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Roadtrip · 10:28pm

Tomorrow morning, Wolf and I will get on the road.  We'll be going to BronyCon, but after that, who knows.  We don't.  There are some vague ideas there, but we're pretty much planning to take six weeks and see where we end up.  It's probably going to be in the neighborhood of 10,000 miles.  

I'm so excited.  I'm not going to shave or wear socks for a month and a half.  (Though I'll make an exception for srs bsns at BronyCon.)

I'll blog about it every day or two, if you all care to read dozens of blog posts about that kind of thing.

Also, here is the panel I did via internet at the Crystal Mountain Pony Con.

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Hi TotallyNotABrony,

The panel you livestreamed into at Crystal Mountain Pony Con is now on Youtube.

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Saluton! If you've a fascination with linguistics like me, take a look at this group!

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>>1908289 you're welcome, mate, have a good one

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You had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. Thank You. I needed this,

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