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  • E Wrong Side of the Glass

    I found myself in the Ponyville hospital this morning. A heart condition, they said...
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  • 15w, 6d
    Sick as a Dog

    I've been told before that between my constant sleeping, declining health, and dogged pessimism, I am on the inside a grumpy old man. I always thought that was some sort of joke until now. And now I have shingles. Shingles. I'm twenty years old! I suppose I'll have to start worrying about dementia next. On top of that, I've got a sinus infection, and I think my eyes are starting to go. At the moment, I've got seven different medicines sitting on my bathroom counter that I've gotta take every day. Ugh.

    My parents keep asking if I want to go for an afternoon ride in the car with them. Well, I'm not going. I'm not ready to be put in a home!

    Anyway, Stories is on hold for a bit longer because my head is perpetually foggy and about to explode, so I'm having some trouble focusing. If anybody needs me, I'll be signing hallmark cards for my grandkids and half-watching Wheel of Fortune reruns with the captions on.

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  • 17w, 5d
    A few days off

    My girlfriend of almost a year dumped me. I'm not gonna be writing for a few days, so this next chapter will be a little later than usual. If I tried to write right now I'd just end up killing off all my characters.

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  • 26w, 1d
    Editor Request

    If anyone is interested in helping me out and confident in their editorial skills, I'm seeking someone to work on ongoing "Stories" chapters with me. If this sounds like something you're interested in, leave a comment or pm me with your email and I'll send you the google docs links for my drafts.

    2 comments · 98 views
  • 39w, 4d

    A/N : The following is a briefly proofread, un-structured thinkpiece. I don't really take my blog as seriously as my stories, so if that isn't what you're here for, you probably shouldn't bother reading this.

    Hi. My name is Rosencranz, and I don’t usually write about my own life, because I like to write about interesting things. Really, I prefer fiction. There’s more of an audience for it. I don’t have to worry about getting the facts straight. And if the story gets boring, I can just shake things up, whenever I want.

    These past few weeks though, I myself have been shook. Not by anything terrible, or vast, or tragic, mind you. It just that, recently, I’ve become nocturnal. It’s been strange. I go to a small college in the middle of Nowhere, PA. Every day, a few hours after I wake, everything shuts down and everyone disappears. All of the stores close here around 11:00. All of the college facilities shut down at 1:00, at the very latest. So, yeah. It’s been weird.

    For the record, while I’m not complaining, this didn’t come about by choice. To tell you the truth, nocturnality kind of snuck up on me. I mean, I’ve always been a late sleeper, no stranger to waking up at 1:00, but I never expected to be like this.

    It all started when I became chronically fatigued several months ago. I didn’t know why, but I was sleeping for twelve to fourteen hours a day, and staying exhausted even when I was awake. Over my school’s winter break, I flew back to Alabama and had myself run through a battery of tests in a myriad of doctor’s offices. There was even a sleep trial. They kept me overnight, covered in electrodes and monitors, then all through the next day. The whole nine yards.

    I thought I had narcolepsy. Turned out, I was actually malnourished.

    Malnourished, in an “elite” first world college. Ladies and gentlemen, the first case ever. Between my appetite-suppressant psychotropic meds and the dearth of Pennsylvania winter sunlight, I had an extreme vitamin D deficiency. And low blood sugar.

    I was, of course, blindsided. A vitamin deficiency? Impossible. I was regularly eating all three food groups--meat, dairy, and carbs.

    Regardless, I was debilitated for about three months, and developed a habit of waking up, going to class, and immediately coming home to sleep. Recently, on a steady diet of 1000% daily value vitamin D pills and extra meals (bringing my total daily meals up to a whopping two), I’d been steadily improving.

    That’s when I got the flu. It didn’t bother me much, since regular doses of Dayquil kept me from feeling it, but it and a few late nights with friends and writing papers started to mess with my sleep schedule. Suddenly, I was staying awake until five in the morning regularly. I’d wake up, go to my morning classes, and come home to nap. It wasn’t particularly difficult to manage.

