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I am afraid that after nearly a year of no updates, (this is kind of a thing with me, I know) I must put the final nail in the coffin with this fan fiction. The reality is, despite the fact that TCB: Cold War was initially fun to write, and that it did gain a huge following, the unfortunate reality is that the Anti-TCB group is not only dwindling in numbers, its opposition is for the most part suffering the same fate. Among all this, and the fact that very few TCB related fictions are still published on this site, I can't come up with any real content for the next chapter of this story anyway. I really wanted to continue with it, but at the current point there is very little I could actually write out that would progress the story further. If anyone feels like they would like to do this themselves, go ahead. But I am afraid that I am no longer able to continue this story.

What I Actually Do Around Here

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Well, I am glad that we can look past our....past altercations and see eye to eye, my friend.

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Tis a shame. Creations of such.... Prestige, such as us, must come out and become more... Involved.

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Thank you. Not everyday I see a fellow airplane around here.

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I see you have made quite a name for yourself my American friend.

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