Happy Endings

by AuroraDawn

First published

Though you can find many massage parlors in Canterlot, there’s a small one that satisfied customers say is the best. They say that the masseuse is always your perfect idea of them, and if you know how to ask, there's no charge for a happy ending...

The owner of the Relax & Release massage parlor in Canterlot goes by many names and many faces. For those of his customers who know, they don't mind; if anything, it's why they show up in the first place.

After all, who cares if a changeling is feeding off your love of massages, when he'll be satisfying you just as much in return?

Content warnings in author notes, but notable fetish's contained within: Futa, Oviposition

Written for the Quills and Sofa's NSFW Summer Sun contest, where it tied for first place. Editing and advice from AFanaticRabbit, SweetBanana, Snow Quill, and the sexiest changeling, Holtinater.

1: Warmth

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The streets of Canterlot were still shrouded with the shadows of its buildings, though the sun was quickly illuminating the wattle and daub houses and shops while Luna sauntered past them. She craned her neck, enjoying the view—rare to her—of the rays of light reflected by the purple and gold trim that adorned every roof and window. The cool blue darkness of night was more her style, but she could appreciate the budding warmth of a new day. It was, after all, the day of the Summer Sun, and so she figured she might as well appreciate the brightness a touch more than she normally did.

The streets around her were mostly empty; many ponies had stayed up all night to watch the festivities and had finally gone to sleep now that the main event was over. Others had instead woken up early, but they too would be inside, cooking breakfasts or following other various traditions. Everywhere Luna looked, there was a sign on a door indicating the shop was closed and would reopen either that afternoon or tomorrow.

A cool breeze that must not have gotten the message that it was summer brushed Luna’s legs, and she smiled and breathed in with it, relishing the refreshing mountain air for just a moment. Mornings were not that bad, especially when you didn’t need to spend all night swapping all the decorations in the castle around. That was another boon to the Summer Sun Celebration; because it was a fancy event, and because very few ponies had slept that night, she hadn’t needed to dreamwalk much, and the decorators had done all the decor swapping.

It was because of this one day of reduced responsibilities that she was out on the streets in the first place. She turned onto another small and cramped street, this one running east to west, and found the chill around her legs immediately replaced with the warm embrace of sunlight. She shielded her eyes from the direct sun with a wing and continued on down the road, walking just as slow as before. She was in no rush.

Towards the middle of the street she finally stopped before a storefront, one practically indistinguishable from the dozens before and after it. It too had a pleasant little sign apologizing for inconveniences and requesting that Luna turn back and come again another day, but she ignored it, and knocked gently on the door.

“...rry, we’re closed today, Summer Sun festival,” a voice came through the door, getting louder while Luna waited. It cracked open and a cream-coloured mare with large yellow eyes and a long, peachy mane stuck her face out. “I do apologize but I can fit you in tomo-” she cut off, her eyes lighting up as they settled on the alicorn’s face. “Oh! Princess!”

“Good morning, Patchouli,” Luna said softly.

“Well, I cannot refuse a Princess. Please, please, come in dear! Lock the door behind you though, would you be so kind?” The mare turned around and pranced back into the shop, and Luna followed, latching the bolt as she did so.

It was a small building, and the waiting room only held a few chairs and a coffee table littered with various magazines on fashion and mindfulness. There was a till next to the door, and Patchouli was there, shuffling some papers around. Luna glanced about, feeling more comfortable by the second. Heavy curtains had been pulled over the windows, and the main source of light in the room was an oil lantern hung over the coffee table. The faintest hint of cinnamon buns tickled Luna’s nose from somewhere, and she suspected it had wafted down from the stairs in the hallway that lead to the residence above the shop.

“I did not interrupt your breakfast, did I?” Luna asked with a touch of slyness.

Patchouli finished sorting through the papers, stuffed them into a cabinet behind her, and gave Luna a knowing glance back. “You know you didn’t,” she chuckled, and then walked around the counter and embraced Luna. “You made it. I’m so glad you made it.”

Luna returned the hug and then let Patchouli drop to her hooves. “Of course, Gamete. I could not promise I would, because with royal life one never knows when they will be pulled away, but I know how important this is to you.”

Patchouli blushed. “Uh, not out here, please. I’ll go get the room ready, and then we can talk in earnest.”

“My apologies.”

“Nothing to be worried about, dear!” Patchouli exclaimed, practically bouncing down the hall and disappearing through a door on the right. It closed, and Luna sat down and closed her eyes, savoring the silence.

A few minutes later the door creaked open again and Patchouli walked out.

“It’s ready dear!”

Luna stood up and ambled down the hall, forcibly holding herself back from trotting. Despite her stoic expression and subdued speech, she was practically vibrating with excitement. She loved massages. Today was of particular importance as well, and she was eager to help her friend out as best she could. She reached the room and Patchouli stepped aside, extending a hoof inside whilst offering an exaggerated bow.

“Oh, stop that,” Luna giggled.

