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  • E >Dat Hivemind

    Chrysalis has been fired as Changeling Queen, but now the Changeling Hivemind must do something even harder than attack a shielded Canterlot filled with the weaponized love of its inhabitants: hire a new queen.  · xTSGx
    5,725 words · 4,436 views  ·  625  ·  11
  • T Compliance

    An OHSA Compliance Officer inspects the Rainbow Factory. Bureaucracy ensues.  · xTSGx
    4,148 words · 1,145 views  ·  104  ·  13
  • E Regent

    Congratulations, Twilight. With the Princesses on vacation, you're in charge of Equestria. Perhaps it's a bit early to congratulate you. After all, whether it's a jealous nobility or an unhappy military, your reign will be anything but  · xTSGx
    33,568 words · 21,624 views  ·  1,309  ·  26
  • E Cutie Mark Crusader Alicorn Hunters

    Twilight has a secret. A winged secret. And the crusaders are determined to uncover it.  · xTSGx
    1,134 words · 3,822 views  ·  423  ·  6
  • E Ascend

    Cheer up, Twilight. It's not every day somepony changes species. In fact, no pony has ever changed species. Or dealt with the results of that change.  · xTSGx
    61,412 words · 20,208 views  ·  2,634  ·  51
  • E Stereotypical

    I've heard all the insults, and every one has only furthered my sadness. Why? All because of my fur  · xTSGx
    1,851 words · 1,556 views  ·  144  ·  15
  • E Statistics

    Sometimes, all we need are a few stats to shed light on a subject.  · xTSGx
    1,042 words · 11,258 views  ·  1,408  ·  34

Twilight Becomes an Alicorn

  • Expectations Twilight gets wings and must adapt to a changing life. Outcast. Fear. Acceptance. by Beige Monkfish 71,208 words · 20,985 views · 883 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Not My Destiny Twilight refuses to accept her ancient alicorn heritage by Smayds 37,412 words · 21,326 views · 1,644 likes · 53 dislikes
  • On Wings of Change An Ali!Twilight story that doesn't revolve solely around Alicorn Twilight. by Kobalstromo 74,119 words · 18,999 views · 1,301 likes · 54 dislikes
  • Rites of Ascension Twilight makes a new spell and starts the gears of fate with her ascension to alicornhood. (Writing started before Season 3.) by CvBrony 211,274 words · 16,517 views · 1,855 likes · 41 dislikes
  • Cry for Eternity After Celestia's death, Twilight must take on a role she is woefully underprepared for. by asylum1388 148,312 words · 25,764 views · 2,183 likes · 64 dislikes

2012 Fanfictions of the Year

  • The Moonstone Cup Twilight is invited to Canterlot to compete with some of the greatest unicorns in Equestria! by Cyanide 61,073 words · 22,653 views · 2,436 likes · 38 dislikes
  • For Want of a Dawn Sometimes, in order to discover one's own self, they must venture into the depths of hell. by Ciroton 225,592 words · 7,106 views · 702 likes · 22 dislikes
  • The Immortal Game Princess Luna leads the Elements of Harmony against the corrupted Twilight Sparkle by AestheticB 297,261 words · 47,191 views · 2,708 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Taken for Granite Tom X Bloomberg, written as a postmodern tragedy. Or something. Why did I write this. by tajjetone 1,094 words · 1,037 views · 65 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Upheaval: Reckoning Sequel to Breaking Point. The barrier is no more and the Legion is on the move. What happens next? by Visiden Visidane 265,508 words · 7,879 views · 1,379 likes · 36 dislikes

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Projected story length: 100,000 words.

Current length: 33,568 words.

Estimated time to completion: Early 2015 (calculated using Valve Time).

Chapter Six: Lobbying- 447 words (11.2% Complete)

Cutie Mark Crusader Alicorn Hunters

Projected story length: 20,000 words.

Current length: 1,134 words.

Estimated time to completion: Heat Death of the Universe.

Chapter Two: Skepticism-  33 words (1.7% Complete)


You can tell just how far backed up my image/gifs are because I favorited this back when it first appeared in the pre-S4 hype.

I must say, I haven't been in much of a fanfic mood these last few weeks thanks to the holidays, video games, and Youtube. It wasn't until just yesterday that I actually started back into the fanfics. With the next semester of college starting on Monday, I have a lot of lost time to make up for. I also switched back to the normal Tweyelight avatar--even though it seems most people around here still have their Christmas lights on.

Corruption of the Sun updates with Celestia continuing her slide down the Tyrantlestia chute and some somewhat awkwardly written Twilestia thrown in.

D=S-M updates with the reveal as to who “Celestia” is—and it's somewhat baffling given the character's use of a horn—along with the small possibility of some evil!Luna (I'm not buying it for a second).

Morbid Curiosity updates with Twilight showing some emotion to break up that sociopathy that's defined her so far.

The [Dark] tag comes roaring back with a vengeance as Withdrawal seeks to pull the upset and beat Solitary Locust in the game of “How much can Twilight suffer.” Pretty good plot twist to boot.

I burn through several chapters of Her Destiny as my worries over its shonen-style (complete with calling attacks) and possible Tyrantlestia continue to mount.

Now disembarking from the Possible Trackings.

After the Fall is tracked for being one of the very few truly post-apocalyptic stories—with all the dread and hopelessness that goes along with it. Probability of [Grimdark] ending: 100%--you can't get much more grimdark than an extinction-level event. At this point, everyone dying would be a happy ending.

And that's all I read for the daymonth.

# of story updates remaining: 397.

# of “Read Later” stories remaining: 1,011.

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#126 · 13w, 2h ago · · ·

So how's that "early 2015" prediction for Regent coming? :rainbowwild:  I was cleaning up my favorites and am just checking on some of my favorite stories along the way.

#125 · 20w, 10h ago · · ·

Thanks for adding The Secret Lives of Stars to your read later list.

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Due to Fimfiction's NSFW ban on blogs, I can't link directly to the fic. It's called Faithful, the last story in the author's list.

#122 · 21w, 17h ago · · ·

Why is there no link to the fanfic that disturbed you the most? :pinkiecrazy:

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