• Published 31st May 2012
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One of those Days... - Crimson Valor

Ever had one of those days where you can't explain what happened...yeah try a lifetime.

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Chapter 3 (Edited)

Chapter 3
One of those days

A/N: I forgot to say this, Thanks to LordGremlin for Proof reading again

As I laid on my bed (I say mine because I could be here for a while) I couldn’t seem to sleep due to the fact I was meeting royalty…ROYALTY! How does someone prepare for that? Is there some proper way to greet them? Do I have to follow the ‘Don’t speak unless spoken to’ rule? I don’t know. The closest I’ve been to royalty is on the back of a £10 note.

I looked around the room to find something worth doing until morning, looking at the clock briefly it displayed 5:00am.
“Too earlyyyyy…” I moaned to no one. I looked to the floor to see Ruby curled into a ball sleeping soundly.
“Lucky girl, sleeping all day without any trouble”.

I decided to have a look round the house I’ll be staying in for a while. Slowly opening the door to my room, I looked both directions and noticing a long corridor both sides. ‘Must be more than one floor’ I thought to myself. I walked out of my room and went to my left first and found some stairs leading down. Slowly climbing down I tried not to make noise lest I wake someone up.

Stopping at the bottom, I looked around to get used to my surroundings. I was quite shocked at the lack of ‘rich’ stuff Cadence had. To me it looked like an average house; sofa, desk, lamp, rug, fireplace. The dining room was right beside the living room cut off by a door. I opened it slowly, but it gave off a small squeak. I cringed as I looked towards the stairs listening for any signs of life, thankfully not a squeak.

I walked towards a door leading to a garden. The door was locked for obvious reasons, but the key was on the counter next to it. I unlocked to door and opened it, letting the cool breeze run over my body. The night sky was beautiful. Stars dancing in the sky as the moon watched over them like mother and child. I always liked the night sky, it more peaceful.

When I was back home, I used to sit in the garden, looking up at the sky. Not for studying, purely for pleasure and to let all my stress and annoyance wash away with the night sky. I used to sit for hours, even an entire night if I couldn’t get any sleep. As I looked up, I sat down on a chair that was left outside. I sat down and thought about the position I was currently in. ‘Ok, I’m possibly dead back on Earth so I doubt I could return there without causing some kind of problem. I’m currently house bound and healing from my ‘death’. *sigh* I may as well get used to this place seeing as I’m staying here for a while.’
I ended my thoughts as I heard a pair of wing flapping ever so slightly about my head. I slowly looked up and saw a lone cloud. I had no idea how it got there. I stood up and looked at it; it was too high for a full inspection so I could only look at the bottom. I passed it as another crazy pony world theory and went back to my bed and finally got some shut eye.

I woke up to the sound of knocks on the door. Slowly getting up, I yawned “Come in.” Rubbing my eyes to clear my vision, I saw Twilight walk in with a tray of food and a parcel floating on both sides of her. Taking the offered tray which had oatmeal, some apples and a glass of orange juice, I happily started eating.

After finishing my breakfast, I looked at the mysterious parcel sitting on my bed next to me. I turned to Twilight as she walked into my room.
“What this?” I said as I picked up the parcel.

“Oh, Rarity made some clothing for your audience with the princesses, she said ‘He must look his best regardless of his origin,” Twilight said mimicking the white pony as best she could. I looked at the parcel and ripped it open, revealing a full suit with matching shoes, undershirt and tie. Looking slightly confused I ask a question that kept bugging me.
“How the hell did she know what size I was?”

“Oh, she makes outfits for all sorts of ponies, she must’ve figured out your size by eye sight alone,” Twilight said, unsure of it, herself. “Anyway, the princesses should be here any minute, so get dressed.” I nodded towards her and stood up off the bed, slowly putting the suit on. Flinching a bit as I accidently brushed against the bruises and cuts littering my body.

Finally I managed to get the suit on and walked downstairs where Twilight, Spike, Cadence and Ruby were all eating their own food. I cleared my throat to alert them to my presence. They turned their head and all had mouths agape, apart from Spike who went back to eating his…gems? Cadence was the first to speak “Wow, I know what Rarity has made in the past…but I didn’t expect her to make that.” Twilight nodded along with her. I quickly looked in the mirror next to the stairs and looked at myself in the mirror; I had a fully black suit on with blue lining inside, a white shirt and blue tie with black pull-on shoes.

