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  • T Deep Dark

    Erebus has risen. Can the Mane 6 help Celestia and Luna defeat this ancient menace?
    71,086 words · 637 views  ·  34  ·  1 · sex · gore
  • T What Could Have Been

    An AU of what would have happened in Nightmare Moon had won over the Elements.
    17,333 words · 1,181 views  ·  29  ·  4 · gore

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  • 100w, 5d
    Needed Disclaimer

    So, a friend finally put me up to this because I have no idea when I'll ever get to finishing Deep Dark or rewriting WCHB, so here it is. This is a disclaimer I've been meaning to do since several people who read my things have asked.

    What Could Have Been was thought up during Season 1, and written during the summer, months before After That Fateful Night. It earned a Star 6 on Equestria Daily along with my second story on the site, Solar Flare. During the time, however, I was suffering from writer's block, and it ended up being a short story instead of the lengthy story I wanted. So much of it was left out that I wrote down a few supplementaries to go along with it. Most people didn't get to see them. Those that did were followers of mine from one of Equestria Daily's Ponychat's channels, EquestrianStudy. They also got to hear me constantly talking about it, so it wasn't something I kept quiet about. I eventually deleted the supplementals because I didn't need them anymore. But the chat still got to hear about my stories.

    Months after I wrote WCHB, I made plans to rewrite it, but I was caught up in Deep Dark at the time. So I put it off, and put it off, and put it off. But I still remembered everything it was supposed to be, as did many of my readers from the channel. My readers point out a new story to me on EqD that involved Nightmare Moon and Twilight, just like mine. So we all read it with excitement, and then call BS in the comments. It was a blatant ripoff of mine. It never updated on EqD again. Sometimes I think it may have been After That Fateful Night, because when I read it, things seemed familiar, like I had read the first couple chapters before.

    Time passes, and I finally upload all three of my Haven stories to FiMFiction. They don't get much notice, but oh well, I had them on EqD, Solar Flare was a relatively well known Star 6 (Though I wish it was more well known than that.) I thought nothing of it. Eventually, I go looking for Nightmare Moon and Twilight fics, since I loved their interaction. I come upon After That Fateful Night. Oh, hey! Another one where NMM took Twilight as a pet when she won! Cool! I begin reading it and start noticing various things. How many of the things that happened early on had also happened in my fic. At first, I thought it was a simple coincidence. A couple things? Yeah, that's fine. Then it happened again, and again, and continuously. Then I knew it was outright plagiarism. Not fully enough so that it can be taken straight from my story, but changed enough to be 'original'. The horn inhibitor, the way NMM transported Twilight. The rebellion (Which in my supplemental was started by Applejack), the War (Which I never revealed who was against. I was never sure myself. I thought I would just come up with something when I got to that part). Just various things that struck me. The way Twilight eventually came to love Nightmare Moon (Not in the stupid way that AtFN did, though. That was just bad) was different, though. In mine it was supposed to be more gradual. Not a desperate "OMG I've been abandoned she's the only one that loves me" crap.

    So I confronted the 'author' (I use author as a loose term. Plagiarists aren't authors) about it. Of course, they vehemently denied it, but I could tell he was lying through his teeth. He eventually blocked me. Then he and his editor both came and thumbed down WCHB.

    Eventually, if I do ever get to rewriting What Could Have Been, it'll have a better title and will be the majestic lengthy story I wanted it to be. And sitting right at the top will be a massive disclaimer pointing out that AtFN was built on plagiarized elements.

    6 comments · 183 views
  • 122w, 2d
    Deep Dark's end?

    I've been flipping this thought over in my mind for a while now. I was thinking of dropping Deep Dark. I have been writing this series for over a year now, ever since I started Solar Flare after Season 1 ended. At first, it was immensely easy to write. The words flowed out of me and I could get entire portions done in just a few weeks. As time went on, however, my updates slowed. I began to get side tracked. I didn't realize just how much time had passed since my last update. Then there were times I'd look back on portions of Deep Dark and go: How did this happen? Nightmare Moon was meant to be more another way instead of the way I wrote her. What happened here? There's little emotion! Or I'd go back and notice all the numerous times I changed my writing style.

    Yes, many have noticed that I changed my writing style a few times throughout Deep Dark. And in fact, when I started writing Interlude 2, I had changed it again. I'm always looking to become a better writer. And I feel the most recent change is the one I want to stick with. However, I do not believe that Deep Dark will ever get to see it. Instead, I'm saving it for the other stories I have in store for everypony that I've wanted to write for ages, including the rewrite of Harmony's Fabrication. For those who don't know that story, it was one I wrote between Chapter 7 and 8 of Deep Dark, but took down after it was up for a few days. I was extremely unhappy with it, and I feel it's not even close to what I can achieve.

    Either way, I've decided to abandon Deep Dark. Maybe someday I'll pick it back up and finish it, but as of right now I have no drive to write it. It doesn't help that it doesn't have even a fraction of readers and such that Solar Flare had. Likewise that it's not even close to the quality of story that Solar Flare came to be.

