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    Braeburn is a stallion from a family of workaholics. Lily is a nervous mare who is scared of her own shadow. When he is sent to Ponyville for the sake of his health, the Spring is Sprung Feast provides the stage for a very unconventional love story.
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    When Bon-Bon has to leave Ponyville for a while to visit her family in Manehattan, Lyra writes her letters every day. And every day, she gets a letter back. What could possibly be wrong with such loving devotion?
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    When Lyra has a cold, Bon-Bon ventures out into the driving rain to fetch something she really wants. The acts causes her to think back on their friendship and the unpredictable turns it has taken over the years.
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    Pre-canon. After an incident with bullies, Fluttershy cuts off her hair. Rainbow Dash comforts her.
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    When paying for damages incurred by her clumsiness leaves Derpy unable to pay for her daughter's birthday present, she must seek outside assistance.
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  • 1w, 2d
    Weekly(ish) Update Blogpost!

    Before I start, I've been watching a lot of Lloyd in Space over the past month. I am one of those people who used to love Disney cartoons in the late 90s and early 2000s, despite being fully outside the target age range for them even then. Recess, Fillmore (my favourite and cruelly maligned by Disney, who denied the world a second season), The Weekenders, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Kim Possible, American Dragon Jake Long - I've gone back and watched many of them over the intervening years and they were mostly all familiar.

    Until I watched an episode of Lloyd in Space entitled 'Neither Boy Nor Girl'.

    Seriously, even if you've never watched the show before, give this episode a look. It's the only time I've ever seen a kids show take on issues of gender identity as something more than a joke and ... well, it might not be Shakespeare but it's still a better take on the concept than many adult shows I've encountered. The fact that Lloyd in Space is set in the far-flung future helps immensely with making this episode sound anything but preachy and the VAs' performances are all spot-on, considering a large proportion of them were genuine child actors. Seriously, go and give it a look.

    Well, this post is late. I am clearly made of fail, however, I didn't want to put this out until I had uploaded this week's fic reading, since it's such a doozy. DrWolf, Mary Medley, itsannachloem, Ghostly Hamburger, Wish Lotus, Ebony Tails and many more all helped me to bring out Too Far, a special full-cast story for Anti-Bullying Week.

    This week I was also in a comic dub as Celestia for the eminently wonderful Goombasa:

    Illya Leonov and I collaborated on Chapter 7 of Apotheosis (just the Epilogue now and it's all over *sniff*):

    And I had a brief speaking role as Octavia in ilovekimpossiblealot's review of Rainbow Rocks (my brain still rejects Yanktavia, just FYI):

    Aaaaand just for poops n' giggles, my impression of Ash Ketchum from Pokémon:

    In other news, if you would like a crack at reviewing ponyfic, The Royal Guard are looking to recruit some people. Details can be found in this blogpost here.

    And finally, here are some other things on which to waste your time improve your mind. Yes.

    Silver Pony Players asked me to signal boost their radio play series so check them out here.

    Astro Brony brought out another short but funny fic reading!

    Quilled Ink continues his analysis on MLP-verse's renditions of classical mythological creatures:

    Based on PresentPerfect's recommendation, I checked out KittenKitoko's fic reading and can heartily recommend listening to this one:

    Thornquill brought out another one-shot - and it's a looooong one! Plus, Bad_Seed_72. You can never read enough Bad_Seed_72.

    Reverb Brony's latest song is a lovely piece based around the Crystal Fair and some long conversations we had about the backstory of a character from Heroic Tale - which I am still writing, I swear. I just finished the script for Episode 2 of No Place Like Home this past week and will be working on Heroic Tale Ep3 next.

    And finally, DeftFunk uploaded a reading! That alone demands you go and listen to it. Between Illya and Deft, your ears might just melt off from awesome, but it would be worth the sacrifice.

    12 comments · 87 views
  • 2w, 3d
    Weekly Updates

    Well, Love Letters made the Popular Stories box and within a week of being released was on 532 bookshelves. I am rather speechless, given that I wasn't totally happy with it at the end but ran out of time for the Friend-Off and had to post it anyway. Apparently people really, really like it when I make Lyra miserable. O.o

    First off in videos this week, I uploaded two fic readings (because my big project for Anti-Bullying Week was not ready in time)  and a comic dub, all of which were antithetically positive to offset the HUGE amounts of darkfic and tragedy on my channel during October!

