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Late night blogging is fun! A YouTube channel by the name of CountessRose recently reviewed Therapist Visit: Queen Chrysalis (or at least what's available) and what they had to say was very interesting. It's tempting me to continue and finish the story, since there honestly wasn't that much left. Nevertheless, take a gander and let them know what you think!

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  • Therapist Visit Luna summons a therapist to her room after King Sombra's defeat. Psychological Second-Person story that analyzes Princess Luna. by ABagOVicodin 35,727 words · 9,102 views · 812 likes · 17 dislikes
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  • Night Life Luna had a terrible Hearth's Warming Eve so far. While headlining a royal party, Vinyl intends to make it better, even if some hard truths must be shared in the process.Vinyl x Luna Light/Friend Shipping fic. by ABagOVicodin 9,146 words · 1,320 views · 86 likes · 4 dislikes
  • The Coltbert Report It's exactly what you think. But with plot. by ABagOVicodin 26,152 words · 4,730 views · 387 likes · 18 dislikes

Therapist Visit Series

  • Therapist Visit Luna summons a therapist to her room after King Sombra's defeat. Psychological Second-Person story that analyzes Princess Luna. by ABagOVicodin 35,727 words · 9,102 views · 812 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Therapist Visit: Princess Twilight Sparkle Princess Twilight is visited by a therapist to calm her over her new transformation. by ABagOVicodin 4,426 words · 2,095 views · 158 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Therapist Visit: Queen Chrysalis Chrysalis imprisons our therapist for a one-on-one chat. She wants answers, and is willing to kill his family to get them. by ABagOVicodin 2,563 words · 2,057 views · 143 likes · 4 dislikes
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The Magic of MLP Fanfiction

Enter the wonderful world of My Little Pony fan fiction, as SoCal's top authors discuss the art of reading, writing, editing, critiquing, promoting, and publishing stories on FimFiction, Equestria Daily, and beyond! Featuring Pen Stroke, Bradel, AugieDog, Chelis,and Super Trampoline.

This is formatted for an hour-long panel. Note that we are flexible in both amount of time available and content presented. While we would love an hour and a half panel, we can also compress this to shorter than an hour if need be. And if you would like us to focus on particular topics (for example, comedy, what to do when you're a new author, etc.), we will happily do so!

Minute:       Topic:

0:00: Technical difficulty buffer

0:05: Introductions

0:08: Where can I read and write pony words?

0:010: The basics of writing

0:15:  Writing different genres

0:21: Common pitfalls to avoid and how to avoid them: Mary Sues, Lavender Unicorn Syndrome, Not enough detail, etc

0:28: Editors, Prereaders, and proof readers are magic: making your manuscript sparkle

0:32: Publishing your story: Publicity 101

0:37: Thoughtful critiquing and commenting

0:40 Buffer for inevitable overrun in some topics

0:48 Q&A

1:00 Panel Wrap Up

5 microphones

Pen Stroke is the author of Past Sins and by far the most followed person on Fimfiction. He always seems to wear plaid shirts.

Bradel is one of 6 curators for the Royal Canterlot Library, the most prestigious and selective MLP Fanfiction archive and interview team.

AugieDog is a professional published author, Write Off extraordinaire (as Baal Bunny), and also has a radio show on local KUCI 88.9

Super Trampoline is a prolific writer of random comedy and bizarre shipping (Photo Finish and Crackle, for example), as well as occasional highly lauded other stuff. He also leads the SoCal Ponytones, one of the first and largest Brony Choirs.

Chelis claims to be Sunset Shimmer's #1 fan (he's interviewed Rebecca Shoichet!) and writes extensively about Equestria Girls. He also is an admin and reporter for the second largest MLP news website.

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I'm so terrified right now.

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>>2028306 I am an adult. Now get inside of me.

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I need an adult.

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