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  • 141w, 3d
    [no title]

    Just popping in for a quick update since I've been completely silent for- wow, four months? My how the time flies when you're procrastinating (and working full-time). I've (belatedly) put Samurai Twilight on hiatus for now, but I hope to get back in to working on it and maybe even establishing a regular update schedule.

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  • 159w, 5d
    Still Alive

    Not really a "new" chapter today, however I have not been idle! Episode one of Samurai Twilight has been almost completely re-written in accordance with some suggestions I received, and I think it's been vastly improved. In the mean time, episode six is coming along, as are my plans for the rest of the story. Thanks to everypony who's stuck with me in spite of my slow updates, and thanks for the comments and reviews, I'm always happy to hear how I can improve my writing.

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  • 165w, 2d
    The Frabjous Day

    Oh caloo callay!

    Finally finished episode 5 of Samurai Twilight, took me nearly a month, but it's the longest and possibly best chapter yet!

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  • 166w, 4d
    [no title]

    I have a blog now, blogs are cool!


    Episode 5 of Samurai Twilight is coming along, I don't have an estimate on when it'll be completed, but will be eventually. I've hit a bit of writer's block, but I'll work through it.

    In the meantime I've started work on another project that I'm rather excited about, it's not related to Samurai Twilight, instead it's an alternate interpretation of canon events. I'll probably be posting a preview soon, so keep an eye on this space for further notice.

    Thanks to everyone who's read my story, and here's looking forward to FiM Season 2 starting on Saturday!

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Long ago in a distant land, I, Nightmare Moon, the shape shifting mistress of darkness unleashed a never-ending night! But, a foalish pony warrior, wielding a magic stone stepped forth to oppose me! Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung her into the future, where my darkness is law! Now the foal seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Nightmare Moon! (FiM/Samurai Jack fusion)

First Published
30th Jul 2011
Last Modified
22nd Sep 2011

I don't remember much of Samurai Jack, but this is AWESOME!

I'm officially hooked.

2 questions.

1) will you post this to Equestria Daily?

2) is the Scotsman going to appear?


1) Probably, once I get my update schedule sped up a bit

2) Yes


Probably the best ive read... Amazing! Ai vant moar

I like how incompetent the mercs were =D Keep up the good work! :yay:

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

You inspire me to continue my fanfic! too bad im not that good at writing xD


Wow, I'm glad to hear I've inspired someone! Don't worry if your writing needs improvement, it takes practice and time, and you'll learn a lot by trying. Keep at it, and never give up!

Very nice! :twilightsmile:  Just one small correction, near the end you called Applebloom Appleblossom instead.  Nothing too major, but something you might want to fix. :applecry: How could you do that to Applebloom?

I never watched Samurai Jack, but this is just magnetizing.  Amazing.  More synonyms for awesome. :raritystarry:


I really don't know how I did that, or how it made it past my prereaders. Not to worry Apple Bloom, your name has been corrected!

5 Star rating from 10 people? I have good hopes for this!

Someone /is/ reading this

Yeah, Rainbow Dash THRIVES on a pulpy world like this.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! In chapter 4, did anyone else think of the Ginyu Force when the five bounty hunters attacked?:rainbowlaugh:

Also, i loved watching Samurai Jack, and this story is even better then the original.

I started this with the thought that it was just going to be just another cut-and-paste-the characters-with-ponies type of fic. However, less than four chapters later, I could easily see this standing by itself alongside, if not slightly above both series (which in my opinion, is what a good crossover fic should do). The characters are all well written, the dialogue is both humorous and entertaining, and the backdrop is written so that it leaves just enough out to let the reader fill in the gaps with their own imagination.  I'm honestly surprised that this doesn't have more readers. The pacing makes it seem as though it might turn into a fairly long piece, but at the same time is slow enough to let the reader enjoy the story instead of rushing along at breakneck speed.  All in all, this is a great works I've read on this site  so far and I look forward to seeing more chapters in the future. 5 stars for you my friend.

Well, this was a great fic. The 40K shout-out was a neat bonus.

This is going on my tracking list....

WHOA SNAP!!! but take a look at this... amybe this is where you got your idea ehh??

and BTW.... i bet my left hoof that, that twilight will go to a haunted mansion just like Jack where she finds a young girl and follows her to the mansion only to find it was haunted by a shadow pontergiest :pinkiehappy:

and so Nightmare Moon delays the inevitable, and gives us all a story in the process. :yay:

I want moar now!

Samurai Jack and ponies? Sure why not.

Still following this! When will the next chapter come online?

You mean Apple Bloom right? It's a two word name.

I'm guessing with that level of incompetence, it was either a Pretty Marine or a Lamentor.

I haven't even started reading but I can already say, "THANK YA SWEET BABY JEBUS"

When is there going to be an update? Is the story on haitus?

:derpyderp2:+:rainbowderp: their loooooooove will last foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

Hope this eventually gets finished. I know it's been ages so chances are slim but I just found it and I love it so far.

Scumble! Nice to see some Discworld references here.

And so we wait...

Twi-Twi Twi-Twi Samurai Twilight wachat.

Three months since even the last coherent comment?!

I hope the author hasn't lost interest... :fluttercry:

Woot loving this, was that last merc Twitch for lol?

Even though I know it's Nightmare Moon whose Aku, when reading the description, I can only hear Aku saying it.

>>7169 i was thinking a cross between the ginyu force and the power rangers mr person who commented three years ago.

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