One of those Days...

by Crimson Valor

First published

Ever had one of those days where you can't explain what happened...yeah try a lifetime.

Ever had one of those days where you can’t explain what happened? Yeah, try a lifetime. Join me as I wake up in a hospital bed with a bit of a difference.

First fic written. Please give constructive Criticism. Ideas are welcome.

Grammar and spelling may not be good. Any mistakes seen please alert me. Thank you.
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Prologue (edited)

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One of those Days

Just wanted to say thank to LordGremlin for helping me with grammar and all that. :)

Ever had one of those days where you can’t explain what is happening and why it is? Well I have and it very…weird. To start, my name is Simon and I am 19 years of age and I live in a small house in the United Kingdom. I live with my pet and best friend a guy could ask for; Ruby, my pet Labrador.

I’ve had her since she was a puppy where I got her from a farm selling their latest litter. As soon as I walked in, her beautiful golden coat caught my eye as she was curled in a basket which I presumed was her bed. Whilst her brothers and sister jumped around me as I entered. I went over to her and kneeled down; she heard this and looked at up me with her ruby eyes showing fear. This tugged my heart to see this so I slowly pushed my hand towards her to show I mean no harm. She hesitantly sniffed my hand for a few seconds before she walked towards me and jumped into my lap. I swear my heart stopped beating at this point. I picked her up and took her home to live with me. From then on, we became inseparable; never leaving my side, she protects me from anything as I do for her.

Anyway, enough about Ruby. My day started the usual, I woke up at 10:00am on a Saturday morning “urgh, thank god for weekends” (oh I forgot to mention I am a university student so weekend are the only day I get off) I looked to my left to see ruby sleeping soundly next to me (what? So what if my dog sleeps in my bed, no harm being done it’s a double bed). I slowly got out the bed trying not to disturb her, put my dressing gown on and went to start breakfast. I turn the radio on as I poured my cornflakes into the bowl “Good Morning all, DJ Sky here to start off your Saturday morning with a bit of music, but first the news” After the Jingle finished playing Ruby came running down the stairs and bumping into the sofa, I chuckled at the sight “You got to realize that doing the same thing ever morning means that you should be careful”. All I got was a blank stare, I shook my head as I stood up “Heh, if only you could talk eh girl?” this time I got a quiet bark from her. “I take it you want you first meal of the day then?” as soon as I finished that sentence her tail became alive as it shook side to side. I chuckled and filled her bowl with dry food.

I then went back to my bowl as an interesting report came over the radio “…Now for global news, here's Tammy”
“Thanks Tom, Recent reports from NASA have shown that a meteorite is going to pass by the Earth's atmosphere later tonight, but it won’t be like any other meteorite we’ve gotten, this one seems to have some sort of purple glow about it with small disgorges of what they believe to be electricity coming off of it as it approaches earth, Keep your eye in the skies people this seems to be one to watch back to yo...*Click*, I turned the radio off and took my bowl to the sink to wash up later and thought ‘I was going to the woods to walk Ruby today, maybe I could hurry back to watch the meteorite go past’ I then went to get ready for the day ahead.

After changing, I went downstairs and grabbed my phone, wallet and Ruby’s lead “Ruby, want to go to the woods?” I waited for the noise of claws rushing across the floor but heard nothing “Ruby? Where are you girl?” I walked back upstairs and checked in all the rooms but nothing was there “Ruby where you at?” I walked back downstairs and checked the kitchen, again no dog anywhere “Huh, wonder where she……ARGH!” I turned around to see a golden dog pushing me to the floor making me bang my head on my hard floor “Owwwww. Damn it all, Ruby, what have I told you about doing that!” I look up just in-time to see Ruby attack me with licks to my face “Ok…ok stop jeez you got me already” (trying to breathe and not laugh at the same time is hard). After brushing down my cloths I attached the lead to Ruby and we made our way out of my house to the woody area nearby.

It was a quick 10 min walk to our destination, upon arriving I took the lead of Ruby and let her run off into the trees. I trust her not to get too far off and I walk the marked trail, besides she never lets me out of her sight in fear I would get hurt (Go figure my dog act like my mum). I walked in silence taking in the crisp warm air and the sun squeezes between gaps in the tree line, warming me up as I step in them, suddenly I hear Ruby barking like crazy followed by a massive boom that made me lose my footing. I immediately shot up and ran in the direction of the barking, I ran till my lungs started to struggle doing its job. I finally found Ruby barking whilst looking at the sky, I ran too her and made her be quiet “hey quiet, what got you barking like mad?” as I finished I noticed it getting a bit darker than usual, confused I looked up to see a purple ball of thunder heading towards me at a high speed. I stood up and ran as small rocks started to hit the floor.

Me and Ruby ran with all out might…well ruby was a bit faster than me so she got a head start. As I got closer to Ruby, a large chunk of or rock smashed into my back causing me to fall flat on my stomach, winding me. As I stood back up another rock hit me square in the back of the head causing me to cry out in pain. I brought my hand to my head and flinched at the pain it caused. I looked at it and saw blood, the next thing I heard was a bark as I saw Ruby run towards me barking and whining begging for me to move Under the large weight of the rock which landed on me I gasped for air “Ruby……get help” my word were unheard as I felt ruby lay down beside me, I looked back up and saw the purple rock heading towards me, I closed my eyes ‘So this is how it ends…Heh, never thought I’d go like this’. Then the rock hit.

