by TittySparkles

First published

Unable to deal with her horniness alone, Twilight eagerly awaits her brother to return home.

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. In Twilight Sparkle’s case she deeply misses her brother when he’s gone on a small trip. Finally he’s arriving home and Twilight is going to give him a proper return home present.

Cover art by: Hioshiru
Edited and pre-read by: SolidFire and Skeeter The Lurker
Contains: Vanilla incest
A Gift for: Shakespearicles

Chapter 1

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Twilight sat in place, her mind racing as she stared forward. From the inside of her brother’s room, her eyes stayed trained on the door, eagerly waiting for him to get back from a week-long boot camp. She inhaled deeply before releasing a stuttered breath back out in a futile attempt to relax her mind. It did nothing as she gyrated her hips against his bed, letting the blanket rub against her rear.

Her body was hot and bothered, and a sharp, tingling feeling was very present down below. Her soaked nethers yearned for a release of any kind, a problem she had been experiencing all morning. It was simple to get rid of, but Twilight didn’t want to use her magic or her hoof to get rid of it. She wanted him to get rid of it.

Her body ground hard against his blanket at the thought of him entering his room. A loud ‘ahh’ escaped that Twilight was quick to stifle, fearing her mother would hear her from downstairs. Biting her lip, she hummed to herself as she slowed her gyrations, feeling a bit more at ease with her body as she continued to wait. He would be home at any minute. He would greet their mother, grab an oat pop from the freezer, and come up to his room to relax.

The sound of the front door slamming shut from downstairs alerted Twilight that someone had entered or left the house. A quick glance over her shoulders at the sun outside the window gave her a rough idea of what time it was, and her body trembled with excitement as Shining’s voice rang out to greet their mother.

She couldn’t help but giggle and clench her thighs together, causing the sticky blanket to smother her privates. Feeling that soft and moist spot touching against her sensitivity made another moan come up. Sadly, what left her mouth wasn’t a moan but rather a very undignified whinny. As it came, she threw her face into his sheets in order to silence her lewd mannerisms, yet it did nothing for her as her nose was able to pick up his scent. Remnants of metal armor and sweat were present, a scent she knew from days where she had the misfortune of running into her brother after he did a long drill while baking under the sun. It wasn’t as pungent as the worse things she’d smelled, and thankfully the lingering scent of his snowberry body wash offset it.

Her breathing steadily increased as her nostrils got flooded with the scent. Her face pressed harder against his bed, smothering herself further. She cared not for it, but her body was so hot and so bothered, just getting a whiff of him drove her into a frenzy. Her butt grinded faster against his sheets as the tingling sensation in her nethers urged her to go harder and faster for that release she craved. She tried to ignore it, biting her lip and focusing on random thoughts of books she read from the morning in hope she didn’t push herself to creaming his bed without even having him touch her.

The sensation grew harder to control as she heard the sound of heavy hooves walking up the stairs; she knew he was nearing. She would get what she needed, and imagining it made her rub her thighs together harder in order to stimulate herself further.

Finally the sight of the door handle jiggling made Twilight go still. She stared with anticipation as the knob fully turned and the door began to open. For a brief moment a rush of excitement and mystery flooded her addled mind, and wondered if maybe it wasn’t her brother entering. Thankfully it was, and as Shining entered, he didn’t notice Twilight immediately.

His face was down, reading a scroll of some kind while a blue oat popsicle sat in his mouth. She didn’t say anything as he walked in and closed the door behind him, but as she lit up her horn, she cast a spell. Almost instantly the room was coated in a purple energy shield that caused Shining to glance up in surprise. He looked at Twilight for a brief second, his eyes turning to the ceiling before he slowly looked back to Twilight with a growing smile.

“Well, this is a nice surprise to come home to,” he spoke casually as he tossed the scroll to the side and took a bite out of his popsicle. “All ready to jump on top of me without even a hello?”

“I’m sorry,” Twilight replied quickly, knowing very well he was right. “I know it’s wrong…I just… really missed you.”

“I missed you as well, sis,” Shining said with a deep sigh. “One of these days somepony is going to catch us.”

“I know,” Twilight noted seldomly as she looked away out of embarrassment. “It’s just hard… I-I mean this issue...”

“I can smell that issue,” he cut in with a chuckle as he trotted for the bed. “Is it heat or just horniness?”

“Horniness,” Twilight answered swiftly as she looked back at him, knowing very well that a heat cycle was much worse than what she was experiencing. “I haven’t touched myself for a few days.”

“Oh?” Shining spoke with a sideways smirk. “Is something wrong?”

“No.” Twilight shook her head. “I just wanted to save myself for you once you got back.”

