castle when I saw something big move. I sheathed my knife and set my left hand ablaze with fire. "Whose there?!?!" I looked at the direction where the shadow was moving. It looked at me with small, but fearful eyes. I decided that 'fuck it, he won't answer' and shot magic at it. What I didn't see, however was the creature moving away, the sound of hooves hitting the stone filled the air. The fireball missed it, but it did help illuminated the area.

I could have swore that it looked human a minute ago.

The silhouette of.....something...went out of the castle through the large wooden doors. I didn't know what it was, but for all I know, it could be one of those caribou basterds that somehow found us. As per instinct (and maybe sere stupidity), I ran outside the castle and chased it.

It didn't went far, as I saw it cross the wooden bridge and down some steeps that I didn't see before. Now, I know what your thinking. 'Why didn't just leave it the fuck alone and moved on?'


I ran after the thing, crossing the wooden bridge. After getting off of it, I follow it to a set of steps that seemed to be carved into the rock. Next to the castle, no less. I carefully walked down the steps, Mehrunes Razor out with my right hand and fire coming out of my left hand. Maybe it was leading me into a trap, a false sense of security before attacking me. I wasn't going to give it the satisfaction. I may not know much about magic in this world, but that I have to do is think of some thought and BOOM! Magic. After what seemed like some time, I finally managed to reach the bottom of some chasm.

I lifted my left hand that's on fire, helping me see clearly.

What I saw was the most beautiful thing I've seen in this world.

The stairs, as I have stated earlier, lead to a chasm of sorts. Inside the chasm was a small cave, with clump of vines and a few flowers. A few large crystals that seemed to be imbedded into the ground above. In the middle of the cave was a large, willow-like tree. It wasn't any normal tree, since the thing was made entirely out of crystals. If one would look at it, it would almost look like a star. On the trees branches were different colors of gems, ranging from red, orange, purple, yellow and pink. In the center of the tree is another red gem in a shape of a star. The carvings of the sun and the moon were located at the bottom of the branch.

I stared at it in awe. It was like something out of a legend or a myth. To think it was under this castle the entire time...

Whoever the intruder is, it wanted me to be here. No one can hear a scream from deep in a chasm, can they? I wanted to search for it, for some reason, I feel drawn towards the crystal tree. It was like some kind of calling, a voice tell me. Before I even knew it, I was already close to the tree, glowing and glistening in the moonlight.

Once again, I looked all around me, my eyes scanning the small alcove. I was pretty sure that whoever was in the castle is either still here, or gone. Hopefully the latter.

I sheathed my dagger and put out the flames in my hands. I started to extend my left hand towards the tree, not too fast. Slowly and carefully, I extended my hand, while also listening for any sound. I could hear anything aside from my breathing. It's as if no sound existed at all.

When my hand touched the base of the tree, everything went black.

'I really got to stop do this.' I thought as I floated in the darkness....again. It's getting annoying.

However, It wasn't as dark as the last two times. Everywhere around me were billions upon billions of stars, twinkling and gleaming in the darkness. Nebulas, galaxies, planets and moons occupied that is the freakin' void. I could see Midgard, in all of its glory right next to me. I saw islands separated by oceans, land masses as big the whole of Asia, deserts, snows, and other features that made this world inhabitable. Granted, it almost looked like an exact copy of Earth.

I sighed as I looked at the world below me. 'If this is what it means to die.....Well, I guess it sucks.'

"You are not dead, little one. I have brought you here on my own accord." A deep male voice whispered in the void itself, seemingly coming from everywhere at once.

I tried to look around, but it felt like I was stuck in place. "What do you mean!?!?! Who are you?!?!? Where are you?!?!?!" I couldn't see anything except for the stars and-

I saw some of the stars swirling, coming together. They come within my field of vision as they stirred. The stars started to form into something, like something from the consolations. First they made a set of feet, both left and right. After they were done, the torso was formed. Hands, arms, shoulders, everything was formed. The last thing to form was the head. After that, the stars glowed brighter and brighter until I was blinded by it. I had to cover my face to protect my eyes from the brightness. It seemed like minutes or seconds before the glow died down, allowing me to see what just happened.

The stars had formed a pony. It was actually like the same ponies I have seen in the picture at the office. Except this one was a male, if the long, white beard on his square muzzle told me anything. His long mane shimmered with flames as they danced, almost like it was actually on fire. His coat was a alabaster white, shinning like a bright star. His wings were spread out before me, the feathers themselves were on fire. His horn was long and spiral, a combination of white as the main color and red outlines. His figure was muscular itself, and would give even the most sexy models a run for their money. His armor was silver with some red outlines which shined like a billion stars, a spear in his hand and a sword in the other.

"W-who are you?" I was already scared as shit. It was possible that I was dead and this pony would take me away to.....wherever the hell the ponies believe in.

"Trust me, you are not dead, Marcus." He said, even thought he wasn't moving her lips.

"That still doesn't answer my question. Who are you and what is this place?" I was seriously getting freaked out here. Maybe I was dead and this is my hell. Thought it was pretty, I was still scared shitless.

He smiled, which somehow put me at ease. "I am Odin, the All-Father. I have watched over this world since its birth, and left my daughters to watch over it when I was called back to Asgard."

"Oook." I said. "So what do you want with me?"

"It is simple. I have chosen you to be my champion."

"......what?" I looked at her like he was a homeless man that claims he's god, and that we must eat hot dogs in repentance for our sins

His face had a serious look. "You hear me." His eyes, filled with wisdom and experience, looked at me. "The world is in peril. You might have noticed by now the change in power."

I nodded. "Yeah. The caribou. They're the ones that tried to rape Bon Bon and Lyra."

"That is correct." He frowned. "The magic that they posses is anything that Midgard has seen in ages since Discord's Downfall. They have manage to take over Equestria and overthrow my daughters, using them like slaves."

"If that's the case, then why don't you go down there and do something?" If what she said was true, if her daughters were captured and sold, then she might have done something already.

He had a saddened smile on him. "I wish I could, but I've been killed long ago, and since then maintained order in Asgard." He once again had a serious look on him, glaring at the world of Midgard itself. "But I fear that these caribou have somehow unleashed a great evil that is steering in Midgard. For what it is, I can not say. I fear that the Elements, created by my very hands, can not defeat this unseen darkness." He smiled once again. "However, all hope is not lost." He pointed his spear at me. "I have watched you since your arrival on Midgard. You posse a magic that can not be explained, and an army of demons that can obey your every word. I do not know who or what sent you here to Midgard, but you might be the only hope Equestria, and this world needs."

.....sometimes I hate my life.

I closed my eyes as I started to think. I was rapping my head around all of this, Odin's explanation and all. Supposedly, a god has chosen me to free this world from a new evil, even though he doesn't know what it is. Normally in some book the hero would accept this and do some sissy-ass speech and what not.

News flash: THIS. IS. REAL. LIFE!!!!!

I wouldn't accept this sort of thing. I mean, I'm not a fighter or anything. I may have killed the caribou that attacked the ponies, but that was on self-defense. I would just say no and walk away.

However, I can't.

Odin was right about something: someone or something has sent me here for a reason. For what, I do not know. But if I do what Odin says I should do, maybe he might find me a way home, back to my friends and family.

With that thought in mind, I looked at him. "If I do this, can you send me home?"

Odin stroked his beard, his face deep in thought. "Your situation is a very peculiar matter. I will see what I can find out about this."

That is better than nothing, at least. "Then I'll do it." I accepted Odin's offer; to wage war against the caribou, free Equestria and to find out what is causing this darkness he spoke of. I do want to go back home, but I also want to help the peo-I mean 'ponies in Equestria, including Lyra and Bon Bon. I've already seen and heard what the caribou have done and frankly, I'm pissed off. Now, with an army at my back, I have a chance to actually do something. My family were a bunch of military veterans. We fought every war America had, from the first one to the last. My mother would say that I got dad's fighting spirit in him. So you can see why I wanted to do this.

Odin smiled upon me as made my decision. "A wise choice, lad. Whatever you do from here on out will affect this world. In the meantime," He pointed his spear at me, a light emitting from the tip. "I bid you good luck, and may my brothers watch over you."

Everything turned bright.

My eyes snapped open immediately as I found myself on my back, the 'Tree of Harmony' in my field of vision. The night is still young, which means I wasn't gone for that long. I managed to get up in a standing position, using the crystal tree as support. Unlike last time, it didn't give me a vision-quest or anything.

My head felt like a nail was being hammered in by a giant sledgehammer. I had to hold my head in my hands. "Ugh, I'm never going to do this again as long as I live."

"I am surprised that you are alive after that little stunt."

I yelped when some deep, menacing-like voice rang inside the cavern. I grabbed the Razor and sheathed it in my right hand. "WHO'S THERE?!?!?" I frantically shifted to every shadowed-covered area in the alcove.

Something shifted in the shadows in front of me. Channeling some flames in my arms, I prepared to aim it The shadows moved once again, the clopping of hooves getting closer and closer. It wasn't long before something emerged from the shadows itself. Something that I have never seen before.

I don't know what to describe it as. It had a body of a human male, but more built like a body builder and with the body of a horse. It's fur had. The fur on his arms is blood red, and the fur across its chest was pitch black, making it look more like a muscle shirt than anything. He had a set of long, bull-like horns that seemed to make the Devil's horns look like a garden ornament. It's black and white eyes locked on to mine. It's hooves were massive enough to crush me into a bloody mess as it trotted over to me.

"W-who are you?!?!?" I was tensed up as the...thing.....gazed back right at me. I admit, I was scared shitless, but I was also confused. Could it be another beast from the Everfree? A scout working for the caribou? If so, did he watch me the entire time I was out?

Ugh, more questions and less answers.

It stopped when it noticed my magic and my Razor, but didn't seemed terrified. "Calm down, boy. If I would have killed you, I would have."

If it was trying to convince me, it wasn't working. "You still haven't answered my question."

The thing gazed at me for god (or Odin, since he's a god of sort) knows how long. Then it grinned, producing some sharp teeth from its mouth. "I could ask you the same thing. Never in my life have I seen a species such as you."

"Well, I just here. So maybe that's it." It probably wasn't a bad idea to smart talk a giant Right now, I didn't care.

He glared right at me. "That kind of talk will get you killed, you know."

"So why don't you just kill me now? Get it over with?"

"Because we face a common enemy."

Now that peeked my interest. "What do you mean?"

"The caribou are upsetting the balance of this world." He began to explain to me. "Harmony and Chaos are going wild, tearing the world apart. Once the princesses have keep it in check, but after the caribou have captured Canterlot, everything's changed. Their king controls the sun and the moon. With those in they're possession, no nation stood against them. The world is unbalanced, and that's not the worse thing that's happened. Something evil is stirring in the world, and the caribou are behind it somehow. If we don't do something soon, then it will be too late to stop it."

I already know about the whole thing from Odin, but from what he's saying, he wants to team up with me. I gave him a glare, still not trusting him. "And why should I trust you?"

It snorted. "Like I said; if I would have killed you, I would have. Then again, I might have steal your magic while your were unconscious, then killed you."

For some strange reason, I believed him. Why didn't he just finish me off? He had an opportunity to do so. I'm not sure about the 'steal magic' part, but I believed him anyway. However, one more question wouldn't hurt. "Why do you want to team up with me, a young, reckless teenager?"

He snorted. "Don't play dumb with me, boy. I saw that portal you had summoned in the forest hours ago. I entered it and followed you, hiding from those demons living there. I do not know how you manage to find this powerful object, but it is clear that you can command an army. I cannot think anyone else for this task." He looked down at me with a questioning look. "So, what do you say?"

I weighted my options that was presented to me. I didn't think this day would get more weird and interesting. I have been contacted by a real god the world. I wouldn't accept this fro the world, but I needed to find way home. I have an army of Dremora with me to root out the source of the problem. All I have to do is point them in a direction and they do the rest. However, I know little of the world of Midgard except for the history of Equestria from Bon Bon and Lyra. If I have to find this darkness and beat back the caribou, then I need all the help I can get.

"I do it." I answered. I still don't trust him, but I have no other options. "So, what should I call you?"

His grin stretched from ear to ear, pleased to hear my answer. "You can call me....Tirek."

Raid: 1/2

View Online

Once again, night has fallen on Equestria. Luna's moon, now controlled by King Dainn, glowed in the sky, issuing another day gone by. Across the country, every brain-washed males and caribou started to go home and fall asleep after a day of rape and pleasure. In the small town called Ponyville, everyone was asleep, save for a few stallions and caribou who decide to fuck their slaves before going to bed. A few lights were on, moans from mares being fucked by their masters filled the night air. A few shops that sell pet slaves closed their doors before going home to sleep. A stand that sell slaves, ran by two unicorns named Film and Flam, decided to pack up their stuff and go to some farmhouse on the outskirts of town, dragging the remain slaves with them. Everyone that is already asleep are dreaming of ways to torture their slaves for the next day.

I hope that they enjoy all of this, because it will be they're last.

After agreeing with Tirek to team up, we decided on what to do next. Of course, before we could do that, I had to tell Lyra and Bon Bon about this. So I returned back to the castle, slept until dawn and made breakfast with the things that I managed to grab back at Paradise. After we ate, I told them about last night, the powers that I had when I arrived here and my partnership with Tirek. They didn't take it as well as I hoped. Lyra was practically cowering under the bed while Bon Bon lost all color on her fur (which was weird.) I asked them what the matter was, and they told me that Tirek was evil, that he tried to take over Equestria by literally suck the magic out of everypony. He was defeated eventually, but the ponies now hate him and fear him for it. It took some time to convince them that he was no longer evil, but they managed to agree with what I was doing. Next, I opened the portal to Paradise and went to Kathutet to accept his proposal of becoming a Daedric Lord of the realm.

Before we could even begin planning for anything, I needed to train. Since I was new to the world and know little of magic, Tirek and Kathutet suggested that I train with them. For a while, I studied everything that they could teach me. Tirek and taught me everything there is to know about magic, and being taught magic. Kathutet taught me some basic rules of combat, like blocking with a shield, using a bow and arrow and other such things. He also taught me everything there is to know about the Daedric Princes.

Between the training I received, we all began planning on what we need to do. Apparently, there was a group of artifacts called the 'Elements of Harmony'. It is said that it was forged by Odin's hands and given to his daughters, Celestia and Luna. As the name suggests, the artifacts represents the very essence of harmony on this planet. Laugher. Loyalty. Generosity. Kindness. Honesty and Magic. These things are what shaped the country of Equestria and helped them stand against any dark creature that threatened they're very lives. If we use them against the caribou, it might help us drive them out of Equestria for good. Of course, there lays a problem. The Elements now lay asleep in the Tree of Harmony, and the only ones that can use them are the six mares that live in Ponyville, which is now occupied by the caribou.

A great plan, for sure.

Of course, Tirek and the mares don't know where they are since the occupation. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that they were sold to some masters and taken away, which means that we can't use the Elements. However, if someone in the town knows where they are, or if one of the mares are in town, then maybe all hope wasn't lost.

After four weeks of intense training and planning, we decided that it was time.

Me, Tirek and Kathutet were at the outskirts of Ponyville, right on the edge of the Everfree Forest. The darkness shrouded our position, hiding us until the time was right. Crickets can be heard some miles away; some fireflies flew around the entrance to the Everfree. Behind us were forty Dremora’s, mainly thirty or so Kynval, a few Officers and some Caitiff. All of them were all armored up in the armors similar to the ones in Skyrim. Honestly, I preferred that armor than the ones in Oblivion. Mainly because it looks cool. All of them were armed with weapons, ranging from maces to swords to shields and bows and arrows. A few of them had large battle axes and two-handed swords. Xucruroth was also here with us as well. He said something about wanting to inspect this world's magic by grabbing a few books on it.
We waited until everyone has gone to sleep, that included the guards that patrol the city.

"You seem nerves." Tirek said. Unlike everyone else, he didn't wear any armor. Though considering his size, I doubt any blade would pierce his muscles.

"I guess so” I fidgeted with my armor, trying to get comfortable. I was wearing the armor set that the Elves would wear in Skyrim, the golden material glistened in the moonlight. I made a request to outfit me in some armor that is not heavy, but can protect me from some weapons. The first thing that came to my mind was Elven Armor, mainly because it looked cool. I was actually surprised that the smiths in Paradise would make it for me, much less how they did it. The Elven armor was in the category of light armor, allow me with some movement and some stealth if the time is right. I couldn't wear any heavy armor yet, which was a bummer. Xucruroth had made a few enchantments on the light armor in case something happens. The first one is a fire resistance in case the use some fire spells and the other one had a shock resistance for the electric batons that some of them had. The third one had a shielding enchantment for the heavier weapons they had, but I doubt I would need it in this raid. If my guess. On my back was an Elven Shield and on my hip is an Elven War Axe, which again, I was surprised they actually made it. Anyone in my position would have chosen a sword, but I felt the axe would be more efficient for this raid. The shield itself looked like a wing un-flaring itself. Mehrunes Razor rested on left side of my hip.

He was right about one thing; I was nerves. This is my first time in an actual fight, just like the ones on T.V. That's not counting the group of caribou I killed with Mehrunes Razor. That fight seemed short and less bloodied compared to this.

"Just remember everything that we taught you and you'll do fine." Kathutet said next to me. He joined us in this raid because he was 'bored'.

I nodded. He was right; I had been training for this. It may have been long, but I can give it my best. It's not like we’re going to kill everyone, or 'everypony'. I plan to release the mares from the town, as well as some stallions who hadn't fallen under King Dainn's spell.
It may not have experience when it comes this whole 'saving the world from evil darkness while repelling the caribou out of Equestria' thing, but I sure as hell would try to fix this world.

I saw something moving from the rooftops racing towards our position. Once the shadows jumped down from the last building, they approached the outskirts of the Everfree, where I was at. The shadows revealed a Daedra, along with a few others with him as well. He wore some armor that almost looks like the Daedric armor, but much more lightly, complete with a black hood.

"Anything?" I said to the approaching Daedra, his face concealed by a black and silver hood. Back in Paradise, Kathutet introduced me to him. A calm individual who had a skill of killing anyone within a hundred feet. His name is Sloth, an assassin that was sent here by Mehrunes Dagon to watch over Mankar. He leads a group of assassin that does reconnaissance and assassinating individuals. I don't know if he was part of the Oblivion game or not, but he agreed to help me on my quest.

"I believe the time is right to attack." He said in a calm voice that would put the original Batman's voice to shame.

The time was now. Get on my feet, I turned towards the small army I had. "Alright, listen up!" I started to shout, not to loud as to attract attention. "Were here on a rescues mission. That means no civilian casualties. If you see any mares, don't kill them. Guide them back to the castle. Kill any caribou you see. If you see any stallions that look normal and not batshit insane, free them as well. Everything else is up to you." I sheathed my shield and axe and raised them in the air. "Now let’s show these caribous a night they won't soon forget!"

They cheered, weapons raised high and spirits rising. The charged right out of the forest with a force that I couldn't even comprehend and into Ponyville. Kathutet and Tirek went with them, Tirek's massive swords and Kathutet's battle axe drawn. I ran out of the forest with them as I carried my shield and axe.

I have to admit; this raid is getting my blood pumping.
Octavia arrived outside of the house her new master is living in. The master himself was with her, his hands securing a chain attached to her collar. The caribou brought out his keys and put it inside the keyhole. After a few seconds, there was a sounding 'click' and the front door was open, revealing a luscious living room. He was the first to go inside, his hooves hitting the carpet.

"Move it, bitch." He called out, dragged her by pulling the chain attached to her collar.

They pasted the living room and into the kitchen, before opening the back screen door towards the outside. The outside itself was normal for a house belonging to a slaver. It had wooden fences, a garden to the left that grew lettuce and tomatoes and a doghouse. The doghouse was small, complete with red paint and white outlines.

"CUM SLUT, GET OUT HERE!!!" His master shouted at the doghouse. A combination of a white and blue striped tail emerged from the doghouse, attached to its white butt. Then her white body came out, revealing-

"Vinyl!" She rushed over to her, but her master tugged at her chain, making her fall to the ground. Her friend, a bass player she knows as a friend, was currently chained to the doghouse. Her hands were currently tied behind her back. Another rope was tightening around her breasts, making them bulge out. Octavia couldn't find her sunglasses on her, letting her see her red ruby eyes. Like her, she wore a black collar, meaning that she wasn't broken yet.

She was interrupted by the sound of her master unhooking Vinyl's chain from the doghouse and dragging her towards Octavia. DID I SAY YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE." Grabbing both of their manes, he set them on a kneeling position, before he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardened dick. "Black Bitch, it’s time for your dinner!" He glared down at her.

Know what he meant, she started to engulf the dick in her mouth and got to work, her head bobbing up and down.

This was humiliating! She used to be a cellist, a good one as well! She started out in middle school when her father gave her a cello for her birthday. Her family were a bunch of talented musicians, so she was expected to follow in they're hoovesteps. At first, she didn't want to play it, only because she didn't know how to play it. When the day her school had a talent show, she decided to enter. She performed in front of thousands, with no training on what to do. However, when it was her turn, she actually preformed admiralty, perfect even.
It was also the day she got her cutie mark.

Her master came buckets, pushing her head down hard on his dick. He groaned as he came.

"Well?" He asked. He pulled his dick out of her mouth.

She was forced to shallow his masters cum, not wanting to defy him. "It was delicious, master. You’re cum is the only thing I would enjoy."
He smiled, satisfied that his slave complimented him. "Good bitch." He soon glared down at Vinyl. "Maybe you can learn a thing or two from this bitch." His dick hardened again. "Now su-"

He didn't finish his sentence when a black axe was imbedded on his head, a surprised look on his face.

Octavia stared in horror at the scene before her as she screamed. The caribou fell face first into the ground, the axe still imbedded into his skull.

Something emerged from the shadows. It wore armor as dark as night, wielding a shield that looked like it was torn off from a dragon. His entire face had no fur, allowing her to see its light-ish tan skin. Its blue eyes bore a hatred towards the dead body. It walked towards the body and casually pulled the black axe off of his cranium. She had seen a lot of blacksmiths make different types of weapons when she was a traveling musician, but the one it was hold was both terrifying and strange to look at.

After it retrieved the weapon and put it in his belt, it gazed down towards them. She blushed and covered her body, her left hands covering her breasts while her right ones covered her vagina. Near the corner of her eyes, she could see Vinyl doing the same.

"You should go to the edge of the Everfree. We have soldiers waiting." He said calmly, before disappearing into the house.
Octavia blinked. Just moment ago, she was giving a blowjob to her new master. Now the one that bought her and used her and Vinyl was dead, right in front of them!

"Come on, Octy. We should go." Vinyl said to her, snapping her out of her thoughts. Vinyl had somehow untied her hands and grabbed her hands, helping her on her feet. They both made a mad dash towards the place the strange creature told her to go. They would have just gone anywhere they liked, but they don't want to take any chances.

As they ran, she couldn't help but smile.

She was saved.

Both of them were saved.
After I saved the two mares from the slaver, I went back inside the house to see if there isn't any more of those caribou basterds. Despite the house looking medieval and colorful on the outside, the appliances inside seemed modern. I saw a stove, toaster, oven, and other things that remind me of home. There were even couches and sofas with one of those leg recliners! But now was not the time to gawk at the things in the house. I had a mission that I had to do. After searching the house for anymore enemies, I made my way outside and into the night.

The raid has been successful as we had hoped. The few guards that were paroling late at night were picked off by some of the archers under Sloth's command. Although one brainwashed stallion saw us while we were busy and rushed off before my scouts could fire at him. He entered the town hall and moments later, the bell rang, waking up the entire town. Everypony was wake due to this, stallions, caribou and slaves alike. Some of the stallion were already scared when they saw us and rushed inside, sealing off the doors and windows. A few of them tried to fight us off with whatever they could get their hands on, but it proved useless when the Dremora killed them all. Even as the guards woke up and gathered the weapons they need, we took the guards by surprise.

I killed another caribou and his brain-washed stallion buddy in an alleyway while they were raping a young mare, my axe embedded on the cranium of the caribou while I withdrew the Razor and stabbed the stallion in the gut when he turned around and saw me with wide eyes. With the two dead, the mare ran off into the night, clearly terrified at the events that transpired just now. I retrieved my axe and wiping the blood off with the fur of the caribou I killed, along with my dagger.

Stepping out of the alley, I watched as the moon shined down on Ponyville, seeing the Dremora getting to work.
The light of the moon shined down on the small battle going on. One Dremora blocked an incoming attack with his shield from a caribou wielding a sword. After that, he used his shield to hit him in the face, before driving the blade into his guts. The caribou had a shocked face before he went down. Another Daedra wielding a giant war axe sweep the caribou off of its hooves with its pole, dropping him on the ground. The Daedra lifted the axe up in the air before bringing it down on the caribou, slicing him in half. A Dremora wielding a mace and a shield blocked the sword coming at him, while his mace was blocked by the caribou's shield. They were both stuck in a stand-off, struggling to gain the upper hand. After some seconds, the Dremora smashed his helmet against the skull of the caribou, making him stagger. It was enough for the Dremora to deliver a sideways slash, smashing the mace against his skull. Once the caribou was down, the Daedra smashed his face over and over again until it was a bloody mess, bits of bones and brain everywhere.

Seeing the battle progressing in our favor, I decided to go towards my objective. The first one I need to retrieve was a mare named Rarity, who stilled worked as a fashion designer at Carousal Boutique. Though, if the name means anything in the caribou society, it’s probably related to sex stuff.

I didn't take me long to spot the building, a large, white carousal-like building in the distance. I ran towards it as fast as my legs could carry me. With all those four weeks of training I've done, it helps my own stamina a lot. I feel I could run around the town five times without breaking a sweat.

Thought maybe it’s because of the armor I wore.

Two caribou guards were coming at me across the bridge. With my axe and shield out and ready, I charged at them. I would admit, facing these guys again sent a shiver down my spine, remembering the first time I faced them when I first arrived on Midgard. I shoved those thoughts aside as they came at me. Putting my shield in front of me, I came in contact with them and knocked the first one down. Wasting no time, I drove my axe down, hitting his chest. He spaz out for a second before he went limp. The other one quickly got up and came at me with the sword, which I blocked with my shield. I pick up the axe from the body and pushed the sword away with my shield. I went with a horizontal strike, but his sword blocked it I then went for a downwards strike, but he blocked it. Then he thrust his sword, aiming for my gut. But I dodge out of the way in time. This gave me an opportunity. I swung my axe down on the outstretched arm and severed it from its owner. The caribou guard screamed as he looked at his severed arm. I then swung my axe into his neck, silencing him for good. He looked at me with wide eyes, blood coming out of his mouth. He collapsed to the ground, his one good arm holding the cut in his neck before he went limp.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I went to Rarity's home.

I arrived at the carousal-like building. The white texture almost seemed faded, while the purple banner was torn. On the lower layer roof, a sign proudly hung that says:

Claudius's Boutique: For What Your Slaves Need to Wear.

I kicked open the door to the shop. It was dark inside, making it hard to see things. Using my magic, I channeled some fire from my left arm, making it illuminate the room.

The shop seemed almost empty, save for a few mannequins. It seemed I was right about one thing; fashion in the caribou society consists of things you'd see people wear in a BDSM party. Skin-tight gimp suits occupied the mannequins, the latex shined in the moonlight outside. More latex outfits were presented in some hangers next to me. The room itself was somewhat beautiful, white walls and red and purple banners scattered across the place. A large mirror stood next to some line of cloths that seemed to be for stallions, the medium-sized holes in-between the legs for the dick. It also smelled of sweat, musk, and other things that I can't even describe. A large latex clothing line rested next to some pile of regular cloths that said 'Denied Cloths for Sluts: Burn Them!'

I heard some commotion coming from upstairs, along with something hitting the floor. I raced up the stairs that connected to the wall. Once I reached the top floor, I saw something that made my blood boil with rage.

The upstairs looked like someone redecorated it with some sick stuff. What looked like a regular bedroom now looked sacked. Red veils were everywhere, laying on the floors and walls. A few machines were set up on the right side, including a machine that had a plastic fist going back and forth. A caribou was right in front of me, unaware of my entry into his house. On the floor was a young mare, no older than sixteen, with a bruise on her face. Like the other mares, she was naked, showing her small breasts and her 'cutie mark' of a striped shield consisting of red, white and purple, with a song note in the middle.

"HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME THIS PIECE OF FILTH!" The caribou screamed at the mare before he lifted her off the floor and hung her by the neck. "I'M TRYING TO CREATE A MASTERPIECE FOR THE KING HIMSELF, BUT YOU BRIGHT ME THIS FILTH INSTEAD!!!" He gestured to a purple piece of cloth with some sparkling diamonds on it.

"I-I-I-I'm sorry." The little filly was shaking like a leaf, tears rolling down her fur. "I-I-I-I'll d-d-do-"

She didn't finish her sentence, as the caribou simple backhanded her and threw her to the wall. She came crashing down at the wall. "You’re lucky that you’re not old enough to be fucked yet, unlike your whore of a sister." The caribou was so mad that I thought I saw steam coming out of his nose and ears. "But that doesn't mean that won't obey that law." I heard him unzip his pants. "A flower is always beautiful when its almost in its prime."

I heard enough and decided to intervene. I dropped my axe and shield and charged at the caribou, tackling him on the ground. Even when he is twice my size, he went down like a large bag filled with metal. He started to struggle, but I held his hands down and unsheathed my Razor, holding it against his throat. "Where is Rarity?!?" I shouted to his ear.

"Who the fuck ar-” I didn't let him finish as I bashed his head to the floor.

"I won't ask again, pigshit!" I shouted. I was already piss off with him for beating a little child. Call me sentimental. "If you don't tell me where she is, I swear to fucking god that I'm going to cut off your dick and shove them up your ass!"

That got his attention as he stared at me like I was a demon of sorts. "Ok, ok! She at Spike's Castle. It's a crystal structure, you can't miss it!" Now he was the one in tears. "P-p-please don't kill me. I promise I will not hit any children again. I swear!"

I glared at him. In every book I read, the hero would spare someone that gave them information and tell them to go and get a decent job. However, after seeing what has transpired, I won't give this fucker any mercy.

"I hope you rot in hell, fucker!" With that said, I slit the Razor his throat, already dead before I could finish it. He lay limp, a pool of blood forming next to him.

A sob got my attention. I turned toward the little filly as she laid there, her right eye swollen. As I stepped off the body and to one step towards her, she scrambled back, looking at me in terror.

I could have sworn that, through her eyes, my pupils were glowing red.

"Hey-hey-hey,” I said as calmly as possible, holding my hands up against my chest to show that I'm friendly. It was clear that she is traumatized by what had just happened and what she has experienced before that. I tried my best to be friendly as possible. "It's ok. I'm not going to hurt you."

Her eyes glazed over to the dead body. "Hey, focus on me." I snapped. She did as she said. "Are you related to Rarity?" She meekly nodded. "Are you her sister?" Again, she nodded. "Alright. I'm going to go rescue your sister. There's some soldiers waiting in the Everfree. They look like me, but they have helmets. I want you to go there and follow them to the castle. They may look scary, but they won't harm you. Can you move?"

She nodded once again, getting up on her furry feet.

"Good. Now do as I say and you'll be safe." With that, I went over to my equipment and retrieved it. With my axe and shield secured in my holdings, I went out the door and into the night once again.

Before I even went far, I saw the little filly scampering towards the forest.

That's one less innocent soul in this hellhole.
It didn't take me long to find what I was looking for. The large crystal castle that glowed a purple color in the moonlight was kind of hard to miss.

The streets were already bloodied with the blood of the caribou and a few stallions. One caribou was sliced in half, some of its internal organs were spilled out. Another had his face bashed in that it almost looks like someone stepped on a tomato. A blue stallion with a yellow had two large hole, one in the stomach and another through the heart. I paid them no head as I continued towards the castle.
I felt something grabbed my left leg. I turned and looked down, seeing a young stallion with a hole in his chest, trying to keep the intestine from falling off. "Please,” He managed to wheeze. "Help me."

I kept looking down at the young lad. I wanted to save him. I wanted to carry him to the nearest hospital and let the doctors do what they can. I could use my magic to heal him, to fix him.

But he was close to dying.

I know this because of the life force I seen. Tirek told me that all creature, whether they can do magic or not, have a magical life force that help them through there day to day lives. His life force was red, meaning that he was close to dying any second. The hospital is too far away, not to mention that those caribou guards might try to stop me. I didn't know any healing magic during my weeks of training. My magic is only limited to offensive spells. I could try to call some doctor to fix him, but for all I know, he or she could be working for the caribou and could call the guards to my position.

It just comes to show that no matter how hard you try; you can't save everyone.

With no way of saving him, I decide to do the one thing I can do.

End his pain.

I brought out my Razor and plunged it deep within his left shoulder, where his heart should be. His eyes were wide, before he finally closed them, smiling like I'd ended his suffering. Maybe he was under control of King Dainn's spell. It has to be the reason why he was out here in the first place. Then again, maybe he wasn't, but tried to get away from the fight, only to be met by a sword from a Daedra or a caribou.
One thing was certain, King Dainn was going to pay for this. I can guarantee you that.

The castle itself look liked a tree grew from the ground and covered it. The crystal structure, which reminded me of the Tree of Harmony I saw weeks ago, gleamed in the moonlight, the purple color shined down on me. The top had a large balcony, two spires and a tower on its branches. On the top of the castle had a large crystal star. Two sets of five strings of what looked like beads hang off the side of the structure like the ones on the Tree of Harmony. One side of the was a purple banner with a six pointed purple and white star, which looked torn. The other side had a black and red banner of a head of a caribou.

"This must be the place they are holding her." I murmured. If what the caribou said was true, this 'Spike' was holding her inside the castle somewhere. I walked up a great golden stair approached the large golden doors and placed my hands on them. With all the strength I could muster, I slowly pushed the door open before going inside.

The inside looked crystalized like the outside. It had seen better days as some dust and cobwebs were found in some places. Large two-toned green windows let the moonlight in. Crystal lamps hung from the ceiling and from the columns that lit up the place. The two stairs lead deep into the castle. I decide to take my changes and went up the stairs.

I pasted some rooms and arrived at a large room that was different than any of the other rooms I saw. A crystal table had a holographic map of Equestria. Surrounding the table were seven crystal thrones that had different markings on each, like three apples on one and four diamonds on another. The crystal map detailed some of the locations in Equestria, including that castle on the mountain.
I heard a thud coming from the next room. The large golden double doors had that same purple and white star like the one banner I saw. I pushed the double doors open and went inside.

The room I was in is large, enough to have a large party in here. Crystalized lamps lit up the place. The same banners with the caribou on it were on both sides on the rooms. Sculptures of ponies were lined up on both sides of the room, some looked vandalized than others. I noticed some large mural windows, the moonlight shining down on them. Each of them depicted a story, like the one that had a mismatched dragon-like creature being blasted by what looked like seven mares in some jewelry. Another one had a picture of Tirek being defeated by a purple mare that had both wings and a horn, just like Odin. The smell of musk and cum filled the air. A long purple carpet lead to a large crystal throne with the same purple and white star.

But what was on that purple throne is what scared me the most.

A large reptilian-like creature about the same size as Tirek sat upon the throne. Its scales were green while large and sharp purple spines went all the way from his head to his tail. His muzzle looked squared and narrowed, like that of a crocodile. His muscles under his scales would make the strongest men in the world look like wimps. He held two chains in his claws. The first one connected to a red collar purple mare with wings bound on her back and a horn with a red ring on her forehead, stroking its hind legs, just like the one in the moral windows. She was naked like every mare, allowing me to see her C-cup breast and a purple and white star as a cutie mark. Another one connected to a black collar mare, her coat was white as snow and a purple mane. She had no wings but had a purple and white horn on her forehead, which had a red ring around it. Her cutie mark consists of four pairs of blur diamonds while her breast is a D-cup size. She is currently giving it a blowjob to its large dick, its hands held her head as she bobbed her head up and down.
If I had to make a guess, I say I found the two of the six Element Bearers.

The purple mare noticed me and smile. "Oh goodie. I didn't think we would get visitors at this hour, but that doesn't matter. Now we can have an orgy." She squealed. "Oh, I just can't wait." She looked up at the beast. "Isn't that right, Spike?"

He grunted, ignoring her while continuing to pull the white mare's mane up and down.

I was actually creep out by that statement the princess she made, but I ignored it, focusing on what I had to do. I looked at the mare with a determine look. If this mare was somehow controlling Spike, maybe I could reason with her. "I don't want to join you in your...orgies." I said. "I want both of you to come with me."

"Sure, we'll cum for you." The purple mare said, eyeing me with half-lid eyes and a seductive smirk.

I resisted the urge to just say 'fuck you' and walk out of here. "No. I want both of you to just go with me."

The purple mare tilted her head in confusion. "Why would we go with you?"

"So I could get you out of here and away from the caribou. To free you." I let out.

The monster must have heard me, because it tossed the white mare aside and got up from the throne, growling. The purple mare glared at me. "Why would we want to be free?!?!?! We love it here with master Spike. I love being treated like a slut and fucked around the clock. I love it when others would gangbang me, sticking their cocks into me and Rarity. I love sucking dicks day in and day out. Do you hear me. I LOVE IT!!!"

I withdrew my axe and shield, getting ready for another fight.

"GET HIM, MASTER!!" She shouted, pointing a finger at me.

Spike roared and lunged at me. I barely had enough time to raise my shield before he collided against me, knocking the wind out of me. The axe flew out of my hands as it landed somewhere. We ended up rolling on the floor before finally coming to a stop. Spike was standing on top me while I was laying on the bottom. "SPIKE SMASH!!!" He shouted, raising his fists in the air. The first one was aimed at my head, but I raised my shield just in time. His fist collided with the shield, putting a huge dent in it. He brought his other fist down and smashed the shield. He kept on smashing it again and again, reducing it to bended metal. He was about to bring the other fist down, but I managed to bring out my dagger and stabbed him in his left hind leg. The beast roared in pain as I quickly got up.

After I stand on my own two feet, I expected to see him fall. Unfortunately, it seems that the Razor had no effect on him, as he was still standing and now looking at me with anger and hunger. I quickly discarded the shield and started looking around for my axe. He roared and charged me again, but this time I was quick to respond. I dodged to the left as he pasted me, hitting his head into a wall. The beast was stunned, giving me enough time to look for my axe. I found it lying next to a mural window with a picture of ponies frolicking freely with Celestia's sun shining down on them. I quickly ran towards the axe as the beast was shaking himself off. I slide down as I got close and picked up the axe before getting up on my feet once again.

I didn't think anyone would actually do that move.

Before I could even plan my next move, a purple light came from my axe, before it was lifted up in the air. I turned my head to see Twilight with a purple light around her horn, a smirk adorned her face.

'Damn it!' I tried to catch it, but to little avail. With a flick of her head, she sent the axe all the way up her, landing on her hands. "I GOT IT, MASTER SPIKE! TURN HIM INTO MUSH!"

I felt something smash into me at the last second. The dragon (I learned later what Spike is) had managed to snap out of his daze and charged me, lifting me by the throat. He glared at me with his silted green eyes, filled with the constant need to kill and fuck. He started to squeeze my throat. I started to chock as his claws almost bore into my artiest in the throat, blood sweeping out of my throat. I banged my fist and tried to kick him, but my legs were too far from the chest and my fist did nothing on his scales.
I saw visions of black closing in around me. My hear became muffled. There was nothing I could do. I was going to die here, which was funny considering I hadn't done anything yet.

And what was funny was that the last thing I saw was-

Something flew into Spike's head, letting me go. I dropped on the ground and started to cough, taking some breaths when necessary.
"Rarity, what are you doing?!?!" I heard Twilight shout. I looked up and saw Rarity wrestling with Twilight for the axe with her white furred hands. She seemed rather pissed too, from what I could tell. "I thought you to suck master Spike's semen!"

" LOVE IT!!" Rarity spoke in a high posh accent; like something you would hear from a rich person’s mouth. "I hate every single thing that I did for.... for...that monster that took my Spiky Wiky." I saw her glare at her. "Ever since the Fall, You've changed, Twilight. Spike went to stand up against the King. He even rescued you’re from Canterlot, for Celestia's sake! But instead of a 'thank you', you infected him with that vile magic out of your horn. Ever since then, that thing you call master has made my life a living hell. Well, no more!" She looked at me as she kept Twilight pinned. "I don't know who you are and frankly don't care. Just bring back Spike for me."
I nodded. I knew what I needed to do for this moment, since Tirek actually trained me for this skill.

You see, every living being in Midgard has their own storage of magic, ranging from Griffins, Minotaurs, Naga's, Satyr's, ponies and caribou. This storage is like a soul of sorts, able to release mana and replenish it in some time, and it needs a point of contact for it to materialize. For example, unicorns use magic out of their horns to do simple things like telekinesis. Pegasus ponies use magic from their wings to fly and can move or mold clouds. Earth ponies have something called internal magic. They cannot do what the two other pony race do, but they use the magic within to grow food.

Tirek's species is known for sucking in magic and absorbing it so they can become stronger. However, in order to steal said magic from an individual, one needs to 'catch them off guard.' The creature's will and determination help keep the magic that they had, and to use it in their own way. Tirek succeeded the first time because all of Equestria was caught off guard. But there are other ways to steal magic from other races. If one was to steal magic, then they need to weaken the bodies physically and mentally.

That is what I want to do. Weaken him so that his magic could be sucked out of him.

Channeling magic to my arms, I decided to do something so incredible stupid that generations from now, they would say that it would have been the most dumbass thing that I have ever done, but still be praised by the deed.

Hitting my fists together, both of them were suddenly engulfed in fire. The fire was a little colorful like everything else in Midgard, bright orange on the outside and a bright red flame inside. What was strange was that it felt like I wore nothing on my hands. I grinned, knowing that it was going to be stupid, but was still the only thing that I could think of.

Did I mention how stupid it was?

The dragon recovered by shaking his head back and forth fast. I charged him, the light armor making me a little faster without the axe and shield. Before he could glare at me once again, I was already closing in on him. Before he could make anymore, I jumped up, using some magic in my boots to.... jump higher. When I was close to him, I collided one of my flaming fists to his face. The dragon staggered back, but I didn't let up. Now on the ground, punched his stomach a few times before the dragon kneeled down and clutched his stomach. Then I delivered an uppercut, seeing a few teeth actually broken.

Spike flew a short distance before landing on the ground hard. I grinned triumphantly in victory, but I was cut short when my brain decided to hurt, feeling like someone was hammering on my brain with a sledge hammer. I staggered a bit while holding my head with my hands. Of course, this was also the time Spike got up. He managed to charge me and punched me in the face. If it wasn't for the helmet I was wearing, my head would have been mush. I flew some feet before falling face-first into the ground. Spike scampered on all fours before he charged me. I wasn't fast enough to recover when the dragon closed in and head-butted me. I smacked against the wall, though thankful for the armor I had on that lessened the impact. The dragon growled before opening him maw and releasing a burst of green flames.

Yes. Green flames. Apparently that's a thing.

I recovered just in time to dodge the attack, rolling out of the way just as the flames almost touched me. I kept moving as the flames swept across towards me. There was a time where the flames almost caught up with me, but in the last moment I grabbed a kite shield that was hanging next to the windows. I raised the shield and go down, locking the shield. The flames reached the shield, creating a cone of fire that passed me. Some of the armor was scorched in the process, but nothing too critical.

I dropped the shield once the flames stopped and saw him charging at me once again, this time with claws extended outwards. Once again I dodged, but I managed to grab one of its fins on its back and climbed on. He didn't seem to noticed this, his already-taken mind set on killing and fucking. I quickly climbed on to the head and raised my fists. Channeling magic, my fists suddenly turned to ice, small icicles forming at the length. I held him by the knees and brought my fists down. I hit his head, the ice freezing his face. Spike slipped and fell to the ground, sliding head first into a wall and breaking the ice encased on his face. I jumped off him before he slide to the wall, before breathing a sigh of relief.

I could hear the arguments from the mares as we did battle.

"-but I freed his mind, Rarity. I showed him the truth of us mares, how we must serve our male masters for pleasure and be treated like the dogs-"

"I DON"T CARE!!!!" I heard Rarity scream. From the voice itself, it sounded like she was breaking down. "I don't care for that Celestia damned king or his rules." Now I heard her sobbing. "When you returned from Canterlot, we thought that you had escaped them, that we could still save Equestria from them. But you betrayed us. You poisoned Spike's mind and you allowed those fiends to come into our town. And all for what? So you can suck the king's dick! That's...That's..." I turned around and saw them wrestling each other, they're naked bodies touching while there breasts mashed against each other.

I wouldn't lie if I said that I was completely aroused.

The distraction was all the dragon needed as he slammed his fist into my stomach, sending me flying across the room. I landed with a 'thump'. The dragon used this monument to breath some fire once again. He almost managed to get me, if it wasn't for one of the chandlers falling in front of the fire. Maybe it fell of when the dragon hit the wall one too many times. I couldn't care right now.
Some scratches adorned my once golden armor, along with some in my face and few in my arms. Blood was sweeping out of my skin. Once I recovered, I thought of something that could help me. I was already low on mana, as the headaches increased ten-full. Plus, my body was already aching all over. I needed to do this.

Summoning what little mana I had left, I covered my hands in ice once again. Aiming them at Spike, an ice-type beam flew from my hands. Both the flames and ice collided against each other. My head felt like it was about to explode, but I ignored it and giving it everything I had. My ice beam was making progress as it slowly beat back the dragons flames. The dragon didn't care, its primal mind set on destroying me.
With a grunt and then a scream, the ice beam finally dispersed the flames and hit the dragon. Slowly but surely, the dragon is encased in ice, his expression on his face one of pure surprise.

A blast of magic interrupted me, blasting me a short distance. Seriously, I might as well put a football on my head and wait for a minotaur to throw me.

I groaned as I got up. I turned and saw Twilight approaching me with a very creepy grin on her face, her hair a bit frizzle. Her right eye twitched. "You are a very, very, very naught stallion. Spike may be defeated, but I will crush you bit by bit." Her horn glowed and an aura surrounded my body. I couldn't move as I struggled didn't know what she was done until I felt as if I was in some crusher. My armor was bending and twisting, hearing the groaning of metal. I screamed as I felt my bones being crushed, blood sweeping out of the wounds. My vision was filled with red as I tried to take off the armor, but her magic is keeping me still. It was more painful than anything that I had experienced so far, or at least until later in my life.

Twilight laughed. "Maybe if I kill you and present your head to the king, maybe he would allow me to be part of his Fuck Herd with my mentor. Oh, I just can't wait to-"

I heard a metallic 'clunk' as Twilight, still with a creepy expression, went down like a sack of potatoes. I also went down after her magic holding me disappeared. I saw Rarity behind her with a frying pan in her hands. I don't know where she got a pan from, but I didn't question on it.

I collapsed onto the floor, darkness coming out of the corners of my vision. Blood was dripping from my armor and the opened wounds. The armor itself was in pretty bad damage. "Oh my gosh, are you alright?" Rarity was already freaking out about me. She kneeled down and..... I don't know. Comforted me? She put her hand on my chest armor.

"I'm...fine." I coughed up some blood. I was lying. It was worse than anything I ever imagine! "It's just a scratch. I'll be a....minute."

"Unlikely." A familiar gruff voice filled the room. Out of the shadows of the large doorway, Tirek came strolling in, his large hooves echoed the silence in the room.

Rarity gasped while I glared at him. "Were you standing there the whole time?" I ask.... incredulously while I coughed. Whoa, I am learning big words today.

Tirek snorted. "I just got here. You can't expect me to hold your puny hands all the time." He looked at me and then the frozen statue of Spike. "I assuming this was you’re doing?" I nodded. "Not bad.... for a beginner. Dragons are impervious to magic, yet you have managed to freeze him. I'm impressed."

I coughed up some blood. If he was fucking with me, I swear I would skin him alive.

Tirek frowned. He brought out a healing and mana potion from.... somewhere. I swear, I think logics are fucked up in this world. "Drink."
I grabbed the small mana potion, something that Kath stressed me to have in case something like this happens, but I didn't listen to him. I pulled the cork from the bottle and put it to my lips, feeling my magic replenishing little by little. I did the same for a healing potion, the cuts and bruises disappearing, leaving only scars.

As a side note, the mana potion tastes like raspberry soda and the healing tastes like blueberry soda, kind of like those Squeeze Juice's you had and seen in a grocery store. How ironic.

" too......buddy." I say, humoring him. Not that he would laugh. My breathing has returned to normal, though the armor was still fucked up beyond repair. I need to get another set of armor. Perhaps there's one in the castle that better suits my need.

Rarity was now looking at me like I ate a full plate of slugs while wearing a girdle. "Umm....I'm sorry but WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" She almost screamed on the top of her lungs, which was funny, because it almost sounded like a squeak. I would have laughed if I wasn't in pain. She pointed her fingers towards him. "This is Tirek. He's evil! He almost took over Equestria, for Celestia's sake."

"He's helping me trying to get you and your friends." I looked back at her as she eyed him suspiciously. "I know you guys don't trust him, but what happened was in the past. We wouldn't have gone all this way to get you if he hadn't joined."

Rarity glared at him. Whatever had happened between them, I knew that wouldn't just go away. She looked back at me, her expression softened. "I guess I could still get past that." She glared at him again. "But that still doesn't mean that I won't forgive you after what you have done with me friends."

Tirek nodded. "I understand." He wal-trotted over to the frozen statue of Spike.

"I was going to drain the darkness thing from him." I said to him. I winced as the armor groaned a little into the scars. "I don't suppose you can do it?"

He put his hands on his chin. "I can. It's what I do best." He looked down at the prone form of Twilight and the collar she wore. "I assumed she is broken?"

I nodded. "She said she wanted to be fucked by the dragon and everyone else." I groaned as the bruise in my stomach made itself known.
Rarity was the one that noticed my expression and gasped. "Oh dearie, your armor." I looked down at my armor. One of the arm guards looked like crumbled paper after its been unfolded from its crumbling state while the other one was scorched and almost melting. Thankfully I was wearing chainmail inside my armor. The chest armor was warped, despite the enchantment on it. The legs themselves looked almost warped like the armor, the pieces melted.

I chuckled. Funny. I was almost close to death, yet I still had some humor in me. "It's alright. I'll find another armor that I can-"
"Not. One. Other. Word!" She interrupted, put her furry hand to my lip. "This armor is a masterpiece that doesn't need to be thrown away just because its ruined." She tilted her purple-white horn toward my armor. "Here, let me help you." Her horn glowed a purple aura and soon made contact with my chest.

I was blinded by an entire purple light that emitted across my armor. I couldn't see anything, but I felt my armor move, feeling a little ticklish around me.

After a few minutes, the light disappeared, allowing me to see something that just blew my mind. My armor was now all fixed, the warped and scorched pieces been fixed.

I stared at Rarity. "Whoa. That was amazing." I touched and poked around the armor. It almost looks brand new."

She turned away and blushed at my praise. "Well, I can't take all the credit." She blushed even more that I thought her head would look like a tomato. "I read a spell book called Inspiration Manifestation, and I kind of lost control of myself." She looked at me again with a smile. "Even after Spike ate the book, I still remember a few spells on it. That includes fixing old clothes." Her face winced as she rubbed her horn. "Although that took a lot out of me than I thought."

I got up from the ground and helped Rarity up, ignoring her gorgeous naked body. I went over to the prone form of Twilight and kneeled down and put a finger into her neck. I felt a pulse coming from her. I sighed in relief. For a second, I thought Rarity had killed her. I mean, she was knocked in the head with a frying pan. That's got to ring some alarm bells.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Tirek getting ready to his mouth? Suddenly, I saw trails of blue energy coming from Spike's frozen form. I realized that it was magic that being extracted from him. I saw trails of magic coming out from him and into Tirek's mouth. It looked like he was sucking on the magic coming right out of him.

I thought that he was joking about stealing my powers back when we met. Now I realized that he wasn't, and that I should never ever fuck with him.

The ice shattered and I saw Spike's form shrinking and shrinking. He soon shrinks to a size of a twelve-year-old. His claws were no longer big than a hand. His body was no longer muscular and fit, but leaner and slender, but still muscular. His feet reverted back to their original state, its claws retracted. His muzzle was shorted to something similar to a mare's muzzle.

I also saw that he didn't have a penis, but I found out later that he is a mammal, which means that his dick is inside him.

I stared in awe at the whole scene that laid before me. Only a steady shaking of Rarity's hands on my shoulders shook me out of my stupor. I saw Tirek grown a little bigger thanks to all the magic he sucked in.

Rarity rushed over to the little one and kneeled down, putting one of her fingers to his neck. She sighed in relief, maybe feeling a pulse coming from him. "He's alive." She stated. She then glared at Tirek. "What the hell did you do?"

"I extracted the spell that kept Spike under control." Tirek explained, his face neutral. "It is alright; he's not harmed in anyway."

As if to prove his point, a groan escaped from the little boy...dragon.... thing. I went over to the little guy as well to see how he was doing. Once I got over to him, I saw him opened his eyes, which were the same size as the rest of the ponies. Rarity was cradling him like a child. He blinked a couple of times before he set his sights on her. "R....Rarity?" He said in a weak voice.

I saw tears coming out of Rarity's muzzle as she saw him. "Oh Spikey,” She hugged him. "I thought we almost lost you."
"What....happened? All I remember was Twilight wanting to talk to me about somethi-” His eyes widened as he remembered everything that has happened up to this point. He pushed Rarity back, held a claw to his mouth and ran a few steps before he threw up. He didn't throw up fluids like normal ponies, but flames instead.

After a few minutes, he turned back around, tears in his eyes. "Oh Celestia........What....what have I done?" He slumped to the floor and sobbed, murmuring "What have I done?" over and over again.

I decided to something and went over to him. Once I got close to him, I kneeled down and gave him a comforting hug. Call me sentimental, but if you see a child cry (especially if it’s a Drake), you have to comfort. It's the most humane thing to do, to remind you of how you are and why you fight.

He sobbed on my shoulder for some time before the dragon looked at me with tear-stained eyes. "I-I can't believe I did those things. W-why w-w-would Twilight d-d-do this to m-m-m-me? I-If I'd h-h-had known...."

"It isn't yours or Twilight's fault." I interrupted him, a sad smile graced my features. "Don't beat yourself over it." I wiped a tear out of his green scaled skin. "What's important now is that I can help you and Twilight now. I can make things normal again."

Spike seemed to stop crying and gave me a sad smile. He sniffed. "Thanks, Mister...."

"Marcus. Marcus Asher." By the way, my last name is Hebrew for "Favorable and/or Lucky."

Yeah....I'm Jewish. So what? You got a problem with that? You don't see many Jewish character with their own stories.

........Yeah that's what I thought.

And before you ask; no. My dick is not cut off. Nor is the tip. I'll tell you about that later.

I let Spike go and got up. "I need you guys to go to the Everfree Forest. There will be some soldiers waiting for you. Don't be afraid of them. They won't hurt you. Do you think you guys can do that?" I question both Spike and Rarity. Spike nodded and ran over to Rarity, before both of them left the throne room.

Tirek and I were the only ones left in the room, minus the unconscious form of Twilight. I went over to try and pick up the prone form of Twilight. "I want you to take her too. If she does anything, you can knock her out."

From the look on his face when I turned around, he clearly didn't like being ordered around. But he still as he was told and grabbed Twilight from my shoulder. He heaved her over his shoulder and left the room, heavy hoovesteps echoed away.

I myself was about to leave until I suddenly remembered something. I looked around the room and saw my axe next to a suit of crystal armor, probably got there when Rarity and Twilight fought each other. I went over to the suit and grabbed my axe, but stopped when something caught my eye. On that said suit of armor was a crystal sword held by its hands and a light purple metal shield with the symbol of Twilight's cutie mark. I was curious and grabbed the sword from the handle. The sword was actually weightless, despite it being made from the hardest material in existence.

I swear, I bet Murphy is giving me the finger on physics.

"Nice sword." I murmured, giving it a few swings. I placed the sword in my hip, knowing that I might need it later. I grabbed the shield and axe from the ground and went on my way.

I wonder how the others are doing?

Raid: 2/2

View Online

"Hit him again."

Bill did as he was told and hit the caribou again, only with much force as to knock a few teeth off. Jedrus watched from the corner, leaning against a support beam while another Kynval simple guarded the front door leading to this place.

As the raid commenced in the night, Jedrus and Bilifulag were tasked by their new master to retrieve one of the 'Elements' from the caribou. Of course, they don't even know where to begin to look. Thankfully, the large centaur named Tirek told them where to start looking for one of the elements. From the information they gathered while...'interrogating' some unfortunate stallion who decided to be a hero and charge them. One of the elements resided in a place called 'Sugarcube Corner', across from the marketplace. They slit the throat of the stallion once they got the information. With another Kynval assisting them, they went on their way.

When they got to there, Jedrus was disgusted by the scene. The whole entire building looked like what Sheogorath would do if he was craving for something sweet. The outside of the building had a gingerbread coating that covered it, with frosting covering some of the structure. Gumdrops and candy canes covered the front, while some other things he couldn't described. Frosting covered the roof of the place.

The horror.

When they got inside the place, it looked normal; like some of the taverns they visited back in Cyrodiil. What was different, however, was the way they set it up. The females were bare naked, with sugars and candy all over their breasts and vagina. There was one female that had whip cream around her breasts and vagina, with two cherries’ on her nipples. Males, both stallion and caribou, were currently eating some sweets while some of them fucked the females, completely oblivious to the fighting outside. When they stormed in the building, the caribou guards and stallions all froze. They didn't waste any time, as one of the Kynval plunged his sword within the mouth of the closest caribou when he was about to talk. Jedrus, with his large battle-axe, sliced through an unfortunate stallion in two. Bill knocked a caribou's head clean off with his mace, the head rolled on the floor. The other guards sprained into action, grabbing whatever they can find. The slaves to their chance and escaped from the back.

The Daedra that finished of the caribou rushed over to one of the guards, using his shield as a battering ram. He completely knocked him of his hooves and plunged his sword deep into his chest. Jedrus blocked the caribou's sword with the pole of his battle-axe. The caribou decided to swing sideway in hopes of catching him off. However, He also thought of the same thing and swung horizontally. Both of the blades collided. The guard's sword was shattered, millions of pieces scattered to the floor. Jedrus used the momentum of the axe and swung back around once again, cleaving the guards head clean off.

Another caribou had managed to get behind him and slashed at his armor. Unfortunately for him, Daedric armor is considered to be the strongest armor in the world of Nirn. The caribou's sword shattered when it came in contact with the armor. He felt the sudden blow and turned to face him. The caribou was terrified when Jedrus saw him and was ready to run, but he didn't give him a chance. With a mighty heave, he lifted the axe above his head and sliced down, cutting his body into two. Blood and guts spilled out of the large cut. He saw Bill taking down the last guard, beating his face with his mace while he was down. The last caribou was terrified and tried to run away. Thankfully, the occupants of the store came inside and knocked him out. The first one wore a baker’s uniform with an orange and white tie. He had an orange coat with a bright orange mane and tail. He appeared lanky compared to the others that he saw. The one next to him appeared wide and large compared to the male. She had a sea-like coat with a dark-light pink swirled tail. Like all the other females, she was naked and had a black collar on her. Her breast appeared bigger than the ones that he saw during the raid. Her 'cutie mark' consist of three cupcakes. At first, they were terrified of the Kynval in the room, and justified this by running and screaming outside. The Dremora didn't follow them, as they didn't care for them.

Currently they are beat the crap out of a caribou guard tied to a chair. They won't kill him...yet. His body had bruises all over, with a few bruises bleeding out blood. Half of his face was one big swollen mess. His mouth had a few cuts on the lips, some of them from the daggers they used. Jedrus stood in front of him after Bill threw another punch to his stomach. "Now let's try this again." He grabbed the caribou by the antlers. "Where is the so-called 'Element of Laugher'?"

"I already told you. I don't know anything!" The caribou screamed.

"I'll believe it when I see it." He nodded to Bill. He once again punched him across the face. He saw some teeth flying right out of his mouth. He punched him again and again, until he put his gantlet hands on his armored hands. "This is going to end one way or another." He said, his black eyes piercing through his helmet. "You must have fucked her at some point."

"I didn't!" The caribou was now crying. "I just joined the guard so I could get some money. Sure, I may have raped a few slaves, but I was forced into it! I don't know anything! Please, don't kill me!"

He glared right into the caribou's eyes. "Well you must know something. If you don't give us what we want,” He pulled a Daedric Dagger out of his sheath on his belt. "then I will personally cut your balls and dick off. Then I'm going to shove those balls down your throat. And then I'm going to fuck you with your OWN DICK!!!"

"........whoa. That is harsh." Bill commented.

"Oh shut up." He retorted.

The caribou was now terrified, as the look on his face told him anything. Jedrus was about to say something when he suddenly snuffed the air and smelled something bad. Looking down, he saw the caribou's pants were wet around his private areas. He also saw some brown spots behind him, indicating that he shitted himself.

"By the princes, that smells horrible!" Bill plugged his nose with the tip of his fingers, care to not graze the clawed tips into it.
Jedrus wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Your right. Let’s move him somewhere else so we can't smell it."

Before the two could lift the chair, Jedrus heard crying behind him. He withdrew his battle-axe from his back and turned around, expecting a guard to come at him. Instead, he saw the same ponies that came in earlier and went screaming. They were holding something in their hands, little blankets covering it. From the crying that he hears from the bundles, he probably expected it to be babies or whatever they called in this world. They looked extremely terrified to see them, their eyes wide with terror.

Normally, the Daedra would kill the mortals on sight. But since they serve under a new master, they are instructed to kill only the caribou and the possessed stallions. All the others are 'off the hook', which sucked for them, but at least they get to kill something after a hundred years of isolation from Mehrunes Dagon.

"If your planning on going, then go. We won't stop you." Jedrus said to them. The family (or herd?) were surprised by this reaction. He couldn't blame in the slightest. In their eyes, they saw a couple of demons torturing their long hated enemy like it was nothing.

Jedrus and Bill went back to their duties, carrying the caribou out with them. While doing this, he still saw them stare at them. He glared at them, mainly to scare them so they can get out of his sight. The family saw this and scampered out of here, taking the crying bundles with them.

"WAIT!!" He shouted. The family stopped and looked at him with a frightful expression. He continued to glare at them.

".......Give me a chocolate, pleeease!"

The family scampered out of there, leaving little trails of smoke.

He sighted. At least he didn't have to hear that annoying crying anymore. As they moved the caribou to a more secured location, he couldn't help but think about one thing.

'Times are changing'

Xucruroth blasted magic at another caribou coming towards him, the fireball making contact with its skin and bursting it into flames. The caribou screamed as he withered on the ground. He heard another war cry coming right behind him. He turned around and aimed his staff at the caribou, who was closing in on him. Two more came from behind him, ready to overtake him. Channeling his magic, the crystal at the top of his staff glowed blue, before a frost spell was spewed forth from the crystal. Like a flamethrower, the frost spread itself in a wide radius, turning anything it touched into ice. He couldn't see anything as the mist obscured his vision. After some time, which felt like minutes, he ended the spell. The mist disappeared, allowing him to look at his handy work.

From the look on their faces, the caribou were caught unaware by this and tried to stop, but it was too late. Ice covered every inch of their bodies, from head to hooves. Their mouths were opened, either screaming in agony or commanding to fall back.

He let out a sigh. That was the last of defenders inside the house he found himself in. He continued on his way towards the source of magic he sensed early. The white walls decorated with gold outlines, expensive-looking plants, and other things that screamed "hey, I am the leader of this town and I get what I want." Up the stairs, golden curtains and banners fluttered in the still air. While he passed one of the windows that had the overview of the courtyard, he decides to inspected his other handy work on the courtyard. The courtyard was a mess, with scorched marks and bodies of caribou everywhere. Some were cooked, there skins charred and blackened. Others appeared to have holes in them, with swords and spears impaled on them. One caribou was impaled to a wall with his hands outreached, both spears impaled on the hands.

He arrived at some sort of mansion on top of the hill. Since the raid had started, they seemed to have caught the caribou completely by surprised. They were both ill-prepared and ill-equipped to fight them. Perhaps they didn't expect Daedra's to come after them.

As he entered the courtyard, he saw that the caribou were guarding the entrance. However, what bothered him the most was the way they were dressed for battle. They have long, black sticks that produced electricity and leather armor that's only good for blocking blunt objects. If he had to take a guess, he would say that this house houses someone important, and wealthy at that with all the golden-made object.

One of the caribou had saw him coming and shouted at the others. They turned their heads towards him and saw him coming. Thinking he was one of them, they started to charged right at him. He realized that he was outnumber. Even if he had magic with him, they would still swarm him. He sensed a few mages preparing a spell of their own. However, that doesn't mean that he has a 'trick up his sleeve', as the humans would say. Twirling his staff in the air, he channeled his magic into the staff and brought the butt down. As soon as the butt of the staff made contact, a green shockwave was suddenly released. The caribou stopped as the ground shook and rumbled. After what seemed like a minute, it stopped. The caribou were confused as to what had happened.

A skeletal hand shot out of the ground.

Then another.

And another.

Many skeletal hands shot out of the ground, some had some flesh on them. They slowly crawled up from the ground, something that can only be described in those 'horror movies' he heard from the human. He channeled a spell that allowed the dead to be resurrected to do his bidding. He had done this once in Morrowind, when the Spy Master Vivic tricked a witch into summoning Mehrunes Dagon. The battle was fierce and long, but they had completely destroyed the town and their leader before the Tribunal Gods did anything.

He was thankful that most of the spell, like the one he was using, had come from the Deadlands themselves. When Mehrunes heard that some mortal had gone through the Oblivion Gates and destroy some castles in his domain, he transferred the greatest and oldest spells to Paradise, to protect it from the mortals. Of course, he didn't count on them being used in this situation.

Hundreds of skeletal ponies came up from the ground and onto the surface, maybe more than he had anticipated. Some of these undead ponies had some skin on them, but rotten and ready to fall out. Xucruroth saw that all of them had armor and weapons on them, which indicated that there was a big battle here long ago. The caribou themselves looked scared and frightened, some even turned around and ran away.

With a wicked grin and a flick of his wrist, the undead charged forward with hunger in their dead eyes.

The undead clashed against the caribou as the latter tried desperately to hold them off. However, the caribou only had blunt weapons that are hardly effective against the undead, which gave Xucruroth an advantage in this battle. Some of the undead were attempting to eat the enemies they are after. One unfortunate caribou was surround by the dead ponies as they closed in on them. He tried desperately to fend them off with his long hard stick, but it was no good as each strike of the head or other parts didn't affect them. The undead closed in on the caribou. The first one launched itself at him, but the caribou swung it in the head with his black stick, resulting in a 'crunch' sound. The second one latched on to his back as the caribou swung wildly. Another took a bit out of his legs, and the caribou went down. The rest of them charged forward and started to eat him, the caribou's scream filled the battle that was going on.

The undead had cleared the courtyard of the mansion, the battle much shorter than expected. The mages on the balcony were already casting spells on the undead, destroying them by turning them into ash. While they may have destroyed five or ten of them, the rest seemed to launched themselves at the mages, their numbers unending. Eventually, they swarmed the mages, the screams and the tearing of flesh filled the air.

The rest of the forces had fled to somewhere far way. Xucruroth's spell worn off as soon as everyone was dead, the undead turning back into piles of bones.

The Daedra mage continued into the courtyard and up the stair to the balcony, ignoring the smell of fresh blood and rotting corpses. Although it brought back memories for when he was part of the Markyn, the Council of Lords. He earned his place among the nobles when Mehrunes armies attacked Morrowind. Out of all the soldiers in the assault, he was the only one that ever had a higher kill count, as well as steal some magical artifacts from the city. As a mage, it is his responsibility to dwell on the workings of magic from the world of Nirn, although he does sometimes dwells on the magic's of the other Daedra Realms.

Except for Sheogorath's realm, the Shivering Isles. The last time he tried to understand it, his brain almost exploded. Literally.

Placing a hand on the nob on the wooden door, he turned it. The door didn't budge, which means that something was holding it. He then placed a hand on the door itself and closed his eyes, murmuring some Daedric words. His hands glowed for a brief moment before it transferred to the door. A red glowing circle appeared out of thin air, the Daedric alphabet moving in a circle inside it. The door suddenly exploded, screams were heard inside. After dust some debris off his shoulders, he went inside.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when another battle cry came towards him. A caribou, wielding the same armor and weapons as the others, came charging at him from the front. With a wave of his staff, the caribou was suddenly turned into a frozen statue with a surprised expression. Xucruroth walked up to the statue and stared at it for a moment. His fist was soon engulfed in fire and he punched the statue, exploding it into a million bloody pieces.

He continued down the halls undisturbed. One or two caribous would try to attack him, but Xucruroth just cast some spells that would kill them in various ways. Some of the slaves were already running away from him, thinking that he would kill them. As he continued down the halls, he couldn't help but admire the beauty of the place. Someone, or in this world's case 'somepony', had paid a lot of money to build this place. Everything was literally made of gold. I was as if magic was responsible for this.

This brought him to another thing that's been bugging his mind. The magic in this world is much more different than on Nirn. He found a hidden room in the ruined castle while his new master was still training. The spells were created by a wizard name Star Swirl the Bearded. These spells that he had created would seem impossible for mages on Nirn, even Imperial mages from Cyrodiil, to master. Yet in a mind of a pony it seemed easier, less stressful. Full restoration of limbs, fire that can actually change color, and a spell that can actually transform a normal person into a frog. A frog! Imagine some of the things he could do with that kind of knowledge.

Before he knew it, he appeared at a large, white door with golden outlines and a nob in a shape of a dick. The nobs themselves were golden as with the rest of the house. The door itself had a picture of a 'mare' with a white coat and a red mane and tail in a suggestive position; laying belly-up on the floor with her legs spread out, revealing her little pink slit. He heard moaning and panting coming from the other side of the door.

If he had taken a guest, he suspected it was the owner of this mansion.

Like before, he placed his hands on the door and murmured some Daedric words, the red circle appearing on the door with the Daedric alphabet moving in the circle. The door exploded a moment later, sending wooden pieces everywhere. He heard a male scream coming from the room, most likely been struck by some debris. Once the smoke cleared, Xucruroth was able to see inside the room.
The room itself seemed just like every other room he has been to, except for the more extravagant things in the room. Golden curtains next to golden colored windows, an expensive-looking carpet on the floor and, as he suspected it, more golden objects, ranging from chairs to tables. There was even a golden fruit basket! In the back end of the room was a big queen-sized bed. Golden sheets laid exposed on the top of the bed with silver underlining's. On the bed was a naked caribou currently fucking a mare, if the sound coming from them means anything. He approached them, not even sneaking up on him. The caribou heard the footsteps and quickly turned around with an angry expression on his face. "Who the fuck are-"

Xucruroth didn't let him finished as he summoned his magic from his staff, pointed it at the caribou, and lifted him off of the bed. The caribou was surprised and scared, if this wide-eyed look on his face meant something. Swinging the staff sideways, the caribou followed the staff’s movements, pinning him to a wall.