“Never. You know the procedure, of course! I’ll leave the door closed while you get ready and then I’ll be back in a couple minutes.” She pranced in place with a squeal, beaming at Luna. “Okay! See you soon!”

The room was dim, lit only by a bundle of candles on a shelf in the corner of the room. There was a large, raised bed in the center of the room with a soft towel tucked in on it, and a cupboard at the back of the room filled with various bottles of oils and incense sticks. One stick was already burning, and the faintest haze hovered at the top of the room. A speaker, sitting on the shelf next to the candles, was playing a gentle flute melody over the sounds of a babbling creek.

It was dreamy, and everything Luna had been looking forward to for the last month. She lifted the towel up with her magic and then clambered onto the bed, settling down on her belly with her forelegs hanging limply off the edge and her hindlegs splayed out behind her, and then replaced the towel over her flank.

There was nothing for several minutes; nothing save for the incense and the music, and the flickering shadows of candlelight. For a moment Luna feared she may drift off to sleep, though her heart was pounding in gracious anticipation. She imagined what the creek might look like, pictured the water flowing down over rocks and mud, carrying leaves and flower blossoms with it to its unrealized destination.

There was a knock at the door, and she twitched, startled out of her fantasy.

“Ready,” she replied, and the door opened and closed again.

Patchouli walked up around Luna, double-checking the incense and the candles. “How’s everything?” she asked.

“Lovely, Gamete.”

“Music is the right volume?”

“It is perfect.”

“You like the incense?”

“You know I adore lavender.”

“And me?”

Luna opened her eyes, finding the mare in front of her.

“How do you mean?”

There was a green flash, and before her stood a changeling. He was almost identical to every other changeling Luna had seen before, save for a light pink tinge to his neck fins. The icy blue eyes blinked at Luna, and his head tilted.

“Would you like Patchouli today? Or we could go with Trapezius—” he paused, and after a flash, a suave looking unicorn stallion stood before her. “—or for the more personal touch, that fashionista, what was her name...” he continued, morphing into Rarity. “Of course we could try somepony new; I’ve recently perfected that Apple family stallion,” he offered, transforming into Big McIntosh. “Or if you’re feeling particularly frisky we could go again with Princess—”

Before he could transform again, Luna poked his nose, and with a final green flash the changeling was standing in front of her again.

“I would like Gamete today.”

“O-oh!” Somehow a blush showed through the dark carapace. “Of course. Right. Me. We’re doing that today, aren’t we,” he trailed off, swinging around. He started opening a couple different bottles of oil, but Luna could tell he had turned to hide his smile, and she chuckled.

“Oooh, I know what will be perfect today!” Gamete swung back to face Luna, holding a bottle with his magic and grinning widely at her. “A little LightNoil. I get this imported from Las Pegasus, it’s very mildly electric. Helps to really get those knots in the wing joints out. Shall we begin?”

“I am ready whenever you are,” Luna sighed, shifting slightly and nestling down on the firm mattress.

Gamete nodded curtly and then gently grabbed Luna’s closest wing, guiding it carefully out to its full extension. He repeated this on her other side, and then opened the jar of oil and applied a liberal amount to his hooves before setting it aside on the cupboard and stepping up onto the bed, standing over Luna.

“Let me know if this is too much,” he whispered into her ear, pressing his forehooves on each side of Luna’s spine right next to where her wings met. He started off slow, getting a feel for how stiff her muscles were. As the oil suffused into her coat, she started to feel a slight tingling that scattered through her nerves whenever Gamete pressed harder.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, dropping her head onto the small pillow. As Gamete kneaded around her wing joints, the electric sensation increased and spread, travelling up to her wingtips and down to her tail. With each slide of a hoof down her back, her withers loosened and relaxed, and with a tinge of embarrassment she found that her wings had started to lift of their own accord, almost overextending themselves in the ecstatic sensation.

Gamete dug his hooves in right under each joint and then rubbed, massaging next to the tendon, and with this movement came a sudden release of static electricity that ran the entire length of Luna’s spine. Her mane stood on end for a moment, and a second later, she realized it was not just her wings that had become fully erect.

“Gamete,” she breathed, blinking the blurriness of pleasure from her eyes. “This is wondrous.”

“I thought you would enjoy it,” he said, and Luna could hear the blush in his voice.

“But you know this is not why I am here.”

The hooves on her back pulled down to her barrel and then stopped, resting just before her hip. “Quite right,” Gamete said. “A-are you sure? You’ll do this for me?”

“Of course,” she said, lifting her head and craning her neck to look at the changeling. “After all these wonderful massages and—well, the real reason I come to them… I would love to be able to pay that back to you. We have spoken at length about the process, and I am here to help you feel good today.”

Gamete flittered down onto the floor, his smile almost infectious. He walked slowly around Luna and then stopped behind her, rubbing her ankles. He lifted the towel up and away into the corner with some magic, and gasped.

