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  • Friday
    Dear Fimfic Authors...

    Beware of fan fiction "White Knights."

    Having someone defend your story always feels nice. Its true, when people start criticizing it, sometimes the criticism can hit pretty hard and it's not as easy to ignore as say, some petty dude that's pissed off at you making false accusations and showing their ignorance on the matter. No, I'm talking about when people go out of their way and tell you what is, in their opinion--educated or not--wrong with your story and someone consistently denies there's anything possibly wrong with it.

    But sometimes, there's people commenting in your story that actually have something to say, not to be mean, but because they want you to improve. They might criticize the content of your story, the formatting, characterization, etc. and explain why. They spend time telling you the issues you have and what to look for.

    And then the White Knight comes in, brandishing the Lance of Idiocy and telling you that no, what these people are saying is wrong! What you're doing is fine! The White Knight likes it or isn't bothered by it, so it cannot be a problem! You should stay doing what you're doing and ignore those critics! What do they know anyway, as long as their opinion differs from the Great and Useless Loyal White Knight?!

    These are the guys you have to be wary of, even more so than the bitter critics or trolls that tell you uselessly how your story is bad but never even bother suggesting improvements. These guys are actually dangerous. They foster passivity and lack of improvement. They feed your ego, effectively blocking advice that if you think about it could possibly benefit your story and your future writing.

    You always get "well done!" and "loved it" and my personal favorite, "This is the best thing I've ever read in my life!" And those are nice and valid. You also get negative ones: "Didn't like it."; "It's crap" and my personal favorite, "This is the best thing I've read in my life!"

    Sometimes you get jerks that tell you like the jerks they are that your story is not good for this and that reason, their attitude itself making their otherwise on-point commentary a waste to read and readily invalidates their worthiness.

    But if you simply ignore all the criticism and don't even stop to see if it's objectively true, you will never ever improve as a writer. And listening to some jackass that tells you that everything you do is just perfect, instead of a more thoughtful or honest commentary is not doing you any favors.

    So, authors, do yourself a favor: If you have a White Knight blindly defending your writing, appreciate their loyalty, but put their comments aside so that you can take an honest look at your work and the comments and decide if they have some validity.

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  • Monday
    OC Slamjam Voting is on!

    Okay guys, time to go vote! The OC Slamjam is up and going and it's up to us readers to decide who passes and who doesn't!

    Best of luck to all competitors!

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  • 6d, 15h
    About that new episode...

    Spoilers follow!

    Turns out that all dragons were dicks, and now griffons are too! All of them! Who knew? Also, they're just interested in money to the exclusion of actual personality. No wonder Gilda wants out of there. It's like hanging out with Cloud Strife on a regular basis. Turns out her pride is nothing but angst and frustration, but it can all be fixed with baking powder.

    Cute little origin story though.

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  • 1w, 1d

    Anyone here lives in Grand Rapids, MI?

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  • 1w, 5d
    On The Pain of Eternity

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  • 2w, 4d
    Meeester is a hero

    No, really. He is.

    Maybe it's because work today started unusually early  but as I slowly reach the streets of Akron OH, my mind drifted to the behind the scenes life of fimfic.

    At my best, when I was in the same position he is right now, approving fics mostly on my own, I might have been able to keep up with him for a few days.  But this dude has approved more fics than any of us since the beginning of time.

    Not having experienced fic approval, it's hard for readers to really appreciate how this is not merely a matter of clicking "yes" or "no". There's always the lack of appreciation, or the downright violence of frustrated authors that simply don't get why their masterpiece didn't cut it.

    The fact that Meeester cares enough to engage in dialogue with them is always lost to them. The bottom line is he doesn't have to keep replying and yet he does.

    Seriously, this guy is a hero. Because I'll be damned if a lesser person could do half his job.

    Edit: I still hate writing on my phone.

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  • 2w, 5d
    Obs is at it again!

