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So, I'm back! On a teeny POS netbook that will have trouble running minecraft, honestly, but goddammit all to hell, I'm back. I can type again, and watch youtube, AND OPEN MULTIPLE TABS! Oh jesus, tabs, how I have missed thee.

Anywhore, while I was gone, Kaze no saga, the guy who translates AOTH into Russian for funsies, sent me some fanarts!

Pretty self explanatory, here!

Kuno being intimidating AND cute!

Warden with his plants!

Kuno be all like 'Bitch, I don't eat this kind of food'

Ferociously savaging cotton candy!

I assume this is Kuno in her unicorn form, as she doesn't match any other pony I can think of :twilightsmile:

And I saved the best two for last!

My new favorite image of Warden, with him looking handsome and dashing in his guard armor:

Annnnnnnnnnd last of all, HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG

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i love your stories

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Oh, hey! I found your Fim page. I've been watching you on another site for a while. ^^

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>>1626518 It's cute so far! :twilightsmile:

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>>1626084 preview! I love sketches! <3

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This is a box for artwork that was drawn for me! None of this was made by me, and I fricking love all of you for drawing/comissioning it!

Picture by Secret-Pony, original here. Commissioned by Count Doofus

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All three done by IronHooves.

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