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Been a while, I know. Still in a very 'meh' stage about writing. I have most of ch9 of JACOP outlined, I poked at the first scene (700 words woo?), but not much other progress has been made. I definitely want to finish the story and start another I have in mind, but once I sit down and write... meh.

I should read bats' blog about procrastination. That's probably half the trouble right there.

Onto the main subject of this blog post, though. One of my friends and editors has come up with a setting for an AU MLP fic, and I found it quite intriguing. He's stated he has no time to develop it further, though, so he wants to put it up for a good home (and since I have... probably about 1600 more followers than he does, it would work better here.)

It's  not fully developed, and it doesn't quite have a 'goal' just yet, but it's crafted a setting/world that could be quite intriguing. Here's what he has:

Nightmare Moon returns to Equestria, appearing in the midst of the Summer Sun ceremony in Canterlot (that being where she detects Celestia) - and finds a crowd of ponies who immediately bow to her. "Your Highness. I am Guardspony Applejack. Your sister awaits you at the castle. Come quickly, please; there isn't much time."

She is taken to Celestia's quarters and invited in by a young purple unicorn - where she finds her sister looking ancient and clearly dying. Celestia greets her with relief and explains:

Some 60 years earlier, Discord broke free of his stone prison. With no Elements or Bearers, Celestia was forced to fight him at full power - which, incidentally, is where the other half of Canterlot Mountain went - and, once he was down, she had only one way of disposing of him: she sent him to the sun. Not being mystically connected to it, he was utterly destroyed. But his death released the chaotic energies that made him up, and they didn't exactly /corrupt/, but rather /disrupted/ the energies of the sun. Those same energies which powered Celestia's goddesshood.

After the battle, she was healthy enough, though she never recovered the power she expended in it, but since then she has not been immune to the ravages of time and disease. She now looks as old as Granny Apple, but frail and decrepit rather than spry. And now, with Nightmare/Luna's return cutting her off from the trickle of power she had managed to steal from the Moon, she is fading fast.

[Assorted touching stuff happens: Celestia says goodbye to Twilight and instructs her to help and obey her sister. Celestia raises the sun one last time, aided by Twi - who then passes out, bleeding from the base of the horn, having channelled far more magic than any /unicorn/ should. Celestia tells Nightmare/Luna that all has been prepared for her to take the reins, and begs her to take care of her little ponies - after all, no need for eternal night when the day belongs to her too, right? Celestia hands over control of the sun, then dies. Nightmare/Luna boggles as she realizes she just won and got exactly what she wanted and she has no idea what to do with it and is finding it doesn't feel nearly as good as she'd thought.]

* Twi is Celestia's protege and de-facto heir presumptive. At a young age, she was identified as a potential magical prodigy and put in an intensive training program intended to produce unicorns who could help the fading princess do her duty, or, in the worst case, take over entirely. She excelled, got put in successively more advanced programs, and eventually became Celestia's aide. She got her cutie mark when, in the middle of raising the sun one day, Celestia found she couldn't gather enough magic, and Twi stepped up to make up the lack; the mark is the same star of magic, but in the background are a small sun and moon instead of stars. As a result, Spike doesn't exist, since the events leading to his hatching never happened.

* Applejack and Rainbow Dash are both in the guards. RD is a messenger and scout, while AJ is assigned to the palace - for too long Equestria's defence policy has been 'We have an alicorn and you don't', so with Celestia's failing health most of the pegasi and unicorn guards have been deployed to the borders to keep them from getting Ideas.

* Rarity and Fluttershy are in Ponyville, largely unchanged

* No idea about Pinkie Pie.

* Cadence does exist and is an alicorn, but she can't help with the sun or moon. While, as an alicorn, she has more raw magical power than Twi, she doesn't have Twi's genius talent with it, nor the thousands of years of experience that let Celestia and Luna take over for each other.

I quite like the idea, and I'd love to see someone with good writing chops to write it up.

(also, he does ship AppleDash, so there's probably some fraternization amongst the Guard ranks there ;D)

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What's more interesting to you as a villain? An ancient cosmic horror, or somebody who works their way to the top using guile, intelligence, and the existing circumstances/rules of their world? Also, I love your work. Please continue.

#233 · 5w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1908335 'course I have! :rainbowwild:

#231 · 14w, 1d ago · · ·

Just poppin' in to thank you for reading and commenting on my story.

#230 · 14w, 4d ago · · ·

I like your stories :)

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