Darkness was all I could see 'so, this is what its like to be dead huh. Never knew this' Suddenly I heard barking, I looked around to find nothing so I shrugged it off. Then I heard another followed by some muffled speaking, I couldn't make it out but that's not what concerned me. 'voices, how can I be hearing voices? my answer came quite quickly as I started to see light through my eyelids. Forcing them open was greeted by a bright light shining into my eyes, covering my face with my hand I rubbed my eye until they re-focused. Looking around I saw that I was wearing...well nothing, I looked around to see if I can find any of my clothing but couldn't. I decided to get some more shut eye seeing and only my sight had returned, but just as I closed my eyes I heard wait...hoof steps? I must be on a farm or something then. I then heard some voices, I could just make out what they are saying

"How is he doctor?" said the first mysterious voice, sounded like a woman, very soothing and controlled with a little hint on concern

"We've done all we could for him...but given the lack of information to what he is, its hard to say," Said the other, obviously a doctor. But wait what does he mean 'What I am?' we're Human right...I'm human ain't I?'I looked at my arm, legs and hand 'Yep Human'. As I finished my check I kept listening to the voices

"His he dangerous?" said the female

"Professionally I say no, he took too much of a beating to hurt anypony" said the doctor 'Anypony?' "But not knowing what he is, its a possibility"

"Can I see him?"

"Yes Princess of course"

I instantly looked at the door waiting for whoever...wait PRINCESS? I'm in a Princesses room...okay, Breath simon Breath. As I was hyperventilating the door opens to revels 'a...pony? no wait a pink Pony with a horn and wings with a...what I presume is her mane which is split into 3 colour Purple, Pink and cream' Both our eyes met and silence was heard throughout the room

"Oh...Hello I didn't know you were awake" she said

"..." I couldn't talk, I was still getting used to what I was seeing

"I'm Princess Cadance, do you have a name?"

I finally started to talk "Erm..i..its Simon"

"Hi Simon, How are you feeling?"

"...I honestly dont know" I suddenly got the feeling that I was missing something and my face showed it, Princess Cadance saw this "Is something the matter?"

"I dunno, it feels like I'm missing something" then it hit me "RUBY!"

"W...w..who?" bit startle at my outburst she backed away slightly

"My dog, Ruby was with me when...wait did I die?"

"Erm, I dont think so, You wouldn't be talking to me if you died would you?"

Shaking my head I ignored her reply "Anyway my dog, about your size bit smaller, Golden coat, Labrador?"

"Oh you mean her, yes she was injured so we called somepony to heal it up, does she mean a lot to you?"

I sighed and laid back down "Yeah, I've had her since a pup and we've became inseparable" A small smile formed on my lips "I'm sorry to be rude your Highness but is it ok if i get some sleep, My head still hurts from...whatever happened?"

"Sure, I'll check on you later, bye" She walked out the room and shut the door, I then looked at the ceiling 'Talking ponies with horns and wings...what the hell was in that rock and for that matter, How am i still alive. Urgh, I'll just get some sleep and ask the Princess tommorow

A/N: Thanks for reading the Prologue of my first fic, I'd Appreciate if you could leave your thought on this and point out any mistakes (I know my grammar isn't all that good).

Chapter 1 (Edited)

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A/N; Again Big thanks to LordGremlin for Proof Reading my work.

Chapter 1

One of Those Days

I woke to the sun shining through the small crack between the curtains and straight onto my eyes. AsI lean up again the headrest I rub my eyes to clear then and let out a yawn.
“Oh man, I haven’t slept that well in a while” As I stretched I flinched in pain as my stomach cried out. I looked at the damage and saw it was bandaged completely.
‘How could I not of noticed that?’ I slowly poked around the area flinching at every touch.
‘I must have crashed into something hard!’ I then began to look for any further damage. Myarms were lightly bruised and had one or two cuts on them which healed by themself, my bag seems to have taken the brunt of the attack with a massive bruise running the whole length of my back.
‘How could my spine not be broken? It looks like it was attacked with baseball bats for a night!’ I then remembered seeing blood before I died, or blacked out, I've still got to ask about that. I raised my hand to the back of my head, instantly regretting doing so as a sudden headache washed through my head causing me to cry out in pain.
“Damn it! I take it back, my head is the worst!”
The door then shot open as...’Oh what was her name….Cadence wasn’t it?’ galloped in, thinking I was in trouble. Seeing as I wasn’t, I apologized for spooking her.
“Sorry about me screaming, I was checking out the damage.”

“Oh, thank Celestia; I thought you were in trouble!”

“Well, thank you for your concern, Princess.”

She chuckled, “please, Cadence is just fine.”

I let a small smirk appear across my face. “Ok, Cadence, now if you don’t mind me asking…where and I and erm…what exactly are you?”

She looked at me with confusion. “What do you mean, what am I? I’m an Alicorn. Haven’t you ever heard of them before?”

“Not really, where I am from, ponies don’t exactly have wings or a horn…or talk, for that matter.”

Her eyes shot open upon hearing this. “Really? Where in Equestria are you from?”

‘Equestria? Where on earth is that?’ “I currently live in Bolton, but….” I caught her expression, staring at me with the most confused face I have ever seen. I let another smirk go across my face.

“You know, make faces like that and it will be stuck like that…” before I could finish that, another pony shot out of from the door shouting “FOREVEEEEEEEEEER!!!” I jumped on my bed.

“HOLY MOTHER OF JEBUS!” I screamed as I caught my breathing. Cadence was in the same state as me, probably a bit more controlled then my reaction, but still shocked no less. She then disappeared from sight.

“Erm…w…who was that?”

“That was one of my sister-in-laws friends.” She said calmly recovered from the shock.