“Oh, beautiful… Might I request one additional favor before we begin, then? It’s really more for you,” he said, absentmindedly flicking his forked tongue.

It was Luna’s turn to blush. “You flatter me. What do you suggest?”

She felt a push on her legs, and she followed the suggestion and flipped over onto her back, resting on her still awkwardly extended wings. Looking down between her legs, she saw Gamete between them, his eyes focused squarely on her erection, his mouth agape. She watched as he moved forward, stuck out his tongue, and slowly ran the entire length of her shaft from base to tip with it.

“Uh, how to say,” he muttered, rubbing his neck fin. “Some breakfast would make the process more enjoyable.”

“Oh!” Luna laughed, and then brought her hindlegs in around Gamete, pulling him closer to her. “Yes, definitely, I am sure it would. You may.”

His wings fluttered in excitement and he wasted no time with her permission, running his tongue over her cock from any and every angle he could get at it. He continued at this for a few minutes, eliciting mewls and gasps from Luna as the forked tongue tickled the tip of her penis, traced the veins and medial ring, and tasted every inch of it. He pressed back on her hindlegs and she released her lock on him, and watched curiously as he hopped into the air and flew up onto the bed, standing over her.

He turned around and dropped to his knees, enveloping the head of her member with his mouth. She felt a seal form as he sucked, and her eyes rolled back as he circled the crown with his tongue. He pressed forward, taking more of her cock into his mouth, and gasped as she felt it reach the start of his throat.

She writhed lightly, somehow finding more wing to flare out in the throes of pleasure. Gamete bobbed his head back and forth, his long tongue massaging Luna’s cock as he moved forward, his suction drawing on her as he moved back. The electric sensation returned in her sack, and as the rhythmic blowjob continued she felt tension build in her flanks and a flare begin to form.

Gamete leaned back and let go of Luna’s member, and she whined instinctively before giggling at her reaction.

The changeling moved down low, running his cool cheek against her shaft until it met the medial ring. A green glow filled the room, overtaking the orange from the candlelight, and he lifted Luna’s balls up, caressing them in his magic.

“Have you been saving up for me?”

Luna lifted her head and found herself staring directly at Gamete’s own package, large and black and hanging right before her. She licked her lips and then blinked, almost having forgotten his question.

“I suspected you would appreciate it,” she said.

“I thought as much,” Gamete replied, moving his head back up to Luna’s tip and giving it a kiss. “They look bigger today.”

“You know that is not how it wo—ah!”

She threw her head back in shock as Gamete quickly took her dick into his muzzle, getting it to the back of his mouth again. This time, he did not pull back, but instead breathed in deeply and then swallowed, his head moving down as her meat entered his throat. With quick yet small and careful movements, he went down deeper, his muzzle passing her medial ring, sliding down closer and closer to the base. He had started swallowing instinctively as if his body were desperately trying to clear his esophagus without his control, and each time it happened the whole length of her dick was massaged, the throat muscles pulsing up and down the shaft.

Her eyes crossed. The electricity in her body seemed to be going haywire, and she bucked, eliciting a sharp glurk from the changeling that only turned her on more. She reigned in her thrusts, letting her hips move forward with quick and consistent yet short and shallow jumps, and every buck pushed the head of her penis deeper down Gamete’s throat.

He reached her base and then buzzed his wings, sinking down with one last grunt to bring his nose into her ballsack, nuzzling them with a twisting movement that set off a new wave of swallowing massages, and with a roar, Luna came.

Her horn blazed alight in magic and sparks shot off. She felt the pulses of her ejaculation force themselves down the snug length of Gamete’s throat, pumping load after load of hot cum into his belly. She thrust one last time, her extended hip bringing him even further into her now-twitching package.

After what felt like the longest and greatest eternity, she collapsed down, breathing hard. Gamete slowly pulled back, extricating her softening member from his gullet. When the flared tip passed his epiglottis it stuck for just a moment and then let go with a light, wet squelch, and one final pulse of seed shot out at this, coating his mouth.

After swallowing the last-minute gift, he climbed down off of the bed and approached Luna’s head, where it was lolling dreamily in post-orgasmic dizziness.

“Good meal,” he said, laughing.

Luna replied with an airy laugh of her own. “Great blowjob,” she replied.

“Thank you. Uh… Are you still wanting to continue? We don’t need to, of course—”

Luna’s eyes opened wide, and she shot up from her relaxed position. “Yes, absolutely! Especially after that, there is no way I would not want to assist!” She glanced down between Gamete’s legs, finding him to be just as erect as she had been. His dick was mostly horse-like, though the tip was more triangular and it was that same pink-tinged blackness as his fins. “Truth be told, I am rather looking forward to it,” she added, dropping to a sultry tone. She winked, and snickered as Gamete’s cock twitched up in response.