    Then 5:00 became 7:00. My after class naps got longer. Before I knew it, I woke up to the sunrise, and went to sleep just after dawn. I’ve been a bit distant in class lately. Something about it being in the middle of the night to me, I guess.

    So, tonight, I’m just going to stay awake all through the next day, to try and reset myself. In the meantime, as all the world I could possibly access sleeps around me, I sit and write this.

    It’s strange, having everyone around you locked away and unconscious. It’s a lot like being in some sort of post-apocalyptic scenario. There have been days when I’ve had no human contact at all. Most of the time, though, I’ve managed to see one or two friends for a few hours at a time, and, of course, my girlfriend.

    Still, though, whenever I walk down the street, I’m always the only one there. You know that silly Green Day lyric, “I walk the lonely road...?” I always thought that was absurd, oversensitive, and cliche. But now, the roads are literally lonely. It’s like, different, man.

    That’s not to say that I’m lonely. Most of the time, at least. See, I’m a reclusive, introverted shut-in. Contact with other human beings beyond about five people make me extremely nervous. When I order food around here, I rehearse my order first--not that I need to, I’ve been making the exact same orders at every place for two years now.

    I’m lame, I know. Can’t help it.

    But, beyond the relieving, if somewhat lonesome, lack of people around me, there’s been other stuff that’s new to me. Stockpiling food, for instance. Three hours after I wake up, there’s no way to get any food or drink, save the vending machines scattered across campus. And those, with their jacked up prices, I can’t afford, not to mention the fact that there’s something inherently depressing about feeding yourself out of a vending machine. No matter how delicious an entire meal’s worth of pre-popped popcorn and Twix bars might be.

    Also, there are only two places to eat here at night--a tiny pizza place, and a malodorous Dunkin Donuts. So, if I don’t make it to the school cafeteria to order a sandwich and a cheesesteak (and occasionally swipe some crackers for dinner later, when no one is looking) my breakfasts are usually either pizzas, or croissants with psuedo-egg in them. Not that I have any right to complain. I brought this on myself, after all.

    And besides, I’ve always been a night person. I haven’t seen the sun for more than a few minutes in days and I’m not that bothered. People tell me I probably should be. They might be right. I’m getting pale. Really pale. Plus, since the haircutters’ here closes at four pm, the mane has gotten a little... wild.

    The other day, a girl--whom I’d actually met before--asked me if I went to “this school.” At first I thought she was joking, but I was wrong. I still am not sure if it’s because I’ve disappeared off the face of campus, or because I look a little strange these days. Probably both.

    I’m beginning to suspect that I’m also steadily gaining the suspicions of campus safety. Generally, I wear all black or grey, out of the desire that my entire closet color compatible. No matter how how hard I try, I can never seem to get it right with any other colors. But campus safety doesn’t know that. All they see is a big guy in all black skulking around campus in the middle of the night, sometimes with drug paraphernalia. If I wasn’t white, I would already be dead.

    Hopefully, though, this will all be over soon. It’s already 5:22. Just a half a day to go, and I’ll be able to sleep like a normal person. Or at least, that’s what I’d like to believe.

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  • 47w, 1d
    *Cough cough*

    I'm physically sick, and also out of psychotropic medication. I had scheduled to have the next chapter of "Stories" out by now, but my failing health is giving me an excuse to procrastinate, so I'm only 2300 words in. Sorry guys.

    1 comments · 88 views
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Book 1: A magic obsessed pegasus finds himself in over his head after being assigned to a cartographical expedition to distant islands. Armed with only his knowledge of an obscure branch of magic, and tenuous relationships with his coworkers, he must learn to survive in a hostile tropical jungle.

Book 2: After a perilous journey back to Equestria, Roads, Summer, and Chief find themselves trapped at the heart of a nation-wide conspiracy when one of their discoveries from the island draws attention from an enigmatic cult. As they seek to uncover the mysteries that surround them, the trio find themselves neck-deep in necromancy, shamanism, and the deadly repercussions of Chief's violent past.

