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I'm a prick, I hope that comes across well in my writing. Shithead.

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  • 135w, 2d
    How many still know me?

    How many readers of those few who follow me still remember what little work I did? How many are still even active on this site? In the fandom? How many would read something if I wrote it now? These aren't rhetorical, by the way.

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  • 155w, 6d
    Fuck it.

    I've lost the will for most of the things I love. I still want to do them, I still love them, but I'm just too fed up with everything to do them. The only things bringing life to what Is essentially my corpse that refuses to quit wasting oxygen are the RPs and the hope that I can get a new PC some time next month.

    I've always been more irritable than a Taco Bell patron's bowels, but I never actually snap at people even when they deserve it. Today I did it twice. Once to the guy next to me making annoying sounds as I was trying to learn guitar, and again to a group of five people in the hallway who decided to stop dead-center in the middle of everything for a chat. I yelled at these people when everyone else dealt with it like normal people. I'm just so damn tired. Even as I type this I don't have the willpower to go to my computer to do it. I'm doing this on my phone. If it weren't for the tiny amount of hope that I have for the future, this site and the show its attached to, (and the fact that knives hurt and I don't have a gun) I'd be dead. Fuck it, I already ate dinner, may as well lie here and wait for tomorrow. That seems like all I do now, wait for something.


    Fuck it.

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  • 157w, 5d
    It's good to be back.

    And with a vengeance as well. I'm writing on Breach, I'm writing a new story at the same time, I'm rebuilding the Brony Political Party group. Everything is going well.

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  • 173w, 1d
    Out of my coma

    I'm out of my GTA V induced coma. On Tuesday I go right back in. If you have anything important to say say it now.

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  • 177w, 8h
    I laugh weird.

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  • 177w, 5d
    I'm just gonna leave this here....

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  • 180w, 5d
    This shit is dumb, stop doing it. Now.

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  • 180w, 5d
    Little Known Facts #1: America is Fake but Funny

    Little known fact: The United Sates of America does not exist. All American citizens are satirical actors and actresses attempting to create the world's most expensive and most successful satirical production, which is currently in debt 16.890 trillion units (at the time of writing) of it's satirical currency. Every four years the greatest actor is elected 'United States President'. One of the most critically acclaimed actors to hold this role was the recent comedian George W. Bush, followed by Barack H. Obama.

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  • 181w, 6d
    I Have Found God.


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  • 181w, 6d
    I'm Writing Again!

    Holly shit the end-times have come! But really, I am writing.

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  • 182w, 2d
    My Epic Milk Debate

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  • 182w, 5d
    TMI Tuesday

    Ask me anything today and I will answer truthfully. God damn I'm bored.

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  • 183w, 3d
    The 10 Worst Things in U.S. History

    According to me and Perception Filter, worst to not as horrible.

    1) Diet Pepsi

    2) Slavery

    3) Civil War

    4) WW2

    5) Regular Pepsi

    6) Cherry Pepsi

    7) The Republican Party

    8) 'Nam

    9) 9/11

    10) That time Jesus just sorta shit everywhere.

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  • 186w, 3d
    Presumably... #7: Now Streamlined With Numbers!

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  • 186w, 6d
    Y'know what I love?

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  • 187w, 1d
    I am lonely.

    Alright first things first, I'm talking into my cell phone it's typing whatever I say, it may have to compensate for the speed which I speak which may lead it to make a few spelling or grammatical errors. Now back to the subject at hand. I am lonely (do not give me pity). I'm only 16 so I've never experienced it to precisely this type of loneliness, romantic loneliness. come to think of it I've never really been lonely, I've been bored but that isn't exactly loneliness. it's a strange feeling, being lonely, it's sort of hollow feeling in your stomach,  a bit like being homesick actually, I'm sure the some sort of scientific biological reason for that. The loneliness goes way temporarely whenever I talk to friend or play Minecraft, my god I've gone into comas over Minecraft, but the feeling still comes back after while. What I need, is a boyfriend (for those of you who don't know I am is gay as the day is long.). but therein lies the problem, I'm gay but I'm not the kind of gay that looks gay to gays upon first gaze. My second problem is that I don't go outside or go places. Even when I do go outside I fucking hate people, not you guys you guys are cool, but I fucking hate people!

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  • 190w, 1d
    How Republican Helped Me See How Dumb I am.

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  • 190w, 1d
    Let's all play a game.

    Let's play a game!

    But uncle Joe, I don't like your games! You make me drink this stuff that tastes like medicine every time Tony says the F-word!

    *SMACK* Don't you ever insult SeƱor Montana with your insolence, child!

    Besides, it's not that kind of game. I know how much you all like your music (way too much, but I'm in no place to talk), so this'll be easy for you all. I want two songs, one describing (in lyrics or title) who you'd like to be known as, and another representing (in lyrics or in title) who people really see you as.

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  • 193w, 6h
    My sister's pregnant.

    I'm going to be an uncle, a family member with a decent amount of influence in a child's mental development. If any of you are the religious type, now's the time to pray for this child.

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