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Attempting to beat down some writer's block and get back to FIMFiction.  A Bronystate addiction (now beaten) didn't help much with the fight.


Oh yes, I have what might be a glorious idea for a short fic, but can I pull it off?  I don't really know.  I was never one for planning ahead, when I write, I just write and go, maybe come back and see if a certain part needs a pizazz. (I'm pretty sure most, if not all of it does.)  Yeah, I was gonna put Iron Will into it but can he really toughen this up?

Who knows.  All I know is that Sheva is better than Ashley here.  It won't matter though as Sheva isn't in RE4 and I'm gonna have to deal with it.  This blog probably doesn't make sense does it?  Oh well. (Leon, I don't care if she's the president's daughter, just give her a freakin' gun and some ammo and let her defend herself!  Doing that would've made both of our lives easier.)

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Is a shame you canceled your Metroid pony fic...

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you've been tagged man

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ever heard/played bioshock before?

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>>2216 /)(\

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