    Fun Fact: because of this reading, The Talk also made it into the Popular Stories box this week. Yay! I was useful for something!

    I also appeared in a few projects apart from my own this week too!

    Astro Brony did a reading of my fic The Things We Do For ... (yay, happy Lyra gets a look-in too).

    Other fanfic readings you should check out this week:

    This is just the first chapter. The whole audiobook is ready and waiting for you on Illya Leonov's channel. ^_^

    This made me laugh. So. Friggin'. Much.

    And finally, other non-pony videos this week that y'all should check out:

    On the remotest chance you hadn't watched this video already.

    6 comments · 84 views
  • 3w, 4d
    Weekly Video Updates (Plus I Wrote Something!)

    First off, I wrote a thing! It's my entry for the EQD Friend-Off and, at just over 20k words, Love Letters just about killed me to get done by the due date. I'd appreciate anyone who'd like to give it a read. I'd appreciate it even more if you'd leave a comment! And yes, I will get to any and all typos when I get a spare minute (HAHAHAHAHA!). I have spotted them and they will go bye-bye.

    Right, onto the meat of this blog post. I think I'll keep these weekly video updates going. Though Something Sweet To Bite and Truth Be Told finished with their respective finales this week, I'll do my best to find other fanfics and fun videos to put in this list in their stead. ^_^

    First up, the two Halloween Nightmare Night specials from my own channel!

    Then the last parts of Truth Be Told and Something Sweet To Bite.

    Mary Medley, IMShadow007 and Warriorcatcloudtail really stole the show in this one. That scream ... *shudder*

    And some other videos I had fun with while killing myself over getting two different specials released and a finishing writing a fanfic:

    Astro Brony is a great fanfic reader who doesn't have nearly as much exposure as he should, given his quality. If OctaScratch isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of others stories to peruse on his channel too. ^_^

    You can never have too much DeftFunk. NEVAH!

    And finally, one non-MLP thing that I enjoyed (though I have never played the game and probably never will):

    2 comments · 98 views
  • 4w, 4d
    Weekly Video Signal Boosts (and A Sneaky Peek of One of My Upcoming Big Projects)

    If anyone has ever heard of the fanfic Whom the Princesses Would Destroy, this blog post might interest you. Heck, even if you've never heard of it but want a heads up on possibly the biggest, most elaborate fanfic reading I've ever attempted you might want to click that link.

    Two polar opposite uploads from me this week: a sad/darkfic and an AppleDash comedy comic dub.

    And this week's instalments of Truth Be Told (which comes with a body horror and gore warning this time) and Something Sweet To Bite (which comes with a MAJOR GORE WARNING - SERIOUSLY, SQUIDGY THINGS WAIT YOU IF YOU LISTEN THIS WEEK).

    Aaaaand now for some miscellaneous videos you also might enjoy ('cause I certainly did this week). Signal boosting, ahoy!

    -- This is just the introduction. Click here if you want to go straight to the fanfic reading itself.

    10 comments · 114 views
  • ...

Four years ago Vinyl and Octavia broke up. It was messy, painful and left scars on both of them. Four years on, now one of the most successful DJs in Equestria’s history, Vinyl receives news that Octavia has been in a terrible accident. The doctors say she may never recover from her coma, but Vinyl refuses to believe them. There are all sorts of stories about coma patients who are brought back by the voice of someone they care about, right? No matter what anypony else says, offers or threatens, and no matter what it costs her personally or professionally, she is determined to stay by Octavia’s side and do all she can to wake her.

But four years is a long time, and no matter how many fairytales end with the princess waking up, real life owes no-one a happy ending.

Featured on EQD - 3rd August 2013

Now with a fabulous dramatic reading by the even more fabulous Goombasa!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

First Published
5th Jun 2013
Last Modified
7th Sep 2014

I faved this because I know it will be good. I swear to read it once I have a smidgeon of free time.

