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I've lived in Japan for about a year and have traveled around Asia a little in the meantime.  I've noticed something.

All the chicken in Asia is the same.

It's kind of watery and I'm never sure whether it's a whole piece of chicken or fused.

By the same token, all the chicken in the Middle East is the same.  I've eaten chicken on a cruise in Middle Eastern waters, and also in Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE.  It's all seasoned exactly alike.  

As an American, I probably would not be an impartial judge of chicken in the Americas.  I've also regrettably never been to Europe.  This makes my data somewhat incomplete.  Can anyone contribute?

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>>2392911 I delete the ones that I deem to have already served their purpose.

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Why are all of your latest blogs missing?

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Thanks for the favorite on Truth and Judgment! :twilightsmile:

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...I'm not convinced.

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