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I haven't dug into the new library system yet, but based on the more than one hundred notifications I got today, it looks like everyone is using it.

Speaking of stories, I am mostly done with my upcoming tragedy, Dustoff.

However, to the main point of this blog, here are a couple of pieces of art that I haven't displayed here before:

"Bringing the Party"

A C-2 Greyhound performing a carrier onboard delivery landing as seen from the ship's fantail beneath the flight deck.


"Wonderbolts Poster"


Plus, I am seeking some advice.  I recently saw a piece of grafitti that was quite artistic and I am attempting to duplicate it in pony form.  Trouble is, vector artwork doesn't naturally lend itself to that, so I'm looking for advice on how to create grafitti, or at least that sort of look.  I am not an urban sort of person and have no personal experience.

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Cool man because I have a 1974 dodge dart custom it good to meat  another MOPAR fan.  

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>>1417766 The Dart Swingers were the same body as the Valiant Scamps - the longest of the A-bodies.  And yes, that's why my profile picture has this cutie mark.

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You like the old dodge dart swingers right?

Do you have one.

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>>1381036 Is that a hint?

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>>1380171 People usually accuse me of being in the Navy.

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