Xucruroth approached him with a serious expression on his face, even though his hood concealed it from the caribou. The caribou was currently struggling as he flailed about. He gave the staff a little jerk and the caribou flailing stopped, replaced by screaming as he continued to crunched his ribs. The caribou glared at him in defiance. "Do you even know who your fucking with here?!?! I am the greatest slaver at this side of his Majesty's empire. I have connections that will make your fucking life miserable. So you better let me go or-” The caribou screamed once again as Xucruroth twisted the staff.

"I do not care who you are, mortal." He interrupts him. He loves it when a mortal is at his whim. It fills him with joy. "I am above you and your miserable species. Now,” He looked at him with his eyes. "My master is looking for some individuals who can weld the weapons he calls the 'Elements of Harmony'. Since you told me you are a slaver, perhaps you can tell me where these individuals are."

"I... I ain't.... telling.... you.... shit, you.... crazy.... motherfucker." His antlers glowed for a second until a fireball was formed between them. Xucruroth did suspected that he is a mage the moment he entered the house.

He smirks. "I don't think you see this correctly." Twisting the staff once again, the caribou screamed in agony, disrupting his spell. "You are at my mercy. I could kill you right now and find another one to extract information. However, I'm feeling generous today. If you tell me where they are, I will let you go and let you live your miserable excuse you call a life." It was a lie and he knew it. The Dremora never leave anyone alive, much less take them prisoner. Those that do take them alive just enjoy torturing them. Maybe he could just leave him alive.... for now, at least. If his master is insistent of starting this war with the caribou, then he would need a test subject to experiment on.

"I'll fuck your mother and sister, and then I'll transform you into a bitch and fuck YOU IN THE ASSHOLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL YOUR BEGGING ME TO FUCK YOU SOME MORE!!!!!"

'I think that answers my question'. He thought. He decided to have a little fun with him before he kills him. He moved and pointed his staff to the side and the caribou followed, hitting another wall. He then moved it up and the caribou hit the ceiling. He did it again and again, the caribou flying all over the room.

He suddenly found himself bored and stopped the caribou midair. Slowly he pointed his staff down, the caribou moving slowly down as well. He gently places him on the ground and canceled the spell. He move towards the caribou as he conjured a healing spell for his wounds. He need the caribou alive for his experiments, and to torture him further. As he approached the caribou, he saw that it was already a bloody mess. Broken bones poking out of the skin, hind legs and arms bent in unnatural directions and a broken antler laid across the floor. His eyes were closed, but his breathing is ragged. He kneeled down, placed the staff next to him and placed a hand on his chest. He channeled an advanced healing spell on him. "You will not die yet. You are still of use to me." He mumbled under his breath. A shining light engulfed his hand before it began spreading across the caribou's body. In a sudden instance, the broken bones that were poking out retreated back toward to body, the gaping holes being closed up. The legs and arms began to bent back to their original form. The cracking of bones being fixed rang throughout the room.

After some time, the caribou looked all health and fixed. Xucruroth saw subtle movements of his chest, mean he was still alive. This was good. He could already think of many, many things he could test out on him.

He felt an edge of a blade pressed against his throat. "Don't. Move." A feminine voice said behind him.

He could see who it was, but he chuckled none the less. "Really? Do you really want to do this?"

"I don't care who you are, but your still my enemy nonetheless."

"Then you should be careful who you make enemies with." As quick as lightning, he grabbed the staff next to him and channeled his magic through his staff, a blinding light emitted from the staff. It glowed brighter and brighter until it engulfed the entire room. Thankfully, he had his eyes closed when he casted the spell. He heard a scream from behind him and swung his staff in a full circular position, knocking the assailant off her feet. He heard a yelp and something hitting the floor. He quickly got up and into a battle position suitable for any mage, his staff pointed down in front of her while he prepares a spell.

After a while, the shining light died down, allowing him to see who it was that dared to attack him.

The pony that he saw was unlike any pony he had seen, at least in the last few weeks. Her fur was a midnight blue, unlike the rest of the colored ponies. Her main and tail were a dark blue, with her mane having tied to a ponytail. He unlike the rest of the mares he seen naked, this one seemed lither and fit, a trait he hadn't seen in this world since he got here. Her pointed ears seemed more fluff on the end. Her fangs poked out of her mouth. Behind her back are dark, leathery wings. She opened her eyes to adjust to the light, which he could see her sky-blue, silted-pupil eyes. It’s almost like a-

'Vampire’ He thought with intrigue. On the world of Nirn, he had heard tales about vampires and their origins. Some say that they came from the Daedric Prince Molag Bal; God of Schemes, Harvester of Souls and Father of Vampires. He first used it on Lamae Beolfag, a once innocent mortal who was rapped violently by men and left for dead on a road. Some might say that she was the first of the vampires to be created. Ever since then, vampires are considered to be feared among the world. Anyone how find a vampire among them were burnt at the stake, no questions asked. The reason why he did this was that he is the Daedric Prince of Enslavement and Domination, whose sole purpose is to spread fear and conflict among the mortal world. Why the caribou would keep a vampire alive was beyond him.

However, considering what he has seen since he got here, it wouldn't be a surprised to him why the caribou would want a vampire mare for his sex slave.

The vampire glared at him while his staff is aimed at her neck. "Well, what are you waiting for?" She said. "Aren't you going to fuck me or something?"

"I don't have time for such luxuries." He simple said. It was true. He had no desire to mate with her, or ravage her. "I could kill you here and now, but my master has ordered me to never harm any slave I come across." He didn't like it that he couldn't kill her on account of his master’s wishes. However, he could still kill the caribou, so it was something. He removed the staff from her neck, which he noted was occupied by a black collar, and stepped away. He didn't have time to deal with some naked mortal. He had a mission that he needs to complete.

From the look on her face, she wasn't expecting something like this, and how could blame her. She was constantly banged everyday by some slaver. "You’re not going to take advantage of me?" She questioned.

"Like I said, my master has ordered me to look for these 'Elements of Harmony'. So I have no time to kill you nor do I desire to ravage you." He smirked. "Besides, you’re not my type."

"And what exactly is your type?" She stood up and looked at him with an annoyed expression, her arms folded one her chest.

"Those that don't ask stupid question they cannot answer." He retorted. She opened and shut her mouth a couple of times, unable to think of a respond. She just simply glared at him. He chuckled. He loves to mess with mortals. Which reminds him....

He walked over to the unconscious caribou and kneeled down, before grabbing his body and heaving him over his shoulder, being careful not to impale him with his shoulder blades. "Alright,” He hear her said behind him. "Since you’re not here to kill me or rape me, can you tell me who you are and what you are?"

The Daedra mage turned around and looked at her with his frosty eyes. She was a brave one. She didn't run away from him or escaped while he was busy with the caribou slaver. He actually respected that despite not liking mortals at all. Might as well entertain her. "I am Xucruroth, First Mage of the Council and adviser to my master. As for who I am, I am a Dremora, a creature born to fight and die for our master." He walked towards her until he was ten feet from her. All the while, she didn't retreat or backed away. "Since I told you how I am, perhaps you can tell me who you are."

She eyed him, inspecting his body to see any signs of betrayal. She then looked back to his eyes. "Nightingale. Threstral. Part of the resistance."

"A resistance, you say? I was under the impression that they were all captured." From what he heard from this 'Tirek' character, all resistance that tried to overthrow the caribou were destroyed, there leaders sold as sex slaves.

She sighed. "I wish. We're barely holding on as it is. Most of our command structure is weak and ready to fall apart at any moment We had a few successful smash-and-grab missions, but even then it’s not enough. I was supposed what you’re doing right now. Find the Elements." She shuddered a bit. "Unfortunately, I was captured by that sick slaver and turned into his 'pet'." She blushed a beet red. "It was my fault, really. I heard screaming coming from some barn in the outskirts and went to investigate. I didn't think he would get the jump on me."

"Now you are free." Xucruroth pointed out. "You can escape and report back to your superiors if you want. I have a job to do." With that, he turned away and headed towards the door.

"Wait." He heard the Thresal say behind him. He turned around to face her, only to see her glaring right up his face. "Why do you want to find the Elements, huh? So you can enslave us after you drive out the caribou?!?!?!"

He put his hand right on her muzzle and pushed her away. "No, you insolent baboon. My master wishes to free this country so you can get on with your pathetic mortal lives." Now it was his turn to glare at her. "You should be grateful that my master wishes to spare you and your mortal race."

"Alright, alright. Geez." She put her hands in a non-threating gesture. "Don't put your panties in a bunch. I was only asking." She returned to her normal posture with her hands on her hip. "But if your 'master' is trying to free Equestria, then perhaps the resistance can help you do that."

He started to think about her proposal. He hated working together with mortals, as they whine and complain about a lot of things. And are untrustworthy, but that can be said about the Dremora in general. However, they know little knowledge of this world and its inhabitants. If they wish to wage war on the caribou, then they need an outsider’s knowledge of the area.

However, it was not for him to decide.

"It is not my decision to make. You will have to take it up with my master if you wish to do this."
She nodded her head. "I understand. Then I wish to meet your master."

He nodded his head to where he was going. "Then follow me." He started to walk away with the unconscious caribou still on his shoulder. He heard the footsteps of the vampire-like pony following him not a moment later.

If he had to say something about this whole experience today, he would say that it was a..... very productive day.
After my incursion with Spike and Twilight at the castle, I went on my way to my next target. Her name is Applejack, which is funny considering she is named after an apple-flavored cereal. She is one of the Elements of Honesty. From what Rarity had told before I left the castle, she never told a white lie in her life and she is a tough one. She lives in Sweet Apple Acre's, a farm on the outskirts of town. The Apple Family is known for making the best apples in this side of Equestria. When the Fall first began, she's the only mare that's ever defied the lifestyle she was forced into. Currently, her owner is her brother, Big Mac. He is the only stallion that's not gone insane from the 'Crystal Cock' that emits King Dainn's spell in the Crystal Empire. They still live in the farm, though it’s under a new method now. Few slaves and her sister do all the work all day and night. From what I heard, he's a sympathizer for the mares, but he doesn't want to get in trouble with the new government.

The moon was already starting to slowly descend on the mountain. The sounds of battle were slowly dying down, with the exception of a few skirmishes that I heard in the distance as I walked through the village. The bodies of the caribou were spread out across the village, all with various wounds on their bodies. It seems that the Dremora were getting a little too creative with the kills. One had a hole where his heart used to be. The next one had his guts ripped out of his chest and lie laying on the ground. The last one was crucified on a random building, his guts ripped opened and went on the cross by his hands.

I think that I lost my dinner there.

After some time, I arrived at the acre, which was an even more impressive site to see.

The outskirts of Ponyville seemed to be peaceful, if it wasn't for the fight that was occurring right now. Row of apple trees as far as the eye can see, with red apples hanging from the branches. A red barn with white outlines stood next to the field that gave a nostalgic feeling of home to me. A chicken coop was located to the right of me, with some miniature-sized barns next to it. A well was also located to my left with some water still in the bucket. A wooden house laid before me next to the barn. Though calling it a house might be a misconception. It looked like large barrels were stack among each other and cut out to make this house. It is impressive, to say the least.

I was about to go to the house, which seemed the most likely place to look, when I heard some moaning coming from inside the barn. I managed to hear it through my already pounding headache. It's getting weaker by the minute, but it's still there. I might have used a little too much magic during my fight with Spike.

I'm getting off topic here. Sorry.

Anyways, I heard moan coming from the barn and decided to investigate. Since the barn was closed to the entrance, it didn't take me long to get there. I saw some of the animals awake, and even some that looked like they haven't slept for days. Once I got close, instead of peeking through a window like any other smart person would, I decide to kick open the large barn doors and hoped for the best.

Now how would I describe the scene that laid before me?

The entire barn was redecorated like something out of a BDSM porn video. There were various machines that had different functions. One was fist a mare in the asshole with a plastic fist. Another one had a mare with large breast on all fours with a machine that milks cows, both tubes on each breast while it pumped out milk. The mare moaned in both pain and in ecstasy. A mare was suspended by ropes, spread out with like an eagle, revealing her sex while two caribous were fucking her from both sides. Another one was surrounded by four caribous, the first one pinned her to the ground and fucking her while the others were masturbating to the scene, all aiming they're dicks at the mare's mouth.

Ignoring the sick nature of the barn, my eyes moved up on the top floor, where I found what I was looking for.

The mare in question was currently on all fours while two unicorn stallions were assaulting her, with one of them holding her head while she gave a blowjob while the other lifted her tail and fucked her from behind. The first one that held her head had a cream colored coat with a red-white striped mane combed back and tail. He worn something similar to what a barbershop quartet would wear. His cutie mark consisted of half of a red apple. The other one that was currently fucking was much older than the other one, and with the same cream coat and striped mane and tail as the other one, with the exception of a mustache on him. This means that they are somewhat brothers. His cutie mark consists of a red apple that is missing a slice. The mare had an orange coat with a blonde mane and tail, which ironically were tied in a ponytail. Her cutie mark consists of three red apples across her flank. She also sported D-cup breast that were moving back and forth with the motion.

"Excuse me, sir?" I was interrupted from my thoughts by a scrawny-looking caribou with glass on his eyes. "The Barnyard Fuck is currently closed for today, but if you’re looking for a bitch to fuck then-"
He didn't finish as I drew the crystal sword from my hip and swung it forward, slicing his head clean off. The expression on his face both surprise and fear. He didn't even have enough time to scream. The head continued to roll towards the caribou, both of them stopped what they are doing. I didn't give them any chance as I rushed forward and plunged my sword towards the first one, which was the one that was fucking the mare on the ropes from the behind. The sword did the job with relative ease. The caribou screamed before I withdrew my axe and plunged it into his neck. The caribou fell as he scratched at his neck. I got my axe out just in time as a caribou tried to get a sword that was next to him. I threw it at him, which hit home as it struck the back of his head.

By this time, the other four caribou snapped out of their trance and tried to get their weapons, which conveniently was right next to me. It still didn't stop them as they came charging right at me. Without thinking, I channeled my magic through my hands and unleashed a flame attack on them. The flames engulfed the caribou as they screamed, the fire digging into their coats. One of the caribou's managed to jump through the window while the others simple spazed out, trying to get the flames out. This in turn spread from the fur to the floor of the barn. The flames spread quickly due to the fluids in the place. Soon enough, the whole barn was caught on fire.

I wasted no time grabbing my axe from the dead caribou and climbed up the ladder, narrowly avoiding some small burning debris fall on me. I cut down the mare that was bounded by ropes. She then helped the other mares out of the other equipment, some of the flames helping them out of their bindings. Once I was up, I saw that the brothers escaped early by jumping out the windows, leaving Applejack alone with semen all over her. Her eyes were closed, breath coming out of her chest. Wrinkling my nose, I sheathed my sword and lifted Applejack of the ground and held her bridal-style. She was much heavier than I expected, but from what I hear, Applejack works on the farm all day. So it would explain the muscles on her arms and legs.
I almost got caught by a burning beam as it went down, snapping me back to reality. I could feel the flames coming close to my face. I quickly looked around and saw an opened door at the back of the barn. I ran over to it, but a large beam engulfed in fire suddenly fell down on the opening, blocking it in a flaming inferno. I cursed under my breath. The building was falling faster than I imagined, so I was running of time. If I don't do something quick, me and Applejack are going to end up as cooked meat on the ground.

So, with sheer stupidity that my brain can muster, I decided to turn around, aim at a random burning wall, and rushed it with all the strength I can muster. Fire raged all around me, and a few small debris actually hit my face. I didn't care at this point.

Somehow, like the universe decided to give me a break, it worked. The wall exploded as I rammed it with my shoulder. As if to add to the climax, a column of fire explosion from behind me, boosting me forward. The cool air greeted me as I fell to the ground with Applejack still cradled in my arms.

Thankfully, it wasn't a long way down, and I landed on a hay stack with Applejack.

The barn clasped on itself as the flames destroyed it. All that was left was a burning building. Luckily the barn wasn't close to the field to make it life threating.

I laid Applejack down on the ground and check her pulse on her neck. She is still alive, thank god. But she is unconscious, which means that I have to wake her up. I could just grab her and get to the Everfree, but she was heavy as fuck and I can't get far unless I want broken legs. Looking around, I spotted the well I saw earlier. Once again, I carried her bridle-style and went my way towards the well. Once I got there, I leaned Applejack against the stone well. I grabbed the crank and....well.... cranked it, the bucket going down the hole. I heard splashing and cranked it back up, the bucket filled with water. I grabbed the bucket and-

Something clashed against my head. The helmet protected me from the impacted, but it still knocked me off a little and made me drop the bucket, the contents spilling out. I landed on the ground and tried to get up, only to have something pin me down.

"Well well well. Look what we have here, old brother of mine. Someone is trying to steal our property." I heard someone, most likely one of the brothers behind me say in, if I'm guessing correctly, a mid-20's era accent.

"You right, dear brother. What shall we do with this ruffian who's interrupted our good time?" The other one said in a same accent as the other one.

"Hmm. I don't know, brother. I never seen this kind of pony before, but his armor is the same as those resistance ruffians."

Resistance? I though all of them were crushed.

"Your right, dear brother. Maybe we should turn him into the royal guards. We would get a reward for it. Maybe even more slaves!"

"Your right as always, dear brother of mine."

Ok, this is getting ridicules.

With as much force I could muster at this point, I rolled out from whatever had pinned me down, which was his foot. Luckily (I was very luck months ago, get used to it) the unicorns were weak at this point from all the fucking they did. This caused the one that pinned me down to lose his balance. I quickly turned around and withdrew my sword. The two brothers were there, half naked at this point. The one with the mustache tried to charge me, but I easily stepped out of the way and sliced one of his arms off. He screamed as he went down, his left arm holding his stump.

"BROTHER!!!" Another thing hit my head once again, but my helmet kept me from getting knocked unconscious. I turned around and saw one of the brothers, the one that I knocked off the ground, with a frying pan in his hands. He looked at me with fear in his eyes. Out of said fear, he swung the pan once again, but this time I grabbed the pan and shoved it out of his hands. I glared at him and punched him in the face.

No spells. No weapons. No enchantments. Just punched him in the face.

He went down like a large sack of hard rocks, a few teeth falling out of his mouth. His nose was bloody from the impact.

Ok, maybe I did put a little force in it. But I can justify this because I was mad
Shut up.

I narrowly avoided a spell that was aimed at me. I turned and saw that the brother with the mustache was mad as fuck, as the glare in his eyes said anything. "You'll pay for that, you freak cunt!" He was still clutching his stump, as he didn't care what happened to him. His horn glowed once again and he release a laser-like spell at me. This time, I was ready and dodged to the side. I rushed him before he could retaliate further. Once I was close to him, I finished him off with a sword in his gut. He gasped as the sword was plunged in his gut. He looked at me with fear in his eyes, as if begging for me to spare him. "P... ple...ease." He managed to gasped out.

I didn't give him mercy.

With quick succession, I sliced open his gut. The stallion screamed in pain before I sliced off his head.
"BROOOOTHEER!" I heard the other one shout out. I saw the younger struggling to stand up, but only ending up fall back down again. I walked towards him as he still struggled to stand. After a few tries, he managed to get up of the ground, but was still a little woozy as he swayed side to side, struggling to keep his footing. He glared at me. "!" He swung his fist at me in a way a drunk man would swing. I easily just grabbed his fist and pushed him down.

"I guess so." I simple said. "But if its anything, I think you won't be missed."

I didn't know what happened, but it ended with me cutting out his gut. Before he could scream in pain and agony, I pulled my dagger and plunged it in his cranium. In actually honesty, I didn't feel bad about killing him. He actually deserved it. How many mares had he sold to various perverts? How many mothers and daughters were separated so they can be fucked by some caribou?

He deserved this pain.


Wow. Where did that come from?

I rubbed my temples. I need to take a break after this. Maybe I should take a break after this. Maybe I need a nice, hot bath back at that sanctuary place in Paradise. Yeah. That would be good.

"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!" A loud, deep war cry snapped be back to reality. I side stepped away just as some large, red blur nearly tackled me. That said blur revealed to be a massive stallion that had probably been ejected with steroids at birth and eats only vegetables and steroids. The large red stallion was wearing a flannelled, button shirt that would associate with people in the American south. His mane and tail are blonde like Applejack's, only shorter. His apple green eyes glared me as he was holding a pan in his hands.

Seriously, where did they get these things from? I need to find out after this.

"I ain't going to let ya'll hurt her you.... you..." He blinked as he looked around the scene before him, including the smoking wreck of a farmhouse and the brother’s dead bodies on the ground. He looked back at me with a mix of surprise. "...did ya'll do this."

"Yeeeah." I rubbed the back of my neck. "Sorry about your farmhouse. I didn't think it would catch on fire." I lied. Of course I knew it was going to catch on fire when I did my fire spell! I did it without thinking!

He looked at the barn once again. As if on cue, the remaining wood clasped on itself. "It's....alright. It was getting old." His eyes widened. "APPLEJACK-"

"Is still alive." I finished his sentence. "I managed to grab her before the whole barn collapsed."

He breathed a sigh of relief as he dropped the weapon. "No one would have been able to risked they're neck ta save my sister." The stallion smiled. "It's nice to see somepo-one taking a stand against those creeps."

"Well, someone has to stand up for the little guy-erm, gals." I said. I was actually glad to help out the inhabitants of this world. To be honest, it actually felt refreshing from what I'm used to back in my world. Sure, I had to kill some creatures and that's bad and all, but let’s be honest; they actually deserve it.

"Well, I thank ya kindly for this. I don't know what I'd do without her." He extended a hand. The name's Big Macintosh, but most ponies call me Big Mac."

Great, another name based on food. And this one is making me super hungry for a Big Mac.

Note to self; when this whole war is over and I get somehow find a spell to get back to Earth, the first thing that I will do is spend my entire lifesavings on McDonalds meals until I get a heart attack.

Providing that I still have said savings.

"Nice to meet you." I gripped and shook his hand. Even though I was wearing armor, I could feel his strong grip. We ended the hand shake a few seconds later. "Now that we got this whole thing off our shoulder, I need you to get you and your sister out of here."

Big Mac frowned. "I would like ta agree with ya on that one, but there aren't many place that we can hide. If I go and run away, then they would try to find us and kill us."

"That won't be necessary." I put a hand in his shoulder. "I have a group of my soldiers waiting for us in the Everfree. They're instructed to escort any slave and non-brainwash stallion. From there, we'll go to the Royal Castle. We will go there and meet up with them."

"Is it safe?"

"It's better than nothing." I said to him. He was right about one thing; is it safe? From my perspective, we don't have a lot of options. The castle isn't a safe place to be. But it would give us an advantage if the caribou managed to go hunt us. Between the wildlife and the caribou hunting us when word of this raid gets out, it would be tough. I could send them to Paradise with the Dremora's where they would be safe, but.... know. They would just be scare shitless of them.

Big Mac sighed as he looked at the ground. "I guess ya'll are right." He looks back at me. "Let me get Applebloom and then we'll be off."

I nodded in agreement. "Take your time, but please hurry." With that said, Big Mac ran towards the house.
While he was getting Applebloom, I decided to check on Applejack. I saw that she was still unconscious. So I decided to do something about that. I walked over to the prone form of Applejack, kneeled down.......
...and slapped her across the face.

Yes. I did that.

"RISE AND SHINE, SLEEPYHEAD! IT'S TIME TO GET THE FUCK UP!" I yelled as I slapped her across the face multiple times. This wasn't a light slap, mind you. I slapped her as hard as I could muster.

After a few times, her eyes finally snapped open. "What in tarnation?!?!?" She yelped in a southern accent. She then tackled me, pinning me to the ground and decided to choke the life out of me.

Let me tell you, that girl had the strength of Mister Universe himself.

"Ya'll had crossed the line, ya idiot!" I'm going ta beat the living shit out of ya." She was piping mad.

"I'm....on.... your.... side...." I managed to choke out. God damn, she was super strong. I was already seeing black spots appear at the corner of my vision. Before black engulfed my vision, she let go of me when someone tackled her. The black spots disappeared as I flipped over in a crawled position and gasped for air. I raised my hand towards my throat and felt the burn marks of her powerful grip.

"SIS, WHAT THE HELL ARE YA DOING?!?!?!" I heard Big Mac yelled. I turned back around and saw Big Mac holding Applejack back, holding her between the arm pits. I saw another little filly behind Big Mac, looking at me with both curiosity and fear. Like Rarity's sister, she was same height as her. She had a cream color coat with a red mane and tail. Unlike the rest of the mares I saw, she was complete clothed with a red flannel shirt and shorts jean-like shorts. She also sported a red bow on her head.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm gonna kill that motherless bastard!" Applejack was struggling against Big Mac as he held her at bay. I managed to find my breath and got up from the ground.

"It's all right, sis. He's with those Resistance fellas’." There it was again. What resistance is he talking about? We're there those that went crushed by King Dainn and his army of sick-o's? After this, I'm going to get to the bottom of this. If there was a resistance out there, maybe I could form some kind of alliance against the caribou. But I need some way of contacting them.

"What's ya talking about?" She stared at him with a questioning look.

"That's what I'm say. He saved ya from those brothers. He's part of the resistance."

"I'm not part of any resistance." I had to say something to ease the tension. "But I'm willing to wage war against the caribou for the sake of your country." I walked towards her. She started to flinch a little but soon realized that I wasn't going to hurt her. "I'm not saying that you can trust me yet, but you can either escape with me or escape and be caught again." I stretched my hand towards her. "What do you say. Can you trust me for once?"

Applejack squinted her eyes, as if she was observing me. She looked up and down my form. From my perspective, everypony I meet were the same size as me. Applejack was no exception.

Except for dem boobs and dat ass.

......shut up.

After several seconds of observing me, she wiggled Big Mac off of her and shook my hand. "Alright. I'll trust ya this time. But I'm going to be watching ya. Ya hear?"

I nodded. "I understand." I turned around and walked over to where I dropped my sword when Big Mac tackled me, sheathing it to my left hip. "We should go."

The Apple Family did as they were told and followed me off the property, leaving behind their home forever.
"Welcome back, master." Kathutet greeted us as we walked over. He, along with a few Daedra, were guarding the entrance of the forest in case any caribou decided to come over to the forest to find their missing slave.

I stopped at the entrance and greeted him. "Hey Kat,” Yeah, I called him by that nickname. The first letter of his name is "Kat", you have to agree. "how goes your search?"

He frowned when I used that nickname. I heard a few Dremora snickering at him. "Don't call me that. I hate that nickname." He folded his arms across his chest. "To answer your question, I haven't found Fluttershy. I went to the cottage at the edge of the Everfree like you said, but she wasn't there. The caribou I...."interrogated" had said that he sold her and another mare to some noble stallion in the north. "

"Shit." I turned my head away and cursed under my breath. I lifted my head and looked at him. "Did Rarity, Twilight and Spike make it back?"

He nodded. "They arrived moments ago. Tirek has taken them to the abandon castle."

That's at least a bit of good news. We now have three of the six Elements. "Anything else?"

"Xucruroth brought back what he believes to be a slaver with information on the other elements. He also brought back a member of some resistance. She wants to talk to you directly. Both of them are back at the castle."

Well I'd be Seogorath's uncle, my wish actually came true. Talk about coincidence.

"And the other slaves?"

"Some of them have heeded our advice and are en route to the castle as we speak."

Reaching underneath my armor, I produced the IPhone that I still kept with me. Pressing the button, I saw that it was one-twenty. Which means that we been at this for an hour. Someone might have escaped and have already called for help.

"Alright,” I started to say. "call a retreat. I guess we got what we need."

Kat nodded and turn to one of the Draedra's, who he then spoke to them in their language. The Dremora nodded before grabbing a war horn from his hip and blew into it. The deep, base-like sound echoed through the night before being blown again and again.

Turned to the Apple Family, who were hesitant at the sight of the demon-like creatures. "Don't worry." I started to comfort them. "They won't hurt you. I promise."

The siblings looked at each other for a moment before slowly walk down the trail leading to the Everfree, staring at the guards as if at any moment they would eat them. Once they were out of sight, I ran towards the trail.

Looking back one more time, I saw some of the Dremoras coming out of the town. Some had some sort of loot in they're hands.

I ran into the Everfree Forest, before disappearing within the foliage.

We may not have got all the Elements, but at least we have someone who knows where they are.

Move Out

View Online

Canterlot City.

The early morning sun came up from upon the mountains in the north, shining its light on the world and the city. Carved on the side of Canterlot Mountain, it is a shining example of the ingenuities of ponykind, and what I can do. Tall white buildings dot the capital city, some even edged on the side of the mountain. Waterfalls and rivers run through the city as a source of drinking water for the ponies. The city itself is so magnificent that only the Nobility lived in the city itself. Ivory towers with golden spires dotted Canterlot Castle, where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna live. The city was built after the Nightmare Rebellion as a new capital city for the ponies after the destruction of Everfree City during the final hours of Nightmare Moon. The battle within was so furious that the magical fallout it produces was harmful to the environment and its citizens. Luckily, the ponies of the city made it out alive with the help of Princess Celestia. After the battle, the city was devastated beyond repair. Princess Celestia had decided to make another city. Some would say that anyone that would look upon it would probably be blinded by its seer majesty.

But that was in an age long past.

When the Fall began, it was overrun by the caribou and a king named Dainn, a misogynistic species that believes that females should be nothing but toys to be used and ruled by males. The Princesses were powerless to stop him and his horde as they pillaged and raped anything in its path. Even the nobility surrendered to them. Gone was the once pristine city; now replaced with the banners of the caribou and soldiers that now walk the streets. Stores that once sold wares like fine china and decorations for holidays now sell sex objects to the caribou and their slaves. BDSM outfits, sex tools like crops, and handcuffs replaced the normal wares in stores. Some of the nobility, like Fancy pants, walked their slaves in the morning by making them walk on all fours. One of the noble stallions stopped his mare by the park. The mare was confused until the stallion unzipped his pants and proceeded to fuck his slave. A few passers actually cheered for the stallion as he continued to ravished her. The mare herself was in pure bliss as she got raped by her master; even going so far as to move her hips in motion with his dick. A store sold mares that have lost their minds and act like animals, as indicated by the purple collars they wear. One of them was currently sucking a caribou’s dick while in a small cage. Another one was sucking one of her tits while she put her finger in her clit, pulling it in and out.

Past the noble city, Canterlot Castle stood, its once pride aura now turned menacing. Banners of the caribou fluttered in the wind while the entire castle was repainting in red. Inside the castle itself, the main hall is guarded by caribou and stallion guards on each side of the hall. The armor the stallions worn were similar to the royal guards, with the main color of the armor red instead of gold. A few slaves were cleaning the places, while earning some looks of lust from the guards.

The door burst open as a scrawny looking caribou with a bright blue business suit scurried down the hall with all haste. "Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear!" He repeated those words as he ran. He reaches the main door that lead to the throne room. One side of the door is painted white with a sun on top, while the other one is dark purple with stars scattered all over the place, along with a moon depicted on it. A couple of elite caribou guards stood guard, their golden armor and purple capes signifying their position as the King's Royal Guards. A couple of slaves were sucking off the guard’s dicks.

The guards followed the eyes of the scrawny caribou as they blocked his path. "State your business." One of them said.

The caribou stooped in his tracks and looked at them with a stern expression. "I have business with the king. It’s of the up most importance."

"His majesty is currently busy with his whores." The other guard said. "Unless this matter is important, then-"

"IT IS IMPORTANT!!" The caribou yelled. "IT COULD MEAN THE VERY FATE OF OUR OWN EMPIRE!" He weaved through the guards and opened the door to the throne room. "YOUR HIGHNESS! YOUR HIGHNESS!"

The throne room was impressive in an outsider’s perspective. Golden curtains hung over the windows, hiding the bright light from the morning sun. On the windows themselves were the mural pictures of the ponies during the "Reign of Bitches", chronicling their reign of terror on males before King Dainn stepped in and overthrew them. One of the pictures had the so-called "Heroes of Equestria" save the day from Discord, a god of chaos. A red velvet carpet extended to the throne itself, along with two guards standing next to it.

Siting on the throne itself, is a big caribou with a golden crown on his head. The scrawny caribou couldn't help but stare in awe at the site of his majesty. Granted, he had seen him a lot of time, since he is the royal advisor for the great god king, but he still couldn't get over the site of his great king. His muscles bulged out like a flower ready to burst. His dark hair complimented his crown that he wore. His brown hooves polished with glistened light. His bright blue eyes were glued to the current bitch, Princess Celestia, as he fucked her in the ass. The once goddess had white fur that shined in the sunlight. Her hair and mane, once had streams of rainbows that flowed in a nonexistent wind, now turned pink. Her body was so well toned that many of a caribou would give us a body part to fuck her. Her big breast jiggled back and forth with each thrust that he made. Her ass, from what he had been told from the king, was as soft as a pillow for his great dick. She had a blissful smile on her, giggling with every thrust the king made. The sounds of slapping from flesh echoed across the room. Her collar, unlike the ones used on mare, is a red color with white and red diamonds along the base, signifying that she is property to the king. A chain was linked around her collar in the hands of the king. Near the corner of his throne was Princess Luna, naked in all her glory. She was a little shorter than her sister, but more beautiful. Her body, along with her big breast, were the envy to all caribou and stallions. Her ass, which had a picture of a crescent moon with black splotches, made his dick stand up right. Like the princess, she had the same color with a chain attached to the side of the throne.

The caribou king hears his advisor shouting and turned his head towards him, his eyes glaring at him. "What is it, Brutus!? Can't you see that I am busy fucking Sunbutt here!" To emphasize his point, he pulls his dick out half way before thrusting it deep inside her, causing Celestia to moan.

"W-w-w-well y-y-y-your highness,” Brutus was completely terrified by the sheer presence of the king. "S-s-s-something happened last night that requires your attention."

"Well, out with it." The king demanded. He grunted and moaned as he quickened his pace.

Brutus gulped as he was prepared to give the news. "There was a raid last night. Three of the Elements have escaped, along with the slaves that lived there. The guards were killed."

Everything went silent. The king stopped what he was doing, earning a desperate moan from Celestia. Princess Luna had a curious look on her. The air grew still, like time itself had stopped.

King Dainn eyes twitched. "wwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT?!?!?!!?" The king yelled as he shot up from his throne. Flames were literally spewing out from his body. He pushed Celestia off of his dick and on the floor. She was still giggling. "WHO WOULD DARE TO DEFY ME!? A GOD KING?!?!" He pointed in Brutus direction. "WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!?"

"S-s-s-somewhere around midnight, my lord." Brutus was shaking, afraid of the anger of the king. "W-w-w-we don't have all the details, but from what a few guards who survive have said, they were heavily armed and....well.... they looked like demons." He yelped as a thunder bolt shot out of Dann’s antlers, which were twice the size of any normal caribou's and glowed an eerie red. It zoomed past him and hit the vase next to him.

The king breathed in before breathing some air in and out with his nose, doing this a couple of times to calm himself. He then stared at him. "Tell the soldiers to kill those who escaped for incompetence and cowardice. Then I want you to send a message to General Fabius to come to Ponyville and find whoever is responsible. Make sure to bring him.... or her alive so I could....'persuade' them. And tell the magisters to get ready for departure." He waved his hand. "Now be on your way."

Brutus bowed deeply and murmured apologies before going out the throne room. King Dainn was once again along with his thoughts. 'How dare they?!? I brought them to a golden age and this is how they repay me?!? I am a god, and all will respect me as such.' He shook his head. 'No matter. I have dealt with rebellions before, and this one would be no different.' He tugged the chain that was attached to Luna and pulled her towards him. "Suck, Moonfuck."

Luna, or Moonfuck by her new master, glared at him. Dainn gripped her hair and pressed her against his dick. Luna tried to resist, but he was too strong to resist. In the end, he started pulling her head in and out in a rhythm as she sucked him.

A savage grin made itself known. 'I'll find them and make sure they'll regret ever turning on me, just like the others.'

You know, I never really got around to telling you my life story because of all the shit that is happening. Now I know what you’re thinking: 'Who cares about your life story? We don't care about that blah blah blah. That's what heroes do blah blah blah. Stop being gay blah blah blah.'

First off, fuck you. This is my story that I'm telling you. So I can do whatever the fuck I want, and you’re going to either enjoy it or not. Second, I might die at some point. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but at some point.

So, here goes nothing.

Like I said, I'm Jewish. Now I know what your think. 'You can't be Jewish because you kill and steal and swear and blah blah.' Why don't you step into my shoes for one day and then you'll understand me!

Anyway, I'm not just some regular American Jewish that aaaalllllways seems to be the protagonist in every book and movie that is made. Well, mostly. I was born in California, but my father was from a country called Israel, in a major city called Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel. There are other countries besides America, you jackasses! He was an Israeli Commando in the army and my mother was a tourist from America. I'm not going into full detail on how they met and fall in love (since I forgot how they even meet), but from what they told me.... just seems typical. My mother was on vacation and was confused with her new surroundings. The first thing that she did was ask someone, which happened to be my father. He was off duty at the time when he met her. Several awkward conversations, a trip to the coffee shop and a few dates later, they fell in love.

Love is so confusing.

My mother thought about taking my dad back to the United States, California to be precise. My father was hesitant at first, but he agreed at the end. My father told me that he always wanted to visits America and see all the sites he heard of, and he told me that this was a perfect opportunity to do so. So he retired from the army and went with my mother to America. He met with her parents and they approve of him marring their daughter, even though they are Catholic. My dad went to college and got a Degree in Engineering. He got a job as a technician working for some company. I can't remember what the name was, but he earned a decent wage from them. My mother was a lawyer, and she earned a big wage.

Sooo........there's that.

Two years later, my mother gave birth to me. After I was born, my brother was born two years later.

Well, there you have it. My life story. Not as interesting as you might think, but hey; we can't all have interesting lives like you've seen in movies or books. But enough about me. I'll continue on with the story.

The morning sun came up from beyond the mountains, the warm colors spreading over the fields and everything around it, including the castle. This included the old castle we were in, changing it from a dark color to a dark blue. The birds chirping sounded all around us. Predators in the forest started to wake up, either out hunting for food or sleeping in. The rays of the sun shined through the torn curtains from the top of the castle. At this time, I was asleep, tired after last night’s activities. The rays of light hit my face, making me groan and turning over. It didn't work as the rays hit the back of my neck, which was a little annoying to begin with. After some time tossing and turning so I could get away from the warmth of the rays, I gave up and started to wake myself up. I yawned, stretching my arms back and hearing my bones crack, which was a first for me. I blinked my eyes a couple of time and rubbed them to get the dust, or "sleepies" from my eyes.

Hours have passed since the raid, and things have been a little hectic. The ponies that I freed have been a little nervous, if not downright fearful for the Dremora. I had to separate the stallions from the mares. It not that I don't trust them, even though they told me they aren't like the others. I have some suspicion that there is a supporter of the regime among them. Call me paranoid, but hey; when you’re stuck on an alien world fight a war against a species you barely even know, you tend to get like that. It took a lot of talking to the mares and stallions to settle them down, telling them that they have nothing to fear and that I was helping them. At first, they didn't believe, and some tried to attack me, thinking I was trying to enslave them for my own personal means, while others said I was one of those slavers to profit off of them. How could blame them? It's not every day some strange creature with command of a demon-like army marching in and saving them. It would give out the wrong impressions. Thankfully, Xucruroth erected a barrier between me and them, stopping them. A few Daedric mages that stayed behind to study some of the artifacts of the castle also helped as well, stopping them before they were even close to me. The result was ponies being suspended in midair with their bodies frozen. I told them that I wasn't some evil demon coming to enslave them, nor was I one of the slaver. It took a while to get them to listen to me, but they soon got the message that I was no threat to them. Hell, even the remaining Elements told them about me and how I saved them.

After that little "fiesta", I started to get really tired and told them to hold down the fort. I mean I was really really really tired, like I just don't want to move at all and just fall face down. Luckily I had enough energy to find one of the rooms with a bed in this castle. Lyra and Bon Bon managed to stop me and check up on me, asking me a million questions about the raid. I didn't want to answer them and told them that I would answer them once I get some rest. They agreed and wished me a good night. I soon fell face first into a bed and fell asleep, never bother to take off my armor.

The strangest thing was that I didn't have any dreams that night. I thought that with all the killing and blood and stuff, I would at least get a nightmare or two, but I didn't. I don't know why. Maybe I'm already insane, but that out of the question. Right now, I didn't care.

So I did start my day with stretching my body. I bent down to my legs and tried to reach them with my hands. This resulted in hearing my bones cracking into place. Again, uncommon. Then I started bending to the left side, before bending to the right side. I then went over my plans for today. My plan for the first day was to meet with Tirek, Xurcuroth, and Kathutet to decide our next move, possible even move to a more secured location. Then I have to meet with the pony that Xurcuroth came back with and tried to find out where this resistance was at so I could have some sort of agreement with them, maybe even bring the escaped mares back to them. They deserve to wait it out than be with me. Although my gut is telling me to just keep them safe. If my knowledge of movies and T.V. shows taught me anything, it's that any resistance movement would be discovered by some cliché traitor or by a captured stallion or mare. But I don't have much of a choice here. It was either them or here. You could already guess how that would turn out.

So I would trust them.... for now.

It was then I noticed that something was.... off.

I smelled. Bad.

New plan; I had to take a bath or a shower. I smelled like shit and dried blood, along with other things that I would not mention.

I never bothered to take off my armor because I was tired. It had dried up and started to smell on my armor. Not only that, but my body was also starting to smell. The sweat, combined with some of the blood that had managed to stick to my skin had started to smell as well. So I decided to just leave the room I was in, which was the servants quarters, and made my way down the hall.

In an ironic twist of fate, I managed to bump into Kat as he came down the hall. He was actually looking for me and wanted to come with him. At first, I told him I wanted to take a bath at the river that is right next to the castle (since the secret room that the Princesses once had is being used by the mares that are dirty and had cum all over them), but Kathutet stopped me before I could even do that. He reminded me of the horrible monsters that stalked the Everfree Forest and that they would jump out and kill/eat me. He also told me of the possibilities of the caribou sending a small force to hunt down the slaves.

He also told me that I was stupid. What a pal.

He soon told me that he had one last thing to show me back in Paradise, and promised me that it would be worthwhile. So, with the book in my hand, I chanted the words and opened the portal back to Paradise. Unlike last time, I wasn't sucked into the portal, which was a relief. I stepped in and Kat followed suit.

We went on a long trek towards the mountain, neither talking to each other. I soon noticed that we were taking the same path that I went down from when I came here. He leads me past the Palace that they took me to when I was unconscious. I remember seeing a large bath in there. I asked him if we would use that, but he said that what I'm about to see would actually bring tears to my eyes.

After some time, after walking a path to the top of the mountain, I saw what he was talking about.

A castle-like structure stood at the bottom of the crater. It was much bigger than the one I woke up in, and more beautiful too. The structure of the castle was imbedded into the crater, which Kat told me was a volcano at one point. He told me that it was dormant, so we don't have to worry about being burned alive. Like the palace, it had the same Ayleid building-style, white marble with some mosaic pieces on it. A large courtyard stood in the center, separated by two walls. Two Cherry Blossoms stood to the side like guardians. I could see some pools dotting around the outside. The whole thing was surrounded by a body of water. I also saw a beautiful pond with some fish nets and other miscellaneous items used for fishing.

In short, it looked fucking beautiful.

Kat said that this is the Aylied Citadel, a place where Mankar Cameron and his family lived in when he made this place. A spell was cast on the place that allowed only the lord of the realm to live in. Since his death, no could enter into the palace. Now that I controlled the realm, I could now enter into the place itself.

We traveled down the mountain and into the Citadel. The courtyard was waaay more impressive than the view from above. Vegetation of all kinds dotted the landscape. I could see some Dremora roaming around with armor and weapons. A waterfall was seen as well, bring some water down into the lake below. A fountain stood inside the courtyard, the water looked crystal clean. A random path leads to a clearing with two chairs. Archways and other paths dotted the landscape. As we got deeper into the structure, I saw some animals actually running around the place. A fox had managed to slip past me between the legs before disappearing into the bushes. To the right of me, I saw an open bar. From the looks of it, it sold weapons and armor, while I saw some guards drawing their arrows and shot at the targets that were set up. To the left of me was an open bar with an oven, the Dremora drinking and chatting after a long day’s work. The smell of meat and other baked goods filled my nostrils, making my stomach growl. I reminded it that we would clean ourselves first and then pig out like there's no tomorrow. I also saw some signs on different buildings that were separate from the palace, like a hammer and anvil on one and a picture of a flask on another. He told me that they were different shops that were built into the palace after Mankar died and Xurcuroth saved the realm. I don't know how economy works in Paradise, but I didn't press it further.

We went up the steps and approached the double doors that had the picture of a willow tree. I have to say that it is impressive. We pushed open the doors, which created a 'creaking' sound and went inside.

The inside was more impressive than the outside. The how place was big, enough to fit in a dragon. Like the outside, it was all white with green mosaic outline. Daedric guards stood at the sides. Two crystal-like chandlers hung to the sides next to the steps. Two tables were separated by a fireplace that was somehow burning. All types of food were there as well, ranging from roasted chicken to sweet rolls. It took all my will power just to keep me from launching out and eating everything like there's no tomorrow. Up the steps themselves was a throne. Two blue crystals stood on stands right next to the throne. Two banners hung from between the throne. It had the same symbol like the cover of the Mysterium Xarxes, except the symbol was black and the background was red. Kat told me that now I'm the new lord, I can live here instead of the castle back in Equestria. This is where we can form our strategies and be out of site from the government. I was actually pretty nice that he showed me this.

As a spokesman on T.V. would say; "Wait, there's more!"

He leads me out of throne room and into the outside world once again. We were outside once again and going to a different section of the castle. He told me that he would show me where I would live in for the rest of my time in this crazy world. After some time, we arrived at the place, which was a small hut-like structure embedded. A beautiful green mosaic door had laid before us, which seemed to be the same style as the rest of the structures I've seen.

We both opened the door and I was treated to a view of the inside. It was the size of a regular house, with some additional things all around the place. I suspected that it was a display room of sorts. A fireplace laid at the far middle of the room with red comfortable couch's. A few cabinets were far from the door that lead to somewhere. A table held various items and other things behind a glass display to the right side of the room. Right next to it was an aquarium, which was filled with fishes that are identical to the ones from my world. A blue stone hung in the center of the supported by a rope. It glowed a pale blue, which was impressive. The archway glowed in the same pale blue light that is pretty impressive. Two wooden doors stood at the side of the room. The other room contained what you would find in a spacious house. A fire place in the middle with a low table and some cushions. A book and some other items stood at the left side, which I could presume was for alchemy. There was a door that lead to a small room that had a bed, which I could assume I was going to live in. Various vases stand on a stand to the left of me. A fire place was also there as well. The bed itself wasn't big, but it was the right size for me. It also had a fancy stone chest with the same colors as the entire structures. I soon went into the other room on the right side of the display room. The entire room was a medieval-style kitchen, with a cooking pot in a fireplace and the boiling of something good. I didn't how long it was like that before I arrived but clearly they were preparing for my stay. A stone stove was already roaring fire, clearly getting ready for me to cook something. The was a cookbook on the table on the opposite side of the room, which had some meals inside that I could prepare, which was great for me. I could actually cook some food on my own. I've taken some cooking classes during my time at school, learning to prepare my meals. I don't mean to brag or anything, but people said that I make the tastiest meals and said that I should be a cook.

And then I went to the door behind the display room. It was a bath.

Calling it a bath was an understatement. It took up the entire room and I mean the entire room. It looked more like a pool than anything. It had the same glowing stones like the archways. It also had a view of the outside sky, which was actually kind of beautiful. I could see steam rise from the water, meaning that it was hot. Kat told me that once I was finished cleaning up, that he would meet me at the ruined castle back in Equestria. So he went out the door and left me to my own devices.

I started to undress out of my Elven Armor. It was a tedious task, mind you. I had to find all the hooks and such that held my armor together. After sometime, I'd managed to get out of my armor, which left me in my boxers. I could still see the blood from my battles with the caribou, as well as the scorched marks and scratches from my battle with Spike. My phone actually dropped out at some point. Luckily, I had completely forgot about that. I picked it up and examined it. I didn't have any damage on it, which surprised me to no end. You'd think that it would be melted or crushed by everything I've been through. Physics are fucked up in this world. I pressed some buttons and opened Pandora, which had a song that was beginning to play.

I stripped out of my boxers and took a step in the pool. I then took another step and another until I was halfway deep. The feeling of the water was indescribable. It's like having being covered in a blanket of soft and wet sheep wool or some shit like that. Now that I think about it, I couldn't even remember the last time I've taken a shower or a bath. This long ass campaign against the caribou kind of restricts you of that.

Sorry, I'm getting of topic here again.

Started to swim for a bit, trying to get some exercise going before the meeting. I did notice a slight change in my body that I did not notice before.

Before I was sent here, I wasn't really well exercised, but I wasn't really fat as well. I was sort of in the middle between skinny and fat. Now I have a six pack chest that you normally see in teenage romance stories, along with slightly bulging muscles. Maybe it was the train that I underwent when I planned to free the Elements, but I don't think it counts. My legs were still the same, muscles on them as well. I had to ride twenty miles to school and back on my bike. Though the hard part of going back home was going up the hills. It was a real exercise. But again, I don't think it counts. My arms have muscles on them as well, so that's a thing.

In short, I was a fucking Tarzan.

After a little bit of exercise, I sat on the steps as the water embraced me. A lot of grim and blood washed away from me, forming up in a pile of.... well...dirty water. I closed my eyes and sighed as the warmth that I was denied for some time consumed me. I relaxed a bit.

After sometime in the water, I started to think.

Why was I here? I know I was tasked by the Big Guy (not god) to retake Equestria and drive out the caribou. But is that it? Was there something else that I had to do? Was I sent here to conquer them, or just save them? Why would this responsibility be given to me?

And this lead to another group of questions.

Just who was that strange "Merchant" guy that gave me those artifacts? Did he know that it was really magical? If so, what was he? The Devil? God wanting to get some entertainment out of my already crazy life? Some ancient god or some shit? Are all his items really magical in nature? How many did he give to people? Are they here in Equestria with me? So many questions that I couldn't even answer. It frustrated me to no end.

I sighed as I just sank in with the water. It didn't matter right now. Whether there are humans like me in Equestria or not, I have to focus on the mission at hand. For my friends. My family. Everyone at home is trying so hard to find me when I'm halfway across the universe, which I later found out that I am in the multiverse. It won't be an easy road. Now that the caribou know they have some opposition that is well organized, they would send the best of their armies after me and the Daedra's. I say let them. The Dremora have more experience in combat than anything out there. Added to the fact that they are more zealot than an ISIS douchebag makes this fight all the more interesting. I'll show these caribous bastard what happens when you piss off a human with powers. I'll show them the good ole "Red, white and blue" in their faces and give them an Uncle Sam right into the nuts. By the time I'm done with them, they'll be crying to god or whatever they worship and regret ever setting foot, or hooves, on Equestrian soil. I'm literally becoming the monster in every story that they will tell, but in actuality I'll try to save the citizens of this oppressive land and free them from their tyrants.

Little did I know, it was exactly what I soon became. A monster. Not to the caribou, but to everyone.

Once I was done with bathing and cooking up some eggs and bacon (there actually was bacon here, I swear!), Tirek, Xurcuroth, Kathutet, Venom and I planned out next move.

Oh, you don't know who Venom is? Apparently ..........she is a Dremora female. I'm more surprised than you guys.

Apparently, they have females in the Badlands, and Paradise, who were just as fierce and brave than the others. They're roles were the same as another Dremora with the exception of one thing.

They could choose to be either a warrior for battle or they could be breeders for the males.

Just.......don't ask why. I stopped asking those questions a looooong time ago.

Kathutet introduced me to Venom weeks before the raid. Unlike any Dremora I saw, she had ember eye like a human with a short black hair tied to a ponytail. Her horns curled to the side of her head, like that of a ram. Her face was perfectly structured like a super model. She wore the Daedric Armor like everyone else, except a little slimmer that the regular one. From what Kat told me, she was once a big time general in Mehrunes Dagon's army. She was also the brains of the invasion of Cyrodiil, telling Mehrunes Dagon of the Dragon Amulet of Kings and its tie to the world. When everything went downhill (maybe on account of my character), Mehrunes banished her to Paradise, thinking that it would be a nothingness void when Mankar was killed. Luckily, Xurcuroth used some sort of spell to bring her here and convinced her to help out with Paradise. She was also the one that trained with me when I agreed to help the ponies of Equestria.

By training, I mean she beat the living pulp out of me and yelled "DODGE!!!" the whole time.

Right now, we were in a war room of sorts back at the Royal Castle that had seen better day. Several wooden chairs surrounded the large, round metal table, which had papers scattered all over the place. The wood seemed to be ready to fall apart any second. The ceiling and walls were once painted gold, but now have lost its luster with peeling wood and mold. The metal table was almost completely covered in rust. Some spider webs formed in corners, the ceiling and the chandler that was up there. The chandler, from what I could imagine, was golden like everything else in the room with some crystal hanging from the handles. Now it looks rusted, the crystals still retained their beauty even after thousands of years of rejection. Old maps littered the place, each one telling the geography of Equestria or of a nation or empire long past. Thankfully, one of the Daedras managed to get an updated map of Equestria during the raid, show some locations like cities or towns.

And let me tell you, there are sssssooooooooooooo many horse puns of cities and towns that had names almost like the ones on Earth. Fillyadelphia, Stalliongrad, Trotingham and all that jazz

Seriously, Manehattan? I could have thought of a better name than that.

So here we are, all standing around, planning what we need to do. I was still in my Elven Armor, blood cleaned off and shining brightly. Well, not that brightly, but you get my point. "Alright." I started to get their attention. "What's our next move?" We can't stay in the castle for much longer. Word might have already gotten around that we raided Ponyville and killed every caribou. Not only is it already in ruins and provides no strategic advantage, the caribou would likely search this place first. Even if the Everfree has a reputation of dangerous planets and wildlife, I doubt that it would hold them at bay.

"We need to rally our forces in Gaiar Alata and strike before they could find us." Venom said in a normal human female voice instead of the insanely evil voice that the Daedric sound. She pointed on one area of the map that, apparently, is a path that leads to Ponyville. "From what we learned from the locals, they will have to stick to this path so they can avoid the monsters in the forest. We await at that path with our troops and killed them all before they have a chance to organize."

"Then we would be open for an attack." Kathutet interrupted and pointed at the forest itself. "Unless you didn't notice, but these mortals tend to be more stupider than ever." He turned to me. "No offence." He turned back to her. Did he just offend me somehow? "Even if we wait for them, we would be attacked by the same creatures that stalk the forest. Not to mention that they would rather enter the forest than stick to the path. They would bypass us.

Venom glared at him. "Alright, smartass. What do you suggest we do?" I could already tell that there was tension between them. I guess the Dremora aren't used to defending civilians than actually attacking them.

"If I may interject,” Xurcuroth managed to interrupt them before they would kill each other. "Perhaps we would see what our master thinks." They soon all looked at me expecting me to have an answer. It was overwhelming to say the least. I never had to make an important decision in my entire life. The entire world rested on my shoulders and it was making me uncomfortable. But I had no choice in the matter. I chose to attack the caribou and this is what will happen.

I leaned over to the map, using my arms as support. I started looked over my options. I already said that we couldn't stay here and fight the entire army. A run-down castle will do nothing against the caribou, not to mention that it has no defenses whatsoever. The only access to the castle was a wooden bridge, and the entire place was surrounded by the endless chasm. This gave us a slight advantage. However, we have no food to sustain ourselves and the escapees. Even if I open a portal to Paradise and get some reinforcements, it would be too late. The caribou would have built siege engines and other contraptions to end us or enslave us, more likely on the latter. I looked over the map to see our options.

Now, I'm no military genius, but I did look over our number of options for where we can establish a foothold. Stalliongrad was said to be the capital of the earth ponies when the tribes fought over each other. It has high walls and a large collection of farms on the inside that can sustain the population. It has withstood sieges for both the Pegasi and the Unicorns for days, some say for years. It was a good position to hold out on, as well as have a base of operations. However, from what I've seen so far, they probably have some cannons that could tear down the wall. So that was out of the question. But it wasn't the only place that we could settle in. Manehatten is a port city with a largest harbor in the country. It has no walls like Stalliongrad, but the city itself is an island. The only way into the city are a few bridges. This would be a big advantage in case they want to siege us out. We would either have to defend the bridges or blow them up. It also has a harbor where they keep many ships. Ironically, despite being a medieval-like country, they have the same advanced technology as us, including cargo ships from my world, along with old wooden ships. We could use those for raiding off slavers ships and supply ships. But even then that would go so far. They would have a navy that would just start protecting the ships, and then blockade the port so no food gets in. So that city was out of the question again.

I was about to voice my opinion on where we should go when Tirek interrupted me. "If I may interject, there is another way of dealing with them." He pointed to the castle we were in. "This castle isn't going to hold out if we stay here." That was what I was about to say! "We can't ambush them because they would just bring more troops to hunt us." He then pointed to some mountains away from both Canterlot, Ponyville and the castle, which is dubbed "Foal Mountain." "There is a great Earth Pony fortress carved here in the Foal Mountains during the War of the Three Tribes. We could go there and rally your forces."

That is.... a good plan? I could go for whatever at this moment. "Is it really safe?"

He nodded, his buffed up arms crossed over his chest. "Not only is it impregnable, but it is also abandoned for centuries. No one, not even the Princesses could remember it. I know where it is."

"What about food?"

"We would ship our food from Paradise to sustain you mortals." Kat said.

I mentally slapped myself over the forehead. Of course! I forgot about that one thing! Paradise has a bunch of food, ranging from fruits, vegetables and meats. Even if they find us and try to starve us out, we would still create food for us. The ponies are herbivores, which I learned from Lyra and Bon-Bon, so they would have all the greeny greeny goodness they desire. And if what he said is true, they we would be very well protected. It’s a win-win for all of us. "It's settled then." I started to say. "We move out in one hour. I will notify the Elements about this." The Elements would then tell the civilians about the move as well. If they are the national heroes that everyone was talking about, then they would help with convincing them to come with us. "Make sure you pack up everything that we need." I turned to Xurcuroth. "Any progress on the prisoner and the resistance member."

"The prisoner is preparing to be interrogated as we speak. He is in the old dungeons with the interrogator. We will move him in one hour and then, once we reached our destination, you may begin to interrogate him when you are ready." Xurcuroth said. He still had his hood up, with half of his face concealed. "The resistance member is currently staying at one of the rooms. I will ask the guards to escort her to your room if you so choose."

"And Twilight?" I said. I was actually worried for the poor girl. Sure, she tried to kill me, but you can't blame her for that. She was already broken from all the fucking she endured.

"She has woken up hours ago and attempted to escape, incapacitating some of our guards." Kat started to speak. "We managed to capture her before see could escape."

"And what do you mean by that?" I questioned. I wondered how a pony had managed to outmaneuver my guards. Funny, now I'm saying that the Daedric are my guards.

"She had frozen some of our guards and managed to twist one of them into a pretzel."

......Daaaaaaaannnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! I guess Tirek was right about one thing. Tirek did tell me that Twilight Sparkle did study under Princess Celestia and that she was a powerful wizard...pony...mage..thing, but I though he was just shiting with me. Looks like I was wrong.

"Her skills in magic are far beyond any mage I've encountered." Xurcuroth spoke up. "We've decided to put her in a cell with numerous magical enchantments. We will have to restrain her before moving once again."

"Have our soldiers posted all around her and a couple of mages on standby in case she tries anything once we get moving." I ordered. "As for our resistance friend, have her escorted to the dining room." I already know where the dining room is. So it wouldn't a problem for me. "I will talk to her there. If there is nothing else, then we are done here." The Dremora and the centaur (I learned what Tirek is) all filed out of the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

And by thoughts, I mean I slammed my face on the table.

'Why do things happen to me?' I murmured. I knew that this wasn't going to be easy, as if god and the devil decided to play with my life for their amusement.

Scratch that, they always did that.

After that whole business, I decided to visit our little resistance friend that Xurcuroth brought back. I told them to get her to the dining room, which wasn't that hard to find, mind you.

The dining room was the second biggest thing that I saw since I got to this world. The table seemed to be much long than any other table, big enough to seat at least a hundred people. Like the rest of the castle, time had not been kind. The chairs were almost worn out, if not downright ready to break. The golden colored table had lost some of its luster due to rust and black stains. Some of the chairs had holes in different places. Cobwebs were forming at the bases. At the end of the table was the resistance member.

And let me tell you, she was not what I was expecting.

She had a gray colored coat with a dark shade of blue on her mane and tail. Her ears were more pointer than a ponies, and had a similar style to that of a bat and ended with extra fluff on them. Her inner eyes were yellow with her iris slit instead of a normal eye of a ponies. Her eyes were still the same big ass anime-like eyes that I've seen in ponies. Her armor, which was probably from some part of the castle, protected her form. Two Daedric guards were standing by her side, spears that they stole from the town were in their grips. She was looking up and not in my direction, probably thinking to herself. I walked over to one of the chairs closest to her and pulled it up. She still didn't look at me, which means that she was thinking deeply about something. I cleared my throat to get her attention, and it seemed to work. She snapped out of her thinking trance and looked around the room, before setting her eyes on me. Let me tell you; it was a little unsettling to look at her in the eyes, what with the silted eyes, but I ignored it. "Are you the resistance member?" I started to ask.

"Yeah." She looked around the room and then behind me. "Soooo, where is your master at?"

.........Ok, that might have pissed me off a little bit, but I can understand that. I narrowed my eyes and said in her face "Your looking at him."

Her jaw immediately hit the floor in a fashion that you would find in cartoons. I didn't think it was physically possible, but I guess God just didn't give a shit about this world and said "fuck it". I don't know how long she was like this, but I snapped my fingers in her face. She snapped out of her trance once I did that. She shook her head before she looked at me again, this time with a surprised looked on her face. "You’re the one that mage was talking about?!?!?"

"Uh, yeah." I said, one of my hands rubbing the back of my head. "Not what you were expected?"

"Yeah." She answered. "To be fair, I thought you would be more.......uglier."

"Sometimes you never expect the unexpected." I sat down on one of the chairs, the creaking sound accompanied the motion. "But enough about me, I wanted to talk to you about something."

She gave me an incredulous look. "I'm listening."

I started to explain to her the entire plan that I was aiming for. "As you could probably guess, we are both aiming towards the same goal." I pointed to her. "You want the caribou out of Equestria,” Then I pointed to me. "and I want to help you with that." I then gestured towards my guards. "You already saw my own troops in action, as well as my personal mage." I started to fold my hands on the table. "But here's the thing. We don't know anything about Equestria, much less what the caribou had. That's why I want an alliance with the resistance."

She glared at me. "And why should I trust you? How would we know that the second we take our country back, you wouldn't just enslave us all?"

"Look, if it were up to me, I would have just laid waste to the village and killed everything in my path. I didn't do that." I'm not a charismatic person per say, but I tried explain to her what we both wanted out of this. "I get it that you don't trust me, and I understand that. But if you want to help your country, then you have to trust me. I promise to not turn on you when this is over."

She gave me a look that said "I still don't trust you." She also gave me a hard stare, looking up and down for any signs of betrayal or anything else. I stared at her back, looking right into her eyes. I didn't even know who long we were staring at each other’s eyes (not sexually, you perv). Finally, she closed her eyes and sighed. "I.......guess you’re right." She opened her eyes and looked back at me once again. "What do you want me to do?"

I knew she would listen to me. "Easy." I handed her a scroll that I wrote hours before the meeting began. It tells all the demands and what to expect, along with the location of the place we were going to travel to. "Give this to your leader. It has all the things that I expect him to see. Make sure you give it to him......or her."

She grabbed the scroll and almost unraveled it, but I lay my hand on hers to stop her. I don't want anyone but the leader to look at it. She got the message and walked out of the room. Moments later, I heard the sound of flapping wings echoing down the hall, meaning that she left to wherever the resistance is hiding. I just hope that this plan of mine worked.

General Fabius surveyed the surroundings of Ponyville, examining everything that had happened. From his position on the hills, he could see everything that is going on. It was a mess to say the least, the smell of death in the air and the dead bodies that they racked up.

He was recalled from his campaign against the rebelling zebras in the Marediterranean Peninsula by King Dainn himself to investigate some supposed raid on Ponyville. At first, he wanted to scoff at the idea of this investigation. He is a general, not the guard! However, he was curious on how some rebels had managed to stay alive after the Fall. From what he was told, the rebels were organized and had weapons that none of them seen before. There was even a report on how the rebels looked like 'demons'. He had the distinct impression that they were all wiped out after capturing the Crystal Empire. It could prove to be interesting for him. So, as order, he withdrew from the Marediterranean Peninsula and arrived in Ponyville about three hours ago. Originally, it would have taken two days to cross the ocean and arrive in Equestria, but thanks to some Magisters and some mages from the old regime that supported the king, they have managed to make something called "Gateways’, which can teleport anyone to another place where it has a "Gateway". One was already connected to Canterlot and another in the city of Istanbull, where he and his troops were staying at. This allowed the caribou to travel anywhere in the world with an army in case some rebels or army had managed to take back some land. He arrived in Canterlot in an hour and a half later and took the train to Ponyville.

Right now, his troops are searching all over Ponyville for some clue as to where the rebels have gone. The caribou picked up some of the dead bodies and brought them to a wagon that was pulled by some slaves all dressed in BDSM outfits, small chains pierced through the nipples. The village seemed almost fine, if it wasn't for the shops being broken in. It looked like there was some theft left and right, some shops emptied of produces. The smell of blood and rotten bodies filled the air. When the troops found the bodies all cut up and bent, some missing their heads, the troops looked like they could shit their armored pants.

Some of the caribou found the heads mounted on some pikes in the courtyard. Beside those little incidents, he was surprised at how many dead bodies there were. These were some guards that were trained to use weapons and subdue the populace in case they revolt. Now they were a bunch of dead bodies on the ground. They hadn't had any real weapons training whatsoever, but they could have held their own against any rebel bitch. Now, there were dead bodies all over the place, some even scorched, indicating that they had mages with them. He knew that this wasn't the work of some rebels. This seemed much more organized than anything he had ever seen.

A caribou trooper approached him from up the hill. Once he had gotten close to him he spoke. "We search the entire area, sir, but be can't find anything. We talked with some of the stallion survivors. They said that they escaped with every slave in this town. They were a small number of.... whatever had don't this, but they were heavily armed to the teeth. They couldn't fight back." He shuffled on this hooves a little bit. "And...........we search the mansion of a slaver named Vitreous. All of his guards were killed. It looked like some of them had been eaten by...something. We couldn't find him anywhere, not even among the bodies. The Magisters told us that there was some dark magic around the air.”

Now that go his attention.

He wasn't a Magister, but he knew for a fact that dark magic is nearly forbidden to the ponies of Equestria, not since the days when the accursed nation was created. Necromancy is one of those magic's, able to raise the dead to do someone's bidding. The rebels couldn't have accesses to some of those type of dark magic. They were all locked up in the Tower of Knowledge back in Canterlot. Even if they had managed to get it somehow, they could even begin to master it. Unless-

He was interrupted by the flapping of wings and the sound of something landing on the soft grass. He turned around and saw a pegasus scout landed right in front of him. "Sir, I've found the rebels leaving the Everfree Forest. It seems that they are heading south."

The general spoke to his fellow comrade. "What do you see? Where are they going?"

"It's a small army, sir. It's unlike anything that I have ever seen. They look heavily armed, and their armor is unlike anything I've seen in my years in the service. I don't think they are Equestrians." The scout reported what he saw. "I followed them for a bit. They seemed to be heading to Foal Mountain, sir. To the south."

The general looked in the direction the scout mentioned. The sun had already rose up high, knowing that King Dainn is watching over them. He saw the mountains that he had mentioned. "Prepare the troops to move out. We will reach the mountains by sundown."


View Online

You know, after this whole thing is over, I'm probably going to write a biography about my life and my adventures. Then, when I get back to Earth, I'm going to sell the shit out of it. It's going to become really popular. I mean, I talking about my life on an alien world here. You think that it would get at least a bit of attention.

Which brings me to my point I'm trying to make: I need a title.

So while I'm roaming around the capital, slaughtering every caribou I come across and chewing bubble gum, I was thinking on what title I could use. Sure, I could use something like "Scourge of the Caribou", but then that would be stupid. I'm talking about my adventures, not a shitty fan fiction! Then I thought about another title that could be a really cool one, and it would make sense to the general populace. "An Evil Overlord's Guide to Life" or "How to Be an Evil Overlord Without Really Trying." Really, from my perspective, I think I would make sense that the caribou view me as an evil demon god. Not that I am a god, mind you. I'm just saying what's on everyone's mind. I mean, I have all the things that an evil being would have.

A demonic army? Check.

Cool powers? Check.

An evil name? Check.

A dragon to command? Check.

I'll tell you about that one later. But for now, to the story!

Half an hour later, we started to moved out from the Everfree Forest and into the fortress Tirek talked about. We had to follow him since he knew the way to the place. I didn't know how he knows where the place is, but I didn't question it. He might have been in Equestria longer than I have. Plus, he got me this far. Might as well see it through. We had to move in a single group so the predators or bandits wouldn't creep up on us. Our group was much larger due to us moving the entire population of Ponyville. They barley know the concept of fighting, so it is a tedious task to protect them. We only had the raiding force to protect them, which is smaller. So I had to call in some reinforcements from Paradise using the Mysterium Xarxes. Some of the Dremora agreed to help me, which counted out to somewhere around only a thousand.

Our small army crossed several rivers and some paths. The civilians were in the middle of my army while my forces flanked them from all sides, all armed with swords, shields, axes, war hammers, you name it. We had to separate the stallions and the mares so both of them won't get any funny ideas. The creatures that stalked us looked like they were torn from Greek Mythology. There were hydras, manticore's, and dragons! Hell, there was even a creature that was a cross between a chicken and a lizard. It happened on our way out of here. Suffice to say, there was a casualty. Not one of the ponies, don't worry. One of the Dremora's saw this thing and thought it was a good idea to kill it and eat it for lunch.

You could say he was........STONED out of his mind!

........fuck you. That was a great joke and you know it.

We ended up killing it and the Daedra was no longer stoned. That wasn't a joke this time. So all in all, there were no casualties.

After what felt like an hour, we were finally out of the forest and started our trek up Foal Mountain. The trek up wasn't that bad, as there was a pathway that lead from the mountain. Though we had to move in a single file line instead of spreading out. Take into account that we had more troops than civilians, it was a slow process.

After what felt like hours, we finally reached the top and saw what Tirek was talking about.

