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    So I've been sitting at my computer for a while, doing more work on Mezza Voce when I hit a part that allows my mind to idle. Specifically, I think back to the biggest undertaking I have ever done; the 225k words of For Want of a Dawn and I realize some truths and remember some things I had planned out to be, which never came either because I forgot about them, or... well, I shall get to that. For now, have the list of things I wanted to do that came off the top of my head.

    (Spoilers beyond)

    - Every General of the Equestrian Armed Forces was to have a chapter of development and with each one the war would take a turn for the worse. Only a tiny part of this became reality in the opening of Chapter 20 (Siege of Manehattan) with General Portland

    - Gilda was supposed to be the prime antagonist to the generals, along with a dragon that never got written at all and any plans have been evaporated.

    - The turncoat Huffington Crusaders (Chapter 6 - Wanted) were supposed to become a less-than-noble alternative to Vinyl Scratch when it came to hunting down Twilight Sparkle. By accident, or design, they would have been killed by the time of Chapter 11 (Battle of Appleloosa), which in itself was supposed to have more going on in it, but I forget.

    - Governor Ironhead was supposed to be given a chapter of character development explaining his origin, a brief touch on the other golems created by the Queen and his own budding concerns and reservations about his monarch's declining mental state.

    - The Party Poppers would have been responsible for several 'accidents' that would have been blamed on Twilight because convenient scapegoat.

    - Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Applejack would have each received big sections, or a whole chapter for the four of them, going into better detail about their operations and ways of thinking. Pinkie's made it in during chapter 20 (Siege of Manehattan).

    - Twilight was supposed to find a journal Zecora kept while in the Canterlot dungeons better explaining the breakup of the Crusaders and Derpy's demise.

    Beyond those omissions there were a couple of other problems...

    - Bad planning: How do you think I forgot all of these? And these were just the major ones.

    - Scale: I'd never tried to do anything even half as expansive and intricate as this.

    - Time: After the initial fervor wore off, it became increasingly less about writing it  as I envisioned and more about just getting it done. It even got to the point where I cut out half of that stuff thinking they were superfluous and that the plot could hold without them. It does... but not well.

    So, in short: to me For Want of a Dawn is a failure of a story from my perspective because of what it could have been had I known what I was getting myself into at the time. You, the readers, might have had fun and enjoyed it, and that's okay. I just wanted to share would could have been now. Will I ever make fixes to it, like Mezza Voce? Right now, no. It'd be a huge project and Mezza itself is a can of worms from just changing around ONE concept and it's only a little more than a tenth of the length of For Want right now! The omissions are easy to fix, but the other more subtle points? Maybe in the future, but I have other things I want and need to do first.

    I hope you all enjoyed reading this... and I hope you can forgive me for not making For Want of a Dawn as good as it was supposed to be. v.v

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[Please read the author's notes after the expansion before reading. Thank you]

Welcome to the new Equestria, Twilight Sparkle. See your friends at each other's throats? You have to choose between them now, to stop the heartache of war with decisive victory. For the nation lies bleeding, its harmony shattered into a million pieces. Black and white and right and wrong have blurred together.

You must choose wisely, or all shall die.

~Image by JohnJoseco~ If anyone can find a fitting, unique image for this story, please do not hesitate to link in the comments.

[Author's Note]

The following stories should be read in order to get a good grasp on references to previous works.

- Sunset (Mandatory)*

- My Little Muffin (Optional)

- Clash of the Heavenly Titans (Optional)*

- Blood is Thicker / The Reluctant Reunion of the Redoubtable Rabble-Rouser (Strongly Recommended)

All can be found on my Deviant Art account:

Those with * can be found here on FIMFiction.

First Published
3rd May 2012
Last Modified
22nd Jul 2012

Oh man it's finally here...  Now I can finally continue reading this.


You're watching this TOO!!!  Freak out time.

Also, Ciroton, will this be getting updated as quickly as your DeviantArt page?


Now I get the feeling this could quickly turn into a reply spam, that could last for hours (or till AT&T decides to throw a hissy fit).

Oh great I love this story. Thanks for posting it here. :twilightsmile:


Possibly before poor Ciroton wakes up to 130 new posts, though I am starting to think we both have a habit of being the last person to reply. :ajbemused:

Oh dear Celestia, now I have another story with stories before this one that I must read.


But after so much posting, I think we would be able to come to a mutual agreement on when to cease.


Ciro is gonna be happy about the number of comments, that is until he sees it was only two people who couldn't stop.  :facehoof:


So how about we give Ciro a break and reduce the number of comments (you don't have to reply, I won't be hurt if you don't :fluttercry:).

