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All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools. No, nevermind that. Just the lightning bit will be enough.

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About Lithl

I am a computer scientist, interested in game development for over a decade, and I've made several connections within the industry. I've worked at Ninjaneering, Rice University, Pi Studios, and Sungura Games. I've also published my own apps on the Android Market, and developed a few small games while studying at Rice.

I'm a fan of many games, RPGs in particular. My friends sometimes tease me as I analyze a game from the perspective of a designer, rather than a player, but I enjoy it and I feel it helps me in my chosen field.

I've been told my name resembles one of the chanops ('Lithe', I believe). I'd just like to say I have no intent to try and resemble any moderator. Lithl is a name I have used off and on since 2004.


I'm sure you've heard the news by now. Sir Terry Pratchett has died at the age of 66. The official cause of death was a chest infection, not the Alzheimer's with which he was diagnosed eight years ago nor assisted suicide, something he had become a strong supporter of since his diagnosis.

My first thought upon hearing the news was "What's Stephen Baxter going to do about The Long Utopia and the fifth book in the series?" I assume The Long Utopia is basically complete, as it's due to be released this summer, but I doubt the last book in The Long Earth series is much beyond the planning stages. I find myself intensely curious as to what is going to happen, whether the series will be cancelled or if it will continue without Pratchett's contribution.

Regardless of Baxter's decision on the matter, The Long Trot should be largely unaffected. As I mentioned in the author's notes, The Long Trot is taking place immediately after the events of The Long Earth, and as such the rest of the series can be largely ignored (the second book takes place ten years after the first).

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The scandal began when the cheerleaders went into an adult novelties shop in uniform, took photos of themselves playing with the merchandise, and posted the photos on MySpace. (That particular chain of stores no longer permits cameras.)

The cheerleading coach wanted to punish them (basically removing them from the cheerleading lineup for some number of games), but the principal (the mother of the group's leader) prevented her from doing so. The coach resigned and took the story to the news media, which made the whole thing explode.

The school district hired a PI to look into the issue, and he found that the cheerleaders in question were frequently truant and dismissive of the authority of the teachers. He also found photos of them online with alcohol - even if they weren't drinking (but they probably were), minor in possession is still a crime.

The principal ended up getting laid off with a nice severance package, form what I hear. The vice principal tried to hold out for a better deal, and got fired with nothing. The whole kerfuffle ended up getting me two diplomas, since the interim principal signed diplomas for the seniors (not knowing when they'd find a permanent replacement), and the replacement principal came in before my senior year was out, so he signed a new set of diplomas. The school decided to give us both. :scootangel:

I took Algebra 2 with the leader of the group, and while she was pretty stereotypically a cheerleader, she was leagues away from running the class. Then again, my Algebra 2 teacher took no shits from nobody, and he managed to stick her with the nickname "Ugly Toes". He had nicknames for a number of kids in the class. The star of the girls' soccer team was in the class, too, and after she came back from spring break with a sunburnt nose she became "Rudolph". I'm sure he still has the drawing on his wall signed "Rudolph & Ugly Toes".

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Hi. I was trying to reply on bronywriter's blog, but my phone was screwing up. What did the cheerleaders do?

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So you play D&D?:pinkiegasp

And mtg? Where do you live we must become friends.

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>>735277 That picture almost applies to one of my OCs. In his case it's a mentally-parasitic spirit from Tartarus, but it applies. Sort of.

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