    In case you haven't looked, Obselescence has instigated another contest.

    I know, I know. The words: "Oh, Celestia, will he ever stop?!" come to mind, but hey, what can I say. Obsy likes doing this kinda thing and we all love him for it. So, take a look at his latest crazy-contest idea: THE OC SLAMJAM! BAM, BABY! THIS IS X-CO—ahem. Yeah.

    Anyway, the concept looks interesting, don't you think? Can you deal with OCs in a way that makes them look good? It's for you to tell, if you dare!

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  • 3w, 3d
    The many faces of Tavi

    As I'm sure you've noticed, I have drastically different characterizations on my main stories for Octavia.

    We have cultured, slightly naive and educated Tavi for: Gothic.

    Slightly rebel, slightly country-influenced escapee Tavi in: Running and Finding the Right Note.

    There's closet-nerd Tavi who writes fanfics in: Scraps, Musings & Octavia Writes Fanfics.

    Dimensional Companion, Cult-of-Hands, Agent Gray Tavi from: Choose Your Own Adventure: Lyra’s Quest.

    And finally sexy, snappy, gun-loving, drinking, Twi-loving Tavi from: Sparkle's No. 1 Assistant.

    So, assuming you've read more than one of those works of mine, which one is your favorite Tavi interpretation so far?

    Edit: I had no idea I had written so many Octavia stories until this moment.

    Edit 2: I mean, there are some constants, like all Octavias love Scotch. Which is only natural. And some basic approaches to the character.

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  • 3w, 5d
    Audience of One

    Hey guys, I don't know if you've kept up with it but, The Gentle Nights: Audience of One finally finished tonight!

    Besides Claro de Luna, this is the only other Luna & Octavia romance I've found here worth reading, and damn if it isn't an awesome story! Do yourself a favor, back away from those anonymous in Equestria and read some quality stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed myself on this one, and if you're a fan of Luna and or Octavia, it's a crime not to indulge!

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  • 3w, 6d
    Dear budding authors. The rules are different...

    ...for short stories and novels/serials.

    I know, I know, some of you here are rolling your eyes and saying: "Well, duh! Come on, D, where's your two-line review of the new episode?" But! Sadly, I've found a trend with short-story writers here who suddenly decide to write a longer story, or worse, offer to "edit" for others who are while giving the completely opposite advice than they should. This also goes for some 'reviewers' who go out their way to tell authors of short stories that they should have "included a lot more background story" into it. Guys. They're not novels. If the information given gives you enough to connect with the character quickly, I hate to say it, but you don't need to know their damn life-story and add 5k words of non-relevant-to-the-story stuff.

    Here's the bottom line: short stories are limited in scope. That means that you have to have stuff happen quickly. You can have some background info, but it's not there to be explored in depth. You only use the amount needed to move your story for the short period of time needed for it to reach its conclusion. A short story is NOT an epic. This is tricky, because you need to give all the relevant info to the reader. It's easier in short stories to start in media res than in novels, since you can focus on things happening for that short period of time and then the story is done. Over. Finito. Kaput.*

    As for novel-length or serialized stories... there's a lot of stuff going on there that doesn't happen in short stories: Sub-plots for one. Character development over a longer period of time. Exploration of the past. Exploration of the future. Character arcs. Story arcs. The characters need motivation beyond the immediate resolution of the current problem. A novel or serialized story gives you the chance to actually build up on back-story to your hearts content, ideally not crammed down into a single moment of boredom.

    Don't write a long story as if it were a short one, only with more words. That doesn't give you a result that will work out for your story and you will only end up with moments of: "Uh... where do I go now?" or worse, stagnated stories.

    Each type works in different ways. They both have strengths over the other and it's up to you to decide what you write. Just be aware that what works for one, won't always work for the others.


    *Note: Because, Kaput! is such an awesome word.

    Also, today's episode was okay.

    And here's the second line for consistency.