I didn't know what to make of this place. It was a castle carved right in the heart of the mountain. It would have been impossible for any architect to make something like this. Then again, I was in a world where physics are bullshit and ponies can sprout out musical numbers at any time. So I just though "fuck it" and just accept it. The castle looked medieval-ish, with rounded towers and stone archetypes and other such things. There was a wooden drawbridge that was conveniently down for us. The pathway opened up a lot, enough for a small army to squeeze through. We let the ponies go in first before us.

The inside of the castle is what you typically expected from a medieval castle. A large foyer with worn out banners, suits of armor lining up at the walls with some weapons on them, and other stuff. The castle was old, that much was certain. Spider webs were formed above us, old worn out banners had their colors faded. Some stones were almost beginning to crumble.

All in all, it was a shitty place to live in, but with some improvements, we could make do.

After some time, we soon got settled in and the Daedra got to work fixing up the place, sweeping the floors, washing the floor and walls, and trying to get fix the stones that fell off. Xurcuroth and Kathutet went off to god knows where. Tirek went off to someplace in the castle. Venom is back in Paradise to muster the troops for battle. I would think that Xurcuroth would be doing something magical related. All around me, the Dremora started to get to work on the castle.

After settling into the new place we found ourselves in, I decided to check up on the ponies we were traveling with, especially Applejack, Lyra, Bon-Bon and Rarity. It didn't take me long to find them, as the Daedric guards pointed me to where the rest of the ponies were at.

Currently, they were in some sort of big old room underneath the castle. The room was far bigger than the others, with old chandlers hanging and torches being lit. I think that it was a church at one point, and I think it makes sense in a way. The princesses control the sun and the moon with relative ease, so it would make sense that peo-ponies would worship them as gods at one point. I saw the benches being organized into rows, a pedestal in the way back with some old book on it, and some mosaic window art of the two sisters, the ones that I saw in the pictures, were circling each other. The room is being occupied by the ponies that have escaped the town during the raid. Blankets were spread out all over the place, some of them are even on the benches. They were either comforting one another or trying to get some form of sleep. I saw some of the mares crying tears of joy, relived that they were saved. It made me feel happy, know that I can actually do something about something in this fuck up world. I also noticed a lack of stallions as well, no doubt they were in a separate room to avoid the females. Until I could found out which ones aren't infected with this voodoo shit the caribou have, I can't trust them. Except for Big Mac of course. He seemed to be normal than anyone.

I looked around for the Elements, but I couldn't find them anywhere. However, I did see Zecora in the far left of the room with a cauldron set up and the fire roaring on the bottom of it. I saw a long line of ponies with bowls lined up at Zecora and the cauldron. She stirred for a while before lifting a ladle and pouring it to a pony’s bowel. I assumed that they are getting some sort of stew that Zecora made, either to combat the voodoo magic or just simple because they were hungry.

"Howdy, partner." I turned around and saw both Applejack and Rarity coming towards me, both with bowels in their hands, along with Lyra and Bon-Bon. The mares, like the other ponies in this room, we all clothed with some of the stuff we looted in Ponyville. Applejack was wearing a checkered red and white shirt that was tied above her waist with some short blue demi shorts. Let me tell you something; they were short as fuck. It almost looked like underwear to one’s eye. Rarity was wearing a white long sleeve, button up shirt and a dark blue blouse with skin-tight black jeans. It wasn't a normal shirt either. It was a somewhat see through shirt, in which I see her wearing a black bra. Her shoes were red too, that's worth noting. Lyra and Bon-Bon were no longer wearing the medieval outfits. Lyra was wearing a short sleeved shirt with some brown cargo pants. The shirt hugged her frame, allowing me to see her smoking hot body. Bon-Bon is wearing a sleeveless tank top with shorts so short, I could literally see a shadow of a lacy pink panty.

I guess they don't know about modesty in this world.

"Hey girls." I greeted them. "I wanted to check up with you gals. How's everyone doing?"

"We're doing better." Bon-Bon was the first to say. "Everypony is on edge with all your...." She tied to find the word for my guards. "guards. But we're all doing fine."

"I'd like to agree with her." Rarity said. "Don't get me wrong. I am grateful that you all saved us from those ruffians. It's just.......they just stand around not doing anything." I could guess where she is coming from. "I tried to make conversation with one of them, but it talked to me in complete gibberish and walked off! And let’s not forget about..." She shuttered. "chooses of attire." She scrunched up her face, which I admit was actually kind of cute. "I mean, black and red don't mixed very well, and that armor............there are many words that can describe those 'horrid' armor that they wore."

Applejack was giving her an incredulous look. "You do realize that we are at war with those caribou? I think fashion is not on their minds right now."

Now Rarity is giving her an incredulous look. "Just because we're fighting a war, doesn't mean that I can see some improvement. "Like instead of black and red, I was think of something a little more........" She tried to find a word for my guy’s armor. "nice. Like blue and red. It really brings out the fierce and gentle nature of-"

I decide to stop this conversation before it goes somewhere.......flamboyant. "As I would love to continue this, I was actually wanted to know if there is everything I can do."

"Oh my, such a gentlecolt you are." Rarity said with a coy smile. I blushed at that complaint. It’s not every day some alien women complimented you, especially if it’s a furry one. You know what, I'm going to say this: she looks damn sexy! She looked like a super model. Gorgeous thin legs, a petite body, and her big breasts. Let’s not forget about that ass. "But like Bon said, we're doing fine at the moment." She then frowned. "However.......Spike has been avoiding us as of late. I can't even imagine what my poor Spikey-Wiky is going through right now."

"Yeah." Applejack seemed pretty bummed out as well, rubbing her hand on the back of her neck. "By the way, how's Twilight?"

I shrugged. "Last I heard, she is in a cell under magical protection. She's safe." I lend against the arm rest on the bench right behind me. "Xavier thinks that she has some sort of domination spell under her, so he's working on something to snap her to her senses." I decide to call my mage Xavier, because who doesn't. But besides that, everything I said was true. That voodoo magic that was sprouting from someplace called the Crystal Empire. Thousands of years ago, it was responsible for spreading love across the planet, which was impossible. Again, magic. Don't question it. To make it short, some dark king called Sombra took over the Empire and enslaved everyone, just like your typical cartoon villain. Celestia and Luna defeated him, but he cast a spell at the last moment that allowed the Crystal Empire to disappear for centuries. It reappeared two years ago and Twilight and other beat Sombra back to the Frozen Wastes. It used to be ruled by Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, but the caribou took it over and installed something called the 'Crystal Cock', which helped with the takeover of Equestria. They became their puppets in order to keep the crystal ponies in check. When the cock was installed (not an innuendo), the entire world burst into chaos. The nations of the world tried to rebel against King Dainn's rule, going so far as to send forces to retake Equestria due to the alliance that they shared. However, his Douchebagginess controlled the sun and the moon, and his powers are like that of a god. Once he had proved that when they first did battle, the allied armies were wiped out. I mean, they were destroyed. After that, everyone just let Dainn do whatever he wanted.

At least until I knock on his doorstep with an army of demons.

"I feel bad for Twilight." Bon-Bon started to say. "She was always a good girl and a nice friend. I can't believe she would just.... turn us over like that."

"I blame those gosh, darn, caribou varmint's!" Applejack spoke with anger in her voice. I guess she was angry that the caribou manipulated her friend. "If I ever seen that damn bastard king again, I'll kick right where the sun doesn’t shine and teach him what happens when he messes with my friends!"

I could almost imagine Applejack kicking Dainn in the nuts and shoving her boots up his ass, which made me chuckle a little bit. "I'm sure there's plenty of time to do that." I said to her. I looked behind her and the other girls. "Where's Spike? Isn't he always with you guys?"

"He's right over there." Applejack pointed to the back of the room. There, sitting in the corner was the dragon with a bowel in his hand. He looked sad, almost like he was ready to give up on life. I didn't see him eat, which means that I needed to talk to him. Spike was wearing a green long sleeve shirt with brown cargo pants. I gave her a quick 'thanks' and went my way towards him. As I made my way over, I needed to think of something to cheer him up. I mean, he fucked his own sister and used her for his own desires, even if he wasn't the one controlling her.

I arrived with no problems. The dragon didn't even notice me until I spoke to him. "Hey Spike."

Spike seemed to snap out of his thoughts and looked up at me with a smile on his face. "Hey Mister Marcus."

"Please, just call me Marcus." I told him with a smile. "Are you doing alright? You haven't touched you stew." I don't know if it is a stew or something else that Zecora made, but it seemed like the latter.

He frowned as he looked at his bowel of stew. "I'm not really that hungry." He mumbled out.

"I could tell." I said. "Do you want to talk about it?"

He shuffled his whole body for a bit, biting his lip. I could tell that he is uncomfortable with talking about what happened that night. "Look, if you don't want to talk, then that's all right." I wasn't going to force him to talk, I just wanted to make him more comfortable.

I started to turn away, but I felt something holding me back. I turned around and saw Spike with his claws holding my leg armor or at least attempting to. "Actually.......can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure." I sat down next to him. I could tell he was struggling to say something from the look on his face. "Tell me what's on your mind?"

He was really struggling to say something. Finally, he decided to say something. "I was........just thinking about what happened last night." He looked at me and I nodded for him to continue. "I just......can't believe that I did that. To Rarity. To my friend and sister." Tears were starting to form from his eyes. Can dragons really cry? "I mean; Twilight was always like a mother to me! Ever since I was hatched from an egg, she-"

I stopped him right there. "Wait, your telling me that Twilight hatched you from an egg?!?!" I was surprised. That girl has a lot of things that surprise me now a day's. She might become the next Gandalf, but without the beard.

"Uh, yeah." Spike said as if it was a matter of fact, he wiped his tears from his eyes. "Twilight was practicing for the entrance exam to get into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. I was actually one of those test. She hatched my out of the egg with some” He blushed as he twirled his thumbs. "results."

"Like?" I pressed him further for information. There is no way that Twilight could just.... hatch an egg. Then again, this is a world of magical furries, so I would try to question it.

"Well." He rubbed the back of his head. "I was.......turned into a fully grown dragon."

........I take that back. That girl is going to destroy us all someday. You know what they say; curiosity can kill the cat. By cat, I mean the entire fucking world.

"But she passed the test because of that." Spike continued to speak. "Not only that, but she had managed to attract the attention of Princess Celestia herself. She took her in as her personal student, and she got her cutie mark."

"Sounds like she was on top of the world." I stated. It's not every day a ruler, possibly a god, of a country takes some normal pony in to teach. It would sound like some sort of fairytale or a shitty plot to a cartoon show.

"Yeah. She was." Spike spoke in a sad tone, staring right off in the distance. "She was always trying to raise me right. She was always like a sister to me, even though she hatched me. When she was in school, Princess Celestia would try to look after me. She was always nice and caring towards me, almost treating me like a son."

"But you did have parents before you were hatched, right?" It was actually curious on that one. He must have had parents before he was hatched by Twilight. Maybe they were worried for him, or looking for him.

What if they just...........stole him?

........Nah. They're total pussies about doing something like that. Trust me, I know this.

"Well." Spike started to explain his life. "Celestia told me that she found me in a cave where my parents died. She was coming back from visiting some ambassadors in Saddle Arabia." Great, more countries that have ridicules names. "

"Your parents died?"

"She said that someone slayed them." Ok, I'm convinced that the ponies must have done something. I mean that is like the first thing that someone says when they killed their birth parents. It's probably just me being paranoid. "She couldn't bear the thought for abandoning some little egg like me, so she brought me back to Canterlot Castle. Some years later, Twilight hatched me and I've been with her ever since." Spike hunched over, putting his hands on his cheeks. "Now I don't know what to think of her now."

"Hey, come on now." I put my hand on his shoulder and thinking of words of encouragement to make him feel better. "It's not your fault. You were under some spell. That's all."

"Was I?" He looked at me with those big eyes. Tears were flowing down like a river. "This was the first time something like this happened. The last time this happened was on my birthday. I couldn't control it. If it wasn't for Rarity, then.... then..." He started sobbing. I can't.....I can't....e....e..even control myself! What type of friend am I?!?!?" He started to cry uncontrollably.

Everyone in the room was looking at us. To avoid all the staring, I started to hug Spike, trying to make him feel better. I couldn't say that I understand what he is going through, but I do know that if someone did try to control me to do horrible things, I would have been fucking scared. "There there, little guy." I said as he cried on my chest. "Everything is going to be alright. I know your scared right now, but you need to be brave right now." Uh oh, whiny hero speech incoming! "You need to be strong for your friends. I know you think that you have done it, but that is not true. The caribou made you do this. If they didn't control Twilight, then they wouldn't have gotten you. What's done is done. You shouldn't look at the past. You need to be brave for Twilight, and for Rarity. "Don't worry about Twilight. We'll try to get her back to normal. I promise." You know, looking back at the speech now, it almost looked I was a whine bitch to someone. But keep in mind I was try to calm Spike down.

Spike looked up to me with those big-ass eyes that would make a puppy be jealous. He sniffed a couple of times. "You...Pinkie Promise?"

I didn't know what a Pinkie Promise was, but I learned it the hard way latter on. I swear.........Pinkie is not from this world. "I Pinkie Promise."

Spike wiped some tears and snot from his eyes with his sleeves. He smiled at me. "Thanks....for everything."

"No problem." I smiled. However, that little moment was short life when something tapped on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw Kathutet with a serious look on his face.

"We need to talk." He said. I nodded. I turned to Spike, who had a worried look on his face. I gave him a thumbs up and followed Kat outside of the room. Once we were out earshot of the ponies, he talked. "It seems you are getting along with these mortals."

"I try." I said. I leaned against the wall with my arms crossed. "What is it that you want to talk to me about?"

"Our scouts have reported that the caribou are on the move. They have an army coming towards our base. By our calculations, they could be here within two hours."

My heart stopped thumping and my skin started turn white as he said those words. 'They found out where we are?!??! How!?!?! I knew the caribou would react, but I didn't think that they would found out where we live and send an army. Tirek said this place was hidden “THEY FOUND US OUT?!?!?!?" I shouted at the top of my lungs. Everyone started staring at us now. "Uhh.....Nothing is wrong here. Go back to your meals." They did just that.

"Keep your voice down!" He hissed. "And no, they haven't found this place. If they had, then they would have sent for a larger army. For what Sloth had seen, they number to only a few hundred. The rest are back in that village we raided. Perhaps they think that they would overwhelm some rebel base."

"Still, it’s a problem." I whispered to him. "If they find us out, then they would send for an even bigger army."

"I understand." He said. “However, our scouts have reported that they are still in the village, most likely waiting for someone. They won't be here for some time."

"What are we going to do then?" I asked him. We couldn't just move out again. We just began settling.

"I have an idea, and I want your option on this." He started to explain his idea. "The mages have managed to make a functioning gateway to Paradise. With your permission, I will assemble a somewhat sizable force for our realm and march to ambush them at the village."

"How many will you bring?" I said. He started whispering how many into my ear. My eyes widened. "Don't you think that's a little......overkill."

He snorted. "Come on. Half of our forces have been begging for a fight for the last hundred years, possible even longer. This is a perfect opportunity for a good ole round of killing." Last hundred years!?!? Holy shit, that is a long time. "Besides, once we kill off the advancing forces, we will kill everyone in the village. That way we will send a message for their 'god king' to never fuck with us, and you." He then smiled. "So, do I have your permission?"

This is the type of thing that I don't get paid enough for. Then again, I don't get paid anything except for things that I loot. But besides that, I think about it. Again, I'm no military genius, but I do know a good opportunity when I see one. If Kat sends a large force to deal with the small advance force and the ones in the village, then it might give us enough time to go over some strategies. That, and I think that pissing off a god king is probably on my bucket list of things to do in this world.

What? I have a bucket list.

"Alright." I finally said. "You have my permission." I lifted my fingers and pointed at him. "But make sure you leave their leader alive. We might need him for questioning."

Kat nodded. "I will do as you command." With that, he turned around and left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Before I could even begin to think, I felt something tug on my pants. I turned my head and saw Spike getting my attention. "What was all that about?" He asked.

"Oh, you know. Military stuff." I lied. I could tell him our little problem. Well, a little problem that can be solved, but still. The last thing I need right now is everyone, or everypony in this case, running around like headless chicken’s scream on the top of their lungs.

Spike gave me a look over. "Are you sure? You look a little stressed."

I was pretty sure I was sweating right now. "Well..." I tried to make something up. "It's just....that doing military things is hard." Nice save!

Spike was suspicious at me at first, but after some time he dropped the look. "Well....ok."

"Good." I ruffled his bald head. Let me tell you, dragon scales are way different than any reptilian skin. It’s much smoother and rougher, but then it’s just me. Spike got the message and went on his way, going back to his meal.

I decided to get out of the room to get some fresh air, maybe try to think straight. All the while, I had a thought in my mind.

'I really hit the shit storm this time.'

I decided to walk around the castle to help clear my thoughts. As a bonus, I get to learn the layout of it. But first, I went back to Paradise and into my new house so I could get out of my armor and into something comfortable. I was thinking of wearing one of those medieval clothes (since they are the only thing in this castle), but I saw the clothes I wore before I arrived here on my bed with a note attached to it. It said:

As a token of our appreciation, I thought I would fix your clothes up. I hope you like what I did with them. I had to ask one of your guards to bring it to your room


I was actually happy that she had managed to fix up my clothes, and I'm surprised that they actually survived after all this time. My black shirt looked clean and washed, along with my jeans. My varsity jacket, which was a little ripped up after my first contact with the caribou and the manticore, looked new, almost like what it looked like before I was transported here. There were a few things different about it though. The collar and the bomb logo sparkled with a thousand little white diamonds on them. That's right. Diamonds! Apparently, as I learned later on, Equestria was once a big distributor of diamonds. They still sell diamonds, but it’s now mainly used in BDSM clothing and collars, as to show off their exotic slaves. My shoes looked cleaned and polished that they even shine, even though they are leather shoes and polishing them is impossible. Again, magic!

After donning my new and improved clothes, I went out of Paradise back to Midgard and started to walk with my new clothes with some swag in my step.

Currently, I was out in the courtyard of the castle. The courtyard itself had some things that a medieval castle would have, ranging from training dummies to a forge to make weapons. The sun beaded down on the courtyard, yet the wind was still freezing cold. I learned later that it was still October here, and that winter was right around the corner. Some of the guards were posted outside on the castle walls patrolling the place, keeping the lookout for intruders. Some of the other Daedra were busy fixing the castle walls, which had crumbled from years of neglect, and building some defense in case we do get attack. I had to open a portal to Paradise for them to get some of the equipment. Scamps, small creatures with feet of a mouse and body of an elf, helped with the rebuilding. Some of them built some siege equipment for the coming war, including trebuchets on the towers.

As I walked around and heard the familiar sounds of tools clashing against objects, I saw something that made me raise an eyebrow. Jebrus was standing right next to one of the castle walls with his head up. I didn't even bother to look at where he is looking, so I decided to walk over to where he was at and find out what is going on. As I got close to him, I noticed that he was glaring. I greeted him. "Hey, Jebrus."

He turned his head towards me and smiled. "Hey, boss. How's everything?"

"Good, I guess." I replied. "What are you doing?"

He frowned. "There's a stupid bird that keeps leaving droppings all over our garrison." He turned his head upward and glared. "There's the little bugger now."

I looked up to where he was seeing, and indeed, I did see a bird up there. It wasn't just any bird either. It is a falcon! The falcons in this world look the same as the ones from my world. Light brown chest, brown wings, talons, the whole shebang! It was currently sitting, or perching, on one of the support beams, its head held high looking as if it didn't have a care in the world. "Get out of here, you feathery nescience!" Jebrus started throwing smalls rocks he picked up on the ground at it. Of course, it didn't reach it. The falcon turned its head and looked down at us, before it started to blow a raspberry at him, his wings outstretched in a body language familiar to us when we were kids. You know, the 'na-na-nana-na' type of thing. He then returned to his stance.

Did I mention how fucked up this world is?

Jedrus screamed what I assumed to be curse words in the Daedric language. I wanted to end this whole fiasco now by shooting a spell at it. I aimed my hand at it and readied the spell. However, I had a different idea that hit me, on that can take care of his problem. It was a stupid idea, and something that would be in a bad fan fiction story, but I had to give it a shot.

Reaching into my pocket, I produced a bag of M&M's and opened it. I bought this from a vendor back in the convention. Well, to be fair, I also bought a KitKat bar. Yes, I am a pig, but aren't well all pigs on the inside? Anyway, I opened the bag and tilt it down in my right hand, producing some candy, six to be précised. I then put the M&M's in my pocket and used my left hand to whistle for the falcon's attention. It seemed to work as the falcon turned his head once again and saw me. "Hey there, little guy." I tried to be calm towards it. Like I said, stupid. The falcon tilted his head, but I can assume that he seemed unimpressed. I lifted the right hand that had the candy and popped a couple in my mouth. "Mmmmmm." I hummed. The falcon was confused. I swallowed it and held out my hand again, which now had four left. The falcon was extremely confused, using one of its wings to scratch its head, which was impossible and completely illogical. I bet Darwin would have a heart attack, and then his heart would explode. Along with the rest of his body.

"It's ok, I won't hurt you." I said in a comforting voice. I keep reminding myself that I was stupid and this was never going to work. But i had to try something. I knew that I leave the two alone, they could cause some real damage, like Tom and Jerry. Except that it’s a demon and a bird chasing each other around. It would spell disaster for anyone.

The bird raised an eyebrow, which again, is impossible. It then looked at Jebrus with a suspicious look. "Don't worry, he's not going to hurt you." I then looked at him with a glare, or at least tried to glare. "Riiiiiiight??"

He tried to match my glare, but in the end he folded his hands and grumbled.

The falcon looked at me and then looked back at the things I held in my hand, before looking at me again, doing this a couple of times. It didn't know how long this standoff lasted, but eventually the falcon came swooping down from its perching point and right into my hands, proceeding to eat the food I was offering him. It took all of my will power to not squeal like a little girl, because it would fly away in fright. He seemed to be enjoying the candy that I gave him. I lifted my one free hand and tried to pet him. As i inched closer, my brain was telling me that I am a fucking idiot and hoped that the bird poked my eyes right out of there sockets.

Almost hesitantly, my hand made contact with its head and started to pet it. It didn't seem to mind at all. It started scratching its head as it ate. "Good boy." I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, but it was still a compliment none the less. Once it finished eating, it did something that would be burnt into my memory forever. He started to fly away, but not before flying back to me and landing on one of my shoulders. It nuzzled me. On the inside, I was freaking out. This was every kids dream to have an awesome bird as a pet, and i just did it without any complications whatsoever.

This world is fucked up, but it almost has my respect. Almost.

I looked at Jebrus. "You see. Not everything can be solved with violence." I started to scratch its head. "Sometimes you got to a little nicer to people to get your point across." I turned around and went on my way, going back inside with the falcon now perched on my shoulder. I feel like I could take on the fucking world with this bird, but it would be silly.

I felt some shuffling on my shoulder and hear the falcon blow a raspberry as Jedrus. He yelled again in his native tongue, but by then I was too far away to even make it out.

General Fabius groaned. Not from annoyance mind you, but from sheer boredom. He could have lead his army to destroy the rebels once and for all, but NOOO. Instead, the gods throw him a curve ball right in the ass.

His army was all set to move out. They know where the rebels are, and they have the sheer number to overrun them. He could have lead his army through the forest. However, before he ordered his troops to move out, a messenger delivered a letter to him. He opened the letter and almost screamed in frustration. The king ordered him to hole up in Ponyville and wait for Prince Blueblood. The letter tells him that he would help him in his investigation. Help him his ass! He had meet the prince himself when he attended the Royal Fuck Gala, formally known as the Grand Galloping Gala. He is an arrogant prince that only believed in himself. However, he was also a hero of sorts. He helped the caribou with the infiltration of Canterlot Castle during the War for Male Liberation. He knew of a secret entrance to the castle foyer, and into the throne room. In return for this information, he would like to be Dainn's heir to the throne, and given the powers of government to help make their occupation much smoother. The king agreed to this proposal. Now a day, he runs a slave trading company and is in charge of the Solar Inquisition, the ones responsible for hunting down rebels and escape slaves.

So here he was at the train station, waiting for the damn prince to come to Ponyville. It was almost twelve in the afternoon. His army had set up camp in the town itself. The buildings weren't damaged, and the only occupants were either dead or missing. So he ordered his army to relax until the prince arrive. His army was more prepared to deal with the rebel scum. Five thousand troops were currently camping, along with some Custodi Rioteeurs, a caribou fitted in rioting gear for capturing some of the mares alive. He didn't need some uppity noble pony to oversee his operation. However, the king ordered him to wait, and he didn't want to argue with his orders.

He groaned once again from sheer boredom, and the pleasure he was getting from his slave as she started sucking his dick. He held her head with his hands and provided to face fuck her. She was a Diamond Dog bitch that he picked up from the country of Howlbania. The family she was bought from were poor, and sold her without a second thought. She was resistant at first, but she soon learned her place as his cocksleeve. There had been a few time that she had almost escaped, but thanks to the warbeasts that camped with them, she was captured and returned to her master. Her fur is a mixture of light brown and white, with the white going from her chest all the way down to her vagina, then towards the side of her legs. Her ears were a dark brown than the rest of her coat. Her arms were tied behind her back. From her shoulder to her elbow, it was light brown while the rest was white. She had a brown hair that flowed free, which he gripped as he fucked her face. Her tail was light brown with a white tip at the end, which was tied to her collar as to prevent any escapes.

He grunted as he released his semen all over her. She was forced to shallow it. This was a waste of time. He could have gone into Foal Mountain and destroy the rebel base, maybe even take in a few slaves in the process. He wondered if there was a red mane bitch at the rebel base. He always had a hard on for red heads, especially the earth pony ones.

He heard a train whistle in the distance. He grunted as he stood up and tied his bitch to a bike railing. He soon walked towards the end of the platform. In the distance, he saw a train coming towards the town. The train itself was painted gold, with a few rubies and crystals decorating some of the parts. He knew it was the prince's train, on account of the logo of his company on the front of the train. It had a stallion riding on a mare on all fours, a saddle on the mare.

Once the train was almost close to the station, it slowed down for a bit. The front of the train pasted him by. It started to slow down before coming to a complete stop. Two golden doors were revealed to the general. After some time, the doors opened. A red carpet came rolling out of the train before stopping on the pathway to the train station. He had to step out of the way of the carpet. Not long after, a stallion with a trimmed and groomed brown mane and tail came stepping out of the passage train before holding up a scroll. "Now presenting, His Royal Highness, Prince Blueblood!" He shouted. Trumps sounded from inside the car before Blueblood came strolling down the carpet, his head held high like any other noble pony.

Like he said, the general has seen him before during the Fuck Gala. The prince sported a blond mane and tail, both trimmed and groomed by the finest stylists in the lands. His coat is a pale white that almost shined in the sun. He sported a purple tuxedo with matching purple pants with a black tie and matching black shoes. His white gloves held two chains at each hand, which are connected to two collared mares that accompanied him. One is a peach creamed earth pony mare with a black mane and tail, with a cutie mark of a book. He remembered her. She was once the leader of the resistance that had tormented the caribou during the Liberation. Blueblood had captured her and interrogated her for days, before she finally broke and became his cocksleeve. He heard that she was forced into a room with nothing more than twenty males raping her with no breaks, food or water. She had melon-sized breast that bounced each time she walked. The other one was a pink mare with a white and red striped long mane in a ponytail and a tail that ended in a curl. Her cutie mark consisted of a bag of bits, which means that she was an accounted before The Liberation happened. Her breast was of modest value, not too big but not too small. They both wore golden collars to signify that they belong to him. Behind him, twenty foot soldiers of the Inquisition, which wore golden armor, came rushing out and standing in a line.

The general had to bow to the prince as he came to show his respect. "Blueblood, it is good to see you again. I am honored to be in your presence."

"And you should be, peasant." He retorted. "If any, you should remember this day that your pathetic existence became all the more pleasing when you met me."

The general glared at Blueblood. If he weren't in the good graces of a king, he would have taught him a thing or two about respect. He clenched his fist in anger. "Is there anything I can get you, your highness?" He said through clenched teeth.

"Why yes." He smiled. He unbuttoned his tuxedo and threw it, landing on his horns. "You can start by cleaning my tuxedo. It has gotten some cum on it because some bitch” He glared at the ex-leader of the resistance. By this point, she was on her hands and knees and started to nuzzle her master’s legs. "couldn't hold her cum in." He started to kneel her breasts, the mare moaning in response. "Then, I want your soldiers to start getting ready to move out to crush this peasant revolt."

"I will get right on that." He gritted through his teeth. He was this close to just whacking him on the head. But he had to do as he was told. He will never understand why the king would choose him for something like this.

He was about to tell one of his guards when he heard something in the distance. Screaming, but not the type of screaming like someone was scared of something. No. This was the type of scream that could only mean one thing.

Swiveling his ears, he tried to pinpoint where the sound came from. He turned his head as well, and saw what has caused it. Out in the distance, near a cottage, he saw dark shapes coming out of the woods. They were pony-like, but had dark armor and hold various weapons.

His eyes widened before he shouted behind. "GET BACK TO THE CAMP!!! WE'R-"

An explosion threw him off to the ground, landing with a hard 'thud' on his stomach. His vision was disorientated, the sound of ringing in his ears didn't help either. He turned his head at the source of the explosion. The train was left a smothering ruin. What was once nice and sparkle became a mis-match of fire, smoke, and melted gold. The train itself was left a heaping mess. The other cars took some damage.

He looked around to see what was going on. His captains started barking orders to the troops that came outside, going in the direction of the camp. Some arrows came raining down on them as well. One hit an unfortunate caribou in one of his eyes, making him fall to the ground with a scream. He couldn't see his Diamond dog slave anywhere, which means that she has escaped during the confusion. He also saw some blasts coming from the hill. One of those blasts hit a house, making it explode in a fiery explosion.

He started to get up, only for him to scream as he felt pain in his legs, making him fall again. Turning his head, he saw the cause. One of the wooden fragments was lunged into his left hind leg, sticking right out. It didn't hit anything to important as to make him crippled for life, but it still hurt like hell.

Looking over, he saw Blueblood escaping the scene with a few Inquisition soldiers he had left. He didn't see his slaves with them, which meant that they had escaped. 'Coward!' He weakly thought. He'll make sure to bring this up with the king.......if he gets out of this alive that is.

By this point, his hearing returned. He heard the screams of his soldiers, or theirs, being slaughtered. He heard the clashing of steel and the striking of flesh. He also heard strange language being shouted. It wasn't any language he had heard. Being around the world all the time, he had to learn the different languages that the people use.

"General! GENERAL!" He saw one of his officers running up to him. He was holding the blood that was sweeping out of his left arm with his right hand. "GENERAL! Thank the gods that you are alright!" He looked at his leg. "Shit! This isn’t good at all."

"What is going on?!?!?!" He shouted.

"Our troops are being slaughtered by these creatures." Another explosion sounded in the camp, along with another set of screams. "They are much more armed than we thought. We can't hold them off must longer, general. We need to fall back." In the distance, his officers were shouting orders to retreat, that they were heavily outnumbered.

'How can that be?' His army numbered in the thousands, all with experience from battles. How one small rebel army outnumber them? 'I guess I was right on one thing.' This was more than just any rebel army.

He looked at his officer in the eye. "Your right. Where are we going?"

"We agree to rally our remaining forces at the-” A dark and red arrow punctured him in the lungs, blood sweeping out of the hole. He gargled, attempting to hold his throat with his hands. Another arrow was embedded in his chest, right where his heart is. He soon fell, his expression one of pain and sadness.

The general stared wide eye at the corpse in front of him. Sure, he has seen death and blood in the past, but this was different than any of the battles or ambushes he was in.

He heard heavy footsteps coming towards him, the sound of metal being hit on the ground sounded Look up, he saw dark and red armored things coming right at him. They were charging at him, but they were walking towards him with caution. He looked all around him, to see if he can escape. The enemy had him surrounded. He had never seen this type of armor before, nor has heard of it from anywhere. It looked intimidating, if not downright disturbing.

The group stopped, a circle formed around him. He heard them saying things in a strange language. He heard them laughing, taunting him, making rude gestures. He wanted to get away from them, but he was surrounded and crippled. They would have killed him, right then and there. However, they just stared at him through their antler-like helmets.

For the first time since he was made general, he truly knew fear.

He heard another set of footsteps coming towards him. Turning his head, he saw what he assumed to be the leader of the group. Without the helmet, he could see the foe which had defeated and slaughtered his army. It had red skin, small horns, and the blackest eyes that looked directly at him. It carried a weapon that looked like a cross between a mace and an axe. It circled around him, stalking him like a predator eyeing his prey. He could see in its soulless black eyes that he wanted to end him, right here. However, to his surprise, it didn't.

"Tihpadi wa Aqheyeam." It brought its weapon down on him. The last thing he saw was its evil grin.

Seige of Stalliongrad: Part One

View Online

"No. No. No. You’re doing it all wrong!" Xurcuroth explained as he watched me trying to do a simple spell on the vase that was in front of me. "Focus your mind, don't will the magic out of you." In all honesty, it was pretty damn hard to do something that your supposed to do, only for it to not.

What am I talking about, you asked? Well, I was trying to do a levitation spell (AKA Da Force) on a vase.

Some good two hours have passed since we settled in the castle. The ponies still stayed in the room and I can't understand why. It's not like I'm holding them hostage or anything. Then again, they are probably still scared shitless of me and my army of demons. Speaking of armies, Kat managed to rally some Dremora to come with him to engage the forces heading our way and the ones in Ponyville. I was actually surprised how much Dremora they're were in the realm. Then again, this is magic were talking about. I would have come to join them. I know, I would be killing people again and I do feel bad for it. But......I don't know. I guess it's the adventurer in me that wants to do it. Plus, from what the caribou had done to the nation of Equestria, I wouldn't even bat a tear at them. Seriously, from the atrocities I heard, they make the Nazi's seem like little kittens, and that's saying something. In the end, I couldn't. Not because I wanted to, but because I wanted to wait for Nightingale to come back with the message.

You should have seen how many went out the drawbridge when they left. Our force went from forty to ten thousand. That's right, ten thousand! When Kat ask them to volunteer, everyone wanted to go. I guess they were all eager to go back to fighting something again.

While I waited for word on Nightingale, I decide to go back to Paradise. I mostly spent my time at my house in Paradise doing some....'recreational activities.'

By that, I mean watching some videos on YouTube and playing Hearthstone. What? You think I was masturbating? You’re a sick fuck and you should be ashamed of yourself.

It wasn't thirty minutes later that I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and saw Xavier standing on the other side. I asked him what he want. I thought he was researching something or interrogating that one slaver he brought back alive. He told me that he wanted to practice my magic some more, that he would wait a while before he would start his interrogation.

We were in a random room in a part of the castle back in Equestria. The place seemed old, but from the looks of it, it was a library at one point. It wasn't as big as some of the other rooms, but it did have at least five shelves in the room, each of them backed into the far wall. Some of the books on the shelf were almost torn up, some of the titles were faded as well. There were some weapons laying around the place, but those were probably just for show than anything else. Papers were scattered everywhere; I didn't know where they come from. A table was moved to the center of the room. On said table were several books that we were using to practice. The falcon, who is now my pet, is perching on one of the shelves, watching with mild amusement as I failed.

I felt the headache returning like a bitch. I sat on a chair that was next to me, rubbing my head. "Stop!" I almost shouted. I put one of my hands up to single him to stop. "Agh! Let's take five for a second." Apparently, it was as hard of doing it as someponies said. In fact, I could say that for every spells out there. They made it seem a lot easier in the movies or T.V. shows.

I head Xurcuroth walking towards me, using his staff as his walking stick. "You are trying to force this spell out. Don't do that." He explained to me. "You need to imagine it happening."

"I'm trying, but it doesn't even work." I said to him. I looked up to and tried to look at him. Despite wearing Daedric armor and have his face concealed by a hood, I could almost swear that he wasn't a Daedra at all....

"That's because you’re thinking too much." He explained to me. Again. "You must drown out your thoughts. Only then can you will the magic out of you."

"I.....guess that makes sense." I said. It makes sense. The first few times I did it was actually that. During the fight with Spike, I had cleared my mind and used my magic, but that was because I was almost dead. And I was fighting a dragon.

"Good." He said. "Let’s try it again. This time, clear your thoughts." I got up from my chair and stood at a battle position, as if ready to engage an invisible enemy. Once again, I closed my eyes. I did as Xurcuroth said and tried to clear my thoughts as I did this.

I didn't know how to describe what I'm doing, but all I could say it's kind of like I'm in a river of sorts. Imagine that you have some sort of invisible hand. Now you want to use that hand to catch a fish. You can't use a rod or a net, because you don't have it in the first place.

I'm not very good when explaining magic. I just happens when I'm thinking of something. Does this mean I'm overpowered in some way? Wait. What am I think! Of course I'm already overpowered! In fact, this whole story seems overpowered in some way! Not that I'm complaining or anything.

"You can open your eyes now, Master." I did as he was told and opened my eyes. I almost shouted in glee when I saw the book that was on the table, the one I was using and struggling to lift, is now floating three inches off the ground. My hand was also glowing, surrounded in a strange yellow aura. "You have done well."

"Thanks." I said as I waved my hand around left and right. The result was the book following in the same direction. I actually smiled when I did this. It seems that I finally gotten the hang of this.

"Sir, the pony-"

I turned around to see how was talking to me, while stilling having my hand outstretched. However, that resulted in the vase traveling across the room and almost at Kat. I seemed that he returned from his raid. He yelped and ducked as the vase nearly missed him by an inch. The sound of glass breaking was hear across the hallway. Kat got up and glared at me. I had managed to put on a sheepish smile, while putting the hand I've been using to levitate it across my neck. It seems I still have a lot to learn. "Sorry about that." I managed to apologize.

He stared at me with a flat stare. "I know you are trying to improve on your magic, but make sure you turn it off next time." He dusted himself off.

"I'm still trying to figure out this magic stuff." I said. I folded my arms. "So, did you with the army."

He grinned. "Yep. We caught them by surprised as well. It seems they didn't count on us returning to the town. As per instructions, we freed the slaves and let them go." He folded his arms. "We've also capture what we think is there general."

"Really?" I asked. It seems unlikely that they would capture people alive. Then again, Xurcuroth managed to capture a slaver. Maybe my humanity is rubbing off on them.


"Yeah. We threw him in the dungeons. Guy seemed important, because he was wearing some fancy armor. There was another induvial there as well. He was dressed fancy, kind of like those Imperial nobles, and had golden guards surround him. He had gotten away before our scouts could kill him." This was now actually bad news. Not as bad a news, but still. Looks like whoever this induvial was might be telling King Dainn about what he saw. I say let him. Let him tell that basterd king what he saw. Maybe he might believe him or not, but now one thing is certain.

We are now at war.

"Prince Blueblood." Another feminine voice said. Pushing Kat out of the way, Nightingale entered the room. "I would give my left hand to kill that traitor." Her words had some venom in it, which means that this 'Blueblood' isn't well liked.

"You know who he is?" I asked Nightingale.

She snorted. "Of course I know him. That snobby fucker betrayed us when the caribou came at our doorstep. He lead them through a secret entrance in Canterlot, and managed to wound the princesses when this was all happening. The king nominated him to be his heir once it was all over. He's still a prince, but he has an organization called the Solar Inquisition that hunts down every escaped female and males resisting their control. Everyone feared him because of this." I could see her hand clenching, anger shown on her face. "He even managed to pay off our last resistance leader for our location. All of us barely made it out alive when they attacked. That bitch betrayed us......FOR SEX!!!" Damn, if what she said is true, then this guy might be a problem.

I tried to comfort her as best I can. I didn't pat her on the shoulder or hugged her, and you would know why. So instead, I said this. "I very sorry for your lost. I really am. I promise that when we establish ourselves, I will try to hunt him down." I was actually serious on that one. This Blueblood betrayed his entire species and country just to be a prince, even made an organization that would make ISIS look like cute pugs. Trust me, I've seen this organization first hand.

"While we were returning, the bat pony caught up with us. Anyway, the bat pony has returned with some news." Kat interrupted my thoughts.

"Uh...Yeah. What's the news?" I asked Nightingale.

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you alone." I nodded. With a wave of my hand, I dismissed Kat and Xurcuroth. Kat said something about looking over the troops, while Xavier said that he was going to interrogate the slaver. Both of them walked out of the room and shut the door.

"So what's up?" I started to say. Nightingale opened her mouth to say something, but then we heard a rumble. She shielded her stomach and blushed. "You hungry?"

"Yeah." She mumbled. I couldn't help but chuckle. I know we're technically at war with the caribou and they could hunt us down, there's nothing like some comedy to cheer you up at times of need. She glared at me with her cat-like eyes. "It's not funny."

"I know." I laughed. "Come, let's talk at the dinner table." With that in mind, we both went out of them room and down the hallway, particularly heading towards the dining room.

Hopefully, I might get some good news.

"They laughed? At me?" I wasn't expecting.... this sort of news. But news was news. What can you do?

We were currently in some sort of dining room. Like many things in this castle, it lost its luster ages ago. The banners were torn apart, if not right fallen in the ground. Some of the stones were also on the ground as well. The crystal chandlers were...fine, but the chandler itself was rust, like it was ready to fall off at any moment. The long table in the room fell apart long ago, so we had to bring in a small round table with regular silverware. We both sat down at different sides of said table. Nightingale was eating a Caesar Salad, or something equivalent to that. I had only a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some chips. Get this, the brand of chips I got was Prancgles, a pony version of Pringles. Who would have thought? I also had a glass of water with me. My falcon was perched on my shoulders. I gave him some pieces of chips, the falcon moving to my hand. It didn't hurt my hands, but did feel some stinging.

"I wouldn't say that they laughed at you." Nightingale said as she dug her fork inside the salad and produced some greens. "They were laughing at what I told them." She put the fork in her mouth. She was moan with her mouth closed.

"Well, what did you tell them?" I took a bite out of my sandwich. I can't not tell you how delicious it is. I think they use magic to spice up the flavoring or something.

She shallowed. "That a demon army lead by an alien wants an alliance with us. And that Tirek is helping them."

"That is partially true." Tirek said that came walking into the room. I tell you, that motherfucker was big as an ox. His horns almost reached the ceiling itself.

Somehow he'd gotten bigger too. Not sure why.

"Then what would you say about what we are doing?" I asked him, my one eyebrow raised.

"If anything, your helping me." He said with his arms crossed. "When I escaped from Tartarus, I thought I would finally have my revenge against those princesses and Twilight. When I heard that someone else had taken over Equestria, I was extremely pissed off. I was supposed to be the one that will bring doom and destruction, not someone else." You lost a point in trust, Tirek. Not cool.

Nightingale couldn't help but laugh, dropping her fork in the process. "Ha, sucks to be you." "

Tirek glared at her, which made her shrink in her chair a little. "Despite what YOU think, I am still more powerful than I was before. If I had a chance, I would have crushed this King without a second thought."

"Then why can't you?" I asked. Tirek is powerful, more powerful than anyone I met when I got here, even me. Despite me teaming up with the worst of the worst, he was still able to impress us with his magic.

"Well, I could think of a number of reasons." Tirek stated. "As of now, I can't tell you."

"So now your using him as a means to an end? I don't think that talking about that is going to get you anywhere." Nightingale said with a smartass tone.

Tirek stared down at her. "If you haven't remembered last time, I could drain your energy now and be done with it."

Now it was Nightingale's turn to glare at him, keeping her hand on her sword. "I dare you to that! I'm going to gut like a-"

"ENOUGH!" I yelled, slamming both of my hands down at the table. What I didn't see was the table itself breaking after my hands touched it, the food dropping to the floor. This caused both of them to jump in fright, or at least Nightingale did. The falcon flew away in fright to another side of the room, now perching on the left shoulder of a knight's suit. Tirek was.......well, surprised. Honestly, I was surprised as well. I didn't think I had this strength to break a table in half.

This world was weird. There is no doubt about it.

"Look,” I started to say. One of my hands massaged my temple. "I honestly don't care if I'm being used. I couldn't care less. I just..." I sighed. "I just want this would thing to be done with. I don't care if Tirek does takeover, but I want both of you to shut up and make up. We're all renegades now, and if we start fighting, then the caribou would have won. Got it?" The both nodded. I could still sense some hostility between the two of them, but at least they aren't fighting right now. "Now, Nightingale, you said that they didn't believe you?"

She was still staring at me with wide eyes before I asked the questions. She shook her head. "Uh, yeah. They thought that I was crazy and seeing things after I escaped."

"So now we don't have support?" I was afraid that something like this would happen. Let’s face it, it probably wouldn't make any sense if some demons from another world came and started to save everyone. It would sound like what some crazy person would say. However, even if we don't have the resistance on our side, there has to be some nation out there that hate the caribou more than the ponies......

"Actually, I didn't say that we don't have support from them." Nightingale started to say, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Some of them didn't believe, but there was one that did. Storm Strider. She is the current leader of the resistance. She used to be a guard for Princess Celestia. When the caribou first came, she was stationed in Hoovington doing.... guard stuff. She's actually the one that lead some of us out when the caribou first discovered our hideout. She's a really good leader."

"What did she say?" I asked her.

"Well, she said that she believed me, considering the fact that I'm still alive and well. And she also said that she would consider this alliance you came up with."

I was positively beaming. Finally, some good news!

"But, there is one thing that she wants in return."

I frowned. Of course there was a caught! There always has to be a caught. "And that is what?"

"Well,” She looked away and rubbed the back of her neck. "She does believe what I said, but she also skeptically of this "demon army saving us" bit. She wants me to tell you that if you claim to be saving us, and have an army on your back, then you would have to take Stalliongrad back for us. Do this, and she'll need all the proof she needs for this alliance."

Well....I wouldn't say this was a bad idea. Taking a city by force? It was........I don't know. Scary? Exciting? Dangerous? Then again, I made a lot of bad ideas that end in success somehow. "Why Stalliongrad?" I asked her.

"Well, it's an important city for two reasons." She began to explain. "Stalliongrad was a first place to be built when the Three Tribes united. It served as a capital city for years before Discord came into power. In fact, it was actually the place where a finally battle between Discord and the Sisters took place." Whoever named himself Discord has to be a total douche. And he is, even after I freed him. "Free" being a subjective term. I later learned that he is a master of...."Chaos". Not the chaos that we know, which involves wars and revolutions and civil wars and killing people. He's more of a prankster of sorts, which doesn't make sense to me. There was this one time that, during the Battle of Silent River (it used to be called Rainbow River before), Discord turned all the weapons that the caribou had into bagels. Yes. Large, round bagels. It was freakin hilarious. The caribou couldn't do anything. Unfortunately, it wasn't limited to the caribou. He also turned all of the weapons that my troops had into bagels as well. He had a sense of humor of a twelve-year old. Cheese Sandwich even made a song about the battle later on, which was called "Battle of the Breads." "Stalliongrad became the headquarters of the remaining Royal Army after the caribou took Canterlot. We were doing fine up until Dainn decided to go north and capture the Crystal Empire. Everything soon gone downhill after that."

"The Crystal Empire? Why would he go north for that?" I asked her. I didn't know what the Crystal Empire is at the time, so I didn't know why a king would move half of his forces north instead of sieging out Stalliongrad. Turns out, he had a reason.

"There is this artifact that the crystal ponies have called the Crystal Heart." She started to explain what it was. "It basically spreads love in the city or something. I don't really know. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance used to rule it. When the caribou first invaded, there was a lot of resistance. They were facing revolts left and right even when they captured Canterlot and subdued the princesses. When the king found out about the Crystal Heart, he marched half of his forces north. We thought that they had retreated and prepared a force to take back Canterlot. By the time we got there, the Crystal Empire had already fallen, and they installed something called the Crystal Cock." I had to restrain myself from laughing out loud. Seriously, the Crystal Cock? These guys don't know the first thing about modesty. I could see her clutching her fist. "I don't know how they did it, but they somehow managed to affect Equestria in general. The stallions, including some mare, went crazy and tried to kill or rape us. Half of our forces barely escaped that engagement. We were down to half to what we originally started. By the time we even got back to Stalliongrad, it had already been taken over by the caribou thanks to some brainwashed stallions. They killed the defenders and raped all the mares that survived." She had that saddened look in her eyes, as well as anger. "A few of my male friends were killed during that battle. They hung their bodies out in the cold to remind everyone what happens. I want to make those bastards pay for what they did." She sighed. "So that's it. If you help us with this, then we can help you. Think you’re up for it?"

Yikes. I could see why they wanted me to take Stalliongrad back. They wanted to remind everyone, brainwashed or not, to know that you can't keep a person (or pony in this case) down because they tell you to. Honestly, I would actually agree with them on this one. After seeing things that they caribou have done in Ponyville, I would personally just march right into Canterlot and kill their king, ending the occupation once and for all. However, I didn't know how powerful he was at the time, and marching on him would probably be a death sentence for me. I didn't know how powerful he is. He defeated the Princesses, who can MOVE THE FRECKIN SUN!!!! I think anyone with their right mind would try to wait for the right chance to take him on. But that doesn't mean that I am afraid of him. If I am to help the resistance and to take back Equestria, then I would probably need all the help I could get.

You know what they saw: you only live once.

"I've made it this far, might as well go an extra mile." I said. "I'll do it." I was really glad I could help some people, or in this case, ponies. You know, it's kind of funny really. One day I'm a normal teenage and the next, I'm fighting against a regime with a demon army.

This almost sounds like a worst teenage romance novel. I hope not.

She was practically beaming when I said that. I swear, her gin almost split in half. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou." She said quickly while smothering me with a hug. A hug wouldn't even bother me, except my head ended up in her boobs.

Okay, this defiantly is some sort of horrible novel.

She released me and looked me in the eyes. "You have no idea how relived I am to hear you say that. You really are some sort of savior." With that, she walked right out the door, but not before say. "And a cute one at that."

Yep.............she said that.

I heard Tirek snickering from beside me. I looked up at him and gave him a look. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing." Tirek said. "It's just.......I've never seen this sort of thing in ages." It was probably me, but.... I say something in his eyes, one that I've never seen since I've meet him.


It was probably just me. "Well, if your done mocking me,” I got out of my chair. "we have a lot of planning to do."

"You’re not seriously suggesting do this?" He gave me a look like I was planning something stupid. "What are you going to do is beyond stupid, you know that?"

"Why not?" I asked. "I already have an army. All I have to do is just march up there and they will surrender."

He shook his head. "It's not easy as you think. Even if you could march up at the gates, they will never surrender. There are two things a caribou is good at: fighting and fucking. They will fight you to protect what they fuck." He is right. They probably won't surrender easily, even if I have a scary army behind me. They'll fight to the death to kept their slaves than give in. Guess I'll have to pressure them.

"Well, unless we convince them otherwise, then I'll just have to fight them on." I explained. Not a very good plan, but at least it was something. I'm sure the Daedra could whip up some siege engines to take down the wall. Or magic. I noticed that he had a grin on his face. It wasn't a grin that was mocking me, but a mischievous one. One that you would get if you stole something, or about to do something bad. ".... what?" I asked him.

His grin only grew. "I think I have a plan that might help you."

Now, I'm going to be bloody honest with you. When she told me what their leader expects of me, I was freakin scared. On the one hand, I have to take an entire city back from a species that manipulates people with ease. Kind of like a vampire. And since I raid them twice now, they would probably have reinforced every city now, which would make taking the city more difficulty than ever. On the other hand, I have a demon army from a video game at my command. Maybe I do have a chance, but can't take any risks. Sieging them out may sound cool like something out of a video game, but let’s not forget some of the magic things that the caribou have, like the Gateway.

Oh, you don't know what it is? I guess this calls for an explanation.

When the caribou took over Canterlot, and some of Equestria, they were faced with a lot of resistance, as Nightingale said. Now this surprised the caribou. They thought that they were "liberating the males from their feminine masters". Now this actually confused me. Nightingale explained to me that Equestria had a 2:1 ratio of males and females, with the latter have more than the other. That doesn't mean that stallions were a rarity, but they were outnumbered by a little. This around the time that Dainn took the throne from his father, King Stronghoof of the Stronghoof tribe, by murdering him. King Dainn found out about Equestria, and launched a "crusade" against them. Even after they took Canterlot, the ponies tried to resist. There was riots on the street, new slave stores destroyed, and multiple city's lost. Hell, they had only one city under control, and that was Canterlot. The reason to this was that he held a parade to celebrate his victory, and showed the people that he was in control by fucking their princesses. He would even give them to some caribou to have fun with. All in public. He was still worried that his invasion would fail. He soon found out about the Crystal Heart and took everything he has up north. He succeeded and, with the Crystal Cock, had Equestria under his control. He still feared that a rebellion would spring up at any time. So he had his finest mages and scientist from all across Equestria to come with a solution. That solution is the Gateway. It's kind of hard to explain, but it basically teleports anyone, even an army, to various cities and towns so they can keep anything under control.

But there was a problem with that, one that I plan to exploit.

In order for the Gateway to work, and to teleport one army to wherever they like, it had to be connected to another Gateway. This was a critical thing that the caribou overlooked when designing it, so they would have to have security 24/7 on the portal itself. Another thing that they overlooked was that it was small. The Gateways were roughly the size of a shack, which means that one soldier had go through at a time. It may seem like a big problem for me, but I play my cards right, I could shut it down before they could send any reinforcements.

This meant that sieging them wasn't an option. However, Tirek had a plan.

"You sure this would work?" I asked him as we saw the massive city over the distance. Like before, I was still wearing the Elven armor, more fixed and polished than before. I had my crystal sword on my hip and my shield on my back. I was still getting use to carrying this stuff around. It feels weird. My falcon was perching on my shoulder, watching with awe at the city and what I brought.

After the little exchange with Nightingale, I ordered my.... I don't know. Generals? Advisors? I don't know their ranks pretty well. Well, I do now, but that's not the point. Anyways, I ordered.... smart people, or daemons in this case, to come to the war room and think of a plan. Of course, I already know what the plan was, but I wanted their opinion on this. Kathutet was absolutely ecstatic about said plan. Venom wanted to tear something up, so she didn't care. Xurcuroth was interested, so he was game.

You want to know what the plan is? Just wait and find out.

We moved out as soon as we had a plan. We went with ten thousand Dremora, the same ones that went with Kat to Ponyville. Of course, Rarity, Applejack, Lyra and Bon Bon insisted that I take them to Stalliongrad. They didn't want to stand out of this fight, and wanted to help with whatever I had plan. However, I turned them down. It's not that they're capable of fight. They were the Elements; they've been in bigger fights than this. But I didn't want any civilian casualties. Plus, they've been through a lot already.

After some time, we marched out of the mountain fortress and move some miles towards Stalliongrad. It took us two hours to get there, the sun blazing in the sky. According to my phone, it was 2:35 P.M. by the time we got there. Me and Tirek went to a hillside overlooking the city, to see what we are facing.

The city itself was.......well, something right out of a medieval fantasy. The stone walls stood tall in front of us, banners of the caribou fluttering in the wind. The stone themselves were red, which suspected that their bricks or some special stone. Towers loomed in the distance. The city itself was medieval-like, stone buildings with stray roofs. There were some modern apartments and stores that mixed into the old buildings. Past the city itself was a second wall, and beyond that a castle. The towers in the castles were illuminated by the sun itself. The castle was white with red rooftops. What really caught my eye though was a strange object set up in the middle of a market of sorts. The object was made of stone, set in a circular formation. There were glowing glyphs on the stone itself. A couple of guards were there as well, more armed than the ones I've seen in Ponyville. I think that someone, or caribou had spotted us, because I heard a bell rang inside the city itself. The guards scrambled to work, some of them going to the gate while others stayed where they are. I saw the glyphs glow green, before a blue swirling light appeared inside it. If I had to make a guest, I'd say this was the Gateway that Nightingale was talking about.

"Trust me, I will work." He said. I think he was boasting at the time. "I have drained a lot of magic during my time being free. My hope is that I would be strong enough to defeat Dainn, but I suppose this will do."

I nodded. "Well, lets do this." I said. I adjusted my helm and withdrew my sword and shield. I had my axe in my other hip in case something happened to my sword, and the Razor next to the sword hilt. We moved down the hill and into the front of the army, where we saw the walls in all its glory. These walls were high, almost reaching the sky, to me at least. It didn't matter. These walls were nothing compared to what I have. I looked over my army as I walked, seeing them ready to kill anything. My army were positioned in the front of the city, all of them organized into columns. They were armed with every weapon they had, ranging from swords and maces to greatswords and battleaxes. Some of them didn't even have a helmet, seeing the excitement on their faces. There are also some archers positioned in the back of the army. Sloth said that he would lead a group of assassins into the city, saying something about killing whoever is commanding in there. A group of mages, along with Xavier, formed on a large rock right next to the army. I could feel that they were gathering whatever magic they could get. There were also a few new Dremora that I haven't seen before. The one I saw was different from their cousins, as they had blue skin instead of red. They wore almost no armor at all, save for a loincloth and braces. Their horns were more angular and longer than that of their cousins. They had runes on their six pack chest and around their arms, glowing white with power. They either carried a two handed weapon, or two weapons. They were Berserkers, but not what you would expect. From what Kat told me, they were fashioned after the Orcs, utilizing the berserker rage that they had. They weren't in use during the invasion of the Imperial City. He figured that this would be a good time to bring them out.

Like before, I told them to not harm the civilians, even if they are on the caribou's side. I told them to subdue them if they give them trouble. The rest, which are the caribou in this case, they could kill them. I could tell that they didn't like it, but they obeyed anyway. I'm telling you, I was fucking excited. Here I was, in a fantasy world, leading an army of demons on the world of the mortals. This was like something out of a movie, except that we are the good guys in this story trying to take down the bad guys. It's weird, you know?

Did I also mention that it was starting to rain at the time?

The clouds began to darken, before the rain started to pour down on us. I was lucky that I was wearing armor, but I could still feel the water on my skin. I could hear the drops of water pinging off the armor, or something like that. Then the thunder started to sound in the distance. We were joined by Venom and Kat at the front. Once both Tirek and I got to the front, I said to him. "It's now or never." Tirek nodded, closing his eyes and focusing on the task at hand. I could feel him gathering magic, giving him power. Hell, I could feel my magic being drain. It was almost like a needle draining blood from me. I wasn't left weak during that siege, mind you, but it was creepy. From on top of his horn, a red sphere started to form, growing bigger and bigger by the second. In no time, the sphere was a size of a wheel.

He aimed at the door and fired.

The sphere soon became a laser and, with great speed, flew right to the big metal gate. The blast knocked me right off my feet, landing on my back. The falcon (I should really give it a name) was blown away as well, but quickly recovered thanks to its wings. There was ringing in my ears, as well as some disorientation in my vision. I blinked a few times before getting back on my feet, Venom and Kat helping me up. I dusted my armor of and soon saw what Tirek did.

Let me tell you, magic is so OP.

What remained of the large metal gate was now reduced to being just a twisted melted husk of its old self. It wasn't just the gate that got destroyed. The blast blew off a chunk of the wall surrounding it, before going through towards the city itself. Thankfully, the buildings weren't in the way of the blast, just a large chunk of road were destroyed. I could hear the moaning come from above me and in front of me. Several caribous were wounded.

I was so mesmerized by what happened that I almost lost track on what I was doing. Tirek cleared his throat to get my attention. I snapped out of my trance and looked up at him. He gestured one of his arms towards the gate. "Oh, right." I quickly said. I unsheathed my sword and my shield. I pointed my sword towards the gate and shouted "FORWARD!!" They whole army seemed to have gotten the message, because they all charged in at the ruined gate with a speed that would make any Olympian jealous. They charged towards the gate, disappearing into the smoke. The sound of steel clashing and screams filled the air. The remaining caribou that weren't in the way of the blast started to aim their bows at any Dremora from on top of the wall. The archers on my side started to fire a massive volley onto the wall itself, the arrows hitting some caribou. The mages started firing spell after spell at the wall and over it. One mage aimed his staff at the wall unleashed a beam of light towards it. The wall crumbling it to the ground, some of the Dremora that weren't through the gate saw this opening and ran towards it. I lost sight of Kat and Venom, my guess was that they had charged in with the army. Tirek had started to use his OP magic laser thing to knock down some walls before going in. I started to go after them, disappearing into the smoke.

The battle had finally begun.

I've never been this excited in my entire life! Granted, I was still scared for my life, thinking that it might end by a sword in my chest. I know I've trained for that raid on Ponyville, but it was still a matter of life and death to me. One wrong move, a slight obstacle, could very well kill me. But at the same time, I was so fucking excited! I was part of some fantasy medieval siege that you can only see in video games or movies. Swords clashing to and fro, magic thrown left and right. It almost felt like it was all a dream. Alas, it was not a dream.

The Daedric forces and the caribou clashed at the gate, both sides giving it their all. The forces we were fighting weren't strong, the garrison that we faced was hardly a garrison at all. They did have some armor on them and some weapons, but they didn't fight as soldiers. Even the ones on the walls did nothing to stop them. My Daedric forces mowed the over like it was nothing. I saw one Dremora clashing with a caribou, the latter of which didn't have any armor on save for a helmet and brown long johns. The caribou made a mistake by thrusting his sword at him, but he moved out of the way and used his shield to bash it out of his hands. Wasting no time, he plunged his sword in the gut of the caribou. He moved his sword up a bit, before bringing it out and slicing of his head as he got to his knees. Another Dremora, carrying a greatsword, battled another caribou with a sword and shield. I a flash, the Dremora swung his sword vertically at the caribou. In response, the caribou used his shield to block it. It helped him, but at a cost. The shield he used was wooden, and once the sword mad contact, it shattered into a million pieces. That blow made the caribou stagger a little, enough for the Dremora to swung at his stomach, slicing him in half. The caribou's upper half fell to the ground, and soon his legs.

They weren't the only ones that entered the fray. The mages decided to summon some Archons to do their dirty work. An Earth-type Archon sprang from above the ground next to me when I was battling one of the caribou soldiers. Several Dremora and caribou that were in the way flew some feet. I was lucky I wasn't one of them. Several caribous were standing in front of it when this happened, too terrified to move. This gave the golem enough time to raise its boulder-like fists and smash them to the ground, crushing them into a bloody paste. A Flaming Archon, how had a feminine body, raised its flaming hands towards a group of caribou rushing to support their comrades. Flames erupted from its palms and roasted the caribou alive.

It was total chaos, but we had made progress. The caribou couldn't take enough punishment from us and started to retreat. By this point several big holes were made on the walls, letting the entire army through. What was strange though was the lack of civilians inside the settlement. We went from house to house, searching for anything. There were no civilians. My guess was that once the bell started to rung, they decided to get out of dodge and go somewhere safe. This was good. The last thing I need were civilian casualties, and collateral damage.

The problem with the settlement itself were that some of the streets were too narrow, so we had to file in. Because the army was big, they went in different directions. Our group went down a big road that lead down to the marketplace. There was some resistance during all of this, but they weren't armored like anyone we met. However, our luck was about to run out when we came to the marketplace. The Gateway was active during the siege, so they had enough time to warn the king or whoever was in charge of the military to send reinforcements. The caribou we saw were more armored and, from the look in their eyes, were more experienced than their comrades we face. Their armor looked more Roman-like in my perspective. They had war plums on their helmets, armored with plate-like armor, and had tower shields with swords. They charged us, and we charged them.

I was in the mists of the battle. It felt like I was getting a heart attack, said heart was racing one hundred miles an hour. I didn't know if it was the fear of death, or the excitement of this battle. Either way, it didn't matter to me anymore. I was more concerned about staying alive.

I faced one of the armored caribou in open combat. The caribou thrusted his sword at me, but I blocked it with my shield. I thrust my sword vertically towards him, but he used his shield to block the blow. When my sword made contact, the caribou used his shield to disarm me. The caribou used this time to hit me with his shield. He knocked me down on the ground. He stood right on top of me then used this time to use his shield as some sort of weapon, trying to smash me with it. I was left weaponless, with the exception of the dagger in me belt, but I couldn't reach it. However, that didn't mean I couldn't do something. I kicked my legs right into his armored nuts. The caribou's eyes went wide, before he screamed like a little girl and dropped to the ground next to me. Quickly got up and withdrew my dagger. I jumped on him and stabbed him right in the neck. Being that the weapon is of Daedric origin, the caribou was dead the moment the dagger touched him. I sighed as it was done. I soon got up and found me sword on the ground. I inspected the battle all around me. All around me, the caribou and the Daedra battle each other out. They were at a standstill, if anything. Both of them were more experienced in combat and prowess. There were a few casualties, as the caribou had found a weak pint in the armor. A caribou had driven a sword through an opening in the neck, the Daedra falling dead on the ground. I was worried a little bit, but those fears were evaporated when they struck back. The caribou may be more experienced than the Dremora, but the Dremora themselves were no strangers to war themselves, and were the most experienced than the caribou soldiers. Plus, they were wearing magical armor, so that should at least count for something. A caribou tried to drive his sword on the Daedra, but he used his shield of block it, and with a sleigh of hand, plunged his war axe against the neck of the caribou soldier. Another Dremora swung his warhammer at another caribou soldier. The caribou blocked it with his shield, but he was knocked of his hooves as a result. The caribou was on his back. The Dremora loomed over him, raising his hammer above his head. Then he drove it down and killed the caribou, the head turned into a bloody mess. I even saw Jedrus and Bill working surround a caribou. The caribou turned his head, watching both of them in case they did anything stupid. Jedrus strike at him first, swinging his great axe from above his head. The caribou guard blocked it with his shield, but this left him in the open. Bill swung his mace at the caribou, striking him in the head. This staggered him, leaving Jedrus a chance to strike at him. He swung his axe vertically and hit his armor vertically, even slicing through his armor. This separated the caribou's left arm from his entire body. The caribou scream, but it was silenced when Bill's mace hit him in the head. Its head flew some feet. They "high-fived" each other before going back into battle.

I looked around the place to see where the Gateway was. It didn't take me long to find it, but not in a good way. The Gateway was being moved on a large platform with wheels across another large bridge that connected to the marketplace. Another wall stood that separated the town. My guess was that it was another section of the city, probably for rich ponies. What really impressed me was a castle right on top of a hill overlooking the district. I didn't know where they got the platform from, or how they even lifted the damn thing while all of this was happening, but it was bad news for me. If that Gateway goes through the gate, then they can keep spawning guards, or maybe an entire army. What separated me from the Gateway was the guards still fighting the Daedra, some of them turning their attention to me.

I got my sword out and into a battle ready stance. While this was happening, my phone must have been activated somehow, because it was starting to play a song

I breathed in and out, get myself relaxed. 'You can do this' I encouraged myself. 'No pressure. This isn't the first time you done this. Just remember your training. You are prepared for this.' The guards started to converge on me, surrounding me. There were several of them. I cracked my neck, the bone snaps echoed through the battle. I started channeling magic in my other hand, which was caring the shield. I was prepared as fuck.

I made a gesture that said 'come at me, bro!'

The first caribou started charging me. I merely stepped out of the way and sliced his gut open with my sword. Another one charged me, swinging his sword towards my head. I blocked it out of the way with my shield and stabbed him in the gut. The two decided to charge me at the same time, thinking they could confuse me. The first one got to me. With my sword still in the caribou's gut, I swung him around, catapulting him and the other one away from me. The second one swung his large great axe downward. I stepped out of the way and sliced his gut open. I then drove my sword towards his head. He twitched before laying limp on the floor. The surviving members decided to jump at me all at once. Using my magic, I teleported behind one of them. Let me tell you, teleporting sucks. It’s like you've got out of a roller coaster that had twist and turns. I (surprised) snapped the caribou's head by grabbing onto them and twisting its head left. He went down. The two of them sprang into action. At the last second, I got out of the way just as they swung their swords. One of the caribou's swords struck the other, a slash on his face. He went down. The last one stood still, probably in horror. It didn't matter, as I stabbed him in the back with my sword.

After the little skirmish, I soon ran towards the Gateway that was already halfway across. It would have been easier if some of the caribou didn't attack me. One of them did, after dealing with a Dremora. He swung his sword sideways, but I dodged and slashed him across the chest, all the while moving. A Dremora and a caribou continue to duke it out. Without stopping, I slashed the caribou across the back. It didn't kill him, but it staggered and screamed as it tried to use his hands to claw at its back. This gave the Dremora a chance to attack him, stabbing him in the gut.

I was already at the bridge and running across it. By this point, the Gateway as already at the gate, waiting for it to open. The caribou that were guarding it soon saw me coming for them. The shouted something over at the guards behind the gate. The caribou at the walls drew their bows and started firing arrows at me. I raised my shields as the arrows came down. Some of them missed while others hit my shield. A caribou was trying to charge me while I was distracted, but thankfully I noticed his battle cry throughout the carnage. I dodged out of the way of his battle axe and, using momentum, grabbed his body and swung him in front of me. The arrows continued to come down, some of them hitting the caribou I used as a meat shield. He screamed in pain for a second before five arrows hit his chest and his neck, ending his life. Once I was out of the way of the archer’s fire, I threw the body down and stopped towards the entrance. The caribou had gotten more reinforcements by this point, a whole company meeting me. Using my magic behind the shield, I was about to freeze them, but fate decided to shit on my day. Instead, electricity jolted out of my hand and into the crowd of enemies. Added to the face they had metal armor on and that it was raining, their bodies started to jolt, screaming as their flesh was being electrocuted and burning. The electricity ended. What was left were a fresh plie of ashes.

I was stunned for a second, but remember what I needed to do. With as much magic as I could muster, I put my hands out and channeled said magic. This resulted in a fireball the size of a basketball. I released said ball on the moving Gateway. I was also lucky that I released the spell just in time. The Gateway had already moved to the other side of the wall. However, they didn't close the gate, which gave me a chance to destroy it. Releasing both my hand, the large fireball traveled like a bullet towards the Gateway. A caribou had just come out of the Gateway and saw the massive fireball coming at him, his eyes wide with fear.

The ball was sucked into the Gateway, along with the caribou.

"......" I was speechless on what I saw. I wanted to just destroy it, not let it be sucked in! "WHAT TH-"

The Gateway exploded in a ball of light. It wasn't just any normal explosion either. This one was big, big enough to destroy the gate and everyone close to it. Me? I was thrown some yards away, right across the bridge, mind you. I then landed on the ground next to some stall that sell......what I assume is some sort of shampoo. My ears were ringing, mute the sounds all around me. My vision was haze too, so I couldn't see what was happening. I didn't know how long that happened, but a Dremora soldier pulled me up on my feet. My hearing return, along with my vision. I could hear the Daedric saying something in his tongue. Thankfully, I know what he was saying. I told him that I was alright. I looked all around me to see what was going on. The caribou soldiers were dead, and reinforcements from my side arrived in the marketplace, probably to check to see what the explosion was. A few caribou soldiers were still alive, but heavily wounded on the ground. The Dremora wasted no time in killing them swiftly. A caribou soldier missing a right arm was moaning on the ground. Standing over him was a Daedra. He plunged his sword in its gut, ending his life swiftly. There were more Dremora coming towards the ruined wall, racing across the bridge and into the second layer of the city. The sounds of fighting were heard.

