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A Dream - Season 5 · 9:21am

After ten months of no new pony, we're now less than two weeks away from the premier of Season 5.  For A Dream, I plan to publish the first chapter the day of, and then fall into a routine of publishing a week after each new episode airs.  That way I won't have to work as hard, and you guys have more time to watch the episode before you read the chapter.  Maybe I can finally shake the rep as a Hasbro employee.

Below are some vague spoilers that I've got in mind for the season.

Raise a pint

armored cav

“I want to come inside, Rainbow Dash.”

You gave birth to the antichrist, Rainbow Dash.

"The Voice of God is a Transformer?"  (religious nerd joke alert)


chief executed officer

And for a recap before we start the next season, here is a brief summary of A Dream.  (spoilers if you haven't read it - which you totally should)

Valiant watches the library in the early chapters.

Rainbow is a bitch.

Princess Celestia sent a ticket for Valiant – because he was there at the NMM thing

Valiant begins sleeping on the library couch

Valiant talks about eating cows

Valiant smashes Gilda’s face with cake

The schoolkids all talk about him as a crackpot

“This is my roomie, Twilight Sparkle.”

The CMC help with robotics

Got struck by lightning twice

Valiant teaches about racism

Introducing robots – had plans to kill Rainbow, Pinkie, and Twilight

Intervention to be a better pony

“I think you’ve made some bad choices but you’re good at heart”  “I don’t want to be bad, I just like watching things burn.”

Valiant is slightly nearsighted.

Valiant threatens Hoity Toity

Valiant helps Twilight make a ghillie suit

Valiant kills the hydra

Hydra tooth necklace

Scootaloo nearly drowns – Valiant does CPR to save her, cracking some ribs

The Crusaders get the robot.

The Crusaders actually get the dramatic performance award at the talent show.

Valiant keeps secrets.

Cheerilee lied to Valiant, telling him she was illiterate so he would go away.

Photo Finish tries to take pictures of Valiant.

Pinkie tastes like stale chocolate.

Appleloosa wiped off the map by buffalo.

Valiant makes his opinion of democracy known.

“You’re my number one creepy roommate, Valiant.”

The sky rained angry little cats.  “Not the kitten factory!”

Valiant’s potential father

Taking Pinkie to a strip club.

The airship Dirty Hooker Took My Money

Hydra tooth necklace, flint knife confiscated by royal guard during Grand Galloping Gala

Valiant mugs Soarin’

Blueblood is a vampire

Rarity becomes a vampire

Celestia is a troll and Valiant begins to like her a little more.

Valiant pushes what he thought was Twilight out of the airship

Discord knows Valiant isn’t a pony

Tom the rock is the new element of loyalty

Celestia is an okay replacement element of magic

Tom sits in the middle of the street.

Rarity and Valiant become vampire hunters

Valiant crashes the airship in the royal garden on the statue of Discord

Rarity is not a very good vampire

Pinkie for some reason knows how to build helicopters

Terminator Twilight

Luna goes emo

Sweetie Belle is a ninja.  She didn’t go to the Sisterhooves Social

Twiminator property of future Hoofnmouth Industries, 16 Forelock Way, Las Pegasus.  Metal tag from the front gate in the robot’s stomach.  Hoofnmouth Industries of Ponyville.  Valiant buys their old building.

Valiant dated a French-speaking Canadian

Rainbow doesn’t get a pet.  Valiant gets Captain Falcon.

Valiant crashes Monstrosity into the school

Valiant intimidates ponies and Rarity benefits

Ugly chunk of basalt that bends the universe.

Lyra has fake scoliosis for the medical insurance money, which is laundered through Bon-Bon’s candy shop.  They also do contract killings.

Encase the rock in electronics – “relativity condenser”

Set up a still

Jump to a parallel universe where the Twiminator comes out of the closest and runs away, Applejack doesn’t have an accent, and no nuts

Valiant plays Princess Platinum

Jump to R63 universe

Valiant shows up for Family Appreciation Day

The robot wrecks the school roof again

Derpy’s eyes can point any direction.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake want girl Valiant to babysit

Girl Valiant kisses girl Caramel

Rarity makes some tactical accessories

The girl Valiant that belongs in R63 universe claims to have discovered the secrets of time and space.  And is kind of condescending.

