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  • Mood WingsThe body language of wings.9,499 words ·30,142 views ·2,899 likes ·40 dislikes
  • Felt HeartRarity discovers an old tradition involving the exchange of felt dolls as a sign of affection. This sparks a brilliant plan to play matchmaker with her friends, and between herself and Twilight. But brilliant plans never go as expected, do they?34,594 words ·15,282 views ·1,363 likes ·27 dislikes
  • Those Blue WingsA bad cold causes a teleportation spell mixup, with uncomfortable consequences for two ponies66,260 words ·31,387 views ·2,136 likes ·49 dislikes
  • Just A Couple of PoniesApplejack, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash really enjoy each other's company. So much so that some ponies are beginning to wonder about them. Twilight and Applejack are a couple after all, so why does Dash seem to tag along everywhere?46,758 words ·10,141 views ·1,344 likes ·51 dislikes
  • At The Drop of A HatA particularly strong gust blows Applejack's hat away. What follows is a chaotic chase across all of Equestria to retrieve it.23,906 words ·1,135 views ·156 likes ·16 dislikes




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Howdy, y'all!

Now, if'n you've been followin' Tchernobog a while, you know that he's organized several AppleDash contests, and even an AppleDashLight one.

Yeah, you two.

But anyway! We're thinkin' about doing another AppleDash contest.

But so far, none of the ideas we've had are that good.

That's 'cause you didn't ask me ye-

Quiet, you.

Yes ma'am.

We've had a few ideas tossed around, but none that really feel right, or don't come with issues.


Well, the last two contests were about subverting common AppleDash clichés.

For example, Dash breaking her wings...

Other ponies having problems with them being fillifoolers (homophobia)...

Or stories where one is simply trying to gather the courage to confess to the other.

Yeah, pretty boring stuff.

So we asked people to do fics that weren't about any of that.

And we got a lot of good results!

The second contest was another subversion: rather than being Dash the one to first approach/chase after Applejack, as is fairly common in the fics, we reversed it and had Applejack be the 'chaser'!

Now, we're looking for another theme.

What do YOU want to see?

Either another subversion, or another topic entirely, as an AppleDash fic. It can even be a fullblown prompt.

We're open to suggestions!

Tchernobog · 392 views · Report

The Appledash.

  • Trial Run Rainbow Dash and Applejack are convinced that a relationship between them wouldn't work. Rarity believes otherwise. Determined to prove her wrong, Rainbow agrees to a 'three date trial' with Applejack... by UnlicensedBrony 19,940 words · 5,066 views · 461 likes · 9 dislikes
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The OctaScratch

  • Allegrezza Vinyl and Octavia have some adventures. by CoffeeGrunt 47,565 words · 32,398 views · 3,323 likes · 57 dislikes
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  • Two's Company, Three's a Crowd One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down. by Lithe Kamitatsy 121,038 words · 28,875 views · 2,844 likes · 87 dislikes
  • My Roommate is a Vampire Silly Octavia, Vinyl's not a vampire, right? by Dennis the Menace 54,598 words · 45,277 views · 4,775 likes · 127 dislikes

The TwiDash

  • Spellbound Fireflies Rainbow Dash teaches a preteen Scootaloo how to fly, strengthening their bonds, both to each other and the ponies around them. A story about love, family, and growing up. by bats 77,162 words · 7,592 views · 1,011 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Twilight's List Twilight Sparkle must go on a date to complete her List by kits 48,653 words · 27,438 views · 2,697 likes · 45 dislikes
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  • Building Bridges Action-and-confusion-filled fast-paced shipping, yay! by Cloudy Skies 16,016 words · 25,617 views · 1,621 likes · 33 dislikes


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ur welcum bae

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I've actually been in it for quite some time now! :twilightsmile: Even got to 45 at some point. Then some random upstarts took my ranking! :flutterrage:

*swings cane about*



But thank you nonetheless :)

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Welcome to The Top 50.

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Thank you for favoriting Fiddling with Her Heart! I greatly enjoyed all of your stories, especially Mood Wings.

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