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  • 4w, 2d
    A Guide to Magic

    So a long time ago, I was just some kid in Mexico City trying to decide what to do with College.

    I always knew my passion was writing, but I tried other things first. I studied Computer Science for a little while, and Communication Sciences... I tried being a teacher and got a degree to teach ESL, then I realized that really wasn't for me. Teaching well requires a very special type of person and it wasn't me. Then I studied a bit of Graphic Design. It was fun! I thought I would've stayed there but, just for kicks I applied to study a double degree in Creative Writing & English Literature in England. Because, why not?

    So, when I got offered a scholarship I was surprised. Here was the chance I was looking for. But, I would have to leave my friends and family behind. My comfort zone. My usual places to lurk. My D&D crew. My anime crew. The kendo/kenjutsu team. Any girl I had any romantic interests in, the food... my books... a lot of stuff, alright?*

    Anyway. It was scary. Chase my dream and see it to fruition or stay back there and finishing studying whatever I ended up studying. Sure, it was safe. And I had a home, so no rent. I wouldn't have to worry about food either and I would only need to cook if I wanted to. But, that was not what I really wanted.

    In the end, I took a deep breath and basically explained what had happened in a rush of energy to my parents and sister. They gave me their blessing to do what I thought would be best, even if they would miss me.

    Do I wish, I had stayed behind and learned something else? Nah.

    I do wish I had learned more things, besides my passion back then instead of right now, but, hey. I loved every second of being in another country, so far away making it work on my own. So, why am I writing this?

    Because I just read an awesome story by Bookplayer: A Guide to Magic in which Apple Bloom deals with something slightly similar. It brought a lot of memories back for me, but more importantly, it's a really great and realistic story too. Going away from home into the unknown is a scary thing for anyone. Or, if not scary, at least stressful. You never know the first time you get somewhere how your actions are going to reverberate through your life there and beyond.

    Maybe you'll be a loner. Maybe you'll become Vice President of the Japanese Culture Society despite being Mexican/American. Maybe you'll flunk out of Writing Comedy. Or maybe you'll perform in several places with stand-up routines that don't pass the test of time. Maybe you'll simply fade into the background. Or maybe you'll be surprisingly popular despite the fact that you never were before. Who knows if you don't try?

    The bottom line is, stories like A Guide to Magic are few and in between in showing situations like these in a way that feels so natural and real. I'm honestly glad I read it. If you've left home to go to College far away, you know what AB is going through... and if you're considering what to do with your life... you know what AB is going  through.

    Go read!

    * Note Edit: I did take my Tailmon plush though.

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  • 4w, 6d
    New episode no spoiler...

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  • 5w, 1d
    Ten things I've got to say to new writers here:

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  • 5w, 5d
    The Three Sisters: Random Trivia

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  • 5w, 6d
    New Ep. No Spoiler bloggy

    Way to hype me up for nothing, MLP. Otherwise, cute. Even kinda funny.

    Edit: Okay, okay, it was a good episode.

    But that part still sucked.

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  • 6w, 1d

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  • 6w, 2d
    Ranty: This thing with Anon

    So yeah, I had an awesome blog planned for tonight, talking about the nuances of literature and how Fan fiction affects the world today,  the positive aspects of it on the grand scheme of things, and how our community tends to set a higher standard of expectations when it comes to level of writing. Then... I saw one more of those annoying 'Anon' fics and the thunder was gone.

    Anon. The lackluster way of saying "you" and skipping any actual development, because it's not really you-you but a self-fulfilling insert of the author acting out in ways that ultimately "you" wouldn't.

    Anon. The lazy way of making an OC human (for the most part) that receives less hate because he's not named "Mark" or "John" or "Pedro", and thus is a "safe" way of putting on an OC that would be odious otherwise, because, you know, Anon. He's you. You can't hate you when you are getting the fantasy out of it.