“Okay! Thank you! This means so much to me. Here, let’s get you in a better position…”

Gamete buzzed around the room while Luna stood up off the bed, replacing the jars that he had opened and placing the towel over the foot of the bed. She watched him with a mix of mirth and curiosity as he grabbed a new jar from the cupboard, his erection forcing him to stand back awkwardly from the counter.

He magicked a dollop of some cream out of the jar and then applied it to himself, mumbling an embarrassed laugh out while Luna observed and smiled silently. Prepared, he indicated to Luna to rest her forehooves on the bed, and she complied.

She looked back at him from her position, forelegs resting up on the bed, hindlegs on the ground, and he beamed back at her. He was staring at her ass nervously, and she lifted her tail and shook her butt, eliciting a soft moan from the bug.

Losing all inhibitions, Gamete practically dived forward, his muzzle meeting Luna’s asshole with a hard kiss. He licked around it, and the cold wetness from his mouth made her shudder. She spread her legs and stabilized herself against the changeling’s sudden intensity, and shivered again as more of her hole was traced by his tongue.

“Oh!” she gasped, eyes widening as she felt Gamete’s tongue sneak past her ring and into her. A third shiver ran up her spine, and for a brief moment she forgot about him while she realized her wings were still throbbing and extended, and she giggled.

Gamete showed no reaction to her vocalization and continued exploring inside her, moaning as his tongue moved in and out of the twitching muscle. When Luna’s thighs began to shake, he pulled back, his empty blue eyes looking dreamy and intoxicated.

“That should be good,” he said, examining the thick saliva that coated the inside of her cheeks. “Changeling saliva will make you uh… stretchy? I’m not really sure how to describe it.” He mounted Luna, resting his forehooves over her wings while she moved her tail out of the way. Her head was low to the bed and she was panting. “It’s not necessary but will make it easier for you, of course. What activates them is the warmth of your body.”

“...Huh?” Luna asked, still slightly lost in the phantom tickles of his tongue.

“The eggs, Luna. They’ll grow once they’re warm. I’m gonna ask one more time; you’re okay with me doing this?”

Luna blinked and shook her head, coming back to reality. She looked back and met Gamete’s gaze, noticing how his eyes were creased in worry.

“You said it is harmless, no?”

“Yes, it is! They’re sterile eggs unless a breeder changeling fertilizes them, and you’ll be able to pass them fine. It’s just, I know that this can be an uncomfortable sort of subject to breach, most ponies would find it disgusting, and I don’t—”

“Would you kindly shut up and fuck me?” Luna asked, blinking her eyes cutely at the flushed changeling.

“...Yes, your Highness!” he replied, winking. He thrust forward a couple times, rubbing his cock in between Luna’s legs and against her half-erect dick. When she shuddered he pulled back and then pressed the tip against her hole.

“But you’re really sure—” he started, before Luna pressed back, popping the head of his cock into her ass. Gamete’s eyes rolled back, and he plunged forward heartily, the combination of lubricants easily letting him in. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he moaned, letting his hips answer Luna’s shift backwards with a hump forward. Each movement of the two brought him deeper and deeper, the tight folds of her insides gripping his member relentlessly. With each fuck her ring would tighten and then relax, and before long Gamete was balls deep in Luna, his thighs tight against her flank, his nuts swinging against hers.

“Starswirl’s beard,” Luna exclaimed, shifting from hoof to hoof, feeling just so incredibly full of changeling cock. “This is amazing. Harder, Gamete,” she pleaded, her eyes staring dreamily off in the distance.

Gamete complied, quickening his pace and deepening his thrusts. He pounded her ass, the hard carapace loudly slapping her flank. The firm bed started to creak, and the peaceful recording of the creek was entirely overtaken with the lewd symphony now filling the room.

Luna lost herself in the pure sensation of it all. There was so much to feel; the appendage that stretched her insides, the constant spanking of her ass, the cool heavy weight of the lust-driven and love-starved changeling above her. There was so much to hear; the complaints of the mattress and the smacks of their bodies together sung in harmony, and the two of them gasped and moaned and mmm’d and aaah’d as if they were instruments in the band. Wet, sloppy noises provided the melody, and the primitive nature of the sounds enraptured her, stiffening her own dick once again. Even her sense of smell joined the experience, as the warm, cramped room and intense activity fostered a hearty scent of sweat and sex, cut with the still-burning lavender incense. It was acrid yet mellow, tangy yet sweet.

She inhaled deeply between automatic grunts of pleasure, relishing the entirety of the moment. She could feel her orgasm building, the tightness in her taint and the tingling in her balls increasing with every breath and every one of Gamete’s thrusts, her cock feeling harder and thicker than ever, and then—

Gamete slowed suddenly and paused halfway inside Luna. He was panting, sucking in air and exhaling hard like a dog in heat. The budding orgasm in Luna’s nethers faded fast, and she frowned, irritated at the interruption. She felt a throbbing ache from her nuts, as they too registered their complaint.

“What is wrong?” she asked, glancing back at Gamete.

