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I write where my capricious muse takes me. Also Femslash. Lots and lots of femslash.


Ugh writers block · 8:15pm

This is not cool, utterly un-awesome.

It is getting to be a real trudge through to get Days anywhere close to how I want it to be, already written parts be damned and all! I have an ending, but I still have to get there.


I might run off a sequel to Game Day, that is a nice fuzzy universe to write in.

In other news: Shuddap Bronydom, I don't have a chance to even try and find a Friendship Games streaming link until Thursday (I have time off work, so EQG marathon seems the logical choice). So I don't want none spoilers!

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I can assure you that Not Everypony Grows Up To Be A Pegasus will be updated! ... I just don't know when >...< (I've had awful writers block with it recently :( )

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And only now do i realize how foolish i was not to follow you after "Finding Home" ended ! I almost missed the sequel. At leat my mistake is repaired and i can enjoy the story.  Thumbs up to you for you work since i didn't spoke earlier :twilightsmile:

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Thank you for adding Baby Pictures to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

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I've started a group dedicated to Principal Celestia caring for Sunset and I hope you for to join to add your story to the group. http://www.fimfiction.net/group/210740/sunset-and-principal-celestia

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It is really very good. I in fact recall reading it a while back but forgot to mark it in any list so I hunted it down through the search function. Not only do you have me wanting to try that brew, but I would also love to peer into the world your words described.

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