    Anon. Seriously. WTF. There has been an influx of Anon stories lately, nothing terribly original either. Just another, run-of-the-mill thing, with the anon-bandwagon power to fuel it. You see, I never have , ever understood the appeal of a faceless, incorrect, shallow attempt at a projection of myself that requires my entire suspension of disbelief (and then some) to approximate a situation where I would find myself responding like the authors of these stories claim "I" (or you) would respond at any given time.

    Why not simply just admit that it's your self-insert story and that it's going to be as generic as you can possibly make it and rated "teen" because you simply want the attention you wouldn't get if you put it on "mature"? I mean, props for not turning yourself into Anon the Red & Black Alicorn of Attraction and Seventh Element of Inanity, son of Discord and Discord and Celestia via Fluttershy, but really, the effects of the Mary Sue are in-media-res already in these stories, there's no development to get Anon to where he/it is and worse, this dashing creature doesn't even have a real name.

    When I look at stories that have these Anon characters, this is what I think goes through the author's mind:

    "Welp, I can't be bothered to think a real name, and I'm such a Flash Sentry fan I'll deprive this character of a real personality just to emulate FS, but I can't name him Flash Sentry because people will know he has no personality... so I'll name the character Anon. That's brilliant... it's only been done by like seventeen other people in the couple of weeks too! So I'll tell the reader to slap their own name instead in their head and save me the trouble of making it work through real effort. But in my head, it's gonna be Sentry. Yeah. (giggle)"

    And then this stuff gets to the Feature Box. Which, granted, has never been a lighthouse shining on the best of the best in the darkness of the ocean of fan fiction, but come on.

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  • 6w, 3d
    WBA Contests Return!

    Hello everyone, you might remember The World-Building Alliance, right? I hope you do!

    Because it's back in full force, baby! Not that it ever died down! There's so much material there and discussions to use for world-building that if you're thinking of using some other race in your stories, it's almost a crime not to check it out!

    More to the point right now, we've started a new short-story contest: CHECK IT OUT

    Whether you're just looking for ideas, already built societies for Minotaurs, Griffons, Zebras, etc, or to participate in exciting prompts for recognition among your peers, there's no other group out there that has the same focus. So check out the rules and join us!

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  • 6w, 5d
    Announcing Writing Axioms!

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  • 6w, 6d
    New Gothic Chapter is up!

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If you have clicked on the "View Mature" check box, certain things need to be made clear.

The first of which is, you will end up with clop (aka porn) in your front page and on the Featured Box. The reason is the aforementioned check box. It is an agreement if you will. By you clicking it with your precious little hooves, claws, hands, tentacles or other appendages, it immediately forms a sort of contract: you are, basically, accepting that you are an adult and old enough to view or not view the material that will pop up.

I can assure you, that just like the teen and everyone ratings, most of it is not going to be well-written, or even thought out at all. But that is a common risk with all things in the internet.

So, you clicked on "View Mature". That means that you are discerning enough to know what you like and what you don't. It implies that you are of sufficient mental growth and understanding to be above whining when the stuff you don't like comes up.

While it is certainly hard to find stories that incorporate sex in a believable and cohesive sense, you, as an adult, should not be surprised to find substandard work in a place that's open to literally everyone to post provided they follow very simple rules and don't exceed the willingness of the moderators/administrators to put up with.

By declaring yourself an adult, you also indicate your capacity to understand not only site-rules, but also the ability to read descriptions and tags. Such as "Sex", indicative of a story containing intercourse of varying levels of explicitness; or "Gore" which points out that the story in question is indubitably going to contain explicit imagery of innards, blood and general butchery.

Having established that, as an adult, recognizing these basic premises of adulthood stature, I will remind you that whining, emailing, pming, posting comments in unwanted places and generally acting like a child because "OMG there is clop in a site where the vast majority of users is compromised of 15-20 year old teenagers and men" is NOT acting like an adult.

In other words, kid, if you can't handle it, simply un-check the damned box. Most likely, you won't find what you're looking for there anyway.