"You seem to be alright." A voice saw from beside me. Turning around, I saw Kat and Venom entering the courtyard, both of them bearing marks of war. Both of their armors were covered in blood, almost like it was part of their armor. There were also a few dents here and there, but nothing serious. "That was one hell of an explosion." Kat commented. "What happened?"

"The portal thing was being moved." I explained what had happened. I winced when I felt pain in my arm, blood dripping out of some of the openings. Thankfully, there was a mage coming towards me. With his staff close to my arm, I could already feel my arm being healed. The healing spells were.... strange. It felt like my skin was being stitched up, but without a needle or thread. "They were moving it to the other side. I had to do something, so I raced across the bridge and fired a spell at it."

"Yeah." Bill and Jedrus joined us. Both of them didn't have a helmet, so I could see excitement on their faces. "You should have seen it. He was like a Khaijit, only he wasn't running away from some guards. He hacked and slashed through every caribou to get to whatever we were getting." Bill said.

"Indeed." Venom commented. "Seems you took it a little too far. Not that I'm complaining."

I chuckled. "If you were in my shoes, I think you would do the same thing."

"Your right in a sense." Kat said. He looked over the ruined fortification. "You weren't the only one that destroyed this 'Gateway' device. We have managed to intercept one before it could even escape. The guards were busy fighting our troops, which gave us a chance to destroy it."

"It's amazing how much you can accomplice with some barrels full of sulfur near them." Venom said in a matter of fact. Hm, barrels of sulfur. Wonder what they were going to do with it? Probably stop our progress somehow. "We also heard Xurcuroth and Tirek captured one as well. Xurcuroth is taking it back to the castle for study."

My arm was now fully healed. I could barely feel any pain. It's really amazing how much you could get done with some magic on your side. "How many of them are there?"

"We don't know." Kat answered. "We can assume that they have all been eliminated since we're still alive." Kat looked at ruined gate. "At any rate, we should get moving before more reinforcements arrive."

I nodded. "Let's get moving then." All of us started to move on the city beyond the wall. Hopefully this would all go according to plan.

"WHEREISITWHEREISITWHEREISITWHEREISIT?!?!?!?" Mayor Sextus looked around his room for his belongings, and other things of value. He would not let some of his things be in the hands of these.... female barbarians!

It started an any normal day for Sextus. He woke up, fucked his slave, ate breakfast, fucked his slave, did his work, and fucked his slave. Sure, the paperwork part was boring, but someone has to look after this town. He was the mutual chose in the matter. Once he finished his paperwork, he was about to fuck his slave like usually, until a guard started barging in his room. Sextus demeaned an explanation for the intrusion. The guard said that there was a large army outside, the likes of which he had never seen before. The guard had also told him that they raised the alarm and are currently moving the civilians and their slaves towards the castle that he lived in. At first, Sextus was about to tell him to fuck off, but then the castle rumbled, and he heard a big explosion coming from outside. He ran towards the window and saw smoke coming from the city walls, and thousands of black things charging towards it. He decided that this battle wasn't for him. He ordered his guard to have an airship ready for him. The guard saluted and went on his way.

Throwing clothes everywhere and searching every cabinet, it took him several seconds before he remembers where he put it. He slapped himself for being such and idiot. He moved towards a painting of some fancy place. He lifted his hands up and removed it from the wall, revealing a small safe behind the painting. His hands move towards the dial and turned it. After sometime, he heard a click inside, and the safe opened. Inside the safe, there were some gold bars and several bags of bits. He sighed in relief. If this city is going to fall, he wasn't going empty handed. He reaches inside and grabbed everything in the safe, putting it in his suitcase.

"Cock?" His slave said. She was currently leashed to his bed, spreading her legs for her master. She is a grey Earth pony with an orange main and tail, her cutie mark consisted of a pair of mittens.

"Not now, Slut Cock." Sextus said. "We'll do it once we get out of this horrid city." He closed the suitcase and locked it. "Honestly, why can't I just have a normal day without something happening?"

"Maybe you should be more concerned about how you’re going to get out of here." A new voice said in a smart tone. Sextus was about to turn around and glare at whoever said that, but frozen in fear when he saw who it was. A mysterious figure, clad in dark armor the likes of which he never seen before, was at the doorway. In its hands was a bow, with an arrow already loaded. He opened his mouth so he could call his guards, when the assassin said. "I wouldn't call your guards over here. They are already dead."

He gulped. This is bad. Someone, or something, was about to kill him. However, maybe he could reason with it. "Look, I don't know how much your employer is paying you to kill me, but if you leave me alive I can make worth your while." He smiled as he did that. He was telling the truth. He could pay him whatever he wants, as long as he was out of harm’s way.

The figure chuckled. "I so love how you mortals operate. Paying your way out of trouble. It amuses me to no end." He started to come close to him. "You think minor trinkets would help me chance my mind? You are wrong." He stopped halfway. "I do hope they have a very special place for you. In Oblivion." He released the arrow. Sextus was too slow to dodge out of the way.

Pain soon erupted from his stomach as the arrow hit him. He backed up to a wall, kneeling over. His vision was blurry; coldness was felt in his skin. He blinked a few times as his vision started to fade. He heard footsteps coming towards him. He felt a sharp object pressed to his throat. "You shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning."

He felt the pain in his throat, and soon felt nothing.

Seige of Stalliongrad: Part Two

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A caribou soldier had entered the throne room, looking like he had ran a marathon. King Dainn was busy talking to Prince Blueblood on what had happened in Ponyville when he barged in. They were all alone in said room. His princess slaves are in his room, reading for his daily fucking. The king was already annoyed at the soldier's arrival. "YOU HIGHNESS!"

"We will talk about this later." He said to Blueblood. Blueblood wasn't pleased by this, but nodded in agreement. "What is it?" The king said to the soldier. "If the nobles want their voices heard, then they would have to wait."

The soldier kneeled. "I'm sorry, your highness, but I have urgent news coming from Stalliongrad."

Dainn raised an eyebrow. "Well, speak. What's the matter?"

"Well....Stalliongrad is being besieged. The defenders have fallen. Governor Sextus...was killed in action."

The room was dead silent as the soldier delivered his news. The soldier couldn't see his superiors face, as his head was looking down. "Care to repeat that?" The king said. He could literally hear the venom and coldness coming from his tone.

The soldier gulped. "I.....said that Stalliongrad was captured by some unknown forces. We tried to send in some reinforcements, but they have destroyed some of the Gateway's in the city was destroyed. We tried to open up another one, but.... but...." Dainn stood before, his fierce glare baring down on the poor soul. Not the caribou was trembling in fear. "Please my lord, I-" Dainn's horn lit up, and in a flash, a laser punctured the soldier's stomach. The soldier's eyes went wide, before hitting the floor with a pool of his own blood.

"Fuck, you almost drenched my suit." Prince Blueblood commented.

King Dainn turned around towards his throne and sat upon it, and anger look in his face. "I can't believe this has happened again." He started to rant. "Don't those resistance bitches know I am a god to them?!? I would have burnt that city to the ground long ago if I so chose."

"That maybe true, your greatness." Blueblood started to say. "However, I don't think it's the resistance that we should be worrying about. I know for a fact that they are being helped by someone. I would bet it’s the same one that attacked the village."

"I was just asking about that." The king said. "What happened in Ponyville?"

"It was a massacre, your highness." Blueblood started to retell what had happened. "It was clear that these.... things were organized than any resistance I have hunted down over the years. I've fought bravely alongside the General, but alas, it was not enough. Some of my men wanted to escort me out of there. I told them that lives are at stake, but they said that I was a prince, and thus and heir to the throne. Every fiber in my veins told me to say behind and fight, but they were right. I escaped, like they told me to do."

The king looked at him in the eye, seeing any sign of lying. As far as he could tell, he was telling the truth. He sighed. "Well, then this is a serious problem. Whoever, or whatever, is doing this, must be very smart. They have already raided it once, and stolen the Elements. Then they did it a second time, and obliterated General Fabius's army. And now this." He looked at Blueblood. "IF we don't do something so, this could get out of control."

"Precisely." Blueblood agreed with him. "I would go to Stalliongrad and negotia-"

"NO!" The king exclaimed as he got up from his throne. "I don't care what they want, I am a god. And a god doesn't not negotiate with rabble!" He sat back down. "Send a message to Legate Lanius. Tell him that I need him and his army here."

"Legate Lanius?" Blueblood questioned. "Are you sure you want to.......summon him. I mean, He's not very......" He tried to come up with a word for him. "Great, when it comes to survivors."

He grinned. "Exactly. I want everyone to know what happens when you cross a god. Now, go send that message. I want him here within the hour." Blueblood nodded and went on his way, closing the door on the way out. The king shifted a little to get comfortable. "Whoever is doing this, must be really smart if he planned this from the beginning." He murmured to himself. "I must be careful. Who knows what he could do next."

"And your curtain I won't get cancer?" I questioned Xucruroth. It was a strange, and possibly stupid question, but I was curious. I didn't read enough hocus pocus theories to know how magic works. I used magic a lot ever since I got here. I wanted to know if I had cancer because of this. That would be bad if I do get cancer

You’re probably wondering what had happened? Well, we won.

I know you guys wanted a full awesome siege. Trust me, I wanted one as well. From my perspective, it was awesome to me. Like I said, it felt like I was in a fantasy-type siege, where a group of heroic knight storm an evil castle to save a princess or some shit like that. However, the entire time was just me fighting my way towards the castle with my homies behind me. When I got to the castle, Sloth and his company of assassins killed the one in charge, and proceeded to kill anyone else in the castle. Really, there wasn't anything important about the siege.

The defenders decided that enough was enough, and got the hell out of town before they were killed, or worse. They got out from the back gate that lead into the city as well. Some of them that stayed there surrendered to us. I decided to lock them up until I decide what to do with them. Kat wants to hunt down the ones that escaped, but I was against it. I know we are at war with them, but sometimes you got to have to show some human compassion to them.

What can I say? I guess I want to hold onto something that makes

Eventually, we did find the civilians of the city. Apparently, there was a large tomb-like place located in the back, in the garden. Inside said place, there is actually nothing, except for a large lever. Seriously, whoever designed this place must have been a complete moron. I pulled the lever, and half of the floor opened up, revealing a secret passage. I went down said passage, hoping that it would lead me to something.

I had half hopes that it is some sort of treasure, like a golden burger with golden fries. There is such a thing!

But alas, I didn't find that. Instead, I found the civilians. They were inside a large cavern of sorts. Now, this is where things get a little complicated. Unlike the ones I saved in Ponyville, this one was a mixed group of pro-slavery and anti-slavery. Hell, when I got down here, I smelled musk and semen. I even saw some stallions and caribou civilians fucking any female they had. They all stopped when they saw me and a few of my homies boys, say boys drew their weapons. Some tried to fight us, but I subdued them all before the Dremora's charged at them, which mainly consisted of punching them in the face.

It’s amazing how much you can accomplice by punching people in the face.

I ordered my guys to storm the passage and separate the males from the females, and vice versa. I told them to not kill anyone, but I did tell them to punch someone if they get too aggressive. Thankfully, no one resisted us. In fact, there were some that weren't brainwashed like the rest. I still didn't trust them. Once we gotten back outside, I ordered them to put the males in cells, just in case. The ones that said that they weren't brainwashed were complaining, but ultimately accepted what I was doing. I can't take any chances. Hell, I even put the red collar ones in jail. You can never be too sure. I told the remaining females to not be alarmed, that I was here too free them.

They screamed like girls and ran around like headless chicken. I actually saw this coming.

Fortunately, Nightingale came to me just in time. To be more precise, I found her. She was hidden in some shrubs. The only thing that gave her away was the giggling after all the girls ran around. She followed us here, saying she didn't want to be left out of a fight. She joined Sloth and his assassins when the whole battle was going on. She managed to calm the girls down and explained that me and my army are part of the resistance, which was a lie. This lie seemed to calm them down. I soon told them to return home, and don't do anything stupid. Some of the females wanted some of the males released from prison, saying that they weren't brainwashed like the rest. I was hesitant on doing that, but Nightingale assured me that if they're telling the truth, then I could release them. In the end, I agree with them. However, I will have guards posted twenty-four seven around the city, just in case.

In short, we captured the city. The walls were destroyed, but we have magic. Magic can fix things, as I have learned during my time here. Actually, they can't fix anything, but hey. You know what they say. "You got to cast magic to make magic." Or something equitant to that. However, that doesn't mean that it is over. Not by a long shot. They did try to strike back at me, know what, I'm going to tell you about it. Trust me, by the time you'll read this, you'll be shiting yourself.

Anyways, me and Xucruroth were already inside one of the rooms of the castle, which was some sort of alchemic room or something. Nightingale flew away to tell the members of the resistance what happened here. There were different types of plants inside the room itself. Some of them I recognized because they look the same as the ones on Earth, while there were others that were mystery’s to me. There was one plant that all blue, which had large blue leaves with a bulb and several petals stick out of each one. The label on the pot said "Poison Joke". According to the book that we found, it was a plant that is similar to Poison Ivy, but with different results. Instead of having a rash, the plant would "joke" the victim with funny things. The castle was different than what I expected. Nothing was ruined, mainly because we actually didn't damage it during our assault. There were modern appliances that replaced what you see inside a medieval castle, like instead of torches that line up on the wall, there were light bulbs instead. A large lamp-like device hung inside the entrance of the place. Hell, there was even a large kitchen with modern appliances in it, like a toaster.

"For the last time, Marcus, you can't. Get. Cancer." Xucruroth said to me in a matter like he was teaching a baby. "Magic isn't contagious like some mortal disease. It is something that flows through us all, like a breath of fresh air. A natural way of life." He was currently examining one of the plants, the Poison Joke. I was stand off to the side, leaning against the wall. My armor was a little beat up after all the fighting going on. My falcon, who I now named Norm, was perching on one of the windows. He flew back to me after the siege was over. There were some cuts and scars from my battle earlier, but they didn't bother me. I had a bandage on my forehead for when a caribou hit me in the face. In the end, he learned his lesson on how not to punt a human in the face.

Especially if he's missing said face.

I breathed in a sigh of relief. "Thank god for that. For a second there, I thought I might die." Dying is bad. Everyone knows that.

Xucruroth looked away from the plant and gave me a look that says "The fuck you saying?" "Why are you afraid of magic? It's not like your kind possess it."

"Actually, we don't." I told him. "We don't believe in magic, mainly because it never existed in our world. That doesn't mean we dismiss it. There is a lot of pop culture popularity around the ideas of fantasy." Like the Elder Scrolls series. "But it’s just that. Fantasy."

"......." Now he looked at me like I was a maniac or some crazy hobo. "I don't know who is stupid. Your kind or you?"

I chuckled. "Takes one to know one." I stood back up once again. "I heard you captured a Gateway. Mind telling me what you're going to do with it?"

"Experimenting." He said. "The Gateway is a fascinating thing. It functions almost like an Oblivion Gate, with a few missing factors. My hope is that we use this Gateway as a sort of transportation for our troops, getting them to where they want to go. Perhaps we could even ambush the enemy with it."

"You think it would work?" I asked. Xucruroth is a really smart person. He knows more about magic than anything else.

"It will take time, but we will make it work." He answered. "In fact, I should return to the other mages." He left the room, leaving me alone in said room.

I decided to leave the room and see how everything is going in the city. Before I could leave, Nightingale emerged from the door. "What's up, Night?" I said to her.

"Nothing much." She said. "It's a little crazy, though. I never would have imagined you pull it off."

It was easy, that is true. We just came in and wreaked everybody. I would have expected a grand siege or something. Guess we can't have everything we want. "Yeah. It seemed easy to me."

She snorted and laughed. "Easy? You practically wreaked them. I've never seen so many caribou running with their small tails between their legs. It was hilarious." She calmed down a little. "Oh, there is one thing that I have to tell you."

"And that is?"

"I did as you asked and sent a message to my boss what you did. They are coming here in an hour."

Now this was good news. "How did you do that?" I asked. I mean, it's not like she sent it like ma-

I mentally slapped myself in the face. Of course its magic! What else?

"Unicorns aren't the only ones that know teleportation. Our kind knows a special magic that’s been used for generations." She started to explain her strange power or something. "We call it 'Shadow Travel'. This allows ability to blink to places we want to go."

"Is it hard?"

"Meh. It hurts your head like a bitch, but we get used to it."

"Really?" I asked. I would have expected them to.... I don't know. Not answer me at all.

She nodded. "Yep. I managed to tell Storm Strider about you capturing the city. She flying over here as we speak."

"I would do that." A mysterious feminine voice said. By instinct, I twirled around at the suppose attacker, sheathing my Razor in the back of my pants. I faced the attacker.

"Wow there! I am not here to fight you." The person, or pony who was speaking to me was a pegasus mare of average height, thought a little taller than me. She had a grey coat that match a thunder could. Her mane and tail had a mixture of yellow, blue and white. She was wearing a golden armor with a large broadsword on her back. Although calling it armor would be calling a bird a dragon. It showed her mid drift and some of her boobs. Not fully exposed, but slightly. She had also a slim body as well, with two packs of D-cups. She had green eyes that scanned me.

Nightingale was standing there with her eyes wide open and her jaw hitting the floor. She quick saluted her. "Ma'am, y-you got here quickly than I expected."

"Well, I heard through the grapevine that someone captured Stalliongrad before you sent that letter to me." She walked over to me and gave me a look over. "When I heard that there was some sort of demon army sieging Stalliongrad, I didn't think it was possible. Now you proved me wrong." She looked at me in the eyes. "Although I was expecting someone more..........menacing."

"You saying I'm not menacing enough?" I said with my arms crossed. I don't know if I should take it as an insult or a compliment.

She laughed. "Na, you're too cute to even become menacing." Nightingale was laughing out loud and rolling on the floor. My cheeks were blazing hot. It's embarrassing when some hot alien calls you cute.

Not that she's hot or anything, I'm just saying

She stopped laugh after a while and held out her left hand. "Well, now that we got that out of the way, let's introduce ourselves. The name's Storm Strider, leader of the Resistance."

I shook my hand with hers. "Marcus Asher, leader of......." I acually don't know what to call them. I mean, I know who they are, but I don't know what to call my new army. I tried to think about what to call my army, but nothing came up. So I decided to blurt it out. ...."The Blood Legion." Actually, that’s not a bad name. I might call it The Burning Legion or something from pop culture, but then that would be boring. No one copyright it, or else I'm going to hunt you down!

"That's..........actually a cool name." She said. Ha! Told ya! "Well then, Marcus. You wanted to talk to me about an alliance, right?"

"Oh, yes." I said. "Do you want to go somewhere so we can talk?"

"Yeah." She answered. "Follow me. I'll show you to my office. Or what used to be my office." She went out the door. I started to follow her to wherever she's going. I heard the flapping of wings coming towards me, which means that Norm started to glide towards me. I lifted my left arm and the falcon landed on it, then started to skip towards my shoulder.

Things are finally going forward for me.

We arrived in a room, or her office if she called it. I have to admit; the office actually looks pretty nice. The walls were painted a light blue instead of the boring grey colors I've seen since I got here. A green couch sat in the left side of the room close to the wall. Two chairs sat opposite of each other, with a small round table in the center. A large desk sat in the end of the room. From what I could see, it was oak in nature, like it was cut up from the forest. Some papers laid along the desk, mainly things that are downright retarded like "Prop 28: Should bitches have bigger butts?" Yes, that's what it says. On another side of the wall, there was an assortment of BDSM stuff, like whips and fluffy hand cuffs and butt plugs. There was also a red velvet heart-shaped bed; It also smelled of musk and semen.

"Fuck. This place smells." Storm said as she and I entered the room. "The least they could do is keep my office clean." She went over to her desk and sat down, clearing the papers on the desk and putting them in the garbage can. She bent down to the bottom of her desk, the sound of glass hitting glass hit my ears. "Now where is- HA!" She got back up with a bottle of yellowish liquid. The label said "Las Pegasus Hard Cider." "I knew it would be here." She got out two glasses of shots and put them on the table. She then opened the bottle and pour it into the glasses. She offered one of them to me. "Want one?" She asked.

I grabbed the glass from her hands, still eyeing her. I was paranoid back then, you can't blame me for being suspicious. I looked at the contents in the glass. It seemed normal. I sniffed it. Smell normal, had an apple flavor to hit. I then started to drink the contents down. It tasted........strange. It had an apple flavor to it, but I could barely feel any alcohol. Maybe that just what it is in their world.

She took a swig of the glass and shuttered. "Celestia, that hit's the spot." She put her glass down and stared at me. "So, you want an alliance with us?"

"Yeah." I said.

She stared right into my eye. I could tell from the look in her eye that she had seen some shit, and knows what’s right or wrong. Hell, she might even be older than me. "Might I ask why?"

I sighed. "Look, I don't know much about this world, nor its inhabitants for that matter. So I need someone, or a group of.... ponies, to help me understand this world, and try to save it from the caribou."

She nodded. "I could guess that much. Nightingale told me about you, and your little army. My instincts tell me that I should just run away and....." She poured another glass and drank it down. "I don't know what to do anymore. I tried everything to help Equestria, but we're already thinned out as it is. We have no support, no armies and no discipline. The only thing that keeps it alive is me." She gave me a look, the type where you don't trust someone. "So I'm going to ask you again. WHY are you helping us?"

My mind was already racing for an answer. Should I tell her what Odin told me? That a great darkness would enshroud the earth and I was supposed to be a "guardian" of sorts. I use the term guardian loosely. From what I have, I guess I could have been this darkness. Then again, I trust a bearded unicorn.......Pegasus.......thing in the sky, and there's all this crazy shit going on. So maybe he trusts me, and me along. Maybe it was the best for her to not know what's really going on. "Look, I know that you don't trust me, or anything that I say." I started to say. "You're right to not trust me. Hell, from what you saw, I can't blame you. But know this” I tried to convince her. "These caribou are bad news. No one wants them to rule over them, but they do it anyway. Especially you gals. They made you nothing more than objects to be used and thrown out if they get bored. Where I come from, if someone is like that, we just declare war on those dick weeds and destroy them. That's what I want to do; to save Equestria and the world. If you don't believe me, then there's the door. I'm not going to stop you."

She soaked it all in and....thinking. I could tell there was a conflict going on in her head. From the look in her eyes, she didn't trust me very well, but she also trusts me on what I said. There was also admiration and respect I saw as well.

But above all things, there was hope.

"That was a worst speech if ever I heard one......"

Yep, she said that.

".... But I could tell that you did something special for our ponies, and what you did for us. When I looked around the street, I saw civilians rebuild the place, no chains on them. There was even a few of your guys that helped as well." She said with honesty. "I don't know what to think. On the one hand, your guys are a lot scarier than anything that I saw in my army days. On the other, you did exactly what I said. I have to admit, when Nightingale said that you were leading some demonic army, I was skeptical. There's never been a demonic invasion for thousands of years. Added to the fact that the Gates of Tartarus were closed during the Fall, let’s just saw you got my interest. I gave you a job to do, and you did it." She then outstretched her left hand, a smile on her face. "I think you convinced me enough. I, and the rest of the resistance will help you."

I was...surprised. I always thought she would reject my offer, and just leave the place. I guess I convinced her that I'm no threat.

"Convince" being a..... you know.

I shook her hand. This was actually the first time I've ever felt a ponies’ fur, which was soft than any pillow in my life. Almost like I was feeling a fluffy pillow. However, she tightened her grip on me, hurting my hand a little. She looked me in the eye, a scary glare in her eyes. "However, know this,” She started to say in a harsh whisper. "I'll be watching you. If you do anything that I don't like, I will seriously kick your ass so hard that you'll fly to the moon and back. Got it?" I quickly nodded that I almost felt my head come off. She brightens up again. "Good."

I was starting to think that this was a bad idea to begin with.

I decided to change the topic to get away from the weirdness. "Soooo, what do you want me to do now?"

She was opening her mouth to say something, but something else interrupted us. A soldier, a stallion Pegasus, stormed right into our meeting. From what I could tell, he was of the same age as Storm, and a little bulkier. His coat is a light red with a mixture of orange and blue mane and tail. He wore the same armor as her, but it had a few small scratches on it and a large one coming down his chest plate. His right eye was light brown, while the other one was milky white with a scar coming down horizontally. He was breathing heavily, slouched over while his left arm grabbed the nearest thing, which was a cabinet. It looked like he had to run a hundred miles to get here. From the look on his face, something was up. "Thunder, what's wrong?"

"Sorry........sis..." He started to say between breaths. "," Did he just call her sis? Well, now I know that they are both brother and sister.

"Slow down. Take a deep breath. Tell me what's wrong." She said, getting up from her chair and grabbing hold of him. She leads him to the couch and help him sit down. I decide to help him as well. I went over to her desk and bent down, searching for a drink for him to.... well, drink. I must say, she had a large collection of assorted booze, some with names that would get copyrighted in my world. There was a bottle of water that was conveniently placed inside. I took the bottle and made my way towards him. I handed him the bottle and he took a big gulp of it. The bottle was completely empty by the time he finished.

He took a couple of deep breaths before telling us what was up. "I just go back scouting out the area, when I see some movement in the distance. I went to investigate, and I saw large army heading this way."

"How's that bad?" I asked him. I think I could handle an army trying to recapture this place. Hell, I have a Daedric army for crying out loud. If there is an army coming towards me, I say let them come."

"You don't understand." He seemed worried, and looked like he saw a ghost. "This isn't some normal army. This army is led by........him."

I still didn't know what he was talking about, but Storm did. Her eyes were wide as plates, which was funny considering they were wide to begin with. She was trembling, the color on her fur disappearing before my eyes. " don't mean......" She said in a trembling voice.

"Yes." He answered, his head held low. "It's him."

Now this is where shit gets real. I've never seen Strom Strider scared before in my life. Then again, I've only just met her. She was walking around the room like she had just lost her head. Then she started layer down on the floor in a fetal position, repeating the words "It's all over."

This was getting stupid. I helped her up, then slapped her in the face multiple times until she was back to her senses. "Calm down! Snapped out of it!" I did this for a few seconds until she was back too normal. "Now, tell me who you’re talking about."

She took some deep breaths before speaking. "Legate Lanius. Otherwise known as the "Beast of the East." Unlike the other caribou, he's ruthless to the core. He takes no prisoners, whether they be mare or stallion. Young or old. He doesn't care. He once slaughtered the entire population of Baltimare for rebelling against him. In Equestria, we know him as the "Butcher of Baltimare."" She looked me in the eyes. "You must have really pissed off Dainn if he sent him to take back Stalliongrad."

'.......Well shit. I'm fucked now.' I thought. I was actually feaking out at this point. "Can you excuse me for a second?" I stepped outside and did the only rational thing I could do.

Grab a pillow and scream into it.

I screamed right into the pillow. This wasn't a scream of frustration. It was a scream of a scared person.

'Why do things happen to me? Why?!!?' I thought. After about several minutes of being a pansy, I went back inside the office. Both of the siblings were watching me. Taking a deep breath, I turned to face her brother. "How long until he gets here?"

"Not for several hours. Last I heard, he was somewhere in the Zebra Lands dealing with tribal rebels. He'll muster up his troops and take the Gateway to Canterlot. Then it's at least a four hour walk to Stalliongrad."

"Good." I said. "It'll take us enough time to prepare our defenses."

Storm looked at me with wide eyes. "You don't mean-"

"I'll take him on." I simply said. Back then, I was actually scared shitless. If a man, or caribou at this point, is named the "Butcher of Baltimare", you run like hell to the hills. But not me. I was committed at this point. Sure, I was scared, but I faced tougher battle in the pasts, and those to come. Besides, I can't just abandon these ponies to their fate. If some caribou murder was coming after me, I won't back down. I'll fight him to the very end.

Especially since I had something I never thought I had at this point.

Spoiler alert: It's awesome!

Her brother, who had a second bottle of water, spit it out the moment I say I'll fight him. "Are you crazy!?!?! There's no way you can defeat him!" He yelled.

"I can, and I will." I answered him with my arms crossed on my chest. "If we give up now, he'll just slaughter us all. We need to hold him here."

Strom Strider looked at me like I was crazy. "Your nuts if you think you can defeat him. There's a reason why he's Dainn's attack dog. No one can defeat him. We tried holding him at the bank of the river surrounding Stalliongrad, but he just slaughtered us all. I barely made it out alive from that battle. He stormed the city and slaughtered us all. What makes you think you could kill him?"

I merely smirked. "Obviously, you haven't seen what I have." With that comment, I left the office with a stunned siblings and a plan in my mind.

We have survived worse. I just hope that the Dremora are ready for more.

After sometime, I managed to find Venom, Kat, Xavier, and Tirek and told them what we need to do, who was coming and how we could deal with the problem. We were in what I assume is some sort of conference room. There was a long table that stretched across the room with some number of swirling chairs beside the table itself. Some papers were scattered around the place. There was also a little bowl of peanuts on the table. Norm pecked at the bowl, trying to crack open the peanuts and eating them. A flag was presented in the end of the room. You'll never guess what it is. It's a red flag with a yellow hammer and a horseshoe crossing each other. A yellow star was on top of it as well.

Yep. It's that kind of flag.

"Wow. Only one day here and already your becoming a popular target practice." Venom joked. Well, to be fair, I didn't know if she was joking or being sarcastic.

"Maybe they might come from my autograph next. I'll be the next Billy Cosby." Venom seemed confused at what I said. "It's someone from my world."

"Still, this is bad news for all of us." Kat said. "We may have been successful so far, but maybe our luck has finally run out."

"Not if we act." Venom said. "I'm telling you, hiding behind the wall isn't an option. We must make our stand on the fields of battle!"

"I doubt we can succeed if this Lanius is famous in Equestria. We are better off holding him here than on the battlefield."

Venom was about to retort, but Xucruroth stepped in. "I hate to agree with Kat, but he's right. We can hold him off here at our expense."

"You think we can do it?" I asked him.

"We have managed to rework the Gateway to our disposal. We can now connect to Paradise and all of its resources. We even have troops being made as we speak. By my calculations, we could have at least two thousand more before he arrives." He answered me. This was actually good. If we now connect to Paradise, we could bring in as much supplies as we want. That way, we can at least try to hold out. But what will that actually achieve? Sure, we'll have supplies and reinforcements, but then that means our enemies would get the same treatment as us. We got to have to come and face them at some point.

Tirek snorted. "We could try, and be wiped out in a matter of minutes." He turned his attention towards me. "Send me out there. I could drain them until their nothing but husks."

I shook my head. "They may have figured out our helping me, and might have some sort of magic to counter it." I stated. He's been with me for a while. If some of the survivors said anything about him to the king, then they might have found something to counter act it or something. He was disappointed, but I could tell that he was a patient.... thing. "So we all in agreement to hold out here until either their army breaks or Lanius is killed?" They all nodded. "Alright. That's what we'll do then. We'll need trebuchets and boiling oil to help us, as well as anything else. Dismiss." They all left towards their own objectives, with the exception of Tirek and me.

"It looks like your taking control of the situation rather well." Tirek commented. "I must say, I am impressed."

"Perhaps you shouldn't." I said. "It's just luck that got me this far." I pulled out a chair and sat down, my left hand holding my head. "Now I'm sure that my luck has ran out."

"Luck has nothing to do with these past few weeks." He looked me in the eyes. It was actually creepy and scary, considering that his eyes are red. "The last few times were easy, I'd admit. But you know how to fight and how to solve situations. Your young, but have a fight spirt of a warrior. If this Lanuis wishes to fight you, let him. I know you can defeat him."

Now I looked back at him with hope in my eyes. "You really believe in me."


If I was way stronger than him, I would have just kicked his ass for making that comment.

".... but I have a feeling you will win." He started to trot out of the room, not before looking back at me. "You may be part of something great that even I do not know." He closed the door, the sound of his hoove steps disappearing.

I merely just sat there pondering on what he just said. Maybe luck had gotten me so far, and now it's just ran out. At the same time, I think I did everything by myself. Sure, I had help, but I helped with the escaped slaves now living in the castle and the civilians in Stalliongrad.

Norm finished all of the peanuts and flew to my right shoulder. I petted him with my left hand. 'I hope he's right.'

I really hope he's right.

'That idiot mortal is going to get us all killed someday.' Xucruroth thought as he studied a book about magic in this world. Flipping a page, he continued to read some of the spells that were currently in the book. 'I guess it's not as bad. I get to continue my experiments.' It wasn't like he hated what the new master was doing. Hell, if he had a chose between Mehrunes Dagon or staying with Marcus, he would choose Marcus. The young man was tough, and determined to do whatever it takes too free these ponies form their caribou masters.

It was funny. On Nirn, they were considered monsters. Now, they're saving people like heroes. At least they get to kill something.

He was currently in an office of sorts. It wasn't small or big, but it did serve its purpose to him. He sat on a large, swirling chair that was close to a large wooden table, which he suspected is some type of mahogany. Around him were posters of some sort of team called Stalliongrad Smasher. He and his mages took shelter inside a large arena he found. He founded it after the battle had calmed down a bit. The large sign that was almost ruined said it was called Stalliongrad Hooveball arena. From what he could gather, the play a game called Hooveball, which was funny considering that the ponies he meets didn't have hooves on their legs. He shrugged it off as another stupid thing in life. He and several other mages decided to use this place so they can work on the Gateway. He was telling the truth when he said that the Gateway was finished, allow them to connect to Paradise. However, that wasn't the only thing he was doing.

The book he was read was picked up during the raid on Ponyville. The title read as "Unicorn Magic and You: A Guide to Unicorn Magic." Originally owned by Twilight Sparkle, it was now in the hands of him. The book was written by a pony named Star Swirl the Bearded. The ponies consider him to be a wonderful mage, who made over seven hundred spells in his time. He was fascinating how spells worked in this world. On Nirn, it was considered a fact that magic was both hard, and dangerous. For a mage, it would take years before he could perfect one spell. The unicorns learned this magic from birth, and much easy to use. These include levitation and teleportation. It also says that the two other ponies’ races have something called "inherit magic". Different from Unicorn magic, it comes from inside one’s self. For example, earth ponies are known the be as strong as a Nord and can apparently "make" a good harvest happen. Pegasus can manipulate clouds and the weather in this nation. It was strange, and impossible feat for any mage, but for them it seemed natural, like breathing.

He was interrupted from his musings when there was a knock on the door. "Enter." He said, closing the book he was reading and putting it away. A Kynval entered the room, balling his left hand into a fist and putting it on his chest before bowing. "What is it?"

"We have the prisoner you asked for." He said.

He smiled, not the kind smile, but a smile that had malicious intentions in it. "Send him in."

The Dremora nodded, exiting the room. He heard some shouting in the Daedric language he was familiar with. The door once again opened. Two soldiers entered the room, one of them were holding a chain. The Dremora pulled the chain a little bit, letting a caribou enter the room. It was the same caribou he met during the raid in Ponyville, a slaver if he remembered correctly. Now he stood before, chained like a dog. Bruises were all over his body; one of his legs had a large cut across it. His face was almost swollen to the point that it hardly resembles a face. A large scar ran across his chest, indicating where the mage made his "Experiments."

He smiled. "Ahh, Mister Xautas. So nice to see you again." He said with honeyed words.

The caribou looked up and saw who was speaking to him. "Yooou." He said with venom in his voice. It was also cute the way he said it, with as much hate in his voice as he heard. He was surprised to see that the caribou was still sane after all the fun they had. His screams were music to his ears. It didn't matter to him. He'll break him at some point. "When I get out of here, I-” He was interrupted when a fist collided to his stomach, making him knell to the ground. One of the Kynval punch him to shut him up. Xautas clenched his stomach.

"Don't be like that." He waved his hand to dismiss the two Daedric knights. They nodded and went on their way. It was just him and Xautas. "After all the things we've been through,” He walked up to him and lifted his head with his armored fingers. "You would at least show me a bit of respect. Is that what all slaves do when they bow to their masters?"

"Fuck you, you fucking freak." He snarled at him, before spiting right in his face. The Daedra felt the spit in his face, lifting a finger to wipe it off.

He chuckled. "Well then." He lifted his left hand and brought it down on the kneeling caribou. The hand hit his face and sent him spiraling on the floor. "Perhaps I should remind you who is in charge here." The crystal on his staff glowed.

The caribou's eyes went wide, before he started screaming in pain. He clenched his heart as he felt pain in it. The Daedric mage smiled in delight. He managed to put a crystal gem in his heart that would allow him to do that. If the slaver tried to do anything funny or disobey him, he would activate the gem inside him, causing him to cultivate in pain. If he activated it for too long, the heart would explode within his chest.

He disabled the spell, the glowing crystal on his staff dying down. The caribou took a couple of deep breaths when Xucruroth walked over to his prone form. "Let's be clear on this: I am your master, and you will do as I say. If I tell you to breath, your breath. If I tell you to shit, you shit." His malicious grin returned. "And if you do not obey me,” He activated the spell on him once again, the caribou once again crying in pain. "there will be consequences." He disabled the spell once again. "Do I make myself clear?" The caribou whimpered, murmuring something under his breath. He activated the spell once again. "Am I clear!?!?!"

"YES! YES! FOR THE LOVE OF OUR GOD KING, YES!!!" He yelled in pain as his heart felt like it was about to explode.

He smiled. "Good." He disabled the spell, allowing the caribou to breath once more. "Now, I have a job for you." He went over to the desk and got one of the books, showing it to the caribou. "Do you know what this is?"

"It's a book." Xautas said.

"Yes, it is." The Dremora mage replied. "It is a spell book made by someone named Star Swirl the Bearded. Perhaps you know of him?"

The caribou nodded. "He's a famous pony to everyone. He created spells that seem too powerful for anyone to have."

"And do you know where these spells are?" He questioned the caribou.

"In a tower in Canterlot Castle. It's supposed to be heavily guarded." The caribou answered. "No one but the King can access its knowledge."

"That is where you come in." He said to him. "You are a Slaver, yes? That means you have connections?" The caribou nodded. "Good. I want you to retrieve the spells that are locked in the tower. Get every last one of them, understand?"

"B-bb-but what if I get caught?" The caribou questioned.

"That is your problem, not mine." He snapped back at him. "If you die, then I'll just find a new one to use. There are more out there that will do a more excellent job than you."

The caribou wanted to shout at him, to defy him, he could see it in his eyes. But he knew he couldn't do that. He knew the consequences. With a head hung low, he sighed. "I’ll do it."

"Splendid." Xucruroth said with a smile. He walked over to the caribou. Xautas cowered in fear at the site of the mage before him. He expected the Dremora to hit him or something. Xucruroth merely grabbed one of his antlers and channeled a spell into it, his hands glowed before the antler. This took a few seconds before the glow died down. He stepped back. "There. This will allow me to telepathically communicate with you, and would allow me to see what you are doing. So don't get any funny ideas and go to the authorities." He pointed to the door. "The Daedric soldier in the hallway will escort you out. Go to Canterlot and bring me back those spells. If anyone asks what happened to you, say you have escaped. Now go." With that final command, the caribou went out the door. He saw him and his escort disappear in the hallway, the of both his hooves and footsteps echoed as they walked.

Xucruroth walked over to his desk and sat down, opening up the spell book and studying the spells.

Downtown Stalliongrad was in a craze, if craze could be a word to a mortal. Everywhere, Dremora were running around, fixing anything that could be of value and sharping their weapons for their next engagement. Some of the mages were using magic to fix homes and buildings, only for it to be salvage later on. The Dremora now occupy the lower section of the city since they captured it. The mortal ponies who use to live there were now relocated to the upper city centers that the nobles used to live in. When they heard that they were going to have another battle, they got to work. They fixed up the walls that had been damaged during the siege, the mages doing some of the work to repair the wall. Some of the Dremora's in the market place were building siege equipment like trebuchets and catapults. Scamps did most of the back work for the Dremora, since they were the lower caste of Daedra to them. Others were repairing buildings and gates and such.

Located on the far side of the market center where they destroyed the Gateway, a tavern stood. The windows were damaged, but some of them were being replaced by newer ones. The inside of the tavern was what you'd expect a tavern to be. The walls were somewhat damaged from the siege, some of the pictures broke or burnt. The floor had some debris. The Scamps were cleaning the floor and doing whatever they can. The Dremora were sitting around, drinking various drinks the ponies have and having a good time. The mortal ponies how used to occupy the place called it The Red Pony. Now it was occupied by the Dremora as they hung out after working all day. Some were drinking local beers and ales, talking about what had happened, while others were eating their meals. It was a shame to them that the ponies were herbivores, so they had to get some meat at Paradise after the Gateway was working again.

Several Dremora were gathered around a tale, laughing at one Dremora how was telling a story. "...Wait, wait wait. It gets better." The one who was telling the story said between laughs. "So I aimed my bow at the Nord who was climbing the mountain, and fired it. IT was supposed to aim for his head, but the storm flew the arrow way off its course. I thought I missed him, but guess what happened?"

"What happen?" One of them said.

"It struck his knees." The others gave a tremendous laugh, bang their fists on the table. "And that....and that's even the half of it!" He said between fits of laughs. "I went back into town in my disguise so I could tell that stupid guy that summoned me to that I killed him. Turns out, he was still alive, in a tavern of all places. I walked up to him and asked what happened, and he said." He cleared his throat. "I used to be an adventurer, but then I took an arrow to the knee." He said in his best intimidation of a Nord.

The table erupted in fits of laugher. A few of the Dremora were falling from their chairs and covering their stomachs as they laughed. Others were banging their fists on the wooden table.

The laugher died down. "By the Princes, that was fucking funny!" One of them said.

"Yeah. It was." He peered over to another table. Surrounding said table was a group of Daedric soldiers. Although there was something.... off about them. One of them kept shuffling for some reason. The others were looking around, almost as if they were cautious. "What about you guy's. What do you think?" He called over to them.

The group was startled, a strange concept to a Dremora. He even saw one of the soldiers jump up and onto a lap of another. "We-” He said in a hit pitch voice before coughing. "Yes. It is a great joke. I especially like the part where you......stuck an arrow to someone's knees." He said in a low tone. "Yes. That's it."

The Dremora eyed them suspiciously. Something was off about them. He can't put his finger on it......

He shrugged off as being drunk.

"Now if you'll excuse us, we must and..........kill things." The soldiers from the table got up and left as soon as they can. He could have sore that they were running to the door.

And did one of them had an orange tail behind his ass?

"I've got to lay off the sauce." He murmured.

The alleyway behind the Prancing Pony was abandoned, save for several individuals in Daedric armor.

"Whew." One of them said in feminine voice. "That was a close one." It removed the helmet from its head, which revealed to be a familiar orange mare. "Guess we were luck they were drunk or something."

"Indeed." Rarity said as she removed her helmet. "They are not the most..." She waved her hand as she tried to find a word for them. "great gentlecolts when it comes to something like this. I particularly don't like the joke they made about that poor soul." She looked up at her mane. What once was elegant and curly, it was not a mess. "Not to mention that this helmet is destroying my mane." She whined.

"Let's just be glad they didn't notice us." Bon Bon said as she removed her helmet. "I don't want to think what will happen if we got caught."

"You girls are complaining about that?!?" Lyra said as she removed her helmet. She breathed in a big breath. "I can't understand how they breath in these things. It's like I was tripped in a tomb or something." She wrinkled her nose. "And that smell as well. I don't want to know what I smelled in there."

"Yeah." Bon Bon said. "Not to mention that this suit is heavy. How do they put up with this?" She turned her head to Applejack. "Applejack, are you sure this is a good idea to do this? If Marcus finds out, we-"

"He ain't." Applejack said firmly. "Look, I know ya'll want to just let Marcus and his goons try to fight for us, but I ain't sitting back at the castle with my flank to the floor while he fights our battles. This was our war to begin with. Those caribou basterds just use us as fuck toys for their sick desires. We've been raped, humiliated, and Celestia knows what else." She put her hands on her hips. "I don't know about you gals, but I ain't waiting back at the castle like some damsel in distress. I'm going to fight the caribou with Marcus, whether he likes it or not."

"Applejack, dear,” Rarity started to say. "I know you hate the caribou for what they did to you and your family, but we're not exactly fighting material."

Applejack raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? We faced tougher enemies before, like Tirek."

"Well,” Rarity started to explain. "There were times where we saved Equestria, but that was only because we used the Elements. And Twilight was the one that saved us after we were tricked by Discord." She put one of her fingers on her chin, lost in thought. ""Then there was the Crystal Empire. Spike was the one that saved it. Chrysalis was blown away by Shining Armor and Cadance's love shield while we were captured. Then Star Glimmer tried to go back in time to stop us from existing. Then there was-"

"ALRIGHT! I get it! We got luck!" Applejack yelled. They were lucky that no one heard them. "Ok. So we did use the Elements to save Equestria, but now it doesn't matter. We can still save it even if we don't have them."

"I wish I could agree with you, dearie." Rarity say in a sad tone. "I wish I could do something instead of sitting around doing nothing. But like I said, we can't do it without our friends and the Elements. We don't even know where they are” She crossed her arms to her chest and sighed. "Last I heard from Rainbow Dash, she was sold to Sorin and his goons."

Applejack couldn't help but clench her fist. "When I get my hands on him, He'll regret he'll even be born." She looked towards her friends. "I'm still going to fight. It might get bloody, but these caribou had it come for a long time." She put her helmet back on, walking out of the alleyway and onto the street.

Rarity, Bon Bon and Lyra watched Applejack leave. Rarity sighed. "I guess we could accompany her. Who knows what might happen to her." She too put her helmet on and ran out of the alleyway.

Bon Bon almost put her helmet on when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see Lyra wear a worried look on her face. "Bon Bon, I'm scared."

She grabbed her shoulders and looked her in the eyes. "Everything’s going to be alright, Lyra. Just stick with me when the time comes." Lyra nodded. Both of them wearing their helmets and exiting out the alleyway.

Do you know the phrase "the calm before the storm?" Of course you do. I means that shits going to get real soon. However, to me, there was a calm before the storm. Literally in this case.

The sun had reached the mountains by the time we were at the walls, the skies darkened all around us. The stars started to pop into existence, each one of them twinkling bright. It's almost like they were watching us, either for entertainment purposes or because they have nothing to do. Here we were, preparing for a battle with an evil (or insane) commander in a land of somewhat sunshine and rainbows where ponies walk on four legs and talk and go into musical numbers for no reason.

This almost sounds like some bad cartoon show, or a worst fan fiction story.

Stalliongrad was dead quiet, save for a few souls still on the streets. The walls, once damaged during the siege, had be fixed again thanks to Daedric magic. It almost looked like it never fell to begin with. All around me, Dremora were preparing for what is to come. As before, they had a wide variety of weapons they were holding. A majority of them had shields, while some had heavier weapons like war hammers and greatswords. The blues ones that had no shirts (who I learned are called the Xivilai) had duel wielding weapons like swords and axes. Several mages were clustered together. These weren't all the mages. The rest were with Xavier in a place called Stalliongrad Hoofball Stadium. Apparently, hoofball is a pony equivalent of football back on Earth. The game was weird considering they didn't have any hooves to begin with. I dismissed it as a pony thing. From what I heard, he planned on releasing a big, powerful spell on the caribou. Not any normal spells like fireballs. These were an equivalent to apocalypse stories. On the city walls, Daedric soldiers were reading themselves as well. The archers had their bow and arrows on their backs. Like the armor and weapons, the arrows were of Daedric origin, black with a red vein-like protrusions. The bows like similar to the composite bows from Eastern civilizations of old. However, it was more jagged and had two blades at the front. I had almost mistaken it for a melee weapon.

Did I mention it rained? Again?

The dark clouds covered the sky, thunder sounding above us. Or something like that. Much of Stalliongrad had gone dark, save for a few lights in the higher district areas. I could only suspect that they were survivors trying to find a place to hide. The streets were dead silent, save for the pounding of the raindrops on everything it touched. The rain drizzled on out armors, making a sound that is like a drum. To be fair, it both excited me and scared me at the same time.

That was a calm before the storm.

"I see something on the horizon!" A Daedric soldier said. I went over to the edge of the wall to see what he was talking about. I couldn't make anything out, being as it was dark outside. It was almost like I was staring into the void, nothing existing except of Stalliongrad. The only thing that allowed me to see into the darkness was the flashing of thunder and lightning in the sky. I saw something move when the first flash came. A minute later, another flash came, seeing a couple more shadows move over the fields. Another one came and so on. On the last flash, I saw something that made my heart stop.


Rows and rows of caribou soldiers dominated the field. It was almost like they were grown here like weeds. There must have been tens of thousands of them. The caribou weren't the only thing here. There was a mixture of ponies in their as well, probably brainwashed or something. There was all a row of strange bull like creature wielding golden armor and wielding giant axes the size of a Toyoda. Behind them were siege machines they brought with them. I could make out three trebuchets, four siege towers and six or so ladders. From the looks on their faces, they were extremely pissed at us.

"READY YOUR WEAPONS!!" I shouted. Kat said the same thing in the Daedric language. The archers started to grab their arrows and put it on the strings of the bow. They then drew the bow back, aiming at the army below. The trebuchets that we made were ready and loaded. We had maybe ten of them compared to the three they have, but I doubt it would stop them. A few of them had their rocks on fire. Everyone else got their weapons ready, including me. I withdrew a Daedric greatsword from my back. It almost looked the same as the Daedric swords, but completely different from design. I was more straight than the sword, added to the fact that it had both its sides serrated, making it look like a fork. A red glow illuminated from the blade and the grip, which was typical to Daedric weaponry. I wasn't wearing my regular armor this time around. I decided to wear the standard Daedric armor like everyone, with the exception of the helmet. It actually isn't that heavy than I thought, being made from a material from another dimension. Maybe it was because I been training a lot that I can lift even the heaviest armor in existence. Or maybe it's because this world is so fuck up that I can't even tell what's heavy anymore.

I put both of my pinky fingers in my mouth and whistled. From out of the sky, Norm flew onto my arm. I grabbed a piece of paper from my.... I don't know what you would call it. Armor pocket? Satchel? I didn't matter. I attached the note on one of Norm's legs, securing with a small rope. "Take this to Xavier." The falcon nodded. He soon flew off to the opposite side of the city. 'I hope this plan of mine works.' I thought.

It was a standoff, much like those American Spaghetti westerns of old. Except we were in a fantasy type world with magic and such instead of the Old West, and we were facing off an army instead of some cliché bandit. No one moved or fired. The Dremora archers were getting itchy trigger fingers, almost ready to released their arrows. I signal them to hold fire. It was a stupid thing to do, but I noticed the caribou army hasn't assaulted us yet. This either meant that they are afraid of us (which is highly unlikely), or some bullshit commander is going to give some boring speech about "surrender to us or you'll be killed" or "we are superior than you guys, even though you killed a few great generals and have some strange magic" or some bullshit equivalent to that.

This went on for some time, neither of us moving an inch. I then notice something out of my eyes. The caribou parted way for another one of their kind. However, this one was different from the rest. Decked in full red armor, this caribou stood up above the rest. He was at least taller, and stronger from what I could tell than that of his counterparts. He was wearing a metal mask-helmet thing. The masked itself looked like an old man to me, with a tenticale-like beard going all over the place. He had big antlers coming of the helmet, twice the size of the caribou here. Another set of horns came out the sides of the helmet, metal made than organic. In his hands was the largest weapons I have ever seen. It looked like a cross between a spear and a sword. Runes appeared on the sides of the blade, glowing an eerie red. The end of his spear had a dagger-like weapon.

If I had to take a guess, this must be the Lanuis guy everyone’s talking about. I gulped.

He didn't do anything of sometime, staring at the walls and all my troops manning it. He then walked towards the wall, alone. The Dremora got their arrows pulled back and aimed at him. Not matter how must was aimed at him, he continued walking. Either he was a complete idiot or had some steel balls. Once he was some distance to the wall, he shouted something in a low and deep voice, enough for me and everyone else to hear it. "I wish to speak to whoever’s in charge."

Told you he was going to make some bullshit speech! "And why do you want to talk to him?" I shouted back.

"So I would know the name of the warrior that I will do battle with. As warriors, we must know each other before we fight. It is a most honorable thing to do." He said simply. "I am Legate Lanuis, commander of the Sixth Legion, second hand to his Majesties Army, and of the Marediterranean. I am also known as the Butcher of Baltimare to some." He pointed his sword staff at me. "Now you know my name, I want to know yours."

I was hesitant to do that. What if it was a trick of sorts? Is he trying to distract me while his men flanked me? Is there an assassin waiting for me to drop me guard? The questions ran in my head. walked If this guy was trying to distract me, he was doing a damn fine job. For all I know, there could be a regiment of caribou that had climbed over the wall and are currently attacking my troops as we speak. However, if that did happen, someone would have notified me about this. It was still weird that he wanted my name so he could kill me. Then again, I was in a furry-like world that sounds like something out of a shitty fanfiction story. So, I mentally said fuck it, and told him how I was. "My name is Marcus Asher. I'm new to this world. I have only fought for two days, and my army are called the Dremora's, finest soldiers throughout the universe." I don't know if the Dremora are the finest soldiers in the universe, but he doesn't know that.

The caribou general was silent for a second, before he spoke up again. "Well, Sir Marcus of Asher, it is an honor to meet someone who has resisted our occupation, and defeated some of our troops." Was he.... complementing me? "I must admit, when I was summoned here by the king to put down a rebellion, I thought he was joking. The I heard rumors of a demonic force on the march, and Stalliongrad falling." He chuckled. "Truly, I have finally found a worthy opponent."

I was so confused right now. This caribou was giving me credit for killing his kind. These people are insane. "Thanks....I guess." I said to him in a confused tone. I then cut straight to the chase. "Look, I'm only going to ask this once. Turn around and go back. No one needs to die tonight." Yeah, I tried to be reasonable to them. Despite what they do, I at least tried to avoid bloodshed.

Lanuis laughed at my reason. "That is funny." He said between laughs. "If I had a nickel for every time someone said that, I would be rich." He then stopped his laugh and gave me a mean look. "You aren't the first one to say that, nor will you be the last." He then started to make some boring speech about himself. "You may think yourself a general, but you are wrong. A general does not plead with his enemy, or beg for his life. He fights. Like any true warrior. As you may or may not know, I am the greatest general in his majesties army. There is a reason why I'm called the Butcher of Baltimare." You know, for a murder, he sure does brag a lot. "You see, like your band of rebels, I-"

I had just about enough of his ranting. I grabbed a bow and arrow from a nearby Dremora, who was not happy after I took it. I loaded in an arrow in the string, pulled the string back, and aimed at the caribou. I couldn't tell if he was aware that I was going to shoot him under that mask of his, but I hope to God or however is up there that he does. I soon released the arrow upon him.

The arrow, either by sheer luck or the wind, struck the caribou in the neck. His whole body froze. I soon saw blood coming out of the arrow and his neck. He kneeled down first, before falling down to the ground completely.

The Dremora's cheered, proud that I killed someone. I had to say I was happy at first, but that was before I saw something that made my blood run cold.

The body disappeared in a puff of smoke.

'He could use magic?!?!' I thought as I searched for the real Lanius. I didn't know he could use magic. And I think Storm Strider didn't know either. Who could blame her? She only heard him by reputation.

I soon spotted the general, right on top of a FUCKING HILL!!! He was still the same as his smoky counterpart. The only thing that was different was the long, red cape strapped to his back. I could tell if he was smirking at me because of the mask.

He pointed his sword at me and shouted. "CHARGE!!!!"

The storm has finally come.

Siege of Stalliongrad: Part Three

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You know, life has a funny way of shiting you over. Whether it’s your dog getting run over by a car or having your car stolen, you can get shit at in the face without even knowing it. This is called karma to some. It means that if you do a good thing, then good things happen to you. If you fucked up in some way, then you get fucked as a result. My mom always told me that God has a funny way of testing us, to see what we would do in a bad situation. I've always believed when I was younger, when my dad took me to a Jewish temple in our neighborhood, that God was watching over us, guiding us to do something in life.

I don't know if God is shiting on me right now, or if karma is. Either way, it was neither good nor bad.

In all my days fighting the war against the caribou, I would say the Siege of Stalliongrad was the most awesome battle in my opinion. Sure, there were other battles like the infamous Dance of Dragons (they named that battle, not me!) Hell, the Siege of the Crystal Empire was better than this, but I digress. In my mind, this was still the most awesome thing that I had experienced in my lifetime. I would tell you why, but then that would spoil the surprise. I'll let you guys figure it out.

Anyway, the caribou horde charged forward, some emitting battle cry's from their mouths. The fields of green grass and some flowers soon transformed into an ocean of blood thirsty soldiers. The siege towers started to move slowly towards us, pulled by another caribou. The trebuchets they had started to fire at us. I saw the bull creatures, who I later learn are called minotaur’s, started to charge against us. Some of the caribou were carrying ladders with them.

"HERE THEY COME!" I shouted. The Dremora wasted no time, starting to load up their arrows and aiming them at the horde below. They didn't fire. The waited for me to give my command. Thankfully, the caribou weren't close to us. They stood out of range from the archers and the city itself, but are starting to get closer with each passing second. My heart was racing so much that I thought I was having a heart attack. I heard some of the higher ranking officers telling the soldiers to get ready below me. I looked over towards my forces. My army was big, but theirs was bigger and more trained than what we faced. The only plus side was that I hadn’t seen any caribou mages with them, which meant that they probably don't need them. Other than Lanius, the mages think that this is just another rebellion that needs to be put down.

They were right, and wrong at the same time.

I raised my left arm and clenched my hand into a fist, just like those commanders I saw in those medieval movies. If I was going to die here, I might as well do it with style.

The caribou were closing in. Fifty yards.


Forty yards.


Third yards.

"FIRE!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, signaling the archers to fire on the horde below.

They prepared to aim and fire the bows, letting the arrows rain down on the enemy bellow. I didn't want to believe it, but there was a fuck ton of arrows flying towards the enemy. There was so many arrows launching, I thought that it would block out the sky itself, not that it was already dark and rainy to begin with. The arrows weren't the only thing launching towards the enemy. The trebuchets in the back fired as well, fire coming out of the stone itself. The mages, which are called Kynmarchers, threw various spells at the caribou, ranging from fireballs to freeze rays. I even saw a few Daedric troops using crossbows to fire on the enemy. They weren't of Daedric origin, just wood and steel. I suspected that they stole it in an armory somewhere. A few mages even summon atronach to the battle. I saw one of the arrows hit their marks, killing a fuck ton of caribou. I saw one of the arrows hit a minotaur in the eyes, killing him before he fell. The blood coming out of the wound was washed away due to the rain. A flaming stone hit one of the siege towers, the wooden structure catching on fire. The caribou how were on it jumped out of the fire, but soon realized that it was a long way down. The structure soon fell, killing some of the caribou inside. some of the falling wood hitting some of the caribou. A Dremora lit one of is arrows on fire. He loaded on the string and aimed at another siege tower. He fired the flaming arrow, the arrow itself sailing through the battlefield. The arrow hit its mark, right next to the door. In any normal situation, it wouldn't have affected the siege tower. However, the tower was made of wood, and it caught fire easily. It was impossible considering that it was raining outside, but apparently God decided to take a dump on physics. The tower soon caught fire, screams being heard inside said tower.

The caribou retaliated. The ones in the back of the armies started to rain down arrows upon us. Some of these arrows had managed to hit some Dremora, but it didn't kill them. Guess they didn't expect our armor to be tough against something like this. The trebuchets they had begun firing on us. Some of the shots missed us by some inches, but they managed to hit some buildings in the process.

In short, it was an awesome siege.

I yelped and ducked as two arrows pasted over me, nearly taking my hair. I looked over the wall to see what is happening, only to be blocked by a wooden siege tower closing in on us. This one had some metal reinforcing its exterior, so the flaming arrows didn't affect the tower. "THEY ARE THE WALLS!" I shouted. The Dremora quickly caught on and they prepared for the battle, getting their weapons ready. The siege tower wasn't the only thing that came to the walls. Some of the ladders have reached the walls itself, propelling the caribou up. A couple of the siege towers that weren't destroyed had breached the left walls as well.

The siege tower came to the wall and stopped. Soon, it dropped the large door. The caribou quickly flooded the walls, war cries echoed into the night. Both sides clashed against each other. I was lucky I wasn't in the middle of the carnage, but I still had some enemies on me.

A caribou came at me with a large axe in hand. I held up my great sword and prepared for his attack. He swung his axe downward, but I stepped to the right and swung my great sword down, cutting off his head. Like I said, the great sword in my hand weighted nothing, almost as if I was caring the sword I had before. I didn't know if it was because I was strong or just physics fucking with me, I didn't question it. In fact, I was thankful that I was alive this far. Another caribou came at me. Using one hand on the hilt, I blocked the attack and punched him in the face. He staggered, in which I took my time and stabbed him in the gut. He eyes went wide when I did that. Another war cry came right behind me. I saw another caribou trying to get to me. I pulled my sword out of the caribou and charged him. When he got close, he swung horizontally to me, but I ducked and swung my blade through his gut. His intestines spilled out, but I ignored it and kicked him to the side, staggering until he dropped of the railing. The caribou fell towards his comrades.

Another caribou came out towards me, seeking to avenge his fallen comrades. I charged him as well. Once we both got close, I ducked as he swung vertically and sliced his gut. I soon turned around and sliced his head off before he was out of my reach. He went down like a sack of rocks. Another one charged at me, but I cast my magic against him. The magic bolt hit him in the stomach, and fell down the opposite side of the wall. I had only a moment before a war cry came from behind me. I jump out of the way right before the axe hit the ground where I was at. I turned around and saw the strange bull creature I saw before, a giant axe-staff hybrid in his large hands. I got a really good look at him. He was ridiculously large, muscles all around his body. He was twice the size of a regular person, or pony in this case. He had a ring pierced to his nose and large horns on the side of his head. He wore golden armor that covered him from head to hooves. He is so fucking large! I thought. He heaved the weapon over his shoulder and stared me in the eye, rage in his eyes. He scrapped his hooves on the stone, ready to charge me, steam coming out of his nostrils as he snorted. My first instinct was to run, as anyone in my situation would. But then I was like 'fuck it, let’s do this shit.' I got lucky this far. Might as well make the most of it. I taunted the bull by giving him the finger. With a roar of rage, it charged me, his horns pointed at me. I charged him as well, a stupid idea but the only one I had at this point. Once both of us got close, I slide down, going right under him. I dropped my sword in the process, knowing that it would slow me down. He saw my face as I gave him a cocky smile. Once I appeared behind him, I quickly got up and decided to jump on his back. The bull was to slow to even turn around to face me, or to quickly react. I got on his back and grabbed him by the horns like that old say 'take life by the horns'. Literally in this case. The bull thrashed, dropping his weapon and trying to grab me. I created a small shield over me to protect me from such attacks. While grabbed onto the bull’s horn, I balled my left hand into a fist and smashed it down on his head. He didn't have any helmet on, and maybe he's regretting it. The bull had had enough of me. He got on all fours and started to charge down the wall, taking me with him. I jerked when he started to move, and grabbed on to his horns. The bull kept on moving, charging into anyone that got in its way. The caribou and the Dremora had to stop fighting in order to jump out of the way. Others were not so lucky, being thrown around in the wind. He charged through the door that led to a tower that some of the archers were using. The doors were destroyed by the bull’s charge. We soon went out the other way. During all of this, I had barely managed to hold on. My shield was almost fading as my head felt like it was being pounded by a rolling pin. I flashed out my Razor in my belt that I had managed to keep in case of something like this happens. The bull didn't notice me shuffle to get my dagger, or didn't care at all. I had managed to get my dagger and plunged it straight into his skull. The bull went down, but I was thrown off of him as a result. I flew some feet away before I hit something, feeling my breath being knocked out. I continued to slide down a little, before we were stopped by a wall of a tower.

I coughed as I got up, my vision blurred a little. I shook my head to clear that. I look around before I stumbled a bit. I hung against the wall as I looked behind me. There was a caribou pinned to the wall. Well, pin was a misconception. The caribou was unlucky as he was hit on the wall, his bones were poking out. If I had to make a guess, the caribou was hit by me and flew. Combined with the stone wall and the heavy armor I wore, I'd saw he was crushed to death. Turning my head, I could see through the chaos that the bull creature was slain.

With that taken care of, I took a moment to see what has happened. We were holding them at bay, that much was certain. The Dremora were cutting them down like nothing. We had some casualties, but the Daedric troops didn't care. All they want is to slaughter someone for their amusement. I saw one of the Dremora with a Warhammer in his hands as he bashed it against the chest of a caribou solder. Despite the caribou being armored, it did little to protected him from the wicked hammer. The Dremora brought down the war hammer again and again, creating a dent in his armor. The last swing earned him a sickling crunch of bones breaking and blood coming out of the armor. Another Dremora battled a caribou with a sword and shield. The caribou was carrying an axe with him. The caribou swung down at him, but the Dremora blocked it with his shield. The caribou strike again, but the Dremora was ready for him, blocking his attacks and pushing his arm away. He cut off his arm, which caused the caribou to scream. He then used his shield as a battering ram and pushed him unto the far edge of the wall. The caribou cried out as he went down. A Dremora with a large axe swung at an unprepared caribou. The axe embedded on the caribou's skull, splitting it in half.

I checked bellow the ground where they caribou were assaulting. They were storming in on the remaining towers and ladders. The atronach that the mages had summon were holding them back. A rock atronach started to smash down on the caribou. They tried to fire back, but their weapons were useless against a creature of magic. A flame atronach started to shoot burst of flames from its arm, roasting any caribou in the way. There were other types of atronach that I haven't seen before, either in real life or in the game. There was a frost atronach that was almost huge. It swung its club-like arms, if you would call them that, at the crowd of caribou. They had tried to shoot it down with flaming arrows or anything else that was close to them, but to no avail. It might have just pissed him off, because the construct was going crazy on them, smashing and stomping anything it finds. Another atronach, which had lighting surrounding him, threw lightning bolts at the soldiers. Like the others, the caribou tried to take it down, but it only pissed him off even more. With both hands outstretched, he conducted a chain of lighting that bounced off on all the caribou that was close to it. The air smelled of charcoaled flesh. These things had managed to hold them off for a while. I don't know how long the mages would summoned them, or keeping them in battle. Thankfully they were away from the battle for the most part. We may have taken out some of their towers thanks to them, but that didn't mean they could find another way in.

I soon found out that I was right. No less than three meters in front of me, a whole column of soldiers were tightening together in a testudo formation, shields raised in front and above them. They were slowly advancing on the gate. To any normal person, it might be considered weird. However, I soon saw something that made my blood cold. I couldn't see it at first, since it was hidden in the sea of shining armor and shields. However, I did see a glisten of something. I narrowed my eyes to see what it was. I still didn't know how I still survived that due to all the fighting that was going on. I only saw it for a brief second, but it did make my heart stop for a second.

A battering ram was wedged between the caribou soldiers, and on its way to the gateway.

"THEY HAVE A BATTERING RAM!" I shouted to anyone who could listen, pointing at the column of shields. "BRING IT DOWN!" Some on the wall might have heard me, because I saw some arrows trying to hit the column. It was impossible due to the shield protecting them. However, there were no shields on either side of the testudo. "AIM FOR THE SIDES!" I shouted. I did see a few arrows land on the sides, dropping some of the caribou inside. They kept on going, ignoring the arrows raining down on them. They were still coming.

They were almost at the gateway, slowly advancing. In fact, we took almost half of what they originally had, stopping them dead in their tracks. As a response to this, some caribou with bows and arrows started firing on the walls, trying to suppress us. They had managed to hit a few of my troops, but the Dremora didn't care about their comrades falling. It was at this point that during the suppression, the caribou had managed to rally some troops to once again carry the battering ram.

As a side, the battering ram was a shape of a dick. Yes, a dick. These people really don't know a thing called decency.

The siege team was once again on the move. The caribou were still firing on us, which meant that we couldn't stop it. I managed to grab a bow and arrow from...........somewhere. I didn't know where it came from, but now wasn't the time to think about it. My life, and everyone else's, was at stake. Pulling back the nick, I launched an arrow at the caribou, only to miss by mere centimeters. Hey, don't judge me. I only know how to fight with a sword in hand. I tried desperately to fire at them, sending arrow after arrow at the advancing column. All of my shots missed, except for a few that I managed to get in the legs of some. It didn't matter to the caribou, however. They soon were upon the gateway, dispersing to separate directions to allow room for the siege team. They brought the battering ram to the door, and one great heave, they brought it down on the door. The door jerked, but didn't break. They did this some more times, each one damaging the door. The Dremora bellow started too ready themselves, piling into the gateway. I have doubts that they could hold them back, seeing as they we were outnumber ten to one. However, these weren't any normal troops that I was commanding. These were Dremora, breed from the fires of Oblivion for one purpose: kill anything that gets in their way.

With one last 'BANG', the gates soon went down.

The caribou came rushing in, all of them ready to meet those that oppose their god king. The Dremora were prepared to meet the enemy, all of them with axes and swords and shields to use on the enemy. I could also see some Dremora holding spears in their hands. I saw the fields of caribou outside being to pile in on the gateway, all of them thirsting for action. Both sides clashed against each other, a storm of blood and steel meet each other in the fury of combat. To any observer, it would seem like a dance, an elegant and deadly one. Both sides gave it their all. Even though the caribou outnumbered them by seer force, the Dremora were tough and unrelenting. They knew no fear or emotions, just a hunger and lust for blood. A Dremora plunged his sword right in a caribou's mouth. With a jerk of his arm, he sliced half of his jaw apart. Another one with an axe in hand fierily assaulted a caribou, banging the soldiers shield while the caribou was down. He then kicked the shield out of the way and savagely butchered him, cutting off anything connected to him. A Xivilai, with rage in his eyes, started cutting apart the caribou soldiers in front of him with his two axes in each hand. The first caribou had an axe embed on his face, before the Xivilai used his second axe to cut his head clean off. A caribou had managed to stab the Daedric creature with his sword. The was a smile on the young buck’s face, which soon turned to horror. The Xivilai didn't go down liked he hoped. In fact, it turned to face him, an angered expression on his face. The caribou hadn't killed him, it just made him more pissed than ever. With an animalistic roar, he swung both of his axes down on the caribou, slicing of his arms. The caribou screamed, but was soon silenced when his head was cut off.

The caribou continued to assault the city gate, but were slowed down thanks to the Dremora inside fighting with everything they had. The caribou soldiers may have experience on their said, but the Dremora were blood thirsty, and would do anything to defeat their enemies. Added to the fact that the armor they wore was almost indestructible. We were doing.... well, ok on the field as well. Some of the siege weapons they had brought had all but been destroyed. My own trebuchets seem to be fine as well, no damage on them whatsoever. I would almost think we could win this day.

Then, as if someone had repeatedly rammed his head in the 'shit storm' button, the worse happened.

