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I do things for the internet, sometimes unspeakable things, most of the time just editing for pony stories though.

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I'm gonna try to catch everypony here:

Happy Hearths Warming; Merry Christmas; Happy Hanukkah;  Wa `alaykumu s-salāmu wa rahmatu l-lāhi wa barakātuh; Have a crazy Kwanzaa; and for the atheists, Have a good Tuesday December 25th.

I hope everypony has wonderful holidays, and gets to spend some time with those we love and cherish.  To those without places to go and people to see, have some internet hugs (\(^-^)/).

Lastly, to spread a bit of love in this holiday season, go check out "Morning Glow" by ChuckFinley.  It is a sweet little piece involving the Cakes, and it'll put a little warmth in your hearts (and maybe somewhere else too :raritywink:).  It deserves a bit of time in the feature box, so go give it some love.

With holiday wishes and love,


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I just wanted to say that I loved the xenophillia story, I actually read it awhile back but couldn't post or comment so I am trying now. I don't know what the big talk about right now is and I might be a little late to the party but please tell this mystery author that a least one persons loves his work. And thank you Anypony for being kind enough to post and allow us to read not just that story but also the works you have spun a tail out of I am truly enspired by your work and hope you continue.

Peace- Me

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>>1432557 That's a shame to hear. Perhaps it's because the story is labeled as 'incomplete' that I constantly lust for more. I'll be honest, I can't read most of the spin-offs, they just aren't the same - it's like 'new coke', it just wasn't the same as the classic. Hell, I'll be honest, I'd love anything from the Xenophilia Universe, even if it isn't centered on Lero and company - though that would be my preferred subjects.

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>>1433031 Ah, Xeno. The erotica many have tried to imitate and none have quite managed to master.

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Hah! Love Skype myself, though I do use Steam and PMs on occasion. I did notice that AA is poking his head back around, if not on the AA account. Still holding out hopes for a Xeno 2. Even if it'll probably never happen, hah.

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While I can't say for certain that it will or won't ever see another chapter, I'd say it's unlikely that Side Stories will see more than what is already there.


It's always a good candidate for a re-read:twilightsmile:.

I blame a lack of desire to be on skype where everypony can reach me easily.:rainbowlaugh: I actually talk with most of the authors and friends in the fandom through PMs and Steam for the most part.

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