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Post Bronycon Blog · 2:19am

Well after a day of sleeping off all that had happened at Bronycon, I am now awake and alert to tell you guys all about it. Overall, my Bronycon experience was very fun, albeit it ended way too quickly.

I landed in Thursday and chilled with a bunch of writer friends, as well as all my voice acting friends once I had a minute. A lot of Thursday was spent chilling back and forth between the two teams, one comprised of writers  who are as follows:

Jake the Army Guy



Golden Vision

Cyborg Samurai

Captain Unstoppable

Golden Vision

Dusk Quill


Pen Stroke

Capn Cryssalid




Wanderer D



Skeeter the Lurker

Bad Horse


Noble Cause


Pav Feira

Razed Rainbow

Burraku Pantsa



And yeah.

The friends that I hung out with included Caitbug, TheLostNarrator, OBabScribbler (EEEEEEEEE I GOT TO MEET SCRIBBLER AND HER COCKNEYNESS), Royfury, KjOokami, Crassanova, and other people that I've known for a while.

Thursday was mostly watching TheLostnarrator and Gutius Serenade enjoying the Bar Trot, along with a few other friends. There was a bunch of alcohol and voices to be had, including Caitbug and TheLostNarrator doing Dash and Scootaloo back and forth. Interesting enough, Lost does a REALLY GOOD Rainbow Dash voice. She has the rasp down and everything.

I met all the writer friends, and we had dinner and stuff. I released Doomsday Arcade to a lukewarm reception since I wanted something to talk about once the Crossovers Panel was in action. My Five Nights with Freddie's story couldn't be published in time, but I did promise that DA would be out for my fans before Bronycon. And it was... by a day.

Friday was when it got interesting. I was a part of the Scoping and Sizing Your Story for Success Panel, which went really well. The other writers were Captain Cryssalid, Pen Stroke, CyborgSamurai, and myself. It was at a really late time slot (as were all the other writing panels except a few), which was minutely lame. However, we did what we could with our particular time slots, and I got to tout Doomsday Arcade for a little bit as well as talking about basically what not to do with DA: Make it huge and expansive and a multiverse. I'll post that panel when it's on Youtube.

Saturday was when it got interesting. I got a press pass for Equestria Daily and managed to interview Amy Keating Rogers. I was very surprised to find that NO ONE except two other cameramen came to interview her, so I got to ask the five questions that I had written down as well as others that came to mind. I also heard that not a lot of people wanted interviews from Amy either, which I think is just fucking weird.


I don't know. I found that really frustrating, but at the same time, I basically got to 1 on 1 interview her, which was really fun to see her perspective on things as well as how she writes. She basically writes like me, except she's way more productive than I am...

Along with Saturday, I got to participate in the Equestria Daily panel, taking over for Aquaman who was scheduled for a Romance panel at the time. The panel was excellent, considering last year's turnout wasn't as good as this one. Nearly half of the room was filled, and a lot of the audience had a bunch of funny questions about the process.

Finally Saturday night, I took part in the Crossovers Panel with Wanderer D, Capn Cryssalid, GAPJaxie, CyborgSamurai, and myself. The panel did very well. I moderated the entire thing and I think it piggy backed off of the previous year's panel into familiar, yet new territory. I hope to have it next year and I will post the panel when it's done as usual.

I got my ass kicked at DDR by Tayman, because that bastard has a metal pad at home and he can play. It's not fair. I want a metal pad. I'm sad.

Sunday was the Comedy Panel up in the morning, which I was 5 minutes late to because I thought it was at 10:30. It was a good panel and had a good reception, and I got to talk about My Little Diamond. Interestingly enough, that's Aqua's favorite fic of mine, for some reason. I can't blame him, but it was something I pooped out for a contest in like 1 day. Oh well. It's always those type of fics that get popular.

Either way, Monday was mostly dicking around. I met with Lost and the other fanfic reader dudes and mostly chilled on a 7 hour flight home. My Bronycon was busy, but it was really fun. I'm planning on going next year, and I hope to have even more fun and be a part of more panels than this year! See you guys next time around! I have many stories to tell, and I hope you'll stick around for me to tell them!

- Vicodin

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Did the original therapist ever get an audiobook reading? I found an old page asking for voice actors. I kind of forgot about this story but it is still one of my favorites

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not sure why I wasn't following you. I'm weird.

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