“Turn,” he said simply, still gasping for breath. He lifted off of Luna and grabbed her flanks, applying a small twisting pressure to show her what he meant. She muttered a quick mmm and then complied, her eyes going funny over the feeling of Gamate’s member rotating in its constricted home. She was fully on the bed now, hindlegs hanging off to each side of her partner, his belly hovering just over her dick.

She locked eyes with him, and blushed.

He smiled with a silly, drunk sort of expression, and then thrust forward, burying his cock in Luna’s ass. She threw her head back, practically shouting in bliss as the new angle of his rod ground itself against her prostate. Wasting no time he resumed his relentless fucking of her, moving his body closer to hers, wrapping his forelegs around her chest and burying his face into the fur next to her heart. Luna’s building orgasm returned almost immediately, and she hugged Gamete back, pressing his body down and sandwiching her painfully solid erection between the two of them. As Gamete pounded at her, his body moved back and forth, slightly tugging at the underside of Luna’s cock.

Fireworks went off again in her head, and Luna felt as if she had slipped into the dreamspace for a moment. She saw a lotus blossom, a ball of lightning discharge in all directions, and a full moon rise out of the darkness, and she came. Her orgasm was more intense than she had ever felt before, and though there was much pressure on her from Gamete’s body, nothing could have stopped her load. Cum erupted from her dick, soaking her belly and chest with stream after stream of the hot, sticky fluid. She froze still even as her orgasm came to an end, stiff, eyes twitching, horn flaring, wings pulsating, shuddering as she felt excess spunk roll off her barrel onto the bed.

“L-Luna,” Gamete whined painfully.

“Hmm?” Luna replied wistfully.

“Unclench,” he seethed through ground teeth.

With a start Luna realized that in her rapture she had locked her anal ring tight around the base of Gamete’s cock, gripping it in an iron vise of flesh and heat.

With a second start, she realized she could feel pressure against her ass, and a second whimper from Gamete told her exactly what she was holding back. She smiled dreamily and then exhaled, willing her whole body to relax.

The second her asshole unclenched, it was stretched wider than ever before, as if Gamete’s shaft had doubled in diameter. There was a glulk in her lower belly, and a new way of being filled enraptured her—an egg.

It didn’t stop there, though. Gamete’s dick pulsated as egg after egg passed through and into Luna, the floodgates now opened and the entire reason she was here fully realized. With summer comes the changeling breeding season. Gamete had eggs to lay, and now he had started, nothing could have stopped him. Luna figured that even if she clenched again, the momentum of the soft round orbs would be irrepressible.

Luckily, she didn’t want to stop them. Each one rubbed against her prostate as it entered her, and a mild ache came from her own cock as it quickly started to harden again from its semi-erect, post-orgasm state. She counted as each egg stretched her hole, rubbed her g-spot, and filled her belly, reaching fourteen before the relentless stimulation of her prostate incited her third orgasm of the day. More cum poured into the pool on her chest, flowing weakly but seemingly unendingly from the head of her cock as one more pulse shot out with each fresh egg deposited inside her.

All the while, Gamete mumbled and rambled half words and inanities, entirely lost as primitive functions took over. Luna stroked his neck with a hoof, giggling at his babbling, and then leaned forward and kissed him.

With one last egg and one last kiss, they both collapsed, sweaty and sticky and exhausted. Luna’s belly had extended slightly, pressing her now-flaccid member even tighter against the carapace on top of it.

“...Wow,” she said after several minutes, blinking and returning to the moment.

“...Wow,” Gamete said, shaking his head and standing up on uneasy hooves. He pulled his own dick out of Luna’s ass—getting one final Ah! out of her—and then hopped up onto the bed and lay next to her, running a hoof over the bulge in her belly. “I’ve never had that many before.”

“How many was it?” she asked, staring at the ceiling and feeling infused with a deep, warm glow, despite the still-cool eggs inside her. She imagined this must be what it felt like whenever Celestia manipulated the sun.

“I lost count, but I think around thirty.” He glanced down at her stomach. “You might want to wear a loose coat until you get those out of you.”

She looked down and heard a loud gurgle from her guts as the eggs settled and started to grow.

“Probably for the best,” she agreed.

“So, uh… thank you,” Gamete said, nuzzling her. She returned the gesture, and added a peck to his cheek, laughing at his surprised squeak.

“So you probably won’t need to eat for a week,” she joked, closing her eyes while resting her head next to his.

“Looks like you won’t either,” he teased, closing his eyes. Luna would have laughed, but she had already fallen asleep.

2: Longing

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Gamete, currently in his Patchouli form, sat back at the counter of his Relax and Release massage parlor. It had been a quiet day, with only a couple ‘normal’ customers: those who were unaware of his secret, and truly came for a lovely one-hour massage, and nothing more.

It had been enough, though, and his belly was full of ponies’ love for his expert touch and restorative techniques. He had nopony else scheduled, and while he sometimes took walk-ins, was currently considering shutting down a bit early to go out and enjoy the lovely Canterlot weather before the sun set.