I straightened up my tie and sat on the sofa on my own, flinching again from the pain in my stomach which didn’t go unnoticed.
“Are your bruises hurting you still?” Cadence said as she walked towards me.
“Not as bad as the first day, but still a pain in the arse,” I said as Cadence lighted her horn and waved it around my stomach. Slowly, the pain subsided. I looked at Cadence to clarify what happened.
“I used a small numbing spell to stop it from hurting as much.” She smiled at me. I returned the smile and relaxed waiting for the royalty to arrive.

Around 30 minutes later a knock sounded on the door. Knowing who is was I stood up and crossed my hands in front of me to show respect. I head some small chatter and saw Cadence wave them in. First to enter was a white Alicorn who looked majestic and, I had to admit it, very sexy. Her mane and tail had many colours in them and waved in an invisible wind as she walked toward me with a smile on her face. The next to walk in was a bit smaller than the first. She was dark purple with a dark mane and tail that seemed to have small stars occupying them. She looked at me with a school girl smile. When they both stopped in front of me, I bowed slowly, not trusting the numbing spell. As I rose back up I saw the smile on the first Alicorn extend and she raised her hoof for a shake. I grabbed it lightly and shook it.

“Good morning, your highnesses, it is an honour to meet you. My name is Simon and I’m looking forward to talking with you.”

“Greetings Simon, my name is Celestia. I am the raiser of the sun and co-ruler of Equestria. This beside me is Luna, the raiser of the moon and also co-ruler of Equestria,” Celestia said
Luna looked at Celestia with a grumpy look on her face.

“Greetings, Simon, it a pleasure to speak with you. I found you very fascinating when Twilight Sparkle sent us the notes to read. Your people are a very fascinating race.”

I laughed at this “Says the Alicorn with wings and a horn, I could say the same about you. Your world is completely different from ours.”

“Yes” Celestia stated “The notes did say you use ‘technology’ to help you in your day-to-day lives. What does this include?”
I sat down as I prepared to explain humans again.

“Well, our main source of power is electricity and fuel. Most things run on these and help us with our daily lives, from when we get up to when we go to bed.”

“What are the main pieces that humans use?” Luna asked.

“Well most people use electricity to power necessities like lights and cooking appliances, like microwaves, which heat up food. Cars are also important; they run on fuel which is valuable and expensive. But they are used to get us from point A to point B.”

Celestia looked to be in deep thought before asking the next question.
“Twilight mentioned something in the notes that confused me. Human have apparently been in a lot of wars. Why is this? Why can’t you live in harmony and peace?” I signed at this. ‘It was only a matter of time before we got onto the wars we’ve had, but this soon?’ I looked at her.
“The human race has had many wars in its existence, and for many reasons. Some choose to attack someone because they were a threat that had to be dealt with, whilst some just did it for fun.”

“F…for fun?” Luna stuttered “Why would they kill for fun?”

“I honestly don’t know why. Maybe they get kicks out of seeing people suffer and being able to rule their lives. Some people go to war because of religious reasons, but I’d rather not touch religion, too much blood on that topic.”

“That’s quite alright. Now for the matter of how you arrived here. What were you doing before you woke up?” Celestia ask quickly changing the topic.

“I was walking Ruby when all of a sudden a meteorite came crashing towards me and crushed us. The last thing I remember I seeing Ruby curl up next to me.” I smiled as Ruby came into the room at the mention of her name and sat in front of me. I stroked her fur coat and she licked my face as I bent down to kiss her forehead. Celestia smiled at the affection she was seeing.

“Even when I was facing death in the face, she never left my side.” A small tear left my eye and I quickly wiped it away. “Sorry, I get emotional sometimes,” I said.

“It’s quite alright. When you got hit by the meteorite, did you notice anything out of the ordinary?” Luna asked.

“Well one thing stood out more than anything, the meteorite had some purple bolts coming of it, like a ball of lightning coming out. I didn’t feel anything when it hit. But that shouldn’t have been there.”

Luna looked to be in deep thought and seemed to tune everything out around her. Celestia then said, “Well, about you going back home.” My face brightened at the mention of home.

“I’m afraid I can’t send you back.” Right there my world just shattered around me. ‘Can’t go home…never seeing my family again?’ “What do you mean you can’t send me home? Are you at least going to try?!” I shouted

“I’m afraid not. If what you say is true and you got hit by the meteorite, there is only a small possibility that you even survive…” she was cut off by me getting up and walking up the stairs to my ‘borrowed room’. I walked past Twilight who looked at me with a sad expression, but didn’t have time to say anything as I closed the door behind me.

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