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SMITE Launch Trailer

So Smite is a MOBA with a bit of a twist: instead of playing from a top-down perspective where you need to click everywhere to move or attack, this one puts you in a third person perspective behind your character and control them using WASD. Smite's lore is also one of it's selling points as you play as one of many different gods from various pantheons fighting for glory, followers, worshipers, etc. Also, every skill is a skill-shot (you can't just click on an enemy and have your magic missile chase after them, you have to lead them and try to time your shots. Think the Huntsman.)

Okay basically what I'm getting at is it's a good game and I entered a contest to see if I could win some cool stuff, and again, I'm sorry for spamming this on you guys

You guys can enter it too if you find the game interesting enough and try to win some cool prizes, and as always, you can add me in-game as "Darrtaa". Just lemme know that you added so I don't think you're some weirdo that knowns me from watching my Dota games like those 5 Russian guys that one time. That was weird.


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Things Ponies Say!

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>>638895 That's fine, we can can salt all the wounds later. Now tell Shaman "you're welcome."


Close enough...

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Thanks for the fav on Psycho! SALT THE WOUNDS! :pinkiecrazy:

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>>606924 Sounds like a plan :derpytongue2:

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>>486368 I should remember this next year.

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>>485627 Never been wished a happy birthday with fire before, thanks!

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