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  • E >Dat Hivemind

    Chrysalis has been fired as Changeling Queen, but now the Changeling Hivemind must do something even harder than attack a shielded Canterlot filled with the weaponized love of its inhabitants: hire a new queen.  · xTSGx
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  • T Compliance

    An OHSA Compliance Officer inspects the Rainbow Factory. Bureaucracy ensues.  · xTSGx
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  • E Regent

    Congratulations, Twilight. With the Princesses on vacation, you're in charge of Equestria. Perhaps it's a bit early to congratulate you. After all, whether it's a jealous nobility or an unhappy military, your reign will be anything but  · xTSGx
    33,568 words · 20,115 views  ·  1,282  ·  25
  • E Cutie Mark Crusader Alicorn Hunters

    Twilight has a secret. A winged secret. And the crusaders are determined to uncover it.  · xTSGx
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  • E Ascend

    Cheer up, Twilight. It's not every day somepony changes species. In fact, no pony has ever changed species. Or dealt with the results of that change.  · xTSGx
    61,412 words · 19,413 views  ·  2,577  ·  49
  • E Stereotypical

    I've heard all the insults, and every one has only furthered my sadness. Why? All because of my fur  · xTSGx
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  • E Statistics

    Sometimes, all we need are a few stats to shed light on a subject.  · xTSGx
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Twilight Becomes an Alicorn

  • Expectations Twilight gets wings and must adapt to a changing life. Outcast. Fear. Acceptance. by Beige Monkfish 71,208 words · 20,429 views · 873 likes · 28 dislikes
  • Not My Destiny Twilight refuses to accept her ancient alicorn heritage by Smayds 37,412 words · 20,762 views · 1,604 likes · 50 dislikes
  • On Wings of Change An Ali!Twilight story that doesn't revolve solely around Alicorn Twilight. by Kobalstromo 74,119 words · 17,824 views · 1,285 likes · 52 dislikes
  • Rites of Ascension Twilight makes a new spell and starts the gears of fate with her ascension to alicornhood. (Writing started before Season 3.) by CvBrony 174,439 words · 14,767 views · 1,714 likes · 34 dislikes
  • Cry for Eternity After Celestia's death, Twilight must take on a role she is woefully underprepared for. by asylum1388 132,891 words · 24,475 views · 2,109 likes · 59 dislikes

2012 Fanfictions of the Year

  • The Moonstone Cup Twilight is invited to Canterlot to compete with some of the greatest unicorns in Equestria! by Cyanide 61,073 words · 21,758 views · 2,339 likes · 35 dislikes
  • For Want of a Dawn Sometimes, in order to discover one's own self, they must venture into the depths of hell. by Ciroton 225,592 words · 6,547 views · 671 likes · 22 dislikes
  • The Immortal Game Princess Luna leads the Elements of Harmony against the corrupted Twilight Sparkle by AestheticB 297,261 words · 44,728 views · 2,597 likes · 54 dislikes
  • Taken for Granite Tom X Bloomberg, written as a postmodern tragedy. Or something. Why did I write this. by tajjetone 1,094 words · 934 views · 65 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Upheaval: Reckoning Sequel to Breaking Point. The barrier is no more and the Legion is on the move. What happens next? by Visiden Visidane 265,968 words · 7,165 views · 1,293 likes · 31 dislikes

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Projected story length: 100,000 words.

Current length: 33,568 words.

Estimated time to completion: Early 2015 (calculated using Valve Time).

Chapter Six: Lobbying- 447 words (11.2% Complete)

Cutie Mark Crusader Alicorn Hunters

Projected story length: 20,000 words.

Current length: 1,134 words.

Estimated time to completion: Heat Death of the Universe.

Chapter Two: Skepticism-  33 words (1.7% Complete)


Advisory: contains unmarked spoilers to the fanifcs The Rise of Nightmares, Twilight's Rage, and The Ultimate Rebellion.

The grimdark ride continues as round two of the Twyrant Sparkle contest—the longfics this time—ends. Rules and grading scale are the same as the previous round. Let's get the misery and death started with...

The Rise of Nightmares

The Rise of Nightmares takes us back to the very foundations of the evil!Twilight genre. The days before Twilight's canon use of dark magic rocketed that plot to center stage. The days when the Nightmare reigned supreme and almost every fic involving evil!Twilight had some variant of “Sunset Dusk” as her evil name. Nostalgia's always good.

As with the oneshots, the running theme of “Twilight makes horrible split second decisions without thinking” has carried over. Very much like Miasma, the Nightmare is tagteamed into the battle with Tirek. Unlike Miasma, Twilight isn't left in an “And I Must Scream” situation, instead feeding on the desire for revenge and Spike's pseudo-death (another common theme in some evil!Twilight fics) to tap into the power.

The story's only two chapters in, so it's very much unclear what exactly is going to happen. Given implications by the author, the story is prepared to barrel down the grimdark abyss at full speed—and with Discord, the princesses, and the Elements of Harmony out of the running, it appears not even a normal plot can stand in the way.

What's going to be interesting going forward is both how the author will play and use Twilight—will she assume an empress role and try to rationalize her rule, or is it going to be more a “wandering boogeyman” kind of thing with her creepily stalking Berry Punch in the fog—and who will be centerstage in the story—is the story going to focus on Twilight's struggles with evilness or on the Mane Five's attempts to save her? These are questions that are still unanswered due to the incomplete nature of the fic.

Based on my gut reaction, I'd say things are probably going to spiral downhill. Characters will fall to Twilight's charm and be converted and all hope will seem lost. It'll be interesting what direction the author will take the story then. The Rule of Grimdark states that: “the length of a story is inversely proportional to the the story's ending being grimdark.” That is, the longer a story gets, the less likely it will have a grimdark ending. Once a fic hits about 30k, it becomes very unlikely it will end badly, and it will be interesting to see if the author leaves any “good ending” options open as the story progresses.

On the downside, the characterization does seem a little “off.” Not quite as bad as some fanfics, but Tirek and Twilight's banter and internal thoughts still weren't quite as good as they probably could have been. Careful attention must also be made to the characterization of evil!Twilight. So often, authors basically make “Nightmare Dusk” an OC devoid of Twilight's charm, when that charm is part of the reason people want to read evil!Twilight—our previously pretty purple pony partaking in perverted, profoundly pernicious plots.

TL;DR: While having a somewhat rocky start with characterization/dialogue, the return to some of the old fashioned evil!Twilight, coupled with the fearful grimdark potential make it worthy of being tracked for future chapters.

****** (Six Stars).

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Thanks for adding The Secret Lives of Stars to your read later list.

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Due to Fimfiction's NSFW ban on blogs, I can't link directly to the fic. It's called Faithful, the last story in the author's list.

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Why is there no link to the fanfic that disturbed you the most? :pinkiecrazy:

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You've grown a lot since the Illogic last saw you.:pinkiecrazy:

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