I killed another caribou that almost sneaked up on me using my armored fists. I strike him in the stomach multiple times before I uppercut him, falling off the railing and onto the ground. I soon felt a tremor on the wall. At first, I thought it was a boulder hitting the wall or something. I checked to see if I was right. To my surprise, all the trebuchets the caribou had were destroyed. The wall was also fire as well, which I suspected they were enchanted by a Daedric Kynmarcher. The tremors had gotten worse, starting out as a small earthquake and continued to shake even more. I was confused as to what was happening.

That was when something else happened.

The ground next to where the Dremora were fighting exploded in a shower of dirt and stone. The once clean pavement was now destroyed by something else. Dust filled the air, blinding everyone but the Dremora themselves. The visor that they wore must have been magically enchanted or something because they weren't affected by the dust. Hell, it even blinded me. I coughed and cover my eyes with my arm when the dust hit me as well. I couldn't hear any fighting going one, which was weird.

Once the dust settled, I lowered my arms and opened my eyes. What I saw was a large hole right in the market square. Some of the stales were either destroyed or Everyone stopped fighting. The Dremora stopped fight the caribou, and the caribou stopped fighting them. Was this some part of a plan that Lanius thought up? No. If it was, the caribou would have taken advantage of it. They seemed more surprised about what was happening than I was.

A howl was heard from inside the hole, and that was when shit went down.

Rushing out of the hole were creatures that were both strange and terrifying at the same time. The appearance was more canine like than anything I've seen. They had long jaws with sharp teeth on them. They had hind legs with armored claws at the foot. Their helmets were more Norse-like, but their eyes say that they want to kill something. Like the ponies, they have different variety of furs, some brown or golden or whatever. Some of them were wearing armor that looked like it was made out of steel, like it was made by some smith that knew what they need. Sharp claws holding various weapons on them, some crudely made than others. They also had bulging muscles that would make male models cry in tears.

They rushed upon the Dremora, clashing against them. The strangest thing was that weren't only fighting the Dremora. They were also clashing against the caribou, clashing against the legionaries.

'Where the fuck did they come from?!?!' I thought. This was completely unexpected! I didn't know who they fuck they are or why they are here. When this is over, if the Dremora can at least leave a couple of prisoners alive, I need to know who the fuck they are, how they know where we are, and why are they attacking us. Right now, I had to focus.

The Dremora and the caribou on the wall stopped fighting each other and decided to join their comrades on the gateway. I think they agree to at least stop fight each other and focus on the real threat. Despite the dog creature’s attempts, their weapons broke off the Daedric armor like sticks, and their armor did little to protect them from the Daedric weapons. A sword was rammed against the dog creature (who the ponies called Diamond Dogs) chest, the armor doing little to protect him as the Daedric sword pierced it. Another Dremora dodged a god with a spear in his claws. After a couple of failed thrusts, the Dremora slashed his unprotected arm, letting it sail in the air. He then thrust his sword in its stomach. The dog howled before he was silenced by a sword to the throat. Another Daedra heaved a giant Warhammer and smashed it on a dog near him. The dog was reduced to a pancake fur on the pavement.

These things gave us an advantage, but by little. The still kept streaming in from the tunnels, trampling any caribou and Dremora in a wave of fur and bad smells.

Seriously, they smelled like a shoe wrapped around a burn bacon wrapped around a sweaty towel wrapped around a shit. The mere smell made me want to throw up.

Although things were chaotic inside, the outside was a slaughter.

The outside was worse. Many holes were suddenly showing up, taking some of the caribou force by surprise. The caribou weren't faring much against the dogs. Whatever weapons the dogs had were destroyed, they would use their claws to kill them. I saw a caribou's face being clawed apart, the soldier screaming in pain before he stopped. A caribou was facing a huge diamond dog warrior welding a large sword. The dog was twice the caribou size, which meant that he out weighted him. He grabbed the soldier by the neck and plunged his sword in his stomach, turning him into a shisha bob. The dog creature rushed out of the holes, a storm of fur and blood against the caribou. Much smaller holes sprang up, some of them appearing below some caribou. An unfortunate caribou soldier was grabbed by multiple claws that suddenly appeared under him. He was dragged to the newly open hole screaming. Another legionnaire was defending against a dog creature with his sword and shield. He had managed to hold him off despite the fact that the dog welding a giant battle axe. Suddenly, a hole exploded next to him, and out jumped another dog. The caribou soldier didn't have enough time to raise his shield as the diamond dog leapt upon him, clawing at his throat and stomach. I was lucky I was used to the blood and gore this far. The caribou were holding them back, but with some casualties of their own. Their entire army was disorganized while some were already dead from their assault. Some of the Daedric constructs on the field had fallen, the mages controlling them either dead from the assault or ran out of magic. The walls weren't looking so good either. The dogs were relentlessly assaulting the walls, clawing their way up upon them. The Dremora, although fear nothing, were getting tired if the sluggish moves meant anything.

"FALL BACK!" I shouted. "FALL BACK TO THE SECOND DEFENSE! NOW!!" We were cut off of the marketplace that lead to the second gate, but there were others besides that one. I may take longer than usual, but at least it was safer than cutting through the main line, which was already multiplying at the second. I couldn't see Kat and Venom among the group, but I was confident that they are still alive. They were tougher than they look.

One by one, I could see the Dremora falling back. Some of their brethren stayed behind to hold off the growing horde. I looked back at the outside. I saw Lanuis on the battlefield, dealing with the dogs that were assaulting him. This was the first time I saw what he is capable of. Despite the armor he wore, the caribou general moved swiftly, like he wasn't wearing armor at all. He uses his staff like one of those professionals in the Kung-Fu movies, doing acrobatics as he slew the dogs before him. The dogs were twice the size of him, but that didn't stop him. A dog rushed him from the front, but he twirled away and swung his blade at his stomach. The dog keeps going as he howled, before he was silenced by a blade to the back of the throat. Another dog came at him from behind. Before the dog could swing his big axe at him, he jumped up on the back of the dog and sliced his back. The dog stumbled and fell over. Two more had appeared on the ground, bother of them heavily armored than their comrades. The swung their swords downward at him, but he rolled out of the way. With skills of an athlete, he jumped really high and started to descend on the nearest dog. While he was in the air, he aimed his staff on the dog. He landed on the dog's back and stabbed him in the neck. The other dog took noticed of this and swung his sword. He managed to get out of the way of the swung, which instead sliced the dog's head off. The dog was horrified, enough time for Lanius to twirl his blade and cut off his head. He didn't even look back at his kill. A dog had managed to get really close to him during that whole show. He seemed to noticed this, because in a blink of an eye, he slicing his head off in the most badass way possible: using his body while swinging is staff, cutting off his head while in the air. He didn't even look back at his kill.

I took one last look before I rushed out of the wall and onto the streets. All of our defenses are lost thanks to these dog brains. Our only hope now is whatever Xucruroth is planning.

Damn it, Xucruroth. I hope you know what you’re doing.

Xucruroth channeled his magic through his staff, shooting a steam of frost out of his staff as the dogs got closer. When the cold mist cleared, the dogs were frozen solid, a horrified expression on their faces. He twirled his staff and hit the two frozen enemies, shattering them into pieces. He heard multiple claws scratching the floor and quickly turned around. Five or six dog-like creatures were charging at him on all fours. He shifted his staff from his left hand to his right. He forced on channeling magic through his left hand, flames erupting from his arm. Stick his arm out, he let loose a jet of flame at the dogs how got close. The dogs howled as they were lit on fire, their coats and skin burning.

He heard another dog howl in pain close to him, almost like it was behind him. Turning around and aiming his staff, he saw a funny site. Marcus's pet falcon, who he named Norm, was currently clawing out the eyes of a dog that had almost gotten close to him. The dog was trying to swat the bird away from him, but to no avail. The falcon merely dodged each and every one of the attacks. This gave the Daedric Markynaz enough time to cast a simple lightning bolt from his staff at the dog. Once the bolt hit the dog, it started to shake and spaz before he fell to the ground.

Xucruroth breathed a sigh of relief. All around him, the sounds of fighting were already dying down, meaning that the Daedra won the fight. He could see the dogs falling one by one, falling from the Daedric soldiers assaulting them. The Dremora weren't the only ones fighting them. A scores of Clannfear and Daedroth, reptilian creatures of Daedric origin, clashed against the dogs. A Daedroth, a Daedric creature that resembles a large bipedal crocodile, clashed into a group of dogs that were in its path, its primal rage unleashed upon them. One unfortunate dog was caught in the middle, the Daedroth's maw opened as it sees its prey. The dog disappeared inside, but he could still hear its screams as the creature chumped him. The other dogs tried to fight it, but their weapons only angered it more. It grabbed one of the dogs and used it as a club, smacking the other dogs. One by one, they went flying, until one dog was left. It to

The scores of bodies from the dogs and Dremora littered the field. He had to admit, the dogs did fight well.... for a bunch of savages.

When the battle first began, he and his Kynmarchers stayed in the stadium as they worked on the Gateway. With some incantations and some Daedric runes implanted on it, they were able to bring in more Dremora from Gaia Alata. It was a little hard at first, which surprised him. A simple machine couldn't be this complicated to work on. The again, he was in a different world or universe with a different set of laws for magic. It would make sense. It took almost thirty minutes to get the Gateway working. Once they had gotten the Gateway working, thousands of Dremora came storming out of Gaiar Alata and onto the mortal world. The soldiers weren't the only ones they brought in. Daedric creatures like Daedric creatures such as Clannfear and Daedroth were also summoned to this world. They were part of the more reptilian variety of Daedra. He knew it would be good to unleash them upon the enemy, because what good is there to not use them? It reminded him of the first time they tried to storm into Cyrodiil, and the Imperial Capital. Oblivion Gates would connect to the Deadlands and Dremora would storm right into the mortal world. The first one was in Kvatch, where the so-called 'Hero of Kvatch' discovered how to close it.

Everything was going well. The soldiers were going through the Gateway without any problem at all, some were sent to reinforcing whatever fighting was going on. The falcon that the master had had arrived to Xucruroth with a piece of paper tied to its legs. The paper was nothing special, just to tell them to do whatever Xucruroth thought of. He decides to give him what he desires, knowing that he expects his plan of his to work. He gathered several mages and made a large circle in the middle of the field. It was hard at first, considering that the ground is actually fake and very tacky. In the end, after several failed attempts, he decides to just burn the entire grass, leaving nothing but a hard cement ground. They started to draw a large circle about the size of a building, daedric runes running along the inside. They started to draw power from the magic around them, knowing they need it for what they were about to do. Some of the other mages were doing incantations to summon more Daedric creatures such as Clannfear and Daedroth.

But then it happened.

At first, he felt the earth shake with fury, almost like it was ready to split into two. He thought it was some earthquake that was happened during the battle, or a stone from a trebuchet hit the stadium. Then he noticed that the ground continued to shake intensely, almost like something was coming up from the depths. He was soon right when several holes started to pop out of the ground, and dog-like creatures coming out soon after, attacking anything that was close to them. The dogs were numerous in number, as they kept trying to overrun them. Unlucky for them, the stadium was heavily guarded by more armor Dremora than those on the battlefield. The dog’s weapons and armor were weak against Daedric material. This proved effective when they first attacked. The Daedric weapons cut right through the armor of those dogs like paper, while the Daedric armor destroyed and shattered any weapon that come into contact with it. Whatever weapons they didn't have, they used their claws to assault them. Those how didn't have the decency to protect their heads were the victims of said claws. Perhaps that would teach the foolish a lesson. Other than that, the claws scrapped and scratched on the armor, barely cutting into it.

An explosion came from the ground near him, breaking his thoughts. He quickly turned around to see a dog coming up from behind him. Time slowed to a halt as he saw the dog, with axe in hand, ready to attack him. He tried to think of a solution to this unfortunate turn of events. Perhaps he could have erected a shield that he learned from the Equestrian magic books to protect him. But he didn't know if it would work. Perhaps it could block the attack, or maybe it would shatter on contact. He could use an ice bolt to-

Time rotated back too normal as a black blur came out of nowhere hit the dog in the back. He had managed to get out of the way before that happened. The dog was throw away from the sear force of the power, and flew away in a comical fashion with his arms failing, as if it was trying to fly. The dog hit the ground with a *crunch* of bones breaking as it trampled on the ground, blood sweeping out from its arms and muzzle.

Xucruroth blinked, before he saw how it was.

"COME ON, YOU FURRY MOTHERFUCKERS! I'LL RAPE ALL OF YOU IN THE FUCKING ASSHOLE UNTIL YOU BLEED!" The voice of Nightingale shouted as she continued her relentless assault on the dog creatures. Some of the dogs took noticed of this, ignoring Xucruroth and the other mages. She was wearing black and blue armor with a beak-like helmet covering her face. She had two gauntlets that had three long metal claws on the top, both sharp and nicely clean. She got in a battle stance and challenged the dogs. One of the dogs that held a longsword in its hand came at her, swinging down at her. With a flap of her wings, she went up in the air before the dog could hit her. Once she was a few feet from it, she dove down like an eagle ready to catch its prey. The dog didn't even see it coming as its throat was cut open. Without stopping, she zipped across the room, swinging her claws like crazy at any nearest dog that got in her way. She was a blue blur amidst the battle. An unfortunate dog had half of his face missing after she pasted through. One was missing an arm, another a head, and so on.

The dogs across the field were already scared, both from the fast blue blur that is Nightingale and the Dremora's might. The dogs figured they had had enough and started to retreat back to the holes, some with tails between their legs. Some Daedric archers that weren't engaging them in one-on-one combat started taking potshots at the retreating dogs, some of their arrows hitting their marks. It wasn't later that the last dogs retreated into the hole, learning what their foe was capable of.

Once everything settled down, the Dremora started to do scatter about the place, doing whatever they can. Some of the mages started to tend to the wounded, while the rest kept the watchful eye on the holes in case the dogs came back. Nightingale landed right in front of him, her leather wings slowing her decent. Once she landed, she started to stretched her arms. "Man, it has been a while since I've seen any combat. I'm almost starting to miss it."

"Hopefully, there might be more after this." He said. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be down with your resistance friend cowering like a bunch of helpless puppies?" He was impressed by how she managed to turn the tide of battle so quickly, even though they were already winning to begin with. He was also amazed by how fast she was going, barely seeing the blur amassed the battle that was going on. He wondered if this worlds magic had anything to do with that. He would have to look that up later after this.

Nightingale glared at him. "For your information, I was bored waiting down there. I couldn't just sit back while you guys risked your lives for us." It took all of his will power to not laugh at that explanation. Dremora openly embraced death in the battlefield, or live to fight another day. Sure, she was right when she said they were risking their lives for them. However, she was wrong. Marcus wanted to save the mortal ponies, the Dremora were just here for a good fight. "Besides, you guys wanted our help."

"Marcus wanted your help, not us." He corrected her.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes. "I was just glad that I kicked some Diamond Dog butt."

"You know what these things are?" Xucruroth questioned.

"They're called Diamond Dogs." Nightingale answered. "From what I learned when I was in military school, They're native to Howlbania in the south, but there are some primitive types of dogs that inhabit Equestria. They usually steal ponies and force them to work in the mines." She kicked on a weapon that the Diamond Dog once held. "Although these ones seemed more organized and well-armed than their Equestrian cousins."

Xucruroth raised an eyebrow. "Well armed?"

"The Diamond Dogs that we have are primitive at best. They only make their weapons out of sticks and stones. These ones are made from steel, and copper." She pointed at one of the dead bodies. "And that one had armor on him, the same type of armor used by Howlbanian royal guards."

"Which means there must be a third party involved." Xucruroth finished for him. He put his hand on his chin. "The question is 'who are they?'"

"They have to be from Howelbania." She stated. "They even have the royal insignia on the front of their armor." She flipped one of the dead Diamond Dogs over, allowing Xucruroth to examine it. He could see a sigil on the front of the armor depicting a three headed beast on its hind legs. The beast had a head of a lion, a head of a goat, and its tail is that of a snake. On one of its paws is a sword while the other one held a shield.

Xucruroth hummed. "If they are from another country, then why are they here? What are they looking for?" That was the question of the century. Why would an army form another nation be interested in Equestria? If he had to guess, they must be looking for something. But what exactly? An ancient artifact? Possibly.

"I think I may know why they're here." Nightingale said, interrupting his thoughts. "There is a rumor that King Dainn is keeping daughters of various leaders in his castle. He wants to keep the countries in line, make sure they do not rebel against him."

"Why though?" He questioned. "If he already has an army, why not conquer them?"

She shrugged. "Bets the Tartarus out of me. Maybe the spell that worked in Equestria didn't work with the rest of the world. If that's the case, then I hope we could actually use some help."

"And what wrong with us?" He asked with one of his eyebrows raised. At least that what she would think. He was still wearing his hood that concealed a little bit of his features.

"No to be a racist or anything, but you guys tend to be a bit more...." She looked over his shoulder, seeing the Daedroth eat what's left of a Diamond Dog. "...scary when it comes to this."

"We are Dremora." He explained. "Born from the Fires of Oblivion with only one purpose: to serve our master. We have no such thing as mercy. Only the strong survive, while the weak perish. Those that have only mercy in their souls are but weaklings among the brave and foolish. In war, we are all animals."

"Geesh, dark much?" She said with a frown.

"You wouldn't even understand us even if we told you everything." He said. He hears footsteps coming from behind him. He turned around to see a Kynval come running up to him and saluted. "Report."

"My lord, our scouts have spotted another enemy army coming towards us. They are the same as the ones we fought."

"How many?" He said.

"I do not know, but from what our scout has describe, this force could overwhelm us." The Daedric soldier said.

"This world keeps being better and better." Breathing in a sigh, he calmly said. "Get your troops and defend the stadium at all cost. I don't care how you do it, just get it done." The soldier saluted and went off, barking orders in his native language to anyone nearby. He turned to his Kynmarchers gathered around in a circle. "How long until the ritual is ready?"

He saw the circle glow a little. One of the mages turned his head and said. "My lord, the ritual is almost ready. We just need a little more time." He went back to focusing on the ritual.

Xucruroth nodded. "Make it fast. We may not have enough time." He knew they didn't have enough time. Between the battle and the sudden attack, he knew they wouldn't hold their own against the Diamond Dogs. He turned towards Nightingale. "If you want to make yourself useful, defend this stadium until the ritual is complete."

One of her eyebrows raised. "What ritual?" She said as she narrowed her eyes to him. "What exactly are you planning?"

"Does it matter?"

"It does." Nightingale flared her wings as she glared at him. "We're supposed to be partners in this war. If you do something drastic, I will kick you so hard you'll go to the moon and back to Midgard again. So tell me what your planning?!?!" She was determined to know what he was going to do, he had to give her credit. No one could stare a Daedra in the eye and demand them to tell them what they are doing. It would be like arming bears with weapons and tell them to kill the enemy, or a dragon in a ballerina outfit.

He sighed. He could just kill her and explain to Marcus that it was on accident, but he would probably see through his lie. He was a smart kid, he knew. "Fine." He finally said. "If you must know, I'm trying to control the skies."

She looked around the arena, looking for something. "I don't see any pegasus around. I don't see how you’re going to control them.

Now it was his turn to raise an eyebrow. If he kept doing that, they might fall off. "What are you talking about?"

"What do you mean? Are you bl-” She stopped as she slapped herself in the face. "Ooooh, right. New to this world." She murmured. She cleared her throat. "Pegasi in Equestria are the ones that control the weather. I don't know exactly how they did it, but it was something like "integral magic" or some shit like that."

He mentally slapped himself in the brain, for not founding out about this, and reminding himself to grab one of those pegasi so he could test them later. "Well. This one is different." He said to her. "I am trying to use an ancient dragon spell to control the skies. Hopefully, we could turn this entire 'shit fest' around."

"Dragons have spells? That's new." She said. "I take it they are from your world."

"Precisely." He explained to her. "Dragons once ruled the world of Nirn, long before mortal races ruled on their own. They have something called a Thu'um, a language that the dragons use to exert they're power. Although all the dragons were destroyed when the humans rebelled against them, the Thu'um was said to have lived on in some tombs." He was partially telling the truth. Long before the Daedric Princes made themselves known in Nirn, the dragons dominated the planet. The Thu'um was the creation of the dragons, a language that is powerful to wield. The dragons ran havoc against the mortal men, always destroying whatever they created. With the help of Paarthurnax, Alduin's younger brother, man learned to use the Thu'um and used them against the dragons. He had heard that the dragons were coming back to Skyrim, and the World Eater, Alduin, was returning. It was only a rumor though. No evidence was presented to this fact. "Luckily, Mehrunes Dagon decided to record some of the Thu'um for himself, should something happen to him."

"And you’re going to use them?" She asked.

"Exactly." He answered. "That is what we are trying to do; use one of the Thu'um against the caribou." He pointed a finger at her. "Now that you know, will you please be useful and help us."

She cracked her head and her knuckles. "It would be my pleasure. What do you need me to do?"

"Try to hold back against those dogs until we are ready." Xucruroth explained. "Seeing as you are the only one with experience on this world's magic, I'm sure you'll find some way to.... hold them." He walked over to where the dead dogs were. He focused and channeled his magic to his hands. He raised his one free hand, glowing an eerie green. After some seconds, the green glow soon covered the dead dogs. With a flick of his wrist, the bodies soon came to life, some missing limbs. Their eyes glowed green. With a simple command he imprinted in their minds, the now reanimated dogs went out the stadium door and disappeared outside.

He once again turned to Nightingale, who was a disgusted look in her eyes. She was creeped out by what he was doing. "Go. I'll do everything I can here." She nodded before she spread her wings and took flight, flying out of the stadium and. into the outside.

He had to admit, he was fascinated by her determination to save Equestria

He felt something bump into his legs, interrupting him from his thoughts once again. He turned and looked down to see a Scamp sitting on the ground, rubbing its head. He took the time to grab it by its neck and heaved him up to his eye level. He could already see fear in the lesser daedra's eyes, wishing that it were not here. Scamps were by far the lowest of the low in the Daedra species. They were small, and sometimes stupid. They were treated like pain toys to some, seeing as their small statue made it even funnier to do. There was even a popular game back in the Deadlands called Scampball. It was like Hooveball to the mortals, except replace a ball with a scamp. It was fun.

He glared at the Scamp, ready to cast a lighting spell through his arms just to listen to its scream. "Give me one good reason why I should not kill you." He said in a threating tone.

The scamp was struggling to breath but he still talked, his voice sounding like someone clawed on a chalkboard. "Bad monster on loose. Must tell master."

"What bad monster?" He questioned. What got the scamp so worried?

A bestial roar filled the stadium, one full of primal rage and hunger. If he didn't know better, it came from the portal itself. The portal shook, like it was ready to fall apart at any second. One of the mages shouted. "IT'S COMING IN! EXETEND THE PORTAL!" A few mages who were working on the ritual came to the Gateway, halting the process. He wanted to kill them for ruining the magical ritual, but the roar he hears was getting louder, more aggressive if he is not mistaken. The mages soon channeled magic into their arms and aimed at the Gateway. They used their magic to try to extend the Gateway, getting whatever it was on the other side through. The roar continued, he could hear a few screams coming from the other side. The smell of ash soon hit his nostrils.

It that then that he finally figured out who it was.

The Gateway groaned, stone suddenly cracking. The magical runes started to glow bright red. One of the archways soon fell, clasping in a rubble of stone. The mages tried desperately to keep it together, the sweat from their bodies hitting the floor. Wasting no time, he aimed his staff and channeled his magic into the portal. He could see why the mages were struggling to get it open. Unknown magical devices could hurt one’s brain, literally in this case. His head felt like it was getting ready to explode.

The next thing he knew, a shining light blinding everyone.

For Xucruroth, one minute he was standing around baring orders. The next instance, he was on the ground, a ring filled his ears. Muffled sounds were heard. His legs felt like jelly, ready to give in. He used his staff to heave himself up. He felt someone trying to help him up, probably one of the mages. He waved him off once he got back on his feet. It took him a couple of seconds to have his hear back. Orders were being shouted left and right, mages trying to help out anyone injured form the blast. He was thankful that he wore his armor and hooded cloak that protected him. He didn't have time to see who was dead or not.

One he was able to stand, he lifted his head and saw what had happened.

Half of the stadium was scorched, the metal chairs melted or warped. Thankfully, there was no damage to the structure itself. Some of the mages were injured, but none were dead. The dead bodies that were on the field where the blast hit were either disappeared or turned into scorched chunks of meat. The circle that the Kynmarchers worked on had been destroyed, some of the runes scorched. The circle itself was cracked, almost destroyed by the explosion. Upon further inspection, he could see the remains of something, something he had worked on.

The Gateway was destroyed. What once was a portal he worked on became nothing but rubble. There was an upside to this who destruction.

One of the metal T-shaped post, which the ponies called a 'goal post', was warped into a new U-shape structure. The yellow metal had its luster melted away, some scorch marks seen on the metal itself. It was abruptly the same size as the Oblivion Gate back on Nirn. What was really amazing was the swirling portal that once worked on the Gateway is now active on this post. It swirled a mixture of red, orange and maroon. He didn't know how this was possible, seeing as he was a being of magic. If he had to guess, their magic must have interfered with the Gateway's function. The Daedric was from another world, or dimension, while the magic in this world was different. Those dangerous combinations must have resulted with this portal. It was amazing.

It was then that he hears the roar again.

Something came through the portal, something that loomed over him. It was big, big enough to trample fifty houses. It's eyes, full of primal rage and a desire to sate its hunger, glared down at him.

He couldn't help but smile. Not what I wanted, but it will do.

I slammed my shield, which I required during the chaos, into the dog's face. He howled in pain, but I silenced him with a sword thrust to his throat, ending his pain. Another dog came charging at me, but with a blast of fiery magic, the dog fell as he was set ablaze, catching a couple of houses on fire. Not that they were on fire to begin with.

The entire thing was chaos. The dogs were relentless in their assault, attacking anything that got in their way. My forces could barely hold them back, and that was saying something. Every time we defeat several dogs, more would just replace them. It was like they were a numberless horde. I could still see some of them taking on the caribou, which was good for me because it would give me less enemies to deal with. I wondered how Lanius was holding up? Not that I was concerned for him or anything. I was just wondering.

We decided to fall back to a better position in the rich district, seeing as it’s the only one not under assault form the dogs. I wanted to question why, but I had better things to do than to ponder.

We came to the bridges leading to the rich district. The large doors were still intact after everything that was going on, holding on against all odds. The doors opened up on us as the Dremora came storming in. Unfortunately, the dogs followed us to the bridge and already upon us. Some of the Daedra decided to delay them until everyone was inside. I was one of those how decide to help the Dremora hold them off. I know it was stupid to do that, but I couldn't just sit on my ass while there are killer dogs out there. There was a good side to this. The bridge was narrow, narrow enough for use to defend. Plus, it was over a river, so the dogs couldn't dig under and ambush us. We also had some support on the wall. The archers on top started to fire on any dog that started to come across the bridge.

Besides, I might as well die doing what I love, and that's being in a fantasy siege.

The large wooden shield blocked another attack as a dog swung his axe upon me. I then stabbed him in the chest with a steel sword I had picked up. I had lost my great sword during the confusion, but I was content with what I have. Another dog came at me, but he was killed when a couple of arrows punctured his chest, before another few hit his throat and head. He fell down to the river below. A couple more stormed the bridge, eager to kill me. Some of the arrows hit a dog in the chest, but the other one was still rushing at me. It jumped right at me, but a spear came out of nowhere and hit the dog in the chest, falling as blood rained down. The dead dog landed right in front of me. I looked behind me to see a line of Dremora with spears and shields as they got ready to defend. "COME ON!!" Yelled Kat from behind the soldiers. "COME BACK HERE! WE NEED TO DEFEND!"

I was about to leave with them, but when I blink my eyes, I was on the ground.

I was about to leave when an enormous arm suddenly grabbed me from behind and threw me off the bridge. I landed on a ground next to the river. I was lucky that I wasn't killed. I shook my head just in time to see a large dog with two axes in his hand jumping down the bridge. He landed a few feet away from me and started to charge me. I tried to find my sword, but it was probably dropped in the process and somewhere on the bridge, which meant that I had nothing to defend myself with. The diamond dog was suddenly closing in fast. I looked around for anything to defend myself with, which I found none. I caught a glimpse of something in the water. I couldn't see it clearly, but it looked like a weapon of sorts. I jumped right into the water before the dog could get to me, swimming down to the bottom of the water. Indeed, there was a weapon right at the bottom of the river. It looked like a knife, thought I couldn't tell from this angle.

I still didn't know how I didn't drown, due to my armor being heavy. I just accepted it as a sign from God or Odin.

Just before I could reach the weapon, I felt something pulling me on my leg. With little effort, I was pulled out of the water and flew across the ground. I keep going until I slide to a stop. I coughed up some water and tried to stand back up, water dripping off of me. I blinked a couple of times due to my eyesight being blurry. Once I got a clear sight, I saw the dog closing in on me, almost right to my nose. I yelped and ducked, right as an axe was swung at me. The dog readied another swing at me, but I back away before he could touch me. I moved back a couple of feet, giving me distance between the dog and me. It was sort of like a Mexican Standoff, except I was fucked in this case. I had no weapon on me, and my opponent was fucking big and armed. My instinct tells me to run away, but I know that I couldn't. There was no escape from the chasm, except for a ladder that was on the other side. Plus, even if I did try to run, the dog would eventually catch me, being as it was faster than me on all four legs. So I decide to make my stand here.

Stupid? Yes, but our kind is known to do stupid things.

I brought my fist up as I prepared to take on the dog. The dog howled before he charged me. I just waited for him to come, no need to be risky. The dog jumped up, both axes high above his head. I rolled out of the way, just in time when he came down. I assumed it was a he if the bulging muscles and sharp teeth mean anything. I decided to strike when his axe hit the ground. However, he was faster than me, and pulled them up just as I was closing in on him. I yelped as he swung both of his axes at me, intending on cutting my head off. I slide out of the way of the strike, and appeared under him. Ignoring the dick that was under his loincloth, I punched him in the balls that was proudly hung. The dog howled in pain, dropping in a kneeling position, cupping his balls. He dropped his weapons in the process. I slide out and, balling both of my hands, struck him on the back. The dog went face down, knocked out by my move. I saw one of his axes near him, so I ran across his back, keeping him down and grabbed it. With a weapon in my hand, I decided to end it. I lifted the axe up on my head and swung it down, ending him.

At least, that's what I wanted to do.

Before I could kill him, the dog pulled a dick move on me. He quickly used his paws to jump backwards just before my axe hit him. He landed on all fours and charged me. Before I could even get out of the way, he was already upon me, knocking me on my back. The dog pinned me on all fours and started to snap at me with his jaws. I turn my head left and right, dodging his gapping maw as he kept trying to bit me. I decide to use my head. Literally, in this case. My head made contact with his skull, a cracking sound heard. The dog backed away from me, paws to his muzzle.

Taking this chance, I back away from him, my head was throbbing with pain. Why was his skull so hard!?!? Once I shook off the haze, I decided to charge him, seeing as it was my only option now that I have lost my axe. I collided into him and we both fell to the ground, this time with me on top of him. I repeatedly punched him in the face, which was more effective thanks to the armor gloves I had on. I punched him again and again, blood coming forth from the cuts on his face. While I did this, I didn't see one of his paws coiled up into a fist and collided to my face, knocking me off of him. My entire vison was once again hazed as I struggled to see what was going on. I felt me body being grabbed and lifted in the air and thrown to the ground, my entire bodied erupted in pain. He did this a couple of times, before he threw my body a few feet away. By this point, I could barely move. My entire body felt like someone hammerfucked me in the ass and my entire body. My hearing was jacked, couldn't hear anything but ringing. I was lucky that my bones weren't broken due to the heavy armor I wore, or maybe there are and I couldn't feel them.

My vision returned too normal, letting me see the darkened sky. The rain poured down all over me, washing away my blood or someone else's. I soon saw the dog enter my field of vision, his face covered in blood as it dripped off of him. His coat was already drenched in water, along with blood. He glared at me as he held his two axes in his paws. He then lifted the axes up and ready to strike me down.

I closed my eyes, not wanting to look at my doom. I waited for the inevitable. I heard the dogs heavy breathing as he readied his weapon to strike down against me. This was it. I was going to die. I will never see my family or my friends ever again. I wasn't going to see my brother again. I wish I could tell him where I am, and that I always loved him for being a little brother. I could also have also told him that I don't blame him for making me come to the convention.

The funny thing was, my last thoughts were of those mares I met. Lyra and Bon Bon. They have been with me the longest ever since I've been in this world. I could still remember them when I first met them, how I saved them, and supporting me during my train. I guess I could die in peace.

I wonder what heaven would be like, or hell? Guess I was about to find out.

"STAY. AWAY. FROM. HIM!!!!" A voice rang in the night, sounded female if I'm not mistaken. I saw a length of rope tied along the Diamond Dog's body. The dog yelped as he was pulled away from me. I blinked a few times before I started to get up. My body was in pain, but it wasn't anything serious. I had managed to sit back up despite with no problems at all.

What I saw was both deeply disturbing and awesome at the same time.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!" A soldier in Daedric armor yelled as he, or she depending on the voice, rode on the back of the dog while he the rope was in its mouth. The dog itself was on all fours kicking and turning, trying to get the intruder out of his back. It was kind of like a rodeo game that I had seen on T.V., except we were on a battlefield. "GET ALONG, LITTLE DOGGIE!" It was then that I knew how the voice belonged to. I could have recognized that bad American country accent anywhere. 'It couldn't be...' I thought. As if to prove my point, the Daedric helmet went loose as the dog made another jump, revealing who the intruder was.


"THAT'S RIGHT, YA VARMIT." Applejack decided to end this little game once and for all. With on tug on the rope, the dog reeled back. She then jumped off his back before the dog fell on his back to the ground. Wasting no time, she grabbed the rope and jumped right at the dog. A cloud appeared just as she landed on the dog, with a comical fight sound in the back ground. I saw limbs appear and disappear in the cloud.

Was like watching a cartoon, only it wasn't as fucked up as it is now.

It was only a few seconds before the cloud disappeared, revealing Applejack and the dog. Applejack was standing triumphantly over the dog, with her blonde ponytail mane and tail fluttering in the wind. The dog was mad as he struggled to get out. He was tied up like a pig that got caught, his arms and legs reaching for the sky.

"Applejack!" I shouted, trying to get up. However, I failed as I fell to the ground and cried out in pain, my limps feeling like jelly. She looked my way and jumped off the dog, running to me. She bends down and helped me up, lift my arms around her shoulder. "What are you doing here?"

"What does it look like?" She said to me. She put me down next to a wall. I leaned against it. "I want to help."

"How did you even get here? I thought I told you to stay in the castle." I questioned. I spat out a bit of blood. It wasn't like they walked with me to Stalliongrad.

"Before you left, me and the other girls 'borrowed' some of those demon’s armors to fit in. We've been with you since we left."

""Other's?"" I asked. I groaned as my sides be “Who came with you?"

"Lyra, Bon Bon, and Rarity." She answered. "Big Mac came along with us as well. He felt like he owes you one. We were going to cross the bridge towards that fancy district, when we saw you getting beaten up by the dog. I told the girls to go while I help you."

"You didn't have to." I said. "I had him right where I want him." It was a lie, and my sides told me otherwise. Applejack raised an eyebrow as she looked at me like I was talking insane stuff. "It's true." She still started at me. ".... Alright. Maybe I did need some help." I surrendered.

"That's what I thought." She said as she smirked. Her smirked was replaced with worry as I coughed up some blood. She kneeled down beside me, holding my sides. "Your hurt. We have to get you out of here."

"I'm fine." I said, gritting my teeth as I felt the pain intensify. "I just need to walk it off." In truth, I wasn't ok. My body felt like a jackhammer just pounded into me. My vision was fading into black, but I kept myself awake. I tried to get up, but Applejack put one of her hands on my chest, prevented me from leaving. Holy shit, they are strong! How the hell did a girl like that get some kind of strength? "Seriously, I'm fine."

"You ain't going anywhere." She said with a serious look on her face. "You bleeding out your armor, and your face looks like it’s been through a meat grinder and into a butter maker. I'm going to bring you to someone who can help you.

"It's too dangerous here. Go and find somewhere to hide." I said. She looked incredibly annoyed with me. "I'm serious. You could get hurt."

"I ain't standing around while you go out and get yourself in danger." She said. "I mean, look at you. It looks like you tangled with a hydra while wearing nothing at all."

"Applejack, this isn't up for debate." I pleaded with her. The last thing I want is a civilian killed. Granted, I have killed some, but they were trying to fight back. I was acting in self-defense. "Go back to the castle and-"

"No!" She shouted. "I'm not going back and wait out while you die. We are going to get help, and you’re going to quite complaining about it." I opened my mouth to protest, but she gave me a glare. "And don't worry about me. I know my way around a fight. I've been in a few tussles myself, including Rarity and the girls." She then gave me a pleading look. "I've been a victim for far too long. It's time I started doing something about it. I want to make those slimy bastards pay for what they done to me and my family."

I wanted to protest, to tell her to go somewhere safe. She wasn't fit for combat. I knew she helped me with the Diamond Dog and I could thank her for that, but I don't want anyone to get hurt on my side.

And yet....

She was right, in a way. She's been a victim for far too long. She's been used, abused, and tossed aside like some toy. She's been raped for god knows how long, and she wanted to do something about that. She wasn't the only one feeling that way. The girls I have meet so far had lost so much. They had lost friends, family, even siblings to these monsters. They could have sat around while someone else fought for them. They didn't. They realized that fighting for what is right is the only thing thy could do. They want to risked their necks for the sake of their own future.

Who was I to denied them that?

With a heavy sigh, I said. "Fine." She smiled as she started to help me on my feet, my hand slump to her shoulder while I stood beside her. We started to walk towards one of the ladders. Already, my vision already started to fade in black, but I forced myself to be awake. "Where are the other girls?"

"They're already on the other side of the city. Are you sure we'll be safe in there?"

"Defiantly." I answered. "Those dog’s things can dig underground. The rich district is the only thing that stands between us and them." There was another answer that is more smarty talk than what I said, but I was bleeding out. You can blame me fir being stupid. "If we’re lucky, then X-"

A roar was heard throughout the city. A roar of rage. Then, something collided on the top of the gate itself.

The wind that it brought knocked us off our feet, both of us falling to the ground. Applejack landed on her rump while I landed on my back, which, spoiler alert: was not pretty. My body was already racked up in pain, now feeling like I need to kill myself. I watched the dark clouds gather, seeing the rain fall on my face. Once again, a roar was heard. I turn my head to see what the hell was going on.

The thing that landed on the gate, the one that did the terrible roar, was a dragon.

The dragon that landed on the gate was similar to the ones I've fought in Skyrim. It had only two legs, but uses the hooks on its wings to hold onto the wall. It had a serpent-like body that ended with a spear-like tail. Its long, curved horns jousted out of its head. It stood as intimidating to everyone how looked at it. However, that was where the similarity's ended. Its entire scales were all black, and its outlines glowed an eerie red. Its underbelly was armored with the similar materials as the Daedric armor. Instead of spines on its back, it had a row of bony bumps that jolted out of its back. Its horns were massive compared to the other dragons, as they too had an eerie glow in the outlines. Its talons were sharper than anything I've ever seen. Its face was more angular and pointy to that of a regular dragon. Its serpent-like eyes were glowing red, looking down at the small fries in front of him.

The dragon roared once again, a roar that almost shattered the glasses in the house, and heard among the mayhem. It wants the world to know that it was here, and that it was angry.

Rearing its head back, then, with a mighty roar, it unleashed its devastating flame attack on the dogs in front of it, the smell of sulfur hitting my nose. "Get down!" I shouted as I push Applejack to the ground next to me. Granted, the dragon wasn't aiming at us, but I couldn't take that risk. The flames were so massive that it almost reached the gate itself. I could hear the dogs, and some caribou, screaming in pain as they were embraced by the flames. The smell of burnt flesh and sulfur hit my nose. I could even feel my armor being scorched, even thought it was far away from me.

The dragon closed its maw, looking down at his art. I couldn't see from down here, but I had a hunch that the dragon was pleased with its world. It stood on its hind legs and roared, spreading its wings out. It then took to the skies, all the while breathing fire at all that he saw.

Applejack was the first to shake out of her daze. "WHAT IN TARNATION WAS THAT?!?!? WAS THAT A DRAGON?!?!?" She gotten right up and helped me up as well.

"I think so." I answered, still staring at the dragon in the sky. I was still in a dazed shock of sorts. I just saw a dragon. A MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON!!!! Man, my friends and family won't believe me when I tell them about this. "So that.... was.... Xavier’s plan.... all.... along” I said between breaths as my vision started to fade into blackness. I tried to stay wake, but to no avail.

Applejack called my name, but I was already ascending into darkness.

Lanius twirled to end of his staff towards an oncoming dog, knocking him off his hind legs. It a swift motion, he brought his bladed end at the dog, twisting it in one motion which ended his lift. The ground exploded, claws reaching out to grab him. He jumped out of the way just as the claws almost grabbed him. The dog came out of the ground, wielding a two-sided axe. From under his mask, Lanius smiled. The dog roared as it charged him, swinging his axe at him. He dodged a couple of swings before he shoved his blade at his stomach. To his surprise, the dog dodged it before he brought his fist to his face. It succeeded on hitting him, letting him fly a few feet in the air until he landed. He got up just and got into a battle stance. What they say about the Diamond Dogs were true. They were stronger than an earth pony. The punch along could have killed him on impact, but it didn't hurt him in the slightest. This was a surprise to him. Never had a foe been able to dodge his attacks, as he was trained in the Way of the Wind. He was faster than anyone on Midgard, as his reputation proceeded him.

He smiled. 'Finally, a worthy foe.' He thought. He wasn't hoping that he would provide a challenge, but at least he would get to kill something. There was still this Marcus fellow to deal with, but it would have to wait.

He had to admit, he came here for a challenge, and yet, he has. He hadn't felt this excited in ages. He was in the Mareiterranean when he had received a message from the king. He had finished off those zebra rebels who dare defied Dainn's wisdom when a message came via Pegasus. The letter said that the king wanted him to come back to Canterlot to deal with another group of rebels who were holed up in Stalliongrad. This confused him, but he knew why he called him. He was ruthless to his enemies, and those slut slaves who dare to not give him pleasure. Why, just almost a year ago he killed everyone in Baltimare. He could still hear the pleading cries of the rebels when his army came through, as well as the civilians that used to live there.

He shivered in pleasure by the pleads of the traitors, and who he killed them without remorse.

He obeyed the king's order, seeing as he had nothing else to do. With a command, he and his army marched out of the Zebra Lands and used the Gateways to go to Canterlot. There, he and his army prepared to take down the rebels. He would have thought that it would be another day on the job. However, he had heard.......rumors from the survivors of the attacks of Ponyville and Stalliongrad. From what he could tell, the attack started around a couple of days ago. He heard that strange armored beings came out of the Everfree Forest and attacked them in the night. A few even claimed that they looked like demons. They raided the village and took all the slaves with them, including the three former Elements. A day ago, the king ordered General Fabio's army and the Solar Inquisition to investigate these claims. However, Blueblood and a few others from Fabio's army were the only survivors. They claimed that they had saw them, that they came out of nowhere and attacked them. The army was unprepared for the attack, and were slaughtered before they could act. Some say that the invaders armor was so tough that nothing affected it. He even heard from one other survivor that their appearance is terrifying, and described them as demons from beyond, with red and black faces and horns coming out of above their heads. They shouted in a strange language that no one’s ever heard of. A few even claimed that they ate the survivors while they were still alive.

This piqued his interest a bit. He wasn't sure if any of these rumors were real or not, but for the rebels to attack them so early and without mercy, it was interesting. Either they were being invaded, or someone is arming these rebels with proper gear.

He marched his army to Stalliongrad, hoping that the rumors were nothing more than rumors. He pasted by Ponyville and saw the damage. Some of the heads of the caribou were put on spikes, a terrified expression on their faces. The piles of bodies were assaulted by flies, the stink reaching his nose as he passed by. Homes and businesses were ruined beyond repair. Blood was seen on the streets and smeared on the houses, dried for days. He found symbols that he expected to be a strange language he had never heard of before. Now he knew that this was something he should look into.

His army finally reached Stalliongrad, the once proud city of the Earth Pony tribes. He allowed himself to scan the field and the defenses. There, on the ramparts were the same beings described by the survivors. Black armor with red outlines, antler-like helmets, and strange weapons never seen anywhere ever. Now this was something he could be into. A worthy opponent he could finally fight. He could also see some of the defenders without helmets on. They had sneering black-and-red faces, with horns coming out of the heads. He could tell that they stood at least two feet taller than an average pony, and somewhat stronger if some of the bigger weapons they wield gave it away. They seem to be more organized than any demon that the survivors claim, which meant that they had a leader. He called out to the leader to show himself, and to honor a warrior’s code.

He finally met the leader face to face.

He had to admit, he was expecting someone....different than those things. He two feet shorter than the others, but the same height as anypony. His face was that of a mare, with a few differences. Its muzzle is short, like the slaves in this country. It has no fur on his face, but a light-tan skin. His mane was short and brown, and stood on top of his head than a mare or stallions mane. His ears were more round and not on top of its head. From the height difference and his voice, he could guess that this male was in his teen years. His eye, although light-ish blue, had a look that he had killed before...and relished in it. The name of his opponent was Marcus Asher, a 'hooman' from a country called Earth.

He had never heard of 'Earth' before. Perhaps he would found out if his people were like him, young and challenging and ready for war.

After he told him of what he would do, Marcus took an arrow from his subordinate and fired at him. At least, that was he was thinking. In actuality, he knew something like this was going to happen, so he had his mages create an illusion. He couldn't blame this young calf. He was probably controlled by those evil female that have twisted his mind, to be a slave for them. He will have to kill him in the end, but he would be free from his nightmare. With a swift order, he had his brave legionaries assaulted the city. He stood back as his army assaulted the city. Before he could lead his soldiers, he had to know what the enemy is like. Thankfully, he had a magical enactment in his helmet that allowed him to see what other caribou soldiers were seeing. From one image to another, he saw the enemy fighting, seeing their savagery for the first time. It was clear that these things were not of this world, for they slaughtered his soldiers like it was nothing. Their armor deflected any attack, making it impossible to pierce through them. They had had a few successful kills, mostly in the neck or legging, but they were still stronger and more savage than the soldiers under his command. The magic that they used was magic was darker than any magic he was used to in Midgard. He was impress with how the mages on their side summons strange elemental golems to fight outside the walls. He also saw how the 'hooman' fought as well. He was sloppy when it comes to fighting, but he utilized his magic to make up for his mistakes. He couldn't help but smile. He finally found a worthy foe to fight. he couldn't wait to meet this person in glorious combat.

That is, until the dogs came.

He felt a rumble below the ground about twenty minutes into the battle. He dismissed it as a vibration from an earthquake somewhere. Then the ground opened up, Diamond Dogs unleashed on the troops. His soldiers were unprepared for this and tried to fight them off. This entire attack almost caught him off guard. He was pretty sure that the Diamond Dogs native to Equestria left them alone when the king conquered Equestria and made a deal with them. However, these dogs seemed more organized, or as organized as their equipment is. They're equitant was made of steel and bronze instead of broken pieces of diamond shoved into a stick. This meant that they were form some other country, most likely from Howlbania.

He smiled as the dog charged him with as much courage a dog can muster. He had to give points for the stupid mutt, but it was time to end this. He also charged the dog with as much speed as he could muster. Both of them knew that this was it.

Both of them got close....

...And a 'sling' was heard amidst the air.

The diamond dog dropped his weapon as his stomach was pierced by the blade of Lanius's staff. Wasting no time, he twisted the blade, making the dog howled in pain. He then used one of his hands to punch the dog in the jaw while the other hand held his staff. The dog was soon silenced, his eyes closed and his breath become nothing. He pulled the staff out of the dog’s body, making it fall to the ground.

He swung his weapon a couple of times, the blood flinging off his bladed end. 'What a pity.' He thought as he looked at the dead dog. And here he thought he would have a challenge....

"Legate Lanius."

He turned around to see a legionnaire coming towards him. He was holding his left arm as blood ran down his fur. There were small dents in his armor, but nothing serious. One of his antlers were cut off, forever lost on the battlefield. "Speak." He told the soldier.

"Sir, we have defeated the diamond dogs, but half of our forces have been eliminated." The soldier said, bowing his head as to not look at him. "We don't have the numbers to assault the city. We can't do it. We have to fall back."

Lanius glared down at him through his mask. He wanted to kill this pathetic caribou for suggesting that he should retreat. He had never retreated from a fight, ever. He always won, despite the odds. This was no different than anything he had faced before. Sure, the enemy was more organized and savage than his past foes, but that just makes it all the more satisfying to do it, to assault the walls with little to no forces. He doesn't care about them. He wants a true fight.

And yet....

Assaulting the city again was pointless at this point. The Diamond Dogs came out of nowhere and cause havoc among his forces. Once he had a thousand veteran soldiers, now he had only a couple thousand at hand. He also knew that the enemy were not weak. The diamond dogs have taken everyone, even the demons by surprise, but if his experience had told him anything, it’s that you can never underestimate you opponent, even in his weakened state.

"Call a retreat." He said to the young buck. "We will meet back at the forward camp." He never would have thought he would say that sentence in a million years, ever. As much as it pains him to admit it, he need to retreat with whatever survivors and replenish his forces. It would be a coward move, but a smart one at this point.

He looked towards the horizon, at the burning city. He will have his fight. By the gods, he will have an honorable battle.

He was about to turn around when a blur collided into the ground next to him, knocking him off his hind legs. He fell on his back, his vision looking towards the sky. 'What was that?!?' He thought it might be a boulder from the enemies’ artillery that landed next to him, either to hit him or something else. He got up on his hooves thanks to the help of his staff. He looked ahead to see what had almost hit him.

Only for him to see a glowing, red, serpent-like eyes staring back at him.

He was no stranger to dragons. He had seen a few of them in the past during his campaign in numerous locations. In fact, they are the only species that are resistant to the magic of the Crystal Cock. This one was not a dragon. Sure, it looked like a dragon. It had wings, a snarling face and sharp teeth of a dragon. Hell, it had the same body of a dragon, but that was where the similarities ended. It had dark armor under that dark scale, glowing red things coming out of the dragon's body. It's glowing red eyes showed only rage and hunger.

But he knew it was not a dragon. It was an abomination.

The dragon roared right in his face, the smell of sulfur and blood coming out of the dragon’s maw. Lanius prepared himself for combat, but before he back away, the dragons turned its maw sideways and opened. The speed at which the dragon was showing was far beyond anything a dragon could have.

The beast closed its maw on his waist.

Lanius felt pain for the first time. It was something he was accustomed to during his younger years in the army, but nothing like this. The sharp teeth bit into his armor, tearing through the protection and into his skin. Blood seeped forth from his armor. He couldn't help but winch as its teeth slink into his skin, almost crushing his bones in this body. He was curtain that he was going to die. He was finally defeated, but not in glorious combat. He would be eaten by this disgusting creature.

He waited for the end, but it didn't come to him. In fact, he was still alive. This was strange. He saw no intelligent on this creature, mean that this beast would eat him by now.

He found himself hovering above the battle, seeing everything from this far. The dragon started to fly into the city, large wings flapping as it flew. This meant the dragon was not finished with him yet. Despite his pain and position, he couldn't help but admire the view of the battlefield. Burning buildings, dead bodies that look like ants from his view, and the smell of blood and sulfur in the air. He saw his own troops beginning to retreat, something he frown upon. He saw black shapes moving on the dogs and caribou, accompanied by new shapes that looked more beastly than anything. They both resisted them, but he knew it was futile to stop them.

The dragon banked left, before darting down. From his view, he could see that the dragon was taking him to a castle that sat proudly in the city. Once they were close to the castle, the dragon opened its wings and slowed its descend. It hovered above a courtyard of sorts inside the castle. Lanius couldn't help but see who beautiful the garden was.

He had to admit, those Equestrian sluts do know how to build great things on the backs of stallions.

The dragon landed on the ground, creating dust as it landed. With its head rearing up, the dragon threw him a couple of feet. He was glad that he wouldn't feel the dragon’s sharp teeth baring down on him, but he was still flying. He landed a couple of feet. Lanius felt his body almost giving up, the loss of blood already taking his toll on him. He looked around to see where he was at. He already knew that he was in a garden of sorts, but he didn't make out the design. Grass greeted his body. Various plants and flowers were put on display. In the middle of the garden sat a statue of Princess Celestia and her sister holding the sun and moon. He questioned how such a statue still existed after the Fall, but his brain didn't tell him. He felt his vision almost going towards the darkness.

With his last ounce of strength, he reached into one of his satchels and procured a small crystal of red. He crushed said crystal with his last strength, and felt a wave of relief. His whole body became almost fixed up. He felt his whole body mend and repair itself, much like a broken down structure. His vision returned too normal, his breathing became clearer, and the wounds that he had felt from the dragon were all but gone. The bit mark was still there.

He got up, his strength returning to him as he got on his hooves. He breathed a sigh of relief as his whole body felt like a new born. He had to thank Magister Amicus for the magical healing crystal once he got out of this.

"Such a pity." Something said, a voice he was not familiar with. He turned around to see who was speaking to him. From the shadows, he saw one of those things his troops were fighting, with some minor details. He wore a hood instead of a helmet, which concealed his face from him. His weapon of chose was a staff that was all red and black. Like them, he was decked out in heavy armor. He was no made, but he could feel this creatures body wreaked with powerful magic. This means that he is of a higher mage rank. "Trying to fight something you cannot even understand." The thing continued to saw as it started to walked towards him. "And all for a fight? Such a pathetic attempt, if you ask me." He mocked him.

"You know nothing of honor." Lanius retorted. What does this creature know of honor?

The creature snorted. "Please, as if honor would mean anything in this world." He mocked at him. "Honor is just another pitiful excuse for your kind, or any other kind. It’s only a means to an end. In the end, there is no honor. Only those that are strong dominate the world." He could have heard him mocking is kind. "If only your kind had a brain to know that. Sadly, you follow a leader that doesn't even have the brain capacity to know what being strong, unless it has something to do with raping and fucking. How your species survived for this long is questionable." He chuckled. "When this is over, I'll teach your kind their proper place in this world as slaves."

He had heard quite enough from this monster. He charged him with all the new strength he could muster, his anger driving him. He wished that he could have his staff with him, but he probably dropped it when the dragon took him. He didn't need his staff to kill this abomination. He sometimes likes to kill his opponents with nothing but his fists. After all, what point is there to kill them when you can't feel it with your bear hands?

He rushed towards his opponent with unnatural speed, being on him in a matter of seconds. He had taken this pathetic mage by surprise.

At least, that's what he thought.

The moment he got close to him, the creature disappeared in an instant, like it was never there the begin with. He stopped and flipped around, turning around to expect a counterattack. The moment he turned his head, a green light entered his vision, and he was sent flying once again. He hit a stone wall, knocking the wind out of him, before falling to the ground.

He blinked a couple of times for his vision to return to him. He heard the sound of metal boots coming towards him. He looked up and saw the creatures he saw in the battle, he counted twelve total. They all pointed their weapons towards him. "We’re you trying to attack me?" He said in a mocking tone. "Shame, and here I thought we were getting along just fine."

"GODS DAMN YOU TO THE AFTERLIFE!" He was fuming mad now. No one can get the better of him. No one! "A thousand deaths to you and your fucking pussy army!" He charged at the mage once again, Flinging the guards away from him. He was once again close to-

Pain erupted form his chest as he was close to the mage. He looked down to see what had pierced him.

His lance, the one he thought he dropped, was sticking out of his stomach, the bladed end covered in blood.

He fell into a kneel position, almost like he was bowing before a king. He coughed up blood, his vision becoming blurry. He tried to move his limbs, but found them immobilized, two soldiers holding him down on either side. The rest were circling him.

The mage walked up to him. "Such big talk coming from a lesser being who thought he could be better than everyone." He brought him closer, looking at him face to face. "Let me tell you how you are, whelp. You and your kind are nothing more than a parasite crawling around the dirt, thinking your better than anyone. You're wrong. There are forces out there that could tear this world apart and see it burn before them. You and your kind are nothing more than play things for these forces, to be used and abused like the mares you rape. If they 'feel like it', they could wipe your kind off the face of the earth, or warp them into something monstrous. You are nothing compared to them." He swore he saw a grin under the hood. "Don't feel bad. You already played your part." His one free hand glowed for a second before a green flame engulfed it. "You will be remembered as the general, who risked his own life.... for nothing."

Lanius, through his mask, glared down in defiance of this mare lover. "The gods shall damn you for all eternity."

The creature merely chuckled. "Your gods never existed."

In one quick motion, he brought his flaming hand over to his stomach, once he was a couple feet from him, the flame disappeared. The orb was suddenly absorbed into his body. Lanius felt immense pain erupting throughout his body. The guards let him go as they backed up a good distance away from him. He tried to clutched his stomach with his now free hands, only to find green cracks ran thought his armor. The cracks continued throughout his armor, and his fur. They glowed brighter and brighter, all the while the pain was tripled. He screamed. His vision was filled with green light.

The pain lasted for all eternity to him, until at last, he saw darkness.

In his finally moments of pain and suffering, he felt fear for the first time.

Hell on Earth

View Online

Nine Months Later

I blew open the doors with my magic as I stepped outside, the metal frames flew on the cobble streets below the steps. I casually walked down the steps, rolling my limbs as they were sore from the fighting. I hope I'm not already tired, that would be bad. I still had to fight that bastard king. I knew he was here in the city, there was no doubt about it. This was where the caribou would make their last stand, they had nowhere to run. We killed and conquered half their lands already, and a few more if the rest of their species resisted.

I had pasted through a temple of sorts devoted to one of their gods, or it once did. To my surprise, the temple looked exactly like the ones from Earth, if you ever visited the old chapels of Europe or Mexico. Rows of benches lined up to both sides of the buildings, probably waiting for its now dead worshipers to come. The mosaic glasses held pictures, probably to tell a story of their god. I couldn't see the entire story, since some of the glasses were broken or its luster gave away. I did see one picture of a caribou wielding a fiery sword of sorts, defeating a twelve-headed dragon. If only I knew what it meant. I could see yellow some yellow on the walls, which meant the entire building was made of gold at one point. The long red carpet lead to the front of the room that had rows of statues standing in the background. A pedestal was situated right below the statues, standing right at the benches. The statues themselves each represented different gods to the caribou, although I forgot what they're names were. Who cares anyway, right? They are all dead anyways. The temple itself was in a sorry state. I could tell that it wasn't form the catapults or even the cannons that now decimate the city. Dust and cobwebs dominated some of the room. The wooden benches had some mold on them, some collapsed long ago. Some of the statues had started to fall apart. Some of them are missing limbs on their bodies.

I kind of felt bad the caribou had to forsake their gods in favor of their insane king................almost.

Don't get me wrong, it’s not like I hate them or anything. Hell, I've met several caribou tribes who want nothing more than to have King Dainn's head on a stick. They never liked him, and wanted help taking him out. How do they turn to? Me. Since I was supposed to be a powerful Overlord (which I'm not), they came on all fours and beg me to free them. I was fine with that. However, the ones that follow him are the insane ones.

It was no secret that after Dainn was declared king, he decreed that he would be the only thing they would worship. Many priest and people who worship the gods didn't like the decree, speaking out that it was wrong and that it angered the gods and all that jazz. Those people disappeared, presumed dead. After some time, they had grown to accept his insanity and closed all temples devoted to their gods. Those that weren't shut down were converted to whorehouses or temples devoted to him.

I bet they recreated ever doing something like that.

That was one of the quarks of the caribou; they were a religious type of people. You might think of them like the Christians of old, gigantic assholes that go crusading because they had nothing better to do and they blame people for thinking differently than them. Guess how that turned out? Anyway, they believed me to be the Heralder of the End Times, a demon that the gods have sent as punishment for the civilizations of the world. I might have laughed at them if the entire 'Bringer of the End Times' thing wasn't true. They once believed in gods and goddesses when they had actual good leaders. At least, that's what I though them to be like. Now, they are just a bunch of fools fighting against the inevitable.

I looked around the city, examining the damage we did. Like everything, the city was burning. Hell, I was almost certain that I was in hell, or Tartarus as the ponies would call it. Some of the houses were burning, the stone luster they once had had been lost. The cobble streets had all but been destroyed by the bombardment, the beautifully crafted stones had been wasted away into nothing. Dead bodies of both soldiers and civilians littered the ground, doom to rot away. Some group of crows were picking the bodies of flesh and eating them, cawing as they ate. To the left of me were stalls, or there were some stalls. This place must have been a market place at some point. Every stall sold different things, from diamonds to fish. The wood and silk on some stalls had been burnt away long ago. One market had some fruit on it, apples, and all. It was almost destroyed, the apples lost their luster while the rest were crushed by a large boulder in the way. Another stall had fish of all types on display, or it did at some point. The stall was nothing but ash now, and the remaining fish were being picked off by crows.

It was all so destructive. If only the king had accepted my offer all those months ago, then none of this would've happen.

I suddenly heard armored footsteps coming towards me. A caribou regiment must be heading this way, and from the sound of those hoove steps, they were either retreating or trying to find a way out of the doomed city. Tapping into my magic, I transformed myself into a shadowy mist and flew towards a hiding spot, which was a small alleyway nested between two house, or businesses. I couldn't tell at this point, since the buildings themselves were ruined beyond repair.

Once I got to the alleyway, I materialized myself back to my normal form and watched how was coming. To add in good measure, I placed a spell called "Wallflower" on myself. It is basically like an invisibility spell, except it allows the user to be completely ignored. It’s very usefully when I wanted to walk up to a foe and kill him without being seen. I should thank Twilight for teaching me this spell.

The clanking of metal on metal had drew close. I drew my swords from my back and prepared myself for a fight. I channeled magic at my fingertips, making my swords blazing with fire. It may seem overkill to enchant my weapons with fire, but that can be said for everything I've done.

I held my breath as the clanking stopped, which meant they were here. I peeked around to see how many I could face.

I let out a breath when I saw my soldiers near me. I didn't see a caribou regiment coming like I thought. Instead, it was a company of twelve Dremora standing in the ruins of the market place. Their armor and weapons had some blood on them, which meant they had been in battle recently. It seems they might have gotten around the entrance to the city and had come here in search for a fight. A foolish thing to do, but these guys really don't give a fuck about that.

Right at the head of those guys was Kat, the suborn basterd still breath

"Haaf ow ohh wjixi vmlaowvmowi lvpfiox. (Look at all these unfortunate fuckers.) " One of the soldiers in the Daedric language. I was glad that I studied the language beforehand. Now I know what they are saying. "Ew'x hefi wjie tomw wa nei em wjex xwvben pewe. (It's like they want to die in this stupid city.)"

"Oei. (Aye.)" Said another soldier, scoffing at the bodies. He kneeled and searched the dead bodies for loot. He grabbed hold of something, which was a small pouch. I heard jingling inside, which meant that it had gold in it. "Waa qon wjie hilw ohh wjex boiwwe xwvll qijemn tjim wjie nein. (Too bad they left all this pretty stuff behind when they died.)" He said in a mocking sad tone. "It would be a shame for it to go to waste. (It would be a shame for it to go to waste.)" She soon started search the others. The other Dremora followed suit, looting from the dead bodies on the street and anything close to them that wasn't damaged.

I couldn't help but feel a little angry for them to loot the dead, but who was I to judge? "Lapvx, eav qooem-nion ispvxix al Xfiiyiox! (Focus, you brain-dead excuses of Skeevers!) Kat yelled as he glared at his subordinates. He looked around the ruined place, shifting his eyes to various locations. "Wji imide pavhn qi ooavmn jioi, xa kiw eavo jion xwooekjw qilaoi E pvw ew all!" (The enemy could be around here, so get your head straight before I cut it off!) That seemed to get the responds, as the troopers left the bodies and drew their weapons out, expecting an attack to come. A few of the Dremora grumbled as they stopped looting the bodies. Some of them had managed to find jewelry on a body of a dead noble, his head crushed by a small piece of a building.

I sighed and shook my head, knowing things like that haven't changed in the slightest. I decided to make myself known, knowing that we were safe for the moment. I got out of my hiding spot and deactivated the spell, making my way towards them.

The Dremora must have heard my footsteps, because they scrambled to a fighting stance, expecting a fight in my direction. Once they saw me, they lower their weapons and continued their business. They spread out and continued to be on alert.

Kat went over and greeted me. "Marcus, good to see you again." He said in perfect English. "I thought you might be here in this dead city." He looked around the destruction of the city. "Of course, by the time were done, it would be a ruin than a dead city."

"I couldn't past the chance to do this." I said to him. He still looked more intimidating than me, even when we first meet. "I know King Dainn is here, and that he'll fight like hell the moment we arrive at his doorstep."

"Your right on that." Kat said as he crossed his arms. I could see some blood on his armor, probably from fighting the caribou. "I'll give it to the king; he's more stubborn than a Nord. He already lost, yet he keeps fighting on." He scoffed. "A fucking idiot, if I do say so."

"Trust me, you have no idea." I said to him. He really has no idea what Dainn is capable of. Not that he is as strong as before, but he was more stubborn than a Texan in the Alamo. He won't be stubborn very longer. "Anyways,” I started to ask him. "what's happen while I was gone?"

He put a finger to his chin, his face deep in thought. "We broke through both the northern gates and the eastern gate and proceeding inside the city as we speak. There was some big resistance at the gates, which resulted in minor casualties. It’s nothing we can handle. The only problem we’re have is the southern gate. Its giving us the most trouble than anything we faced." He pointed behind me. I turned around to see what he was pointing at. I saw the southern gate in the far distance through the fire and smoke. I heard the battle going on from here. I saw a large shield covering the gate, the shield itself protecting the gate itself. "They have mages protecting the entrance, making it impossible for our forces to storm it." He continued. "We tried everything to storm the walls, but those antler fuckers are fighting harder than two Nords fighting over a jug of mead. In fact,” He pointed to his company. "we're heading there now to save their asses. If you’re not busy, we could use your assistance."

"What about the other tribes? Aren't they helping us?" I said to him. I had some help from the other caribou tribes that hate Dainn for screwing them over. They helped me with the whole invasion. I thought that the tribes would at least storm the gate.

Kat shook his head. "Negative. The tribes haven't even arrived yet." He scoffed. "Honestly, why are we even helping them if they can't even come. Almost think that they wanted us to die." He laughed a bit. "Well, I think they're stupid like their cousins if they think we would die."

I cursed under my breath. I can't believe the tribes aren't here yet. They should have arrived when we sieged the city. I didn't want to give up hope that the tribes were just coming over the hill side and coming to assist us. However, I know that the tribes hate Dainn on a mega level. Maybe they are just late.


I think Kat might be right. They're probably just waiting for us to be destroyed by Dainn and his minions so they could have all the glory. Fools, if that is anything to call them by. No matter, we have them on the ropes as it is. It was time for us to tighten the nose.

I sighed and thought about this for a second. While I really, really, reeealllly wanted to find the king and make him pay for everything, helping my men is my top priority. The tribes aren't here yet, or maybe they are hiding and watching us to get killed. Besides, the king probably had all his men guarding him in that fancy castle of his, so I would need help if I was going to beat him up. I would probably need as much help as I could get if I am going to face him off.

I looked at him with a shrug of my shoulder and said. "Alright, I'll help."

Kat didn't smile, but he did look pleased with my answer. "Alright. Stick with us. There's no telling where all the caribou are." He started to walk, but he stopped turned towards me, like he forgot to say something. "One more thing." He said. "Lars had manage to repair your armor and weapons. He's currently outside the southern gate, which means we must hurry before he gets himself killed."

I smiled when I heard that bit of good news. What, you think the Daedric armor I'm wearing is my main armor? Hell no. I made my own armor during the war, along with a cool longsword. Well, technically I didn't make it, since I had smiths make it for me, but I digress. The armor itself was made from the bones of a dragon. I'm not going to go into detail about what happened to my armor, but that part of the story involves me, dragons and me punching the shit out of one.

We hurried on towards the southern gate, ready to relieve them of the siege. Both of my swords were ready to taste blood one again, the blood of tyrants and slavers to be precise.

It may take a while to get to the gate, since it’s a long way from where we're at. So, for now, I'm going to tell you about the aftermath of the Stalliongrad battle, and the other battles that came after.

Into The Woods

View Online

Nine Months Earlier

The pounding of cloven hooves of the caribou legionaries echoed in the Everfree Forest, something that made Constantinus a little unease. They were, in regards to question the king’s orders, moving through the most dangerous forest in Equestria that could kill a minotaur in minutes, with a small army going up against an unknown enemy no less.

Constantinus didn't know if the king had lost his marbles, or was just fuming mad that he would send him in.

It had been twenty-four hours since word got out that Lanius's army was crushed. Everyone, including the king, was stunned to hear this piece of news. Lanius, although insane in his own right, was the best general in His Majesty's army. Never once, did he lose a battle.

Now, he was dead. Some of the soldiers claimed that a dragon ate him. A dragon that appeared out of nowhere! What's more, the soldiers said that they were attacked by diamond dogs during the siege. From their description, they were more armed and organized than their Equestrian counterparts, which meant they were from Howlbania.

The king didn't take the news very well.

He remembered how he saw the king handle the news. He was in Canterlot when it happened. In the hours of the early morning, the king announced a celebration to be held in regards to Lanuis's soon-to-be victory. Everyone didn't want to do it unless they heard back from him, but they realized that Lanuis had victories all the time, so in the end they set up the party. Banners of streamers hung off the roofs of building, tables were set up with delicious food prepared, and balloons were made and hung from railings or chairs. He even saw a keg of ale, the nectar of the gods, being prepared for the troops. Lines of slaves were locked in wooden beams, their asses facing the street in preparation of getting fucked by the returning soldiers. Already a couple of caribou were fucking the line of slaves to test them out. A game stall was being constructed, a large wheel that held mares in an X formation, their asses turned to their owners. The sign on the stall read "Wheel of Fuck". He couldn't wait to play it.

The sun was up in the sky by the time the festival was set up. Everyone waited for the army to return. Even some of the more eager slaves were having their asses out in the air, wanting to be fuck by the soldiers. King Dainn was sitting on his throne, held by several slaves on all fours. His two favorite slaves were by his side, the once glorious princesses now reduced to cum dumps by their god king. He remembers the king being happy for once. After four of the Elements escaped with the demons from Ponyville, and General Fabius's death, he's been as mad as a minotaur on crack.

A Pegasus scout returned, and said that a group was approaching. The King was all too eager to meet them, knowing that it was Lanius's group returning from a well-deserved victory.

The gates opened, and the music of their homeland started play.....

...which soon stopped to a grinding halt when they saw the state of the army.

Calling it an army was an understatement. It was little more than a group, a group of caribou that looked like they have been ripped to shreds by a manticore. A few of the soldiers were missing various arms or legs and had to be treated by local doctors. The head of the soldier line, who was missing left antler, looked like he seen the horrors of war first hand. When asked what happened, he explained the details of the battle, from the assault of the city to the Diamond Dogs showing up suddenly, and the dragon that appeared, black as night and red as blood. He described the leader of the group of demons, named Marcus Asher, and how he savagely killed an entire army when it approached the walls. He also said that General Lanius was killed, and the entire army was slaughtered to the last.