Twilight visits Milwaukee

Valiant dated a lawyer

Jump back to the original universe with nuts

Post Haste is cheered up by Valiant on his birthday

Valiant crashes the VTOL into the cherry factory

Apple Family Cider has walnuts in it.

Braeburn got trampled by buffalo but it didn’t kill him.  He was in a coma for awhile.

Valiant briefly supports the Flim Flam Brothers’ capitalism

Pinkie helps Valiant kidnap Braeburn to turn him into a cyborg with parts left over from the Twiminator

Flim and Flam are scared away by the sight of Braeburn

The Mares in Black, operated by Princess Luna

The Princesses know that the Changeling attack was coming

Luna has apparently made out with Pinkie in the past

Merry May was cut up and mailed to them.

Twilight finds Rarity’s vampire leavings, animals with fang marks

Zecora rhymes because of problems in her brain from sniffing herbs

Valiant dated a vampire fangirl

Valiant makes Apple Bloom and Scootaloo kiss after the love poison incident

Valiant dated a hair stylist

Gizmo the pony with the robot cutie mark – Valiant buys him out

Valiant dated a girl who dumped him for listening to classic rock

Everyone gets hay fever and it looks like vampireism

Valiant promises Twilight stock in Valiantco for help refining petroleum

Time traveling Twilight appears to Valiant

Rarity lies about the blood orange juice, saying it was tomato juice

Twilight uses the magic earmuff communicators

Fuel from Monstrosity burns down the forest around the dragon volcano

Valiant gets a makeover – Twilight casts an anti revenge spell to keep him from killing them all.

Valiant gets Fluttershy a jetpack

Future Twilight had died in a fire in the archives

Valiant recruits Braeburn to fly inside the water-lifting tornado with him.  They hit Derpy.

The jetpack blows up the boutique, followed by Monstrosity, Braeburn carries Derpy out of the fire.  Valiant gets Rarity out and she bites him.

The Foal Free Press prints Rarity’s diary as a vampire novel

Valiant dated a hostage negotiator

Valiant makes a switchblade

Back in Milwaukee, Valiant gets hammered in order to get back to Equestria

Valiant checks into a hotel under the name “Ford Mustang”  The next morning, the Mustang family comes to lynch him.

Pinkie uses earth pony magic.  Applejack is too honest to break the laws of physics.

Valiant recruits Post Haste, the Crusaders, Cheerilee, Braeburn, and Doctor Whooves to help fight changelings.

“While I didn’t think the Crusaders were mature enough to participate in a wedding, there were few ponies who I trusted more with advanced weapons of destruction.  Screwy, ain’t it?”

Fly seven combat robots into Canterlot to deal with the changelings

Valiant gets butterfly wings

Fight and kill vampire Blueblood in the caves beneath the castle

Blueblood’s fang puts a hole in Valiant’s ear

Cheerilee is a vampire

Derpy got brainwashed into helping the changelings and planting the magic rock on Valiant back in the real world.

Blew up Chrysalis with a panzerfaust

One of Valiant’s exes was a minister

Valiant married Cadance and Shining Armor – but actually made it worse by falsely marrying them because Valiant isn’t a legal resident of Equestria

Valiant used to date a girl who just wanted to draw cartoons instead of have sexytimes named Lauren Faust

Derpy manipulated Discord

Luna missed the wedding battle because she was drunk from the bachelor party

Valiant uses the gold from the sailing trip to move to Las Pegasus.

Hoofnmouth industries folds mysteriously and Valiant obtains their Ponyville and Las Pegasus buildings.

Valiant starts construction on a nuclear power plant in Ponyville

Pinkie and Fluttershy attempt to get married

Captain Falcon is promoted to Admiral

Intro of the Black Twins

Twilight planted a flower bed where Valiant used to land

Lesbian mind tricks

Pinkie goes to work for Sir Win

The portal to hell is in Twilight’s basement

Shining and Cadance became super-ordained

Doctor Whooves was replaced by Time Turner

Eight-legged Trixie returns from the moon with a spiderbot

All the robots Valiant built for the Princesses are broken

“A thousand years ago must have been a really busy year.  I can think of a couple of things that happened then and came back to bite us now.”

