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I'm writing next chapter of A Dream.  A question has come up that could affect how the rest of the story goes.

What happens to Gilda?

Disregarding everything that may (or may not :trollestia:) have happened in the latest chapter, take The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone and put your own spin of the ol' TNaB twist on it.

Gilda's fate is up to you.

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Say, you do blog posts about weapons and stuff, so I thought you would apreciate this

Rocket-propelled-chainsaw Launcher; for when it has to die today

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>>1719630 You are correct, although if you're looking for a war epic, you might try the various stories of the Battleships Universe

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As interesting as the title for The Need for Feed is, I really doubt it's anything like any of the Command and Conquer crossover fics or any of the Ace Combat crossover fics.

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>>1719400 :trixieshiftright: You sure about that?

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You've almost got 99 stories, but an action-adventure epic ain't one.

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