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IMRifly has started the reading of volume three!

Swarm is adorable, and Kuno still has that warblevoice that is just, gah, awesome!

Listen to it! It has my seal of approval!

Leave a comment or something if you really like it! And no, I don't get paid to advertise this. God, that'd be great, wouldn't it? No, I like these readings that much that I will inevitably lose one or two followers letting you all know they're up again :pinkiecrazy: I've got like three thousand more to replace you, yes you, reaching for that unfollow button!

I'll probably start putting these videos at the top of each chapter. The relevant video for each chapter, of course.  Seriously. The amount of effort put into the readings is awesome. I'll wait until I do edits of all the old chapters first, though. I need to clean them all up.

That's all :twilightsmile:

Okay, fine, have best pony wondering why you won't come to bed.

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>>1257515 I can't wait to post my new scootaloo fic :pinkiecrazy: So much juicy DRAMAS!

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Well, you could have done better. Your comment needed to be at least 500 words long with at least ten death threats—or just first post in a really freaking popular story to cause a flame war bigger than Americans on Black Friday. Ugh, that'd be inauspicious.:applejackunsure:

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>>1257308 :rainbowlaugh:

Sincerest apologies. I only just checked the fimfiction drama page and saw he made a blog post about that.

I didn't realise he cropped out the bottom of the post that said (Am I doing this right?) :pinkiecrazy:

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Thanks... I'll pretend that's not sarcasm.

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This is a box for artwork that was drawn for me! None of this was made by me, and I fricking love all of you for drawing/comissioning it!

Picture by Secret-Pony, original here. Commissioned by Count Doofus

A fanart piece that contains spoilers and will be added here after An Affliction of the Heart is over. Commissioned by PonyStyle

All three done by IronHooves.

By MoonSplashPony



By Shikogo

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