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I'm writing a sequel to War is Boring.  I'll need characters.

Lightning Dust, a pilot in the Equestrian Navy, will be the lead character.  Unfortunately for her, the story will be taking place at an Army base in South Koltrea.  The North Koltrean President, Butterball the Third, is one of the antagonists.

For any/all of the following, please suggest a name and description.  If I use your submission, I'll credit you.

a tyrannical Colonel of the Equestrian Army

a fair, but strict Army Major

a SEAL Chief

a naive Marine Private

an Army Sergeant

an Air Force 1st Lieutenant intelligence officer

a bubbly Coast Guard Ensign

a civilian secretary

a pilot in the Caneighdian Air Force

a solider in the South Koltrean Army

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>>2228910 Thanks for watching!

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You are a literary boss, in the parlance of our times. I look forward to everything you put out, so thanks man. Your stories fill in a lot of the time I would normally spend faffing about.

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Welding lol

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You seem to really enjoy physical science, like, half your blogs are about them.

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