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Blood is thicker than water, but maple syrup is thicker than blood. So pancakes are more important than family.

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  • E Fblthp is Totally Lost

    The noise that escaped Fblthp's lips could best be described as a whimper. It was the most lost he had ever been.  · Lithl
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  • E The Pony of Ashfall

    A young paleohippology student in Hoofston reminisces about meeting the Pony of Ashfall  · Lithl
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  • E Limareics

    The lowest form of poetry!  · Lithl
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  • T My Little Exalt

    When ponies get trapped in another world, lives change. When ponies gain new powers, worlds shake.  · Lithl
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About Lithl

I am a computer scientist, interested in game development for over a decade, and I've made several connections within the industry. I've worked at Ninjaneering, Rice University, Pi Studios, and Sungura Games. I've also published my own apps on the Android Market, and developed a few small games while studying at Rice.

I'm a fan of many games, RPGs in particular. My friends sometimes tease me as I analyze a game from the perspective of a designer, rather than a player, but I enjoy it and I feel it helps me in my chosen field.

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So, apparently, Imgur has blacklisted FimFiction. That means images hosted on Imgur will not appear on any pages on FimFiction's domain. Unfortunately, a lot of people use Imgur for image hosting, from random reaction gifs to custom horizontal rules for their stories. (Note that cover art for stories is already hosted on FimFiction, so they're all safe.)

I'm not left out of that group. I don't use quite as many images as some, but I do have images in some of my stories, and there are plenty of images I've posted in my blog that were hosted by Imgur.

A lot of comments on Xaquseg's site post are offering alternatives for image hosting, and Xaquseg says we may have some internal hosting in the future for things like images in stories. But after Image Shack (which was hosting a number of images in my blog and stories, before they shut down the ability of non-premium members to hotlink anything at all) and now Imgur screwing me out of images I'm trying to display here on FimFiction, I'm calling it quits on all of them. No more third-party image hosting for Lithl's images! Until FimFiction gets something native, I'm hosting my images myself.

I've had a Linode server for two years now (running Debian Linux, version regularly updated), and about a year ago I added a subdomain to it for serving static content. Specifically, it was to host some specialized fonts for a few Roll20 community character sheets, but now I'm expanding that subdomain to include any images I need to serve to FimFiction. In fact, I just recently got a free upgrade to my host account, adding a gig of ram (now 2G) and a terabyte of monthly data transfer (now 3T/mo). So anyway, long story short, I just uploaded 38 images (which is not, by the way, the sum total of the images that have been broken by Image Shack or Imgur, they're just the ones I care about) and went through stories, blog posts, and comments replacing Imgur links. Yey.

So, yeah. Screw you, Imgur! I'm gonna have my own image host! With blackjack! And hookers!

You know what? Forget the blackjack and hookers!

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Thank you for adding ...But the Kitchen Sink to your Favourites, my friend! :raritywink:

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Thank you for the fav on Celestia's Rocket Adventures! I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a like and some feedback in the comments!

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The scandal began when the cheerleaders went into an adult novelties shop in uniform, took photos of themselves playing with the merchandise, and posted the photos on MySpace. (That particular chain of stores no longer permits cameras.)

The cheerleading coach wanted to punish them (basically removing them from the cheerleading lineup for some number of games), but the principal (the mother of the group's leader) prevented her from doing so. The coach resigned and took the story to the news media, which made the whole thing explode.

The school district hired a PI to look into the issue, and he found that the cheerleaders in question were frequently truant and dismissive of the authority of the teachers. He also found photos of them online with alcohol - even if they weren't drinking (but they probably were), minor in possession is still a crime.

The principal ended up getting laid off with a nice severance package, form what I hear. The vice principal tried to hold out for a better deal, and got fired with nothing. The whole kerfuffle ended up getting me two diplomas, since the interim principal signed diplomas for the seniors (not knowing when they'd find a permanent replacement), and the replacement principal came in before my senior year was out, so he signed a new set of diplomas. The school decided to give us both. :scootangel:

I took Algebra 2 with the leader of the group, and while she was pretty stereotypically a cheerleader, she was leagues away from running the class. Then again, my Algebra 2 teacher took no shits from nobody, and he managed to stick her with the nickname "Ugly Toes". He had nicknames for a number of kids in the class. The star of the girls' soccer team was in the class, too, and after she came back from spring break with a sunburnt nose she became "Rudolph". I'm sure he still has the drawing on his wall signed "Rudolph & Ugly Toes".

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Hi. I was trying to reply on bronywriter's blog, but my phone was screwing up. What did the cheerleaders do?

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