I'll give you a clue

It's gon b gud :pinkiecrazy:

Art done by the insanely good Derpah/Marble Soda as he's known now.

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I love your stories!! I just hope you find the time to finish them. Your work is greatly appreciated!! Keep working hard and thx for all the work you put into the stories of yours. Luv ya!!!

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>>2003002 I agree with this guy. :raritywink:

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>>1988547 I'm waiting for the Celestia and Diamond Tiara ones and I'm excited to hear there is an octavia one on the way! Keep being awesome

#506 · 8w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1988547 Co-Opted Consort and Symphony. I need da pone. :yay:

#505 · 8w, 6d ago · · ·


Haven't heard of one of those before. But, I'm sure you'll please more than plenty, so I'll be looking forward to it. :^)

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This is a box for artwork that was drawn for me! None of this was made by me, and I fricking love all of you for drawing/comissioning it!

Picture by Secret-Pony, original here. Commissioned by Count Doofus

A fanart piece that contains spoilers and will be added here after An Affliction of the Heart is over. Commissioned by PonyStyle

All three done by IronHooves.

By MoonSplashPony



By Shikogo

Fighting Wolf Fist

By Featherscratch!