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Saddle Sores · 6:04pm

I have made tentative plans to attend BronyCon in Baltimore, August 7–9.

It will hopefully be just one stop on a epic roadtrip that Wolf and I are planning.  Like, potentially 10,000 miles epic.  (hence the blog title)

We've got some money saved, our tiny Fiat gets 45 mpg, and we're both willing to sleep on the ground.  Hopefully we can pull this off.

We're looking for things to see along the way.  Pretty much any place in the lower 48 is on the table, maybe Ontario too.  We've already got a lot of national parks in our sights.  We're looking for smaller, more local places, stuff that not a lot of people know about.

Next question: How do I get a story out of it?  Heck, I'd even settle for a real book publishing.

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Say, you do blog posts about weapons and stuff, so I thought you would apreciate this

Rocket-propelled-chainsaw Launcher; for when it has to die today

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>>1719630 You are correct, although if you're looking for a war epic, you might try the various stories of the Battleships Universe

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As interesting as the title for The Need for Feed is, I really doubt it's anything like any of the Command and Conquer crossover fics or any of the Ace Combat crossover fics.

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>>1719400 :trixieshiftright: You sure about that?

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You've almost got 99 stories, but an action-adventure epic ain't one.

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