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Storm · 10:57am

You may have heard a typhoon just hit Tokyo dead center.  I and everyone I know are fine.

Typhoon Mindulle, as a category 1 storm of about 80mph winds, was "relativley" weak as they go.  I live about 30 miles inland in a concrete building.  A couple hours in, every basement within blocks was flooded and electricity went out.

The storm had moved on about twelve hours after it hit, giving us a nice sunset.

Based on what I saw of the flooded basement, I'm guessing power won't be restored for at least a day or two.  My wife and I already ate everything perishable out of the fridge and there are some MREs and a case of water  for later.  Plus, I think our local convenience store and gym are okay for food and showers.

I haven't seen my car yet, but it was parked on high ground.  My biggest concern is what I'll find at work tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'll sit here and cruise the internet by candlelight.  The tin says it's juniper scented.

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>>2228910 Thanks for watching!

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You are a literary boss, in the parlance of our times. I look forward to everything you put out, so thanks man. Your stories fill in a lot of the time I would normally spend faffing about.

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Welding lol

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You seem to really enjoy physical science, like, half your blogs are about them.

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