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Well, I know that waifu-ism is bad and i should feel bad, but Twi, Pinkie and Her Hole-y Majesty Chryssy are mai waifus. And now i'm going to watch a nearly shipping episode. All aboard the S.S. Buttrage!

I'm going to edit this post as i watch.


He's singing. Ugn.


He made Pinkie sad! ASDFG

also RD get lost, you're the worst pony. loyalty my ass.

wow, AJ, Stone, Twily.  proceed the same direction RD is heading, some friends you are.

and RD, before you gtfo, put 2 bits in the "EPIC" jar


Go on, show that weirdo how it's done, Pinkie Pie style!


Boulder, stop kissing his butt, ugh, you're useless. I can understand the country bumpkin, but you? >_(\


That Pinkie challenge face. Where's my brain bleach?


Fez? Only Doctor is allowed to wear it and get away with that.

And i love this Pinkie, so kinki-e :>


...rubber chicken dance. And suddenly, video cut-in. MY IMMERSION IS RUINED!!

...and suddenly baby alligator. WAT. DOUBLERUINED. RUINCEPTION!


ugh, cheez sammich, pray your pony gods to never meet me in a dark alley, you yet-alive-canned-horse-meat!


Yes you all are and better be really sorry, asshat friends! ugh, bunch of a-holes.


don't you touch her DONT TOUCH ARGH HE HUGGED HER


and another bit to the jar, please.

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