“You know, this is going to have to stop eventually…” Shining stated as he started to smirk. “Just not today.”

Twilight’s smile deepened.

“I assume the spell is a sound barrier?” Shining asked as his eyes looked around the room before tossing the now finished popsicle stick at a nearby trash can.

“Yeah, I overheard Mom asking you about the bed banging against the wall the last time,” Twilight spoke as her face bore a pinkish blush. “So I learned a quick spell for it.”

“One time cast or do you need to pour magic into it continuously?” Shining asked further, his eyes latching onto Twilight’s still lit horn.

“One time,” she answered, her horn dimming. “It will last for about ten minutes before it starts to shrink.”

“You sure ten minutes is enough?” Shining jested as he walked to the edge of the bed. “Smells like you really need a good rutting.”

“Can we start then?” Twilight asked as she started to grow impatient, wiggling her hips.

Shining’s eyes went to her rump and that silly smirk on his face shifted into a pleasant smile as he started to lift himself up onto the bed. He said nothing as he climbed up, but as his undercarriage came into focus, Twilight smiled as she noticed his prick was already starting to stiffen up. The tip of his pink penis was already popping out of his sheath, and she was ready to channel a tiny amount of magical energy into a spell so she could rub it. She was beaten to the punch as Shining flared up his horn and grabbed Twilight’s tail with his own magic.

He pulled her tail hard at an upward angle, causing Twilight to stifle another whinny as her soaked bottom was greeted by the warm air in the room. Her legs fidgeted and her hooves rested against the bed, but they started to feel like jelly as Shining crawled to the other side of her. As his body passed hers, Twilight meekly looked over her shoulder, watching her brother’s hungry eyes latch onto her soaked wetness. She squirmed in his magical grip, and Shining was quick to let her tail go. She didn’t move her tail, instead letting it stay straight up in an effort to let her brother inspect her further.

She watched his horn flare more, but her eyes snapped shut as she felt his own magic blanket against her marehood. Another whinny came, loud and whorish that would no doubt alert their mother if not for that sound barrier. She shivered and quaked as the nearly electric aura squirmed and kneaded her swollen outer lips, and she was already starting to lean her body back so she could get more of it inside of her.

“You’re really bad today, sis,” Shining noted as he continued to knead her pussy, while slowly edging his magic in. “Did you miss me that much?”

“Mhm,” was all Twilight could muster as Shining manipulated his magic to sink deeper into her, almost like he was going to fuck her like she was.

He didn’t go deep, but he went far enough that his magic started to rub against her velvety firm walls. He was gentle as his magic fluctuated, and Twilight couldn’t help but flutter her eyes open and stare back at him. He didn’t look at her face, his attention was too preoccupied with his actions below. His efforts proved fruitful as she could feel a bit of her own juices starting to flow, and expanding his magic field, he started to rub against her swollen clit.

Another whorish moan came as Shining flicked hard at the nub, and a reactionary buck of Twilight’s hips against the feeling came forth. She wanted to buck again, but her body nearly melted with joy as Shining started to rub her clit in a slow, steady, circular motion. Finally, after a few seconds, he seemingly got alerted to Twilight watching him, and turning his face up, he gave his sister a soft, reassuring smile before he crept closer to her.

He said nothing as he closed his eyes. Twilight watched his spell fade, the feeling of magic no longer greeting her backside, but before that aching need could return, Shining latched his mouth against her clit.

“A-ahhh, Shining!” she cried as her head jerked upward and her eyes went to the ceiling.

Silence greeted her ears as her back legs fidgeted. His muzzle pressed more against her pussy, the cold and wet tip of his nose resting against her lips. His tongue was quick to move, and he wasted no efforts as it danced around her nub. It swiveled and swirled endlessly, lapping up any of her juices covering it. She loved the feeling, and as the initial shock of his mouth against her puffy labia started to fade, she let out a sigh and began to relax.

Lowering her head to the bed, Twilight cooed with delight as she kept her backside upward. With her back legs steady, she relaxed further as Shining continued to lap and suckle her clitoris. That velvety muscle of his slithered and danced in an unpredictable fashion, constantly changing from vigorously playing with her clit, to slowly lapping at her other walls in order to get more of her juices on his tongue. He knew what he was doing; he was too seasoned in the sexual department, and Twilight knew she was going to miss that feeling the day she ended up moving out on her own.

Shining hooves planted firmly against Twilight’s flank, causing her to let out a gasp. The rough ends of them pressed softly against her as they started to rub in slow, circular motions against her cutie mark. Her breath became steady as she sank further into the bed, but as she got more relaxed, she felt Shining stick his tongue inside of her pussy. She cringed as the wiggling muscle poked hard and fast against her walls, but the feeling was brief as she smiled and sashayed her lower body.