“Should I be worried?”

“As long as you don’t try to figure out what she does, you should be fine,” said a mysterious voice from out of nowhere. I looked at Cadence with an expression saying ‘Who said that’?

“Come on in, Twilight.” After that I looked at the door as a new pony trotted in.Thisone had a purple coat and mane with a pink line going through both. She looked at me with fascinated eyes.

“Hi, my name is Twilight Sparkle,” she said as she stuck her hoof out to me. "What's your name?”
I took her hoof in my hand and shook it.

“Simon, nice to meet you Miss Sparkle.”

She smiled and I think I noticed a small blush appear as well. “Please, just Twilight is fine.”

I smiled. “Twilight it is then.”

I then noticed other voices coming from behind the door.

“I take it Twilight here isn’t the only friend you’ve brought with you?”

Twilight rubbed the back of her neck.

“Yeah, once I got word of somepony new who isn’t a pony, they kind of decided to come. Besides, I think you’d like one of them.”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “What do you mean?”

Covering her mouth to prevent laughing, she said, “you’ll see…” She then turned around and looked at the door which opened on its own. No kidding…it just opened. I stared blankly at the door with my mouth agape.

“H…how’d you do that?!” She turned to look at me.

“What, I just opened the door with my magic…you do know what magic is, don’t you?”

“…We’ll get to that, first you have people waiting.”

She nodded and called out to her friends. They walked in single file and stood in a line side by side. Twilight then introduced each of them. First was a white pony, who also had a horn, with a purple mane all styled like she was rich and glamorous. I also noticed she had 3 diamonds on her rear end. I took a mental note to ask about them.

“This is Rarity, she is the local fashion designer in Ponyville.”

“Nice to meet you Miss Rarity. My name is Simon.”

“Nice too meet you too. It's good to finally meet somepony with manners.”

I smiled at the compliment. Next was an orange pony who hard neither a horn or wings. 'Must be an ordinary pony. About time I met something ordinary’. Well, when I say ordinary, she was wearing a cowboy hat…’or would it be cowgirl?…I don’t know.’ with blonde mane done up in…hang on, a pony wearing her mane and tail in a ponytail….’PONYTAILCEPTION!’ She also had three apples on her rear. ‘Seriously what’s up with that?’

“This is Applejack. She is the owner of Sweet Apple Acres in Ponyville.”

“Howdy! Nice ta meet ‘cha,” she said in a southern tone and tilted her hat to me. I was shocked to learn that this place had accents...I really shouldn’t be, I’m lying in a bed surrounded by ponies.

“Nice too meet you too. Again, Simon,” I nodded back to her.

Next was a cyan pony with wings. Shelooked at me suspiciously, narrowing her eyes and staring at me. Shehad a multi-coloured mane and tail, which looked like bed hair. She had a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt coming out of it…‘okay, that’s the weirdest one I’ve seen.’

“This is Rainbow Dash. She is the local weather pony in Ponyville.” She didn’t say anything, just kept staring daggers into me, so I spoke up to seize the awkwardness.

“Hey, is everything alright?” She then flew up to my face, her nose touching mine.

“…erm, hello?” she continued to stare daggers into me. I looked towards the others with a ‘Help me’ face on. This was the cue for Applejack to pull Rainbow’s tail, causing her to crash to the ground.

“Stop it, Rainbow! He ain’t done nothing wrong!” Rainbow simply looked at me again and flew out of the window.

“Did I say anything bad?”

Twilight spoke up. “Rainbow Dash is a very loyal pony, she doesn’t trust people that easily. Anyway, let's continue!” I looked around in confusion.

“ no-one else is he...” But before I could finish I heard something that made me turn straight to the door
with a smile plastered on my face.

“Ruby?” As soon as I said that, Ruby came running into the room and jumped onto the bed and began licking me all over my face. I was so happy I didn’t notice another pony walk in; I was too busy hugging and stroking my dog.

After about five to ten minutes of hugging, Ruby settled down and slept across my stomach, causing slight pain, but it didn’t matter. I then looked at the new pony that entered just after Ruby did. She had a colour that very much resembled butter, and her mane and tail were pink and she had 3 butterflies on her rear. She too had wings. I presumed she brought my dog here.

“I take it you're the one I have to thank for taking care of Ruby?” she smiled at me.

“Yes, when I got told that a dog was found and injured I rushed to help her…I hope that was okay?” I was confused to why she asked this but didn’t pursue it seeing as she looked after Ruby.

“It was, and thank you…sorry, I don’t think we’ve been introduced each other yet, my name’s
Simon. What's yours?"

“Erm…it’s…it’s Fluttershy.”

Everybody looked at her in shock which confused me until Twilight spoke up. “Now that you’ve met everypony…well apart from Pinkie Pie, but knowing her you’ll meet her soon. We'll be going now, but is it ok if I see you tomorrow to ask some questions about you?”

“Don’t see why not, just pop round whenever and I’ll happily answer any questions you have."

Twilight smiled. "Great, I’ll see you then.”
She waved good bye as the other ponies walked with her. Something tells me that tomorrow is going to be a long day of explaining things.

Chapter 2 (Edited)

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A/NSo sorry this took so long to get out, my life is getting in the way. I'll try to push myself to write more. Again BIG thanks to LordGremlin for Pre-reading this. Enjoy.

Chapter 2
One of Those Days…

I woke up from my sleep and had a morning stretch and yawn. ‘God this bed is comfortable…well, as comfortable as pony beds go,’ I thought to myself. I glanced to the clock hanging on the wall opposite me and noticed that it was 6:30 am.