Book 3: Spurred by the revelations uncovered during the attack on Ponyville, Roads and Summer travel into the heart of the desert south of Equestria to prevent the impending cataclysm that threatens everything they hold dear. Even with all they have learned in their struggles with the island and the cult, they still struggle to survive in the face of harsh sands, and harsher foes.

Now with art! Check out Roads, as drawn by Lupicula.

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  • II · 11th Sep 2012
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#1 · 149w, 3d ago · · · I ·

C-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!!!!!! S-s-s-s-sweeeeeeeettt!!!! Ima tracking dis story!!!

#2 · 149w, 3d ago · · · I ·

You went on a word bender in the first paragraph..

#3 · 149w, 2d ago · · · I ·

Oh man you have a good story going here! Can't wait to read more of it :pinkiehappy:


#4 · 148w, 2h ago · · · II ·

Still amazing, a bit sad to see none of the usual (non-OC) characters coming along on the journey, but alas, this could be a good chance to get out of that thinking :pinkiehappy:

Love the story, and I see improvements from the first chapter (in which I had almost nothing to critique)... YOU'RE MAKING MY JOB HARD! :flutterrage::rainbowlaugh:


Edit: I'm actually a bit surprised to see so few views... Not just on this one, but on chapter 1 as well. It deserves so many more :twilightsmile:

#5 · 147w, 6d ago · · · II ·

Glad you're still enjoying it! As far as bringing along canon characters is concerned, when I was outlining, it was extremely tempting to make up some excuse to get one of the mane 6 to join the expedition. It would have been nice to write for a character that most people are already interested and emotionally invested in, but in the end, I couldn't figure out any way to bring in any of the mane cast that didn't seem reasonable and believable. I suppose I could have brought in a background character, but in that case I would have still ended up, for the most part, creating a personality for them anyway. Hopefully, though, people will still find the two supporting OC's entertaining enough- particularly Chief, whom I'm finding to be extremely fun to write. Also, as far as views go, I haven't really spread this around the internet all that much yet.. Honestly, I really have no idea how to go about getting new readers, aside from sending this in to EqD, which I plan to do sometime around chapter 5, and after I get a lot of editing done. Anyway, thanks for the support and feedback. :pinkiehappy:

#6 · 147w, 6d ago · · · II ·

>>156827 A good way to get "easy" views is just commenting a lot on this site :rainbowlaugh:

My own little 2-chapter-on-hiatus-3.5-stars-fic-drafts have 554 views, just from my commenting alone :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, I've had the idea of being able to reference as many of my favorite fics from this site, into my own fic and still make it make sense, be they big plot-points or just small references. Would you mind if I used Roads a bit? He wouldn't make more than a small cameo :pinkiesmile:


#7 · 147w, 5d ago · · · II ·

>>159071 Not at all, so long as he stays relatively in character.

#8 · 146w, 6d ago · · · III ·

Rosencranz updates? Good day just turned great :pinkiehappy: Nice to hear a bit of backstory (if you can call it that) for Summers and Chief.

If I hadn't already tossed all of my love at this, I would do it. Here, take the rest * literally throws love* :heart::heart::heart: :pinkiehappy:


#9 · 145w, 40m ago · · · IV ·

Aaww, on the inside Summer is just a real nice gi*Summer puts knife at throat* ahem... A total BADASS! *gulp* :twilightblush:

I've asked it before and I'll ask it again; why doesn't this have more views!? :twilightangry2:


#10 · 141w, 6d ago · · · I ·

I like it. :moustache: Now to read more.

#11 · 141w, 4d ago · · · II ·

Really good dialogue here!

#12 · 141w, 3d ago · · · I ·

Your walls of text are just filler in between your beautiful dialogue. Seriously! You write voices so well! The closer I look the more I enjoy the characterizations

#13 · 135w, 1d ago · · · IV ·

Best chapter yet. Can't wait to tear it apart.

#14 · 135w, 1d ago · · · V ·

Oh shit

#15 · 132w, 2d ago · · · II ·

"talk to an old professor who just perfected a method of embedding a magical 'beacon' in space-time, insulating the destination of teleportation and making line-of-sight irrelevant, so long as the pony performing the spell is going somewhere they've already been."

