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I write fanfiction. About ponies. And relevant topics. I hate these things so much, as I have a lot to say and no where near enough room to say it.


I am afraid that after nearly a year of no updates, (this is kind of a thing with me, I know) I must put the final nail in the coffin with this fan fiction. The reality is, despite the fact that TCB: Cold War was initially fun to write, and that it did gain a huge following, the unfortunate reality is that the Anti-TCB group is not only dwindling in numbers, its opposition is for the most part suffering the same fate. Among all this, and the fact that very few TCB related fictions are still published on this site, I can't come up with any real content for the next chapter of this story anyway. I really wanted to continue with it, but at the current point there is very little I could actually write out that would progress the story further. If anyone feels like they would like to do this themselves, go ahead. But I am afraid that I am no longer able to continue this story.

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>>1159454 Yes, there are plenty of radar and computer assisted aim rotary cannons fielded by America's Middle Eastern enemies...

...Oh wait a minute....

And because multiple ships armed with dual or quad barrel automatic cannons can't create the same amount of fire...

(Okay, the RoF of the Twin 3.7cm Flak M42U may have only been 150-250rpm, when combined with the other weapons it still means a lot of lead.)

(While a land based unit in the photo, the Flakvierling 38 was put on surface vessels and U-Boats.)

(Yeah, okay this is an entire U.S. Fleet, but still, four or more destroyers can put up enough rounds per minute to equal two or three of those CIWS systems. Consiering they have a RoF of 4,500 rpm, and the Flakvierling 38 can have up to 1,400, four of those systems would surpass a CIWS, and typically U-Boats or surface vessels come in multiples. [By multiples I mean multiple vessels, as U-Boats tended to be armed with only one such AA gun, but destroyers tended to have at least two, usually more.] :rainbowwild:)

Not to mention the CIWS is just lots of bullets, and not exploding shells such as the 8.8cm Flak.

So really, the AA risk of WWII ships and modern ships is about the same in terms of RoF, (Not counting missiles) the only difference is modern ships can achieve it with only two or four CIWS systems, and they have better accuracy thanks to computers.

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Because U-boats and destroyers aren't armed with AA and flak guns, correct?


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and I don't have the liberty of facing surface targets that are much less likely to shoot back at me.

Because U-boats and destroyers aren't armed with AA and flak guns, correct? :facehoof:

As you probably know, I'm just a little bit tougher, as I'm not made out of wood.

The A-10 is tough, but to say wood planes aren't isn't true, the Mosquito could take a hell of a pounding, and then there's the Wellington bombers, their latticework wood frames made the craft so durable they could lose entire sections of their tails, fuselage, or even wings and keep flying.

The Wellington could probably take about the same punishment as the B-17, and the B-17 was a much larger craft.

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>>1159315 That's cool as well. I'm not really into going up against boats myself, (I can do it, but it's just not what I'm meant for). I serve other purposes, as you know, and I don't have the liberty of facing surface targets that are much less likely to shoot back at me. As you probably know, I'm just a little bit tougher, as I'm not made out of wood.

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An A-10 eh? No thanks, too modern for me.

De Havilland Mosquito all the way for me! :scootangel:

Four .303s and a 6 pounder autoloader (57mm for you Americans :derpytongue2:) and two... I believe the picture shows 250lb bombs. The FB Mark XVIII (18) is my waifu.

Though the German Kriegsmarine probably doesn't like the Mark XVIII, as they lost a great many U-Boats and light surface vessels to that 6 pounder. :moustache:

Well okay, Octavia is... and I prefer the standard armament of four 20mm cannons and four .303s as the 6 pounder could only carry 25 rounds. :rainbowwild:

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