    I may pick it up again, depending on circumstances. (Like if I get the want to finish it, or if there are enough fans of it that tell me they want me to finish it.) However, I don't see that happening anytime soon. I don't even expect more than a few comments on this journal, as nearly all of my readers are on Equestria Daily and don't know of my FiMFiction account. For those of you who read it here, and like it, if a good enough reason comes for me to finish this story, I certainly will. If I completely abandon it, however, I will release a 'chapter' that reveals everything that would have happened.

    To all my readers (The few that are on FiMFiction) I'll see you all on one of my next stories.

    ~Heat Wave

    12 comments · 134 views
  • 126w, 4d
    Chapter 8 is released

    About time, I say. Three months since my last update and I finally release the next chapter. Of course, in that amount of time, I wrote another story (Which I took down) started another, planned two rewrites (One of which is for the story that I took down) and wrote the new chapter.

    Then I had real life going on, numerous released games, lack of wanting to write (Which happens at times) and then planning for both BronyCon and Everfree Northwest.

    Now, I can certainly say that updated will be regular now, with the next chapter being the second interlude.

    2 comments · 99 views
  • 126w, 6d
    Chapter 8

    I'm currently finishing up Chapter 8 after nearly two months of slow progress. There have been plenty of things that made writing become a crawl, but I've managed to get them taken care of. I have two segments to finish, and then all the edits and last proofreading to do before I upload it, so please be patient.

    In other news, this will be my largest update so far. It's currently 35 pages long with over 14k words, and I'm still not finished. From the looks of things, the chapter may end up over 40 pages. Get ready for some shockers in the storyline. Also, poor Twilight. I think everything that has been happening, especially in Chapter 8, will finally hit her all at once in Chapter 9.

    I promise that I'll be updating more frequently once I get this chapter out.


    Thursday release! I'm still finishing a battle scene, and my editors are confirming they won't have this finished until tomorrow.

    4 comments · 72 views
  • 139w, 1d
    For those wondering

    Yes, I did remove Harmony's Fabrication. It's going through a major overhaul right now of everything. My editor and I brought it to the attention of people we know to get honest opinions on it. These opinions stretched from great to all the things wrong, and I've learned what all I can do to make the story even better. When will it be finished? I have no idea. I'm moving on to my other projects first before I take on this undertaking. Sorry to all those who enjoyed reading it, but I'm not happy with it.

    Either way, I got plenty of constructive feedback, and it will be made even better!

    1 comments · 102 views
  • ...

The War of the Night, an event so hushed up that only small legends left behind tell of the time it occurred. A discovered tome, however, reveals the history of the war, of the ruling sisters, and some things best left forgotten. Some things the two ruling sisters would prefer to remain hidden...

Finally posting this from Equestria Daily, where it earned a Star 6. This is the first story in the Haven Trilogy. (Which at last count, has been Star Bombed by parasprites four times now.)

First Published
19th Feb 2012
Last Modified
19th Feb 2012

One thing: Why are there no comments? This is a brilliant story and I really can't fathom why it has received so little attention.

Your writing is amazing, the idea is clever, and the overall execution is just spectacular. Well done, I really hope more people read this.


My guess is because I've listed the EqD post with it. I originally wrote this story back in June and July.


Yup, that makes sense. I'm surprised it wasn't featured though...was it? Otherwise more people would have seen it, surely.


Not that I know of quite yet. I'd love for it to be featured. I still have to upload my other stories, though.

Very good, very interesting. Well done.:pinkiehappy:

This is official history to me.

Heavy likes dis new story. Time to read MOAR! :derpytongue2:


I plan to rewrite it after I redo What Could Have Been. So much more I wanted to add in but couldn't. Plus, a bunch of small retcons that help explain things better. For example, the war actually happened over a series of months, not a single week. It gives me more time to fit in what I couldn't.

... Simply amazing.

This story is one of my favorites, even after reading hundreds of others. Magnificent

What I'm wondering is what it's like on the Plane of Ascension.  Do they still have full conscious awareness?  Is it like Adam and Eve and their 'ignorant happiness'?  Can they still see the material plane?  Or is their plane material as well?


Deep Dark was meant to go more into the Alicorn Plane, but I have set that story aside, perhaps permanently.

This was a really really good fic. Definitely the best I have read which details Luna's descent into Nightmare Moon. I really cannot fathom why this fic has not received more attention because it is definitely worthy of it.

Well done, sir :rainbowdetermined2:

I cried. That is beautiful.:fluttercry::raritycry::ajsleepy:

This is REALLY good, I love how you write! it shows good pacin, thought and most of all an over all good and possible story, it's like that this is what did happen, not like "mayyybe but I dunno" more like "this IS what happened"

AGH MY HEART :raritycry:  it's good but AGH  Must.keep.READING


There's a future rewrite for it in store, fixing several of its issues. No idea if I'll ever get around to it. :raritycry:

>>3496707 Glad to know you enjoyed it!

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