For this reason, he was completely unprepared for the Princess of Friendship to apparate into his waiting room with a massive flash and loud, crackling splash of noise. Twilight blinked and looked around at her surroundings, taking in the lovely atmosphere of the tiny little parlor that was bathed in the orange-red glow of evening sunlight. It only took her a moment to realize that Patchouli was collapsed underneath her stool behind the counter, where she had landed after falling back with a shout.

“Ohmigosh! I’m so so sorry! I didn’t think anypony would be right here, though I kind of didn’t know what exactly the location was like, and I probably should have checked first, so really it’s all my fault, I just—” Twilight said, her words tumbling out shakily from her muzzle before stopping. “...Are you alright?” she asked, cringing.

“Oh, uh, yes dear,” Patchouli answered, blinking the surprise away from her face. “I’m sorry, we don’t get many… uh… teleporting clients in.” She paused after settling back onto the stool, her face pale. “An alicorn…? P-Princess Twilight?”

“Ah! Yes! Just call me Twilight, please, I’m already feeling awkward enough as it is.”


“That’s why I teleported in, actually, I was afraid somepony might see and get the wrong idea, or you know, know. I feel really bad about scaring you.”

“It’s quite alright, dear,” Patchouli said, sliding off the stool and walking around the counter. “Er, pray tell, what brings you in today, Your H—Twilight? Nerves?” she asked, quickly assessing the antsy alicorn.

“Well, yes, no. No. Sorta. I’ve got a lot of… Tension. Lots of tension lately, that I can’t seem to handle on my own.”

“We can certainly help you with that, but I’m not sure why you’d be worried about being seen going for a relaxing mass—”

“Princess Luna recommended you.”

“...I see,” Patchouli said after a long pause. “That kind of tension.”

Twilight looked down and away, blushing hard. “Yeah.”

“Oh, dear, there’s no need to be ashamed! That is precisely why we’re here. I presume Princess Luna told you we have a couple different masseuses here? Was there any in particular you were hoping to see?”

“She told me to ask for Gamete.”

“...I see,” Patchouli said again, after another pause. “Then you know…?”

“Mmhmm,” Twilight said, giving a weak, awkward smile. “And then, in the room, I can… you know… with…”

“Yes dear.” Patchouli dropped the surprise from her face, quelling her own nervous energy stemming from a surprise visit from Royalty. Luna might have been her most frequent client, but it was still very much illegal to be doing what she did. She could feel, however, the pure and honest anxiety and embarrassment oozing from the Princess, and that would simply not do for a friend of Luna’s. “Well then, no time like the present!” she said, gently patting Twilight’s back and directing her down the hallway. “Into the room on the far right. You’ll find a lovely bed. Get yourself comfortable on that and then I’ll be in in a moment.”

“Thank you, Ms…?”

“Patchouli, but you might as well wait,” she said, closing the door behind Twilight. “I won’t be me for much longer.”

After a few minutes she knocked and entered the room again, finding Twilight laying down on her belly, hindlegs towards the door. The incense from earlier in the day was still burning, a blend of cool scents with a balsamic overtone. The stereo was playing a loop of a summer pond, and the rhythmic croaks of frogs and chirps of crickets played above a background of lapping waves through wind-rushed reeds.


“I feel pretty awkward still, but, uh, physically, I am. This is nice.” She swallowed hard, turning her head to watch as Patchouli walked around her body. “So what now?”

“Now,” she said, “I make sure I know exactly what you want without speaking in euphemisms. You said Princess Luna recommended Gamete; did she tell you why?”

“She said he was a changeling and could be anypony I wanted him to be.”

There was a quick green flame and Patchouli’s form was replaced with Gamete’s own, and the Changeling looked at her with his own nervous smile.

“This always feels like stripping naked whenever I do it with a new client. Next question. You said you needed help relieving tension, which could mean—”

“I have actual muscle tension I could use some help with, but also, uh…”

“Go on, dear, this is the most private room you can find in Canterlot. The front door is locked and even warded. You know my secret, so you can trust me to keep yours.”

Twilight sighed and buried her face in her forelegs before mumbling something.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. I know it’s difficult, but I cannot continue without informed consent.”

“...I need to get fucked.” Her cheeks glowed bright red and she pushed her muzzle even further into her legs. “It’s been driving me crazy lately. There’s a certain pony that I’m mad for, but being a Princess, I can’t do anything about it without there being some sort of a scandal, and I really don’t want my sex life ever being discussed in the newspapers. I’ve hardly been able to stand it the last couple weeks. Luna could tell I was distracted, and so after a quick discussion she recommended you.”

“Clear enough to me!” Gamete said, nodding curtly and turning around to the cupboard of oils. He set a few different ones down, glanced backwards at Twilight, and then grabbed a final jar and placed it down onto the counter. “So who’s this special somepony you’d like to spend some time with?”

“...Princess Luna.”

