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  • T Fight Club

    Midnight Dream's your ordinary bat pony. Except she isn't in Night Guard. Sure, her gardening special talent doesn't make her any bits, but she has a plan. There's this fighting league, you see, and it'll solve all her problems. Or so she thinks.  · xTSGx
    98,820 words · 616 views  ·  17  ·  7
  • E >Dat Hivemind

    Chrysalis has been fired as Changeling Queen, but now the Changeling Hivemind must do something even harder than attack a shielded Canterlot filled with the weaponized love of its inhabitants: hire a new queen.  · xTSGx
    5,725 words · 6,077 views  ·  716  ·  12
  • T Compliance

    An OHSA Compliance Officer inspects the Rainbow Factory. Bureaucracy ensues.  · xTSGx
    4,148 words · 1,615 views  ·  117  ·  14
  • E Regent

    Congratulations, Twilight. With the Princesses on vacation, you're in charge of Equestria. Perhaps it's a bit early to congratulate you. After all, whether it's a jealous nobility or an unhappy military, your reign will be anything but  · xTSGx
    33,568 words · 23,045 views  ·  1,390  ·  29
  • E Cutie Mark Crusader Alicorn Hunters

    Twilight has a secret. A winged secret. And the crusaders are determined to uncover it.  · xTSGx
    1,134 words · 4,390 views  ·  439  ·  6
  • E Ascend

    Cheer up, Twilight. It's not every day somepony changes species. In fact, no pony has ever changed species. Or dealt with the results of that change.  · xTSGx
    61,412 words · 23,651 views  ·  2,804  ·  57
  • E Stereotypical

    I've heard all the insults, and every one has only furthered my sadness. Why? All because of my fur  · xTSGx
    1,851 words · 1,881 views  ·  152  ·  17
  • E Statistics

    Sometimes, all we need are a few stats to shed light on a subject.  · xTSGx
    1,042 words · 13,460 views  ·  1,487  ·  36

Twilight Becomes an Alicorn

  • Expectations Twilight gets wings and must adapt to a changing life. Outcast. Fear. Acceptance. by Beige Monkfish 71,208 words · 22,513 views · 843 likes · 31 dislikes
  • Not My Destiny Twilight refuses to accept her ancient alicorn heritage by Smayds 37,412 words · 23,874 views · 1,624 likes · 56 dislikes
  • On Wings of Change An Ali!Twilight story that doesn't revolve solely around Alicorn Twilight. by Kobalstromo 74,119 words · 22,716 views · 1,345 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Rites of Ascension Twilight makes a new spell and starts the gears of fate with her ascension to alicornhood. (Writing started before Season 3.) by CvBrony 441,811 words · 26,562 views · 2,473 likes · 64 dislikes
  • Cry for Eternity After Celestia's death, Twilight must take on a role she is woefully underprepared for. by asylum1388 180,388 words · 28,437 views · 2,524 likes · 98 dislikes

Current Story Progress



Projected story length: 55,000

Current length: 1,100

Estimated time to completion: Summer, 2016.


Projected story length: 100,000 words.

Current length: 33,568 words.

Estimated time to completion: Early 2015 (calculated using Valve Time).

Chapter Six: Lobbying- 447 words (11.2% Complete)

Cutie Mark Crusader Alicorn Hunters

Projected story length: 20,000 words.

Current length: 1,134 words.

Estimated time to completion: Heat Death of the Universe.

Chapter Two: Skepticism-  33 words (1.7% Complete)


Rules and Procedures to be Enacting for Use During Magical Activities and the Arcane Arts as Ordained and Authorized by the Ancient Alicorn Sisters

Projected length: 6,000 words.

Current length: 2,495 words.

Projected time to completion: Fall, 2015.

Untitled comedy rape fic

Projected length: 5,000 words.

Current length: 718 words.

Projected time to completion: Fall, 2015.


The Descendant may be MiA, but that doesn't mean we can't keep the Fimfic Christmas Tradition going. For those who don't know or are confused as to why people's avatars have Santa hats on, it's been a tradition that was jumpstarted way back in 2012 to adorn your avatar with a festive hat for the holidays to help get the site in the holiday spirit.

Tweyelight loves the holidays.

So if it suits your fancy, please do consider joining the tradition or dusting off the old Santa hat avatar from your random images folder. All so Knighty can wonder why we're still here and not finally jumping off the ride--oh, and something about Christmas spirit, too.

I'm lucky that my avatar is easily editable in Paint, but if yours isn't, don't fret, there's plenty] of hats to choose from. Just download one and plop it on top of your avatar. In the words of the founder of this tradition himself:

1.) Hey, if you need help, just say so!

2.) If you have a minute, and you'r good with this, please help someone who doesn't have the means/skill to make their own avatar.

... and most importantly...

3.) Pleas make a blog asking others to join in as well!

Lastly, Merry Christmas!

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Projected story length: 100,000 words.

Current length: 33,568 words.

Estimated time to completion: Early 2015 (calculated using Valve Time).

Valve time indeed. Valve time indeed...

It's not gonna happen, is it. :twilightangry2:

#129 · 62w, 3d ago · · ·

thx for the fav!

#128 · 89w, 5d ago · · ·

i came here just because of the eye

:applejackconfused:the eye sees all, the eye is love, the eye reveals nothing, the eye is life :applejackconfused:

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Hey xTSGx! Long time no speak. Thanks for adding Corruption to that group. I didn't even think of adding it there. Got a few likes and favs from that. Cheers! :twilightsmile:

#126 · 115w, 5d ago · · ·

So how's that "early 2015" prediction for Regent coming? :rainbowwild:  I was cleaning up my favorites and am just checking on some of my favorite stories along the way.

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