Out of curiosity, did you borrow that from another fic? I feel like it's a familiar concept...

Love this fic!

#16 · 132w, 2d ago · · · IV ·

If I didn't know better I'd say that Summer's dad had a chocolate-themed cutie mark.

This story is awesome, keep it up!

#17 · 132w, 2d ago · · · V ·

End on a cliffhanger? Cruel, you are.

If there's one thing curiously absent from MLP fanon, it's an origin story of the Elements of Harmony. The idea that they were forged (or simply manifested) in various Nexuses around the world is an appealing idea to me. I'm not sure this is the direction you're going, but a similar energy signature gives me ideas.

Can't wait for more!

#18 · 132w, 18h ago · · · V ·

@Truth_Seeker Glad you liked it! The whole "space-time beacon" thing was an original idea--I've not come across any fics with that concept that I remember, though I'm sure there's something similar our there somewhere. It's also entirely possible that I actually did read something with that general concept, and then forget the source but not the idea, so ai suppose it might not be completely of my own invention.

As for the Elements's not something I'll fully explore in this fic, but I've got some ideas about that (none of which are fully crystallized yet, but they are in the general vein of what you are talking about) that I plan to go into in more depth in subsequent fics in this continuity.

And the cliffhanger ending? Couldn't help myself. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a bit longer than normal to see that resolved, too--I've stopped writing new stuff to focus on editing what I've got, and its taking longer than I anticipated. Technological troubles and what have you. Anyway, glad you're enjoying it, stay tuned for more!

Also, sorry for any typos. I'm posting from my phone.

#19 · 126w, 1d ago · · · IV ·

Seriously, keep writing this. It has inspired me to right and really is a excellent read. Thanks for getting me more into fan-fiction.

#20 · 126w, 1d ago · · · V ·


I... I've inspired you to write? Oh my. That's probably one of the best compliments I've ever received. I still remember the fic that made me decide I wanted to start a work of my own, and how much I enjoyed reading it. That I could turn around and give to someone else what it gave to me is fantastic to hear.  

Also, I definitely won't stop writing any time soon. I just finished the draft of Chapter VI, though I'm afraid it may be a while until I release it, because I still have to edit it and Chapter V.

#21 · 124w, 3d ago · · · VI ·

*whimper* didn't see all of this coming... That was quite a chapter, quite chilling in the way it leaves off as well. Once again, a very well done piece!

#22 · 124w, 3d ago · · · VI ·

It updated?! And what a chapter!


#23 · 124w, 8h ago · · · VII ·

Yay update! It just keeps getting better and better... Keep it up! :yay:

#24 · 124w, 5h ago · · · VII ·

Suddenly we're getting updates quicker than usual... not that I'm complaining, I love this stuff! :rainbowkiss:


#25 · 124w, 5h ago · · · VII ·


Now that I'm caught up with editing, Rosen should be able to do about a chapter a week.

Sorry about leaving you with the cliffhanger for so long! I'm lazy. :trollestia:

#26 · 124w, 4h ago · · · VII ·

>>889248 As a fan of this story, I can live with it :twilightsmile:


#27 · 123w, 4d ago · · · I ·

Bleh. I just went through this again for the first time in a while. I think when I'm done with the whole thing, I may completely rewrite this chapter.

EDIT: Did it.

#28 · 121w, 5d ago · · · VIII ·

you deserve more publicity. i mean, how can you be on EQD and have only  27 up votes!

it's not right

#29 · 121w, 5d ago · · · VIII ·

I know I've said this countless times before, but why isn't this more viewed? It's seriously good!