Everyone was dead silence, save for the blowing of the wind.

He could still remember the reaction the king had. He was shocked and surprised, but soon turned into anger. He was so blinded by rage that he killed the line of soldiers with his magic, wiping out a block and the gate in the process. He soon stormed out of the city and into his castle, with his fuck slaves in tow. He even killed an unfortunate soldier that got in his way.

Constantinus learned that day what happens when you piss off the god king.

It didn't help that the rumors of the Lanius's death spread throughout Equestria after the king’s little outburst, and the generals of the army are now afraid of these mysterious rebels. Why would they? They just killed one of the most brutal general of the empire. Some of the scholars suggested that they had encountered a species unheard of. Some others had said that it had something to do with the star that fell from the sky a few weeks ago, and it didn't help that the priest were spouting out that it was an ill omen, that we have forsaken the gods and they sent a demon to punish us. Even some of the troops said that the dragon in the battle might have been their leader.

These were just rumors, but they were spreading like wildfire.

After a few hours, once the king had calm down, he gathered any commander and general in the city for a meeting, which included him. Upon meeting him, he could see that he was mad about what had happened. What made it worse was that the Howelbanian princess he kept hostage was gone. General Fabuis was the last one to use her, before his untimely demise by the demons. Bloodshot eyes were shown, his palms had deep cut marks. He had never seen the king so mad before. The king himself ordered any of his generals to try and storm Stalliongrad again, to kill the ones that made a fool of him twice. At first, everyone was hesitant, and with good reason. Lanius was the best general they had in the empire, even if his methods were......unorthodox to the caribou. Now, he was dead, and his army slaughtered except for the survivors who escaped from the battle, only to be killed by Dainn during his rage. When no one volunteered to go, King Dainn started to hand pick someone, which ended up being him.

Now he was traveling to Stalliongrad with a small army, against an enemy they have no knowledge of. He was doomed from the start, that he was sure of. It didn't help that he was treading through the most dangerous forest in Equestria to reach Stalliongrad.

'By the gods, what did I do to deserve this?' Constantinus thought to himself as he trudged through the forest with his troops, the sounds of a thousand cloven hoofs echoed in the forest. This placed was considered dangerous to the local Equestrian population, for it was a dark forest that acted on its own accord. There had been a few incidences where monsters rampaged around Ponyville, but those have been minor ones that resulted in property damage and a few injured. Sure, he could have just walked around the forest to get to Stalliongrad, but it would take even longer. The forest encompassed much of the area between the Whore's Castle and Foal Mountain and considered to be huge in comparison. Going around it would take a few more days, which they don't have the luxury of doing.

His Warbeast he was riding on whimpered as they went deeper into the forest. He patted its head to calm it down. "There, there boy." He murmured to the beast, trying his best to calm him down. The path they were following was made by some zebra that lived in the Everfree, and countless other explorers. Still, it didn't help that the forest was getting darker every step they took, and that dangerous wildlife were watching them like birds of prey. He could have sworn that the light of the sun disappeared, and that night was approaching. They weren't even going for that long! He just had to remember that he would be out of this forest in an hour, if the map he was given said anything about it. Soon, he would leave behind all the creep wildlife behind and-

That was when he realized something was wrong. His lifted his hand to order his legions to stop. The legions themselves halted.

He swiveled his ears, trying to focus on something rather than the cloven hooves shuffling. He swiveled them left, then to the right. He tried to hear anything, sounds of wildlife, or rustling of plants.

There was no sound.

Nothing at all, as if the air was dead.

"LEGIONS, ARM YOURSELVES!" He shouted. Immediately, the sounds of swords and spears being drawn can be heard. He turned his head to see his legion. His captains shouted to anyone near them, telling them to get into shield wall formation. The clattering of tower shields hitting the ground broke the silence of the forest. Archers were already reading their arrows, aiming them at the large bush's like they were expecting an ambush.

He withdrew his sword, the rays in the canopy glistening off the sword. His Warbeast growled and readied itself, teeth showing and crouching down in a pouching stance. He looked around the forest, scanning for anything out of the ordinary. So far, he couldn't find anything out of place. No signs of an ambush coming, no gleaming of swords in the bushes, or a raiding party watching them. It all seemed normal. Too normal for his tastes. He knew that the army that raid Ponyville originated from here, if what the surviving soldiers and locals said. What was strange about it is that there were no civilian casualties during the raid. Sure, there were a few casualties among the civvies, but it wasn't anything large. Only the guards were slaughtered before they had to retreat to the forest. Then they did it a second time, but a large army under General Fabius was present at the time. His army was slaughtered to the last, including Fabius if the rumors are true.

He knew they were here somewhere, but was nothing but silence that greeted him, and that was what worried him the most.

He heard sniffling near him, his ears swiveled to where they came from. He thought it was a young soldier crying for being scared, but it came from near him, to the right. It coming from the other side of the bush. He settled off his Warbeast and decided to investigate, his eyes glued to the large bushes in his way. He motioned for one of his retainers to come over. He heard hooves coming near him. "I'm going to see what's behind that bush. If anything happens, remember to be on guard until I return." He withdrew his sword and went to the source of the crying.

Once he was at the large bush, he pulled some them out of the way to see what he heard.

He found himself looking at a large clearing of the forest, the sun finally shining in the canopy of this dark forest. It was mostly empty besides some planets. Right in the middle of the clearing was a figure in white. He could tell it was a mare by the slim body. She had black ears and a black and orange tail. He couldn't see anything else due to the fact it was wearing clothing. From what he could guess, it was a bride dress from a time when Equestria had a thing called 'marrying' cunts, the long gown concealing her body. Slaves were no longer allowed to wear clothing, due to the fact it was outlawed since the Fall. However, she was wearing an outfit, which meant she was either an escaped slave, or a pet forced to wear clothing. He couldn't see a colored collar on her, which meant she was some sort of escaped slave.

He could hear sniffling coming from her, like she was the one crying the whole time. He took careful hoove steps as he approached her. It may be one slave, but he couldn't take any chances. It could be a trap for all he knew. "What's wrong?" He asked her as he looked around, expecting an attack coming. So far, no one tried to jump him.

At first, she didn't say anything. He decided to asked again. "Excuse me, ma'am. Are you alright?"

"M-My husband hasn't arrived yet." The mare said as she sniffled, her voice a sad, yet melodic tone. "Our marriage was supposed to be perfect, and he hasn't arrived."

"Well, I'm sure your husband is late or something." Constantinus said as he drew close to her. "If you could come with me and my legions, then maybe we could find your husband." It was a lie. His men, including him, would rape the mare like the animal she was. Fuck her husband.

"No, he left me." She said, her tone turning into anger. "The basterd left me, just like everyone else." She then proceeded to cry, her anger breaking down. "I just wanted a perfect stallion to love me. Is that too much to ask? Why can't I love someone that will love me?"

Constantinus looked around as he slowly approached her. Nothing so far. Was she all alone here? "I could love you." Constantinus said as he looked up and down her body. She had a nice figure, which meant she would make a perfect slave to join his harem. He might even have the honor of fucking her after this whole mess. "You could come with me back to my home." Once he was close, he grabbed her shoulder. "Perhaps we coul-"

He turned her around, and regretted doing that.

Constantinus looked horrified when he saw the females face wasn't a female at all, or anything he recognized. It was monstrous, if one would describe what he saw. Its face looked more bat-like than anything, it had long knife-like ears. Its skin was pale, as if all the blood was drained at one point. Its eyes were a mix of orange and gold, and had a slit between them. Its cheeks were narrowed and sharp fangs poked out of its mouth.

Constantinus was so horrified at what he was seeing, that he didn't notice the creature back hand him until it was too late. Constantinus flew a small distance, just enough to get out of the way. He grunted when he hit and slid on the ground a couple of times before he skidded to a stop. After he stopped, he quickly stood up and drew his sword to his hand, the long steel sword glimmer in the sun light. He saw that the creature no longer wore the old bridal gown, allow him to see what he was facing. He could tell it was still a female; it did have a feminine feature to it (which were boobs). The body was a head taller than the caribou's body, and much slimmer in terms of body weight. Wing sprouted out from its back, although calling it wings would be like mistaking a minotaur a cow. It had no membranes on its wings to speak of, just a leather wing itself. It looked more like a weapon than anything. Its body was grey like its face. He could see claws on its hands and hind legs. She was covered in a loincloth, with a necklace on its neck. A bright red arura surrounded it, its claws starting to glow red. He was no mage, but he knew, no, felt that the magic was dark and corrupt. It was as if the soul was being sucked dry from him as the creature gathered power.

It then screamed.

He had to cover his ears when he heard the creature screaming, dropping his weapon in the process. The scream was loud, loud for his ear drums to almost burst. The dark energy on the girl was released, spreading like wildfire. Even if he covered his ears, he could still hear the scream. It was loud as it was petrifying, unholy and fear that struck him like a hammer had struck into his heart. It felt like his ears were melting.

Constantinus didn't have enough time to act as the creature swiped at him with its hands, which were actually claws. He was flown some feet from the witch. He rolled on the ground a few times before he stopped. Shaking his head, he quickly got up and withdrew his second sword from his belt. He always kept two swords with him at all times, in case something like this happens.

Whoever, when he looked around, the creature disappeared.

It wasn't compared to the ground shaking.

He could see that they were dead hands reaching out into the sky. He and the rest of the group readied their weapons. Skeletal remains started to rise from the ground, clawing their way out. The remains were ponies, both stallions and mares alike. Some had skin missing from their bodies, leaving only skeleton structures to look at. The eyes were glowing blue, like they were possessed. He could see that they wore either golden armor or a dark armor. Some of them had weapons in their hands, from swords to axes to fails. He recognized that the armor was from the Unification period, and from the war with the Nightmare Moon. He learned in his studies at the army school that the Everfree was once a grand capital city of Equestria, right before a final battle against Nightmare Moon happened. They were the remains of the army that once fought on the battlefield.

It was something out of a horror movie.

"Constantinus, sir!" He heard someone close by. He turned his head and saw one of his officers, Alexus, rushing towards him, sword drawn. A couple of other officers were with him, as well as a company of soldiers. "We heard scream and came as soon as we can! What is happening?!?!?" He shouted.

"A battle, that is what's coming." Constantinus said as he drew his sword, determined to kill the unholy female and her undead army. The rest of the soldiers, including Alexus, drew their weapons for the coming battle. The soldiers got between them and the undead, forming a shield wall to protect the officers and general.

The creature growled as it saw Constantinus and his soldiers. At the head of the undead army was a massive pony as tall as a caribou. Unlike the rest, it was all decked out in full knightly army, the only thing missing was his helmet. His glowing blue sockets looked directly at them.

Then it raised its massive axe high in the air and screamed, and some of the undead charged at them.

The soldiers wasted no time, getting in shield wall formation. Although few, they hope to buy some time for the general and his officers. Their tower shields halted the advance, but more were coming up from the ground. Constantinus felt something gripped his left hoove. He sliced the dead hand that gripped his hoove it his sword. He heard a scream coming from his left, and saw an undead pony with dark plated armor, Nightmare armor, coming at him. The undead came near him, enough for his sword to strike him. He struck a sword into it as came right at him, stabbing it in the chest. Not affected by the wound, the dead pony clawed and bite at him, until he used his left hoove to knock it out of the way. The undead went down, giving Constantinus enough time to attack it. He lifted his left hoove over to its face and smashed down. Its head was nothing more than a mess of brain juices.

Another one came for him, but he sliced its head off as it came near him. "There is too many of them!" He heard Alexus shouted as the undead came piling after the caribou. "We must retreat, now!" He saw the officers ran, along with Alexus. One unfortunate officer tripped and fell to the ground when a hand burst out and grabbed one of his hooves. He didn't have enough time to get up and run, as the undead were already upon him. He could hear his screams as they tore him apart. The rest of them scattered as the undead advanced on them. Not wanting to waste any more time, Constantinus moved like his life dependent on it. He looked back as he ran, seeing the soldier’s formation breaking down. The formation was no use, as the undead kept coming from every direction. The main one, the huge pony with the axe, charged up on the soldiers. It brought its big axe down on the soldiers, and broke up the formation. The two soldiers got out of the way before it brought its axe down. The last one wasn't so luck, as the axe pierced through the large tower shield and cleaved him into two. The remaining ones tried to fight them off, the undead were many, and easily overwhelmed them.

More dead were rising from the ground, a fraction of what they killed, and more were coming after them.

Not wanting to be next, Constantinus ran away, wanting to alert his army of the coming threat.

It was already too late to warn them.

As he broke through the foliage to where his army is, he could see the undead attacking them. They were streaming in from all sides, coming from the forest itself. The legionaries were fighting against the undead in a disorganized fashion, that the dead raising took them by surprise. He saw that they were barely holding it together. The undead were clashing against his soldiers. He could see some of his soldiers consumed by the sea of the dead, not getting behind the wall of shields very soon. One caribou cleaved the head off an undead, effectively killing him in the process. He was interrupted by his small victory as another undead soldier in rusted golden armor pounced him behind his back. The soldier swung his sword to try and get him, but it was of little use. The undead bite into his neck, blood flowing out from the wound in its mouth. The soldier screamed as he was pinned down by the undead, the rest swarming him and eat him alive. The dead surrounded another soldier. The soldier turned his head to any undead that tried to get close, pointing his sword in case they ever got close. Soon, they all ganged up on him, charging at him all at once. The soldier swung his sword, but it was to no avail. He disappeared in the pile of the undead. A magi threw spell after spell against the horde that was coming for him, his antlers flaring up with magic. Try as he might, the dead didn't seem to slow down. They suddenly got close and started gnawing at him. The mages screams were drowned out by the pile he disappeared in. Another soldier was fight a stream of undead that were heading towards him, and doing very well against said undead. His sword sliced through any that came close. Some of the undead were trying to get behind him, but he knew that they were behind him, and countered it. Contantinus thought that the gods blessed the young soldier, but soon found hopes dashed when they all came at him at the same time. He only succeeds in cutting down a couple of zomponies before he was overrun by the many undead that came for him. He disappeared into the pile, most likely dead.

It was a nightmare.

A roar interrupted him. He turned around and soon found himself punted to the ground by something, and trying to gnawing at him. He held his hands at the creature’s face, preventing it from getting close. The creature trying to eat him reminded him of a miniature version of a Warbeast. Its fur was black, with smoke coming out of its body. Demonic red eyes pierced his own eyes, no knowledge except for a thirst for blood. Its sharp teeth kept chomping at him, some of its slobber landing on his muzzle. The beast kept thrashing wildly, intent on gorging on his flesh. Quickly thinking, he kicked the beast right off him. The creature whined as it was kicked off him. He searched desperately for his sword. It didn't take long to find it, which was on the ground next to him. He quickly grabbed the sword and quickly got up, right before the monster got back on its feet. The creature growled and started to charge at him. This time, Constantius was ready for this creature. As soon as the creature got close, his raised his sword. When it started to jump at him, he quickly stepped back and swung his sword down upon the beast. His sword made contact with the beast’s neck and severed the body from its head, killing it instantly. The dead beast hit the ground, disappearing in a puff of black smoke.

He didn't need to know he was safe, for as soon as the beast disappeared, another growl was heard. He turned around to see several more of those beasts surrounding him, circling like a predator ready to catch his prey. He raised his sword towards his face, ready to strike upon any that got near him. He knew he was outnumbered and outmaneuvered, but he was determined to see this through the end.

Before the beast could attack him, his Warbeast suddenly broke through the foliage. His Warbeast threw the beasts aside like they were light weight paper, killing several of them in the process. The rest scattered, whimpering as they fled.

He smiled as his Warbeast came right up to him and started to lick his face. He hugged his pets face. "Good boy!" He said as he started to pet his face. This moment of reunion was short lived when he heard several hoofsteps rapidly closing in on him. He turned to see a company of undead soldiers rushing up towards him, weapons in hand. His Warbeast growled when it saw the undead coming and got itself into a battle stance. With a fierce roar, the Warbeast started to charge through the undead. It started to tear through the undead, chowing on them like they were toys. He smiled, seeing his Warbeast tearing them apart. He drew his left hand to his mouth and whistled, calling his beast over. He saw its ears swivel at the sound, turning its head to see its master calling out to him. The beast smiled and ran towards Constantinus, ravaging through the undead horde. Once the beast was close to him, he jumped on the saddle and raised his sword in the air. "COME, LEGIONNARIES! LET’S SHOW THESE THINGS HOW A CARIBOU FIGHTS!" He roared as his beast reared up and charged at the massive horde surrounding his legion. Undead were thrown left and right upon making contact with the Warbeast. Constantinus cleaved through several undead ponies, his sword covered in purplish blood. "RALLY TO ME! NOW!"

His speech seemed to be ineffective, as the legionnaires holding the tide back seemed to regard otherwise. The endless waves of undead came clashed against them, some breaking through the shield wall they held up. However, once they saw their general cutting through the undead on his Warbeast, they started to regain some hope. With a scream of pride, they started to fight the horde back. The magi in the front of the shield wall unleashed a large Archer fire volley after volley of arrows at the horde of undead, but it had little effect on them. The magi fired fire spells at the horde, fire forming on the antlers. It seemed to be working for the most part, as most of the undead horde were reduced to ashes. The legionaries cut through the line of the undead. More were still coming out of the forest, like there was no end to them, yet they tried hold on.

He smiled as his legion had managed to fight back against the onslaught. He turned his head back to the undead army and smirked, ready to give it his all. With a kick of his hooves, the Warbeast reigned in before charging at the undead horde.

Caribou and beast clashed against the dead, dealing damage to the rows of the cursed bodies. This sword, still cover in purplish blood, started to cut, and cleave through any dead that got in his way. One undead was trying to grab his left hoove, but all that it received was the butt end of his sword. Another one jumped on top of his Warbeast, trying to get the jump on him from behind. He knew it was behind him, and turned his body to counter it. Before the undead could snap its jaws at him, he sliced his feet off, making it fall to the ground. His Warbeast was busy chomping at any dead that it sees. One unfortunate undead meet the beast's mouth, seeing its sharp teeth.

He felt like he was invincible, like he could take on the entire horde. "IS THIS ALL YOU GOT?!?!" He screamed in glee as he sliced off another head. "I CAN TAKE WHATEVER YOU CAN THROW AT ME!!"

"Then how about me?" A familiar voice said behind him. He quickly turns, but something grabbed his throat and threw him off his mount. He couldn't see who had threw him, but he did see his Warbeast reeled back. Thankfully, he didn't get thrown far. He skidded to a halt as he hit the ground. He rolled a few times before he stopped.

He coughed up some blood as he struggled to get up. He couldn't believe the strength that the creature possessed. It was unnatural, even for him.

He could see his Warbeast growling at the creature standing before it, and said creature standing before his Warbeast. His Warbeast roared and started to charge at it. the creature didn't make any move to avoid it, much to Constatinus's confusion. The Warbeast jumped up in the air and opened its maw, intent on chew its new prey. However, before it could even finish the job, much to his surprise, the creature' hands glowed, and held one of them out at the Warbeast. Surrounded by its aura, the Warbeast was halted as it was lifted in the air. the creature then swung its claw to the left. In command, the Warbeast was sent flying away. It didn't go far, as it only flew a few short distances from where the battle was. A couple of undead were crushed when his Warbeast came flying at them.

The Warbeast tumbled to the ground a couple of times before it slowed down and stopped. Once it stopped, it quickly stood up and roared at the bat creature, rage fulling its eyes from what he could tell. It charged once again at the bat monster. However, before it could even get close, the creature disappeared, leaving a trail of smoke behind. His Warbeast landed where the creature used to be and looked around, confused as to where it had gone to. Constantinus was more confused as to where it had gone. His question was answered when he saw something he never forget in his life.

His Warbeast screamed in pain as it was lifted in the air again from its side, revealing the bat creature lifting him by the wings. The wings themselves were plunged into the Warbeast's sides, blood seeping out from the holes. The Warbeast started to struggle under its grasps, but it proved to be fruitless in the creature’s grasp.

The bat creature then plunged both of its claws into its sides. His beast reared, roaring in pain as it tried desperately to get the creature off its sides, wiggling around furiously. It did nothing to hinder its progress. The creature’s strength was something to behold, for it just lifted the hundred-pound beast like it was paper. He wanted to help his pet, he could have sliced off its wings or head or anything, but he just stood there. It was like he was under a spell of sorts. He didn't know who or what it was that attacked them, but he bet it had something to do with that Marcus fellow and his army of demonic creatures.

He was snapped out of his thinking when he heard a roar of pain. He then saw something that scared him to this day.

With unnatural strength, the bat creature ripped the Warbeast's body into two, guts and intestines falling out.

Time slowed to a halt. Constantinus's heart skipped a beat as he saw his beloved pets head ripped apart like it was nothing at all. He saw the bat creature screeching in victory at the dying beast.

Time returned to normal for him, just in time to see his pets head hit the ground, and the rest of his body fall with it. "TARREN, NOOO!!!!!" He shouted his pets name as his pet, his best friend since he was a bull, was killed in front of him. He soon glared at the lady. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU, BITCH!!!" He got up and charged right at her with nothing but his fists. He knew that the bitch was armed, but he didn't care in the slightest. His rage blinded him, rage for his fallen friend and companion.

Once he had gotten close to the monster, he swung his fist at her. However, this proved unaffected as it simple floated out of the way. She smiled as he continued to try to punch her, only for it to continue dodging every one of his attacks. He now knew that this bat creature was far more intelligent than anything he had seen. The creature sounded like it was laughing at him. "SHUT UP, YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!" He roared as he kept trying to hit her. "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!" He kept swatting furiously at it, wanting to kill it. The bat creature lazily dodged his attacks.

It kept grinning as it dodged every one of his attacks with easy, fangs showing how dangerous it is. Right now, he didn't give a damn. After dodging to the side of his left punch, it grabbed hold of his hand and brought him up to its face. He could see the silted eyes staring right into his eyes, like opening a window to his soul. It screeched one more time before it flung him across the field.

He flew several yards away, until he hit a tree and soon the ground next to it. His back erupted in pain, his vision started to turn into darkness. He shook his head to escape the darkness that was incrusting him. He blinked a few times for the haziness to disappeared, allow his vision to return to normal. The ringing in his ear was annoying. He recovered his hearing after shaking his head a few times, enough for him to hear a voice. "Well, well, well. What do we have here? A lost sheep separated from his flock?" A different voice said, female in nature. It teasing him like a child caught with a cookie in his hand. He saw metal boots in his vision. He looked up and saw the strange mare looming over him. "For a general of the so-called caribou army, I would have expected you have brains under those antlers of yours." He saw her hand moving, until he felt pressure in his throat. He struggled to breath as he was lifted up in the air, enough for him to see the strange female.

He had expected the creature to come and finish him off. Instead, he saw a beautiful creature before him. Calling it beautiful was an understatement of the century. She was gorgeous beyond any mare he had raped before. She had long red hair that flowing down pass her shoulders. She also had gorgeous bright blue eyes. Her face had no fur on it, but it looks beautiful sculptured like those princess bitches that King Dainn uses. Her skin was pale, like all the blood was drained from her at one point. She had an hourglass figure that would put King Dainn's harem to shame. She smiled, showing her sharp canines. Her eyes had a lust for hunger like that of an animal with no intelligence or feeling behind it. However, he could tell that it was smarter than she looks. "Such a pity." She started to say, her voice sounding like that of a melody than anything he heard before. "And here I thought I would face a big tough man."

She was both terrifying and beautiful to behold.

"GENERAL!" He heard a voice out of all the chaos. Constantinus looked behind her to see Alexus and twenty of his soldiers coming out of the carnage to help him. She turned her head and saw the approaching attackers. He could tell that the lady was grinning at them, probably looking at them like. They readied their weapons. "That must be the interloper. Kill her!" Alexus ordered. His soldiers charged at the lady, weapons ready to kill her.

The lady sighed as she heard his comrades coming for him. "And here I thought I would get some alone time." She gently dropped him to the ground, leaning against the tree he crashed into. "I'll be right back." She said, smile at him as she walked over to his comrades. Constantinus was confused as to how the lady would deal with his heavily armored soldiers. She had no weapon to speak off. He couldn't help but grin as she was walking over to his soldier, like she had a death sentence waiting for her. He would finally get the revenge he need, not for himself, but for his troops that died in the attacks and his pet.

His troops finally closed in on her. One of the troopers, raised his sword in the air and brought it down on the fucking bitch.

Or it would have, if the soldiers weapon hit nothing but air.

Everyone, including Constantinus, stared in awe as she disappeared in a blink of an eye. The soldiers looked around to see where she went, but found no sign of her anywhere. "Everyone, spread out!" One of his officers said. "She couldn't have-" He was interrupted when a hand pierced his chest from the back. The caribou officer tried to scream, but all that came out was gargles. The soldiers jumped in surprise as they saw their officer's chest burst open, with a hand coming out of said hole. Right behind him, the same lady smirked as they all watched their officer being killed.

She plunged her hand out of his chest, and the officer fell dead to the ground.

They all backed away suddenly when the lady looked directly at them. "So," She started to say with her hands between her hips. "Who's next?"

All the troopers backed away from the strange mare, fear in their eyes as their officer was killed with a blink of an eye. Even Constantinus couldn't believe it himself. One minute the bitch was almost cut in half, and in a blink of an eye she killed an officer.

"It's just one bitch." Alexus shouted to the scared soldiers, glaring at them. "She can't take all of us down!" He raised his sword and started to raise his sword at her. Once he was close, he brought the blade down on her, intent on ending the murdering bitch.

At least, that's what he wanted to do, when said bitch caught the weapon with nothing but her one hand.

Everyone gasped as Alexus's sword was held by one of the mare's hand, the blade didn't even draw any blood. Constantinus must have lost a lot of blood, for he didn't couldn't believe that someone like her would held a sword with nothing but her hand. However, his wounds weren't to sever to suffer blood lost. 'This is unnatural.' He thought as he saw the whole display. 'It's as if she had a strength of a god.

The girl giggled as she saw the look on Alexus's face. "Now, now, now. That's no way to treat a lady like that." She teased. Alexus's eyes went wide. "Maybe I need to teach you some respect." She pulled him close to her, almost like something out of a romance story. Both of her hand held on to Alexus's arms, preventing them from attacking her. Her grip must have been strong, for Alexus tried to struggle against it, trying to pull away. She opened her mouth....

...and bit down on his neck.

Alexus screamed as the lady bit down on his neck, her sharp canines piercing his flesh. Blood came dripping down from her mouth. They all backed away from their screaming officer in the hands of the mare. Constantinus was confused as to why she would have bit his neck. It wasn't like Alexus was holding her hostage or anything. She had a complete advantage over him. She could take his sword and end it. But, why didn't she? His questions were answered when he saw the state of Alexus.

His skin was shriveling.

He must have had too much blood lost, for he saw Alexus's fur growing paler by every second. His once bright brown fur became paler by ever second. He could see Alexus trying to back away, trying to fight back. But it was no use; whatever that mare was, she was stronger than an average caribou, something that baffled him. The average caribou weighed and measured more than a minotaur, so it shouldn't be a problem for Alexus to pull away from the murdering bitch. What confused him even more was the bitch biting his neck while his skin stared to shrivel like he-

His eyes widened. That was when he figured out what she was doing.

She wasn't just biting him, she was drinking him.

He didn't notice it until now, but that bitch was drink Alexus like he was a mead. It was no wonder that the mare didn't finish him off. She was savoring him like a predator savoring its prey, and finally capturing it. He had heard of something like this before. During the days in which Nightmare waged war with Equestria, there had been accounts in which her bat ponies would devour their victims alive, and drink their blood. They some earned the name "Vamponies", because of how they drink like the Vampire Bats hidden in Transylmanea. One account would detail how one of the bat ponies would bite the neck of one of their victims and drink their blood through the arteries. However, these accounts were wild accusations by some ponies who had it out for the bat ponies after the defeat of Nightmare Moon. Since then, there has been no other reports of bat ponies sucking the blood out of other ponies or creatures of the world.

Except for the one before him.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a sickening sound of a meat being dropped on a concreate coming from the women. He saw said lady releasing Alexus from her grip, the body dropping to the ground next to her. At least, he thought it was Alexus. His skin was so wrinkled and shriveled that he almost mistaken it as an old bull. His bright brown skin was paler than before, most likely form all the blood being drained from him. His eyes were glazed over his eyelids, not a sign of life coming from him.

He saw the lady licking her lips as she tasted the blood of Alexus. "A little sour, but not entirely disgusting." She said. She gazed her eyes over to the remain troopers. "So, who is next on the menu?"

One of the caribou has had enough of all of this, dropping his weapon and shield as he ran away. Constantinus would have yelled at him to come back and fight, but he couldn't blame the trooper for trying to retreat. They were facing someone that even he would run away from. He had been fight for two years, so it was saying something. "Ah, another volunteer." She said, smiling as she saw the trooper running away. In a blink of an eye, she disappeared once again, only to appear right in front of the caribou. The caribou tried to scream before she grabbed his head and, in a show of strength, twisted his head in a 180 degree. The sound of bones cracking on his neck as the trooper’s head twisted. He fell, his face consorted in pain.

The rest of the legionnaires moved away from the dead body of their comrade, and her. She grinned, showing off her canine teeth once again. "Oh, to Oblivion with all of this. I'll just eat all of you!"

Whether out of fear or haltered, the rest of the company charged the single lady, wanting to either kill her or rape her for what they did to Alexus and their friends. In any normal situation, Constantinus would have smirked at the whole situation, seeing his friend getting avenged. However, he knew what was coming for the poor lads. He had seen enough of the lady to know what she was capable of.

It didn't take long to start her move. In a flash, she appeared right in front of one of the soldiers. She grabbed his throat and slamming his body to the ground. Before the trooper can react, she grabbed his head and ripped it out, the headless caribou screaming silently as he drew his last breath. The one next to him started to attack the lady, heaving his two-handed axe, and letting it drop at the lady while she had her back turned. Before the blade could come down, she dodged out of the way, the axe embedded on the dead body of the caribou. She started to make her move before the legionary could rip the axe out of the dead body. She grabbed the sword of the now dead caribou and used it. She sliced the neck of the caribou legionary with nothing but her hand. Blood seep out of the legionary as he tried to scream, but only gargles were his only responds.

The other two remaining legionaries must have grown a brain of sorts, for they decided that dying for their empire is not going to happen to them. They dropped their weapons and ran away like the cowards. Constantinus glared at them for running away, and want to scream to come back and fight. However, nothing came out of his throat as he tried to shout, like all the air had disappeared from him. However, that would be in vain, as the women was on them like a predator. Before they could disappear into the foliage of the forest, the lady appeared as a black smoke in front of them. They must have looked horrified to see her, but he didn't know. As swift as a carrier bird, the lady’s sword sliced against their throats before they could scream. Blood splattered out of the throat, spraying on her face and on her chest. Both fell before her.

Everyone was killed, except for him.

Constantinus couldn't believe what he saw. His own troops, who fought in many battles besides him, who were experienced in their own right, were killed right in front of him. It was gruesome in a way, each of them killed without a fight. They died like weaklings instead of warriors.

She then turned her head at him, the blood across her face and the grin almost looked menacing.

Constantinus could feel his heart beat a hundred miles an hour as the mare looked like she was ready to pounce him. 'Is this it? Is this my fate?' He thought as he saw her walk over to him. Was this to be his fate, to die a coward’s death? He thought he would die in glorious combat, not by some bitch that got the better of him.

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt his neck being chocked, and being forcefully lift off the ground. Her hands, which were as soft as
an ass of a mare, gripped his throat as she choked the life out of him. "Finally, we can now be together." She said. She licked her lips. "Don't worry, it won't hurt......much. It will be over before you know it." She opened her mouth and aimed it at his left shoulder. He waited for the end to come.

It would have been his end, if something didn't happen.

Before she could take a bite out of him, a glow of blue coming from her hips interrupted them. She turned her head away from him and down at her belt. She reached one of her hands near her belt and into her pocket. She produced a strange stone he had never seen before. It looked like a diamond of sorts, but it had a strange symbol inside it. It looked like an upside-down U symbol with a dot in the middle. It continued to flash blue.

She looked at it with a look of annoyance. She lifted her head up and groaned. "Now, of all times?" She groaned as put away the diamond-like material. She looked at him as she touched his face with her right hand tenderly. "Looks like it's your lucky day."

The next thing he knew, pain had enveloped him, and darkness was all he saw.

Raiders of Equestria

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Kathuet was not known for being sneaky. Not that he wanted to. The Dremora are not known for being masters of stealth like the Khajiit race that lived on Elsweyr. In fact, most people in Nirn would say that about the Dremora. Sure, they were smarter than most species on Tamriel, on account that they were literally made by the Daedric Princes and Mehrunes Dagon. However, they were made to be war-like, like the Orcs. They would just pillage and plunder the land until there is nothing left but a wasteland of burnt homes and dead bodies.

However, that doesn’t mean they weren’t bad at it. Especially since they are going to raid a village again.

It had been about three days since the Siege of Stalliongrad. He still remembered the battle as if it was yesterday. Who could blame him? It was all crazy and confusing. First, they were fighting off against the caribou legion lead by some famous general called ‘Lanius’ or something. This battle was unlike anything they had face up until now. Then again, they face little resistance since coming to this world. The siege was going well, for the Dremora at least. The Archons were crushing any caribou in their path, and the Daedra were slaughtering any caribou at the gates. The next thing they knew, some dog creatures came crawling out of the ground like they were undead and started killing anyone in their path, regardless of who’s fighting who. They have lost many soldiers due to that surprise attack, almost half of the numbers since they had arrived. Luckily, the caribou were also being killed off as well, which was a relief on his part.

The Dremora had to retreat to higher ground, since they have lost half of their numbers to those Prince damned dogs. So, they had to retreat to the high place where the rich ponies of this city once lived in. They were down to half their numbers, but they will still stand and fight to the very last. That was the one mistake both the caribou and those dog creatures made. They weren’t dealing with any piss-stained army or wet-nurses. They had thought that they were dealing with a slave uprising or some other political party vying for power. He and his brothers proved them wrong. They were born from the Fires of Oblivion, lived to served Mehrunes Dagon in defense of his realm and his own personal army. They knew nothing but combat and war. They will never break, never surrender, and would rather die and take some basterds with them than do nothing at all. They have invaded Tamriel numerous times, but all of them ended in failure. However, they have left some lands scarred for life, and the people broken and buried beneath their feet. Unlike some of the other Daedra, they were more smarter than they were given. They have developed their own language, culture, and knew how to kill a person in more ways than one.

In short, both were fucked from the beginning.

While he and Venom, along with half of his soldiers were defending the bridge, he saw Marcus fighting off a couple of dog creatures. His Daedric armor had a couple of dents in it, which was strange considering that said armor is the strongest on Nirn. Then again, they were in a new world, and a lot can change. He had to admit, he was actually proud of the boy handling himself with a sword. He may be young, be he did have a strong will to live, and help the weak mortals of this world. He called him over the bridge, telling him to get behind the shield wall. Before Marcus could even come across the bridge, a dog grabbed him and dragged him with him. Kathuet would have come down to help Marcus, but the hordes of dogs were already on the bridge, and blocking his way to the human. So, he was stuck defending the bridge with the other Daedra while Xucruroth, being the coward that he is, does whatever thing he’s doing back at the stadium with the other mages.

His answer came sooner than he expected.

Just when a bigger horde of dogs were charging at the bridge, one that could have mowed them over like a stampede of horses, a large dragon appeared out of nowhere. The dragon, which he learn was part of a last breed from Skyrim, started to breath fire upon anything it could see, which was either the caribou or the diamond dogs. Both sides decided that fucking with a dragon was idiotic and dumb, and quickly fled the scene of battle with their tails between their legs. He had learned later that the dragon brought the caribou general to Xucruroth, which said Daedra killed.

The battle was over quickly after that.

Ever since then, he and the rest of his species have done much to survive in this new world. They raid and pillage any nearby settlements for food and supplies, as well as any riches the caribou had. They were also careful with selecting villages that had weak garrisons. They maybe a warmongering species, but that doesn't mean that they aren't stupid or barbaric. It was getting harder and harder since this King Dainn decided to get his head out of his ass and send troops to defend the Equestrian country side.

Right now, He and several other Daedric warriors were hiding among a forest that sat on top of a hill. They were crouched down to avoid being seen by pegasi ponies, the ones that have wings. The afternoon sun poured down form their positions, shining off the armor that they wore. If anyone were to see it, said person would have warned the village. They were a small force that composed of twenty-five warriors from among the Kynval class. There were not as big as the ones that raided Ponyville, but it would be enough for what they have in store. Plus, some of the Dremora among them were hardened veterans from the Oblivion Crisis, the event that sealed their fate on Gaia Alata. Beyond the tress they were hiding in was a small peaceful village. He could see ponies and caribou going about their day without a care in the world. Of course, there was a few noticeable things about the town, such as a large square like structure that said "Maripony Hotel". He was in awe at the structure of the building, and how tall it was. It wasn't as tall as the Citadel Tower in Cyrodiil, but it was an impressive building. It was simple, yet taller than any Imperial buildings. Its white marble stood out against the quiet town he surveyed. Granted, the marble on it had moss in some areas, looking much older than any other building in the stupid town. Beyond that, he could see lots of ponies and caribou at the center of the town. He could also see stalls admits the crowd, the store owners pedaling their wares. While some of them sell basic things like lamps and hats, others were in a more.........sexual nature. One stall was selling what looked like plants with tentacles. One slave mare was standing over said plant, with the planet itself violating her in her pussy. He could tell that the mare loved it, as she was blissfully smiling with her tongue hanging out like a dog. Another stall was selling sexual objects, like a toy replica of what he can assume was a dragon’s phallic member. Some of the towns folk were even engaging in sexual activities.

He had to give it to the caribou. They’re culture would put even the worshippers of Sanguine to shame.

Right in the center of the town was a large stage. The stage floor was made from some dark brow wood, probably from an oak tree or something of the sort. The curtains were currently closed, but they were a deep red. On top of the stage itself was fancy looking words that say “Cavious's Bitches and Slaves Emporium Slave Auction." The large sign wasn't written in the sense that someone handwritten them. Various small round-like objects made up the words. From what he heard, these objects were called "Lightbulbs", and they glow different colors when it is nighttime. It wasn't magic that drives these objects, but something called "electricity". It was very similar to lighting in a way, but it delivers small amounts of lighting to an object so it can "power up".

'These ponies are weird.' He thought to himself as he continued his observations. Already, he could see the towns folk coming to the set-up stage. After some time waiting, A stallion soon came out of the curtains. He saw that the stallion had a brown coat with a dark mane and tail that were combed back into an elegant style. He had a small cylinder-like object in his hand, a "microphone" if he remembers correctly. The stallion began to amplify his voice through the "microphone" as he presented the slaves up for auction. Many of the towns folk seemed to be interested in the mares, everyone one eager to see what mares are available for fucking.

He was interrupted from his musings when he heard footsteps close to him. Turning around, he saw Sloth coming out of the shadows, along with several of his scouts.

"There are no soldiers present in the village." Sloth said with his neutral and creep tone. "However,” He pointed at the stage that were showing off different slaves and the such. "There is a large amount of these 'Solar Inquisition' troops stationed at the festivities."

Kathuet had to squint to see what he was pointing at. Indeed, he saw several soldiers dressed in Imperial-like armor were patrolling around the area, some were even standing by the stage. Their eyes scanned the entire crowd, looking for any trouble makers or anything. There are even a few pegasus guards perching on the rooftops, their wings at the ready for any trouble.

He turned back to Sloth with an annoyance in his eyes. "So? If there is a resistance cell near here, it would matter little to them. We'll crush them all the same." He said, bringing up his mace for emphasis.

"That is because there is no resistance here."

This peaked his interest a lot. "What do you mean "there's no resistance here?"" He said. From what he could gather, the Inquisition soldiers are more like enforcers and hunters. They try to keep the peace while also hunting for any resistance members. They are also lead by a pony named Blueblood, a suppose traitor to these Equestrians.

"What I am saying is true." Sloth said. "There is no resistance here. There is no slave uprising or any rebellion going on in the town."

"So then why are they're here?" Kathuet questioned. If what Sloth saying is true, what purpose does the Inquisition have in this small normal town?

"That is the best part." Sloth said as he smiled a bit under his hood. "I just saw Prince Blueblood inside the town."

Now he grinned in a malicious way, an animalistic glee in his mind. If there was one thing he enjoyed the most, it was killing nobles and kings. It was his always his guilty pleasure. During the invasion on Kvatch, he found some petty nobles hiding in some cellar while there was still chaos. He heard that Prince Blueblood was once a noble pony of Equestria, right up before he sold out his kind to the caribou. He was an utter basterd, always complaining just about anything. He even breaks mare’s minds as a hobby as well.

"Where is he?" Kathuet said. He had to control his body to sound serious. Deep on the inside, he is as much excited like a Nord that found the endless supply of mead somewhere in Skyrim.

"He had left the marketplace not too long ago." Sloth said. "He went over to that building over there." He pointed his finger to the large building Kathuet saw earlier.

"Good." He then got up into a standing position and turned to his warriors. "Alright boys, you know what to do. Kill anyone that gets in your way and steal anything of value. The slaves are not to be harmed, but if they get in your way, kill them. If anyone finds this Blueblood, bring him back here, alive!" He raised his mace up high. "LET’S DO THIS, BOYS!"

The Dremora cheered at their leader’s instructions, raising their own weapons high. While it was a bummer that they can't murder the slaves along with the village, they were still content with killing anyone that challenges them. In rapid response, they charged out of the tree line and down towards the village, their savage war cry echoing into the countryside.

With his warriors gone, Kathuet and Sloth were the only ones left. He craned his neck, the sound of bones cracking heard throughout the once quiet forest. He gripped his mace before a voice said to him. "You seem a little...excited about all of this."

He turned his head to Sloth and smirked. "What can I say? It's been awhile since we've done something like this." The raid they did in Ponyville was.... something. "Besides, I hate nobles." There was venom in his words as he said that. An idea soon struck him. "How about a bet?"

The clashing of steel on steel echoed throughout the once quiet and tranquil village. The sounds of a bell ringing in a church-like structure alerted the nearby villagers. Fires soon started spreading among the houses and stores, burning anything that it came across. The sound of breaking glass and the cries of the desperate were echoing as well. The slaves that were once on stage had grew its brain and probably fled the town, or were captured by the Daedra.

To Kathuet, it was music to his ears. Something that was both exotic and familiar to him.

A nearby battle cry ruined that moment. A young buck dressed in Inquisition armor came charging at him, a spear grasped in both of his hands. He glared in annoyance as the young buck came towards him, wanting to kill him just for ruining his moment. The young colt came close to him and try to thrust his spear against him. The hardened Dremora stepped out of the way and grabbed the head of the spear. The colt’s eyes widened at the mistake he made, but it was too late to do anything. Kathuet then swung his mace right at the colt's helmet, knocking him down to the ground. The colt didn't move after that. He either thought the mace knocked him out cold or killed him.

Either way, it didn't matter to him. He need to find Blueblood before Sloth could find him. Knowing that sneaky bastard, he probably found Blueblood and he's already waiting for him so he could rub his victory in his face.

All around him, the Dremora were battling with the Inquisition soldiers or the garrison, or looting any home or building they come across. He saw a Daedric Kynval shove a sword right into a gut of a caribou soldier. Wasting no time, the Kynval ripped open his stomach, the caribou's intestines spilling onto the ground. The caribou's eyes widened as he fell to his knees and screamed, but was quickly silenced when the Kynval Daedric sword sliced his head off. A Dremora wielding a two-handed Warhammer knocked down an Inquisition caribou. He raised his hammer high and brought it down to the caribou's head, reducing it into a bloody paste that went in all directions. Its once red and black face was now covered in blood, making him more savage than ever.

He turned away from the battle that was going on in the marketplace towards his target; the Maripony Hotel. 'He better be in there. I don't care if I have to burn this entire village down to find him. He laughed as he went on his way, taking out any soldier that stood in his way.

As he casually walked through the battle rage in the marketplace, he took his time to scan the carnage that was going on. All around him, the soldiers of this "Solar Inquisition" were being ripped apart one by one by his warriors. While most of the soldiers were killed, there are still a few tried to defy death by trying to strike them down. Emphases on "try". They only managed to scratch each of the Dremora's armor, not really penetrating the armor itself. One pony in purple armor, who Kathuet thinks is an officer of sorts, was currently battling a Xivili that was wielding two swords. The officer himself was in a strange battle stance that consisted of his knees bending down and his weapon, which was a rapier, aim right at him as he dodged him attacks. The way he dodged them was......"interesting" to say the least.

The Xilvli grunted as he swung his swords at the officer, but the stallion dodged every one of his attacks with ease. "Ha ha!" The stallion said with a posh accent. "You cannot defeat me, demon! I am the best swordstallion on this side of the Empire!" He thrusted his sword into the Xivili's exposed chest to prove his point. The Daedra's eyes widened as he felt the sharp end of the rapier pierced his flesh, dropping both of his weapons in the process.

The unicorn smirked as brought the rapier out. "And now your-" He didn't finish as the Xivili looked down and brought the sword out of his stomach. Once the sword was in his hand, he turned it sideways. He lifted his other hand and put it on the bladed end.

With little strength, he broke the sword into two.

".......dead?" He whimpered as he saw his broken swords. Before he could run away, the Daedra threw the bladed end away and grabbed the posh unicorn stallion by his neck, lifting him up to his terrifying face. The Xivili roared and, using the broken rapier, stabbed him repeatedly in the chest. The unicorn couldn't even scream for help as the Xivili kept assaulting him with as much force as he could muster.

The body was lifeless after fifty-two stabs to the chest, leaving a bloodied body. The Xivili shrugged and threw the body away, which ended up in the next to him by sheer luck.

He laughed as watch the body land in the dumpster. After taking another moment of laugher, he moved on.

It didn't take long for him to reach the hotel. The hotel he was going into was twice the size than what he saw. Upon closer inspection, some pieces of marble were missing from the building, but it wasn't life threating or anything. A glass door stood, between them were two Inquisition soldiers that had spears in their hands. They glared at him to make them look more intimidating, but he wasn't impressed. They were what's standing between him and Blueblood.

He stopped. He rolled his neck as he stood there, waiting from them to do something. The caribou and a pony looked at each other and nodded. In rapid succession, the soldiers in Inquisition armor decided team up against the intruder, charging at him at the same time. Kathuet yelled a battle cry as he charged them as well.

The first one, an earth pony stallion, that reached him swung his sword downward towards his head, but Kathuet countered it with his mace. The other one, the caribou, tried to swing at his sides while he was distracted. Kathuet saw this coming. Reacting out of instinct, he blocked the incoming blade with his free arm, knowing that his armor would block the blade from touching him.

The blade dug right through the armor and into his flesh.

Kathuet felt the blade dug into his flesh and roared right at the caribou's face. Now enraged by the pain he received, he used his left knee and side kicked the caribou's left hoove. He kicked him so hard that he heard a CRACK from the caribou's hoove, making him scream in pain as he fell to the ground. Turning his attention to the stallion, he swung his mace to the left, throwing the stallion's weapon out of his hand. Bringing it back around, he clubbed the stallion right in the face, blood and some bits of tooth flew from his face. He heard a resounding 'CRACK' as the mace impacted the stallion's helmet as he was thrown a couple of feet from him, his body lay lifeless. Now turning his attention to the caribou, he ran towards him with the bloody mace in his hand as said caribou was still holding his knee, as if he could reconstruct the bones that were broken. The caribou eyes widened as Kathuet fell upon him, hammering him down with a mace repeatedly.

"SUPID! FUCKING! PIECE! OF! SHIT!" He shouted as he hit the caribou in the face many times in a row. The caribou's face almost stopped resembling a face at all. "FUCKING! KHAJIIT! FUCKING! FUUUUUUUUCK!"

With that last word, he slammed it down so hard that the remains of the creature’s face exploded in a shower of blood and bone.

Breathing heavily, he backed out of the dead body and kneeled down. He looked at his arm, which had blood seeping out of the armor, almost making it like a waterfall of sorts. Lifting the arm up, he looked at the wound the stupid caribou made into his armor.

He cursed when he saw the wound. A large bloody cut entered his field of vision, blood oozing out of the wound. He could see the large cut in the armor where the wound was present, which concerned and angered him to no end. He was lucky that the cut wasn't fatal or serious. That doesn't mean that the pain wasn't excruciating enough.

He glared at the wound, thinking that it would disappear if he looked at it enough. Daedric armor was considered to be strong, at least on the world of Nirn and the continent of Tamriel. He was worried that weapons of this world were different than the ones on Nirn in regard to the raw magic of this world. Those theories had been debunked when they first faced the caribou, and that the caribou cannot penetrate the armor. That was the advantage the Dremora had.

Or it was.

He searched behind his back and procured a health potion. He didn't like using said potion, on account that it tastes like someone just pissed in it and just died his urine red. He took a swig of the potion as he felt the liquids going down his throat. He could taste the piss-like substance as it hit his taste buds. He could already feel his body going back to full energy. He pours the rest on his cut. He watched in amazement as the cut suddenly disappeared from his sight.

He sights as he felt the pain disappear from inside him, along with the pain in his arm.

He turned his attention to the dead caribou that had cut through his armor. He wanted to know how in the Daedric Prince's did he cut through the strongest armor in existence. He went over to the body to find out how he did it.

Once he was at the corpse, he looked down on the caribou's dead body, seeing if there was anything out of the ordinary. He didn't see anything wrong with him. He was in Inquisition armor, along with the now dead stallion, and their weapons were fancier than the Dremora's, but besides that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Something glowed below his vision. Looking down, he saw the sword that the caribou used to cut through his armor. The sword itself glowed a bright blue, with waves of rainbow-like colors moving like ants. On the sword itself were symbols that Kathuet couldn't even decipher. They were different from the Daedric dialect he and his brothers used.

"Runes." He murmured as he saw the glyphs glow. He had heard of runes giving strange powers to weapons of their chose, much like Mehrunes Razor or Mal Bolg's Mace. It allows the users weapon to channel elemental energy, like fire or ice, and makes the weapon itself more powerful in its own way. It differs from weapon to weapon occasionally, from flaming maces to poison daggers. The Inquisition must have enchanted their weapons to dig through their armor.

He looked behind at the now burning village. He hoped that his brothers are fine and well. Even if the Inquisition has somehow managed to find a way to pierce through their armor, the Daedra will fight to the death to kill their enemy. They were born that way, and they will die that way.

Shaking his head, he turned to the building that this "Blueblood" was in, and directly heading towards it.

"What the fuck am I looking at?" He said at the place he was in.

The inside of the building was.... strange to him. Yet, it has a feel of mundane, like it was normal for "Hotels" to look like this. Then again, he was new to this strange land, even thought he was from the Deadlands himself. The inside was small, but was a little bit bigger for someone like him. Some sort of oak covered the entire floor and walls, making it shine like it was new. Rows of flowers were depicted all over the wall. A long desk was embedded on the right next to him. It had a catacomb of small square holes next to it, some filled with what he can assume is letters. In the middle of the room was a large staircase that broke into two smaller stairs to the side, one leading to the left and the other leading to the right. Right next to the staircase were two doors that had strange signs on them. Another sign was standing right in the middle of the room, with the words "Restroom" written on it along with two arrows pointing at said doors.

'What is this "Restroom"' He thought as he looked at the signs. He had never heard of this "Restroom" before, but he had heard it among the ponies. The first one had a sign of a what he thought was a primitive picture of a triangle-like person with the words "Colt" written above the picture. Another picture of a triangle-like being had the words "Filly" written on top of the word.

Looking between the two, he was about to walk to the staircase when he heard a noise. "Achoo!"

Quickly withdrawing its weapon, he looked at the desk that produced the sound. He walked towards the desk and drew his hand behind the desk. He felt something through his armor glove and grabbed on to it, making the mysterious object yelp. He dragged the thing, which was a male earth pony stallion, right out into the open.

The stallion he dragged out that he held by his mane wasn't a soldier, due to the fact he was wearing strange clothing that wasn't armored or anything. He was also shaking like a leaf, a very scared and breathing leaf that knew the end was coming. The stallion himself had a navy-blue color, with his mane and tail being a mixture of red and yellow. He wore a red shirt that had buttons on it and pictures of a yellow flower on it. His pants were cut below his knees, which Kathuet recalled were called "shorts" by the ponies. He had a strange thing hanging on his neck. It was a black metal box that had some sort of small glass lens inside of it.

He glared at the stallion as said stallion shrunk under his gaze. "I am looking for someone named Blueblood." He told the stallion. "You wouldn't happen to know where he is, do you?"

The stallion shakily pointed a finger to the ceiling. "A-a-a-at t-t-t-the p-p-p-p-penthouse suite."

He looked above the ceiling, not understand what he meant by "penthouse suite", or understand how to get there. He then looked at the two stairs, connecting two and two together. "You mean that it's above this building?" The stallion nodded. "How the FUCK do I get there!?!?" He shouted at him. If that little furry fucker thinks that he has to climb all those stairs to get to where Blueblood is, then he might as well just give up. But no, he won't give up. He held the mace at his face to prove his point. "If you think I'm going to climb this Prince forsaken building, then I might as well just fucking kill you now!"

"THERE'S AN ELEVATOR THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE LUXTURY FLOOR IN NO TIME!!!" The stallion cried out as he pointed at a set of.... well, he didn't know what they were. The stallion was already crying out loud like a baby, tears pouring out of his eyes. "PLEASES DON'T KILL ME! I HAVE CHILDREN TO TAKE CARE OF!!"

Kathuet wanted to just kill the pathetic stallion here and now just because of him crying like a baby. His instincts told him to do it, to silence this fool forever. As much as he would want to kill him and wear his coat as a sigh of a trophy, he was saving his bloodlust for Blueblood.

He threw the stallion off his grasp and onto the ground. "I don't have time for a pathetic whelp like you." He said to the down stallion, how was still crying. "I'm felling generous and letting you go." He pointed to the glass doors. "Got it?"

The stallion didn't need to answer as Katheut saw the stallion running to the doors. In fact, he didn't see the stallion's physical form leaving. All he saw was a blue blur and a smoke silhouette of his from, right before it disappeared.

Rolling his eyes, he heads to where the stallion pointed earlier. What greeted him was a set of double bronze-like doors that had some fancy carvings on them. Above the door were numbers that ranged from one to seven, including a word right next to one called "Lobby". Right next to the doors were what looked like a number pad not unlike the one he had seen up top. It was a rectangular box that had numbers and signs on it that he didn't know.

He hummed as he saw the numbers on the box. There were round things that looked like buttons of sorts. Something in his brain told him to destroy it before it could kill him, but he ignored that part of the brain.

Pressing the one that had the word "Lobby" on it, stood around to see if something is happening. At first, nothing happened. He expected something to happen, but nothing happened. "If that stallion lied to me-"

There was a ding that he heard, and Kathuet drew his mace out of instinct. The doors suddenly started opening on their own, revealing a small empty metal room. He looked up and down to see if this was a trick, if this was some sort of trap designed to kill him. He stepped into the room cautiously while his mace is in his hand. So far, nothing had come to attack him, thought he kept his guard up just in case something happens.

He turned around to the opened doors, seeing a small panel next to them. Like the ones outside, they had numbers on them that ranged from one to seven.

'Well, here goes nothing'. He said as he pressed the "Seven" buttons. The doors suddenly closed, and Katheut was already in a battle stance. Then the room moved on its own, forcing a surprise yelp out of him. The room shook a little, so Kathuet was forced to drop his mace and grab on to the nearest railing bolted in the room itself. He was already hyperventilating out of fear of this.... room. 'WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST STEP INTO?!?!?!?' He cursed as the room continued shaking. He shut his eye out of fear of dying. It was a disgrace to him, to be fearful of dying. He was supposed to be fearless in the face of death and battle. Dying was considered a glorious thing to have. Not because he would be born again in the Fires of Oblivion, but because he actually welcomed it. It would let him learn from his mistakes and better improve them.

That mistake is trusting a random stallion when he said that this "Elevator" will take him to what he desires.

He heard a ding and the sound of something opening. He opened his eyes to see the metal doors open to another big room. Picking up his mace, he quickly scrambled to get out of the small room.

He found himself on solid ground once again, pretty much thankful that the ride was over. His stomach felt twisted as he was forced to throw up, emptying his contents onto a red carpet.

He did this for a couple of minutes. His throat was burning from throwing up his lunch. "Fuck." He whispered as he finished emptying his contents. With shaky legs, he tried to get up. Before he finished getting up, he felt his legs getting wobbly. He hugged the nearest wall for support. "This is the last time I trust a stranger." He made a note to himself to kill the stallion the next time he saw him.

After his stomach settled down, he stood back to his full height and shook his head focus on the task ahead.

He was in a different area than before, which meant that the "elevator" took him to what he needed. He was in part of a small hallway that ended in a random room.

He shook his head as he went down the small hallway and into the big room it ended in.

He was in a large room, much bigger than the "Lobby" he was in. In fact, he would even say that this room was the size of a house if necessary. A large square shaped window let the midday sunlight into the room, allowing it to light up the room altogether. Besides that, the floor was of a white color, and lined with golden glitter to make it shine in the sunlight. The walls were painted gold, and had a picture of grandeur on them. There was a fire place on the far-right bottom of the room, almost looking like something a rich Imperial would have in his mansion or villa. A large L-shaped "couch" sat next to some small steps. A large staircase next to him ran to a fancy white door. A mini bar was set up on the left wall with various drinks that were a mystery to him. Next to the bar was a large picture of a posh stallion with blue mane holding a leash to a strange mare with a swollen belly. The mare in question had a pink coat with a mixture of light purple, azure, and pink mane and tail. She also had both wings and a horn, something he had not seen in anyone else besides Twilight, a broken mare now sitting in the cells. He had heard that those that have both wings and a horn are known as "Alicorns" to the ponies, and their considered gods in this world.

'They must be shitty gods if they allowed this to happen.' Kathuet said as he looked around the large room. The place seemed to be completely empty, but he could smell musk around the air. He got his answer when he heard moaning and groaning coming from the upstairs room.

With a predatorily grin on his face, he climbed up the stairs.

He gripped the mace in his hand tightly, and looked around for anything unusual, particularly ones that spell ambush. So far, the hallway was completely devoid of life. There were no guards, no guest, no nothing. He thought that a prince like Blueblood might have some guard protecting the building. Maybe they either were fighting his brothers outside, or took their chances and flee like the cowards they are.

He laughed at the prospect of his guards abandoning the prince. It just makes it all too easy, even for someone like him.

He reached the upstairs as he saw the door that lead into another room. He could hear the sounds of moaning and, from what he would guess, slapping. He could even hear the Prince in there. "Yeah, that's right, you fucking bitch." He heard through the door frame.

He rolled his eyes as he decided to end this little hunt once and for all.

He brought his left foot up and, with all the strength he could muster, kicked the door down.

The inside of the room was grander, much more than the downstairs room he was in. The walls were golden like before, but more.... golden than before. Two red lamps were standing on nightstands that were spaced in between a large bed. A window with a velvet curtain bright some sunlight in, allowing him to see the scene in front of him. Right next to the bed was a rack that had various objects that Kathuet though were of a more sexual nature. A velvet carpet gave way to a large queen-size bed in the middle of the room.

A stallion was naked right on top of the bed, with his cock inside his slave's ass, or rump as the ponies would call it. This stallion had a white coat that was almost ugly to stare at. He had a blonde mane and tail, which were combed more elegantly than most ponies. His was skinnier than the ponies he met, but had an air of arrogance on him.

He guessed that this was Prince Blueblood.

Blueblood stared at Katheut said as he stopped fucking this slave, which in turn stare back at him. Both of them were silent for the most part. Kathuet smirked as he looked upon the prince, who looked like a frightened deer. "Prince Blueblood, I presume?"

Prince Blueblood screamed and ran into the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom, and closed the door behind him with a locking sound. Kathuet laughed as he walked on over to the now shut door. He liked it when someone was cowering before him. The slave from before decided to get away from the big scary monster that barged on her master. It didn't matter that someone was escaping him, but he wanted only Blueblood.

He proceeded to bash the door in with his mace, wood breaking under the Daedric material. Wood was flying over both sides as half of the door was destroyed. He kept on doing this, all the while he could hear Blueblood crying and begging for mercy.

With one last bash, the door fell apart.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" Blueblood screamed as Kathuet looked at the scared prince. He was cowering in a fetal position on a large white tub. He was also holding a strange object that the ponies called a "plunger" in his hands, using it as a weapon against the unholy abomination in front of him. He smirked as he saw the naked form of the prince, his proud dick displayed for all to see.

He wasn't impressed by what he saw.

He sheathed his mace back to his hip and stepped closer to Blueblood. In response, he raised the plunger against him. "S-s-s-s-stay back!" He said, his arms shaking in fear. "I-I-I-I-I-I-I know how to this."

Kathuet grabbed the "plunger" from out of his hands. Gripping it with both hands, he broke it into two and threw it to the ground. Then, he grabbed Blueblood by his mane and threw him against the wall. "I've been looking all over for you, you little runt." He started to say.

"HELP! HELP! GUARDS! GET IN HERE!" He yelled. He was annoyed by his screaming and decided to bang his head against the wall, making sure to not damage the skull.

"All your guards are gone." Kathuet said as he looked right into the fearful eyes of the scared prince. "They left you like your worth nothing."

Blueblood looked at him as he said his comment, the fearfulness he saw in his eyes was gone, and it was replaced with angry. "How dare you call me nothing, you whelp." Blueblood glared at him. He must have triggered something to make him this angry. "I am Prince Blueblood, heir to King Dainn's throne. So, you will do well to respect-"

Kathuet just had enough of the stallion talking back at him. With one mighty heave, he threw the stallion to the other side of the room. Blueblood hit the wall as a result and fell back down. A hole was embedded in the wall from where Blueblood was hit.

Blueblood groaned from pain as Kathuet came back over to him, the sound of his armor feet filling the empty room. "You are nothing to me, you little shit." He said as he stopped at the prone form of Blueblood. He grabbed Blueblood by his mane and pulling him back up to eye level. "Your guards left you here because they had the brains to run away like a bunch of scared curs, leaving a fat piece of shit you undefended. I should just kill you, right here and now." He grinned, showing his sharp razor-like teeth. "But no. I have something better planned for you."

He raises his right fist and brought it down on Prince Blueblood.

He let go of the body as it fell to the ground. The now naked prince was unconscious, his face looking like some wild animal had scratched him. His own pride and joy hanging out for all to see.

Kathuet smiled and hummed a little tune as he lifted the body onto his shoulder and walked right out the bathroom door, and out of the main room himself.

"I hope I haven't interrupted something."

Kathuet almost dropped the body and withdrew his mace from his belt until he saw Sloth in the room with him, the sneaky fuck smirking at him while leaning on the wall next to him.

He snorted as he sheathed his weapon. "Well, looks like your late to the party."

"I was hold up by some......unfortunate stallions." He said as he looked between him and the unconscious Blueblood. "The poor bucks thought they could be heroes if they killed me." He shook his head. "I'm almost sorry for them." He looked at the body of Blueblood that Kathuet was holding. "It seems you captured the little prince. Was it hard?"

"It was almost too easy." He retorted as he readjusted his prize on his shoulder. "I was almost expecting a challenge of sorts." He looked back at Sloth with a smirk on his face. "I think that means that I won the bet."

"Yes, you have." Sloth said. The Dremora scout seemed unfazed by his declaration of victory. "You have captured Blueblood, all alone in his room, with no one guarding him. It was easy for you."

"Yes, it was-" He stopped his boasting as he thought on how he had acquired Blueblood in the first place. Yes, it was easy for him. There were no bodyguards guarding his room, nor any of his elite troops. He knew that anyone with the title "Prince", there would at least be someone protecting him. He found no one. It was as if they-

His eyes widened at the sudden realization of this...revelation. He soon glared at the Dremora assassin. "You were here before me, weren't you?"

Sloth smirked. "Why, whatever do you mean?" He said as he mocked him.

"I think you know what I mean!" He threw the body onto the bed and suddenly got up in his face. "Anyone associated with royalty would have at least had some protection. There would have been royal guards all over the building, but there wasn't!" He glared right into his eyes, burning with hatred. "At first, I thought they had left the building to fight in the village. Now I know why they weren't around to protect their prince. You were here before me!"

There was silence in the room as he accused Sloth. The tension between them was growing, at least to Kahuet it was. He could already guess what was going on inside Sloth.

"Guilty as charged." Sloth said as a sly smile formed in his face.

"Then why?" Kathuet questioned, pressing his face against Sloth's. "Why didn't you take Blueblood while you were there the first time? In fact, how did you get here before me?" That was a questioned that boggled his mind

Sloth shrugged. "While you were out gallivanting with our enemies, I reached the "penthouse" via rooftop. It wasn't really difficult, actually. There were guarding's posted everywhere, at least on this floor. While my original intention was to win your so called "bet", I wanted to humiliate you as much as possible. That was then I had a thought: I'll let you win."

Kathuet backed away from his face, but continued glaring at him. "You wanted me to win?" He questioned. Sloth nodded. "That has to be the most bullshit answer I've ever heard."

"Well, I won't blame you." Sloth said. Kathuet tried to search his face for any deception. Sloth was.... well, unreadable one might say. So far, he was telling the truth. "I know that you would be eager for a fight against elite soldiers, so I dispatched them as quickly as possible. I made my presence known to them at the time. They all wanted a piece of me, but they failed."

"Hold on." Kathuet said as he interrupted Sloth. He pointed outside the bedroom he and Sloth were in. "You mean to tell me that you were here before me, but instead of capturing Blueblood for yourself you just........kill everyone in the building?"

Once again, Sloth shrugged. "In a way, yes."

"But.... there were no signs of conflict when I got there!" Kathuet said. If Sloth got here before him and took out the guards, there would have been signs of blood or anything out of the ordinary.

"There was a lot of blood, sure." Sloth said. "While I was "cleaning house", as the ponies would say, I came across a mage with some skills in magic. My first thought was to kill him, but then I had an idea. I had managed to disarm him and held a dagger to his throat. He begged me to let him go, but I told him to clean up the messy hallway and make sure nothing happened."

".... What?" Kathuet stared at him. If one were to walk in the room right now, they would see Kathuet's mouth opening wider than any species in Tamirel.

"Once he did his part, I let him go." Sloth continued, ignoring the stare he was getting from Kathuet. "Well, I actually slit his throat, but I guess it counts as letting him go."

Kathuet was soon conflicted. On the one hand, he wanted to laugh at him, saying that he is stupid beyond the average Dremora. At the same time, however, he was fuming mad as a dragon. He wanted a challenge when he tried to capture Blueblood. Hell, he wanted there to be a worthy elite foe to face him. Don't get him wrong, he was all well and happy about getting Blueblood and winning the bet. However, as a Dremora, he wanted a challenge. He thought

"If it makes you feel any better," Sloth began to say. "They did put up much of a challenge. They almost bested me a few times, but they still died in the end like the rest of their kind."

Kathuet glared at him with all the hatred he could muster. "I hate you so much." He murmured under his breath.

"I know the feeling." Sloth said. He got into a standing position as he stretched his neck, resulting in a few cracking sounds coming from his neck. "We best be going. We have already killed all the defenders and gathered the remaining slaves. We can already suspect that someone of them are warning some nearby guards about the village. We should be getting back to Stalliongrad before that happens." He pasted Kathuet as he went out the door. He stopped right at the door way and looked back at him. "Oh, and since I was here before you, I won the bet." He said right before he disappeared into the other room.

Kathuet stood there with his mouth agape and his eyes widened. He couldn't believe what just happened. One moment, he was rubbing Blueblood in Sloth's face. Now, he was both extremely pissed off and surprised.

A groan came from the bed. Kathuet shook out of his gaze and turned to the bed. Blueblood's eyes were already fluttering awake as he was now coming back to conciseness. His left hand went to his head as he rubbed the bruise on his cheek. "Uuhuhg, what happened?"

Kathuet sighed as his right hand grabbed Blueblood's neck, hosting him up from the bed. Blueblood yelped as he was physically lifted up by the scarf of his neck. "Shut up." He said as he extended his right hand and once again punched Blueblood in the face.

Blueblood was once again unconscious. He grunted as he grabbed Bluebloods body and hosted him over his shoulders. He murmured some curse words in Nibenese as he walked out of the door.


View Online

'You know, I should really stop pasting out all the time. It's getting old.' I thought as I was drifting in the darkness of the void once again. First time I experienced it was when I arrived in this world and the second time was when I met Kathuet and the rest of the Dremora army.

Though this time I as knocked out because a giant muscular dog threw me around like a chew toy.

Were it not for Applejack and her amazing strength, I would actually be a chew toy for the dog. I mean, I know I am in a world of magic, but there was no way Applejack was that strong against the Diamond Dog. I then learned later that Earth ponies have this natural ability that allows them to be strong or something. I'm not good with pony biology. I also figured out that before the caribou invaded, she used to work at a farm in Ponyville. They were, not kidding you, apple farmers.

I groaned as I tried to open my eyes. A bright light assaulted my eyes, blinding me with all its.....brightness. I groaned as I felt the light hit my eyes. "Oh my Celestia, he's waking up!" A familiar feminine voice said in an exciting tone. I felt some footsteps coming near me and saw some shadows hovering over me under my eyelids. "Marcus, can you hear me?" Lyra questioned.

"Yeah." I crooked, my voice sounding like Gollum for a moment. I once again try to open my eyes, my vision becoming clearer now and adjusting to the light.

I was in a room at a hospital, that much was clear. I was laying down in a hospital bed with a few layers of sheet covering my body from the cold. There was a tray being held up on the side of the bed. On it was a small glass of water in front of me. I saw Lyra, Bon Bon, Applejack and Rarity standing over my bed with looks of both concern and relief on them. Well, leaning was more like it. The walls were a bland green with nothing interesting about them. Right next to me was a window that revealed sunlight. I could actually see the entire city from up here. By the look of it, it was afternoon. Or noon. I don't know what the natural time on this planet. I'm not good with time. To the left of me were other beds that were currently empty at the moment, although there were signs that they were used recently. The crumbled up sheets and a big spot on the middle of the bed told me they were used recently. Did the girls sleep in this room while I was unconscious?

"Are you alright, sugarcube?" Applejack said as she looked at me with concern on her face. I could tell from her facial features, like her ears being folded like that of a dog caught doing something bad. She thinks that this was her fault somehow. In truth, she saved my ass from being pummeled by a big ass diamond dog. Maybe she thinks that she caused for me being in my critical state.