His reply was a simple kiss against her clit before he stuck his tongue deeper inside of her. Cupping his lips against her pussy, Shining let his tongue run wild once again. He was uncontrolled and unbridled with his movements, and Twilight was in awe at how much bliss she was in. Her mouth hung open without a care in the world, and her tongue limply hung out and rested against the bed. She didn’t want to move, yet with every motion of Shining’s tongue, it sent a spark of energy through her spine. She constantly shivered and cooed as the feeling passed, and in its wake was a stronger need to get off. She tried to not squirm, considering Shining was nailing all her sweet spots; he learned her body well, and Twilight let out a squeal of delight as his tongue ran over a firmer, more sensitive part inside of her, a sweet spot that aroused her further, and she couldn’t stop the feeling from becoming a tingly vibration within her body.

“Alright,” Shining spoke suddenly as he pulled his mouth away. “I’m going to put it in.”

Twilight didn’t say anything, that unbearable heat in her body was starting to peak. She was close to cumming, but couldn’t bring herself to stop her brother as she felt the bed shift below her. The springs groaned and her back legs shifted as Shining pulled his body upward. As he moved, Twilight felt something long and hard brush against her thigh for a brief second, but it was enough for her to pull her tongue back in her mouth and smile.

“Give it to me,” she panted in frustration as she wiggled her hips in an effort to coax him to move faster.

Her legs brushed against his erection again and she wanted to move her body so she could look at it. Instead, she let out a groan of approval as a hoof left her flank for a moment before Twilight felt the tip of his cock press against her folds. He pushed the first inch in with almost no effort and Twilight released a scream of delight as she finally got what she truly craved. Shining stayed still for a moment before he rocked his body again, sending even more of his thick erection inside of her. Another cry of pleasure rang out as the medial ring slammed against her entrance, but Shining didn’t push more of himself in as he steadied his back legs.

“Let’s see if I can...” Shining started to say, the words barely audible by Twilight’s ears.

Unsure of what he wanted, Twilight got ready to speak up, but before the words could even leave her mouth, she felt a familiar electric aura latch against her clit.

“A-aahh! Is tha-ahhh!?” Twilight stammered out, her words lost to the feeling of magic vigorously rubbing against her clit.

The feeling was too much to bear and her front hooves pressed hard against the blanket. It wasn’t enough to stop the feeling, and instead she reached for Shining’s pillow to hug close to her body. Before she could steady herself, Shining pulled his erection out of her completely, brought both hooves to her side and forcefully rolled her onto her back. Surprised at his actions, Twilight stared blankly at his face before Shining moved his hooves down to Twilight’s legs. He didn’t look at her, but his magic still continued to rub against her clit non-stop. Spreading Twilight’s legs open so he had more access to her, he was quick to stuff his erection back inside of her.

She moaned as he hilted her in one fell swoop, and she was sure she could feel the impressive length twitching and flexing inside of her. His eyes came up to her face, and once again he gave her a reassuring smile before he started to break into a rocking motion.

Holding onto the pillow as he rocked against her, Twilight did naught to stifle her moans every time his penis went deep into her. She laid in place, letting her brother take her as best as he could, with only the creaks from the springs in the bed to fill the air. She continued to look at his face, yet he only kept his eyes on the area where his magic was working. As great as everything felt, Twilight was nearing her release.

Please go faster, Shiny,” she whined as her eyes fluttered shut.

A grunt came from him as he increased his speed and power. He gave her a hard thrust, rocking the bed so hard that the headboard hit the wall. A bang rang out and Shining stopped in his motions before remembering the barrier was still active. His eyes looked over the room before they turned down to Twilight’s face. Despite how close she was, she just gave him the same reassuring smile he gave her earlier. He smiled as well and began to thrust again.

He wasn’t gentle with her, and he could see that she was closer than she wanted to be. His magic stayed on her clitoris, making sure to never give her a moment of downtime as he worked it as much as he could. The constant torrents of thrusts and magic were driving her hard and fast to that looming edge, and as much as she was loving the build up to the finish, she knew the end was coming. All she could do was pant and moan every time he rocked his erection deep inside of her, to the point that her moans became soft gasps. Her grip tightened on the pillow as Shining’s movements never slowed nor showed signs of slowing. He would fuck her through her orgasm, and with luck, he would fuck her to another one.

She was close. It would hit her any second. She prolonged it, gritting her teeth and clenching her thighs hard in order to slow it. Her actions proved to have the opposite effect, and now having more resistance, Shining bucked as hard as he could against Twilight. The headboard continued to smash against the wall, and the wood frame endlessly creaked until the intense pressure, and it would have continued like it, until the feeling of that much needed climax to a boiling point. With a loud cry that filled the room, she came hard as she closed her eyes.