Gamete stuttered in his movements for only a moment, before carrying on. “Ah. I see. That would be difficult. You’re in luck,” he said, before another green flame overtook him.

Before Twilight was Princess Luna. Twilight blinked, shocked by how perfectly replicated she had been. Her eyes tracked down from the ethereal mane, to the turquoise irises, lingering there only for a moment before drifting to those indigo lips. Realizing she was staring with her jaw dropped, she squeaked, her hindlegs snapping together as her eyelids slammed shut.

A hoof caressed behind Twilight’s ear, and she opened her eyes to find Luna’s own inches away from her. Stars above, she even smelled exactly like Luna!

“I happen to be intimately familiar with this body,” Luna said, before leaning in and kissing Twilight.

Twilight’s rational mind protested, complaining that this was only a Changeling; a copy, a facsimile, merely a fantasy in three dimensions, and immediately her heart intervened.

She didn’t care. From the ears to the hooves to the cutie mark to the tail, and everywhere in between, this was Luna. It was Luna’s caress on her back. It was Luna’s lips pressed against hers. And it was Luna’s tongue exploring her mouth.

She melted, her hindlegs relaxing and drifting apart as she pressed her own mouth back into the kiss. For once, she decided, to hell with logic. She needed this.

Luna broke the kiss and blinked slowly, her long eyelashes swaying along with the butterflies in Twilight’s stomach. “We’ll begin with the massage,” she said, in her own voice.

Of course it was her own voice. Whose else would it have been? Twilight shook her head lightly, feeling dizzy, feeling excited. “Oh, that sounds… really nice.”

“Any problem areas?” Luna asked, opening the specially chosen jar with magic and applying a coat to her forehooves.

“My rump, mainly. Croup and haunches. Sitting up prim and proper all the time has been torture on my lower back.”

“Such is the price of power, no?” Luna said, approaching Twilight’s rear from behind. “Let me know if this is too much or too little.”

“Mmhm,” Twilight said, resting her head on the pillow and letting her forehooves drop off the front of the bed.

Luna placed her hooves where Twilight’s rump met her back and started pressing down, alternating pressure from one hoof to the other. She started slow, kneading the muscles gently like a cat would a blanket, incrementally stepping up the pressure with each cycle. Her hooves moved away from Twilight’s spine, gently working their way down to her hips before sliding back up into the center of each haunch.

The muscles were almost rock hard, but the warming oil Luna had selected worked their own form of magic, loosening and relaxing Twilight’s hindquarters while the hooves moved further back down her body, towards her dock.

Luna rubbed the back of Twilight’s ass, her touch pressing and dragging towards her thighs and then back up with expert fluidity. Twilight moaned, her tail instinctively rising from the stimulation, teasing Luna with a peek of her quivering marehood.

The masseuse paid no attention, continuing to work away on Twilight’s back bits. She slid over and started working on her left thigh, delicately lifting the leg up and spreading it out while palpating the muscles. Her hooves moved across Twilight’s body like fairies over a field, uninterrupted, magical, dancing over her leg and up around her ass and down to the other.

A moment later and Luna had switched sides, and with that same gracious touch pulled Twilight’s other leg out from center, fully revealing her nethers in all their glory. Instinctively, embarrassed, Twilight went to close her legs, only for Luna to patiently lift and separate them again.

Twilight breathed in deeply, the hazy incense relaxing and calming her anxieties, and she let her legs rest with her privates bare to the world. The more Luna’s hooves kneaded and rubbed her, the more she felt the tension and stress and worries pool away, flowing off the bed and onto the floor and out of her mind and body.

She breathed in again, a sharp intake this time, as a new sensation was felt. It was not a hoof—those were up on her back, massaging the divide between back and butt again—but something smaller instead.

Her legs quivered as Luna’s tongue ran along the inside of her groin and up to her asshole, circling the ring once, twice, three times before coming down on the other side. An ember began to burn within her, and with every loop of Luna’s tongue around her pussy it flared hotter and hotter, until she felt like a furnace was roaring between her thighs.

With an elegant twist in the pattern Luna’s tongue slipped between the folds of Twilight’s honeypot. She did not gasp, but instead a long, low groan of ecstasy came from her chest, her eyes crossing as Luna probed and prodded and licked and sucked. Though the sounds coming from between Twilight’s legs were anything but, The Princess of the Night was regal and dignified with every flex of her tongue and movement of her lips, and Twilight found herself swaying backwards, leaning into her lover’s muzzle as the tingling in her thighs grew greater.

Luna’s hooves, still caressing Twilight’s ass and legs, pressed back and held her steady, and Twilight started to squirm and lightly buck, almost there, her eyes crossing, horn starting to spark…

Luna pulled away from Twilight’s winking clit, and her hooves slowed to a rest on her ass.

“Wha… but…” Twilight whined, eventually lifting her head up from the pillow in confusion. She locked sight with Luna, who had stepped around the bed to face Twilight head on, with pleading eyes. “I was so close.”