"Water." I crooked out. Bon Bon was the one to respond to my request, as she quickly went into the bathroom three beds down. I heard the sound of water coming out of the facet. Some seconds later, Bon Bon came back with a plastic cup full of water. I quickly grabbed the cup from her hands, giving her a nod of thanks, and downed the water. The taste of water drank from the water that was rested near me. The cool refreshing taste of water made my way down my lips and my throat. In all but five seconds, the entire cup was empty before me. I felt the thirst from before leaving my throat. I was still thirsty "Thanks." I said, the feeling of my normal voice returning to me. I turned and gave the cup to Bon Bon and gave her a nod. As if reading my mind, she went back the bathroom and filled up the cup. "Where am I?" I questioned as she came back with a fresh cup of water once again.

"You're in Saint Gumdrop's Hospital for the Sick and Weary." Bon Bon was the first to say. I almost choked on my water when I heart the name of the place. I already knew I was in a hospital to begin with, it was no surprise. It was the founder's name I was having trouble with. Gumdrop? Really? How ridiculous are these pony names? "Applejack brought you back after you were unconscious." The doctors thought you would bleed out and die, that there was no way they could save you with all the broken bones and slashes across your body." I shuddered when she said that. Was I really a clump of broken bones? How was I even still alive at this point? "They thought you would slowly die from laceration wounds, but Xucruroth healed you back up with that strange magic of his." Ah, so that creepy motherfucker had some tricks up his sleeve, or staff if you want to be realistic about it.

"It was pretty amazing." Lyre interjected. "When he said he could heal you, we all thought he was joking or something. He then put his hand on you and light suddenly came out of it. The entire wounds on your body disappear!" She sounded like she was in awe of the entire event. "You were still unconscious though."

"How long was I out?" I asked.

"Three days at most." A new familiar voice said. The rest of us looked to see Xucruroth standing in the doorway with two Daedric guards. Right behind him was Storm Strider and Nightingale, both of them seemed relieved that I was alive. They all entered the room and stood at the corner of my bed. "You are most fortunate that I know some spells that mend broken bones." Before any more could be said, I heard screeching coming from the long hallway right next to my room. I heard a couple of ponies yelped and things crashing. Before anyone could figure out what the hell was going on, a small flying figure quickly entered the room. I recognized the form of Norm flying around the room. He then decided to land and perch on the table where my water was at. I moved it away right before he landed on the table. He looked at me with curiosity, turning his head sideways. I decided to scratch him on the head with my left hand. He gave a loud purr as I petted him.

I looked at my right arm and moved it around a little bit. While it did hurt like hell, the pain wasn't as bad as I originally thought. I was pretty damn amazed, to be honest. "Yeah. I can see that." I looked back at him. "What happened after I was unconscious? Did we win?" The fact that I and the mares were still alive right now might confirm my suspicions, but I wanted to make sure.

Storm Strider was the first one that spoke. "We won the battle. The caribou army retreated after General Lanius was killed." That was a huge relief on my part. The dude was scary as fuck in my opinion. I was surprised that he didn't come at me during the battle. Guess he thought I was a weakling or something. "I have never seen so many caribous running scared in my whole life. You should have seen there faces." She grinned. "Wish I was part of the battle though. Would have been a sight to behold. After the caribou retreated, the diamond dogs that attacked us earlier scurred back at there holes at some point. I suspect that the dragon might have something to do with that."

"Dragon?" I said in confusing. Come to think of it, I did see some sort of dragon flying around before I fell unconscious. I thought I was hallucinating because of all the blood loss.

"Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you about that," Xucruroth said nonchalantly. REALLY?!?!?! You forgot to tell me we had a fucking dragon this whole time?!?!?! Sometimes I think Xavier is trying to troll me. "We had a dragon tucked away in Gaia Alaia in case if things.....went wrong." He said so casually like it was a normal everyday thing.

I stared at him with as much speculation as one could muster. "Why did you not tell me this before?" How can someone forget that they had a dragon, a real-life dragon mind you, hidden in the Daedric realm and forgot about it? "Furthermore, since when did we have a dragon?"

He shrugged his shoulder plates. "You never asked before now."



I open my mouth before I closed it again several times. Damn, I gotta give that to him. I didn't really knew if we actually had a dragon to spare. "And to answer your question, a while now." Xavier continued. "Before the Nords overthrew their dragon masters, Dagon wanted some dragons for himself for the future conquest of Nirn. So he sent his agents to gather as many dragon eggs as possible. In fact, I was actually on one of the missions myself."

"Really?" I said in a quizzical voice. "Did he succeed?" I don't remember encountering any dragons during my playthrough of Oblivion. Unless I missed it in some way, like a hidden easter egg.

"In a way." He answered. "Unfortunately, all but one of the eggs exploded when we got back the Daedric realm of the Deadlands. Mehrunes Dagon was not pleased with how things turned out. He pinned all the blame on me. That is how I was sent to Gaiar Alata in the first place."

Ouch. Talk about having the worst job ever. "So, where is this dragon now?"

He shrugged. "Before we could capture it again, he flew away. I already have scouts searching for him as we speak."

My heart literally stopped when he said the dragon is gone. Now I have to deal with both an army of rapist led by a mad king and a fucking wild Daedric dragon.

Maybe I should have stayed dead.

"It was something, I'll tell you what." Storm said as she started to talk. "That dragon was breathing fire like there was no tomorrow. I swear, I think the caribou were collectively shitting themselves when they saw the dragon." She smiled like she was thinking about it. "Most of the city was on fire during the dragon's rampage, but we managed to stow the fires after the battle thanks to the local Pegasi community. No one was hurt on our side, thank Celestia." That was a relief to hear. I was worried that the dragon might have hurt some people. "Not only that, but after that little scare, everyone thinks that you were that dragon."

"Really?" I questioned.

Bon Bon opened her mouth as of to say something, but she was interrupted by Lyra. "It was amazing!" She nearly yelled. "That dragon was like "RAWR", and then the caribou were like "AHH. A DRAGON!"" At this point, her hands were flying all over the place as if she lost control of her limbs. "And then the dragon swooped down and breathed fire and General Lanius was like-" Before you should say anything more, her mouth was cover by Bon Bon's left hand, making the rest of the words more like muffled nonsense.

"ANYWAY," She started to say. "Everypony thinks that you transformed into a dragon at some point and turned the tide of the battle." Lyra tried to keep talking despite having Bon Bon's hand covering her mouth. "You then grabbed Lanius and carried him off. Some say that you ate him in that state." Wait, Lanius was killed by a dragon? I didn't want to believe it at first. I mean, a motherfucker that calls himself the 'Butcher of Baltimare' doesn't die that easy.

"Was he killed by a dragon?" I asked. I don't believe for one second that he was dead.

"He is." Xucruroth said. "I have the dragon bring him to me before he could get away. I killed him myself." Now I definitely believe that he was now dead. If you fuck with Xavier, your asking to be fucked back in the ass, brutally and painfully. To be honest with you, I didn't want to face that crazy fucker anytime during the battle. It was like asking for my ass to be kicked.

"That's not even the best part." Storm Strider said. "The clans from different cities are scared of you now that King Dainn's best general was killed. Hell, there was even talk that King Dainn himself is running scared of you, and trying to convince the clans that he will handle it."

"You said something about clans. Aren't the caribou like......united?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Not necessarily." She said. "During the days after the Fall, we captured some caribou that have managed to give us information on their organization. They have separate clans occupying different parts of Equestria. Currently, we are in the Stonehoof territory. The other major clans that occupy different parts of Equestria are the Frost Wolves, Iron Hand, Horned Gods, and Bear Claw. They aren't technically united, but they do follow their king without question." This was something that was new to me. I was kind of hard to imagine that the caribou aren't really a united force and that they are more divided than I originally thought. This was good. If I could get to their so-called king and kill him, then the clans would turn against each other. This would leave my army sweeping across Equestria and the rest of their empire with little to no competition.

I didn't think it was going to be this easy. Then I realized that I have to draw him out somehow. Now that the rumors of me killing his top general have spread like wildfire, I doubt he would come out and challenge me. "So what your saying is that if I somehow defeated Dainn, his clans would turn on each other?" I asked, wanting to confirm this with the resistance leader.

She put her one of her index fingers on her lips, her face deep in thought. "It is a possibility." She said. "The clans aren't particularly loyal to King Dainn, but they do rever him as some sort of god after defeating Celestia. Killing him would put as much scare into them and turn on each other." In short, it was actually going to be easier to defeat Dainn and the other caribou tribes that occupy's Equestria. "Problem is, he never leaves Canterlot Castle after the Fall. Seiging it now might take forever now that he knows how he is dealing with. I also heard some rumors that he's pulling back some of his armies to deal with you." She smirked at me. "You're becoming really popular by the minute."

"Hold on," Applejack interrupted. "If we do kill Dainn, and that assumes we do, Equestria could be in much more danger than we thought. The clans could go wild and destroy Equestria." I could see something else in her eyes. A kind of desperation of sorts. "Not to mention that some of our family members are in those areas as well." Well shit, that was another thing to think about. If I do kill King Dainn somehow, the remaining clans would rebel and tear Equestria anew one. Not to mention the peo-ponies will suffer if that happens. I don't want any more innocent blood being spilled because of me. I need to be smart about this.

"We will defeat them." Xavier said. "But we need to be smart about it. Killing Dainn will be no easy task. We can kill Dainn if we want, but we may need the clan's loyalty to do that."

"What are you saying?" I said as I started to move my hands to the tray and pushed it away from me, making Norm fly away from me and landing on an empty bed next to me. He looked at me with those dark beady eyes. I pulled the sheet away from me to see what damage is on my body. I was completely naked beside in a hospital nightgown I am wearing.

"Most of these clans don't like Dainn." Xavier went on to say. "In fact, most of them would see him dead, but they don't want to kill him. They think that he is a reincarnation of some god they worship." He scoffed. "Barbarians would believe a shit is made by a god. Anyway, We need to prove to him that he is not a god at all."

"By doing what, exactly?" I questioned him. I swung my feet over the edge of the bed by this point. I propped myself up and started to stand. I was a little wobbly on the first footing and almost fell face first onto the floor. I flailed around like an idiot. Before my face could even say hello to the floor, Applejack grabbed me by my left and helped me up. I nodded to her in thanks.

"Simple: We draw Dainn out of his castle and challenge him to a duel." Xavier said like it was the simplest thing. "We will show the rest of their clans that their leader is not a god as they want them to believe."

That was.....a fully thought out plan for once. "But can't I just kill him when he is in my sights?" I asked as I stand once again, and pushing Applejack away from me. I was able to stand once again without my knees giving out. "Like, can't I just like.....ambush him before he could come and face me?"

Xavier shook his head. "You can, but the other clans think that you are dishonorable and try to destroy you, even if Dainn is gone. You have to show him that he isn't a god as everyone believes he is." That sounded like a good plan if anything. While my inner instincts told me that I should kill this bastard the moment I see him, I think trying to humiliate him might be the best option. If I can defeat Dainn in single combat, then I can show those clans that he isn't an immortal being.

"Wait," I turned my head towards Storm Strider, realized something that she said. "you said Dainn doesn't come out of his castle, correct?" She nodded. "Then how do we get him out of the castle if he's never been outside."

"Simple." Xavier said. "We'll keep finding these "Elements of Harmony" wielders and hope that they haven't been broken yet. We already have three of the elements so far, but the other three are still out there. I already sent spies in some possible locations a few days ago. After we find them, we will assault the Crystal Empire and destroy this so-called "Crystal Cock." The last part he added with malice and contempt. "There sorcery is a joke if anything. If any Daedric Princes were to hear of this, they would wipe these pathetic creatures from the face of the earth."

I raised an eyebrow at the mention of this "Crystal Empire" and "Crystal Cock", more so at the mention of the "Crystal Cock." Seriously, are these guys really so inept that they named their magical device the Crystal Cock? Can't they name it something that's a little more evil like Magical Mind Controler of Doom? I swear, the caribou have no sense of courtesy whatsoever. "What's a Crystal Empire?" I questioned, trying to bright the question out to distract myself.

Before Storm said something, the sound of heavily armored boots coming towards my room interrupted her. After a few moments, a Dremora came running into the room, his dialect switching to Daedric language. Xavier turned to the runner and begun to speak in the Daedric dialect. I didn't know what the hell they were saying, but from the sound of the Dremora breathing heavily, it sounded important. The rest of the ponies turned to me for an explanation, like I knew what they were talking about. I shrugged, having no idea what they were talking about.

Once they were finished talking, the Dremora saluted and left the room. Xavier then turned to me. "It seems Kathuet is back from his raid, and he's brought back something special."

Oh yeah, I just realized that the only two beings that aren't here to see me was Kathuet and Venom. "Where's Venom and Kathuet?" I questioned Xavier. Even after the battle, I haven't seen these two for a while. Hell, they aren't here to even see me. Actually, Tirek wasn't even here either. I kind of get why Tirek wouldn't come here. That fucker was big as a bulldozer. I think he would demolish half the building if he ever stepped inside.

"Kathuet had gone out on several raids after you were unconscious." He said. "He had managed to secure some supplies for us and save some slaves along the way as per your request." Good on him. "He's also captured some caribou along the way. We sent them to the dungeons for now, along with some stallions that had......'lost it' during the first week." I raised and eyebrow when mentioned the stallions 'losing it'. My guess is that whatever magic was in the air was making the stallions mad or something. "As for Venom, she down at the tavern on the lower side of the city, probably getting drunk as usual." Yep, that sounded like her alright. There was this one time she actually showed up drunk during our training session, a few weeks before the attack on Ponyville. She then asked me to attack her and I did, defeating her easily. Of course, the morning after that, she got revenge on me by making me run ten miles through the darkest and most dangerous corner of the Everfree Forest.

With nothing but my underwear.

I shuddered at that moment. "So, what's this special package he brought back?" Applejack said. I was wondering what type of "special package" he brought back. Maybe someone important, like one of the Elements? Or a weapon we can use against the caribou?

"I do not know the exact details, but he says that he wants to "unveil" it in front of Marcus. Said it was a 'surprise'." He said, quoting two fingers up to emphasize his point. "I suggest getting out of that gown and go see that Kathuet has planned. While I would love to join you, I have some.....important projects that require my attention." He bowed his head. "It is good to see you back again, Marcus. Farewell." He then exited out of the room with two of his guards in tow.

"This 'gift' must be very important if Kathuet wants you to view it." Strom commented as she turns her head to me. "I'll go see what all this commotion is about." She motioned for her own guards to come with her as she walked out of the room. "Oh, and its good to see that you are alright." She said as she soon out of sight of my vision.

The entire room was empty save for Bon Bon, Lyra, Rarity, Applejack, and my falcon.

There was silence for a few seconds before I started to stretch my back, hearing some bones pop and feeling them back into place. I turned to them, decide that it was time to ask. "Why did you do it?"

"Come again?" Bon Bon said, know exactly what it is I am talking about.

"I think you know." I said to them. At that moment, their ears drooped down while they're eyes turned down. I got to admit, they were downright adorable if I wasn't angry at them. "You all not only stole some armor from the Dremora, you unwilling went into battle. Just what the hell were you thinking?!?!?" The thing you have to understand is that I am trying to put everyone out of harm's way as possible. That means putting civilians, and ponies, out of the battles and into somewhere safe. Granted, the underground in the city was not the smartest place to put them, especially when those Diamond Dogs started to attack. It was either out of luck or stupidity that kept the dogs from discovering the ponies in the first place. They were also lucky that they all focused on me and my forces, to begin with.

Silence reigned again as each of the mares reflected on my question. "We just wanted to help you." Bon Bon was the first to speak up. She looked at me with her cream-colored eyes. "We know that you can handle yourself, but....."

"A lot of us have some stakes here." Applejack said firmly. "Like I said back during your wrestle with the diamond dog, me and the rest of the gals have been victims of the Fall for far too long. We've been beaten, raped, humiliated, and thrown out like some discarded toy. We want to fight back, instead of letting someone fight our own battles." I could see some fire in her eyes as she spoke. "I lost Granny Smith to those bastards so its high time I start to pay them back."

"We are with Applejack on this one." Lyra said as she held Bon Bon's hand. "They took out lives away from us, so its high time we take it back."

"While I don't like fighting on my part," Rarity said as she chimed in. "I would personally try to support you all the way. I would love nothing more than to fucking kill any caribou I see for what they did to Spiky-Wiky! I'll make sure to cut off the fur of every caribou I see and make a sweater" Everyone, including me, looked at Rarity like she grew a second head then murdered that head and acted like it never happened. I don't think I ever heard her use profanity before. She seemed like the more posh-type of person. It's kind of weird.

She readjusted her mane. "What?" She asked. "I can swear too."

"What Rarity is trying to say," Bon Bon said after an awkward moment. "is that all of us here like you as a friend, and and we hate to see you hurt yourself over us. Friends don't let other friends fight each battle alone." She said with a sincere look on her face, showing that she cared for me.

Now, I ain't one for a pity party (Pinkie Pie throws those around since the caribou routed from Equestria. Very good party. I recommend going to one). While I was grateful for Applejack coming to the rescue and all, she almost put her and the others in harm's way. I wanted nothing more than to breathe them, tell them that they can't fight in this war I started. It was too risky, and there was a huge, HUGE chance that I may not come back the same after that. I don't want that happening to the girls. I mean, they'd already been through enough shit as it is. The last thing I want them to do is to fight in the army.


They have been through so much and endured much as well. They have been beaten, raped and humiliated to the point of breaking. That is something that you can't come back to, or forget in this case. Applejack mentioned how she lost someone named "Granny Smith" during the Fall. I could tell that it was a family member she loved dearly. I can understand why she was angry. After my grandpa died, I did cry over it. My grandpa was a very good man. He was hard working and provided much for my father when he was young like me. He would use to tell stories about his great-grandfather who was a tank driver during the time when Isreal was at constant war with several of its neighbors like Egypt and Jordan,

Plus, whenever we visited him, he would give me and my brother some candy from around the world. He traveled around the world a lot, so he would buy some candy for us.

Still, that gives them no excuse to put themselves in harm's way for me. "I know you all want to help me out on this fuck fest I'm in," I told them bluntly. "but I can't let you." They tried to voice their concerns, but I held up my hand to stop them. "This isn't up for debate. I know you lost everything to the caribou, but you have to think of yourselves for once. What would happen if any of you died?" I let that question hang in the air. They opened their mouths several times but nothing came out. "All of you have something to live for, wither they be family or friends. As for me, I got nothing to lose." That was a total lie. If there was a small chance that there was some sort of spell or whatever to get me back home, then that's good enough for me. "Besides," I look to Rarity and Applejack. "the city needs to recover, and who better to lead them than the Elements?"

They all gave me looks of concern. They were definitely caring of me, which I respect in a way. I could see it in there eyes that they want to help me out. Maybe I might indulge them in doing that in the future. Applejack certainly is strong to lift anything heavy, so maybe she might be of use to me........

A nurse walked into my room with my clothes being held in her hand. She laid them down on the bed next to me and told me that my clothing was pressed and cleaned. She then left the room. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get dress." I announced. They nodded and went out of the room, with only Lyra and Bon Bon look at me for a second before they left.

With them gone, I stretched before I started to strip out of the hospital nightgown and into my regular clothes. Once I finished fashing my laces on my shoe, I started to walk out of the room. Norm flew and landed on my shoulder. I smiled as I walked past the halls of the hospital and into the main door of the building.

As I exited the building, one thought came to my mind. 'I wonder what this "surprise" Kathuet has?

Spoils of War

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Getting out of the hospital was a relief in and of itself. Don't get me wrong, I think hospitals are great. You have nice doctors, nice nurses, better medical equipment, and overall better care for a person in need. There are some drawbacks, like bad food and having to wait for the doctors to give you the all clear. Plus, I may have watched one too many horror movies about hospitals.

Anyway, I stepped out of the building of the hospital and was almost blinded by the bright light of the sun. I had to shield my face due to the bright intensity. Once my eyes adjusted to the bright light, I took a good look at my surroundings. was nice to feel the sun and the wind on my face once again. Norm flew right out the closing door and landed on my shoulder.

The hospital, as I noted, was located in the richer part of the city of Stalliongrad. I said it was a rich district because it had a snobby feeling towards it. Large marble buildings what I assumed would past for mansions lined up against one another. They were big like mansions per say. In fact, they looked like the buildings you would see in San Francisco but richer. The streets were once cleaner at one point and a boulevard of trees that lined the streets next to the mansions were now being cut down by the displaced ponies. The hospital itself had a large courtyard with a large iron gate and fence that separated me from the ponies. Speaking of ponies, I could see the survivors of both Ponyville and Stalliongrad making their home here. I guessed that the nobles how had once occupied this place had either left the place when I besieged it, dead or still alive. Either way, it was nice to see ponies going about their day without the care in the world. It almost makes you forget that there was a war going on.

I made my way down the steps of the hospital, carefully moving my legs as to get used to walking again. It went well without incident, and I was able to reach the bottom of the steps as well. I mentally patted myself on the back for a job well done. It was nice to feel the cold wind on my face once again. It was actually pretty nice out today. Might go for a walk when this was all over.

"See, I TOLD you the N'wah can survive." I heard a most familiar voice and heavy boots coming towards me. Bilifulag and Jebrus were coming towards me. Bilifulag had a grin on his face as he and Jebrus came to me. "You now own me five Septims."

"Like hell I am." Jebrus growled glared at Bilifulag. "Be lucky I still don't slit your throat right now." One of his hands reached into the back of his armor and produced a bag of what I assume was the currency Bilifulag was talking about earlier. Why are they using currency, you ask? I have no fucking idea either. Once the Septims reached Bilifuglag's hands, he turned his head and gave me a nod of acknowledgment. "It's good to see your alive and well, human.

"Thanks." I said. I was a little pissed inside that both of them had betted on my death, but I dismissed it entirely. I had more important things to worry about. "So, what are you guys doing here?"

"Escorting you to where Kathuet is." Bilifulag said as he finished counting the bag of Septims. "I want to see what this 'prize' he keeps talking about is."

"It must be really important if he wants me to come." I said. Unless he's captured King Dainn himself, I doubt anything could interest or impress me.

Let me tell you, I was wrong on that.

"Oh, I hope it's another one of those 'soda pops' he raided like last time." Bilifulag said as he licked is lips. "Those were delicious."

"They didn't get me drunk enough." Jebrus scoffed. "I must have downed like fifteen bottles and still haven't gotten drunk enough to fight someone." He then looked at me. "Anyway, we should get going to see what Kathuet has in store. He's waiting by that large bridge that we fought on." He pointed to the northwest. I think I know what type of bridge he was talking about. It was the one they fought on, and the one where a diamond dog knocked me over and knocked me unconscious.

I nodded in understatement. Well, mostly. I would doubt that I would need an escort to get to where Kathuet is. He nodded and motioned for Bilifulag. Bilifulag moved behind me while Jebrus started to walk, singling with his hand to follow him. As soon as I started to follow him, Bilifulag started moving behind me.

As we walked along and followed Jebrus towards the bridge, many of the ponies stopped at what they were doing and looked at me with looks of shock. Everything stopped at once, even the laughter of children (or is it foals in this world?) Hell, even the chirping of birds had stopped, which just seemed logically impossible. The only sound that was constant was the sound of both Bilifulag's and Jebrus's clicking of their armor feet. I was already getting nerves just by the dead silence and the looks of the ponies. From what I could see, it seems like they were surprised that I was still up. Maybe word had spread that I was heavily injured during the battle and they all feared the worse. I could see the shock on their faces, mixed with fear and..... something else I couldn't recognize before.

Just then, I heard the sound of one hand clapping the other. At first, I thought it was a crack of a rifle, but then I realized that the ponies haven't developed that technology yet. I couldn't see who it was, but then another chimed in, then another, then another. Soon, the whole street was filled with ponies clapping and cheering at me, big smiles are thrown at me. "It looks like your famous," Jebrus said from in front of me. I could already guess that as I waved my hands nervously at them, overwhelmed by the praise I was getting. I saw some ponies moving towards me, giving me some handshakes and a pat on the back. Jebrus and Bilifulag looked like they were ready to slice down anyone if they did threaten me. There were a few in the crowd even gave me hugs and such. A mare even gave me a kiss on the cheek and I blushed a little. She told me she lost her parents to Lanius during the massacre, and she was glad that the bastard paid. I gave her my condolences and sympathy. Still, it was perplexing to see ponies praising me after all the shit I did. I thought ponies would be afraid of me for how I am and what I do. Honestly, I didn't think I would get all this praise in just one week.

There was soon a whole crowd coming to see me. Well, not a whole crowd. I assumed that some of them were waiting by the bridge with Kathuet. The one thing I did notice I noticed that there weren't any Dremora helping out the ponies. "Where are the rest of the Dremora?" I asked. I know it was stupid to ask this question. They probably didn't know I was conscious until now.

"They are all probably back at the lower city getting drunk off their arses." Jebrus said bluntly. "Honestly, I could be back at the tavern joining them, but Xucruroth asked us to escort you back to the place."

"Why are the Dremora staying at the lower city?" I asked. While I respect them making a home for themselves, I expected at least some of them patrolling the streets by now.

"We made our home at the lower part of the city some time ago." Jebrus explained to me. "The ponies moved out of the place after the battle was over. Now they live in either the other side of the city or in this prissy shit hole." He gestures to the rich district we were in. "They tend to stay away from us during the takeover." He crossed his arms and gave a grunt. "Not even grateful we saved their arses."

I shrugged. "I guess they have their reasons." I couldn't blame the ponies for staying away from the Dremora during their stay at the city. A demonic host occupying a city does ring some warning bells in these ponies’ minds. I mean, what would you do if a demon army comes into town and tells you they have good intentions while also armed to the teeth with every medieval weapon imagined?

"It's actually a very nice place to live." Bilifulag said in the back. "We even decorated the place with the entrails of our enemies." I didn't know if he was kidding or not.

"Well, look who’s up and about?" A voice rang throughout the district. I saw Katheut and a contingent of his troops marching through the city with a cart full of treasure behind him. My eyes widened at the cart that filled to the brim with gold. Holy crap, that was a lot of gold they had. Just hold long have they raided the towns? I also saw that Kat was currently dragging something by the rope that is attached to its neck. I knew it was a person, but its entire body was covered in a big blanket over his head. I could hear a muffled voice coming from inside the blanket, and I could tell that it was not happy. "To tell you the truth, I didn't think you would be up and about for some time."

I waved to Katheut as he approached me. "You have to thank Xavier for that." I said. "It's like the injuries weren't there to begin with." I looked at the cart full of gold and silver current being pulled by two troops, along with the covered individual he held. "It seems you were busy while I was gone." At this point, a crowd of ponies have formed around us, curious as to what was going on. The rest of his troops stood in a circle around the cart to make sure no pony would steal the riches.

He laughed. "You have no idea. I can't believe how easy we raided several villages without any interference. It's like the caribou have no army at all." He looked at me with a shit eating grin. "But that's not the most important thing I brought back." He gave the rope a tug and the covered thing was pulled close to him. "At first, I wanted to kill this weakling pony the rest of his kind. I then found out how he is and how important he is to these ponies." He gave the sacked pony a slap on the head. He let out a muff of pain. "So, I thought to myself “Why not give him to the rest of the ponies down in Stalliongrad and let them deal with it?" And I did just that."

I nodded but still didn't understand what he was on about. "What's so important about this stallion?" I asked.

He then gave me a menacing grin. "You'll see." He cleared his throat and addressed the crowd before him. "ATTENTION PONIES!" He yelled to get everyone's attention. "A lot of you have lived through Oblivion this past year. You all had to dig for scrap while your masters feasted on the food you so rightfully deserve." I blinked when he started his speech. I never saw him as much of a savior to anyone, and he would never give a rat’s ass about the public. My guess? He's probably enjoying the attention he's giving before the entertainment. "But you all blame one person for ruining your lives. Not Dainn, but someone else that brought you all into this mess. Well, I am here today to tell you that that person is right here." He pointed at the sacked person. "Underneath the large sack, is the enemy you hate the most." I could see some of the ponies are confused at what he was saying, but I also saw some that were glaring daggers at the sack, like they knew what was underneath it. "I captured him when I struck a blow against the caribou, and I thought of sharing my spoils of victory with the whole of you ponies." Everypony seemed happy about this capture and clapping at him. "But first," He raised his hands and spoke out loud. "Let me introduce you to your savior that, despite all odds, had managed to beat back the caribou horde and killed General Lanius. Marcus Asher." He gestured to me and I was immediately meet with a round of applause. Some were even patting me on the back, while some of them gave me hugs with mummers of 'thank you'. "Now that introductions are out of the way, allow me to introduce you to your most 'benevolent' prince." He interrupted while grabbing the sack with both of his hands. "Prince Blueblood." He unraveled his main attraction.

Everyone gasped, but I was still confused as hell as to what was going on.

Standing right in the middle of the circle was a white-coated stallion that seemed to have a medium build on his muscles. There were some dirt and grime on his coat, meaning that he had traveled for days with them. He had a blonde mane and tail that were once groomed at some point in time. Now his mane was messed up with tangles of hair poking out while his tail seemed to almost look like a raccoon died up his asshole. His eyes were shut and he tried to cover his face with his tied-up hands. He opened them after a second and his bright blue eyes went wide at the audience. That wasn't even the most bizarre part of the reveal. He was wearing a two-piece bikini consisting of a top that barely covered his nipples and a thong that looks like it would burst any second with that dick of his.

The entire crowd had stood in silence for what felt like an eternity. I shit you not, I could feel the hate seething from everypony in the audience, all directed towards the one stallion. This 'Blueblood' must have done something very bad to earn their distrust and hatred. Hell, they looked like they were about to maul him.

Then they all pointed and laughed.

Everypony from the town, from the smallest foals to the more older adults pointed and laughed at Blueblood and his ridiculous two-piece bikini. I was also chuckling as well. I mean, when you see a grown stallion wearing a two-piece bikini in the middle of the street, you can't help but just laugh your ass off. I could hear snickering from beside me and I swear that I saw Norm with one of his wings on his beak trying so hard not to laugh. Jebrus and Bilifulag laughed as well at the ridicules scene. Blueblood, for his part, tried to cover himself with his hands over the suit while he face was all red with embarrassment. He almost looked like a tomato for a second.

As if the universe was having a field day, a literal tomato went flying to Blueblood and exploded right in his face. Then another came flying at him and hit him in the chest, then another came flying until about half of the town started throwing tomatoes at him. I guess karma finally caught up to the snob noble for once. He was now literally covered in tomatoes and another assortment of vegetables like cabbage.

I swore that I heard someone scream "MY CABBAGE!"

Blueblood tried to run away from the barrage of flying vegetables, but he ends up slipping on a crushed tomato and landed face first into the ground. The audience only laughed harder than before at his misfortune. Norm finally couldn't take it anymore and started to laugh, his wings on his belly as if he was trying to stop laughing. I even burst out laughing harder than I ever did before. My sides were burning with pain from the injuries still visible after the battle, but it didn't matter right now.

"You!!" A venomous voice called out from among the crowd. Several ponies were pushed aside to reveal a very angry Rarity coming towards Blueblood. Angry was an understatement. It looked like she was possessed by a demon who didn't get his morning coffee and was late for work, getting an earful from Satan himself and sent to do some punishing work as punishment. At least, that was how I described it.

Rarity stomped her way to Blueblood, everyone at once stopped throwing at him. They were afraid of what might transpire, but some looked on with amusement. "R-r-r-rarity!" Blueblood spoke, his voice barely a quiver as he was faced with a glaring white fluffy banshee. "How surprising to-" He didn't finish his sentence when Rarity kicked him right in the nether region.

I hadn't heard such a girly scream like that in ages.

He was now writhing on the floor while Rarity continued kicking him in the stomach. "YOU FUCKING TRATORIOUS CUNT! I SHOULD HAVE FUCKING KILLED YOU THE MOMENT WE MET AT THE GALA!" Rarity was yelling at him with wringing his neck. I was now a little scared of Rarity now. She looked like a demon out of Hell ready to fuck whoever wronged it but not before raping them with his fiery monstrous dick. "I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME AND SWEETIE BELL!" Two Dremora warriors had managed to get Rarity off of Blueblood before she could chock him to death. "I WILL CUT YOUR DICK OFF LIKE A SAUSAGE AND MAKE SCRAMBLE EGGS OUT OF YOUR BALLS AND FORCE FEED THEM TO YOU AS YOUR LAST MEAL!!" Right now, she was squirming under their grip as she was moved away from him. Bon Bon and Applejack soon take her off their hands, but she was still struggling to kill him.

I almost felt sorry for Blueblood........almost.

"Talk all you want," Blueblood started to say, his voice sounding like a typical noble douchbag you would see in video games, including Oblivion and Skyrim. At least a certain fan doesn't exist in this world. "I will make sure that all of you are crucified for this! Your little rebellion will fall eventually, and I will make sure to enjoy killing every single one of you."

"This is more than a rebellion." I finally said back to him, moving forward from the crowd. I stopped some meters near him. "This is a revolution. A revolution in which we are winning, my dude."

Blueblood looked incredulous at me. "And how are you supposed to be? Another filthy freak?" He mocked. Seriously, this guy is a douchbag. It's no wonder everyone hates him. In response to that rude comment, Kathuet punched him right in the stomach. He was forced to kneel on his knees, almost looking like he was bowing before me. After a moment, he started to stagger back up. "You know what, I don't care who you are, freak. I demand that you take me to your leader this instant!"

"Careful, Blueblood." I started to say in a growl. "You don't want to piss off the killer of General Lanius, do you?" I smirked at him, my arms crossed to my chest.

Blueblood finally looks at me with a look of recognition. "You are the one that slewed Lanius?!?!?!" He said in a confused tone. I nodded at him, and he laughed at me. "You??!?! Your nothing but a filthy peasant!" Once again, Kathuet punched him right in the stomach. He knelt over again after receiving the blow. Kathuet was about ready to beat him down again, but I held up my hand, singling him to stop. He nodded and stepped back.

Blueblood got back up again and said "Well, for a leader, you are a little short. If you were a little taller, then I may be able to take you seriously."

"And maybe if you weren't dressed like Lady Gaga, then maybe I would take you seriously." I snappily said. The ponies 'O'oo'ed at my comeback, though I have a feeling they didn't know who Lady Gaga is. "It's like you’re getting ready for your boyfriend, but I doubt that he would be the least of your concerns."

He glared at me with all the hate in his eyes. He clearly hated me now more than ever, even if I didn't order Kathuet to dress him up. Speaking of which, I'll have to talk to him about where he got it from. "You think you won this little victory, don't you?" He growled at me. "Your little resistance will come to an end much sooner. Dainn's three sons have returned from the front to face you and your cowardly army." Did Dainn have sons? I didn't know that. "You'll all be killed before the next day dawns. Mark my words. YOU WILL ALL BE SLAUGHTERED FOR DEFINING OUR GREAT KING'S LAWS! YOUR SONS WILL BE HANGED, YOUR DAUGHTERS AND WIVES WILL BE FUCKED OVER AND OVER AGAIN BY OUR TROOPS AND THOSE STALLIONS WHO RESIST THE AUTHORITY WILL BE HUNG OR CRUIXFIED! YOU WILL AL-" Before he could finish his sentence, a rock flew through the crowd and hit Blueblood in the face, knocking him down. The ponies were pissed off now. The crowd was starting to get lively, every single one of them were asking for Blueblood's death. Panic swept as the Dremora raised their shields in preparation for a conflict. I checked over him to see if he was ok. He was bleeding a little bit, but he was ok for the most part. Thankfully, it wasn't a big rock.

"ENOUGH!" Storm Strider shouted loud enough or everyone to hear her. The crowd behind me parted ways as she strolled on up to me and Blueblood. The two Dremora in her way blocked her entrance with their shields. I said "Let her pass." The Dremora obeyed the order and moved out of the way to let her past. I backed up a little bit to give her some room. She squatted down to Blueblood, her eyes flaring with intensity and fire that I had not seen before since I met her. "You deserve to die for what you did." She simply said through gritted teeth. "You sold us out to King Dainn when he breached our walls and took our people as slaves. Not only that, you created an organization that hunted down any hopes of freedom. Your worse than scum in my eyes. You're a monster." She spat in his blood covered face. "If it were up to me, I would see you hanging from a cross while I skin you alive and gut you like the animal you are." Jesus, this lady got some beef with Blueblood. Then again, I don't blame her. "But that's not my position." She said while she stood up. She then looked at the crowd. "He deserves to die, but we won't do that. If we start killing our own, then we'll be no better than the caribou. Besides," She looked down at Blueblood. "That's for the Princesses to decide."

Blueblood soon started wheezing a laugh. "You are a bunch of fucking fools. There is no way you can free my Aunt's from the king's grasp. You would have to assault Canterlot to get them back, and you would all die trying." He looked up at Storm and gave her a malicious grin. "You will all fail, no matter what you'll do. And when Dainn crushes your little resistance, I will personally use you as my fuck whore, like the last resistance leader."

I could see her eyes going wide at the mention of the last resistance leader. "Wild Flower is still alive?!?!?!?" She gasped. I am assuming that she knows her. And Wild Flower? Really? Have these ponies got any creativity with names?

Wait, don't answer. Of course, they don't.

"That's right." He said as his grin slowly started to widen. "She is still alive, but now she's nothing more than a whore for me and my men. When I'm through with you, you'll be joining her really soon."

Now at this point, I was quite familiar with magic auras and such. I won't get into all the babble about how they work, but let's just say they are kind of like power levels in Dragon Ball Z. Storm Strider's power level was at an all-time high. I didn't think it was possible with a non-unicorn pony. It didn't help that Blue Jerk was laughing at her and telling her how much cocks Wild Flower could fit in. It was like she was ready to burst any moment and kill Blue Pussy right now, regardless of what she said before.

"That may be true." I started to defuse the situation before it could get bloody. Both eyes were turned to me. "I know you said that this revolution is doomed to fail," I said to Blue Fuck. "but let me tell you something, Blue Balls." I turned to address the audience. "These guys here," I shouted as I pointed to Katheut and his cohorts. "they are called the Dremora. They are part of a being known as a Daedra. The Daedra are gods in a sense, but some of them are complete assholes." I turned to Kathuet and my two bodyguards. "No offense," I whispered to him. He held up his hand, mentally telling me that its all good. "These Daedra work for a god called Mehrunes Dagon. Let me tell you, he was one big ugly son of a bitch He was as tall as a skyscraper and nastier than a crocodile." I continued my story. "Luckily, I swiped that motherfucker with nothing but my bare hands." That one was true. In one of my playthroughs of Oblivion, I thought it would be funny to use only my fist as my weapons. It was hard at first, but that's nothing that some mods can fix. "Now, they work for me. These Dremroa are more nastier than Dagon. You could say that they are a part of him. They know a thing or two about war, and they show no mercy to anyone. Especially you." I pointed at Blue Butt. "You've already seen that when we faced off against Lanius's forces. Plus, I got a trick or two up my sleeve as well, in case you haven't noticed." I didn't feel good lying to the whole pony population about the whole dragon incident. They will try to figure it out at some point, especially since said dragon was now loose in Equestria doing god knows what. I only hope that Sloth's scouts would find where the dragon went before it did anything horrible. "My point being, you and King Dainn are going to lose, and I'll make sure his royal ass would be smacked." The entire crowd burst into cheers for me. I look around and I see the faces of ponies who are pinning their hopes on me.

I smiled a little at the entire display, but I suddenly feel like the entire weight of the world is now on my shoulder, and I don't like it.

"You two, throw Blueblood down in the dungeon with the rest of the traitors." I heard Storm Strider called out orders to someone. I see two resistance members with their royal armor on grabbing Blue Prick and dragging him away from the scene. "Hopefully we could use him as a bargaining chip in the future should things go sideways."

"Is he really that important?" I asked. The crowd parted ways for the soldiers. Blue Cuck was curing like there was no tomorrow, including at the crowd gathered before him. He ranted about how he was going to kill them all and take all their women as his own slaves and such. You know, usually bad guy routine. The crowd in front of him weren't having any of it, and decide to throw whatever fruits and vegetables they had at him, while some opted to just spit on him.

"Rumor has it Dainn is going to make him a 'jarl', whatever that means, to this land. Plus, he's the leader of the Solar Inquisition, an organization that tracks down escaped slaves and other dissidents who go against his rule. They know no mercy, and they never give any." She said the last sentence with anger in her voice, like she has seen what they had done first hand.

There was silence between us as the crowd dispersed when Blueblood and the other soldiers disappeared out of sight, with the exception of Rarity, Applejack, Lyra and Bon Bon and Kathuet and his men. The ponies went about their daily lives like this whole thing didn't happen. Some even shook my hand and gave me a pat on the back as a sign of a job well done. Once the crowd disappeared, I started to ask a question that was probing the back of my mind. "Did you know Wild Flower?" She turned to me with a glaring expression on her face. "I mean, if you don't want to talk about her, that's fine." I quickly said as I stared away from her glaring expression. Jesus, the look on her face was terrifying, even if you faced down an entire army, one rampaging dragon, and a mean looking diamond dog. "It's not like I-"

"No." She sighed as her expression returned to normal. "You have a right to ask. Sorry if I scared you." She looked up at the bright blue sky. "Wild Flower was part of Celestia's Royal Guard before the Fall. When the caribou invaded and captured Canterlot, she escaped and tried to rally the remaining loyal troops to take back the city. As you could guess, it didn't go so well." Her expression turned to sadness. "We routed when Dainn's sons joined the battle. We couldn't find our leader anywhere, though we long assumed she died during the battle. We were very close once. I was part of the battle to retake the city. She was beside me during the battle and...." She trailed off as she bite her lip, tears almost forming in her eyes. Wild Flower and her must have been really close.

I decided to spare myself a tear-jerking explanation. "If you don't feel like telling me, I'm not going to force you." I said. I don't want the leader of the rebelling breaking down in front of me. It would feel......weird.

She shook her head and wiped away the tears that were about to form. "Your right." She sniffed. "It's a bad memory, and I don't wish to revisit it anytime soon." At least she isn't going to cry. "Anyway." She turned to me. "I should go back to the castle. I need to talk to some of the other resistance leaders."

"Others have joined us already?" I turned to her and asked the question. Did word of my victory spread that quickly? I mentally slapped myself in the head when I asked the question. Of course, it did! I was unconscious for three days. Word must have gotten around sooner or later.

"Word of your victory over Lanius had drawn the other remaining resistance leaders out of hiding. They all came here just to see you." She lightly punched me in the left arm and smiled. "We're starting to form an actual resistance, and you’re the one that's holding it together." I smiled back at her. I was freaking out on the inside, truth be told, but it was nice to see her smile for one. "Swing by the castle to meet them when you have the chance. See you later." She then turned around before leaving me along with the rest of the gang.

"Nice speech I gave, right?" He said to me. I got to admit, despite him being a literal demon from another dimension and/or world, he gave a pretty nice speech.

"Yeah, it was nice." I commented. "Didn't think you cared for anyone. By the way, why did you put him in a bikini?"

"Don't ask too many questions." He answered before jumping off of the wagon and planted his feet on the ground. "Besides, do you really care about something like that?" I tried to answer his question, but he interrupted me. "That's not important right now. We just sacked a rich village for all its worth and were heading back to the poor district to celebrate. Your welcome to tag along, boss."

"I could go for some ale right now." Jebrus said. "Let's hope their ale doesn't suck as much."

"I want to have more of those 'sodas'." Bilifulag commented. "Especially the cherry kind."

Jebrus turned to his partner. "I don't like those 'sodas'. If I see one more, I swear by Mehrunes Dagon that I will burn those colored monstrosities until there is no more left."

"We should be getting back too." Bon Bon said as she looked at the shaken-up Rarity. "We've been sleeping in the hospital for three days," She lifted one of her arms and sniffed, before her nuzzle was scrunched up. "Celestia, it smells horrible." Wait, did both Bon Bon and Lyra literally stayed at the hospital for three days while I was unconscious. "We'll see you later." She waved goodbye and both she and Lyra were off before I could even question them.

"We should be going too." Applejack said as she was still holding Rarity. By now, she was still cursing in the direction where Blue Shit is going. Rarity must really hate him. Applejack then looked at Kathuet. "Thanks for bringing that bastard to us." He grinned and nodded. She then looked at me with a smile. "It's good to see you well again." She then walked away while dragging a yelling mare back to where ever they stayed at.

"Now that all the tear-jerking is out of the way," Katheut said as he stood by my side. "we should go back to our place before the ale runs out." I nodded in agreement with him. I do need a little bit of rest after all the craziness the past couple of weeks. He whistled and two of Kathuet's troops started pulled the wagon from the front, grunting and cursing in Daedric as the pulled on. I walked alongside the cart while Kathuet was behind me. As we passed the streets carrying the loot, I couldn't help but see the ponies going about their day with a smile on their faces. I'm guessing seeing Blue Balls being humiliated must have raised their morale a bit.

I couldn't help but think that I did some good today. Still, why did Lyra and Bon Bon stayed at the hospital for me? I guess I'll never know now.


View Online

I wouldn't be lying in saying that I somehow feel like I am in some shitty fantasy novel with themes of family friendly content and romance. Now you might be thinking to yourself “Hold the fuck up? How can this be a family friendly story with themes of romance? I just saw you take down thirteen motherfuckers in the spam of the first week? And you also lead a dark army. Does that me you are the bad guy in this story?” Well, I don't know if I killed thirteen or more; you kind of lose track after a while. And for the family-friendly content…..come on. There are hundreds of movies that have family friendly deaths in them. The Lion King? Scar got his ass eaten alive.Sleeping Beauty? Maleficent turned into a dragon while trying to kill a prince, then got killed herself. Snow White? Witch fell off a cliff by seven dwarfs.And don't think for a second that Cinderella has no deaths in it. In the original version, after both Cinderella and the prince got married, the three stepsisters and their mother were attacked by a swarm of birds and they got their eyes plucked out. Yeah, I know. Kinda fucked up.

For the whole “I have a dark army and is the villain of story and hero defeats villain and hero haz harem”, that's kind of putting it mildly. At this point, it seems that I, the villain or whatever, am the hero of the story. I know it's kind of far fetched, but stranger things have happened. Maybe I am the hero that acts as the villain in order to defeat the bad guy, but I did do a lot of fucked up shit during the war. I'll tell you about that whole thing later.

Kathuet and I, along with my two bodyguards, are currently strolling along the city streets of Upper Stalliongrad (or as the more common locals would call it Rich Asshole Village). Along the way we spotted ponies waving back at me with enthusiasm I never seen before since....well...ever. Even a few mares gave me what I think are suggestive winks and slurry smiles. I could help but wave back at them, feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment at what I did for these people. They have been through hell before I came here from what some ponies would tell me later on. It was good to do something for a change.

'But at what cost?' My inner voice told me. My smile wavered after hearing that negative thought. At what cost was this happiness, you may ask? Sure, the ends justify the means, but I couldn't help but feel bad for the caribou in King Dainn's army. If there was one thing my father told me, it was that you never judge a group for what they do, even if it's wrong. I would like to think that there are some in King Dainn's tribal army that knows what they did was wrong and kind of fucked up. Maybe they were unwilling following him because he threatened their families, or they think of him as some sort of god.

I need to show these caribou that their god is nothing more than a mad tyrant. If there was anything I learned later on in the war, all gods bleed eventually.

We reached one of the bridges that separated the rich district of Stalliongrad from the middle/poor class houses, the ones that the Dremora are currently residing in. It still baffles me that of all the places in the city to make a home, they would choose the poor district. It wasn't that I mind at all, it's just that you would think with them being conquerors and all, they would make their home somewhere a little........bigger. Like in the rich district. A shiver went up my spine when we crossed the bridge, painful memories of the night of the battle, where the dog had threw me off the bridge and beat me to a pulp. I guess you could say I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, just by looking at a bridge. Sure, It wasn't the same bridge I was on, but it still gave me the shivers just by looking down. I was almost tempted to just turn around and run away like a coward.

Kathuet laid a hand on my shoulder and started to shake me, knocking me out of my thoughts. I must have been standing there for some time because he had an annoying look on his face. “Are you going to keep standing around like a damn mudcrab, or are you going to start moving?”

I blinked when Kathuet asked that. I looked over his shoulder to see my two bodyguards already on the other side of the bridge. “Sure,” I said. “Just……looking around.” I stepped behind him before he could a word in edgewise. It was kind of dickish of me, but I just didn't feel like talking about it is all.

After we crossed the bridge, I followed the rest of my entourage to…somewhere. I kind of forgot to ask them. “So,” I started to say. “Where exactly are we going?” I know they said that they were heading to celebrate another raid, which meant that they were heading to a bar or whatever it is they call in this world. We pasted a lot of houses which are currently…housing the Dremora. I played the Oblivion game before, so I expected that the Dremora would decorate the entire town with the entrails of their enemies, like back in Kvatch. I was surprised when I saw that there was little to no bloody body parts hanging out of windows or rails and such. Sure, there was a hanged body of a caribou every now and then, but that was it. Maybe they did it so many times and the smell that it brings that they decided it wasn't worth it.

Some of the houses that were damaged are undergoing repair by the Scamps, their tiny bodies doing whatever they can. One of the houses was currently being built up from the ground up. My guess was that the original one was burnt down during the siege. Anyway, it looked half finished, with the wooden beams already in place. A group of Scamps were currently trying to lift a beam off the ground. Well, "trying" was putting it lightly. They could barely even lift it off the ground, much less try to get it in the air. A couple of Dremora were barking orders in their language at the Scamps, pushing them to work harder. I felt sorry for the little guy, being worked too hard and have nothing to show for it. Kind of like me, in a way. Focusing on my hand and reaching out, the beam glowed blue and it was lifted from the ground, surprising both the Scamps and the Dremora. Moving my hand around, I managed to plant the beam into the slot it was supposed to go to They all looked at me as I dispelled my hand and moved on. One of the Dremora soon snapped out of his and began barking orders to the Scamps once again.

"We are going to a place called the Red Pony." Katheut said as he walked beside me. "It's the only bar that available in this region of the city. If my hunch is correct, Venom is probably getting drunk as we speak. Plus, the ale's aren't too bad." We heard what I can describe as bare feet scraping against mud suddenly coming from behind us. Kathuet grabbed my shoulder and push me coming to the side, along with himself. My two other companions moved to the side opposite of us. Before I could ask what was going on, two gigantic beasts mounted by Dremora sped along the road we were just at. Now, it is to note that these beasts look like a wolf that decided to go to the gym, injected itself with steroids, and ate more protein than ever before. The motherfucker was huge! It was at least the size of an SUV if said SUV injected itself with steroids. One of the Dremora who were riding one of the two beasts was holding a rope. As they speed along the roadway, I heard the scream of pain coming after the beasts. A second later, a caribou was being dragged behind the beasts, screaming in both fear and pain as it skitted along the road.

"I see." I said as we continued walking on, ignoring what just happened. I decided to take in the scenery in this medieval-like town. We were walking for what passes as a city center once. Some of the stalls were either broken or undamaged but abandoned. There were some Dremora out and bout, some inspecting or improving their weapons in some way while others chatted with their comrades. There was a large fountain in the center that had half of its body missing. Only half of its torso and its left arm, with a sword in its hand and the legs remained undamaged. I wonder if it was a founder of the city or just a decoration. If its the former, what would it think about these new creatures now taking up residence in the ponies homes? Would it be proud that we freed its people from slavery, or would it weep for the destruction I had caused?

What passes for stores were nothing more than empty shells of there former selves. Stalls were also scattered among the place, with some of them in working condition but left abandoned. One store, in particular, had some broken ornaments and fine china scattered around the place. The sun's light shined down on a large hole in the ceiling, which also revealed a large crater with a big boulder in it. The entire store was pitch black from soot, probably from a fire that almost engulfed the building from the inside. My guess was that this place was hit by a burning boulder launched out of a catapult during the siege and the flames were quickly stopped somehow. Maybe the owner was trying to stop the flames from setting before it could spread to the other houses, or it was quickly put out by the retreating army. A porcelain pot above one of the shelves was left undamaged suprisly. From close inspections, it would seem like the pot itself was similar to that of Ancient Greek pots in my world. Black on the outside while pictures were painted in brown, it's color resembling that of a clay ornament. I could see half of a picture from my position, which shows a pegasus slaying what looks like a three-headed hydra.

"We're here." Kathuet announced. I turned to where Kathuet pointed his finger at. Indeed, it seems that we are at the destination in which Kat mentioned. Off all the buildings that survived the two sieges so far, the tavern was the only that wasn't damaged. I didn't know if it was either out of luck or that the previous owner might have purchased some sort of magic bullshit shield of some kind to protect his business. Anyway, the tavern itself is what you would expect a tavern in any medieval and/or RPG to be. A large, three-story wooden building that stood out from the rest of the wooden buildings in the market place. The one thing that stood out form the rest of the buildings was that it was not colored at all. There was also a sign at the door that depicted a picture of a literal red horse with its front hooves rearing. I could see a lot of activity from the large windows next to the door. “Come on, let's get inside.” Kathuet said. “I heard they are serving real meat this time, and not one of those bowl of plants they call a 'salad'". We both opened the saloon-like doors and went inside.

The inside of the building reminds me a lot of the taverns I visited in some RPG games I played back in my world. The atmosphere was pleasant to say the least. I see a lot of the Dremora sitting or standing around the place either drinking or talking or doing something. To my left, I see several gathered around on one person. Upon closer inspection, I could see a dead caribou warrior tied up on a beam with no clothes on. The caribou's antlers were cut off and he had a green apple place on his head. I could also see several arrows embedded on the dead corpse, along with a few stuck to a wall. I could also tell that the caribou had died out of blood loss because none of the arrows ever hit him in the heart or his head. One of the Dremora had a bow and arrow in hand. The rest of the group were cheering this one daedra on as he put his arrow into the string. He was having difficulty at first, in which he swayed from side to side before one of his partners helped him. This leads me to believe that they were all drunk as fuck right now. He released the arrow and it went flying. Instead of hitting the apple, it flew a few feet below and hit the caribous forehead instead. They all groaned as he missed the target.

Another group of Dremora were sitting around a table in the back of the room, eating some meat that was delivered by a Scamp. I couldn't tell from the smell if they were eating the remains of the caribou or the diamond dogs, or if they caught some animals outside of the city. In fact, I don't think the Dremora are even capable of cannibalism. Sure, they may look big and scary, and they got some sharp teeth that is clearly for eating meat only, I don't think I ever saw a Dremora ever eat a human or another race. Maybe I missed some part of the lore of Elder Scrolls or something. There was a group of ponies that I didn't even recognize was there before. They were stationed at the back of the tavern in a small stage set up for them. There were three stallions and one mare on the stage. They each held a typical medieval instrument in their hands, like a lute or a flute as they played typical tavern music for the Dremora. I could see that they were a little worry about the room full of kill-crazed demons, but they continued playing like it was just another regular day on the job.

My attention was short lived when I heard a crash and a yelp. A Scamp was lying on the floor, the tray he was carrying fell off his tiny hands. The tray in question carried glass cups of what I assumed was an ale or whatever the ponies drink in this world. The surrounding Daedra laughed at the unfortunate soul as he was trying to collect the broken things on the floor. He was having a hard time doing it as well, as he would constantly lose his footing from the liquid on the floor and fall to the floor, which only made the Dremora laugh even harder. I decided once again to help the little guy out. Reaching out with my hand, I formed the spell in my mind without closing my eyes. That's one of the things my people from Earth get wrong about this whole magic thing. Usually, you have to close your eyes to picture what you what to cast at times. I guess it comes easily to me somehow. The tray and the glass on the floor glowed a bright blue (was that my magic aura or some shit?). With a wave of my hand, I moved the broken glass on the tray and sent it on the counter.

The moment I did everything, the sounds of reverie stopped.

I didn't realize it until I turned my attention back to the room. Everyone's eyes were on me as me and my bodyguards were standing there near the entrance. I swear to god, it was like all the sounds in the room had suddenly disappeared all at once. I could see their eyes drawn upon me. It was kind of something out of an old spaghetti western, where the hero enters the saloon full of bad guys with guns as they all glared at him. It was kind of like that at the moment, except said bad guys are actually my army of murderous demons ready to kill anything with their murder boners.

I nervously smiled and said "Howdy" while I waved my hand. Don't blame me for what I did just now. Try being in a room full of demon warriors and then talk to me about it.

I let that greeting hang in the air for a long time. Then someone yelled, "OUR LORD HAS RETURNED TO THE LAND OF THE LIVING!" I recognized the voice immediately as Vemon. The entire room uprooted in cheer. The Dremora raised their glasses to me as I stood there dumbstruck.

I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn't know I was holding until now. I know that they work for me and all, but when you have a bunch of murderous demons that drank some ale, things don't well for you. Kathuet tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the left side of the room in the back. There, a lone booth was set up where Venom and Sloth were at. For the first time since coming to this world, I was as surprised to see Sloth with his hood down. He was a male Daedra like many others in the room. The only difference in appearance was that his entire mouth was painted black, like he was covering his mouth with a black cloth. His eyes were a calm sea blue. He had no hair on his head, but he a set of horns on both sides of his head. I nodded to them and headed over. I also just realized that my bodyguards are gone, probably getting drunk or something. While it would make me tense up seeing as how I was vulnerable, Kathuet was with me. So it wasn't that big of a deal. On my way over, I heard some of the Dremora congratulating me, gave me a slap on the back, or raised their tankards to me. It was……overwhelming and weird to say the least. Back in my world, I destroyed Daedra and kicking their ass in Oblivion and Skyrim, and even in the online MMO they released for it. Now these Dremora were practically cheering me like it was a hero or something. I expected one of them to figure out who I was and stab me multiple times, cut off my head then use it as a drinking cup.

Thankfully, that didn't happen.

We reached the table where the two Dremora were sitting. Thankfully there two seats left over for use to sit. I took my seat while Kathuet took the other one. ”

I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn't know I was holding until now. I know that they work for me and all, but when you have a bunch of murderous demons that drank some ale, things don't well for you. Kathuet tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the left side of the room in the back. There, a lone booth was set up where Venom and Sloth were at. For the first time since coming to this world, I was as surprised to see Sloth with his hood down. He was a male Daedra like many others in the room. The only difference in appearance was that his entire mouth was painted black, like he was covering his mouth with a black cloth. His eyes were a calm sea blue. He had no hair on his head, but he a set of horns on both sides of his head. I nodded to them and headed over. I also just realized that my bodyguards are gone, probably getting drunk or something. While it would make me tense up seeing as how I was vulnerable, Kathuet was with me. So it wasn't that big of a deal. On my way over, I heard some of the Dremora congratulating me, gave me a slap on the back, or raised their tankards to me. It was……overwhelming and weird to say the least. Back in my world, I destroyed Daedra and kicking their ass in Oblivion and Skyrim, and even in the online MMO they released for it. Now these Dremora were practically cheering me like it was a hero or something. I expected one of them to figure out who I was and stab me multiple times, cut off my head then use it as a drinking cup.

Thankfully, that didn't happen.

We reached the table where the two Dremora were sitting. Thankfully there two seats left over for use to sit. I took my seat while Kathuet took the other one. "So," She started to say. "the hero of Stalliongrad is finally awake and back from the dead. You know, I was starting to think that you might be dead after all this time." She had a smirk on her face. "Good thing I betted on the right outcome." I was confused as to what she meant, but as soon as she said that, as if by magic (which I'm not surprised considering where I landed), a Dremora came out of nowhere with a huge sack on his back threw it on the table. The sack made a clinging noise as it made contact with the table, and a big pile of gold coins spilled out of the sack. The Daedra grumbled as he walked away, cursing in his language.

I frowned when I thought of something. "You betted that I wouldn't come back alive, didn't you?"

"Of course not!" She said in a mocking voice as she gathered the coins once again. “Why would I do that to my number one favorite student?” She gave me an innocent smile which wasn't innocent at all. I folded my hands as I looked at her with an incredulous look. Although I only knew her for a few weeks ever since this entire war started, I felt like I knew her and her motives for a long time. Mainly because she was the only one that was willing to teach me.

Although I now suspect that she wanted to train me just so she had an excuse to beat someone up.

After several long minutes staring at her, she broke her smile with a laugh. "Ok, maybe I did bet that you would die on you're first encounter, but I changed my wager because I trained you better than that."

"All you did to train me was trying to hit me with a large claymore and yelling “DODGE!”

“Like I said,” She smirked as she counted the coins she earned. “I didn't train no sissy.” She then got up and yelled “DRINKS ARE ON ME!” The entire room exploded in cheer as they all raised their glasses. She sat back down and smiled. “So, how are you feeling?”

I looked to my right arm and moved it. “Like I was hit by a train that was thrown by Stone Cold Steve Austin.” I said. The pain was there, no doubt about it. In fact, I'm surprised that I'm still walking at this point. I guess those Daedric wizards did something to my body while I was out. I looked to my companions who had blank stares on their faces, not understanding my joke. "It's a joke. You wouldn't understand." I said. "To answer your question, I still feel sore as hell."

"It's to be expected after a long battle you had, kid." Sloth said in his casual monotone voice. "I'm surprised as ever that a human has survived this long, especially someone as young as yourself."

I shrugged. "I guess I'm lucky."

"Luck can only get you this far." Sloth said as he stared at me with his sea-blue eyes. "Try to be more careful next time. It may have gotten you this far, but that doesn't mean it won't last forever."

I nodded. "I'll keep that in mind." Just then, a Scamp carrying a tray of tankards stopped by our table. He was having a little trouble trying to get the tray up without spilling the contents. I decided to help the fellow out by reaching out with one hand and grabbed the tray out of his tiny hands. I set it down on the table and nodded at him. It smiled at my generosity, and went away. "So," I started to say. "what happened while I was out?" There were five mugs along with a plate of what looked like a roasted chicken on there as well. I could hear both Bilifulg and Jebrus smacking their lips.

"Nothing much really happened." She said as she grabbed a leg of a chicken and started to tear off the meat. "We kind of expected another assault from happening while you were out. Turns out the general you killed was some pretty important figure. Now the fuckers wouldn't even go close to us." She swallowed the chunk of meat. "Fucking pussies if you ask me."

"While Venom was commanding the inside of the city, me and Kathuet went on a raiding party on nearby towns." Sloth grabbed one of the mugs and took a swig from it. "In fact, one of these towns we raid had the prince in it. Both Kathuet and I made a bet as to who would kill the most caribou by the end." I could hear Kat grumbling next to me. "Of course, I won the bet." He smirked at him. I now heard Kat muttering curse in his native language. "There wasn't much resistance, besides from the Prince's bodyguards. And as per your orders, we did not harm any slaves during our raids. We managed to send them back here where they are safe."

I was relieved when he said that. I stated when we first launched the raid that we were not to harm anyone that isn't part of the caribou's crazy empire. That included slaves and stallions that had enough brain cells to resist this "Crystal Cock" influence. It was nice to see that despite being a barbaric species, they always follow orders to the end. This "Crystal Cock" by the way, sounds like something out of a shitty fanfiction written by some neckbeard thats never seen the light of day from his parent's basement.

Either that, or it was written by a crazy woman.

I sure hope I'm not in those types of stories. That would be both creepy and weird.

"Anything else happened while I was away?" I decided to grab a chicken leg from the almost empty plate. I'm surprised someone has left a piece for me, considering that the Daedra eat through anything like wolves tearing through a sheep. My stomach was rumbling like crazy ever since I got out. I guess being out for a few days can do that to you. Although in my world, I think they put a tube in your mouth so you can get some mash in it. I also grabbed the tankard of alcohol that was there. I could just let it sit there until one of my companions picks it up, but I didn't do that. It would have been rude to not accept the free drink I had. I took a bite of the roasted meat, and immediately my eyes went wide. This thing was fucking delicious! I don't know if they either cooked it to perfection or added some herbs from this world, but I was down-to-earth delicious as fuck. It was as if a small atomic bomb had dropped into my mouth and exploded with many flavors.

"Nothing much besides that." Venom said as she finished picking the last of the meat from the bone. She burped loudly, a kind of burp a man would make. "Well, there was Twilight Sparkle escaping...."

I stopped when I heard Twilight's name. "Twilight escaped?!?!?!?" I nearly shouted as I shot up from my seat with wide eyes, fear already filling my heart. Now, if you have followed me up until this point, then you know what the fuck happened. Trying to free Twilight was a bad idea from the start, especially when she is completely broken that she accepted her role like it was a normal thing. I shivered at the memory of trying to fight her dragon. If Tirek hadn't shown up just in time, I would have been a barbecue human on a stick. Now Twilight is out again doing god knows what.

Maybe even trying to get to Spike so she could turn him into the Hulk again.

"Don't worry," Kathuet said as he stopped me from rushing out the door and grabbing my weapons, wherever the hell they are. "we managed to capture her before she got out. So sit your ass back down and forget about it." I did as he said, but I was still a little tense. Twilight was basically Chucky incarnate, but more "raping murder" than just "murder murder". "To answer your question, yes she did escape, but we managed to capture her in the end."

"What happened?" I asked.

"After the battle was over, Twilight managed to seduce one of the guards before knocking him out." Kathuet started to explain. "She took her clothes off and promised one of the guards she'd fuck him. Zulg opened the door and the fucker was knocked unconscious." Kat shook his head. "That fucker couldn't even handle a simple guard duty. Anyway, she somehow managed to evade all of our patrols until she got near the city gate. We suspect that she used magic to help her out of the city. Luckily, Xucruroth had managed to produce an anti-magic shield around the city before she could make her escape."

"If she managed to evade the guards, how did you guys even capture her?" I asked Kat. I looked down to realize that the chicken leg I had was completely stripped of meat. I even sliced off a big chunk of meat and I didn't even know that. Was I really that hungry?

"Do you remember that giant furball the two Daedras were riding?" I nodded as I recalled the giant beast. "Apparently, they are called Warbeasts. These beasts came from the caribou heartlands and were used as mounts during war times. They also would also use them for beastiality kinky stuff to their slaves." He smirked. "Gotta hand it to those caribou, they can make up the weirdest sexual shit there is." I tried to ignore what he just described the Warbeasts, but it was kind of hard. When you get to be a teenager, and you haven't gone through those embarrassing Sex Ed classes, imagining what these beasts do to women. I can already imagine the caribou dragging a group of mares into a barn of sorts before tying them up on these stockades one by one. Then, they bring in this humongous beast with a large fucking dick on a leash. The beast starts to sniff one of them in the ass like a dog would to another dog, and then the beast would climb up on the mare and start fucking her like an animal.

I would lie to say that I got a boner just now, but I did. Shamefully.

"So," Kat continued. "once we sealed off the city, we tried to look for her as best we can. She evaded every one of our patrols and even raped some of them." He shook his head. "Poor bastards. Anyway, after a wild goose chase, Jebrus had the idea of releasing a warbeast to track her down."

"All I said was this hunt is making me hungry that I want to eat one of those "Warbeasts."" Jebrus said as he shrugged.

"You could say that again." Bilfulg said as he patted his belly. "I'm always hungry."

"You're always hungry, you fat ass. I'm surprised you could even fit into that suit of armor."

"You take that back, fucker!"

"Why don't you make me you-"

"WILL YOU TWO SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I RIP OUT YOUR FUCKING TOUNGES AND MAKE YOU EAT IT!" Venom, true to her name, got up and yelled at the two bickering bodyguards, silencing them immediately. I could see a few of the Dremora looking our way, and even some moving back a few inches with concern and fear directed at Venom. I could hear them gulping when they mentioned on how she would rip out their tounges. I shivered at that as well. Can't even imagine how brutal she is.

She breathed in as she sat back down, regaining her composure from before. She turned to Kat. "You may continue." She finally said, acting as if nothing had happened just now.

"......Right." Kat said as he continued with the story, looking at Venom with a mix of curiousness and fear. "So anyway, we managed to control the warbeast when we brought it out. That thing was going all around the city trying to find Twilight. We've lost track of it a couple of times at least. Just when we were about to give up, the beast must have picked up her scent, because it rocketed off like a dragon trying to escape the Dragonborn. We followed the thing up into that sewer ditch you fell into. When we found them, Twilight was getting fucked by the beast. Let me tell you, she was enjoying that monsters dick like there was no tomorrow." My boner was already threating to make itself present. I had to shuffle from my seat to make sure it didn't pop out. "We managed to get both of them off each other before they did anything stupid. It was much easier to get her back in her cell, on account that she was unconscious from that beast fucking her." I blushed when my boner was ready to rip my pants open. "So in short, we managed to capture her before she did any real damage."

"What if she gets out again?" I asked. Twilight was a very powerful mage, and a smart one at that. She knows more magic shamgic than anyone in Equestria. And let's not forget that she is one of the six Elements of Harmony, and a princess at that. The damage she could do if she got out would be tremendous.

"Don't worry." Kat said with a reassuring smile. "We got our best guards watching her twenty-four seven. Plus, Xucruroth had managed to enchant her cell with anti-magic stuff. She won't be going anywhere for a while." I was relieved a little by that statement. At least Twilight was kept under wraps until I could figure out how to repair her as best I can. It was wish fulfillment for sure, but I couldn't let the poor girl suffer this sex-crazed mind control thing. Plus, I need all the Elements sane if I am going to go up against Dainn, and whoever else that Odin mentioned. If this darkness is as a bigger threat, then I need any and all available weapons I need to defeat it. "Now that the worry is out of the way," He got up from his chair with his drink in hand. "I propose a toast." He started to raise his voice. "I don't have to tell you all how enjoyed I am at the turn of events that have happened in the past few weeks. Ever since Gaiar Alata was sealed off after our master, Mehrunes Dagon, was defeated, we have sat on our ass doing nothing but killing Mythic Dawn members for sports. Hell, I was tired from sitting around all day doing nothing but maintain the realm. That is, until this mortal came." He pointed right down at me. "With him, we finally found our purpose in life. Let it be known that the Dremora, created by our blessed master Mehrunes Dagon, have finally started doing what we were created to do. We have shown these shit smeared caribou that they are not as invisible as they are. Like the Imperials, we caught them with their shit-stained pants down, and showed them what real warriors are, and how real wars are fought.

And its all thanks to Marcus that any of this is possible. We finally have a chance to be the warriors that we are created to be, to finally fight something for once in our lives. It wasn't some time ago that we first raided the caribou at Ponyville. We revealed ourselves to the caribou with nothing but iron and blood. Hell, I remember when I went into the barracks and found three recruits who were hiding in the closet. They begged for their pathetic lives, but I did them a favor and killed them all. Right then and there, I felt like I was finally whole again. It felt like my entire life had lead up to this moment. Let me tell you, it was glorious.

Remember the siege that happened a few days ago? I did. Let me tell you, that fight we had was glorious. We finally facing an enemy that can fight back. Their magic is strong as well, and there were a few times when I almost was turned to paste by those fuckers. And right when we were about to win, the dogs came from underneath us and tried to fuck us all. Through it all, Marcus decided to come and help us instead of just sitting on the sidelines like most mortals would. He stood with us side by side until the very end. He even tackled a Diamond Dog before he was knocked out by it." That statement wasn't true at all, but they were still eating it up. "They almost got up back there, but we fucked them up none the less. Hell, we even killed a famous general, who is now food for the dragon we got." A few Daedra cheered at that statement. "So lets raise our glasses to the ones who have fallen......and gotten back up by the Waters of Life, and to Marcus, who despite being a puny squeamish mortal, fought much harder than any of us." He looked down at me with a smile. "To our new boss."

