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News · 6:11am

I recently started helping Akumokagetsu write Fluttershy: Ultimate.  It's Hellsing Ultimate Abridged with ponies.

ThunderQuill's Fiends of Manehattan, which I edit and is about vampire Cheerilee, is nearly completed and now would be an excellent time to check it out.

I just discovered the Gun Club group.  I can't believe I didn't know this existed before, and I can't believe that none of my stories are in it.

I have a new story in the works and my goal is to have it out by this weekend.  

Also, this video amuses me.

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>>1283877 Some ponies have hooves of different colors, for example Shining Armor and Big Macintosh.

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Is your OC wearing...fingernail hoof polish? :twilightoops:

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>>1263131 I'm glad to hear it.  Standing by for support.

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My internet is working fully, my weekend is clear, and the eagle has crashed into the bear. The feather should hit the floor for cleanup soonish.

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What can I say? Your stories are awesome to read and I'm love the story"a dream" the most.

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