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"Did we really have to come here?"

"You were hungry and I think we both need a drink."

The pub wasn't crowded at the moment, but it was still a Pensacola landmark.  Everybody went to McGuire's.  Somebody could see us.  The last thing we needed was a conversation with someone we didn't know.  Or worse, someone we did.

"If we're drinking, who's driving back later?"

She frowned, looking at her fingers.  "Okay, fine.  Being sober would also probably help with the problem at...hand."

"I just hope Twilight gets back to us soon."


We looked at the menus after the waitress dropped them off.  Salads came in large size.  Across the table, I saw her finger hovering over the steaks.  For some reason, I found that amusing.

Then she ordered one and I realized just how weird this whole thing had gotten.

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>>2228910 Thanks for watching!

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You are a literary boss, in the parlance of our times. I look forward to everything you put out, so thanks man. Your stories fill in a lot of the time I would normally spend faffing about.

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Welding lol

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You seem to really enjoy physical science, like, half your blogs are about them.

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