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Hey, guys n' gals.

So, without going into a lot of detail, a bunch of my friends are requesting almost all of my free time for the next month and I'm without a moment's peace. So when I finally get some time to myself, the last thing I can do is think straight enough to work on this chapter.

I know, it probably sounds like I'm just whining but I felt like you should at least know that this chapter might be pushed back until next month, because I've learned from past experience that trying to work tired never results in something I'm proud of. So I figured I'd wait until I'm ready instead of half-assing it, 'cause that isn't fair for you guys.


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Things Ponies Say!

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'Bout time you watched me, buddy :ajsmug:

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>>638895 That's fine, we can can salt all the wounds later. Now tell Shaman "you're welcome."


Close enough...

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Thanks for the fav on Psycho! SALT THE WOUNDS! :pinkiecrazy:

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>>606924 Sounds like a plan :derpytongue2:

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>>486368 I should remember this next year.

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