I'm got invited to 'the good HiE podcast' for like... less than 24 hours from now? Think up some questions to be asked so I can ramble about my awful HiE stories!


And the obvious question, let's just get it out of the way right meow: Why haven't I posted much recently? I blame life.

Work kind of drained me. And now I'm stuck no longer working because of my de quervains tenosynovitis which is back worse than it has ever been before. To the point where I'm seriously evaluating my options and may have to just say 'fuck it' and live as a cripple trying to fumble my way through my daily life using one bloody hand for everything. The doctor is to the point where he's like 'fuck if I know man. Eat some tablets for a while. We'll see if it'll help (It won't). And then we'll shove some steroids in there! :D '

My wrist is so messed up the doctor's certificate I was given for official government whatsitcalls doesn't have an expiry. It could functionally last forever.


The few times I've felt like writing I've devoted to pounding out some new content for Someone's PC. Which I can't link to because mature blogs still aren't allowed and I'm not going to sell out and advertise non-pony stuff on a pony site and you can google yourself if you're so incredibly interested. But god help you all when this site goes generic fanfiction. You will be flooded with my awful pokemon stories as well!

So yeah, that's why the pegasus has been so absent. Just life reasons. I'm trying to drag myself out of the rut of no writing before monster hunter genetations drops and I'm lost to vidyagames again. No promises. Soapdragon for life.

tl;dr no I'm not abandoning you guys or my stories. I'm just going through some rough patches that need ironing out and my meagre writing time is being diverted.

P.S. ask questions! Feed my ego! Feed the pegasus. Maybe it'll make me wanna write harder. I dunno. You can hope?

Also, the stream is totes for adults, apparently. Language of an adult nature that will hurt your sensitive ears or something or other.

P.P.S Hey, remember when they said they were going to add the Royal Guard tag? I remember. :ajbemused:

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Can't wait for that Octavia story. :rainbowkiss:

#515 · 22w, 4d ago · 1 · ·

It's been damn near a year since I first noticed it, but I still laugh at the irony in "Anonymous" Pegasus.

Everything about you is ironic. From the name "Anonymous Pegasus" to the fact that 95% of Kuno fanart is of her being cute when in AAotH she's so fucking raunchy it's unbelievable; it's too much to process.

#514 · 23w, 3d ago · 3 · ·

... You're planning an aged up flurry heart shining froggin fic, aren't you?

#513 · 26w, 1d ago · · ·

Hey you're Australian right? If so happy Australia Day!


#512 · 30w, 6d ago · · ·

Is this your writing cycle in a nut-shell?


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