Wanderer D · 415 views · Report
#2 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

Thank you for this.

#3 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·


#4 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

Amen :ajbemused:

#5 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

Thank you for posting this. some people just whine whenever anything vaguely sexual comes along.

#6 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

This was brought on by fattymcguys blog wasn't it?

#7 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

YEESSSS.  There is so much whining about people annoying themselves.


#8 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·


some people smh

#9 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

Ah may not be too well versed on finer intricacies of modern vernacular, but Ah do imagin' that "Burn" is the correct word ta' use here.

#10 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

i am a filly, and i dont care what i read if i dont like it i leave it alone if i like it and it is for adults i will still read it but i wont read it in front of my parents :rainbowkiss:

#11 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

It truly is annoying when people that can't handle the fact that there is clopping, whine about it showing in their front page.

Clopfics are actually fun to read. Just no need to take them too seriously.

E: Oh yeah... and what I think adult means, is that you can think and act like one. Just what you said.

#12 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

Yes, EXCELLENT :rainbowdetermined2:

#13 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

Am I understanding this correctly that you don't actually need to be a legal adult (over 18) to declare yourself an adult on this website?

#15 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

Somehow, I doubt this will get people to shut up.

#16 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

These are not the clopfics you are looking for...

#17 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

Dude, so true. :rainbowlaugh: I uncheck that box every so often to see what is featured that isn't rated Mature.

Usually it's all crap either way. :derpytongue2:

#18 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

But I don't wanna click a box! I wanna WHIIIIIIIIINE INCESSANTLY!


#19 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·


i declair myself an adult because i act mature, so you can click the box if you act mature enough to not whine about something

#20 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·


Fatty and Jesus cry when you fap to ponies.

#21 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

You have all the best rants.

#23 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

This is because of IJAB, isn't it? People still haven't stopped talking about him leaving. Seriously, he's complaining about bad stories being on a fan fiction site where literally anyone can post nearly whatever they want? If he just ignored that crap then problem solved!

#24 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

This blog exhibits what many people lack.

Common sense.

#25 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT. Sorry... all the complaining has been eating away my patience for a while. I get it. Clop isn't for everyone. But why do you have to make a scene? Thanks for this, Wanderer. People really need to calm down and think sometimes. Maybe this will stop at least some of the commotion that's been going on. Thanks again. :ajsmug:

#26 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

Has this been a problem?  I'm underaged but I I see something I just ignore it, I've seen it all before and I know I'm not interested.  They must be new to the internet in general.

#27 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

Okay, now I'm curious.  What inspired this?  Not that I don't agree with you, I figured out everything you just said the first moment I saw the 'View Mature' box.

#28 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

I am, myself, put off by sexual (or even romantic, as I'm an aromantic asexual and cannot relate to either comfortably) themes and activity in fiction, and it causes me to flinch when I see it mixed with ponies, because I cannot connect the two very well. I do the one thing that's sure to work, and that is... wait for it... avoiding it! That's right, if you don't want to see the latest second-person clopfic in the featured box and lose your faith in humanity as a whole (again), keep the damn box unchecked and you don't have to worry about it, as our colleague Wanderer D has said here. I don't whine about it, am underaged, and I can ignore it, like Armalite. If people really want to associate such things with our precious little ponies, be my guest, because it's not going to hurt me or anyone else, and that's what matters.

#29 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

>>549402 There's an insane amount of bitching about clop/gore on the site from people that apparently don't know how to either unclick the 'show mature' box or how to ignore the flagrant 'sex' or 'gore' tags.

#30 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

Yah. Good thing you wrote this.

Unfortunatelly, it changes nothing :pinkiecrazy: There will still be those who wil whine for the sake of whining or boosting their pubescent ego

#31 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·


1) Jesus does not exist, and if he did he was an ordinary man who was stoned off his ass.