‘Man, that’s pretty early for me.’ I looked to the left of me to see Ruby sleeping soundly and peacefully.

Heh, probably the best sleep she’s gotten since we arrived.’ I softly rubbed behind her ears, being careful to no wake her up, but applying enough pressure for her to know I’m doing it.

I looked at my legs to see if I had any indication to not move them, surprisingly they didn’t seemed that damaged compared to the rest of my body.

I wonder if I could walk.’ I slowly swung my legs over the edge of the bed and put pressure on my feet to see if I could feel anything.

Seem to be working.’ I slowly stood up using the bed as support and got to my full height. I heard some noise behind me and looked to see Ruby looking at me with a confused tilt to her head.

“It’s all right Ruby, just seeing if I can move.” She started to climb off the bed and walked towards me, sitting down in front of me tilting her head.

I slowly moved forwards towards the window to look at the landscape, tripping over myself a few times but catching myself before I fell. I finally managed get to the window and my jaw dropped. Through the window all I could see was white and grey buildings, all competing to be the tallest, all of them looked like they have been cleaned so much the colour had washed off. I then looked off to the distance and saw a very small town.

Who…either we are high up…or they are down low,’ I thought as I caught a view of the mountain in which the biggest, most beautiful castle was situated upon. The view I had screamed sophistication and wealth.

Ok, my life that this is the capital and that is where royalty lives…’ My thoughts got distracted as the sun began to rise over the landscape. I looked on in awe at this beautiful display of red, yellow and orange as it crept over the horizon. Not noticing the door opening with Cadence trotting in.

“Oh, you’re up…wasn’t expecting that yet.” Cadence said with a smile.

“I have to say it wasn’t easy but I managed from the bed to here…and I must say, you have a wonderful view of…where are we?” I asked


“Yeah, lovely view of the sunrise regardless…” I was interrupted by a low growling noise coming from my stomach; I looked at Cadence as she smiled.

“I’ll get breakfast, are pancakes suitable?” she asked.

“Sure, I’ll prepare for the day…by lying on the bed,” I said sadly. Cadence picked up on this.

“I know it’s hard to sit and do nothing, but you need to heal. Besides, if you can walk to the window, you must be getting better,” she said with a reassuring smile and she trotted out the door.

I lay back down onto my bed thinking about this new world ‘So, let’s recap. I get hit by a weird meteorite, I survived somehow, I woke up in some colourful world full of talking ponies that have unicorns, Pegasus and normal variants. Oh and also counting the Alicorn who have both horns and wings…ok, seems like I’m stuck here, so may as well get used to it.’ I was brought out of my thoughts by a knock on the door and Twilight Sparkle walking in.

“Good morning Simon, how’d you sleep?” Twilight asked politely

“Rather well, thanks for asking.” I replied

“That’s good, then.” She looked at me with wide eyes, you know, those eyes that are begging for information. I picked up on this.

“I take it you’re wanting me to answer a few questions?” I asked with a grin plastered on my face

“Yes please, I find you quite interesting, and want to learn more about you and your race.” She replied with a face full of wonder.

“Well ask away, I’ll try to answer the best I can.” She smiled and levitated a quill and notepad in front of her keeping them suspended in mid-air.

“First off, could you tell me about your race?”

“Sure. First, we’re called Humans, or if you’re feeling scientific, Homo sapiens, we live on planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy with one sun and moon. We are a very technologically advanced race with machines running nearly everything, but we weren’t always like that.” I paused to let Twilight catch up with writing and ask any questions, sure enough she did.

“When you say you weren’t always like that, what do you mean?” she asked unsurely.

“Well I don’t know that much, but from what I remember us humans didn’t have technology till later in life. So they relied heavily on gas to power things and animals to do some labour work.”
The question/answer session when on for some time, even as Cadence came in with a tray full of pancakes which I happily devoured as if my life depended on it. As the questions came to an end, I thanked Cadence for the lovely food and turned to Twilight as she flipped the tenth notebook closed and put it on the pile forming on the floor.

“Wow,” I chuckled. “That’s a lot of information there.” I said as I looked at the pile

Twilight looked at the pile and back to me with a smile.
“Thanks again for this information; it’ll prove quite valuable to the princesses.” I was shocked about this.

“Wait, this is going to the princesses? How come?”

“Well, they wanted to come visit you themselves, but are busy at the moment with royal duties, so they asked me to send then information regarding you so they can understand you a bit more.”

“Ah, ok. Any idea when I get to meet these Princesses?”

“They should be free soon, I’ll get Spike to send these when I get back to my room…Oh wait, you haven’t met Spike yet, you want to see him?” Twilight asked

“Sure.” I replied

Twilight then opened the door and stuck her head out; I covered my ears from the onslaught of sound that followed.
“SPIKE, COME MEET THE HUMAN!” I uncovered my ears and checked to see if I had lost my hearing, thank God I didn’t. I then looked up to the door to see a small purple dragon come into view. He looked at me with a confused look and stuck his hand out.

“The name’s Spike.” I took his hand in mine and shook it. “Hey Spike, name’s Simon. I never thought I’d see dragon here, too.”
“Why? Don’t you have dragons where you’re from?” Spike asked.

“Not really, you’re more of a legend than anything else.” I replied

Spike then turned to Twilight.
“Did you want me to send the notes?”
“Yes, please.” She then moved out the way so Spike could see the piles of notes.

“All of them?” Spike said with his mouth agape.

Twilight replied simply, “Yep” Spike shrugged and took a big breath and then released a green flame on the notes. I looked on with shock.

