I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while.

It's not MLP. So let's get that out of the way immediately.

I've got this entire universe set out, in sci-fi. I'm going to be extremely vague because of reasons that will be outlined right meow!

I've kind of wanted to finish this novel and get it published. You know, as a book. A thing with pages, and a cover, and that lovely, earthy smell fresh from the bookstore. Pretty cover art. Proper editing, etc.

That has been my goal ever since I was a kid, really. I wanted to be big Mr Hotshot writer. Unfortunately, the kinds of things I write don't appeal to the teenage market so much. They don't really appeal to many markets at all. And sci-fi is a pretty rough place to try and start out anyway.

Not to mention that with my current, uh, 'portfolio' of works, if my fanfiction name got tied to my authorship name, that would likely end badly.

After a little bit of thinking, I decided that I'm not going to be big Mr Hotshot writer. I'm not, and excuse my language here, enough of a pretentious cunt to compete with other writers. I don't want to have to sit down and think of adverbs and pronouns and not ending on a proposition. I don't want to write a BS allegory tale with hidden double meanings.

I want to write something fun. I just want to write a fucking good time in text form.

So. If it came right down to it: Would you buy something from Anonymous Pegasus? A full-length novel. I can promise only that it will have action, a continent getting glassed, and interspecies relationship-building of the insane, crazy kind you probably expect to see from me.

I'm not cut from the right cloth to be an actual author. But I think I could handle publishing my dreck on lulu.com or something.

Obviously, I wouldn't be able to just give the finished away. It would be just like a novel at the store. Or one you purchase online, I guess. To go on your kindle or iPad or iCarpet or whatever you crazy kids are using these days.

And, of course, I'm not going to stop writing pony. It's just be nice to evict some of these ideas from my head and put them on paper for people to enjoy.


Also, I've been working erry goddamn day (including weekends!) for the last two/three weeks. That's why I haven't written anything! :fluttershbad:

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>>1914927 ya why not, it would be kinda cool. Just got a look at the g-drive that looks like fun times.

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>>1913824 Thanks for the clarification!

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>>1914761 I added you to my super-exclusive g-drive folder that I use for WiP stories. :twilightsmile: So you can read things as I write them! Or check things out that I haven't even finished yet!

Would you like your name in my 'these people help bring these stories to you' box? Which is right up above this comment? :twilightsmile:

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>>1914649 Sometime... uh... in... the... coming times!

Seriously, I have no idea, sorry. I'll try bang out a chapter soonishly, but I've been working a lot recently. Like erry goddamn day. It's hard to get in the groove of writing when you have to stop to go and do work things. :fluttershbad:

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I've been unknowingly reading your stuff for months now :derpytongue2: finally checked out your profile just to see I've read about half of your stories never realizing that you wrote them all:rainbowlaugh:. I figure u deserve a patron for all the awesome you've given

Also lovin the crap out of Co-opted Consort so far

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