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All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools. No, nevermind that. Just the lightning bit will be enough.

Lithl's Stories

  • Fblthp is Totally LostThe noise that escaped Fblthp's lips could best be described as a whimper. It was the most lost he had ever been.2,200 words ·437 views ·35 likes ·1 dislikes
  • My Little ExaltWhen ponies get trapped in another world, lives change. When ponies gain new powers, worlds shake.111,886 words ·3,885 views ·200 likes ·10 dislikes
  • LimareicsThe lowest form of poetry!1,033 words ·206 views ·8 likes ·0 dislikes
  • Celestia Wins the ElectionCelestia is elected President of the Griffon Republic... wait, what?!1,716 words ·739 views ·40 likes ·1 dislikes

About Lithl

I am a computer scientist, interested in game development for over a decade, and I've made several connections within the industry. I've worked at Ninjaneering, Rice University, Pi Studios, and Sungura Games. I've also published my own apps on the Android Market, and developed a few small games while studying at Rice.

I'm a fan of many games, RPGs in particular. My friends sometimes tease me as I analyze a game from the perspective of a designer, rather than a player, but I enjoy it and I feel it helps me in my chosen field.

I've been told my name resembles one of the chanops ('Lithe', I believe). I'd just like to say I have no intent to try and resemble any moderator. Lithl is a name I have used off and on since 2004.


You will be missed.

Just finished watching The Bird Cage with my roommates to see him off.

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So you play D&D?:pinkiegasp

And mtg? Where do you live we must become friends.

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>>735277 That picture almost applies to one of my OCs. In his case it's a mentally-parasitic spirit from Tartarus, but it applies. Sort of.

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Thanks for the favorite!

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Thank you for faving! :twilightsmile:

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She's an Owl totem Lunar, silly! :pinkiesmile:

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