“Did…did he just burn all your notes?” I asked with shock.

Twilight looked at me. “No, he just sent them to the princesses. He has a special link to them so I can send them messages with his fire.” As Twilight finished Spike burped out a note. “Oh and he can receive messages, as well.” Twilight levitated the note to her face and nodded whilst giving it to Spike.

“Looks like the princesses will be coming to visit tomorrow morning,” Twilight said with a smile.

“Well, I’m looking forward to it.” I looked at the clock and it read 7:25 after which I covered my mouth with a hand and yawned. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to hit the hay for now, don’t want to be sleepy when meeting with the Princesses, do I?” Twilight giggled.

“Not really, I’ll see myself out. Good night, Simon.” Twilight walked out the door and shut it with her magic.

“G’night, Twilight.” I looked outside as the sun slowly sunk into the earth and down, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 3 (Edited)

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Chapter 3
One of those days

A/N: I forgot to say this, Thanks to LordGremlin for Proof reading again

As I laid on my bed (I say mine because I could be here for a while) I couldn’t seem to sleep due to the fact I was meeting royalty…ROYALTY! How does someone prepare for that? Is there some proper way to greet them? Do I have to follow the ‘Don’t speak unless spoken to’ rule? I don’t know. The closest I’ve been to royalty is on the back of a £10 note.

I looked around the room to find something worth doing until morning, looking at the clock briefly it displayed 5:00am.
“Too earlyyyyy…” I moaned to no one. I looked to the floor to see Ruby curled into a ball sleeping soundly.
“Lucky girl, sleeping all day without any trouble”.

I decided to have a look round the house I’ll be staying in for a while. Slowly opening the door to my room, I looked both directions and noticing a long corridor both sides. ‘Must be more than one floor’ I thought to myself. I walked out of my room and went to my left first and found some stairs leading down. Slowly climbing down I tried not to make noise lest I wake someone up.

Stopping at the bottom, I looked around to get used to my surroundings. I was quite shocked at the lack of ‘rich’ stuff Cadence had. To me it looked like an average house; sofa, desk, lamp, rug, fireplace. The dining room was right beside the living room cut off by a door. I opened it slowly, but it gave off a small squeak. I cringed as I looked towards the stairs listening for any signs of life, thankfully not a squeak.

I walked towards a door leading to a garden. The door was locked for obvious reasons, but the key was on the counter next to it. I unlocked to door and opened it, letting the cool breeze run over my body. The night sky was beautiful. Stars dancing in the sky as the moon watched over them like mother and child. I always liked the night sky, it more peaceful.

When I was back home, I used to sit in the garden, looking up at the sky. Not for studying, purely for pleasure and to let all my stress and annoyance wash away with the night sky. I used to sit for hours, even an entire night if I couldn’t get any sleep. As I looked up, I sat down on a chair that was left outside. I sat down and thought about the position I was currently in. ‘Ok, I’m possibly dead back on Earth so I doubt I could return there without causing some kind of problem. I’m currently house bound and healing from my ‘death’. *sigh* I may as well get used to this place seeing as I’m staying here for a while.’
I ended my thoughts as I heard a pair of wing flapping ever so slightly about my head. I slowly looked up and saw a lone cloud. I had no idea how it got there. I stood up and looked at it; it was too high for a full inspection so I could only look at the bottom. I passed it as another crazy pony world theory and went back to my bed and finally got some shut eye.

I woke up to the sound of knocks on the door. Slowly getting up, I yawned “Come in.” Rubbing my eyes to clear my vision, I saw Twilight walk in with a tray of food and a parcel floating on both sides of her. Taking the offered tray which had oatmeal, some apples and a glass of orange juice, I happily started eating.

After finishing my breakfast, I looked at the mysterious parcel sitting on my bed next to me. I turned to Twilight as she walked into my room.
“What this?” I said as I picked up the parcel.

“Oh, Rarity made some clothing for your audience with the princesses, she said ‘He must look his best regardless of his origin,” Twilight said mimicking the white pony as best she could. I looked at the parcel and ripped it open, revealing a full suit with matching shoes, undershirt and tie. Looking slightly confused I ask a question that kept bugging me.
“How the hell did she know what size I was?”

“Oh, she makes outfits for all sorts of ponies, she must’ve figured out your size by eye sight alone,” Twilight said, unsure of it, herself. “Anyway, the princesses should be here any minute, so get dressed.” I nodded towards her and stood up off the bed, slowly putting the suit on. Flinching a bit as I accidently brushed against the bruises and cuts littering my body.

Finally I managed to get the suit on and walked downstairs where Twilight, Spike, Cadence and Ruby were all eating their own food. I cleared my throat to alert them to my presence. They turned their head and all had mouths agape, apart from Spike who went back to eating his…gems? Cadence was the first to speak “Wow, I know what Rarity has made in the past…but I didn’t expect her to make that.” Twilight nodded along with her. I quickly looked in the mirror next to the stairs and looked at myself in the mirror; I had a fully black suit on with blue lining inside, a white shirt and blue tie with black pull-on shoes.

I straightened up my tie and sat on the sofa on my own, flinching again from the pain in my stomach which didn’t go unnoticed.
“Are your bruises hurting you still?” Cadence said as she walked towards me.
“Not as bad as the first day, but still a pain in the arse,” I said as Cadence lighted her horn and waved it around my stomach. Slowly, the pain subsided. I looked at Cadence to clarify what happened.
“I used a small numbing spell to stop it from hurting as much.” She smiled at me. I returned the smile and relaxed waiting for the royalty to arrive.