2) I do not clop to ponies. At least not pictures of ponies anyway.

#32 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

>>549412 That's really stupid.  I guess people check the mature box to see fics that have light gore, but bitch when they find something that's too gory.    

#34 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

What is the limit for tagging something as mature? I recall knighty telling us that anything including drug use, strong violence, adult language or innuendo needs to be tagged as mature. I would hate to lose all that.

#35 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

This. This man here. This man knows what he's on about.:moustache:

#36 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

I'm upset that people are upset about something they should know better than to be upset about. :pinkiesick:

#37 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

As an EqD pre-reader... THANK YOU!

#38 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

And as even more new-type news....


#39 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

It's sad that so many peeps are that immature... though personally, since not all M-rated shit is clop, perhaps a second view checkbox, "View Explicit", or a specialized [Clop] tag, is in order? It would A) reduce the whiners and B) Please those that aren't into that stuff but quietly accept their existence.

#40 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

It pains me that something like this post actually has to be said. Where is common sense these days?

>>549425 Jesus thinks you may need to take a chill pill.

He told me just now.

Hi Jesus!

#41 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

I don't complain about clop. I complain about bad clop. Just as much as I complain about HiE, self-insert alicorn OCs and anything else I find repulsive.

Seriously. The amount of rape fics is off the charts. This is awful.

If anything, I can't wait for the tag system where I'll be able to completely ignore that shit.

#43 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·


You have a Tulpa named Jesus? Nice work bro, I don't have the sheer force of will to make one. I'm far too lazy.

Care to share your secrets?

#44 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

I can't even find where this button is, can someone please point it out?

#45 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

>>549519 The 'View mature' filter is located in the drop-down menu under your profile name.

#46 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·


What brought this on? Even as a person who dislikes clop pretty intensely, I'm confused. I just keep the "Mature" box unchecked, even though I'm old enough to look at all the fucked-up porn I want (and frequently do, just not of ponies), and all is well.

Seriously, I've seen a few blogs about some hullabaloo over clop, but not what incited it. What's going on here?

#47 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·


This, though, sounds like a good idea. In addition, if you get linked to a story which is blocked by the filter, there is currently no way of knowing why. Is it gore or... other... reason.


But in general I love the mature filter; generally it works very well. Most of the time, I can pretend that... such things do not exist.

#48 · 130w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

In other words, kid, if you can't handle it, simply un-check the damned box. Most likely, you won't find what you're looking for there anyway.

I hate when people make this argument. It's just so ignorant. Not everything that is Mature has clop or gore. I'll point you over here. There is no excessive gore that requires a gore tag nor is there any sex at all. However, it is a very mature story and thus deserves the tag.

So please, don't tell me I can just turn off the tag to avoid the clop. If I do so, I miss out on a lot of well-told stories that are mature without the sex or gore.

"OMG there is clop in a site where the vast majority of users is compromised of 15-20 year old teenagers and men"

While some people have been incredibly childish in their reactions to the clop, they do have a point if you actually take the time to think about it.

Take a look at the featured box. Many times, you will find a fic in there that is nothing but sex. It's a porno, but written down. Now tell me again how that's a story? I was under the impression that the featured box was for stories, not pornos.

I came here to read. If I wanted to jack off, I'd go watch porn.

Additionally, is it wrong to express disappointment in the userbase? That they're spending all their time jacking off to ponies? I, for one, find that quite disappointing. That people give in to their carnal desires so easily...

#49 · 130w, 2d ago · · ·

>>549447 Aren't you supposed to remain anonymous?

#50 · 130w, 2d ago · · 1 ·

I'll start by saying that I am not a clopper, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a story just because it has sex in it.

I've honestly never understood why people care so much about clop.

If I don't like certain type of story, (HiE or Gore for me personally) I just ignore it.

You don't see me complaining all the time about HiE fics though, I don't waste my time complaining about other people's opinions.

Whatever happened to Love and Tolerate?

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