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So in the various chat channels I'm in, people often talk about their various headcanons for things - which often make great backstories, or just plain stories or settings for various fics - but for one reason or another, they won't write them.

I myself had some earlier, which I have managed to implement in a fic (Dash being a hieress to the Häagen Dash ice cream fortune), but not as the driving part of the story. Merely a fun little backstory thing.

My question to you all:

What is the wildest fic idea you've had, that you're almost sure you're never gonna get around to because it's too crazy, you don't have time, or any other reason you can think of? Something you'd like to do, but won't.

Don't just throw random things out there just to try to find the 'craziest idea ever'. Tell me what you've thought of, and have written down notes for somewhere, but never actually did anything about. Who knows, maybe you might find someone here who wants to see it - or who'd like to write it instead?

edit: oh, now I remember one idea I had.

The bearers are connected by the Elements - in more ways than one. This includes life force. Unicorns might live longer than pegasi by some decades - but because of the elements, that life force gets extended a lot. So they continue to live their lives, until they one day all meet up one last time - to chat, reminisce and so on. Finally, one by one, they fall asleep - until there's only one still awake (mostly likely Twilight). She eventually slip away too.

Once this happens, they all start glowing - then dissolve into balls of light, which shoot up into the air together, then fly off in different directions.

Think of the dragonballs once the wish is used.

The points of light scatter and go to random places in Equestria - specifically, hospitals or homes - where a new foal is born. One of them probably heading back to Ponyville.

Celestia knew this was coming, watches the lights from Canterlot with Luna, and chat about the past and the future.

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