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  • T A New Road Begins

    Time has passed. The defeat of Nul now belongs to the past and life has continued on. Thus, it's finally time for Rarity to pick a new road and a new beginning.  · GentlemanJ
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  • T Journey's End

    As the darkness in the west reveals itself, Marshal Graves is called to fight once more.  · GentlemanJ
    147,903 words · 2,069 views  ·  314  ·  23
  • T What if Gravity Wasn't Real?

    This does not speak to physics. This speaks to the non-existence of best Graves and Rarity ship. Non-canon to The Journey, we free the marshal to get with all the fine ladies.  · GentlemanJ
    1,481 words · 623 views  ·  72  ·  4
  • E Old Flames and New Sparks

    When a piece of the marshal's colorful past comes back to town, Rarity starts to wonder whether some things just weren't meant to be.  · GentlemanJ
    29,671 words · 1,978 views  ·  324  ·  13
  • E Marshmallows and Cotton Candy

    A collection of fluffy tales around Graves and the best sisters in Ponyville. We start with Sweetie Belle doing business. Serious business.  · GentlemanJ
    12,102 words · 2,633 views  ·  374  ·  12
  • T Marshals: The Next Generation

    Four of Equestria's finest military cadets seek entry into the elite branch of the marshal. However, in order to qualify, they have to pass the test of none other than Gunmetal Graves himself.  · GentlemanJ
    12,311 words · 3,206 views  ·  355  ·  10
  • T Winter Wonders, Winter Worries

    Winter's a wonderful time full of fun and festive frolicking. Just be sure not to catch the sniffles.  · GentlemanJ
    2,901 words · 2,907 views  ·  306  ·  13
  • T Delivery Directive: Do NOT Be Late

    Marshal Graves has simple orders: take the package and deliver it on time. Of course, simple orders never mean a simple time.  · GentlemanJ
    6,755 words · 2,889 views  ·  281  ·  6
  • T Be a Man

    With his crush on Rarity going the way of the dodo, Spike begins to wonder just what it means to be a man.  · GentlemanJ
    5,318 words · 3,953 views  ·  377  ·  18
  • T Casino Battle Royale

    In which a night of glitz and glamour becomes a bit more interesting for a couple of Equestria's finest.  · GentlemanJ
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Final Remarks · 11:05am

Ladies and gentleman,

Over three years ago, I started writing the story of Rarity and Graves with the goal of giving them a happily ever after. Yesterday, I met that goal, and so I can finally say with a smile that it's all done. The stories of Graves are finished.

For those of you who have been posting comments and questions since Journey's End, sorry I haven't been responding: I didn't want to accidentally give anything away or ruin the surprise that was coming, so I kept silent until everything was laid out and done. If anyone still has anything they want to ask about the stories, please feel free to drop them here. I'd be more than happy to answer them.

As for everyone who's made it to this point, I just wanted to say once more, thanks for reading. It's taken a very long time to get here, and the series, which has never been very popular to begin with, just kept getting more obscure with each passing week. Still, there were people who kept coming back with every new chapter, people who showered the stories with more love and support than I could ever have expected despite all the terrible cliffhangers I put you through. To those people, I just want you to know that I couldn't have done this without you and that you are all just the absolute best.

Thanks for sharing this trip with me. It's been a wild ride that I wouldn't have missed for the word.



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The Journey of Graves: Season 1

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#145 · 18w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1831165 dude I was thinking the exact same thing lol

Comment posted by Ripple deleted at 3:31pm on the 25th of May, 2015
#142 · 24w, 6h ago · 1 · ·

you've got new projects in mind

I do not want to bother you but I would like a one shot Graves and company but with the genders reversed you know the classic gender bender

might not seem like much but situciones of the characters change when the gender is invert

I think that is something worth experiencing on characters

It only suggests hope I do not bother

greetings and good luck

#141 · 27w, 4d ago · 1 · ·

So, what will your next writing project be? A new series?

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