Finally saw Rainbow Rocks the other night, while not as good as the first one was in my opinion it's still a good movie and the songs were better than the first's. I liked the Dazzlings backstory too, it brought up some cool stuff that I won't say here just incase anyone hasn't seen it yet (I think EQD still has a link to the Google Drive vid).

Also I saw this about 20 minutes ago...

Anyway. The reason why I haven't updated for a while is because my family has been going through some tough times lately, and my ability to write is directly tied to how I'm feeling. Thankfully, a few weeks ago my mom went into training for a job that I too will be going into training for! Yay! I'll keep working on it, so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being patient.

I've been playing the CRAP outta' PAYDAY 2 as well. That's been taking up some time too.

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