I'm back! · 8:34am

As the title says, I'm back! I was gone a while what with sleeplessness and such. I got a laptop running again, and I have GAMES ONCE MORE! :pinkiecrazy:

So I've been catching up on like... four months worth of Final fantasy, arma 3, space engineers etc. Oh and the new monster hunter!

All of that said, something a lot of you have been waiting for is in the queue waiting to be approved...

Ingress: Dirty Diamond.

Oh yes. It's happening.

My patrons already have the link (as does anyone else who lurks my patron activity feed nudge nudge wink wink) because they're awesome.

If you don't like precocious little fillies however, I have nothing for you at the moment! Except more affliction coming soon!

Until then, have best pony fixing up a picture of best pony:

I forgot how goddamn cute ponies is

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Ugh that blog post doe.

Until then, have best pony fixing up a picture of best pony:

Expected. EVERYBODY seems to just LOVE Rainbow Dash. Well, not me.

I'm %100 Team Flutters! :yay:

(Also it probably should have been;)

Until then, have Brony fixing up picture of Brony:


(BTW I'm a girl, and I'm 100% Brony supportive, but Rainbow Dash is Brony mascot, so there's that joke.)

(Also P.S. I'm very fond of your work but that set me off a little and I meant no offense by any of this :twilightsmile:)

#467 · 1d, 14h ago · · ·

Who this Josh you speak of?

#466 · 1d, 14h ago · · ·

>>1770950 No, sorry. I might take commissions in future.

#464 · 1d, 20h ago · · ·

Do you take requests?

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This is a box for artwork that was drawn for me! None of this was made by me, and I fricking love all of you for drawing/comissioning it!

Picture by Secret-Pony, original here. Commissioned by Count Doofus

A fanart piece that contains spoilers and will be added here after An Affliction of the Heart is over. Commissioned by PonyStyle

All three done by IronHooves.

By MoonSplashPony



By Shikogo

Fighting Wolf Fist

By Featherscratch!