Valiant punchsplodes King Sombra, in the process breaking one foreleg

Sir Win confirms that things are, in fact, pretty gay

Valiant’s money was stolen by the Black Twins

Valiant can grow blue agave plants with earth pony magic

Valiant’s building in Las Pegasus is burned by the Black Twins

Pinkie and Fluttershy’s wedding is rescheduled

“I’m taking one for the team, and someday I’ll take it back.”

Get all the Pinkie clones drunk and the one that stays true to Fluttershy the longest is the real one.

The wedding is rescheduled a second time

Valiant discovers that he likes making wedding cakes

Guinness returns to Ponyville

Valiant blackmails Guinness into helping him kidnap Braeburn for cybernetic improvements.  Sir Win actually participates in the surgery.

Valiant makes a sword.  The sword is knocked away, deep into the forest.

Braeburn leaves town.

Villians seem to turn good in the blink of an eye in Equestria.  There’s a small betting pool on when it will happen to Valiant.

The Black Twins kick him in the nuts

The wedding is rescheduled a third time

Valiant builds a Desert Eagle.  While testing it, the Black Twins reveal that they are from Earth.

Spider Trixie returns to Ponyville

Fillydelphia Cybernetics helped Trixie with the robot

Ponyville fountain is destroyed in the robot battle

Tom is used as a distraction for Trixie

Valiant adopts young Trixie

“I’m used to torch and pitchfork mobs, but they’re usually directed at me.”

Trixie read Starswirl’s journal

The wedding is rescheduled a fourth time.

A significant portion of Las Pegasus was destroyed by the Black Twins

Valiant finds the sword again.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are killed by the Black Twins

The wedding is rescheduled a fifth time

The Black Twins level Valiant’s building and he has to move back in with Twilight

The Black Twins flip the pool

Granny Smith died of supercancer

They go to Fillydelphia Cybernetics.  The sign over the door is new and says Hoofnmouth Industries.  They changed their name based on a letter from Hoofnmouth Industries of Ponyville.

Spike finds out that he’s immune to timberwolves

The Black Twins reanimate Granny Smith, and Valiant headshots her

Rainbow is writing a novel about all this.

Valiant is struck by lightning a third time.

Valiant goes nuts.  Other ponies use his tape recorder.

Trixie gets her cutie mark back but it’s different than the one she had before.

Valiant builds a Saturn V, a skateboard, and a M60

Valiant destroys most of the town trying to kill the Black Twins

Discord was fragmented by the explosion.  The Black Twins brought him back.

Discord reanimates a T-rex skeleton and gives it to Trixie

Valiant used a MOAB on Discord

The mane 6, Trixie, and Valiant go to Milwaukee and bust Valiant out of the hospital

He dated the blonde

Valiant’s exes, “Types” “Panzerfaust” and “Sparklicious” appear in Equestria

Valiant gets with “Wildfire” long enough for a kiss and then breaks up

Post Haste as the Crystal King damages the Crystal Empire

The Crystal Empire is actually made of meth

“Time for Plan B.”  “Gunship rescue?”  “Yep.”

First public execution in Equestria’s history with Pinkie’s battleaxe

The PINP explodes

M.A. Larson shot in the head

Valiant goes to space

Trixie is still an eight legged freak, but now she has some control

Sunset Shimmer is the new librarian

Valiant knows that Cadance is pregnant

Space capsule lands in lake

Trixie picks the locks on the friendship box

Technology is slowly degrading without Valiant to keep it going

Luna disbands the Mares in Black and sets up her secret agents

Valiant plays the electric guitar

Valiant plays the theremin

Guinness opens a pub, The Half Pint

Twilight is realicornified and moves to Canterlot

Trixie does not like cultists

Trixie and Daring go on adventures and fall in love

Valiant expanded the universe while in space

Valiant is “Alien.”  Doctor Whooves is “Moment.”

Valiant takes the Electro-Orb

Lyra and Bon-Bon planted the comic for Spike to buy

Rainbow Catcher can’t be exorcised, but is fireproof

“At some point in the future, you’ll be damn glad that I’m a rockstar.”

