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  • Dating is HardA short story in the Journey of Graves. Join our favorite grey eyed soldier as he navigates the new and treacherous minefield known as dating.6,744 words ·2,451 views ·363 likes ·13 dislikes
  • There's a Reason They Call it a CrushSpike is definitely looking forward to the Ponyville girls coming home. Only... what's he to do when the object of his deepest affections turns out to be taken?9,720 words ·3,525 views ·409 likes ·20 dislikes

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

"Finally, after an eternity away from you all, [GentlemanJ] is back!"

                                        -Jack of Blades, Fable

What can I say? I was working, I was international, I was dealing with enough unexpected drama to make Calculon cry foul. But after a whole lot of writing, rewriting, revisions and additions, I am finally ready to get back to posting. Probably.

So here's the deal. School starts next week and since I don't foresee it being a major issue, I will in all likelihood be able to start posting by week's end. That's Saturday, September 6 at the usual 6-7 PM Eastern time slot I usually do, for all ye who are less than temporally inclined. However, it may end up that I will have to postpone one week to make sure that my posts are up to the quality you all deserve. After all, I figure that since I've been so egregiously delayed, what's one more week in the grand scheme of things?


                                        -Billy Mays

Now, a lot of you are no doubt wondering why I've taken so long off. Well, dear readers, that's because I have been working on a narrative of grand and epic proportions. Of course, it's easy to say that when I'm judging my own works, so what does that mean for you? Since I am kind and merciful, I will tell you:

Over. Forty. Complete. Chapters.

That's right. You thought A Long, Winding Road was intense? I'm about to lay down the hammer on you suckers! This is going to be by far the longest, most ambitious arc I've ever done and once I start posting, there will literally be one week of hiatus at most in that gigantic deluge of adventure smacks you upside the face like a blue fin tuna in class five hurricane! I know it's been a long time in coming, but it's been necessary in order to give you my greatest and most complext work to date.

To those who've been patiently waiting, I ask for you patience for just a week or so longer. Go back and reread the series. Freshen up on your Journey lore because I promise you, once this train leaves the station, there will be no more stops.


                                        -King Leonidas, 300

Sincerely, and at most 2 weeks away,


P.S. More readings by Intrapulation available here. Or at least a dramatic interlude. Close enough.

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The Journey of Graves: Season 1

  • When the Man Comes Around As Ponyville prepares for arriving royal marshals, a new traveler quietly slips into town. by GentlemanJ 22,162 words · 17,477 views · 1,097 likes · 35 dislikes
  • So... What Happens Next? Ordered to stay in Ponyville, Graves finds that his new life will take some getting used to. by GentlemanJ 6,605 words · 7,821 views · 816 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Trouble Meets Disaster Marshal Graves gets settled in, but is called away on duty. Oddly enough, Sweetie Belle tags along. by GentlemanJ 13,514 words · 7,264 views · 770 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Two Kinds of Complications Rarity wants a date. Sweetie Belle wants a brother. Lucky Graves just wants a day without headaches. by GentlemanJ 14,433 words · 7,189 views · 756 likes · 19 dislikes
  • Untangling the Knot by GentlemanJ 21,591 words · 6,696 views · 739 likes · 18 dislikes


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The man in white fled across the desert, and Graves followed.

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You make writing look so easy:fluttershysad: but OMG LOVE JOURNEY OF GRAVES:heart::heart::heart::heart: continue the awesome work

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Not fan art, but I wonder how Graves would react upon seeing this beauty.

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you deserve every peace of fan art you get for coming up with such an amazing story

graves is actually one of my favorite characters in anything

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There is no title to your blog, meaning we can't get into it to comment. Just an fyi.

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