Around 30 minutes later a knock sounded on the door. Knowing who is was I stood up and crossed my hands in front of me to show respect. I head some small chatter and saw Cadence wave them in. First to enter was a white Alicorn who looked majestic and, I had to admit it, very sexy. Her mane and tail had many colours in them and waved in an invisible wind as she walked toward me with a smile on her face. The next to walk in was a bit smaller than the first. She was dark purple with a dark mane and tail that seemed to have small stars occupying them. She looked at me with a school girl smile. When they both stopped in front of me, I bowed slowly, not trusting the numbing spell. As I rose back up I saw the smile on the first Alicorn extend and she raised her hoof for a shake. I grabbed it lightly and shook it.

“Good morning, your highnesses, it is an honour to meet you. My name is Simon and I’m looking forward to talking with you.”

“Greetings Simon, my name is Celestia. I am the raiser of the sun and co-ruler of Equestria. This beside me is Luna, the raiser of the moon and also co-ruler of Equestria,” Celestia said
Luna looked at Celestia with a grumpy look on her face.

“Greetings, Simon, it a pleasure to speak with you. I found you very fascinating when Twilight Sparkle sent us the notes to read. Your people are a very fascinating race.”

I laughed at this “Says the Alicorn with wings and a horn, I could say the same about you. Your world is completely different from ours.”

“Yes” Celestia stated “The notes did say you use ‘technology’ to help you in your day-to-day lives. What does this include?”
I sat down as I prepared to explain humans again.

“Well, our main source of power is electricity and fuel. Most things run on these and help us with our daily lives, from when we get up to when we go to bed.”

“What are the main pieces that humans use?” Luna asked.

“Well most people use electricity to power necessities like lights and cooking appliances, like microwaves, which heat up food. Cars are also important; they run on fuel which is valuable and expensive. But they are used to get us from point A to point B.”

Celestia looked to be in deep thought before asking the next question.
“Twilight mentioned something in the notes that confused me. Human have apparently been in a lot of wars. Why is this? Why can’t you live in harmony and peace?” I signed at this. ‘It was only a matter of time before we got onto the wars we’ve had, but this soon?’ I looked at her.
“The human race has had many wars in its existence, and for many reasons. Some choose to attack someone because they were a threat that had to be dealt with, whilst some just did it for fun.”

“F…for fun?” Luna stuttered “Why would they kill for fun?”

“I honestly don’t know why. Maybe they get kicks out of seeing people suffer and being able to rule their lives. Some people go to war because of religious reasons, but I’d rather not touch religion, too much blood on that topic.”

“That’s quite alright. Now for the matter of how you arrived here. What were you doing before you woke up?” Celestia ask quickly changing the topic.

“I was walking Ruby when all of a sudden a meteorite came crashing towards me and crushed us. The last thing I remember I seeing Ruby curl up next to me.” I smiled as Ruby came into the room at the mention of her name and sat in front of me. I stroked her fur coat and she licked my face as I bent down to kiss her forehead. Celestia smiled at the affection she was seeing.

“Even when I was facing death in the face, she never left my side.” A small tear left my eye and I quickly wiped it away. “Sorry, I get emotional sometimes,” I said.

“It’s quite alright. When you got hit by the meteorite, did you notice anything out of the ordinary?” Luna asked.

“Well one thing stood out more than anything, the meteorite had some purple bolts coming of it, like a ball of lightning coming out. I didn’t feel anything when it hit. But that shouldn’t have been there.”

Luna looked to be in deep thought and seemed to tune everything out around her. Celestia then said, “Well, about you going back home.” My face brightened at the mention of home.

“I’m afraid I can’t send you back.” Right there my world just shattered around me. ‘Can’t go home…never seeing my family again?’ “What do you mean you can’t send me home? Are you at least going to try?!” I shouted

“I’m afraid not. If what you say is true and you got hit by the meteorite, there is only a small possibility that you even survive…” she was cut off by me getting up and walking up the stairs to my ‘borrowed room’. I walked past Twilight who looked at me with a sad expression, but didn’t have time to say anything as I closed the door behind me.

Chapter 4 (Edited)

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Chapter 4

One of Those Days

I sat on my bed with my head in my hands, constantly replaying the answer I got from Celestia. ‘I can’t send you home’. Honestly, I knew deep down that it was impossible to return home. I did get hit by a meteorite. It doesn’t happen a lot but I’m almost certain that it’s hard to come back from. Besides, I don’t think there is a way to teleport people from one place to another, let alone across dimensions.

As I sat thinking about what happened a small knock on the door roused me.

“It’s open.” The door opened to reveal Twilight, Cadence, Ruby and Luna.

“Are you ok?” Twilight broke the silence.
“Yeah, I’m fine; I kind of knew it would be near impossible to go back. But you can’t really prepare yourself to accept the fact that I can’t see anyone I loved ever again,” I stated simply. Looking to Luna, I continued.

“Princess Luna, I apologize for my actions earlier. I should’ve taken the news a little better than I did”.
Luna chuckled.

“It’s perfectly fine, Simon. It was hard news to take. I think your actions can be a little bit justified,” she said with a forgiving smile on her face. Cadence simply walked over and gave me a hug; I stiffened up at first, not expecting the hug, but reciprocated the comforting gesture.

“Thanks. I needed that,” I said, smiling at her.

“It’s no problem, I’m happy it helped.” she replied with a smile.

“So, what’re you going to do now?” Twilight asked.

I thought about that for a while, but really there is only one option to choose.