Pinkie’s mane is prehensile – learned from Mane-iac

Tail whip lowers defense, you know.

Fluttershy briefly turns into a vampire bat pony.  She burns and spends time recovering.

Surprise baptism

Valiant asked the seaponies to attack the land

Valiant scalps Suri

Valiant is in good with the seaponies after he helped them defeat their archnemisis, the mermares.  Long story.

Rarity stays in Manehattan for a while to make costumes for the show

“Are you serious?”  “Remember the last time you asked me that?”

Valiant bought the magic comic shop and then torched it.

Guinness got Trixie and Daring together.  They stopped at the pub for lunch before going on an adventure and he suggested that they have a beer together.

Trixie wants to know about her biological family.

Sunset helps Valiant with violence.

Sunset reads all the sailing books.

Valiant mugs Soarin’ a second time

Rainbow, Derpy, and Guinness are the Ponyville Equestria Games team


Rainbow was interested in Guinness because Daring made him seem romantic in a book

After going to space, Valiant is actually able to slightly intimidate Discord.  Valiant tells him to stay out of his way.

Valiant kills the giant worm with the panzerfaust

Cadance had HLS with Crysalis

Sir Win helps Valiant summon Weird Al

The small mouse with a miniature tuba

One of Valiant’s exes was an extra in the video for White and Nerdy

Valiant became the god mod of the universe

Uh…Tiny Vamp Atoll

Pinkie decides that they didn’t actually need a wedding

Valiant goes all papa bear on Daring  “If you break my daughter’s heart, they’ll never find all the chunks of you.”

Portal to hell in the library basement

Valiant suggested the quartet

Nova comes back with Doctor Whooves for a visit

Valiant gives Sir Win a bicycle

Valiant still has the knowledge of magic he got from the cutie mark swap

The Crusaders take all Valiant’s robot parts except from Monstrosity

Sunset builds a magic converter

Valiant goes back to earth for one last trip.  Gets Singaporean hookers with Weird Al, hijacks USS Milwaukee

Valiant reads about magic

Breezie playing a small saxophone

They throw Valiant a Congratulations on your new home party

The jackalope is Angel Bunny’s kid

The Crusaders kill the chimera with the robot

Biospark accidentally outs Sweetie Belle as a ninja.  Biospark was formerly a thundermage from Earth.  Valiant kills him with a tent stake.

Valiant has the B-team chained in the basement.  Invites the mane 6 to see them.  They all run away.

Maud is friends with Valiant because he knows something about rocks.

Valiant carries a microphone just so he can drop it

Sweetie Belle is outed as a Ninja and has to leave Ponyville.

Valiant and Sweetie replace Luna for a night in the dreamscape while Luna takes a vacation

Luna informs Valiant that he slips closer to being a terrorist every time he opens his mouth.

Valiant gathers intelligence in the dream world

Sunset continues her work on the magic converter

Cheerilee killed Trixie’s biological brother

“When was the last time something was just a coincidence around here?”

Sunset makes weaponry out of the magic converter

Sweetie Belle was at the Trader’s Exchange under a false identity

Valiant gets the bear call

Rainbow gets the orthrus.

Milwaukee appears.

Named the orthrus Doug and Ike

Sunset killed the creepy puppet guy for Valiant.  She then kisses him.

Valiant saves Spike from embarrassment at the Equestria Games

Valiant rocks out at the Equestria Games before going on to compete

The Games get rescheduled for another time

Cadance gives birth

Monstrosity is sacrificed to the deep

Milwaukee becomes a land boat

Twilight is dealicornified again

The Crystal Empire burns down

Valiant wins all the Equestria Games gold medals while the Ponyville team takes silver

All crystal ponies are destroyed for their service to Tirek

Valiant stabs Discord with a tent stake

Valiant takes a giant ship on Tirek

Valiant and Sunset fly to the moon

Plus some stuff from More Dreams where Fluttershy eats Discord, Applejack eats Fruitcake, Rarity turns to salt, the CMC launch an actual crusade, and a Bible becomes a pony

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