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I haven't updated since I started my draft, have I? Well, I've been dedicating my writing time almost exclusively to Perfect for Me Too, and things are looking good. I'm about 80% done with the first draft (not 80% of the way to the end, though - the missing bits are mostly supporting and transitional scenes scattered throughout), and it's shaping up to be in the area of 50k words. I'm happy with that; it feels like about the right length for the story it tells. Most of the puzzles are solved, and the resolution is almost where I want it.

The bad news is that I'm approaching this with the seriousness of something I'd be willing to publish professionally. That's bad news because it means it's going to take a fair bit longer than it's probably worth spending on an odd little niche shipfic - and certainly longer than it's worth waiting for one. But one, I want the practice, and two, my obsessive fear of negative feedback is making it impossible to even consider letting another flawed story out of my grip.

And hey, at least it'll be the best story I can possibly make it when it is done. Anyone who manages to wait it out deserves nothing less.

P.S.: Also, I think I need another victim to ramble at about the details. (Beta reader? Alpha reader? Developmental editor? Something like that.) I'm starting to feel like I'm buried way too deep in it to be able to be objective anymore.

P.P.S.: Is it just me, or do postscripts seem a little odd in an age when you can go back and edit the message? Oh well. They're still a nice way to separate out things that don't quite fit with the rest. Like random observations about postscripts.

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Sooo... Whatever happened to Perfect For Me? Is it death? :raritydespair:

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I'm the type of person who tries to run before he can walk, and often manages to fake it well enough to not fall over. Right now I'm pretending to be a writer, because I want to contribute something to bronydom, and I had a few ideas for fanfics.

For someone who has written some great stories, you've faked it pretty good. And I know that you're a pretty cool guy. I don't need much to learn that.

I'm the Approver, and I approve this message.

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Hello, hello! Thanks for reading and faving Our Gifts! I hope you have a great holiday season!:moustache::twilightsheepish:

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