I'm probably gonna be in tears by the end of this like "My Little Dashie", adding this to my favorites, also, if i may point out a mistake,

“The most significant things in life usually are usually easier said than done. That does not make them any less worthwhile.”

...... You have been the second succesor in the entire fandom to make me cry. This.... This a good piece of literature. Take your time, it's rare to see an emotional piece such as this.

Color me intrigued, lets see how this pans out.

Seems interesting. Looking forward to the continuation!

Also, was it this one you were thinking of reading on Pony Tales?

I love Octavia. Chances are I'm going to be bawling my eyeballs out by the next chapter or so. :raritycry::fluttershbad:

If only we had a set nigh-omnipotent gods running this country.

Oh, wait, we do.

Very good. I hope to see where this goes.

Oh you magnificent bastard. You have no idea what you've done. I have an intense fondness for Miss Octavia. Even so much that my OC adopted her when she was a filly. My heart is going out to this mare. I presume she is going to live? She IS GOING TO LIVE, RIGHT?! RIGHT?!?RIGHT?!?!

Girlfriend in a coma I know, I know, it's serious....

I expect tears of sadness... And that makes me sad :fluttercry:

WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!! :raritycry: :raritydespair: :fluttershbad:

>>2683450 Just thought I'd tell you how awesome you are for making that reference. Good job!

As hard as it may be for me to express myself and feelings accurately, this story is saddening. But, there is a clear silver lining and I say lets watch how it unfolds!


...One of them with a backdoor to ponies´ subconscious while sleeping...

Damn. I wish I could create something half as good as this. Looking forward to the rest.

Well someone definitely knows how to punch me right in the feels with brass knuckles.:fluttercry:

Story Approver

Interesting. Going to wait a few chapters to make judgement, however.

You have captured my interest, I eagerly await the continuation.

*Readies large pack of tissues, just in case*

....dammit, Scribbler. :fluttercry: You already got me crying. Lord knows how many tears will be shed in the next chapter, and others to come.

Who the hell is downvoting all the comments? Anyhow, this is very nicely done -- I've a feeling it will tapdance all over my feels, and I'll enjoy every sad minute of it.

Also: we still need Vinyl/Tavi emoticons.

Being one of the feminine types of guy (not gay but feminine) I like stories like this so I'll just prepare my feels. * grabs girlfriend,  blanket, and large box of tissues*

I don’t want to be a dumb trombonist.

Hey! I'm a trombonist and that makes me laugh!

This is good. I know for sure I'll shead tears during this as well, and I hope we get a happy ending.

Room 219 eh, I see what you did there. :twilightsmile:

Looking forward to the next update :)

My only comfort is that this story lacks a tragedy tag. Carry on.

I applaud you sir, I don't normally cry, but sometimes even the toughest nut must crack!:fluttercry::raritydespair:

>>2685344 Excuse me, but the author is a lady :raritywink: I should know because I drew the cover for her :)

Aw, crap dicks. That was a sad one.

You get an upvote.

All aboard the Manly Tears Express. Next stop Feelsburg.


Finally, something that isn't a happy story for the two.

'Cause that's never happened before, right?



But, no, seriously, one of the best stories I've read on Fimfic so far.

I guess having Octavia as best pony is a good thing

>>2685537 you did? I happen to be looking for a cover artist for my own stories, would you be interested?

If your intent was to set the stage for a hell of a sadfic, you've done it, ma'am. Good work, hope to see more soon. :yay:

Alright, I'd put a rant about why OctaScratch is bullshit and the same applies for "muh opposites attract" but if it didn't work out?

...I will read this. Be right back.

EDIT: Can't rate it yet. I feel like I know what's going to happen.

Will keep an eye on this, however.

>>2685537 You must be mistaken, there are no women in this fandom, just 40 year old fat gay pedophile men.


I agree, this is already shaping up to be a great story.

Oh, and if you want a sad Octavia fic, I recommend A Puppet to Her Fame.  It's glorious.

This reminds me of I Am Octavia. Like what if after the concert, all this happened:rainbowderp:


Yeah... The only story I've ever cried at after reading was related to MLP... I just feel for those ponies, ya know? :raritycry:

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