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Robipony recently started reading The Adventures of Vampire Cheerilee.

My newest story, Casual Friday, has been up for a week and has...67 views.  Perfect rating, though.

Recently, I ended up in a give-a-mouse-a-cookie scenario with my car.  A bulb in the instrument panel was burned out, so I decided while I was in there to upgrade to LED.  Then I noticed the a/c unit had burned out bulbs.  Then I had to upgrade the other dashboard lights to match the new LEDs.  And...well, now I've decided that I'm already halfway to upgrading every bulb in the car so I might as well do the rest.  I'm also building my own LED taillights for the challenge.

Oh, and I found a local dynamometer and I want to get the car tested.  It's a fairly mild Skyline, so I'm guessing ~350hp.

Speaking of spending money, my wife and I have been saving all year and are going on a cruise next week.  I'll probably be offline from then until Christmas.

This will provide a good opportunity for the two of us to sit down and hash out the story she's been wanting to create.  It's already been more than a year in development.

I recently drew this, though I haven't played Rainbow Six Siege:


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>>2341202 Yeah, I'm good.  I always second-guess existential blogs.

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You doin' alright, man?

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You should play this for Hallow's Eve! It's now a standalone game.

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