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Horse Voice's new story is here, with cover art by me.

Krastos the Glue Maker


The Monster of the Year contest is coming up, and Scootaloo has an entry sure to give Ponyvillians the scare of their lives: a murderous spirit from Zebra folklore.

Beyond known reality, something awakes, called by the speaking of its name. It draws closer, closer, to the little town at the forest's edge. When night falls, its reign of terror shall begin.

The last time I posted this art, I had a little contest to guess who the silhouette was.  Well...

The title of this story originates from a 2011 interview with Bill Clinton.  A radio show on NPR quizzes guests on completely unrelated things.  One of the questions the hosts asked was "<In MLP> the ponies' most powerful enemy is which of these?"  One of the multiple-choice options was "Krastos the Glue Maker," to which Clinton replied, "If he's not, he ought to be."

Yup, President William Jefferson Clinton.

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You should play this for Hallow's Eve! It's now a standalone game.

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>>2228910 Thanks for watching!

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You are a literary boss, in the parlance of our times. I look forward to everything you put out, so thanks man. Your stories fill in a lot of the time I would normally spend faffing about.

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Welding lol

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