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Roadtrip Day 26 · 11:06pm

Song of the day: Listen to the Music, by the Doobie Brothers

Went to Mammoth Cave.  It's the longest cave in the world at more than 400 miles.  We just took a two hour tour.  Tours run $10-$15.  The first chamber you walk into is half an acre and is apparently only the sixth largest chamber in the cave.  At one point, the guide did the standard cave tour thing of turning off the lights to show how dark that dark can be.  Standing there holding Wolf's hand, I learned why they do it.  Being two hundred feet below ground in complete darkness is a unique and strange experience.

Later in the day, we went to Nashville, making for an appropriate song of the day.  We visited the Parthenon.  It's an art museum down below and a large chamber with a big statue above.  I'm not much for paintings, but I would judge it worth the $6 admission.

Dinner was at a place called Jack's Bar-B-Que in Nashville.  It was real BBQ, but set up like a fast and convenient fast food restaurant.  Me being a Yankee, I would have preferred some sauce, but the meat alone was still pretty tasty.

At a dollar store in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, I found the first season of Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths, & Legends.  About a year ago, I had been trying to YouTube surf it without much success.  Finding all twenty episodes for $3.95, I couldn't resist.

In rural Tennessee we found a pocket of Confederate flags.  Not sure why all the houses along a short stretch of road had them.  Yes it's the south, but that was still uncommon.  More, ah, interesting was the billboard mocking evolution.

We're up to 22 states so far, plus the three provinces of Canada.

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>>1947488 Thanks for watching and good luck reading.

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We met for all of two second...

But damn if it wasn't awesome.

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