“Well, I suppose I'm living here for the rest of my days” I said, trying to hide my sadness of not seeing my family again. Luna suddenly walked towards the window and opened it.

“I’ll talk to Celestia to see if we can get you a place to stay and means of income. This may take a few days, but will be done as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, Princess, I'm grateful for the help,” I said as I stood and bowed to her. She giggled and flew out of the window and towards the castle. I looked to Ruby who had jumped on the bed sleeping whilst I was talking. I softly stroked her head to awaken her. She licked my hand to show affection when a voice sounded from below.

“Cadence, I'm home, where are you at?” Cadence looked at the door.

“Up here, Shiny,” she called from the door.

A few minutes later a new pony came into the room. He had pure white fur with a blue mane and tail. He also had a shiny shield on his flank. He looked at me with a smile.

“Ah, you’re awake now. Nice you meet you. Name’s Shining Armour, husband to Cadence and brother to Twilight,” he said kissing the cheek of the former and nuzzling the latter. I got up of the bed and walked over to him whilst holding my hand out for a shake.

“Hey Shining Armour, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Name’s Simon,” I said as he completed the hand/hoof shake. Shining Armour let a small smile appear on his face.

“I see you've healed a lot since we found you,” he states as you walk back over to the bed.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me. How did you find me?” Cadence stepped forward.

“Well, it was an ordinary night for me…”
Cadence walked to the door with Shining beside her.

“Have a safe journey, honey!” Cadence said as she kissed her husband and nuzzled his cheek.

“I will. Are you sure you’ll be ok on your own?” he asked with a hint of sadness in his voice at having to leave his wife’s side this late in the evening.

“I will. Don’t worry about me; I’m sure to find something to do.” She smiled at him.

“Ok, just buzz me if you anything happens,” he said whilst motioning to his horn.

This is a way many unicorns communicate with each other long distances; they send a small magical pulse to a specific unicorn’s horn which in turn alerts the recipient of the location of the sender. It used more as a distress signal for the local guard. Each guard has several unicorns that are connected to a group of ponies in a certain area, and alert a group out patrolling the area of the distress. Being the commander of the guard, Shining showed Cadence how to call him in emergencies.

“I will. Bye, Shiny!” she said motioning towards the door in a playful way. As the door closes shut after Shining exits the home, Cadence let out a sigh. ‘Right, now I’m alone…what to do…’
After an hour of doing nothing, Cadence decided to sit outside and look at the changing of the sun and moon. The sun crawls under the horizon and the moon take its place. As the moon was in position, she saw something flash in the sky. On first glimpse it looked like a shooting star, but then it got brighter and larger. Cadence felt something in the air; the magic was starting to get a little stronger as the ‘shooting star’ got closer. To be safe, she walked back into the house and watched through the patio door at the ‘star’. After a while the star smashed into the earth of the back garden with enough force to wake a hibernating dragon. Cadence umped and ducked down as piece of earth smashed against the window.

After a while, she looked up to see smoke, dust and a small crater in her back garden. Instantly her horn lit up, sending a signal to Shining Armour, who appeared in seconds of sending the distress with another unicorn.

“Cadence, what’s wrong?” Shining asked as he wrapped a shaken Cadence in a hug. Cadence said nothing, but looked towards the garden. Shining looked as well, his eyes shot open wide. He turned to the unicorn.

“Get a group of guards her n-” He was interrupted as Cadence gasped and ran for the door.

“Cadence! Wai-” He stopped again as he saw Cadence running after a dog lying down next to something. It was too dark to see what it was, so Shining lit up his horn and released a ball of light into the air about the garden to see what it was. He looked over with wider eyes, and then turned to the waiting unicorn.
“Also, get a doctor! Some…thing has been hurt!” he ordered as the unicorn saluted and ran back to the station.


“…After the doctor arrived, he examined you and brought you up here to treat whatever injuries he could see, and Ruby was send to Fluttershy to be cared for.” Cadence finished the story as I sat on the bed, listening to the story being told. Shining Armour left sometime after she started to get some lunch downstairs and headed out to do some shopping. I thought over the story. Something was bothering me.

“You said I landed in your garden in a small crater. When I looked out there it was untouched.” Cadence giggled at this
whilst Twilight explained it.

“Cadence used magic on it to replace the earth that you pulled up in your landing. A simple repair spell, if I’m not mistaken,” she finished, looking at Cadence for an answer.

“That is correct, Twilight,” she said, nodding at the small unicorn. I looked outside and saw the sun disappear under the horizon, and looked at the clock on the wall. It read 8:00. With that, I let out a yawn which everyone caught.

“Looks like everypony is getting tired,” Twilight said as she walked towards the door. Cadence followed, heading to bed where she presumed Shining Armour was already.

“Night, you two, see you in the morning!” Cadence shouted, I wave at them both.

“G’night.” I shut the door and changed out of my suit, folded it up and placed it on the nearby stool. I jumped into bed and went to sleep.

Chapter 5 (Edited)

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(Thanks to LordGremlin for Pre-reading this chapter)

Chapter 5

One of those Days

I woke up the next day to Ruby nudging me with her nose; I sat up and rubbed my eyes to clear my vision. I looked towards the clock, noticing that I slept through the whole morning.
"Wow, I haven’t slept that well in ages," I muttered to myself. The clock read 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I got out of bed and realized more casual clothes had been laid out for me. 'Rarity must've made some more for me. I must thank her properly when I get the chance'.

