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To be honest I did not expect so much love for "Spike Loves Cherries". It even got praise from some other amazing authors on here.  So I guess since so many demand a sequel it will need to be done either after or before the other Spike shipping stories I'm working on.

So for those wondering which ones I'm working on here they are in order:

Spike X Mayor Mare

Spike X Photo Finish

Spike X Sapphire Shores

Spike X Nurse RedHeart

I may or may not do a Spike X Daring Do. After all I still need to finish up 3 other chapter stories.

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>>2293438 I would have to say tea.

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Tea or coffee?

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Thanks for the fave of As you wish...

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Thank you for all of the faves that you've given. :twilightsmile:

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>>1683538 I like the wait it makes me more excited for the next release. I do hope though that the difficulties will end in that regard for ya.

Happy to know it gave ya a mission good sir. Haha The underrated Spike ships need more recognition and stories on them. :twilightsmile:

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