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I would tap that like I needed syrup for my pancakes.

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  • Wind and StonePathfinder has seen it all, and tried to drink most of it away. When an eager young guard comes with questions for him, he is forced to relive some of his hardest memories. Memories of Home. Memories of Loss. Memories of wind and stone.52,958 words ·505 views ·95 likes ·4 dislikes
  • Feathers of Blue and GoldSpitfire and Rainbow Dash come to grips with the aftermath of a thunderstorm gone wrong, crippling injuries, and the struggles of a young relationship in the sequel to Fire & Rain20,208 words ·2,898 views ·552 likes ·19 dislikes
  • In an InstantIt only takes an instant to throw your world into chaos.66,780 words ·3,686 views ·367 likes ·6 dislikes
  • The Cellist of SaraneighvoIn the darkest of days, as her world falls to pieces around her, one mare finds solace the only way she can.2,788 words ·1,541 views ·263 likes ·4 dislikes
  • Fire & RainSometimes it takes the darkest moments of our lives to find the brightest131,964 words ·10,633 views ·1,441 likes ·34 dislikes

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So my good friend LoyalLiar recently wrote a fic for the Everfree Northwest fanfiction writing contest. The story, which I had the honor of making a cover for is a fantastic short piece starring several peoples favorite changeling queen, Chrysalis.


I've said before that I consider LoyalLiar among the top writers on this site (he can fight with The24thPegasus for the title of best writer) and Reflection is another sterling example of his skill with this craft. If you'd all feel so inclined, please, give it a read. Then go and vote for in the EFNW community choice award.

Now then, back to the art slave pit workshop I go.

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I figured out that "In an Instant" is about Vinyl's injury mentioned in "Fire and Rain" and I will read it later for sure! I only hope it's not going to be too sad.

Yet once again, thank you for writing such awesome stories. The only thing about your "Fire and Rain" story I didn't love is the fact how fast Spitfire and Rainbow dash became close and how fast their relationship happened. It would be more exciting to see them going through doubts and denial before addmitting their love towards each other. That is, however, just my opinion. Everything else about your story is oh so good! I don't regret any second I spent reading it and I can't wait to read the rest chapters of "Feathers of Blue and Gold" story. I'm intrigued to see if Pinkie Pie really is to be such a jerk all the time or if she is going to accept and respect her friend's choice.

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Why thank you very much! If you haven't read them I'd suggest you give my other three stories a read as well. In an Instant directly ties into Fire and Rain while Wind and Stone and Saraneighvo are probably my best writings to date.

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Hey there. I just wanted to thank you for your awesome "Fire and Rain" and "Feathers of Blue and Gold" stories. You obviously are a great writer and you know how to make the reader feel your story. Thank you so much for what you do... Please, do not stop.

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You said you'd deliver three updates today....and there are all three. Impressive work, Feathers. :ajsmug:

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now to expand my RiL again!

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