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All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools. No, nevermind that. Just the lightning bit will be enough.

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About Lithl

I am a computer scientist, interested in game development for over a decade, and I've made several connections within the industry. I've worked at Ninjaneering, Rice University, Pi Studios, and Sungura Games. I've also published my own apps on the Android Market, and developed a few small games while studying at Rice.

I'm a fan of many games, RPGs in particular. My friends sometimes tease me as I analyze a game from the perspective of a designer, rather than a player, but I enjoy it and I feel it helps me in my chosen field.

I've been told my name resembles one of the chanops ('Lithe', I believe). I'd just like to say I have no intent to try and resemble any moderator. Lithl is a name I have used off and on since 2004.


Ode to Troop #185 · 5:37am

One of my players performed for us in-character today. It was awesome.

Set to Kingsword

Our friendship will stand.

Our friendship will stand.

A friendship created

And magic enchanted.

Our virtues forged

Of tenets we try.

A joyous refrain

To life's little moments.

A colt's hoof to sing it,

And fillies reply.

Light in the darkness,

And spirit unflinching.

Torchlight shows honor

We all espy.

Gifted of magic,

From insight to manners.

Shady shines forth

What namesake belies.

Ward of the earthen,

Yet heart of the wild.

Oakheart flies deep,

His gift of the vine

A soul of the wilds,

And friend dearly chosen.

Otan stands courageous,

A warrior's pride.

Wrought by a hoof

Of the sky's truly chosen.

Gin gives freely

As her true reply.

Of Celestia's dawning,

She shines in the brightest.

Red Robin is laughter

We cannot deny.

A friendship created

Of our tribes all united.

Our friendship forged,

For together we try!

A joyous refrain

To life's superb moments.

The fillies to sing it,

And colts now reply.

Our friendship will stand.

Our friendship will stand.

Our friendship will stand.

Our friendship will stand.

A friendship created and magic enchanted.

Our virtues forged of tenets applied.

An ending refrain to life's great moments.

Our voice now sings it, and we all reply.

There was a dance involved as well, accompanied by the character's kelpie magic (water control). The player rolled a 91 on his Dance skill, and used his Noble trigger (Music and Art) to flip it to a 19, which happened to be exactly his Dance score. (In this system, rolling higher is better, so long as you're at or under your target number.) Then he spent a point of Magic to improve his success into a critical success.

I used GM fiat to award him multiple points in Dance for that, on top of a point in one of his Friendship tracks (I believe it was Kindness). He hadn't been expecting any such reward, so I gave him a point of Generosity, as well -- giving of yourself without expectation of compensation is exactly what generosity is all about, after all.

On the flip side of the coin, in the same session I had two players roll matched failures (88 and 55, respectively) on a Notice check to sense any connection between themselves and four of the necklaces which used to hold the Elements of Harmony. They were, ah... attacked, by Loyalty and Generosity. Now the necklaces won't come off. Oops!

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Thank you for faving! :twilightsmile:

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She's an Owl totem Lunar, silly! :pinkiesmile:

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Hmm, she's the queen of the succubi/incubi... not the harpies :pinkiecrazy:

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Say "hi" to Lilith, Changing Moon caste Lunar. She was physically and mentally tortured by her literal soul mate a thousand years ago, give or take.

Now her soul mate's reincarnated, and she's introducing him to all of his old enemies. :pinkiecrazy:

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I like the name Lilith... It's a good name... And if you take the more modern version she's completely badass :pinkiecrazy:

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