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It’s been about six months since my original post about the stories I had planned so I thought it was about time for an update. If you look at the original you’ll see some of the stories have now been written others have been totally discarded and a few are still to be put together.  As its coming up to the end of the year I thought it was about time I looked forwards to what I’m planning to do over the next year or so. It’s been about eleven months since I started writing and I’m somewhat proud of what I’ve produced so far.  I’ve generally written two stories a month normally a complete story plus a chapter of Time after Time.

However, writing is currently taking up more and more or my time to such a point that sleeping is getting to be a valued commodity, so to prevent total burn out I’m going to be taking a break for a week or two although possibly not entirely (see below).  I’m generally planning to write a bit less next year probably only a single story per month give or take. I’m also going to try to reduce the length of the stories I do write, I’ve ended up with a 25K chapter in Time after Time so I’m going to try and be a little less verbose which I think it’ll make my writing a little easier to read.

Quick Hits

There are a few things I want to try and fix up or do over the next month or so rather than write whole stories.

Pinkie and Bluie Twoie

This story was written rather too quickly as I wanted to get it out by Christmas resulting it its grammar and Punctuation being poor even by my standards, I’m hoping to have a few days to go over it again and correct some things. I may even tweak the plot a little based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten.


Several people have said that this story could so with a final chapter to tie things up. I might give it a go to come up with a further thousand words or so to round it off within the next week.


As previously the majority of my one going work is going to be in the Lunaverse. I’m hoping to get a few more canon stories over the next year and to finish off some things I’m already working on.

Time after Time

I’m hoping to finish this off over the next few months but Dr Who keeps giving me new Doctors to work with. I’ve got the 4th Doctor chapter in my head and will try to finish it by the end of January. I’ve also got an idea for the 8.5th Doctor (The war doctor) however, as it stands it’s rather over the top and ends with the destruction of Equestria followed by a reset button, I’ll probably end up toning it back a bit before I write it, but you never know. I’d also like to do an 11th Doctor story but the probably I’ve had from outset is that I just can’t think of a plot for it, anyone out there with any suggestions? I’m thinking Dinky and Pokey as major characters as I’m running out of parts of the Lunaverse to explore, maybe I’ll even include Greengrass and Notary. I’ll eventually do a 12th Doctor story although I’ll probably wait until near the end of the year when I’ve got some idea of his character.

Dinky’s Birthday

This was mentioned in my original plots blog 6 months ago. I’m hoping to write a canon story about Dinky’s birthday mostly from Ditzy’s point of view. I’m aiming for bitter sweet with Ditzy being forced to realise that her daughter is growing up and won’t be her baby for ever and at some point is probably going to go her own way and make her own mistakes. However, she will recognise by the end that it won’t be for a while and these things are all part of life. I’m hoping to write this in the first half of the year and hopefully it’ll be fairly short maybe 5-7K.

A bunch of carrots

This is an idea I had while writing ‘Another world, Another Child’ it will be a similar idea but with Carrot Top rather than Ditzy. Basically what the two versions of Carrot Top did while they were trapped in the M-verse. They will venture into the Everfree to try and find medicine for Trixie. Both agree that L-verse Carrot Top made the better decisions but as the story goes on M-verse Carrot will see that she has her own strengths as well. Again not too long probably a chapter or two totalling about 12K.

Climbing the Mountain

This will probably be my major project for the year, to take over from Time after Time. I’m hoping to get it started in January or February and to keep the chapters shorter to reduce my work load a bit.

The basic story is the life of Baron Mounty Max during him time in the Night Court and his growing romance with Fluttering Posey.  It will probably be an on-going story to take place behind the main Lunaverse plot. I have a few chapters in mind so far and it’s even possible some might be written out of order. Ideas so far are: -

Prologue – Creation of Max’s province due to act of Trixie.

Chapter ? – I’m going to have to check the time line but a chapter of what max was doing during the longest day, probably added to the anthology chapter in the Lunaverse.

Chapter 1 – Max finding out to his surprise that he’s been made a Baron and having to say goodbye to his friends and family to go to Canterlot.

Chapter 2 – Max arrives at Canterlot (he actually climbs the mountain rather than getting the train. Why? Because it was there) and first meets Posey as she’s part of the greeting party.

Chapter 3-6 – Max finding his footing in the court maybe tie in with ‘Greengrass’s night’ and ‘Foaling around’ and Max meeting up with Posey a bit more. Some issues with Max’s goat assistant.

Chapter 7ish – The Gala. A pseudo date with Posey grows into something more thanks to a certain truth potion.

Chapter 8-10 – Heading into season 2 and a closer relationship between Posey and Max. Looks into why Posey doesn’t have kids and her past.

Chapter 11 – A cross over with A concert for Ponyville Max fills in for Posey so she can go to Fluttershy’s concert.

Chapter 12+ - The side effects of Corona’s return and more relationship between Max and Posey. Possibly introducing Inky and Marshal from Pinkie and Bluie.

I’d like these to work out as canon but I’ll probably wait and see how that works out given how complicated it could all get. I’m hoping for relatively short chapters here maybe 3-5K each.


The Cadenceverse doesn’t seem to have caught on as much as I’d hoped it would which is a shame as I think it’s quite a cool place but time will tell what happens I’ve got a few ideas for stories although nothing that will probably be produced in the next few months.

