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I'm a quick reader, on a quest to read ALL of fimfiction. Current read word count - 22 million.

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I've just had a very random thought, that pony technological level and culture, are, on it's basic level, based upon essentially Amish core values.

And I don't just mean random strange/conservative/old-fashioned ponies like Pies and Apples. I mean the whole of Equestria.

In essence, Amish don't just dislike technology. They specifically don't use technologies that tend to disrupt the person-to-person interactions and small community self-sufficiency.

But that is essentially what you need for the series about friendship as well.

That's why there are no phones in MLP, even though there are wireless microphones, not telegraph,  no oil-rigs and electric stations. There are no big malls, no cinema or TV. That's why weather is not managed centrally, but rather relies on local weather-teams - the technological choices are made in favor of those that make life easier, but keep everything personal, small-community and involve everypony, rather than in favor of efficiency.

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Hiya, thanks for whacking my story on your Read It Later list, hope you enjoy it when it comes to reading time. :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for adding DJ-P4NTL3SS to your library!

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Thanks for reading "Can Ya Fix Her?"  :pinkiehappy:

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Woah... that was fast... thanks. :rainbowkiss:

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Would you like to read my newest fic? It's a big ol' group collab, so I'd just like an honest comment on what you think about the story so far. I'll be updating it with new chapters once a week. :twilightsmile:

(BTW, here's the link: Equestria Forever)

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