Her body went rigid and Shining let out a grunt as he hilted her and quickly transitioned into fast and erratic thrusts. The increasing ferocity in his actions made Twilight’s eyes go wide as she bit the pillow to silence her voice. Her whole form quaked and trembled as her orgasm erupted through her body, and she felt her lower region start to go limp as wave after wave of pleasure fatigued her.

“Thank you, Shiny!” she cried to her brother.

He didn’t reply, but Twilight saw a smirk form on his face as he continued to fuck her senseless. Even with her orgasm gone and her body still experiencing the aftershocks, she laid in place, willing to get dicked as long as Shining could hold out.

He never slowed himself down, keeping his erratic motions strong and fluid. The springs in the bed grew louder, as did the smashing of the headboard against the wall. Twilight remained in bliss, eternally thankful that Shining never derived from his pace. She loved it, she couldn’t get enough of it, and she wished she could enjoy that intense connection between them forever.

Finally, after a few minutes of intense fucking had passed, Twilight felt her brother starting to pick up even more. His once calm expression was now one where his teeth were gritting and his eyes were clenched shut. She wondered how close he was getting, and as the thought left her mind, Shining suddenly pulled his erection out.

“I’m about to cum,” he panted as he started to crawl over Twilight’s body without actually touching her.

Suddenly the magic rubbing her clit disappeared and it left her crestfallen. Despite the lack of stimulation she knew what to do next; it was a thing she always did for him when he was close to finishing. She opened her mouth nice and wide so he could spend his last precious seconds facefucking her as hard as he could. She didn’t mind it, hell, she actually loved it when he would blast that slimy hot spunk into her throat. She loved the taste she always experienced and briefly wondered what it would taste like this time around.

Shining jammed the tip of his erection inside Twilight’s mouth, causing Twilight herself to quickly relax her throat for him to work. With his cock now in front of her, Twilight was quick to pick up on his musk. Though she mostly picked up her own scent, it mattered not to her as his more dominant scent filled her nostrils. His hooves pushed hard against the back of her head, keeping her in place as he got ready to thrust himself into her. Once settled and ready, Shining wasn’t slow to move and every time the tip of his cock slammed against the back of Twilight’s throat, she would moan softly into his erection while suckling hard on it. She patiently waited and watched his expression for any subtle hints that he was about to cum.

Twilight got her answer when she felt his hooves push harder against her head, while the corner of his mouth started to twitch. She braced her throat and got ready to swallow the semen that was starting to build up. He kept thrusting until he could thrust no more, and as he came to a halt, he let out a grunt and his body seized up.

The spunk came hard and fast. As the initial burst hit the back of her throat, she swallowed it back before another gush of cum followed behind it. His load was massive, and Twilight was barely able to keep up with the levels of cum her brother was gushing out. As much as she tried to swallow, it felt endless as volley after volley greeted her mouth, bits of it managing to flow past her lips and dribble down her chin. Regardless, she stayed steadfast in her resolve and continued to take what she could until Shining let out a deep sigh and started to pull his erection back.

“Needed that more than I thought,” he spoke softly, his voice riddled with fatigue.

With a soft pop, Shining pulled his penis out from Twilight’s mouth and let it hang limply in front of his sister. Twilight stayed still, her mouth agape as a small pool of cum was resting in the back of her throat, before she closed her mouth and swallowed it down. It tasted heavily like the honey nut oats she had in the morning, and enjoying that taste, she eagerly licked her lips to ensure she swallowed every last drop she could.

“That tasted great,” Twilight cooed softly as Shining’s hooves fell to the side and his body swayed for a moment.

His body lowered down, briefly letting his spittle-soaked cock brush against Twilight’s chest, before he threw himself down at her side. Twilight bounced momentarily as Shining hit the bed, yet without a moment’s hesitation, she was quick to snuggle herself into his warm chest.

“Sorry if I was a little rough near the end,” Shining spoke quietly as he wrapped his foreleg around Twilight’s body in order to hug her close. “I haven’t gotten off like that for a while.”

“I didn’t mind at all,” Twilight chuckled as she rolled her face into his chest, burying it into his thick fluff. “Think you’ll have enough in your system for another round?”

“All depends if you have enough strength to recast that barrier,” Shining jested.

Twilight turned her head slightly and stared at the ceiling, noticing the bubble was steadily starting to shrink. With a quick flare of her horn, she recast the spell and thus fully covered the room in that same purple bubble.

“I can do this all day, big brother.”