#30 · 121w, 5d ago · · · VIII ·

Oh sweet Celestia was this chapter amazing!! :pinkiehappy: Everything from Roads on the brink of insanity, the epic battle, a fight to survive, Chief's past and the interaction between Roads and Summer. It was all perfectly executed! I could really feel the intensity of the huge battle with Princess and based on how the story has gone so far, I could never tell if Roads would survive or be taken down by Princess. This story needs more love, it is easily one of the finest out there and in my book is on par with the biggest stories around! Keep up the amazing work Rosencranz, I look forward to the coming chapters and keep on being awesomer than awesome! I now give you some 'staches! :moustache:  :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

#31 · 121w, 4d ago · · · VIII ·

Honestly, this got me into fanfics and is the whole reason I even have a account on here. I really love how you can fit so much character into a few chapters compared to others which take longer. Hell, this has even gotten me into writing a few fanfics of my own so, hell yeah keep writing man! :pinkiehappy:

#32 · 121w, 4d ago · · · VIII ·





You guys--all of you--made my day. Seriously. Thank you so much!

#33 · 121w, 4d ago · · · VIII ·

>>975666>>976218 I think it's because the google docs version of this is also up on EQD and that's where people go to view it.  I started using the fimfic version because this is a lot easier to keep track of.

#34 · 121w, 4d ago · · · VIII ·

>>980833 Hmm, yeah that does make sense...


#35 · 121w, 4d ago · · · VIII ·


I've come up with solutions. Most of them involve Rosen writing more.

It'll be great!

Trust me, I'm a doctor.

#36 · 121w, 4d ago · · · VIII ·


And sleeping less, apparently. Way, way less.

#37 · 121w, 4d ago · · · VIII ·

>>980239 Awwwww... Thanks! :twilightblush:

#38 · 121w, 2d ago · · · VIII ·

This is a fantastic story, Rosencranz! This is the first fanfiction I read, & I cannot wait to read more chapters!

#39 · 119w, 2d ago · · · IX ·

Ahh love this story man, please keep up the great work!

#40 · 119w, 2d ago · · · IX ·

Another fantastic addition to the story! I Loved the interaction between Willow and Aspen, showing both Princess and the Equestrians in a different viewpoint was a very nice touch. Once again, the interaction between Roads and Summer is very well done especially both of their reactions to have to take survival over feelings, ad Roads' inner conflict that comes with it. I can't wait to see what comes next and in response to what your editor said, I am glad that you update as often as you do. Compared to so many other authors and stories, It is great how comparatively frequent it is! Once again, I highly anticipate next chapter and keep on being awesome!

#41 · 119w, 2d ago · · · IX ·

Please excuse slight errors in formatting for the next few days. I've got a bit of editing I need to do for the first few chapters, and between BB tagging and reinserting all the tabs, I tend to make tiny slip ups. I'll try and keep everything shipshape. Oh, and I'm going back and decapitalizing "nexus" and "ley line" and such, so if you spot something with improper capitalization, and have time to leave a comment, let me know.

#42 · 118w, 6d ago · · · IX ·

I love the conversation between Aspen and Willow. It made me smile. A lot.

I might just read the play :rainbowlaugh:


#43 · 117w, 1d ago · · · IX ·


If you thought that was good... Oh man. Willow is my waifu. You'll see shortly.

#44 · 116w, 5d ago · · · X ·

This just keeps getting more and more epic! Willow and Aspen being awesome, Princess losing ground, Roads gaining magical abilities, and damn near a civil war! What can I say other than amazing work as always!

#45 · 116w, 2d ago · · · X ·

“Guys,” he said over the whine of the tripwire. “I think I just started a war.”

Welp, color me interested :pinkiegasp:


#46 · 115w, 4h ago · · · X ·

Rosen! Ladies are nice and all, BUT I NEED MOAR!

#47 · 113w, 4d ago · · · XI ·

I love you, Rosen

#48 · 113w, 4d ago · · · XI ·

Love you too, Pip.

#49 · 113w, 3d ago · · · XI ·

This is such a well written story that the first time I read through it I was up all night. Needless to say this last chapter is a good transition into the final fray. keep up the extraordinary work.

#50 · 113w, 2d ago · · · XI ·

Good, bad, and ugly, written well, and in great taste. Thank you highly for writing this, and I truly hope your muse always guides you!

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