After getting dressed, I opened my door and began walking downstairs, Ruby following behind me sniffing at the air. She started walking ahead of me when we reached the bottom of the stairs. She sniffed the floor as though she was following a familiar scent. Her tail then started to wag as she approached the door, but stopped when she reached it. Ruby then lay on the floor next to the door. Instantly recognizing what she was planning, a small smile appeared on my face. I went and sat on the sofa facing the door and waited for the poor pony about to be jumped.



Walking towards Cadence's house, Twilight shifted the weight of her saddle bags a little, full to the brim with books of Equestrian history.
"I hope this isn't too much for him to read," Twilight said to herself as she approached the door. As she got closer, her horn sparked to life as she grasped the handle in her telekinetic grip and pushed the door open.
Twilight noticed Simon sitting on the sofa staring at the door with a smile on his face.
"Hello, Simon. You seem rather happy today; I presume you had a good night’s sleep?" Twilight said as she walked in and closed the door, unaware of the golden stalker to her left crawling toward her. Simon just sat there trying not to laugh at what approached. Twilight took note of this.
"What's so fun....ARGH!"



The door opened to reveal Twilight entering with her bag filled to the brim with books. She looked up at me with a smile.
"Hello, Simon. You seem rather happy today; I presume you had a good night’s sleep?" she said as she shut the door with her magic. My eyes quickly flicked over to Ruby, who was sneaking up to Twilight. I tried valiantly to hold back a laugh, but all that did was leave a weird expression on my face. Twilight picked up on this.

"What's so fun...ARGH!" Twilight didn't get to finish her sentence as Ruby pounced on Twilight’s side and knocked her over. Failing to control my mirth, I burst out laughing as Ruby assaulted Twilight’s face with licks. I struggled to breathe as Twilight tried to breathe through the onslaught of licks she was receiving. Recovering from the laughing, I whistled to Ruby to stop and come to me. She did so and sat down in front of me as I head a gasp of breath coming from the pony on the floor. I petted Ruby and walked over to Twilight to help her up.

Twilight sat on the sofa wiping her face dry from the recent lick assault. She didn't seem too impressed with my laughter. I decided to speak up "Sorry about that, Twilight. She used to do that to me when I got back from late night studying. I couldn't help myself," I said to her. Twilight looked up towards me with a blank expression. I looked toward Ruby who was sensing Twilight’s look and had her ears down flat against her head.

"Ruby, what do you say to Miss Twilight?" I said to her. Ruby looked towards me, and then to the pony opposite, and began to walk slowly to her. She gave her an apologetic look and whined as she put her head on the edge on the sofa.
Twilight looked at Ruby and then to me with a confused face. I shrugged to her as she looked down to Ruby, a small smile teasing at her lips. She raised a hoof and stroked Ruby's head. Ruby acknowledged the friendly gesture and started to brighten up, waging her tail and giving the hoof a small lick before lying down next to the sofa Twilight sat upon. I then stared at the books that were lying in an organized pile on the table.

"Hey Twilight, what's with all these books?" I said as I picked one up. ‘Equestrian History 101’.
"Oh, well, when I was questioning you about Humans and Earth, I remembered that I didn't really tell you much about Equestria, so I went to the library and took out some books for you to read," she stated as she levitated the books out onto the table so I could look at all the titles.

There were 6 in total, including the one in my hand. The titles were ‘Magic Explained’, ‘The Griffon Kingdom and its inhabitants’, ‘The Dragon Kingdom and its Inhabitants’, Pegasi, Unicorns and Earth Ponies’ and ‘The Royal Sisters’.
I looked at each of the books and saw how much Twilight expected me to read. 'Holy hell, this is at least two months’ worth of reading at my speed. I'll never finish all of this’. I looked up to Twilight, who was busy rubbing Ruby's stomach as the dog’s rear leg kicked out of control. I grabbed her attention.

"Erm...Twilight… you don't expect me to read ALL of these, do you?" I questioned Twilight. She looked at me with a face that said it all.

"Well...not really. I don't think anyone apart from me could read all of these. I just thought you'd look at some of these just to get the basics of our world," she stated. That's understandable. I opened up the book in my hand at a random page and saw the title "Cutie Marks".

Reading the name again, I looked up and viewed the mark on Twilights hind leg. 'Hmmm, I wonder..." Twilight, that mark on your hind leg, that wouldn't be what this book calls a 'Cutie Mark', would it?" I asked.
Twilight looked at her mark, then at me with a smile on her face.

"It is. It represents my talent in magic. I got it when Princess Celestia asked me to be her personal student," she said, happy that she could teach something to someone. Looking back at the book, I thought of something that might make a certain unicorn happy.

"Hey Twilight, I've just had an idea," I announced whilst closing the book. I return it to the table. "Instead of reading about certain topics, why not just get the information straight from the horse’s mouth....if you forgive the pun," I added on the last part to notify Twilight of the use of the phrase. Twilight’s mouth stretched further then it should have, when a smile graced her face.

"That's a wonderful idea. I could tell you anything you want to know about Equestria like the way I asked you about Earth," she replied.

I nodded in agreement. "Sounds good. When you want to start?" I asked.
"Well. I'm not busy now, and Cadence will be a while, sorting some stuff at the Palace. So, how about now?" Twilight asked. I could sense that she would enjoy the prospect of teaching another species about her own world and culture. I catch her shifting around her seat, eager to get started as soon as possible.

"Sure, now seems go-" I was interrupted by my growling stomach, reminding me that I had yet to eat at all today, as small blush appeared on my face.

"Erm...maybe we should eat first. I kinda skipped on breakfast," I chuckled sheepishly. Twilight giggled into her hoof and nodded her head. She started heading towards the kitchen to prepare us a meal.