Luna said nothing but leaned in and kissed Twilight again, caressing her mane while Twilight tasted her own wetness. That same hazy dizziness came over her again, and she melted in Luna’s kiss, her eyes droopy with love.

Finally Luna broke the kiss and then placed her forehooves on Twilight’s withers. Twilight watched as Luna’s rigid horsecock lifted up into view, the tip lingering right before her eyes for just a moment before Luna stepped up, thrusting her cock slowly against Twilight’s horn and through her mane.

“Are you sure… she’s this big?” Twilight asked dreamily, her eyes crossed in focus on the shaft that was stroking her forehead, watching the medial ring pass in and out of view. She sighed wistfully before breathing deeply and finding another wave of heat and wet to seep from her folds. She couldn’t believe how hypnotizing Luna’s scent was, and closed her eyes to take another huge intake of air, completely absorbed by the addicting essence of Luna’s stallionhood.

“As I said before, dear Twilight,” Luna said, completing one final thrust and leaning just a bit forward, “I am intimately accustomed with this body.” She smiled deviously and slid up onto the bed, and Twilight gasped as Luna’s balls crept up her muzzle and came to a rest on her eyes.

They were so heavy, Twilight thought, lifting her head up to support more of the weight of the massive testicles. She took another deep breath in, relishing in the aroma of Luna’s sack, wishing for all the world that she could just live there until the end of time.

Luna chuckled, a delicate laugh that rang into Twilight’s heart and resonated within it, giving the mare palpitations. She stepped down off the bed deliberately, giving Twilight time to wantonly chase her balls with her lips, before giving the Princess one final quick kiss and resuming her place at the back of the bed.

“Fuck me, please,” Twilight simpered, purposefully spreading her legs and arching her back down, her tail up as high as it could go. “I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me.”

Luna rubbed Twilight’s ass teasingly, licking her lips as she examined the glistening marehood before her. “Louder, Twilight.”

“Fuck me, Princess,” Twilight said louder, less begging and more demanding now, growing impatient.

“Is that really the level of love you think I deserve?” Luna asked coyly, before giving Twilight’s cutie mark a quick slap. “I won’t ask again, Twilight. How badly do you want me?”

“Fuck my pussy, Princess Luna!” Twilight shouted. She was shivering, shifting her ass unconsciously back and forth, desperate for her crush. “Fuck me! Use me! I need you inside me, I need it. I can’t take it any more! I need you balls deep in me! Fuck! Me!

“As you wish, Twilight,” Luna said, mounting the squirming alicorn with haste, her body low and pressed down on Twilight’s back, her tip right against Twilight’s folds. Her head nestled down into the crook of Twilight’s neck. “I need you too,” she whispered, right as she thrust forward, penetrating the quivering canal.

Twilight’s squeaks and moans filled the tiny room, echoing off the wall as Luna plunged deeper with every lunge. Twilight could feel it stretching her, the rock hard stallionhood filling every inch of her pussy as it slid smoothly out and in. She could feel Luna’s beating heart through it, feel the contours and pulse of every vein as she clenched and wriggled and writhed beneath Luna’s weight.

A loud smacking noise filled Twilight’s ears as Luna hilted her, the balls kissing her clit and sending shocks of ecstacy and electricity up her spine. Luna’s rhythm picked up pace only slightly, but the deep plowing that slid Twilight’s body up the bed and the flaring head grinding within her was enough to send her mad. Her horn sparked and her legs, so recently relaxed and soothed, spasmed and shook and twitched.

“L… Lu…” Twilight gasped, her tongue hanging out, her eyes rolling back.

She received no reply, save for the loving stroke of a dark blue hoof down her cheek and to her chin, and she came.

Despite all the gasps and groans and gleeful shrieks, her orgasm came in a crashing wave of silence. Her eyes crossed and her legs trembled against Luna’s own, and nothing more than a choked “A-aah~,” escaped from her lips. Her pussy clamped and winked, milking Luna’s cock, and with a deep grunt from the dominating mare a flooding sensation of warmth and love filled Twilight’s body, and she collapsed with a hearty sigh.

Twilight lay wilted on the bed for several minutes, her breathing hard and her vision foggy while Luna’s cum oozed out of her. Thoughts of love and relief flitted about her brain, before she found herself being guided back to her senses by a long and sensual kiss, which lifted her head up and brought her eyes into focus.

“Huh?” she managed to speak, seeing Luna still before her eyes. “Oh… it’s… right.” She smiled warmly, reaching a hoof out to rest against Luna’s cheek. “I suppose that’s it, then?”

“Is your Highness satisfied?” Luna asked, magicing a cloth around herself and handing a fresh, warm towel to Twilight.

“Not… quite yet. Can I… make one last request?”

“Hmm?” Luna said, turning her head curiously towards her.

“Do you charge extra to cuddle?”

“Not today, dear,” Luna said, approaching her with a tender smile on her muzzle.