"TO OUR NEW BOSS!" The entire tavern erupted in cheer as they banged the glasses together against each other before gulping down whatever it is they drink. I was stunned by the speech that Kathuet gave. I didn't really deserve all the praise I was getting. Hell, I don't even deserve praises at all. I mean, sure, I saved a lot of ponies in these past couple of weeks from enslavement from another species. I took them to Stalliongrad and away from King Dainn and his goons. I even fought against a crazed general what would rather slaughter anyone that rebelled against his king than enslave them again. So in all fairness, I was a hero to everyone.

But was I really?

When I was growing up, my dad would bring home a comic book from the store next to his shop. Whether it was DC or Marvel comics, I always drank those in like one would drink coffee or wine. In these stories, the hero was either gifted with powers and helps people no matter what, or a smart tech-savvy guy with a thing for catching bad guys. They also didn't kill people, but instead either talk out their problems or throw them in jail. It was mostly the latter. Sure, it's a little childish when I think about it, but even in the real world, there are those that try to do right without killing people in general.

Was I really a hero when I mentioned these things? Maybe. Sure, I've done some good out of all of this mess, but I did it with blood and fire, literally in the sense. Besides, the caribou weren't exactly bad people. They were just following a mad king who thinks himself a god. Maybe the ends justify the means, you know? Maybe what I am doing is good, but I'm doing it in the sort of evil way.

I rubbed my temples. God, this entire fucking affair is giving me a headache. I just wish that this whole war would be over soon. I looked at the drink that was right next to my left arm. Someone must have set it right before me while I wasn't looking. The inside liquid was light yellow and sparked like it was made of gold or something. I was relucent to drink it at first, as I was technically underaged to even drink alcohol. I know that in Equestria ponies are allowed to drink at the age of eighteen, so in a way, I was old enough to drink.

I looked at the Dremora I knew for a short time. Thankfully, they didn't notice my plight. The topics switched thankfully as they talked about other things like what they would see in this new world or who can collect the most caribou scalps. I often wonder if they ever felt anything in their entire lives. In the games, they were always described as evil demons created by some evil god. Now I'm seeing them for real, they looked more human than I would have thought when I first saw them. Do they feel the same emotions as humans or ponies? Do they feel fear, hatred, sadness, or happiness? Or are they just tools with no emotions? Even if they do have the slightest bit of emotion, do they even show it? Do they even care at all?

I look down at the mug I was holding. Even if there was alcohol in it, it looked more appealing to drink now more than ever. One sip wouldn't hurt, right?

While I was busy questioning the value of life, I hardly noticed that the music stopped, and the room had gone quiet for that. It wasn't until a pair of smooth hands started to massage my shoulders that snapped me out of my thoughts. "So," A feminine voice said. "This is the infamous Lord I was hearing about?" The moment she said it, it made me shiver to the core. Her voice sounded so musical, like an opera singer out on stage performing. She slowly started massaging my shoulders, her skin feeling like a newborn baby. "I must admit, I thought you would much more.......bigger." She sounded so disappointed in me, but I didn't care. My mind was numb at the moment, like it was in a trance of sorts. She suddenly stopped and moved her hands away. I wanted her to continue, to fell her skin across my body. I whimpered as she stepped back, but she didn't even seem to notice. I felt one of her hand cup around my face and force me up from my spot. With her hand under my chin, she slowly turned me around to see her.

What I saw, face to face, was a human woman. An actual human. I didn't know how long it was since I saw another one of my kind. Felt like days, even weeks. My mind was already celebrating the fact that I wasn't alone in this world. To say that she was beautiful was an understatement of the century. She was gorgeous beyond anything I have ever seen before. She had long red hair that fell down pasted her shoulders. She had gorgeous bright blue eyes that were the color of the sky. Her red lips twisted into a smile. Her skin was paler than mine, like blood was drained from her at one point in time. She was wearing what looked like a cross between an armor and a corset, the one that Serana wears when you free her from a crypt in Skyrim. This allowed her to show off her hourglass figure that would put even the most esteemed models in my world to shame.

She smiled, and I knew something was completely wrong with her. She had two sharp teeth that looked more like miniature dagger where her canines used to be. Her eyes looked at me like I was a steak served rarely. It then clicked into my head just what she was. A pale body, dagger-like teeth, and eyes that looked at my body like a prized animal waiting to be slaughtered.

I was staring face to face with a vampire.

"My name is Scarlet, and just what is your name, hon?"

Vampiric Ambush

View Online

Nine Months Later

'Jesus, these guys just can't take the hint. Can they?' I thought to myself as I slew the last caribou soldier that was standing right before me. I dodged the last two attacks he made at me before diving in for the kill. He was carrying a small, two-bladed axe that he was attacking me with. He swings downwards towards me hoping to cleave me in two, but I managed to easily dodge that attack by stepping to the left. He must have figured out what he did wrong because his eyes widened. I then brought one of my swords down on his hand, severing said hand before he could attack me. He screamed while he held the stump that was his hand. I quickly brought both my swords and plunged them into his chest. His face was conjured in pain and surprise. I pulled my swords out of his chest and he fell down on my feet dead. 'I know that he is their king and all, but they have to catch on by now that Dainn doesn't even care about them anymore. Hell, I gave them a lot of chances to surrender.' Honestly, I admire their bravery for what its worth. Sure, they were serving a tyrant that might be the biggest asshole in history, but I have to give it to them. They were either real believers in him being some sort of god, fighting to preserve their race, or they were scared shitless of him.

Consider the few caribou I met during the war, it was more on the latter.

After the little fight in the bathhouse, I continued my way across the city to the northern gate where my forces are assaulting it with everything they got. Along the way, I saw some caribou in one place or another. I was surprised to see caribou around the places I've been since entering this city. To think they would be at the northern gate defending against my forces. Come to think of it, there were some that had some beat-up armor and bloody bandages around every body part. This leads me to believe that these caribou were either abandoning the battle and thinking its a lost cause, trying to rob a store before fucking off somewhere else, or they were probably some sort of back-up militia that was awaiting orders. Besides the ones that I've encountered in the temple and the bathhouse, there wasn't a single commander that I have seen so far.

'That could have explained why they were surprised when they found me.' I rummaged through their armor to see if there was anything of worth. Besides some gold coins, a few health potions, and a penchant, there wasn't anything else. I was hoping one of them was a mage of sorts that forgot to cast spells when I surprised them. 'That last attack on the bathhouse nearly drained my magic reserves. I guess that's what you get for nearly burning half of the city.' Technically, that would have been the best alternative than just storming into the city. Would have saved me manpower in the long run, but I had a score to settle with the king. He needs to pay for all of the atrocities he's committed, all the lives lost, and many more killed in his arrogance.

This time, he has nowhere to run. He will face justice, one way or another.

After I scavenged what I can form the dead bodies, I continued down the large paved road where the Northern Gate was at. I was passing through the remains of a boulevard that, at one point, might have been beautiful to behold. Several trees were burnt to hell and back, while the eighth one fell over at one point. Carts full of pots and goods were scattered all over the place, their contents long destroyed by the fires currently raging across the city. There were some black soots here and there, indicating that the fire had consumed this place early on in the siege. To my surprise, I didn't see any dead bodies of civilians. Sure, there were some bodies around the place, but they all wore the symbol of Clan Stonehoove. 'Looks like she came through to the end after all.'

I continued walking for some time until I came to what I assume was a city square of sorts, or at least one of them. Like most of the Roman-style buildings I've encountered, there were large buildings that surrounded the city center. What those buildings were didn't advertise, though I assume some of it are businesses and such. Some of the buildings looked like it got robbed during the siege at some point. One building that had an image of In the center of the city square, there was an obelisk similar to the Washington Memorial at D.C., except it was smaller than the actual thing. It was the same heigh as the Apple family's barn they always kept around. At the top of the obelisk itself is a statue that was wasn't damaged yet by any of the stone chunks launched by catapults and trebuchets. The statue itself depicts the prick himself standing triumph over what appears to a humanoid figure while holding up another humanoid figure. Upon closer examination, I saw that the two humanoid figures are ponies. To be more specific, they were alicorns. One of the alicorns, whom I assume is either Luna, Celestia or Twilight, are getting trampled on by his hooves. The is holding an average size alicorn, whom I suspect is Twilight Sparkle. His face is that of a leader who has won a major victory over his foes. Like all caribou architect, his long silvery dick is out for all to see. I soon spotted another alicorn I didn't notice before touching his silvery dick like it was the most precious thing in the world.

I glared at the statue for some time, feeling the urge to just destroy it. Hell, I want to destroy it right now, but my troops needed me at the northern gate as we speak. I am confident that Tirek or Xavier would have destroyed it by now and I am just wasting my time, but the caribou have been excelling in magical defenses ever since this war started. For all I know, the gate might be enchanted to be breakable or something. Magic bullshit. Plus, I can't waste any more of my magic reserves right now, not when I might be facing some opposition soon.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sounds of a crying woman. I turned my attention to the large fountain in the distance to see two figures huddled together. I made my way towards them, but I kept my guard up just in case. You can never be too sure of your surroundings. I learned that the hard way earlier on. As I made my way towards them, I could see clearly just who the crying women was. A female caribou was kneeled down to a form right next to her. The female caribous were more different than their male counterparts in some ways. She had stubby horns that had been cut off at some point. She was mostly naked save for a red rag that she wrapped along her waist, though it barely covered up her exposed vagina. She had brown fur like the rest of her tribe members I've encountered. I could see her well-endowed breast bobbed up and down as she cried. There were a number of scars along her body, a few of them looking like they were fresh. and she reeked of semen.

As I got closer, I looked down to where she was crying. A form of a young caribou, no older than nine or ten lying in his own pool of blood. His horns were barely growing at this point, resembling little stumps like her mothers. I was worried that the boy had died on her mother's hands, but I was relieved when I saw that his cheat was moving, meaning he was alive for the moment. He had a nasty slash across his chest, but I could see some bandages around him. Someone must have bandaged him up earlier, most likely the mother. It wasn't anything seriously life-threatening, but the boy was struggling to breathe, meaning he needed a doctor really soon.

I stopped right in front of the mother and her child. Sensing a shadow forming over her, she looked up. She yelped when she saw a blood-covered human with two swords in hand. "Please don't hurt us!" She screamed. She desperately trying to hold her child, ignoring the blood staining her fur. "He's all I have left. Take me instead!"

"Hey, it's all right." I said in my most calming voice I could muster. I kneeled down and dropped my weapons to my sides. "I'm not here to hurt you." I looked at the young caribou she was cradling. "What happened to him?"

She stared at me for a long second, clearly surprised that I haven't killed her yet. I couldn't blame her for being scared of me. Ever since my arrival on this world and defeating Lanius and faced off against Dainn a couple of times, I've been collecting a bit of a reputation. In some cases, I was called the "Bringer of the Roaming Times" (I know, it's a fucking stupid name), and I have been called a demon, monster, destroyer and many more. Of course, it's all thanks to the dickless caribou priests that worship Dainn that they called me that. Oh, and that I wanted to end the world or something like that.

Not that I was complaining about the names or some weird prophecy shit. The more my name gets out there, the fewer people I have to fight. Hell, during the war several generals had decided to grow some brains and ran away with their tails between their legs.

Now I'm mentally imagining Dainn running scared as I approach his throne, pissing himself as he screamed like a little girl. I chuckled at that image. That would be a sight to behold.

She heard my chuckle and hugged her son more tightly than ever. I frowned. "Look," I started to say as I tried to calm her down. I'm pretty sure she is making it worse by aggressively squeezing her son like a tomato at this point. "I'm trying to help you out here. I have no business with you or your son, but I know he is bleeding to death. If you won't let me try to help him, then he'll die." I tried to inspect the little caribou child she was carrying. I couldn't tell how much blood he lost, or how long ago the wound is, but he was still breathing. So its something to be joyous about if not for the depressing climate.

Dark clouds were gathering in the sky, the last rays of Luna's moon disappearing among the dark clouds. It was going to rain soon according to some reports from the pegasi scouts. Hopefully, Rainbow Dash isn't laying her tight ass on a cloud right now and sleeping through the siege.

She looked to me and then to her cradled son, her mind probably in a heated debate at this moment. She looked up at me a couple of times all the while opening and closing her mouth a few times. With a sigh of defeat, she finally spoke. "We were supposed to go to the underground sewers with the rest of the Queen's forces as they instructed us. At the beginning of dawn, me and my son sneaked out from my master's house and tried to stick to the alleyways. We had to take a shortcut through the Square of Victory to get to the evacuation. We were almost at the sewer system when we were ambushed by several guards. They were waiting for us, as if someone told them where we were going." No surprise on that one. I've already dealt with traitors within the resistance ranks before. Most were ones that wore the purple collar, signifying them as already broken and indoctrinated. Some caribou purple collar must have tipped them off about the Queen's plan somehow. "They tore me from my son and raped me without mercy. My son was a feisty one and tried to fight back, but one of the guards cut him down and continued to rape me." She was already crying at this point. "I thought the nightmare would never end, that they would keep on violating me until I was dead. I didn't know how long it lasted, but they stopped when the siege started. They left me and my son for dead." She looked up to me with tears in her eyes. "Please, can you heal my son?" She asked.

I mentally cursed in every language on this godforsaken planet. It wasn't as if I like to help people in need, especially since its those that had a much harsher life before King Dainn invaded Equestria. I was afraid that she would ask something like that. I barely have enough magic as it to make it to the northern gate. I couldn't just give away what little I have when the caribou are already in my sights, as it were. However, it would not be said that I didn't help any innocent civilians in need. Besides, my magic is slowly refilling, albeit slower than most since I was not native to this world.

And besides the caribou force I've encountered, I didn't spot any Stonghoove tribesmen since then. They were probably at the walls defending against my forces as we speak. I don't need magic to defeat the caribou at all, but I am still trying to reserve every ounce of magic I have left

"Let me see your kid." I said. Maybe it wasn't too fatal for me to use a fully healing spell. She was hesitant of course which meant she still didn't trust me. But her motherly instincts won and she showed me her son. I winced as I saw the wound she was talking about. A nasty gash ran all the way from his left arm to his right leg. Blood was already weeping out of the gash and staining her hands. At first, the kid didn't move at all which made me think he was already dead. His chest moved up and down, with a little gurgling noise every now and again. I'm surprised the kid was still alive at this point. With a wound like that, he could have already died of blood loss. That kid has some fucking balls to try and fight some guards and get out of it with a nasty wound.

Placing my hand over his chest, I channeled the last of my magic into my hands, a green glow emitting some time later. Although I had little magic left in my, the wound itself wasn't too bad per se, but it was at the same time it was a health risk for the little guy. Already, I felt like I was Benjamin Button with his reverse aging symptom, but it was more fast than usual. My hands were shaking from the amount of magic I was poring in, but I kept it still for as long as I can. My forehead and brow were covered in sweat as I concentrated. You'd think something like this would be easy for a(n) (almost) powerful being such as me. Here's the thing. I wasn't born in a world of magic like most creatures in this world. When I first entered the world, my magic was slow to develop over the course of the war. I'm now at the point where I can travel through the shadows if I need to be sneaky and having brimstone fire rain down from the heavens. A gash like this would be no problem for me. However, as I have said before, my magic pool is much different than the ones that unicorns and caribou have. While a unicorn can do telekinesis for a short while and refill their magic pool very quickly, I could do the same thing but the pool refills much slower. I can't really explain the whole process of it since said process would require you to learn about math magic (or magicthical according to Twilight), and cause your brain to explode.

Trust me, just go with it.

The big gash was already closing right before my eyes, the flesh already melding together. The doe looking at the healing process with wide eyes, hope being filled with them once more. I sympathized with the doe and her child a bit. For the female part of their species to be considered objects of lust with no rights must be hard on her. And let us not forget her child as well. When a caribou boy grows up to a certain age, they are taken away from their parents to some training youth camp set up on some mountain top called Warrior's Peak. Sometimes the parents willingly gave their boy up to Dainn's men, but for those that did not......well, better left said than done. From what I heard, the training regiments they had were hard and dangerous. Anyone that lags behind were killed instantly.

Don't worry, I made sure that building will never, ever be risen again from its ashes. I made sure of that.

After some time, the wound completely healed. His breath changed from ragged and shallow to became normal again as he opened his eyes and looked around at his surroundings. There was a big pink scar on his chest for when the guard cut him, but hey, he was still alive. His eyes traveled to me before traveling to moms. "MOMMY!" The caribou child chirped happily as his mother held him tightly once again, this time the child embracing her. Both of them were crying with tears of joy, something that put a smile on my face. It's little acts like these that warm my heart at times. After all the females have been put through, I could sympathize with them a little.

My spidey sense (yes, I call it that) were tingling as I jumped out of the way, just in time as two arrowheads luged itself on the ground where I was at.

I quickly grabbed both of my swords and turned around to face whoever was shooting at me. Several caribou soldiers were already several feet from me and the caribou mother. All of them were wearing regular chainmail armor with clothing surrounding it, the symbol of the Stone Hooves visible at the front. They were also wearing Viking-like helmets with eyeholes peeking out. Three had swords and shields, one had axes in both of their hands, and another had a huge warhammer over his shoulder. I can also see several shadows on the rooftop of the buildings, meaning that those were the archers that were firing on me earlier. Several more caribou were coming out of the other building I saw earlier.

Did they all past through here, or were they waiting for me.

"Well well well." A high pitch voice spoke up. The caribou holding the warhammer and the other holding two axes in each hand stepped aside for another caribou. He wasn't like the rest of the soldiers I have faced before. He wore a set of dark robes that had seen better days. Another set of cloth hung over his shoulders and down past his legs with strange language written in each side of the cloth. His left horn looked like it was chopped off at some point. A scar ran past his forehead and onto his lip. His fur was a light gray than in contrast to the brown colors I have seen on the caribou. His bright blue eyes shined even in the dark of the storm. He projected an arrogant aura around him, not to mention the dark powers I could sense within him. He smirked. "It has been too long, Marcus." The caribou said. "Once again, we have finally met on the field of battle." Actually, that voice sounded familiar to me for some reason.

"Yes" I said as I readied myself. I could read his magic levels even from here. He was strong all right, strong enough to take me on and smash me like one of Pinkie Pie's Super Duper Chocolate Stupor. The worse part of it was that I was out of magic at the moment, the rest I have put into healing the caribou mother's son. Guess I'll have to fight him the old-fashion way. "It has been a long"



".......Wait." The caribou gave me an inquisitorial look. "Do you not seriously know how I am?!?!?" He nearly shouted at me. He almost sounded like Chip from the Chipmunks. It was hilarious, to say the least, that I couldn't help but chuckle uncontrollably. "Stop laughing at me, you fucking dick nugget." His colorful insults didn't faze me int he slightest.

"I'm sorry." I said in between laughs. "I really don't know how you are." I don't really know who he is. His fur does remind me of someone I knew, but I forgot his name.

The caribou in questions sputtered like his mouth was having a seizure. "YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE SHIT!!" He nearly shouted. "OF COURSE YOU REMEMBER ME! YOU HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT A PAIN IN MY EXISTANCE EVER SINCE I FIRST SAY YOU!"

"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about." I stopped laughing at some point and got straight down to business. "I don't even remember seeing you anywhere."

"Of course you do!" He nearly jumped out of his robe as he shouted those words. I swear, I thought I heard a blood vein popped in that body of his. "You may not remember me, but I remember you very well at the Battle of Manehattan."


"I was in the prision trying with the rest of the mages when you first attacked."


"I was in command of the prision garrison."


"You infiltrated the prison to get the Pink Killer."


"You'd used a magic spell to punch me in the balls."

"STEVE!" I shouted as I finally figured out who he was. "Stevey, how have you been? Have you lost some weight recently?" Man, how can I forget about Steve? He was the first person I ever used that "Fist of the North Star"-ish spell I found in the library. That scream was just perfect, I'll tell you what.

"MY NAME. IS. NOT. STEVE!" He yelled with every fiber of his being. "I AM STEVALG, THE GREATEST MAGE THAT EVER LIVED!"

"Oh come on, Stevey. Don't be like that." I countered with a big grin on my face. What can I say; I'm a massive troll by heart. "Besides, you went down like a fucking pansy. You were screaming like a little girl when I punched you in the balls." I smiled. "You were even screaming for your mommy at one point."

The rest of his cohorts chuckled when I called him out on that bullshit. His face was so red I almost swore that he was about to explode from embarrassment. "YOU CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" His lunges nearly explode when he said those words. "YOU EVEN DESTROYED MY BALLS IN THE PROCESS!"

".......Really?" I questioned. Did I really destroyed his balls, you may be asked? Maybe. All I wanted to do was stun him before we alerted the guards. I guess I put a little too much power in that spell. Pretty sure I didn't, but whatever. What's done is done. "I'm kind of surprised that you survived and standing right before me." I said. "How did you get past my guys?" I asked. I was pretty sure we had the Manehatten surrounded when we strolled on in there like fucking kings.

"While your brutes ravaged the city, I managed to find a hidden passageway via the showers." He glared at me. I wanted to make a joke about if he dropped the soap, but he continued on his rant. "But because I left the battle, I was punished for cowardice. I was to be stuck with some peon mages on some backwater country." His glared relaxed and he soon revealed a predatorial smile. "But I just knew you would be here. In our glorious capital. I wanted to make you pay for what you did to me. Luckily, we found this bitch and her son as we were making our way towards you." I turned to the two caribou in question. Her ears drooped as she mouthed "I'm sorry" to me. "You see, I know you don't have any magic left within you. You've used it all fighting across the city in a futile attempt to reunite with your demons. That is why I injured her boy and dragged her all the way here just to trap you. Now that you are here, I can finish you off and reclaim my position as Head Mage of our King's army." He smirked as his horns glowed bright green. Seconds later, a fireball appeared on his hand. "Yes, I have awaited for this moment for a long time. I-"

I kind of stopped listening to him after a while. It's just him talking about how he is going to take me down, present my head to the king, and how his dick is bigger than mine. I mean Jesus Christ in a Batman outfit from the Sixties, who do all super villains have to go on a long monologuing about how their dick is big. We get it!

I readied myself into a battle stance as I waited for his next move. He was still talking. This wasn't good at all. I was surrounded from all sides, my magic is depleted from using a healing spell on the boy, and a pissed off mage that wants to rip my skin off.

This just wasn't my day at all.

I weighed my options as I looked around. The first option I had was to run away and head to the gate immediately. Not the bravest thing to do in this situation, since I never back down from a fight before. Considering I had no magic left in my veins after healing the child, I have nothing to go against him. I then realized that even if I escape, they would still chase me regardless of where I was. Also, if Stevey was able to find me the first time, there was no guarantee that he would use some sort of magic tracking spell or some shit to find me again. Besides, the mother and son would be at the mercy of Stevey and his stooges again. That was something I couldn't just run away from. Standing and fighting would work for a while, but without magic to help me, I would be more helpless than doe in a monster truck rally. 'Eh, I've been in worse situations.' I thought I readied myself for what would be the last fight of my life. If I'm going down, I might as well take Steve and the others with me.

The clouds had disappeared before the battle began. The light of the full moon was now shining down on the main plaza like a spotlight on an actor in his most vulnerable moment.

Before I could bellow out a war cry that would make Leroy Jenkins proud, a body of a caribou soldier suddenly fell from the sky and landed in a wet plop.

This surprised both of us as we saw the torn up body right in between us. It could have been one of Steve's men from what I could tell. One of his arms was missing, and his entire midsection looked like it was chopped off by a large shear of sorts. His face wasn't really a face at this point. His entire skin was missing save for his chin and neck. I could see the meaty lines from where his face used to be. The left side of his neck was entirely ripped out, allowing me to see the arteries spirting out blood.

Despite the scene before us, I knew exactly who it was that did this.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!!?" Steve screamed as he looked with horror at the dead body before him. The others with him looked a little unease at the dead body before them, which is strange considering the caribou are more of a war-like race besides the Griffons. Guess they must be new recruits or mercenaries. I could also feel both the child and the mother look on in horror at the thing. As for me, I chuckled a bit before it turned into a full-blown laugh. "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SMILING AND LAUGHING?!?!"

I stopped and looked at him dead in the eye, a grin forming on my face. "Because it's feeding time."

Right after I said that, something descended down on the sky and land right next to me. I turned and saw a pair of leathery wings justling out of a back of the vampire. The vampire itself looked like the ones you would see in Skyrim instead of the more human ones. Its skin was paler than what I have seen many times. It's face looked like an actual bat you would see at the zoo from time to time. Its cheeks were narrow and it's golden-orange hues sparkled as it scanned the crowd of caribou, it's lips licking like it had found a good burger after a long time.

Steve's eyes were widened as he slowly backed away from the creature standing next to me. I looked up to the Vampire Lord. "Hey Scarlet, how're things?"

Scarlet, in her Vampire Lord form, shrugged. "Nothing much." She said in a gravel voice. "With the army focusing so much at those gates, I'd thought I'd go and scout ahead. Maybe taste some mortals while I'm at it." She then turned to Steve and his company. "They troubling you much?"

"Na." I said with a wave of my hand. "In fact, I just learned that Steve is still alive and well."


"The caribou mage right here." I pointed to Steve for enthesis. "And get this? Remember when I went to Manehatten to free one of the Elements?" She nodded. "Well, it turns out that the mage I kicked in the balls literally had his balls destroyed."

She looked at me with an incredulous look. At least, I think it was. I couldn't tell with her in her Vampire Lord form. "Really?"

"No joke." I said. "I kind of forgotten about him until he showed up." Talk about awkward reunions, am I right?

She looked at the horde assembled around Steve then back to me a couple of times. "I could feel a strong magic source within him, and you punched him in the balls, even destroying them in the process?" I nodded. "You are very lucky to be alive then. He could have easily blocked your attack when he had the chance."

"I caught him by surprise."

"That isn't the point."

"HOW DARE YOU ALL IGNORE ME?!?!?" He screamed, grabbing our attention. "I don't care who this monster is, but I will personally take her head as well and let my warbeasts fuck her corpse!" He gave his command. "KILL THEM ALL!" With that order, the rest of the caribou soldiers charged at us, though some were hesitant because of the vampire by my side.

"So Marcus," She asked. "Do you want to handle this one?"

I shook my head. "I'm good. They're all yours."

I could see a blood curl smirk on her face. "Good." With a flap of her wings, she charged towards the horde of caribou along with Steve with a speed that would make Jesse Owen blush in embarrassment. The first caribou had his entire ribcage ripped out from his back in less than a second.

I ignored the screams of the caribou soldiers and turned to the mother and son. They both looked at me like I had just gone to Arkham Asylum for a midnight snack and tea with the Joker. I can't really blame them. After all, it's not every day a human is having a normal conversation with a freakin Vampire Lord. "You should both go somewhere safe while you still have time." I said to them. "My army has already breached the second gate to the south. Make your way over there. There should be a medic or tow over there that will help fix your son. If you run into any Dremora, tell them that you have my protection. They will treat you well." The mother nodded and got up from the ground before running off with her child in hand. I watched them go for a while to make sure Steve didn't set up any additional ambushes.

Before they disappeared down the road, the kid turned to me to mouth a "Thank you". I smiled as I saw the healthy kid hurry along with his mother. It's the small things in this world that put a smile on my face.

"Stay back, demon! Stay-AAAGAAAGGHHHH!!!" I turned back to the carnage that Scarlet was creating. The soldiers that were charging us mere moments ago were already cut down to size. Literally in this case. What passed for bodies at this point were nothing more than slabs of messy meat on the ground. One soldier, in particular, had his entire jaw ripped out from his socket, the look of pain and fear visible in his eyes. Another soldier on the ground had his entire intestines all around him as his stomach was ripped out like a child hitting a pinata in the stomach. Scarlet was currently holding one of the soldiers in her hands. Well, I should say that her hands were in the soldier in this case. The sharp claws that she sported had impaled the poor soldier in the abdominal region. With one flow movement, she tore the soldier away from his legs, his other half falling on the ground right next to Steve, who was standing still after all this time. I could tell that he was scared out of his damn mind at the scene before him. I would be pretty scared myself if a freakin vampire monster had wiped ou my troops in mere seconds.

Snapping out of his stupor, he used his horn to summon bolts of magic at the vampire before him as he quickly backed away. She dodged and weaved around the bolts like a graceful sparrow. "GET AWAY FROM ME, FOUL DEMON!" He shouted as he kept firing bolt after bolt of energy at her. After firing a couple of more round, he turned and ran as fast as his cloven hooves could allow him. However, one should never outrun a vampire, especially a Vampire Lord. With a blink of an eye, she appeared right in front of him. He tried to stop when he saw Scarlet right in front of him, but the vampire already grabbed him by the throat. 'Not so tough once a vampire gets you.' I thought.

"P-please let me go." He pleaded, looking directly towards me as if I commanded the demon. "I'll give you anything! Wine, gold, women to please you." I heard a 'drip drip drip' coming out of his robe. Looks like he pissed himself. "I'm also a valuable ally. I'll tell you everything about this city. Hideouts, secret passages, and even hidden vaults around the temples!"

I was tempted to take him up on this offer. Not only will I get a caribou mage with a variety of spells under my command, I'll also get some information on the city itself. He would probably show me a way into King Dainn's throne room without going through his elite Praetorians. However, I was also reminded about what he did to the mother and kid, how he used her just to get to me.

And the state that the kid was in.......

I looked at him with a cruel smile on my face. "Tell me, what was it you said when you surrounded me?" I said. "Was it "I'll cut off your head, show it to King Dainn, and skull fuck it"?" I reminded him. His eyes widened at my smile. "Karma is a bitch, ain't it?" I nodded my head to the vampiric creature before me.

Her head soon found its way into Steve's neck, the fangs piercing his attire and into his veins. He screamed as Scarlet started to suck his blood. I winced as saw his flesh becoming weaker and weaker by the second, I feel sorry for the guy, to be honest. Sure, he used a mother and child to lure me into a trap and injured said child that nearly killed him. But I also was the one that made it happen. If only I could have killed him back in Manehatten, then the mother and child would have gotten away from the city.

Like I had said before, karma is a bitch.

His screams of pain soon died out as he fell silent, the last breath of life escaping from him. His husk of a body was all that was left of the caribou mage. He was squeezed out dry like one of those juice boxes you get in your lunch when you were a kid. I guess Scarlet was really hungry for blood (pun intended). She discards the husk of a body away from her. A wave of shadow soon enveloped her.

Seconds later, the shadowy mist disappeared, leaving Scarlet in her human form. One would expect her to be naked if any of the monster movies could say. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. She was wearing the same clothes as Selena when you first find her in the Dawnguard DLC. "My my." She started to say with that saucy voice of hers. She licked her lips to clean up the blood around her lips. "He seemed to have it out for you."

"Yeah, no kidding." I said as I started to search his robes for anything of value. To my surprise, I found a mana potion and a couple of coins. I wondered how he had managed to get his grubby little hands on my stuff? A mole perhaps? That's something for future Marcus to work out. I consumed the bottle of mana and felt my magic finally returning to me, albeit a little. "I'm surprised he had managed to survive all this time consider what Dainn does to cowards." I commented. Really, I know he is a tyrant king and all, but he needs to at least have a functioning brain up in his empty head.

Guess facts don't care about feelings.

"Mmm. Can't imagine." She said with a smirk on her face. "You are a favorite among the caribou."

I scoffed. "If only." If that were the case, I would have expected them to make me a cake when I get to the palace. Unfortunately, that won't happen anytime soon. "What I'm more surprised about is the caribou being here in the first place. I'd thought we destroyed the last of their army at the Skulg River crossing." I commented on that last part. That had been a particularly bloody battle, at least on the caribou's side. I'd thought we'd seen the last of their armies after that.

"Perhaps it's not the army we are facing." She said. "It's more likely the local garrison he's scrounging up. It won't be a surprise, considering nearly half of the tribes in this dirty country hates his guts more than each other."

"If that were the case, we wouldn't be fighting this war in the first place." After checking the pockets of nearly every dead trooper, I stood up and looked at her. "So how are the attacks going anyway?" I asked her.

She frowned. "About as much success as trying to rehabilitate a Khajiit after founding a Skooma stash." Reminds me of a certain theif that does that. "We had managed to kill off most of the defenders on the wall, but the mages they have are making it difficult to start charging in. They enchanted the door with some kind of magic. Even our own Daedric magic can't put a dent on that thing."

So it was bad as I have predicted. Or at least I knew for a certain. This is the Stonehoove tribe's capital city we are invading, not to mention that the king himself is here. I would expect them to have strong defenses and the very best magic users at their disposal. Not to mention that these garrison forces will probably fight tooth and nail to make sure my forces don't come into said city. I turned to her and said. "Then I have to get moving if they need my help."

She nodded. "Sounds like a plan." She smirked as she places one hand on her hip. "You know," she started as she gave me a surly look, her eyes half-lid as she gave me a smile that sent shivers down my spine. "after all this is said and done, perhaps you and I could rendezvous somewhere more........secluted." I blinked for a second and she was suddenly close to me by several inches. "After all," She leaned into my ear and whispered "You have been a little tense these past few days. You haven't even visited your concubines lately. I'm sure they won't mind if you and me suddenly......dissappeared for a couple of days." She bit my ear lob lightly, feeling her fang tickle the skin. "Or if you want, we could find someplace more quite to relax."

My entire face was already red like a tomato at this point. I'm ashamed to admit that she was right. It's been a......difficult past few days since we landed in this backwater continent. A few days away from my girls most of all. They must be worried about me. With this whole war going on and focusing on taking down King Dainn, I guess I missed the obvious signs that my (I can't believe I'm saying this) harem was worried about me.

I brushed off her comment as I backed away from her, letting her lips brush against my face a little. "As much as I love to it with you, that won't be right for any of the girls. Besides," I looked at her with an obvious smirk on my face. "after this war is over, we'll celebrate. You, me, and the rest of the girls on a getaway. I heard the Zebrian lands are nice this time of year." As much as I would love to visit the girls, we have a war to win.

Not to mention a king to kick in the balls.

She frowned and crossed her hands. "Fine. It's your choice." Black shadow tendrils came up from the ground, and in a blink of an eye, she transformed once again to her vampiric form. "I'll cover the skies and harass any troops I come across." With a mighty flap of her leathery wings, she took off into the sky into the other direction.

I can never understand her at times, especially since she was trying to get into my pants from day one.

'This whole world is weird at times.' I thought to myself as I headed out into the direction of the North Gate.

Bar Fights and Meeting with the Resistance

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"I need an adult."

"I am an adult."

"You're a vampire. That's totally different." I nearly shouted as she got uncomfartably close to me. I could literally feel her breathing down my neck, and I can LITERALLY feel her fangs nibbling my left ear. I shuddered at her breath tinging my skin, the hairs around my neck standing at attention.

And, to be perfectly honest, something else was standing at attention.

I'd be honest with you; I am FREAKIN out right now. Not at this whole awkward situation, but the fact that a FUCKING vampire is close to me that she could suck the blood out of my veins and leave me a shriveling mess. This is all based on any vampire films I've seen since my time on Earth. Even the Underworld series for prince's sake. Even if this vampire was from the Elder Scrolls series, they still have the same traits as every other vampire in pop culture. They can move fast in a blink of an eye and have a hunger for blood. They can also teleport instantly behind their foe if they so wish it. They are also super strong to top that off, enough to go toe to toe with Superman at least. The only downside to having these powers was that they can't walk in broad daylight as doing so would melt their skin. It doesn't stop them from picking off unsuspecting people and draining their blood for all its worth as they only hunt at night when their prey would least expect them.

And one was standing right behind me right now.

In this situation, one would assume I could run away to the saloon door and hope to God that she isn't on the other side of said door with her jaws wide open. Of course, I watched way too many horror movies to know that such a thing would be impossible. Vampires are faster than the average human, so she could tear my lungs out of my chest before I could even take one step away from her. Hell, I would go so far as to say she could kill me before I could start to get up from my seat. She could tear my throat off and flee before anyone has a chance to react. I wouldn't be surprised if she killed every dremora in this room without batting an eyelash.

To put it in layman's terms: I was fucked beyond imagination.

"Scarlet, can you please stop giving our leader a heart attack?" Kathuet said in a nonchalant way. To him act so casually even when a vampire is right behind me says something about this woman. Perhaps she is working for the Daedra for something. What it is is definitely a mystery.

"Aw. Don't be such a killjoy, Kitty." She purred. Her voice sent shivers down my spine. I wanted to laugh at that ridiculous nickname that Scarlet gave Kathuet, but my mind wasn't in the right place at the moment. "I was just stopping by to see this mysterious leader I keep hearing." She cupped my chin with her hands as she examined me like some prized animal. "I must say, he certainly is handsome enough to be our leader." My cheeks turned red at her comments. "What's your name, sweetheart?"

"Marcus Asher," I mumbled. My vision was being dizzy all of a sudden and my mind muddled to even think of a word. What was happening to me?

She giggled. "Marcus. What a cute name for such a cute mortal." She gave her best seductive smile, showing her fangs in the process. "Don't you agree?"

I mumbled a "yes" to her as my mind became so jumbled at this point that my brain would be a sponge at this point. She was also bent over enough to let me see the inside of her cleavage. I couldn't help but make a drunk-like smile at her as I saw it. I couldn't look away from some reason, and I didn't want to. I don't know what spell she is using on me to make me act this way, but I don't want it to stop for some reason. The parts of my brain that are telling me to rebel are but muffled voices in the wind at this point. I just want to be with her.


....and ever.

"Is there something you need?" Sloth said in an annoyed tone. "We are in the middle of celebrating Marcus's victory, and ours for that matter."

"Why yes." She said, her voice sounds like wind chimes banging against each other on a windy day. I kind of like it. "I was supposed to report to Xucuroth about my mission." She stood straight up. I nearly whined as her view of her breasts went out of my sight. "I just wanted to drop in to see this mysterious leader." She bowed to me and the soldiers. "I will be taking my leave now."

"You sure you don't want to stay here and celebrate with us?" Billfulg asked her. I couldn't tell, but I could have sworn he sounded like he was begging her to stay here.

"While I would wish to entertain the idea of relaxing after a few days out in the forest, I need to report to Xucuroth first." She turned her head and winked at me. "I'll see you later, cutie." She turned around and left our table, heading towards the door. I could see the swaying of her hips as she walked away. She probably knew I was watching her and decided to entertain me. She then walked right out the door.

I shook myself once after she disappeared through the door. The feeling had worn off after she left. I stood there dumbfounded for a second before I asked: "What the hell just happened?!?" My mind had become a little clearer now than it was before. To top that off, I now felt both insecure and aroused at the same time.

"Looks like she manipulated you." Kathuet commented as he downed his ale. He wiped some foam from his lips before continuing. "I heard that vampires can control your mind if you stare at them for too long. They would make you their thrall and there is nothing you can do to stop it."

I shivered at his explanation. It would make sense for Scarlet to control me just now. Vampires do have some mind-controlling magic to make anyone their slaves just by talking to them. Or looking at them for that matter.

Stupid OP vampires.

A question soon came to my mind. "Do you know who she is?" Even if my mind was a little muddled during the conversations they had, I could tell that both Scarlet and Kathuet and the rest of the Dremora know her well. I racked my brain to figure out if I have met Scarlet before in Oblivion and Skyrim games. I couldn't turn up anything. The closest vampire I know of in that game was Selene, and I was pretty sure she wasn't a follower of Mehrunes Dagon.

"Her name is Scarlet Bonebreaker," Kathuet said. "She arrived around a hundred years ago at Gaia Alatia. She never went into specifics, but she claimed that she was killed by someone who wielded Mehrunes Razor. I don't think I need to tell you about what happens after a Mythic Dawn member is killed." He had an annoyed expression on his face. "Hunting her down was the biggest pain in the arse. Every time we almost tried to catch her, she would kill a number of our soldiers before disappearing again. We have lost over a million soldiers trying to kill her." My heart almost stopped at that number. A million soldiers died trying to catch a freakin vampire?!?! I would have expected the dremora to have some skilled soldiers who handle this sort of thing. "What's also annoying was the fact that she would drink the blood of anyone that passes by, even the cult members of the Mythic Dawn. Any mortals we find were already shriveled husks. There was literally nothing to hunt for days, and it annoyed our men like a Nord milkdrinker. So Xucruroth had this idea about hiring her as some sort of spy or something. I don't know the full details."

"So she is on our side?" I asked. This is actually the best thing you can hope for. If you have at least a vampire on your side, then you might as well just run away and hope that she doesn't suck the blood out of your veins.

He nodded. "In a way." He held up a finger. "That doesn't mean we shouldn't trust her. She is the spawn of Molag Bolg with that infectious blood of hers. At the very least, we should watch our backs. One can never trust a vampire."

"If she is really on our side, how come she wasn't present at Ponyville or Stalliongrad when we were getting our asses kicked by those diamond dogs?" If someone like her existed for some time, she should have helped us out on those two battles. Especially in Stalliongrad since I almost died by that diamond dog if Applejack hadn't come to the rescue.

He shrugged. "Who knows?" He said. "Xucruroth sent her on a special assignment somewhere last I heard. She got back a couple of days ago after you fell unconscious. I don't know what she was doing during that time, but she reported to Xucruroth. She left soon after."

"Wait." I suddenly had something on my mind thanks to that vampire woman. "Do we have more vampires in our army?"

Kat shook his head. "As far as I could tell, she's the only one we encountered. We don't know if there are any other vampires out there, or if some have escaped." I was pretty bummed out when he said that Scarlet was the only vampire in the army. We could have used more vampires in the army. That would make the war a hell of a lot more easier.

Say what you will, but there is no such thing as a massive overkill. Especially since said enemy deserves it.

"Princes damn whore is what she is." Venom murmured through clenched teeth before she downed her drink in one go. She grabbed another one from a passing scamp and downed that one. I couldn't tell if she was jealous of the vampire's beauty, or if she found her annoying.

"She could be at least some use to us." I said as I looked down at the tankard full of golden liquid. I shrugged and gave it a taste. It tasted weird to me, almost like water with a sort of honey flavor to it. For the most part, it doesn't taste too bad. I heard from some of my friends who had drank alcohol that it tastes sort of good, but it was also unappealing. I finished taking a sip and continued. "If she uses her vampiric powers to turn the tide in this war, then I don't see why we should trust her."

"But for how long can we trust her?" Sloth commented as he twirled one of his blades with his fingers. His feet were prooped up at the table while he was leaning on a chair. "You need to watch yourself around her, Marcus. There is a reason why vampires live longer than any mortal, and it isn't because they are immortal." As he said the last word, the wrist that was playing with the dagger flicked and the dagger flew at a speed unimaginable. It hit one of the bullseye targets that was set up at one of the pillars closest to him. Funny enough, it almost hit a nearby dremora that was conveniently close to it, nearly nicking his nose off. The dremora fell over and spilled his drink, causing several of his comrades to laugh at him. He got up and stretched. "As much as I like to have a little bit of relaxation, I have to return to my duties." He went over to the bullseye and pulled his dagger off of the target. "We have located one of the Elements and my men are preparing a stealth mission to rescue her.

"You found one of them?" I asked. I mentally face slapped myself for asking that stupid question. Of course, he found one of them! Sloth was just good at finding people.

"We have located Fluttershy at the Birminghooves Zoo." He said as he turned to me. "She's the main attraction there from what I heard. We're just about ready to head out and rescue her." I caught a smirk on his face. "Believe it or not, we were hired by some noble to get Fluttershy out of there. That's how we got the intel in the first place."

"A noble wants Fluttershy?" I asked. What would a noble want with one of the Elements of Harmony? Also, why hire some dremora to even do the work for him? Doesn't he already know we are at war with the caribou?

"Bragging rights, I bet." He answered. "The noble, Side Show, has some beef with the owner of the zoo, Handler. He wants her as a pet. As for why he hired us...........well, let's just say my reputation proceded me these last few days." He looked at his blade as if seeing his reflection. "The only thing he will receive is a nice one way trip to the Deadlands." He looked back at me. "In any case, I wish you good luck in your war. I have a feeling it will be more interesting than before." With that being said, he walked out of the bar door and into the night.

As the bar doors swung close, it opened again as another figure entered the establishment. Dressed in Daedric Armor with a hood, and a staff that glowed with power, he scanned the room for someone.

It was Xavier, and if I had to take a guess, I would say he is probably looking for me.

I waved at him as he saw me with the others. He walked over to where we were sitting. While he was walking, he seemed to be avoiding eye contact with the rest of the soldiers celebrating. Plus, his hood was up slightly, almost like he was disgusted by the scene at the bar. I still didn't see his face for the most part, which was frustrating since I wanted to see what he looked like. I know he would look like every dremora, but I still want to find out. He reached us and gave a slight bow towards me. "Master Marcus. I trust you are doing well?"

"Yeah," I answered. "I never felt better in my entire life." Indeed, the pain that I felt back at the hospital had seemed to disappear. I was back on my feet before anyone knew it. "Would you care to join us? We have enough food and drink for you."

"While I am honored by your offer, that is not what I am here for," Xavier said. "Storm Strider and the other rebel leaders are waiting for you down by the castle as we speak."

"Already?" I said with a frown. "But I just got here." I need a break after that long battle a few days ago. It's not enough that I was beaten to a pulp by a fucking dog the size of a Prius.

"The rebel leaders have come all this way to see you." He started to explain. "They see you and your army as a resource now. Not to mention that they lack any real leader to guide them. Plus, our enemies are already on the move as we speak."

I nearly spat out my drink after hearing that sentence. "Dainn's armies are on the move?!?!" I nearly shouted. I know three days had passed since the Battle for Stalliongrad. With the elimination of their top general, I expected the caribou to be hesitant for a while. I would have given them a week before they even raise another army. Guess my hunch was wrong.

"Word of your success and the killing of Lanius has them spooked. For you to kill their most valuable veteran has King Dainn, as you humans say, "shit his royal panties." A bounty has been placed on your head and everyone else in Stalliongrad. 10 billion bits for your head and those that harbor you." My eyes widened at the bounty on my head. 10 billion freakin bits?!?!? All for killing some famous general?!?! This guy really has it out for me. Not only that, but he wants to kill everyone and anyone in Stalliongrad for aiding me. They haven't even done anything wrong! My hand curls into fists. That bastard doesn't care about his own subjects as long as he gets what he wants. "Do not worry, Marcus." Xavier must have felt the worry and anger within me. "Our warriors are more equipped and more experienced in the ways of war more than a bunch of unwashed savages. Plus, I have sent Scarlet out to harass a couple of their armies while you were unconscious. We now know the real strength of our enemy, and we will win."

"Scarlet was just looking for you." I said as I pointed at the door. "She said she needed to see you for something."

"I have spoken to her momentarily." He answered. "I asked her to wait for me at the stadium."

"For what?" I asked. What would a daedric mage want with a vampire like her?

"I'm sorry, Marcus, but I can't tell you." He said. I frowned at his explanation. Of course, the mysterious mage has to act mysterious to me! That's like, the number one reason why villains lose to the hero. They're second in command always keeps secrets that is all part of their nefarious plan or some shit. "It's not a plan to betray you or anything." Xavier must have felt my unease. "What I can tell you is that it will be critical to our success in this war."

"So, you're not going to tell us what it is?" Venom spoke as she gave Xavier a questioning gaze. He shook his head. "Stupid mages and their stupid schemes." She started to murmur to herself.

"Well, I'm still glad about your commitment to the cause," I said with a nod.

He gave a slight bow. "Anything for the young master." He then returned to his posture. "Now, are you ready to leave?"

I was kind of upset that I didn't get enough free time to relax and hang out with Applejack, Rarity, Lyra or Bon Bon. I have been unconscious for three days. THREE DAYS! I want to at least have some time to myself and visit the girls to see how they are doing. Throughout these last few weeks of hell, they had managed to keep me going. Especially Lyra and Bon Bon, who had stuck by me ever since I arrived on this planet. After I discovered the dremora and found a way to free Equestria, I gave both of the mares a chance to run away while everything was calm. I told them that Sloth and his men would help them out of Equestria and someplace safe, away from the war to come. However, they said that they will stick by me to the end. They once stood helplessly as they were dragged away from their homes and forced into a life of slavery, to be used by some pervert as their personal pleasure object. They want to fight back, even if they didn't have any type of military training. They even said they would die fight if it meant freeing Equestria.

It made me sad that don't have the chance to visit them again. I wish I had a little bit of time.

"You should go," Kathuet said as he sensed my distress. "The sooner this war is over, the better."

"I hope it lasts longer." Venom commented with an evil grin on her face. "Hearing the caribou scream for mercy is music to my ears."

"Yeah." Bilfulag said. "I also want to taste all those delicious mortal "desserts" I keep hearing about. Including this new thing I tasted yesterday call a "Cinnamon Roll.""

"Gah. You're always hungry." Jebrus stated. "I wouldn't be surprised if you become fat like a horker by the end of this."

"Oi!" He stood up so quickly that he flipped his chair up. He glared at Jebrus. "What's that supposed to mean?!?"

"Oh nothing," Jebrus said innocently with a mocking smile on his face. "Just that you might turn into-" He paused as he had his left hand. "What do humans call people who gained too much weight?"

"A fat ass?" I answered.

"That's the one. A fat ass that would put Hermaeus Mora to shame if he wasn't a floating eyehole." Jebrus laughed, along with a few other soldiers around the bar. I couldn't help but smile at that.

"You fucking son of a bitch!" He lunged forward to attacked Jebrus, knocking a few things over. He might have expected it, for he did put up his fists to protect himself before Bill came forward. Around the same time, Jebrus knocked over Venom's drink over her lap. She yelped in surprise as she looked down at her soaking armored legs. She then glared at the two assailants fighting on the ground. She bellowed a war cry before she dogpiled on them. In another instance, she pushed away a Scamp that was delivering drinks on a tray, making the tray fall in the lap of another dremora soldier. He then glared at the scamp before lunging out and trying to catch it. However, the scamp was too small and nubble for the devil, and ended up dodging its attack. Instead, he lunged at the legs of another dremora walking past him, making him trip and fall. The room was in uproarious laughter. The soldier cursed in its language then turned to the dremora that tripped him. He quickly got up and bellowed a war cry before charging at the dremora, plowing into him and knocking down a nearby table where a couple of dremora were eating. This caused various foods and drinks to rain everywhere. Another soldier joined in, then another.

Soon, the whole bar was in an uproar of fists, kicks and drinks knocking each other over or on someone else.

I yelped when a knife nearly got me by my left cheek as it flew right close to me. Everyone was knocking everything over while fighting each other. I would be pride of them if I wasn't in the middle of said melee. I was forced down under the table once the fighting started and the utensils started to fly around the room. In my view under the table, I could already see several on the floor fighting each other. I could see Venom trying to chock out Bilfulg with her own hands. I almost thought she would kill him if it wasn't for a random dremora picking up a wooden chair and hit her in the back. A normal person would have fallen by now by that impact. Unfortunately, that didn't happen to Venom. She was tougher than most dremora around here, and I can testify to that. The chair made contact to her back. It merely stagger her and annoyed her. She turns around and glared at the assailant. The one that hit her had a look of surprise and horror on his face. She then lunged at him and started to beat the living crap out of him. I saw Kathuet throwing punches left and right several feet to Venom's battle. He had a bored expression on his face even when a dremora with a broken end of the bottle in his hand was lunging at him. He dodged the sharp bottle and gave the daedra an uppercut on his chin, sending him flying towards a set of tables. He has probably been into too many bar fights in the past to feel bored with this fight. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the case.

I yelped as something grabbed my foot and started to drag me from out of my hiding spot. Once I was out of the table, I flipped over and prepared to kick the offender, when I was greeted with the face of Xavier. His face seemed calm even as the fight got more intense as knives and swords and maces started showing up. I would be worry if weapons had gotten involved in a fight, but then I realized that the dremora can literally respawn. I could see a light blue sphere surrounding me and Xavier as his staff glowed. It was just in time as well, as a dremora was right behind him was a sword in hand, intent on cutting Xavier in half. The moment the sword made contact with the glowing shield, the sword bounced off of it like it was nothing more than a bouncing ball. The daedra was surprised by this, but he didn't have time to react as Xavier quickly turned around and threw one of his hands close to where the dremora was. Before he knew it, he was flown across the room and hit two of his comrades who were fighting another dremora. I couldn't help but be amazed at what I just saw. "I suggest we leave this violent foundation and head to the castle. The others are waiting for us."

I meekly nodded my head. "That would be good." I said.

"I must warn you that teleporting from one place to another can cause an uncomfortable migraine and unsettlement in the stomachs." He warned me before his staff glows an eerie blue.

"I'll be alright," I said affirmatively. Deep down, I was nervous as hell itself. This is the first time a human being would be teleported to a place. Such a thing was considered fantasy to some, and even impossible to others. Yet Xavier offered me a chance to go from once place to another in a blink of an eye. People would kill just to be in this position. "Ready whenever you are." He nodded and waved his staff around, murmuring an incantation in the Daedric tongue. My body started to feel light like I was full of helium. I was starting to feel light-headed as well.

My world soon exploded in a cascade of light.

I regret it.

I regret ever agreeing to this.

Once we popped in back to reality and the light show faded away, my stomach started doing somersaults. Unable to hold it any longer, I bent over and threw up what was left of my lunch. It was a horrifying experience, to say the least. It felt like my entire insides were on fire. My throat was already on fire at this point as what was left of the tavern food came out in a hot pile of messy bits. 'Why did I ever think this was a good idea?!?!' I thought as the second wave came riding in. I could have just walked down to the castle instead of teleport.

It would certainly be better than this.

After the second wave had passed, I was breathing heavily. My throat is burning like the Dickens and my stomach felt like it was squeezed out. I could say that it was the worst experience I have ever had in my entire life, but then that would be cutting it short at this point.

Someone coughed and I was forced to look up. We were back in the office where me and Storm Strider talked about the future of this new rebellion. Nothing much has changed since the last I was here, except for a flag hanging by the window. It had a picture of two horses, one which and one dark blue, circling each other under a bright blue background with a sun in the middle of the background. The desk wasn't there anymore. Instead, there is also a large table in the middle of the room with various papers on it and a map of what I assume is Equestria and the surrounding territories. Storm Strider was behind the table with four other colorful ponies and another strange creature the resembles an eagle with lion-like legs. that were present. Three of them had some sort of military gear that indicates that they are higher rank, one is wearing a prison uniform while the last one wore a clean tuxedo. They were probably the commanders of the various rebel factions that I was told about.

I blinked for a second before my face became red with embarrassment. I just threw up inside a perfectly good office, and in front of Storm Strider and the rest of the resistance members no less.

I stared at them for some time, with the ponies doing the same. They were all giving me judging stares, like they were disappointed in what they saw. "Uh." I blurted out as I started to say something. "Hi." I meekly said.

"This is it? This.....thing is the one that killed Lanius?" The one that spoke was a yellow earth pony mare with a cream color main and tail. She was wearing what appears to be a camo outfit you would find military personal wearing back on Earth. It was kind of funny to see considering Equestria is in the medieval period with products similar to those on Earth. "We are supposed to trust the future of our nation to a child?" Her orange eyes pierced into my own. She sounded like she was disappointed in what she was seeing. I wouldn't blame her for having her hopes up.

"He doesn't look all too bad, Bee Keeper ." A deep British voice spoke out. Another earth pony stallion with a Kaiser mustache spoke in a posh accent. He had a white color coat with his mane and tail being a mixture of blue and orange. He had a monocle over one of his left eye. He was also wearing what I assume was some sort of old WWI British uniform. On top of his hat was a small button that looked like a sun. He also had a saber on his right hip which had seen better days judging by the dull blade at the top and several rusted spots on the blade itself. "Why, he looks like a sporting young man that just might make the Horn Heads a run for their money." He approached me and vigorously shook my hand before I even had a chance to raise it. "General Hard Helm of Her Majesty's Royal Armed Forces, at your service." He said with a big smile on his face. "Well, ones that haven't uncorked their screws yet."

"P-p-please t-t-to m-met y-y-you." I tried to spurt out. Holy shit! I knew earth ponies were strong but this is fucking ridiculous. I could almost feel my brain coming out of its socket if the British stallion kept on shaking my hand so hard. Just when I felt like my arms were about to be ripped off, he suddenly let go of me. "I'm Marcus. Marcus Asher." I greeted the pony after I rubbed my hands and flex them a couple of times to see if they are working right.

"Interesting chap you are." Hard Helm said. "Its the spirit like that that will allow us to defeat those dastardly Horn Heads in one go."

"Although I am a bit skeptical about you, Marcus." A pegasus mare in her mid 30's with a dark blue coat and a mixture of a pink and red mane and tail spoke to me. "Don't get me wrong. You look like you could handle yourself pretty well in a fight, but for someone as young as yourself leading an army is strange to say the least." She looked over me with those yellow eyes as if expecting something else. "Tell me, how old are you?"

"Eighteen years old, ma'am." I answered quickly. I could already feel the sweat coming from my forehead just by her judging stare. These guys were probably the commanders of hundreds of battles ever since the caribou invaded. Compared to them, I'm just a young teenager barely out of high school that has no real experience in war. Sure, I succeeded in both Ponyville and Stalliongrad, but I would call it luck more than anything. Plus, I had some more experienced people on my side when this first started. "I am currently a senior at Santa Ann High School, ma'am."

"So you are barely out of high school, then?" I nodded. The pony facepalmed. "I can't believe I flew all this way here just to meet some god damn monkey teenager." I glared at her for calling me a monkey of all things. She sighed as she saw my stare. "Sorry about that. It's been so long since there was anyone helping us out. Ever since the Fall, all the nations just sort of bowed down to the caribou. Even that massacre at Baltimare, our hopes of ever defeating them were shattered. I lost a lot of good friends in that city." She gave a friendly smile to me. "Knowing that there is at least someone out there still fight fills me with hope." She stuck her hand out towards me. "My name is Commander Sky High." I shook her hand with a smile. I wouldn't blame her for hating me.

"So are we suppose to pin our hopes on this dweeb?" An angsty female voice rang out. I was surprised to see that it wasn't another pony that greeted me at all. It had the head of an eagle with purple bangs on the top feathers on its (hair?) feathers. It had a small beak. She was wearing an orange jumpsuit but with both the sleeves and her pants cut off. In fact, she almost like she was in one of those one-piece swimsuits. Her legs were that of a lion with claws at the end. Her zipper on the orange suit was undone towards her belly, allowing me to see some side D-size side boobs. Her eagle-like arms crossed towards her D-cup breasts. "I swear, you ponies must be inept if you just pick whoever is youngest."

"Now now. We shouldn't judge him too harshly, Gilda." A posh voice rang out. "After all, if the rumors are true, then the caribou will certainly be on the run before long." A unicorn stallion dressed in an expensive black tuxedo along with black dress pants outfit emerged from the group of resistance leaders. His light blue mane and tail were well kept for the most part. He had a Will Bill mustache that was properly groomed and smelled of some exotic fragrance I couldn't tell. He didn't look like the type to fight anyone, but rather sit back on the frontlines and observe from a distance.

Sky High scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "Like you would know any rumors at all, what with you living comfortably in Canterlot." Her words were like venom to my ears. So Fancy Pants must be some noblemen if he is getting scolded at. "Tell me, how are they treating you down in Canterlot nowadays. Got enough slaves to fuck?"

"For your information, I am still loyal to the Princesses and to Equestria." Fancy Pants shot back. "I have funneled countless of my enslaved people to their freedoms at the risky of my own life." It certainly is very noble of him. No pun intended. "But enough of my banter. My name is Fancy Pants." The unicorn bowed. "I am assuming that you are Marcus, yes?" He asked. "The one Miss Storm keeps telling us about?"

"I am." I nodded. "I am pleased to meet you all." I scanned the room as I said those words. "Sorry if I wasn't here earlier to meet you. I just got out of the hospital and wanted to take a little break before meeting you all."

"No doubt you got it from that last battle." Hard Helm said with some enthusiasm. "Tell me: How many of the Horn Heads did you kill? A dozen? A billion? You probably slew the whole army all by yourself."

"I did kill some caribou." I explained to him. "And I wasn't along in the defense." I pointed to Xavier. "I have people like him helping me along the way. Without them, I couldn't have done what I have done. Oh, and Tirek helped me as well."

"TIREK?!?!" Before I could blink, Sky High's face was uncomfortably close to me. "YOU MEAN TO TELL MY THAT YOU ALLIED YOURSELF WITH A MAGIC STEALING GIANT THAT NEARLY TOOK OVER EQUESTRIA?!?!" She was yelling at me as she asked this question.

"Umm..........yes?" I nervously answered. "But he is changed now. He's helping us."

"More like using you." Sky High glared at me. "Tirek is an evil creature. Not to mention that he can literally suck the magic out of every pony he comes across." She was flailing her arms around. "He once nearly took over Equestria and sucked the Princesses magic clean!" I wasn't surprised that Tirek had done something evil at this point. He did come across as someone that would steal your girlfriend before kicking you in the balls, shooting up your puppy and setting your house on fire. "We were lucky that Princess Twilight had managed to defeat him in the end."

"If only that were possible." A familiar voice said behind me. I looked behind me to see Tirek stand in the doorway, his large form blocking the entire way out. He bent over as he trotted inside the room, with me narrowly avoiding one of his large ass horns in the process. His horns almost reached the ceiling itself. I was surprised he could even fit in this room to begin with.

"Sup, Tirek." I greeted him with a nod. "I'm guessing you were called here too."

He snorted. "Your wizard right there informed me that I was to be invited to this meeting." I looked over to Xucuroth to confirm this. He nodded his head to acknowledge it. "It's not like I would care what happens between you and the resistance, but he thought that my voice in this meeting would be helpful."

"Helpful? HELPFUL?!?!" Sky High appeared right in Tirek's face right as I blink. I would say that she was faster than Rainbow Dash if anything. "WE DIDN'T FORGET WHAT HAPPENED TO US WHEN YOU RAN RAMPANT THROUGH EQUESTRIA!" She was fuming to the point that she was ready to explode. That sweet pegasus I meet a second ago was now a raging tornado ready to slice someone's head off. "NOT ONLY DID YOU STOLE OUR MAGIC, BUT A LOT OF PONIES DIED UNDER YOUR SHORT REIGN! IF I WANT TO TAKE ADVICE FROM A MAGIC STEALING, FOUR-LEGGED FUCKER, I WOULD THROW MYSELF INTO THE EVERFREE BUTT NAKED WITH NOTHING ON ME EXCEPT FOR A KNIFE TO FUCKING KILL MYSELF!" She breathed heavily after that outburst. I looked over to the others to see various expressions on their faces. Hard Helm looked at Sky High with wide eyes and his mouth opening and closing several times. Gilda had a huge grin on her face, which should be impossible considering she has a beak for a mouth. Fancy Pants and Beekeeper were both glaring at Tirek with all the malicious and hatred I could feel. The centaur must be very popular for some people to murder him.

"Are you done?" Tirek questioned casually like the yelling match by the pegasus didn't happen to begin with. I can't say I'm surprised that he wouldn't be fazed by some pony out for his blood. After what I have witnessed during the siege of Stalliongrad, this pony might be more than a bothersome fly that he can easily swat away if given the chance.

"DID YOU EVEN LISTEN TO ME?!??" Sky High shouted to Tirek once again. She was extremely pissed now that she could beat Tirek down to a pulp if she had to.

"I did." He said. "and I don't care." With one might swing form his backhand, he threw Sky High right across the room and right into a wall next to the window. "I don't care what you think of me." He continued. "I regret nothing that I have done in the past. If I were to go back in time and undo the mistakes of that day, I will. Twilight was just lucky that day." Sky High groaned as she pushed herself off the ground. Fancy Pants and Gilda helped her up while glaring at Tirek. "As much as I like to leave you ponies to your own doom, I can not turn away from something strange going on in Equestria. Dainn might be the biggest threat not only to Equestria, but to the entire world. During my travels, I sense some dark magic at work. It's not pony nor caribou, but something much older." Odin mentioned some sort of dark magic at play. This does beg the question: Are the caribou involved in any way, or are they just pawns in a greater game? "Whatever it is, it won't be good for everyone involved." He stared down at me with what looked like conviction in his eyes. "While I am relucent to trust a strange monkey, he's probably the only hope we got." Seriously, why is everyone calling me a monkey? "While young, he does show promise in improving his combat techniques, as well as an eagerness to learn magic. He has commanded his army before and led them to victory. Outnumbered, he showed calmness and issued orders as if nothing had ever happened." I looked at Tirek with a questioning gaze. I don't even know if e is praising me or making fun of me at this point. "In short, his army is ready for war against the caribou, and Marcus will do whatever it takes to free Equestria and drive out Dainn."

I stared at him as he finished his speech. Everyone was quiet at this point, even Sky High had managed to stop groaning after being helped up by Hard Helm and Fancy Pants, but she still gave a nasty glare at Tirek. I felt some emotions after that speech he did. Suprise that Tirek of all people is praising me. Pride that I am getting all the attention. Excitement that we were finally going to free Equestria after all this time.

But most of all was fear.

I wasn't afraid to face the caribou when it comes to battling them. I already survived a few encounters with them. Granted, we did take them by surprise that one time. Plus I did have Tirek by my side during the last two battles. Despite that, I still survived and I'm willing to gather my army and liberate Equestria. No. It was fear that I might fuck everything, that one wrong move could end everything. Everyone is pinning their hopes on me, and it's overwhelming, to say the least. If something goes wrong, if something too powerful beyond my control is unleashed somehow, then everyone dies.

I guess this is what every hero would feel like when everyone has their hopes on them.

I felt a hand near my shoulder. I turned around to look into Xucruroth's hood with his glowing red eyes. Were they always glowing? And since when did he have red eyes? "I can feel your worry." He whispered. "There is a lot at stake here. I urge you not to be afraid. You can handle this. You have shown beyond a doubt that you can lead by example. You are not alone in this either. Kathuet, Venom, Bilifuag, and Jebrus, along with me and Tirek are right beside you. You have the means to win this war, but you must overcome your fear in order to achieve victory."

I smiled a little at his little motivation speech. "Thanks, Xavier." I said. I have now more confidence in myself rather than doubt when I first entered the room. He was right: I survived this far with nothing but my wits and logic. Some might say I was lucky a few times, but sometimes life throws you a curveball right into your groin. All you can do is shake it off and get on with it. I also had some support from a few of my new friends like Lyra and Bon Bon. Friendship, even on the battlefield, can be a powerful weapon that no sword can cut. It's strong enough to take down an army if need be.

Now that thought of that, it does seem a little cringy and cliche. Considering where I am now, I would have thought this was a dream the entire time.

"That is enough." I finally got a chance to speak to the resistance leaders. "Both of you need to learn to make up. Sure, Tirek might have done some bad stuff in the past, but he is helping us now. That is all that matters." Sky High opened her mouth to argue but I held out my hand. "Tirek's magic stealing........magic could be useful to us in this war. I know he grows strong with it, and I don't give a damn about it. If he wanted to destroy Equestria, then he would have done it a long time ago, even before I arrived here. Right now, we have to set aside our differences in order to win this war." I turned to Tirek with a serious expression on his face "Apologize to Sky High for punching her." He was looking at me like I did a presentation about fishsticks existing on the moon. "I'm serious," I said. Trying to tell a powerful centaur that can suck magic out of your body to apologize is a bad idea in the long run. I say fuck it. I could feel the resistance leaders jaws drop.

We both stared at each other for a long time, neither one backing down from this. Finally, with a sigh, he said: "I'm sorry I hurt you." I could tell that he was struggling to form that sentence. He's a guy that doesn't take no for an answer.

I then turned towards Sky High. "Now it's your turn to apologize."

"Apologize??!?!" She nearly choked on that word. "For what?!?!"

"For trying to upset him." I could hear Tirek snickering behind me. She was about to retort something before I interrupted her. "Look, I know you all have a bad history with him." I scanned the room. "Well, everyone in this room at least." I then looked towards Sky High. "We can at least build some trust here if we are going to fight this war. Plus," I wave my arms toward Tirek behind me. "This guy is a freakin powerful centaur that can steal magic. I don't think you could win in a fight against him."

She opened her mouth several times as if trying to find an argument. I still can't believe she turned into a berserker state just by seeing Tirek. She was a sweet gal a couple of moments ago. What did Tirek do to piss her off? "If I may interject," Fancy Pants spoke as all eyes turned to him. After noticing every eye upon him, he started to nervously sweat. "I-I believe that Master Marcus has a point to make. We shouldn't tear each other apart, not when we have a powerful advantage in our hands." You know, despite him being a rich guy, at least he has some brains on him.

Sky sighed. "Fine. I'm sorry." She finally said. "I'm sorry I tried to antagonize you." She still glared at him. "That doesn't mean I'll trust you. One wrong move and I'll rip off that bighorn of yours and shove it where the sun doesn't shine." She growled. I gulped after hearing those words. I know they aren't meant for me, but I couldn't help but be afraid of what will happen if I get on her bad side.

You know what they say: Hell hath no fury than a women's scorn. Or a mare in this case.

"Aww. And I was looking forward to a good bashing." Hard Helmet said as he clasps his hands together. "Guess I'll save it for the horn heads."

"The less infighting there is, the better." I said as I turned my attention to everyone else in the room. "I know I'm not what you have expected to meet. I also know that I'm not well versed in war as much as you ponies. What I do know is that I have enough experience leading people in dire situations. With that being said, the least we can do is cooperate with each other. I don't expect any awards or even metals after this, and I'm not here as some conquerer trying to enslave you. I only want to help you, and to free you from Dainn's tyranny. If you can all trust me and follow me, then we may have a chance to turn the tide in your favor." Everyone was staring at me in surprise after my little speech. It was good, letting all of that out. It was like an entire weight had left my shoulder. At least some of it anyway. If I'm going to free Equestria and face down this darkness that Odin was talking about, I need some people with me to help me. If I start to carry the weight around, then everything I have fought for would be for nothing.

"Well said. Very well said." Hard Helm started to congratulate me once again. "While I do want to teach that brutish centaur the old "Grandma Special", I'll play ball with it if it means kicking the caribou in the buttocks."

"I don't like it as well," Bee Keeper agreed. "but let's face it. Tirek is a walking magic vacuum at this point. His help could be of great value to use in this rebellion."

"Eh. I got no preference." Gilda shrugged. "But I like the kid's persistence. He's got guts, and I like a stallion with guts." She winked at me. "I'm game."

I smiled as I see everyone finally getting along and joining together for the common good. "Excellent." I clasp my hands. "Now, perhaps we can start on the planning now."

"Agreed," Tirek said. "The more time we waste arguing with each other, the more time the caribou have to create a new force," With that, everyone gathered around the map of Equestria and started to plan the next phase of the rebellion.

Heres to hoping we could fix up a good plan.