The Pied Piper of Ponyville

Tootse Flute gets his hooves on a magic flute which give her control of the other foals which she of course abuses but comes to recognise the consequences. What happens when it gets stolen?


Octavia as part of her job of studying the musical styles of Ponyville is invited to a Hoedown at sweet apple acres. Set about a week since she first arrived in town.

Mostly an idea to start of the low key Octavia / Big Mac ship I have running through my other Cadenceverse stories.


An accident with the Elements of Harmony results in Cadence being split into a normal filly and a golem. Filly Cadence is overjoyed at being a real girl whereas the golem is no longer able to feel anything. But can the two halves really exist separately?


A spell prevents anyone in Ponyville from producing or understanding music for several months. How will the Elements cope with the loss of their abilities and what will they do with themselves until the spell wears off.


Tootse Flute’s pet is sick but she’s not worried, her luck will mean it will get better right? Fluttershy tries to convince her that sometimes you have to let go of those you love the most.

Although I love the idea of this story I’m not sure if I could actually write it given the rather uncomfortable subject matter. But we’ll see

Cat and Angel

Fluttershy is incapacitated and it’s up to her assistant Cat and her pet Angel to work together to keep the surgery running. Can the two of them put their differences aside for Fluttershy?

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It's not that I "hate" Wallflower as a character, it's just... well, it's just that I still feel like the whole decision regarding her even being a character was never properly resolved, or rather a decision was never even really made at all.  It's the coin flip I hate, and not just because of the outcome, but rather because I found the entire notion of letting mere chance make the choice --of sidestepping reasonability-- to be somewhat insulting.

given the current redefinition of canon you can even have the first half canon and the second not.
I don't even want to consider that possibility.  Then again, maybe that's another thing I'm afraid of.  Not really so much whether or not I'll like the fic, but rather a fear of how I might respond to it.  It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I'm not sure if I can trust myself.

#52 · 2w, 4d ago · · ·


Some of it makes sense, I have the same fear with every chapter I write, I've had good feedback about it (although from a fairly small groups so there could be an echo chamber effect) and I'm worried that the next chapter will be terrible, so far it seems to have worked out.

I suppose even if you hate the second half, you still have the first half (I understand one can poison the other), given the current redefinition of canon you can even have the first half canon and the second not. Personally I'd rather take the risk than never know (in reading anyway, in my own life far less).

Got to say I feel your dislike of Wallflower and the reason to be a bit odd. But to calm you a bit, the character herself will not be more prevalent in Mountain 2, she might even be less prevent, it's just that the fall out from one of her actions will have significant effects down the line.

#51 · 2w, 5d ago · · ·


Even more prevalent in Mountain 2, you say...  Not something I'm looking forward to, but that's my problem to deal with.  Regardless, thanks for the warnings, and again, sorry to be such a stubborn pain over that issue.  That said, I'm not even sure if Wallflower is really a problem or just an excuse.

Truth be told, I think maybe I'm just afraid of being disappointed.   By and large I loved the first half of Mountain, but after taking such a long hiatus from it, I'm just a bit scared that the second half won't live up to expectations.  I don't know... I'm not trying to pester you or anything here; I think I'm just trying to talk things out while I work up the nerve to dive back in.

Does that even really makes sense, or am I just crazy?

#50 · 2w, 6d ago · · ·


Wallflower makes a smattering of appearences through the chapters you havn't read yet, I don't think she appears in the Gala so appears in the Castigation as much as she does in the original version, She had a scene in The day after and Retirement and I think a few lines in Funeral. To be honest she has a larger role in Mountain 2, or at least the bits I've written so far, she appears in about half of the second chapter and some of her actions will cast quite a shadow over much of the first half or so of Mountain 2.  

#49 · 3w, 6h ago · · ·


but I hope time has deadened the pain somewhat and a different perspective may help (or it could make it worse, I don't know).
That's both my hope and fear, thus my dilemma.

Having said that... presuming I can accurately trust your own summations of each chapter, you actually soothed most of my biggest concerns, so thanks for at least that much.  At the very least I think I can safely read up through the castigation without too much to worry about.  The aftermath I'm a little less certain of, that was always the biggest and most controversial aspect of all, but maybe by the time I get there I'll be sufficiently immersed in the story to just push on through any lingering doubts.

If I could bother to ask you one more question though; which chapters feature Wallflower, and to what extent?  I don't really begrudge you for wanting to use her the way you did, though I am still a little annoyed that the final decision was left to a mere coin flip -- one which was impossible for anyone else to verify and rather conveniently supported exactly what you wanted to do in the first places.  Sorry... I don't want to insinuate you just rigged the whole thing, but my own little shoulder devil can be a persistent little bugger, whispering doubts in my ear.

I'm not really looking to reopen any old arguments, quite the opposite actually as I'd prefer to avoid them.  So it would help me greatly if could get some fair warning as to what I should expect in advance.  It's not my intent to get angry again over this issue, I just don't want to take any undue chances with my temper.

I know that must all sound awfully petty of me, but these are things I've been quietly trying to reconcile for some time now to no results.  You might say I'm climbing my own mountain such as it were, but I could really use a helping hand to lift me over my current ledge.

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