I've been invited to a con! I won't say which one in case it's a little bit taboo to say this stuff while still discussing things with the people who run it.

Long story short. There is not a goddamn chance of me making it to America to go to a con on such short notice. Mainly because A) I'm broke. (Well, not broke, but a return airfare alone is two motherfucking grand, I checked) And B) I don't have a visa.

Buuuuut they asked me if I wanna do a livestream event for them during the writer's panel! :pinkiecrazy: and also mentioned something about a panel of my own like... teaching something or ranting about something I'm passionate about.

Things I'm passionate about: Changelings are really really really stupidly cute. Rainbow Dash is really really really stupidly cute. Iced Coffee is like, god's gift to insomniacs and night owls. And beyond that, nothing!

So what would you guys want to hear from an anonpeg in the form of a panel? Are my viewpoints even really that interesting? Do any of you even care?

I mean, it would be nice if I could teach something about writing, but going to me asking for help writing is like asking the guy who built the Leaning tower if Pisa for tips on building. Sure, I got the basics down good enough, but you're still building upon a really bad foundation. And wow did that comparison work on so many levels! :pinkiecrazy:

So, anyway, if any of you have good ideas, throw them at me, please!

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Let's see...

List of stories to have people read:

1. Absolutely anything that Anonymous Pegasus writes

2. Specifically the "Ingress" stories.

3. I refer you to 1 and 2.

4. Other things.

XP No but really, you're amazing man. I want your writing skills.

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>>1797538 it's cool, just trying to get opinions on it. I plan on asking others tomorrow what they feel about it. (Totally forgot how much clop was here, my filter is usually on) :rainbowlaugh:

#478 · 3w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1797497 yeah, not my style. In the least. Sorrrry.

#476 · 3w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1797492 What's second person again? Isn't that all 'you' and everything?

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