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So I've gone the entire day with my wrist no longer in a splint. I took it (my wrist) for a spin typing thirty some odd pages and it's feeling fine. I'll posting some new chapters this weekend and will be back to regularly updating.

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Today's the two year anniversary of the last update of the story; pour one out, folks.

Still the highest rated Tragedy story on the site.

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Disclaimer: If you think that this is in bad taste, or goes against FiMFiction rules or guidelines, please tell me, and I'll probably edit or remove this post.

Comment gone through a small edit - if anyone not following my earlier comments reads it.

So, I have been on-and-off looking for Sapidus3 - where he might have gone, and if he's alright.

A gDoc is up, where I've listed my links and a continous text with how I found them, as well as why I think he's the "right" Sapidus.

Um... I'm not sure at all which the "right" way to do this is...

Look, if you want to see any of it and try continuing the search, or something; pass me a PM with why you want access, and we'll see from there.

It's getting close to being a year since I started looking for him. In all my mails and PM:s I've written that I won't share his information with anyone if he disagrees with it.

..I have no replies.

I'll take that as that the accounts I've found are inactive, unmonitored, or that I'm being ignored; I don't know. Adding to this, that I'm no longer looking since some time, the links I have are kinda old. I checked though, and they all still seem to work.

Well, so, if you want some info in looking for Sapidus3 or something alike, throw me a PM, and please have a reason other than you just want to see it. I've felt bad for this personal search since the beginning, and now I'm considering putting the info semi-public. :twilightoops:

Though, I'm hoping it's for the best.


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>>969222 Now I should apologize for the late reply; real life hammered me hard this past week (and all for naught!).

If you want to start the gDoc and throw all your stuff in, go ahead and you can PM me the link, and I'll add what I remember/can re-find (since, other than what I posted here, I didn't actually write anything down).

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>>969222  I would but I just would need help writing it and getting it out and such. But I would adopt the story if it meant finishing it

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