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Holy crap. Thank you guys so much :D

I never expected that one of my stories would get this much love. Glad it's this one, though. There's still a thing or two in it I'd tweak to improve it slightly (mainly reducing one part that's a little too telly, rather than showy), but I'm proud of it.


Tchernobog · 262 views · Report · Story: Mood Wings

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:rainbowkiss: Indeed so! I thought that as well... Can't have them being too friendly on the show, now can we? :twilightoops:

Dat art by Ruhje... That really was the original script, doe. :rainbowlaugh:

#1460528 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

>>1460481 It's part of what makes AppleDash click - they often don't need to say things out loud to communicate. They know each other well enough to pick up on their cues.

Also, the main reason why they aren't shown together too much: if they did for too long, they'd eventually start snuggling and kissing, and we can't have that on a show for young girls! :rainbowlaugh:

edit: also,

#1460481 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·


Thanks for the response and warm welcome! :pinkiehappy:

I completely agree with you! I also appreciate the way you explained this. I noticed those moments as well, but didn't look at them necessarily the way you did until you explained them in such a way. I just never bothered to look that much into it, which is why I'm also glad you did so, because seeing it that way just goes to show how awesome and hilarious these two are. :rainbowkiss:

It makes sense they would be working with even more limitations considering, as you said, it's only a 13 episode season (a fact that decided to run away from my mind), having them to focus on other things, which is understandable, of course.

I also like your view on RariJack. I feel the same way. :ajsmug: I loathe the ship, but as friends, it's fun to watch them bicker and interact. They're hilarious, indeed. :derpytongue2:

Thanks, I certainly appreciate your words on this. It helped clear some stuff up and improved my overall outlook on Rarijack. :pinkiegasp:

~ Cheers, mate. :moustache:

Oh, and another thing I must say...  Yes, Castle-Mania was sooooo shippy between those two! xD Loved it.

And, yes! Hopefully we'll have some more :rainbowkiss::ajsmug: in S5! :D

#1460455 · 1w, 4d ago · 1 · ·


Howdy! And welcome to the best ship ever! :rainbowkiss::ajsmug:

There's really just two reasons for the lack of interaction between the two in S3. Maybe three.

1. It was a 13 episode season - so there were time constraints. They were limited in what they could do, and focused on other things. That's all. The two still had their moments, however:

Spike at your service - Dash talks about AJ's 'unfinished novel', which AJ seems to be shocked about, in the "Oh celestia, she knows?:applejackconfused:" Fashion. Or the Crystal empire, where they tease Rarity without even planning it first - they just knew what each had to say at the right moment... And then, a hoofbump to show success. Not to mention how they wordlessly find the optimal way soon after to get books off shelves.

2. The writers seem to re-hash subjects quite often, so chances are they'd do another 'competition' episode with the two of them, and they know well enough not to do that. They did it in S4, but that one shone with them just doing it for fun, not for winning. And it was so shippy! :rainbowkiss: So they just need to find the right thing to write about, really.

3. As much as I loathe RariJack as a ship, no one can deny that they are hilarious to watch in the show - their bickering and back and forth is some of the best character interaction in the show and is usually great to watch - a lot of people do seem to see it as a prelude to shipping though, which it really, really isn't (see bookplayer's blog post). As friends, RariJack is great and hilarious. As a ship, they're toxic to each other. So the writers simply go for the funnier parts, in this case.

Patience! Hopefully we'll have more :rainbowkiss::ajsmug: in S5!

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I'm not the one whom you're responding to, but if you don't mind, I wanted to pick your brain about something relating to this a little. :rainbowkiss:

Before you start, I want to sincerely apologize for this ridiculously long comment. Get your reading glasses on, you're up for a ride. :derpytongue2:

...Now, where to start exactly?

Well, I've known the existence of Bronies for some time and the existence of the show itself. Though I've watched all the episodes, I never gave it more attention than I would any other show I found entertaining (and only watch if I happened to find on Television). I never dug into into fandom, didn't look at fanart, didn't read fan fictions.. To be honest, I never gave any of those things a thought.

However, it wasn't until recently (preferably a few months ago) that I became a real, hardcore fan of the show, loving it with a passion.

Sorry for my babbling, let's get to the point.

As I said before, I recently became a hardcore Brony. And because of this, I decided to re-watch seasons 1-4, to renew myself with the show. I finished seasons 1-3 and I'm currently on season 4 episode 4.

Now, along the lines of re-watching the episodes, I became more interactive with the fandom by diving into the world of Bronies and learning more about them and what they may do.

With that, I eventually discovered the "Shipping" side of Bronies... Leading me to discover AppleDash... and how much it 'clicks'. Those two are partners in crime, wither you like it or not, there's no denying it.

After my finding, I haven't seen them the same way again. It seriously just 'clicks'. There's no other way to describe it. They just go so well with each other... It feels weird to see it any other way with those two.

And there lies my current predicament.

Like I stated earlier, I recently finished re-watching seasons 1-3 and starting on the fourth season, and, seeing that you're an AppleDash fanatic, I've been wondering what your opinion is on season three.

Why am I asking?

Well, after seasons one and two, I have by then already packed my bags and joined the O.S.S AppleDash ship at full speed. And with re-watching season three with new eyes, I was left more than a little disappointed how it overall played out.

Don't get me wrong, I love the show, believe me, I do. And it wasn't like season three didn't have a few good episodes in it, it did. But If I were to pick a least favorite season, I would say season three.

Let me explain why first, if you don't mind.

(Oh god, more paragraphs... My apologizes)

I may be a fan of the couple AppleDash and whatnot. Though, I'm not speaking what I am about to say (or type, whateva) through the voice of a shipper between two characters. I'm saying this a fan who really just loves these characters, and the interactions they share.

Now, getting back to topic, the main reason I don't favor season three is for an obvious one.

The simple lack of interaction between Applejack and Rainbow Dash!

After the upbringing of the overall closeness and 'partners in crime' atmosphere they showed that these two have in seasons one and two, I felt they gave these two the short end of the stick in season three,

After finishing the season, my basic thoughts were, "You can't just make those two seem so close and then suddenly ignore them!". Those two share an obviously strong and unique bond compared to the other six, and it was like they decided to forget about that a little. Which kinda irked me a bit... One of the main reasons why I love those two is because of how strong and unique their friendship really is.

So, I've just been wondering what your opinion may be on the overall lack of interaction between the two in that season (not to mention they seemed to have loved Applejack and Rarity in that season, which, not gonna lie, made me fume a bit).

Okay, that's all, sorry if I made any grammar mistakes. I proof read my comments, but errors still manage to slip by me sometimes. :derpyderp1:

Congratz if you read this whole thing. Have a mustache for your efforts! :moustache:

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