>>537666 Okay, I suppose I can stop... wait, dammit :facehoof:


Three a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday until It has either caught up to Deviant Art, and/or I have finished all of the First Drafts. From there, it will progress at the same time, with Deviant Art being first as the coding for that has to be done manually. Then, I can copy/paste over here and adjust as needed. It's the perfect plan! :twilightsmile:


Simple and time efficient, I like it.  Though I still get the feeling I will be checking DA out of habit.

Twilight do you think you can make all the right choices? Save everyone? Save Equestria?

"... Just YOU watch me."

I guess I'll watch this fic, though I read it on Deviant Art so I kind of know what will happen for a good many chapters.

It's here! It's here! :pinkiehappy:

yes... :yay: sqeee...

Oh, words can not describe how much I love this story. I am fav'ing this so hard, I might break the button. Sorry if the rest of you guys can't favorite this after. :pinkiehappy:


It has begun.

Ciroton! Ciroton!

Might as well re read it here to remember the finer details i forgot over time. :pinkiehappy:

i dont know why i never got around to reading this...well; perfect opportunity i guess...

For Want of a Dawn is here

Buck yes. DW is very happy. Easily one of true best fics ever.

>>537533>>537549 Here, allow me to join you gentlemen in freaking out.


:pinkiegasp: ITS HERE!! :pinkiehappy: FOR WANT OF A DAWN IS HERE!!:twilightsmile:

Now I dont have to go site hopping and try to track down Cirotonin or attempt to read EVERY update on EqD.

Now I wait until shortly after Twi buys a hat.

>>537731 Part of me wants to put a picture of Eccelston and say "Just this once, everybody lives just this once!" but I already know thats not quite the case...:pinkiecrazy::twilightblush:

Oh sweet Celestia. Another awesome fic on Fimfiction. Glad you finally hosted it here!

Yay, can't wait for all chapters to be uploaded and that you start updating here alongside updates on deviantart.

woah, i didnt expect THAT to happen...:pinkiegasp:

#35 · 133w, 20h ago · · · The Queen ·

Just spend the past two days reading all your stories, and the further chapters on deviant art, really hope your continuing as i love the story and has become one of my favority fan fics can't wait to see what happens!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Congratulations, Spike, you're the new Rainbow Dash!

#38 · 132w, 3d ago · · · Wanted ·

YUUUUUUUSSS!!! Been following Ciroton since My Little Muffin, and this one is here too *faves

#39 · 132w, 2d ago · · · The Queen ·

Love the story :fluttershyouch:

Keep it up! Oh and how many chapters will this be?

#40 · 132w, 1d ago · · · Wanted ·


25 Chapters.

See picture.

think it's my story that got featured:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

realization sets in:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:


I'm sorry if I deceived you. :fluttercry:

it was a strange feeling: to want fluttershy to just go and die...

Well she IS pretty much a bitch at this point in the fic, Mossflower. It's not only understandable, it's actually less than I imagined. I actually imagined going to the world of this fic as a Spawn and really just delivering her a fate worse than death, that would take her sudden obsession with 'nature' and turn it inside out. :pinkiecrazy:

#45 · 131w, 5d ago · · · The Queen ·

S-so d-dashies d-d-dead? :fluttercry:

Damn i think now she'll trust Eos (considering she's the only one who'll speak to her without lying).:twilightoops: :facehoof:baka desu nee! spike you foolish child in betraying twilight in this way you've just doomed first the shaky dragon alliance and afterward the whole of equestria to a desparing twilight the only requittal i see is if somehow the ghosts of celly and luna come and help twi with her mental break down. which i doubt will help save spike from her second more vicious breakdown. poor twi and all she wants is to be loved and accepted and what does she get in return full betrayal from every pony she knew and cared about and now spikes gonna be the last straw. i just know it.

Edit: How the bu@% did i get FIRST?

Anyway good job lad you should be proud of this masterpiece.

And just for kicks

  is just EPIC

It was never very clear that Twilight came to a different dimension.  I believed until just last chapter that Twilight was simply in stasis for ten years and that Eos had somehow split off her because of her touching the pool.  I had no idea that Eos is simply twilight from this dimension.  Can you clarify?





Luve it !!!!

heh, it's a miracle Twilight's still relatively sane... :rainbowderp:

ok everythings well now twi tho is not going to be happie when she wakes up:twilightangry2: especially not towards spike. and now i see the rebels are screwed completely out of their plans now that twi is completely learned and taught not to trust them. the dragons will be in even more hot water now because both twi's are angry at all i have to say is twi's going to have to talk to eos since she's the only one besides tentatively trixie she can trust anymore.:facehoof: spike i'll say this again you bucking screwed up worse than you could possibly imagine.

anyway keep up the awsome chapters bro cheers.

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