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I'm not dead yet! · 1:13am

Yet. Could be tomorrow! Or another fifty years! Who really knows!

But no, I'm not dead. Just really, really tired. Like. All the bloody time. It'd ridiculous!

Between perpetual tiredness and videogames, I just can't write!

But I have been planning new things. I have not forgotten the whole writing thing, I've just slowed down hugely!

New things planned: Celestia Ingress! Because Praise The Sun!

The other one is Room for Rent, an all-pony romancey clopfic based around Spitfire. Because I'm sick of seeing other stories with Spitfire in them that simply aren't good enough for my picky tastes! So I'm gonna show you all how it's done! There's a decent chance this fic could be another super-long thing like those others I have that go on for 10K+ Words.

Affliction is slower than ever because the next chapters have be done properly or I've completely fucked the Affliction-verse with plotholes (of the storyline variety, pervert!) and mismanaging the transition from focusing on just one family to including all of Equestria's changelings.

And yes, a bazillion other stories need updates, I know.

I'll get back to writing... uhm... sometime! I'm getting Destiny like... tomorrow. And so I'm going to be destroying that game and not writing the ponewords like a good little brony. I know. I'm terrible.

Here, be distracted by best pony hearing her favorite TV show got cancelled to distract you from the fact that I'm updating so slowly!

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>>1419219 If I ever get number 1 I'm changing it to Celebrity Pegasus. Or something. :pinkiecrazy:

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don't know if it will help but try keeping a not pad handy and just jot down ideas as you have them.

some times it is the little things that just brake the flood gates.

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>>1385128 I'm planning on writing 'Room for Rent' soon! The story of a young pegasus, down on his luck, having Spitfire herself be a 'secret' renter of his room. Which then leads to gratuitous sex! :derpytongue2:

I'm still here! Just quiet. Thanks for the concern, though.

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