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So I've gone the entire day with my wrist no longer in a splint. I took it (my wrist) for a spin typing thirty some odd pages and it's feeling fine. I'll posting some new chapters this weekend and will be back to regularly updating.

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>>1276337  >>1288142 Happy comments are contagious! :pinkiesmile:

Heh, I'm trying to be a bit 'neutral' until Sapidus publishes the rewrite/completion. I haven't heard back from him in a while now. Last I heard was him saying that he'd try getting the already-existent chapters rewritten up till the July 4th holiday, then, from what I understood, he wouldn't be able to write during the holidays.

Then I proceeded to explain tagging stories in blog posts, as he was contemplating to post such a post.

Since then, I haven't got any more replies.  I hope nothing actually happened this time, holidays and all.

Sapidus, if you're hanging around here; You still have a bunch of fans on this site, even if you didn't really want to believe it at first. Hope everything's well.


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WOOO!! :pinkiehappy:

This is the most shocking news I've had in a while. I check this page every month or so for updates, but for a long time I've just been checking to see if anyone would ever find out who he was and his cause of death.

He's still alive, despite disappearing off all of his accounts simultaneously... and he's planning on finishing the story?


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You, magnificent person.

If I knew you personally I would hug the crap out of you, I have been dying to see this story complete and you did alot of work to keep our hopes up and to get closure, I've been lurking this page on and off and had given up, but I'm back into it now and can't wait for more.

Thanks man, thank you

Even if it does turn out, by some weird fluke that this is not sapidus, still, you did good

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>>1251642 Incredible, I cannot wait.

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Goodness, this is like one of those cold cases that suddenly get reopened after 30 years.

One minute everyone thought he legitimately died in a motorcycle crash, now everyone is hoping for the fic to be finished :rainbowlaugh:

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