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I'm not perfect and i never claimed to be.. Lets just have fun here.

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  • T Empress of flame 5: Travails of Tiger Lily

    May all your dreams be sweet tonight, may you remember me for who I was. Not for what I became. You may rest now dear Sunset for I have past......I will always love you.  · Pathious
    1,420 words · 47 views
  • T Darkest Sunset

    If given new powers, what would you use them for? When Fluttershy is found dead not long after Sunset and her friends save Camp Everfree, Sunset is determined to use her new mind reading abilities to learn the identity of the one responsible. But t  · Pathious
    8,122 words · 219 views  ·  15  ·  6 · sex · gore
  • T Take my Heart: Travail's of Tamera

    Three species are at war, Changeling, ponies, and Griffins. Opal, a close friend to princess Luna has tried to hide from her part in this war. She finds herself unable to hide when the war finds its way to her doorstep.  · Pathious
    6,552 words · 44 views  · sex · gore
  • T Tangled

    Mane-iac, super villain, evil, mastermind. What about her back story? I take you there. here and now. Mane-iac wasn't always a super villain. she was once a productive member of society. but with ones success comes rivalry.  · Pathious
    3,084 words · 104 views  · sex · gore
  • T Empress of flame (year one edition)

    Sunset shimmer has no choice but to face an internal evil inside her upon returning to Equestria . When she fails she unleashes an untamed flame. A Demonic entity that wants more than is initially known.  · Pathious
    23,958 words · 265 views  ·  15  ·  10 · sex · gore
  • T Empress of Flame 4: The burning truth

    Sunset has been given another chance to make her life right before having it result in equestrias foreseen end. Will sunset make use of this second chance.. or is there more to this flame that burns inside  · Pathious
    18,102 words · 237 views  ·  15  ·  9 · sex · gore
  • T Empress of Flame 3: Midnight flame

    Twilight finds herself having to raise Sunset Shimmer from birth after a series of events~!  · Pathious
    20,111 words · 594 views  ·  26  ·  10 · sex · gore
  • T Empress of Flame 2: Flickering Flame

    After the light in the sky faded magical shifts start to throw Equestria into calamity is the Empress of flame responsible  · Pathious
    11,444 words · 422 views  ·  24  ·  11 · sex · gore

    After the battle of the bands things will never be the same  · Pathious
    15,415 words · 590 views  ·  29  ·  15 · sex · gore
  • T The Empress of Flame

    when Sunset was celestia's student. she was a magical prodigy much like twilight sparkle, after her defeat she returns to equestria to become the student of Twilight Sparkle, Only to find the darkness still inside her.  · Pathious
    14,376 words · 1,246 views  ·  57  ·  16 · sex · gore

Photo Album of my art :D


Decision is here. · 6:41pm

I made a blog deciding the fate of my most popular series not long ago.  The decicion is finaly here.There will be one last story.

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>>1796072 Yes all his stuff is pretty good, just sometimes like most good artists/writers they get overlooked because somebody wanted to drop a dislike but...I support him nomatter what. He is good at what he does

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>>1796068 I will, And it's all very good

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>>1796061 i do enjoy hope you have as well while u read

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